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The statutes History and Grief overlooking the transition of power...

The statutes History and Grief overlooking the transition of power…

That’s how many seconds we have survived under the Trump/Putin Administration.  Thinking of it like that gives the illusion of something longer than just a week, but that’s all it has been. There are 207 more weeks to go in this first four-year installment of, “Government by basic cable.”

While the Women’s March gave me hope, I have fallen into a pall.  I’ll save the reason for the end of this post.

Last August I wrote about the Yam’s psychological composition.  It’s time to revisit those for a starting point to today’s discussion.  I went into much more detail back in August, but I wanted to mention the high points.

Der Trumpenfuhrer exhibits the traits of an Executive Sales consultant.  You won’t find these people under every rock you turn over, but they aren’t an endangered species.  Predominant are his traits of Significance, Competition, and Command.

how-the-public-graded-the-candidateThe Significance means he receives every ounce of his self-esteem from the way other people see him.  In short, he is an empty vessel of perpetual need.  Emotional fragility is his default position.  No amount of positive feedback will quench his constant thirst to be told he is a person of value.

Competition explains his fixation on the inaugural crowd and the popular vote.  As I said back in August, it isn’t so much about winning as it is about everyone else losing.  There’s a darkness and mean-spiritedness prevalent in this characteristic.  It’s about wishing ill to befall everyone standing in the way of conquest.  Numbers are measurements and everything is about measurement.

Then you have the third leg of the stool – Command.  People who have Command must be in charge.  They are essentially rhetorical bulldozers without a reverse gear.  Emotions and feelings are merely weaknesses giving those with Command something at which to aim.  Command is the trait that erases the Yam’s shame and embarrassment genes.

I mention these characteristics again for a simple reason.  The clamorous Yam is not going to change.  The only change is this:  When he is tired or under pressure, these proclivities will be stronger.  These are his default settings.  We will see more of this behavior, not less.

These characteristics have not been lost on those around the Yamster.  The devious ones are attempting to harness these characteristics as best they can.  The others are leaking like incontinent sieves.ansel-adams-fight-our-own-government

In my humble opinion, the true evil behind the madness is hiding in plain sight – Bannon.  It takes a certain kind of discerning evil to play to Trump’s character by publicly humiliating Mitt Romney.  It takes a keen hand to play to the base by parading Al Gore through the Trump lobby and then appointing his antithesis to head the EPA the very next day.

Bannon’s fingerprints are all over this first week like overwhelming the press by chewing paper and crapping Executive Orders.  Such are the actions of a two-bit dictator.  The number of full democracies in the world was reduced by one this year – from 20 to 19.  The one falling to the “flawed democracy” category was the U.S.

This is merely the tip of the great orange turdberg into which we are sailing.  Pence and Ryan have conspired to erase the New Deal and surrender human rights within our foreign policy.  Eighty years of progressive policy will die in some Ayn Randian polemic mirroring the dystopian carnage the Yam barked about in his inaugural address.

From transferring the corporate tax burden to the middle class, from starting a trade war to inadvertently conferring superpower status on China, from increasing infant mortality to accelerating climate change, the future is indeed dark.  To summarily cede the largest trading bloc to China will haunt us for generations.

This is what I know.  The harm will be quickly legislatively engineered.  The effects will metastasize at a slower pace.  Pence, Ryan, and Bannon will fray the social safety net and the damage will not be undone for generations.  In these hyper-partisan times, re-engineering Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid is incomprehensible.same-crap-different-century

This clown show is currently booked for 4 years.  The fools lured into Cabinet posts won’t have comparable longevity.  They will be expected to fall on their swords like a Jonestown dance team to protect the dear Supine Leader’s emotional fragility.

If these people have their way, corporate profits will win over regulation.  To speed up making the world a more dangerous place, the House has passed legislation allowing regulations to be rolled back without the protections of normal rule-making.  We will soon be living in the “regulation-free jungle” where food, water, air, voting rights, and any number of basic human needs are a roll of the dice.

All of this is sad, but my despondence is deeper.  For me it is this simple:  I have always believed in the goodness of my fellow citizens — their better angels.  We are embarking on an era where such optimism is misplaced.

Trump is ushering in an era where the vindictive nature of the Tea Party/Trumpists will reign supreme.  It isn’t about a wall or health care – it is about causing pain.  Whether the enemies are Mexicans or people of color or the libruls or gays or immigrants, someone has to hurt in the goofy belief it will be a balm for generational economic

A $50 Billion great wall will never satiate people who fought to deny water to Katrina victims. Who fight funding for health care to children and the elderly.  Trump and his pack of jackals bragged about harnessing the anger of the electorate, I never believed our national morality would be the first victim.

If our collective goal in the American experiment was building the Utopian “shining city on the hill,” by surrendering our institutions to this callous cabal we have forsaken that dream, embraced the malevolence, and forever altered the course of our shared history.  This moralistic void chills the soul – hopefully our better angels will reawaken.  Last weekend’s march was a great start.

What’s on your mind today?




Good afternoon Widdershins.trump-tv

Here’s a question:  Why don’t reporters just read our TW? Here’s one of today’s big scoops — the Trumpanzee is thinking about starting a Trump-a-vision channel.

We covered that concept last week, but I guess it is official now since it has appeared in publications that have a few more subscribers.  Here’s the money shot from New York magazine:

If you do assume that Trump is acting rationally, then it is very hard to explain his campaign moves as steps in a considered plan to get elected president, and much easier to explain them as steps toward monetizing his audience through a media empire. This theory would explain why Trump handed control of his campaign to a media mogul (Steve Bannon), why he has needlessly attacked fellow members of his party, and why he has risked demoralizing his own voters by repeatedly calling the election rigged. These are logical decisions if his end goal is to wrest the intense loyalty of a large minority of the country away from other conservative organs and center it around a media brand he can control.

The logical leap the author makes is assuming Trump is capable of acting rationally.  This follows an article in The Financial Times and one a few minutes ago in The New York Times.

Given that journalists seldom have strategic thinking skills, let’s help them out. The Orange Sexual Predator has support from somewhere between zero and 35% of the Republican base.  Where does that leave the “tea cozy” sniffers of the Tea Party and the flesh-eating Freedom Caucus members?  They will have to obey their new tangerine-hued overload, Darth Drumpf.

So the long and short of it:  All these gerrymandered districts of which the Republithugs have long been so proud will now officially bite them in their ample buttocks.  Of course, they could bite them anywhere since they are all buttocks, but I digress.  These Congress critters will be forced to take on such crazy positions they will look like yoga instructors who just snorted a new batch of bath salts.

Paul Ryan is about to be one of three things — powerless, without an ounce of principle, or retired.  The Rethug House Caucus is about to become the House Carcass Caucus.  If Hillary’s “tunic tails” are not enough to wrest control of the House, she understands well enough, unlike Obama, that the midterm election is another bite at that apple. She will not let it escape.

Two years of ape-crazy, biscuit-eaters will convince an overwhelming majority of the country that the Republican Party is a thing of the past worthy of being put down.  The conservodroids will be ensconced in their bunkers eating their Glenn Beck apocalypse provisions wringing their little hands to nubbins.

The nation’s Capitol will have one adult and she has come to clean the House.

What’s on your mind today?


Happy Wednesday Widdershinners. I hope your day is a good one.

Just a short post to move us along.

Yesterday’s speech by President Obama was exceptional.  It was a Consoler-in-Chief, inspirational, experiential, and spiritual masterpiece. I’ve not been a fan of Obama for the most part, but yesterday’s valediction in Dallas was extraordinary. For a Kenyan Muslim, he sure knows a lot of scripture.Hillary Bernie endorsement

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary. It was a full-throated endorsement.  Even prior to yesterday, 85% of Bernie’s voters have already seen the light on the road to Damascus and climbed aboard the “H Express”. My only criticism of the event: Bernie needed hugging lessons.

The great Bogey Yam is continuing his auditions for the new Fox show, “So You Think You Can Vice President.” Yesterday he was in Indiana kicking the tires on Gov. Mike Pensive. It seems as if Pence has mainlined some serious carotene – he appeared as pumpkinesque as the Bogey Yam.

Congress is leaving on vacay early. It’s an abbreviated vacay of just seven weeks so, of course, they would leave early. It appears Paul Ryan didn’t want to vote on terrorists getting guns because, well, summertime is fun time for terrorists. Funding for Zika, opioid addiction, veterans – all that stuff can wait – the NRA (Non-Reasonable Americans) said so.

It’s not like Congress hasn’t been doing important stuff.  Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the Congressional Overreach and Reach-Around Committee, figures what the country needs is another investigation of Hillary.  He’s written a letter to the D.C. U.S. Attorney asking him to make Hillary stop being mean to the Republicans still recovering from their DIY lobotomies.AM hands up

That’s pretty much the news, but I’ve meaning to mention another subject for a couple of weeks. Today’s a good day. If you have watched any of the cable shows, particularly NBC or MSNBC (motto: Our anchors canoodle, but never on air) you have been bombarded with the “Hillary Trust Deficit”. Mrs. Greenspan gets cross-eyed and her toes scrunch each and every time she gets to blather on about the Bogey Yam being more “trusted” than Hillary.

Here’s why I bring this up.  The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll on that question is bogus. Totally worthless and contrived. I can go into the reasons in the comments, but suffice it to say, survey instrument construction is central to serviceable data.

The WSJ/NBC poll asks the question as, “Being honest and straightforward.” Using straightforward as the modifier to honesty is a ruse to drive down Hillary’s numbers to follow the preordained narrative. Even though 76% of everything the Bogey Yam says has been fact checked as a lie, he is perceived to have no filter on his pie hole, despise “political correctness,” and believes insulting others is his right under the “13th Article” in the Constitution.Pew Research on Qualifications

If you pair “honest” with “truthful”, as the Pew Research Center survey did, the results were within the margin of error even during the height of emailgate and gategate (scandals yet to materialize from Republican fever dreams).

The other issue is this, and it’s not limited to just NBC/MSNBC as they troll for addled Fox viewers, if there isn’t an issue upon which to drive a wedge, how can they sell time based on viewership?  In other words, there has to be something to make a horse race a race – no one wants to watch Secretariat matched up against a three-legged mule with a limp.

Not that Chuckles Todd and his poll-baking, elfin friends would ever admit to this, but they don’t really have to.  Here’s the proof:

Issues Research from Pew

On each and every issue other than “Reducing Special Interests Influence” Hillary trounces the Bogey Yam or is within the margin of error. So be not in despair my friends.  Be not troubled when the yakkers wax prolific on Hillary’s deficiencies and der Drumpf’s strengths. Given the Republican primary, the yakkers are just trying to dress up a three-legged mule that outdistanced sixteen other asses.

What’s on your mind today?


Meerkat Tribe 2

This is a picture of the Republican Caucus shortly after Kevin McCarthy’s announcement he was bailing out on the House Speakership.  Attentive bewilderment seems to be the optimum description of the GOP these days.

It appears everyone and their dog is reaching out to Paul Ryan begging him to climb up on that Speaker’s cross and sacrifice himself.  He’s the same zombie-eyed, Granny-starver who has never worked a day in the private sector that is touted as the Republican expert on the private sector.

The fern is the one in the background...

The fern is the one in the background…

Ryan’s the guy who came under the spell of Ayn Rand courtesy of social security survivor benefits who now decries the immorality of the “urban culture” focusing on government entitlement programs.  And most importantly, he’s the guy who has infected proposed federal budgets with so many magical asterisks, the budgets resemble measles-ridden failures of Rubella vaccine trials.

Ryan is seen as the wonkiest of the wonkees – “Hey, Hey, we’re the wonkees and we got some monkeying to do!”  Ryan isn’t alone in the clay feet club.  There’s the youngest of the Mario Brothers – Marco Rubio – who has conjured a tax and budget plan of ponies and rainbows.  There’s Forrest Trump who has produced a tax plan creating a deficit of over $10 Trillion.  And we are still waiting, waiting since 2010, for the Republican Party to propose anything resembling a health care plan.

Paul RyanThe Republican Party has become an amalgamation of post-policy séances overseen by the likes of the Freedom Caucus.  We wrote about the infection called the Freedom Caucus a couple of weeks ago and rest assured, they haven’t gotten any better since then.  If there was enough chalk, the Freedom Caucus would be drawing an outline on the sidewalk for a CSI autopsy of the GOP.  The members of the Freedom Caucus exhibit self-aggrandizing narcissism only seen in mirror factories or bacchanal orgies.

This self-centeredness of the Freedom Caucus has resulted in the effective takeover of the House of Representatives, but it isn’t the only place where Republican open-mindedness has resulted in their unimpressive brains rolling out of the head.  Let’s look at the Presidential field.  The obvious candidate as the poster person for form over substance is either Forrest Trump or Carly Fiorina – both of whom are sensational self-promoters as long as reality is on holiday.

Never being one for the obvious, let’s take a look at someone who raised $20 million last quarter – none other than the squint-eyed neurosurgeon, Ben Carson.  While I’m sure Ben Carson is a good man who is inspirational to us all – he needs to have his head examined. Carson Cartoon

Remember, Carson’s number one qualification for notoriety is being the first person to ever politicize the National Prayer Breakfast by haranguing a President.  Because of that utter lack of decorum, he was immediately hired by Fox.  He was given a platform to comment and opine on any subject – be it foreign policy, the historical accuracy of the Flintstones, or his ideas around nuclear proliferation that are informed by the Book of Revelation according to the “end times.”

When it comes to politics, Carson is as crazy as an outhouse rat.  If his story about the Popeye’s restaurant is true, that of a vegetarian going to a chicken joint for fries, and telling a gunman to shoot the hourly employee behind the counter, I have a difficult time believing anyone in good conscience can say he never saw a bullet hole uglier than a gun safety law.

Carson has no idea what the Constitution says or what it means, he’s uninformed about Congress, has no idea about economics, believes in conspiracy theories then passes them along giving them validity, and is absolutely clueless without biblical analogies.  Yet, he is consistently second in national polling.

Meerkat Tribe 3The Republican Party has turned into the Frightwing of American politics.  Having been cowed to Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, and Levin, the only functional organization of the GOP are radio and television schedules.  The likes of Ben Carson are what you get as a result.  The Republican Party is a policy-free zone – it isn’t even a pesky afterthought.

All this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I see the Republican Party suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder.  CCD is what kills otherwise thriving colonies of honeybees.  The central focus of the Republican Party has been a deep, all-consuming, hatred of Barack Obama.  It has been their reason for being for 7 years now – their sole organizational purpose.  Take that away and it is like the death of a queen for a beehive.  The drones and the workers have no direction, no reason for being, and they lose all focus.  That is what has happened to the Republican Party.Bee, we are taking you with us

When the only direction comes from fomenting anger by mean-spirited media imbeciles, it is a poisonous, caustic FlavorAid recipe not unlike that served in Jonestown.  The purest signs of this toxicity are Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.  The hatred they represent is just jealousy rolled up in a heaping dose of xenophobic ignorance.  Like CCD, there is no known cure – you just have to let it run its course.  I’m willing to do just that.

This is an open thread – enjoy your Wednesday, the day after the night before Hillary once again demonstrated her fierce superiority and overall awesomeness.


Good Monday, Widdershins.   Mad is in the midst of a weather-travel-work snafu, so I’ll do my best to fill in with a quick post.

The Republicans are back in the driver’s seat, having garnered a number of congressional seats.  There were also some eye-popping gubernatorial picks ups in true blue states such as Massachusetts and Maryland.  With both hands firmly on the wheel, the Republican Party is now cruising full-tilt, and they just cannot wait to take us on the ride of a lifetime.

Mitch McConnell has already claimed that the economic progress is not really of an incremental nature over a multi-year period of time that featured his party doing everything possible to stymie progress at every possible juncture.  Instead he views this as a sudden blast of consumer confidence which exploded with the knowledge that the Republican party has America’s backs.  McConnell joins the likes of Jeb Bush in fretting that the middle class has been left out of the booming prosperity enjoyed by the 1%-ers.  I know that I shall sleep better, secure in the knowledge that the Republican Party is going to take care of me.

The Republican all-stars in Congress will first need to do something – and quickly – about the DHS budget.  All of those nightmarish cantaloupe-calved illegals will stream across the Rio Grande, and likely will have hordes of measles-infected ISIS warriors in tow.  Of course, this will all be the Democrats’ fault, as they are obstructing the good and orderly progress for which the Repubs are famous.  Damn the Democrats, anyway, especially the leadership.  Further, we have learned from “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani, that the entire problem rests squarely at the foot of the President, who just does not love America.  And worse, he has no leadership, or he would just go to Congress and get what he wants.  Yep, just like that.

Oh, goody!  A return to militant patriotism, as demonstrated so nobly by Dick Cheyney.  Actually, the Mayor and the Veep have draft avoidance in common, both gentlemen having amassed a dizzying number of draft deferments.  Seems that they were far too busy loving and serving America to actually provide the military service in wartime that they tout for everyone else.  Further, I’m pressed to see how a law school graduate can, with a straight face, claim to know what is an another person’s mind or heart.  That would be laughably inadmissible in any courtroom.

At any rate, Giuliani’s comments have been oft-discussed this week, and have brought forth an editorial in the Wall Street Journal in which he furiously backpedals, blaming any “misinterpretations” on his being “blunt”.  To wit:

There has been no shortage of news coverage—and criticism—regarding comments I made about President Obama at a political gathering last week in New York. My blunt language suggesting that the president doesn’t love America notwithstanding, I didn’t intend to question President Obama’s motives or the content of his heart. My intended focus really was the effect his words and his actions have on the morale of the country, and how that effect may damage his performance. Let me explain.

There is quite an explanation, none of which makes a great deal of sense, that you can read from the link, and then he closes:

Over my years as mayor of New York City and as a federal prosecutor, I earned a certain reputation for being blunt. The thoughts I express, whether clearly or ambiguously, are my own and they are my individual responsibility. But whether you agree or not with what I said last week, I hope the intention behind those words can be the basis for a real conversation about national leadership and the importance of confidence and optimism in framing America’s way forward. I hope also that our president will start acting and speaking in a way that draws sharp, clear distinctions between us and those who threaten our way of life.

One man’s blunt is another’s rude.  If this is a return to sanity, it’s a bumpy on-ramp.  This is an open thread.




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