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The Book ClubI am a bookworm. I make no bones about it, I read a lot. I have spoken before of my love for the written word and am hard pressed to pinpoint a time in my life when I did not have a book in my hands which led to some pretty bad dinners set before my family when I found myself buried within the pages of a book while the dinner was left to overcook itself.

Books have been my salvation in a sense. They took me away to safe places as the world in which I resided was shook by uncertainties and chaos over which I had little control. Finding refuge in the pages, I was able to shut out my surroundings for a time, carried away to other worlds that served as a balm to a troubled spirit.

Although I have read many books, there are a few that had a profound impact on me as I permitted the author to take up residence in my mind. Upon reading Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” I felt the dust in my mouth as he narrated the story of the Joad family, inching their way across the nation seeking the land of plenty as had been promised awaited them in California during the Depression years of the 30’s. His ability to chronicle the devastation of that time along with the displacement of whole families who had tended the land for centuries, was a mixture of despair and hope. He was able to capture the indestructibility of the human spirit coupled with the exposure of a corrupt system of governance that led to so much of the suffering. The impact was stunning.

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