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Good Weekend Widdershins!

Happy government shutdown and furlough to all of the “non-essential” federal employees!  If things go well the Senate will get its act together and possibly  pass something on Saturday to get the government back up and running.  If not then dear fed. employees you’ll have some time on your hands.

Speaking of time, with this little dealio and DYB’s excellent post Thursday, I thought we could look at some songs that have “time” somewhere in them, either in the title or somewhere in the lyrics.

Trust me, there are tons and tons of them out there and I’ll share my selections below.

(1) Time To Move On~Tom Petty

(2) Time Is On My Side~Irma Thomas (my preferred version)

(3) Too Much Time On My Hands~Styx

(4) Sign O’ The Times~Prince

(5) Old Time Rock n Roll~Bob Seger

(6) Time To Say Goodbye~Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

(7) All This Time~Sting

Okay ‘shinners, there are seven songs for you.  Please add your own selections in the comments.

Open thread of course.







As I said in the comments yesterday we actually had a couple of days this week when it warmed up enough that I had to turn on the a/c because it was getting a bit on the stuffy side.  It didn’t last for long.  I went out to run to the bank Friday before MLK Day Monday and a front had already plunged through the area; it was drizzly and cold.  Ugh.  The wx guy said during this upcoming week we’ll get a reinforcing shot of the cold and several of the forecast models show snow one day this week.  We don’t do snow well in the south.

So I thought we might want to look at some songs about sunny weather or sunny places; just anything along those lines.

(1) Beachin’ ~ Jake Owen

(2) Soak Up The Sun~Sheryl Crow

(3) A Classic from The Beach Boys

(4) Warm Weather~Pieces of a Dream

(5) Sun is Shining~Bob Marley

(6) Boat Drinks~Jimmy Buffet

There ya go Widdershins, six songs to brighten up a dreary, winter day.

Open thread of course.

ETA: Please add some of your musical choices in the comments.

Christmas village image
Happy Christmas Eve Widdershins!


Okay I’m copying a previous Christmas musical post because why not?

In the event you’ve happened by here today it means you have very little to do on this normally busy day.  Not to worry.  Uncle Fredster (that’s Fredster and not Fester) has some nice Christmas music for you to enjoy.  So…enjoy.

O Holy Night Kings College

In Dulci Jubilo

Jingle Bell Rock –  Bobby Helms (kind of loud)

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Sleigh Ride – Ronettes

Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song) – Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney – Silver Bells

Perhaps some of the “velvet fog” of Mel Torme and The Christmas Song?

and some nice Ella maybe?

and last…but not least:

Silent Night sung by goats

Okay Widdershins, if any of you have happened to come by, puhleeze add some of your own choices below.


Happy weekend Widdershins!

This week has been a cray-cray rollercoaster. Dump continues to Dump, but we did get further confirmation that everything he touches dies. He has not been good for the GOP. And I don’t just mean that he has corrupted them (in fact, we all know Dump didn’t corrupt them. This is how they’ve been for a long time. Dump is a symptom, not the cause of the infection.) He is bad for the GOP because he is causing “minority flight.” It’s like white flight, but the reverse: non-white people are fleeing. Except by fleeing I mean running to the polls. We have witnessed stunning upsets in elections all over the country, locally Democrats are taking government seats previously occupied by Republicans in deep red places like Oklahoma. And nationally we have seen two stunning upsets for the GOP: Virginia and Alabama. Democrats actually won a US Senate seat in Alabama. And Doug Jones didn’t do it by running as a conservative Democrat. That has been one of the remarkable features of his campaign. He didn’t waffle on choice or gay marriage. He didn’t run by blasting Pelosi or Schumer. So by Alabama standard Doug Jones is a far-left nut job. Except he won the election anyway. He won because black women (and black men) came out in higher than expected numbers and voted. Even though GOP tried their darnedest to stop them. Many irregularities were reported all day. And still, they came out to vote. White men and white women chose the accused pedophile. But it didn’t matter: non-white voters came out to vote. They have lived for a year under the horror of Dump. And this is what happens when Democrats bring out their base to vote: Democrats win. If Democrats managed to win a seat in Alabama, every state should be in play in 2018.

The fact that Roy Moore refuses to concede the race is irrelevant. He will have to exit the stage regardless. There are speculations that Bannon’s reputation is greatly damaged because he went all in on Moore – as did Dump. And Moore losing is a humiliating defeat for Bannon and Dump. So let us imagine for a minute that this is the beginning of their grand exit off the stage too.

Omarosa is existing too. Actually she was escorted out.

So many exits this week. Let’s wish some of these people good riddance.



(Since there were some issues with the spinning 45 record image I found a nice one of a vintage jukebox)

The last few months have been quite the eye-opener when it comes to stories of powerful men who have taken advantage of women either in the workplace, in politics, in the media, and other venues.  It seems that once the dime was dropped on Harvey Weinstein, there was a veritable tsunami of stories waiting to pour forth.

And while I am among those who shouted “Yay, about time” it seems that perhaps there was too much of a rush to judgement in some cases (thanks Meeka ).  After Al Franken’s announcement that he would resign from the Senate let us hope people will now start differentiating between sexual harassment, sexual assault and …let’s call it “boorish behavior”.  All are bad.  One less so than the others.

I am sure part of the anger that women have has been due to how they have been treated in politics and other previously male-only professions and domains.

So the previous 172 words are to lead into a musical post about “angry women”, or women who are angry or take your pick.

Below are some of the songs I found about this and I hope you’ll put some of your own in the comments.

(1) Alanis Morissette~You Ought To Know

(2) Fiona Apple~Get Gone

(3) L7~Shitlist

(4) P J Harvey~Snake

(5) X~Your phone’s off the hook but you’re not

(6) Lesley Gore~You Don’t Own Me

(6*) The version I’m sure we know much better

That’s all I have for you Widdershins.  Please share any choices you may have in the comments.  Open thread of course.




Good morning Widdershins,

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as can be had. I know sometimes that’s not much. And these days everybody is so tense and polarized that I’m sure many family gatherings deteriorated into fights and arguments. I was lucky to spend it with a few friends. We had food and watched “Pitch Perfect” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” I had not seen either before and enjoyed them both thoroughly. I highly recommend for a good laugh and some good music!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all again for being wonderful blog mates. We have gotten through a lot together already and we will get through this too!

This is an open thread, as usual. Post the latest news and your favorite tunes!


Good Weekend Widdershins!

My goodness, what a week this has been.  We have had the continuing revelations of more young women that Roy Moore either stalked at the Gadsden Mall (until he was banned), or called up during their trig. class; the first one that he picked up on while sitting outside the Etowah County Courthouse, plus the one whose yearbook he “autographed” at the Old Hickory House Barbecue restaurant.  Adding to the sordid mess were the descriptions of what he wanted to do to several of the young girls in his car.  But, he’s got that (R) behind his name and besides he’s a Christian* so yeah it’s okay for the voters of Alabama to send him up to the world’s greatest deliberative body, one of 100 who are members of that body.

Then…sigh…Mr. Franken.  Damnit Al, you’re better than this.  You were better than this in 2006 and I’m glad you are not making any excuses. You admitted what you did and you made a sincere apology (on the second try) to Ms. Tweeden.  Still Al for you, you must do five hundred Daily Affirmation sessions with Mr. Smalley along with the Senate Ethics Investigation.

And then there’s the uh, titular (ahem) head of the United States government.  Sadly we already know what he’s done and what he said he grabbed – we have the tape.  We have the stories…we’ve had enough.

Following along the lines of what these jerks did with their feeling and grabbing and what have you, let’s take a look at songs about feelings.  There are a ton of them out there but I don’t believe they specifically cover the uh “feelings” these clowns did.

(1) Feelings ~ Morris Albert

(2) Hooked on a feeling ~ B.J. Thomas

(3) The 59th Street Bridge Song ~ Simon and Garfunklel

(4) Can’t Fight This Feeling ~ REO Speedwagon

(5) No Hard Feelings ~ The Avett Brothers

(6) I Get The Sweetest Feeling ~ Jackie Wilson

(7) How Would You Feel ~ Ed Sheeran

Okay Widdershins, there ya go – seven nice songs about feeling/feelings and no actual assaults on women occur in these songs.  There are still lots of songs about feelings out there so I hope to see a few in the comments.

Open thread of course.



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