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Happy Halloween!

Here’s your weekend post early since Halloween falls on a Thursday.  So find some scary or scaryish songs here if you so choose.

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And don’t forget for the weekend-Sunday:

Ok widdershins, hope you have a fun and safe Halloween and a great weekend.



Just two buds having a chat

This is a repost of a post by DYB before he became a regular contributor/poster
I think it’s still relevant today




We have a guest post today by DYB on the Russian Ukraine situation

As you may know, DYB and family migrated to the U.S. from Ukraine.  That is where D was born and grew up so obviously he is familiar with the region and a lot of the issues going on there.  I asked him if he would share some thoughts on the situation and the background of the area and he happily obliged.

Things Fall Apart

Russia and Ukraine have a very long history.  In fact, Russia started in Kiev. Kievan Rus’ was established in the 9th century, with the great city of Kiev, located on the mighty Dnieper River, as its capital.  Over the following centuries, with shifting allegiances and Mongolian attacks, and with the increasingly less important Dnieper as a trade route, the federation fell apart.  Out of this (somewhat abridged history) was born the Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia.  Russia, obviously, became the greater superpower, eventually conquering the other two and absorbing them into its sphere. Of all the former Republics that broke away after the fall of communism, the Ukrainian break was the most painful.  Ukraine was the closest to Moscow politically and culturally, and has perhaps the greatest number of Russians living there than in any of the others.  Although the Ukrainian language is closer to Polish than it is to Russian, everybody speaks Russian.  In the smaller towns and in the country Ukrainian language may be more prevalent, but the ties to Russia run deep after centuries of Russian influence.

 After Ukraine’s secession from Russia its economic and political turmoil – as one would expect – was mighty high.  Viktor Yanukovich’s political rivalry with Viktor Yuschenko reached new heights of dirty politics during the 2004 campaign for Presidency.   During the lengthy campaign, voting and multiple run-offs Yuschenko was poisoned with TCDD, the most powerful contaminant in Agent Orange.  Though he survived the assassination attempt he was physically disfigured.  Yanukovich, of course, has never been convicted of being involved, but…. anybody want a bridge for real cheap?  The dirty campaign set off what became known as the Orange Revolution of 2004/2005, a series of protests against Yanukovich’s “win,” known to have been rigged.  The opposition coalition, which included Yanukovich and Yulia Tymoshenko, was successful in forcing Yanukovich from office.  And it left Putin without an ally in Kiev.

Under the leadership of Yuschenko and subsequently Tymoshenko, the country drifted West in its politics and allegiances.  A 2009 dispute with Russia over price of gas would lead to prosecution of Tymoshenko for corruption by Yanukovich’s new government – after he returned to power in a legitimate election in 2010.  Everyone widely recognized that her prosecution was politically motivated, but Yanukovich – who himself somehow managed to accumulate a personal fortune of $12,000,000,000 – accused her of corruptions of all kinds.  No doubt Tymoshenko was not a saint.  But the view of Yanukovich’s own house, with its private zoo and fancy cars, suggests a certain lack of honesty as well.  Be that as it may, Tymoshenko was found guilty and sent to prison.  Putin had his old ally back in Kiev and his enemies (like Tymoshenko and Yuschenko) well out of the way.

Fast forward to 2013.  Yanukovich campaigned on a promise to continue forging and strengthening ties with the European Union, political and economic.  Putin, however, a former KGB man, has always believed that the break-up of the old Soviet block was a travesty and particularly wanted to keep Ukraine in his own pocket.  Aside from the large Russian population still living there, there is also the access to the Black Sea in Crimea.  When Yanukovich

"Nice toys Vlad"

“Nice toys Vlad”

very suddenly pivoted on his promises to Europe and made a surprise announcement that he would instead move towards a financial deal with Russia – the beginning of the end arrived.  Massive protests in the capital of Kiev, which lasted well into the freezing winter months, have played out on our own televisions.   Yanukovich is a man so deeply connected to Putin, he made no decisions without Putin’s approval.  Even as the Europeans and the Russians mediated a deal, he ran off to make a phone call to Sochi to ask Putin’s blessing to accept it.  The deal promised early elections, but would keep Yanukovich in office for several more months.  Putin gave his blessing to the deal.  But both Putin and Yanukovich misjudged the mood of the public outside, which at that point has already been attacked by Yanukovich’s special police force, the much despised sadists of the Berkut (Brown Shirts spring to mind), as well shot at by snipers.  Whatever deal Yanukovich thought he was making came several days too late and the following day he was forced to flee Kiev.  The Olympics in Sochi were just wrapping up and if anyone thought Putin’s silence on the matters in Kiev was surprisingly muted, they got a big surprise once the Olympics ended.  Russian military invaded Crimea, pretending to defend the ethnic Russians.  There was nothing to defend them from, of course.  Russians and Ukrainians have lived without issues for decades.  Historically rivalries there didn’t even approach Yankees vs. Red Sox tensions.  The random breakouts of violence since Yanukovich’s flight appear to have been organized by the various political factions, not grassroots uprisings.  One of the big divides really appears to be generational, not cultural.  The older generation, that lived under Soviet rule, seems to have forgotten their lives before.  My own parents, residing comfortably in Brooklyn and who, along with all of their friends, get their news solely from Russian television, believe Putin to be a great man, great leader, and of course Ukraine should be controlled by Russia.  “Why would that be bad?” my mother asked.  I asked her why we left the Ukraine in 1989 if things were not so bad?  There was no answer.  She believes the protests in Kiev were organized by the West and the protestors paid by the West.  The younger generation of Ukraine, however, has no desire to live under a Russian overlord.  They would much rather travel across Europe without passports than to Russia.  The split is not an easy geographical one.  An attempt to split the country would lead to a catastrophic civil war.


His little buddy

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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

That color above is supposed to be peach, somewhat appropriate for a spring color.  Neither yellow nor cyan showed up very well.  You work with what you can.

Wednesday the 20th was the Vernal Equinox which is supposed to mean that we are in the Spring season.  However with (psst – climate change) are we really having seasons anymore?  I’m not sure.  However, we’ll take a look at some “spring” songs.  I’ve got some of the tried and true and hope you’ll add some of your own in the comments.

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When It’s Springtime In The Rockies

* * *

Some Other Spring

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It Might As Well Be Spring

* * *

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

* * *

Spring Song-Song Without Words

* * *

Voices Of Spring

* * *

Voices Of Spring~Stooges Version


* * * *

Please share some of your choices in the comments.  Open thread of course.








Well I have to say Widdershins this is the most optimistic I have felt since November 2016.  I freely admit that the road ahead will not be easy but with a strong majority in the House, despite not having the Senate, things are looking up and since all revenue bills must originate in the House this is gonna be enjoyable.  Add in the new chairs of committees such as Judiciary and Intelligence, and it is gonna be a fun year to watch.

With that let’s look at some New Years songs.

(1) Bringing In A Brand New Year~Charles (not Charlie) Brown

(2) Funky New Year~Eagles

(3) Happy New Year~Abba

(4) Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day)~Sugarland

(5) It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve)~Barry Manilow (somewhat a downer)

(6) My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)~Peggy Lee

Okay Widdershins.  If you have any favorite New Year songs share them in the comments below.

Open thread of course.



Good Weekend Widdershins!


H/t to Uppity Woman’s blog for the idea for this post.  Thanks Upps!

That color above is red:  rage red, jealous red, angry red. You see, tRump had his nose rubbed into it at the G20 meeting in Argentina. Vladimir Putin just gave Donald (I’ve been hurt) tRump his back while he eagerly gave MBS a hearty hand grab at the meeting.  Was that a congratulations on the idea of bringing a bone saw to the Turkey meeting with Khashoggi?   tRump can’t do such things because we have a constitution, and laws and all that stuff.

Donald feels spurned.  He feels jilted.  Look at that picture at the top; he’s so all alone. He remembers the good days.

So let’s look at some songs about love gone bad. Jilted luvahs so-to-speak.  There’s a ton of songs out there about that.

(1) Another Lonely Night~Adam Lambert

(2) You’re No Good~Linda Ronstadt

(3) Tears Dry On Their Own~Amy Winehouse

(4) Don’t You Remember~Adele

(5) Kerosene~Miranda Lambert

(6) Bust Your Windows (Out Your Car)~Jazmine Sullivan

(7) You’re Breakin’ My Heart~Harry Nilsson

There ya go Widdershins, seven songs of love gone bad.  Feel free to add some of your own in the comments.

Open thread of course



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