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Good Sunday Widdershins

Am I blue?  Well yes, indeed I am.  I’ve actually been blue since, oh, maybe November of last year.  Instead of having the most qualified person to possibly ever be the Chief Executive of the country, we instead have a person that we can legitimately ask of him “Is he playing with a full deck?“.  This is not the way I intended to head into my “declining” years, so to speak.

Years ago, Fletcher Knebel wrote a novel called Night At Camp David about a president who’d gone mad. The evidence for that was that the bughouse president was lost in grandiose delusions about his place in the world.


I have come to the conclusion that the president* has slipped his gears and that his control over the military—and over foreign policy—is as tenuous as his hold on rationality is. I have not felt this shaky about the state of the world since October of 1962.

[another snip]

Which brings us to the second part of the Knebel Paradox. It’s becoming very clear that the president* has farmed out his responsibilities as commander-in-chief—and most of his foreign policy—to the generals and ex-generals with whom he has surrounded himself.

So yeah,  that might tend to make one feel a bit azurish and with that in mind let’s listen to some songs about the blues.

* * *

1. Falling back into the blue ~ Miller Anderson

2.  When a blind man cries ~ Gary Barden

3.  Kind of blue ~ Miles Davis & John Coltrane

(4) Damn Right I’ve got the blues ~ Buddy Guy

(5) I’m torn down ~ Freddie King

* * *

You say you live on the left coast and you’re worried about those Korean rockets/missiles?  Fear not. Let’s call these “When Good Rockets Go Bad”

This was an entertaining one

Another Russian S-300 fail

This Chinese missile just couldn’t figure out which way to go

One from the Brits that didn’t go quite as planned

And lastly a Trident sub launch that didn’t go well

* * *

So there you go Widdershins.  Take this in any direction you wish.




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musical notesN-O-T-E:

This will be a second time around for this one.   The first time was after the awful, terrible incident in Paris.  Now we have our own awful, terrible incident here in California

Another weekend has rolled around, we’ve survived a week and it’s been awful.  Fourteen people shot in California…killed for no reason that any of us can fathom. The authorities have now said that Syed Farook and his wife were “radicalized” but don’t believe they were part of a cell of terrorists.  I suppose that’s another term we can add to our vocabularies now – radicalized.  

* * * * *

So let’s give ourselves a respite from the tragedy, if only for a short time.  We could use the break and take our minds off the horror for a few moments.  I’ll keep with the theme of “crazy” but in a musical, light-hearted manner.  But first, this – for the fourteen in California.

black-line divider-no-background-th

(1) Crazy Cool – Paula Abdul

(2) Crazier – Taylor Swift

(3) Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

(4) Crazy – Patsy Cline

(5) Crazy crazy Nights – Kiss

(6) Crazy Arms – Willie Nelson

(7) Crazy Horses – The Osmonds (you’ll laugh at their Jackson 5-like moves)

Okie-doke folks; you get the drift.  There’s a plethora of “crazy” songs out there so go to it.  I’ve shown you mine, so now you show me yours.  This is a completely open thread.

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