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Happy Wednesday Widdershinners. I hope your day is a good one.

Just a short post to move us along.

Yesterday’s speech by President Obama was exceptional.  It was a Consoler-in-Chief, inspirational, experiential, and spiritual masterpiece. I’ve not been a fan of Obama for the most part, but yesterday’s valediction in Dallas was extraordinary. For a Kenyan Muslim, he sure knows a lot of scripture.Hillary Bernie endorsement

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary. It was a full-throated endorsement.  Even prior to yesterday, 85% of Bernie’s voters have already seen the light on the road to Damascus and climbed aboard the “H Express”. My only criticism of the event: Bernie needed hugging lessons.

The great Bogey Yam is continuing his auditions for the new Fox show, “So You Think You Can Vice President.” Yesterday he was in Indiana kicking the tires on Gov. Mike Pensive. It seems as if Pence has mainlined some serious carotene – he appeared as pumpkinesque as the Bogey Yam.

Congress is leaving on vacay early. It’s an abbreviated vacay of just seven weeks so, of course, they would leave early. It appears Paul Ryan didn’t want to vote on terrorists getting guns because, well, summertime is fun time for terrorists. Funding for Zika, opioid addiction, veterans – all that stuff can wait – the NRA (Non-Reasonable Americans) said so.

It’s not like Congress hasn’t been doing important stuff.  Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the Congressional Overreach and Reach-Around Committee, figures what the country needs is another investigation of Hillary.  He’s written a letter to the D.C. U.S. Attorney asking him to make Hillary stop being mean to the Republicans still recovering from their DIY lobotomies.AM hands up

That’s pretty much the news, but I’ve meaning to mention another subject for a couple of weeks. Today’s a good day. If you have watched any of the cable shows, particularly NBC or MSNBC (motto: Our anchors canoodle, but never on air) you have been bombarded with the “Hillary Trust Deficit”. Mrs. Greenspan gets cross-eyed and her toes scrunch each and every time she gets to blather on about the Bogey Yam being more “trusted” than Hillary.

Here’s why I bring this up.  The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll on that question is bogus. Totally worthless and contrived. I can go into the reasons in the comments, but suffice it to say, survey instrument construction is central to serviceable data.

The WSJ/NBC poll asks the question as, “Being honest and straightforward.” Using straightforward as the modifier to honesty is a ruse to drive down Hillary’s numbers to follow the preordained narrative. Even though 76% of everything the Bogey Yam says has been fact checked as a lie, he is perceived to have no filter on his pie hole, despise “political correctness,” and believes insulting others is his right under the “13th Article” in the Constitution.Pew Research on Qualifications

If you pair “honest” with “truthful”, as the Pew Research Center survey did, the results were within the margin of error even during the height of emailgate and gategate (scandals yet to materialize from Republican fever dreams).

The other issue is this, and it’s not limited to just NBC/MSNBC as they troll for addled Fox viewers, if there isn’t an issue upon which to drive a wedge, how can they sell time based on viewership?  In other words, there has to be something to make a horse race a race – no one wants to watch Secretariat matched up against a three-legged mule with a limp.

Not that Chuckles Todd and his poll-baking, elfin friends would ever admit to this, but they don’t really have to.  Here’s the proof:

Issues Research from Pew

On each and every issue other than “Reducing Special Interests Influence” Hillary trounces the Bogey Yam or is within the margin of error. So be not in despair my friends.  Be not troubled when the yakkers wax prolific on Hillary’s deficiencies and der Drumpf’s strengths. Given the Republican primary, the yakkers are just trying to dress up a three-legged mule that outdistanced sixteen other asses.

What’s on your mind today?


dog cooling off

Just gotta cool off!

Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins

This time we can truly say thank goodness this week is over!  Yes, the heat is on, and in many ways.

It did not start well with the announcement and statement by F.B.I. Director James Comey regarding Hillary’s use of her private email server when she was Secretary of State.  The good news was that he stated there was no way anyone would make a decision to prosecute her or her assistants over the server.  The bad news is that the Republicans were, to say the least, not happy with that decision and decided to call the Director on the carpet, uh to Capitol Hill to answer some questions they had.  They still didn’t like the answers they got and so the merry go round will continue.

Then, two episodes of dismay and disgust as, once again, two black men were shot and killed for seemingly no reason at all in Baton Rouge and a St. Paul suburb.  After that, a third episode of utter horror as a lone sniper opened fire on Dallas police officers as the officers were present at a peaceful protest of the first two shooting events.  The attack killed five officers and injured another seven.little dog-water

After these events this week, let’s have a “time out” shall we?  I don’t know about the weather where you are Widdershins, but it’s been hotter than, well, it’s been hot this past week. boxer-iceHeat indices in Bama were in the 100° range and in nola there were heat advisories most of the week.  So with that let’s take a look at some songs about summer, heat and the like.  There are tons of songs out there with mentions of heat, fire, summer. I’m also adding in some images of dogs and heat because although we aren’t in the dog days of summer yet, they’re approaching.

black-line divider-no-background-th

(1) Summer in the city ~ The Lovin’ Spoonful

(2) Hot Summer Night ~ Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

(3) Hot! Hot! Hot! ~ Buster Poindexter

(4) Heat Wave ~ Martha & The Vandellas

(5) Too Hot ~ Kool and The Gang

* * * *

Now sometimes when it’s too hot you want to cool off

(6) Ice Ice Baby ~ Vanilla Ice (now don’t laugh too much!)

(7) Rupert Holmes ~ Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

black-line divider-no-background-th

Okay Widdershins, you get the drift and idea.  I know you’ll be able to come up with some songs and we can take our minds off of shock, sadness and the like for a day or two.

basset hound_fan


Good afternoon Widdershin friends.  This afternoon’s post is woefully late since I’ve been in a mind-numbing seminar for the past two days.  The facility was advertised as having WiFi, but it was obviously powered by overworked hamsters.  Regrettably, one of the powering hamsters unexpectedly passed away Thursday morning and with it went the WiFi.  Finding a replacement WiFi up here in the hills isn’t easy — the only Starbuck’s up here are male deer out for a late evening stroll.

If you haven’t enjoyed Chat’s post from yesterday, please do.  It far out distances anything I offer today.

In addition to being the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, this week was the One-Hundred Fiftieth anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  Those two-hundred-some words scribbled by President Lincoln and delivered in the rolling countryside were not crafted to become an oratorical masterpiece — they were the heartfelt offering of a man racked with the grief from a grotesque war.  But those words made history.

Much the same, President’s Kennedy’s trip to Dallas was meant to be nothing more than a political trip of a few hours duration, but that left turn onto Elm Street at Dealey Plaza has been forever frozen in time, seared into our collective memory.

Too often we hear events like these changed history, but you can’t change something that is yet to have happened.  Those events didn’t change history — they helped shaped history.  Both were mere men turned into indelible bookmarks by events not of their making, but just the same they came to shape history in ways never envisioned.

We never know what events are going to shape our world.  I’ve long believed our only chance to shape the world is in the choices we make and in turn, those choices are the only true manifestation of our philosophies.

If events can intersect the choices of people with cloistered lives like Lincoln or Kennedy, you can bet they can control ours.  The lesson offered is a simple one:  Make sure our choices always exemplify a philosophy of which we can be proud.

This is an open thread.

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