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So is this sh!t over with yet?  I mean, I have completely had it.  This has worked on my last nerve.  I’m up to here with it.  I’m trying to think of any other trite little phrases to add in here.

In my opinion there has been nothing to get excited about in this election.  It just seems to be a choice between:  a) the one we know and b) the one we don’t even want to know.  I suppose you could call it excitement when you see how bat-shit crazy Mitt is with his super-secret 5 point plan to do whatever it is it’s supposed to do.  Is that super-secret 5 point plan similar to his super-secret tax returns, i.e. nothing we should be concerned about? And then Eddie Munster Jr. chimes in with how hard it is to explain that darned math to all of us and so we should just not worry about any details until later.  The problem is little Eddie, we’ve already seen some of your handiwork in your budget plan you created and most of us don’t care for it one little bit.

So then there’s the other side, the one with the President.  If I don’t like Mitt, then I guess I have to like Barack, right?  Uh…no.  He’s done a number of things I don’t like such as the continuation and further eroding of our civil liberties, worsening the situation from what Dubya had done all in the name of protecting us from terror.

Then there’s the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.  Now I think most of my fellow Widdershins know I was able to obtain health insurance through a part of the Affordable Care Act which created an insurance program for those folks like me who have pre-existing conditions that made it difficult to otherwise get health insurance.  Now, I’m about to find out how good this thing really is since my doctor wants me to have some sessions with Physical Therapy for my neck/arm problem and (good luck here!) they are going to try to get an okay for an M.R.I. of  my neck.  There is a deductible to meet and then an 80/20 share after that is met.  (Oops, I went off on a tangent there-sorry)  So this isn’t bad for me now, but, we coulda had a V8 uh, Medicare for All or at least single payer.  But, Obama caved um settled for less and we have what we have.  Now I know that working with Democrats who run the gamut from our most liberal friends to those of the Blue Dog persuasion is not an easy task and that’s when the Dems had a majority in the House and Senate.

There have been other issues that have made me not so thrilled with him but it becomes a choice of the devil I know versus the one I don’t know but I know what that other devil wants to do.  And, I still have not made up my mind completely that I will vote for Obama.  After all, I am registered in Louisiana and the state is now about as red as they come.  Looking over the ballot and candidates for President I was amazed at the choices I have.  On the Louisiana ballot for Presidential candidates I have a choice of:

  • Barack Obama,, Democrat
  • Jill Stein, Green Party
  • Gary Johnson, Libertarian
  • Mitt Romney, Republican
  • Virgil Goode, Constitution Party
  • Ross Anderson, Justice Party
  • Jack Fellure, Prohibition Party 😆
  • Jerry White, Socialist Equality Party
  • James Harris, Socialist Workers Party
  • Sheila Tittle, We the People Party
  • Peta Linday Socialism and Liberation

The Socialist Equality Party and the Socialist Workers Party intrigue me, but the Prohibition Party-not so much -just by the name.  I wonder:  Do the We The People Party…like to party?

Okay, I need to stop now since my arm is doing its little thing and it is time for some Aleve.  I have little notes all over my calendar:  Next Aleve: 2:30 pm, Next Tylenol 5:30 am Next tramadol 4:30.  I line through one dosage time and put the next one for 6 hours or 12 or what have you.

So how do you all feel?  Are you glad the debates are over?  WAS there a winner in these things in your opinion?  Did they make a difference in your choice?

My apologizes in that I could not find a graphic with an African-American and white debater, but you get the gist of it.
My further apologizes  for this being a short post, but I’m still having problems with the left shoulder/arm.  I called the doc’s office today and they can’t see me until Wednesday.  I was thrilled at that news.  🙄 Therefore, this will be a brief post so I can keep my left arm/hand ready for the debate bingo game tonight.

Tonight will be the second debate between Obama and Romney and it seems some in the chattering class have decided Obama cannot “win”, but the class members have different ideas of what a win means.  I disagree because this debate will be in the format of a town meeting or town hall.  Obama may do better in this format.  From what I’ve seen of Romney when he is in some of these less formal appearances, he’s seemed stiff and ill at ease, or perhaps phoney in his attempts at being relaxed among the masses.

As I said, this debate will be a town hall format, the format described by the Commission on Presidential Debates as:

The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which citizens will ask questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic issues. Candidates each will have two minutes to respond, and an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate a discussion. The town meeting participants will be undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.

I saw  a piece this morning with Mike Allen of Politico where he describes it a bit further.  The Gallup Organization created a list of either likely or registered voters (I forget which) in the Long Island area who stated they were undecided on their choice for President.  This is supposed to be a mix of Republican and Democratic voters.  These individuals write a question to be asked of the candidates on either foreign or domestic issues.  After all of the questions are gathered, the duplicates are culled out and the remaining questions are then given to the moderator, Candy Crowley, who then selects the questions to be asked of both candidates.  An important part of this debate, I think, is that the two candidates will be free to walk around and maybe address the individual who posed the question, personally, perhaps face to face.  If you were around and old enough you may remember this particular town hall debate with Bill Clinton:

Personally, I think that was a winner for him because he is an absolute genius in reaching out and connecting with people on an individual basis.  And speaking of such, here’s a clip from the Big Dawg on the campaign trail for Obama last week.  I apologize for the Obama propaganda stuff on it but it’s the only copy I could find.

Ahhh…you still got the touch Bill.  🙂

Also, don’t forget that CNN’s Candy Crowley has promised to be a “hands-on” moderator, which apparently is not making either candidate very happy.  To which I respond:  “Tough”.  No, actually I said tough sh!t.  😉

Anyway, I think tonight’s debate will be more interesting than the first one between these two and I shall have my bowl of popcorn in one hand and my Debate-Bingo card and marker in the other, ready to munch and play bingo.


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