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Well I have to say Widdershins this is the most optimistic I have felt since November 2016.  I freely admit that the road ahead will not be easy but with a strong majority in the House, despite not having the Senate, things are looking up and since all revenue bills must originate in the House this is gonna be enjoyable.  Add in the new chairs of committees such as Judiciary and Intelligence, and it is gonna be a fun year to watch.

With that let’s look at some New Years songs.

(1) Bringing In A Brand New Year~Charles (not Charlie) Brown

(2) Funky New Year~Eagles

(3) Happy New Year~Abba

(4) Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day)~Sugarland

(5) It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve)~Barry Manilow (somewhat a downer)

(6) My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)~Peggy Lee

Okay Widdershins.  If you have any favorite New Year songs share them in the comments below.

Open thread of course.


Hello Widdershins! Whew, what a week already. As Drumpf admits to treason on Twitter, Republicans think Better Red than Dem, Rick Gates admits to crimes on the stand, and social media outrage finally shitcans right-wing terrorist Alex Jones, believe it or not, there’s a special election today in Ohio. And this one is a doozy!

The candidates are 31-year-old moderate Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson, who has just beaten a Trump-aligned candidate in a tough primary fight. Balderson is fighting for his electoral life in yet another supposedly safe Republican district, which went 11% for the Mango Moron in 2016. These days, however, 11% ain’t much – especially in suburban districts where ex-Republican soccer moms have had enough of the misogyny, vulgarity and violence of today’s GOP. We’ve seen districts Drumpf won by 20% plus, go blue in 2018. And indeed, Balderson and O’Connor are neck-and-neck in the latest polls, even after the national Republican Party has thrown millions of dollars into the race.

The feces-throwing baboon currently squatting in the White House has also descended upon Ohio, pushing hard for a candidate who doesn’t like him much. Why? Well, for the Orange Crusher, it’s all about him…the thought of Democrats with impeachment and subpoena power makes him shiver in his rubber sheets. (You know he has them.) But for some Republican strategists, this is the special election that, if won, will finally make the die-hards admit: The Blue Wave is real…and it’s a tsunami.

In the minds of many Republicans, Tuesday’s contest has emerged as a critical test of whether they can win over Trump supporters while keeping moderates in the fold — and whether Democrats can succeed in the type of suburban districts they need to win the House.

“Up until now, these special elections have been highly overhyped. This special [election] is different, it’s truly an accurate reflection of where both parties’ bases are, as we leave the calm and head into the general election storm,” said Nick Everhart, an Ohio-based GOP strategist who is working on races across the country but is not involved in this one. “This election outcome is not overhyped, and it matters maybe more than the hype.”

It’s a bit sad that this is the hill some people are choosing to die on…because as Steve Kornacke pointed out on MSNBC last night, districts like OH-12 are supposed to be safe Republican districts. The really competitive ones are the many that FLIPPED to Our Girl in 2016…and we haven’t seen a single special election in those districts yet.

Take, for example, these 7 districts in CA. You’ll notice some names of prominent Trumpian Republicans who, uh, are not very popular these days, like Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher, aka “Russia’s favorite Congressman.” If Hillary carried these districts in 2016, does anyone think Democrats will have trouble carrying them in 2018, after the two years of hell we’ve been put through at the hands of these #GOPTraitors?

The larger point here is that Democrats are finally running in every state, in every district, in the most diverse and exciting group ever. Women are coming forward as never before, as are LGBTQ. This forces the GOP to compete fiercely, to spend money in areas they never anticipated (Alabama, anyone?), and it stretches their organizational ground game to the limit. Meanwhile, the #Resistance is getting people online to volunteer in many creative ways. This activism is free, and it’s amazingly effective. So much for government by rich white straight Christian men, for rich white straight Christian men!

A brief digression: I’ve signed up to write postcards to voters before the general mid-term election. Here’s a sample for you: “Vote Blue or Die in A Nuclear Apocalypse Because Trump Will Kill Us All.” Waddaya think? Too subtle?

Anywho…if you would like to see a really good in-depth analysis of the House races to watch, take a look at this story from ABC News. Meanwhile, my teevee will be tuned to MSNBC tonight to see how Danny O’Connor fares. Let’s hope our winning streak continues!

This is an open thread.


On Tuesday the 13th Democrats managed to flip another deep red seat. PA-18 was one of the most gerrymandered districts in the state. It’s one of the reasons PA Supreme Court ruled the state’s maps unconstitutional. For all intents and purposes, PA-18 as we know it – and as it was voted on Tuesday – no longer exists. But the special election ran on the old map. It’s a place Trump won by 20 points. Trump came to campaign for the Republican running there, holding one of his signature racist, sexist, xenophobic Nurnberg-style rallies. Democrats won the election, however. It came close, proving once again that every vote counts. But Conor Lamb pulled it off with just a few hundred votes. As someone pointed out, even if Lamb lost by a few hundred votes, Republicans would have lost 20 points ago. But, in a desperate attempt to spin their loss, Republicans have said all kinds of Republicany things. They declared that the Republican was a terrible candidate anyway. (They’re all terrible when they lose, yes?) They declared that PA is a race Democrats couldn’t replicate anywhere else (hello Alabama and dozens of deep red seats Democrats have flipped.) Finally they declared that Conor Lamb was really just a Republican, so that’s why he won. Conor Lamb, a former Marine and former federal prosecutor, is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-ACA, pro-trade, pro-immigrant, pro-gay rights. He’s wobbly on gun control (isn’t opposed to it, but essentially seems to have a “states’ rights” stance on it.) And he did say he wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi for House Leader. It’s this latter point that Republicans (and Bernie’s alt-left) jumped on especially, but they also spent millions of dollars in the state trying to tie Lamb to Pelosi. The alt-left is demanding Pelosi resign because Lamb won. They also demanded she resign because Osoff lost. We’ll just have to get used to the fact that they really want Pelosi to reign, for all reasons. It’s all noise, however. Lamb’s win proves that a 20 point Trump win can turn into a loss. Someone pointed out Devin Nunes is in an 8 point Trump win area. The possibilities are endless. We can all collectively cross out fingers, toes and whatever we can – and start praying if we are the praying kind – that this blue wave continues to build. It’s still a long time between now and November midterms. We must not fuck it up. But the momentum is on our side. (We just have to survive Trump’s insanity and Putin’s increasing boldness.)

Meanwhile let’s keep an eye on Putin. After Putin poisoned a former spy and his daughter with a very deadly chemical in England, Prime Minister Teresa May is kicking out a bunch of Russian diplomats and suspending high level talks between the two countries. That doesn’t sound very serious to me. Does anyone think Putin is concerned about some diplomats getting kicked out or that UK canceled Sergei Lavrov’s visit? The problem is the Brits are very attached to Russian money being invested in the UK. The weakness of May’s response so far, and the taunting by the Russians, does not bode well for anyone. And with UK rejecting the European Union via Brexit, it’s unlikely that the UK can get much of the EU on board with major sanctions or anything. US stands apart from all of them now too. Putin is winning the war agains the US, UK and Europe.

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