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I can hardly believe it, but it’s Thanksgiving next week, Widdershins! I hope you’re all going to take some time to relax. Two viruses – the pandemic and the Republican virus of vaccine and mask resistance – have cast a pall over holiday gatherings this year. The pandemic is the one affecting Thanksgiving for me. I am thankful that my family is all vaxxed, AND, that I am seeing my aunt and uncle from Baltimore for the first time since the Rona reared its ugly head. We’ll still need to get negative PCR tests before we can go inside my brother’s house for Turkey and Tofurkey Day (my sister-in-law is vegetarian), but it’s worth it to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Despite the wretched Rittenhouse verdict, we had a lot to be thankful for this week. President Biden signed the BIF and Speaker Pelosi got the Build Back Better bill signed in the House. Now, the bill goes to the Senate, but thanks to the reconciliation process, only Democrats need to vote for it. Despite Manchinema saying they’ll wait for the CBO report to say how they vote, the report is coming soon, and I don’t think they’ll make a lot of trouble after what happened in New Jersey and Virginia. Oh, and remember how McConnell insisted a couple of months ago that he would absolutely, totally, NOT vote yes on raising the debt ceiling on December 15? Looks like he and Chuck are talking about it now. Something tells me Chuck will get what he wants.

I hope you all will indulge me as I take a minute to marvel at what the Democrats have accomplished so far. The Party has had full control of the federal government only since February 3, 2021, when Schumer and McConnell agreed on power-sharing in the Senate. Given that metric, it’s been nine and a half months.

We have been so traumatized and terrified by the hostile maladministration of Rethugs that we are not used to any good news coming from government sources. I believe this trauma, in combination with our blatantly fascist media, are what’s preventing us from appreciating the revolutionary nature of this time in our political history. There has not been a truly significant investment in the 99% since the Affordable Care Act – and even that was weak sauce compared to what’s being passed now. I can only compare the current furious activity to the New Deal, without the racism of that legislation. And Democrats are doing it all with a majority of 1 vote – the revolutionary, first Black and Asian woman Vice President Kamala Harris. (PRESIDENT Kamala Harris for a few hours this week! Incredible!)

I have often said that the job of President of the United States is the hardest job in the world. 350 million souls, so many of them suffering due to social and economic inequality; and the rest of the world, looking to Biden for leadership, aid and partnership – with a few countries trying to destroy him and America from the inside. Imagine coming into that job after almost 27 years of Rethug destruction, plus a global pandemic that has been botched almost beyond repair, with a forever war to end in Afghanistan and an ongoing attempted coup added in for good measure!

Leaders talented enough to take on this job successfully need two traits in combination. One is, the ability to communicate a shared purpose that people can believe in; and the other is the ability to build the right team to drive it forward.

I think Pelosi and Schumer have been able to wrangle the Democrats into passing these historic bills not just because they too are very talented leaders (they certainly are!), but also because Biden has convinced Congressional Dems that his purpose is the right one. (This doesn’t count the Squad, of course, but they’re DINOs.) His purpose to me is quite simple: let’s join the 21st century so China and Russia don’t destroy us. He’s looking ahead strategically and seeing how many of our people are mired in poverty, illness and incarceration without access to the Internet, child care, education and healthcare. This state of the Union makes us less competitive on the world stage, holding us back from making progress on difficult problems like climate change and clean energy. Every initiative Biden has put forward has been consistent with this purpose; whether it’s the American Rescue Plan, which included an increased Child Tax Credit that has already cut child poverty by 50%; or the BIF, which includes billions for clean water and renewable energy; or the Build Back Better Act, which in its current form regulates the cost of child care, provides four weeks of paid parental and sick leave for all American workers, provides free universal pre-K for all 3 and 4-year-olds, and boosts Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, as well as containing $500 billion to address climate change. Women’s rights are far from forgotten – the latest annual budget proposal drops the Hyde Amendment for the first time since 1976, as well as the less-known Weldon Amendment that works in tandem with it, and includes historic amounts of funding for Title X and access to abortion. And let’s not forget the executive orders he’s signed to mandate vaccines in workplaces through OSHA, and block the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For more details, this poster on Twitter always has receipts.

Biden’s ability to build a stellar team is on display all day, every day. From our marvelous VP Kamala Harris, who (despite getting the Hillary treatment from the media) is succeeding on multiple fronts, to his diverse and talented Cabinet, Chief of Staff and Press Secretary, all of his team are on point, on message and doing what needs to be done.

There is plenty of bad that’s going on in this world, but today, I’m thankful for what the Democrats have done for the American people. And today and every day, I’m thankful for all of you Widdershins who have kept me going through good times and bad, for lo, these many years.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Open thread as always.

Happy Halloween Widdershins!

I’m writing this post early in the week just in case Hurricane Zeta decides to cause us more grief than any of us here in Louisiana really want to deal with.  And on top of that we get to deal with the **!@@@# roll back on the clocks this weekend.  Ugh.

So let’s check out some spooky Halloweenish songs.

* * * *


* * *

I have no idea what to call this but it has skeletons so

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

I love they put this to a Betty Boop cartoon

* * * *

Okay, an abbreviated post due to getting ready for Zeta.  By the time this posts Zeta will have moved away from us and I hope it hasn’t left us with too much of a mess.  From what the local mets have been saying this one will be less of a rain event and more wind.  Of course that’s what knocks down power lines.

Also, don’t forget:


Happy long weekend Widdershins

So Memorial Day is officially on the 25th, Monday.  In many parts of the country it was also previously known as Decoration Day and is a day to honor and mourn those who were in the military and lost their lives while serving in the armed forces.  You can kind of see that in the image above.

I’m sure there will be many among us who will indeed go to lay wreaths or flowers at the graves of those they have known who died while “serving”.  Of course since the day officially falls on Monday there will be plenty of time on Friday and Saturday to get in their barbecues and other normal celebrations for the weekend.  Exactly how those celebrations occur remains to be seen but if tRump had his way it would be full speed ahead and damn the virus.

However this year let’s think of some other dead we could say died because of their country.  Let’s go ahead, round up, and say the one hundred thousand who have died from or due to complications of covid-19.  We should honor these souls because it is all too possible that we could have had fewer deaths from the virus if our incompetent President* been able or willing to get his shit together instead of blaming everyone else.  And when I refer to those souls I mean the patients, first responders, and all of the health care workers who lost their lives among many others.. Sorry tRump there will be something else to add to that asterisk after your name in the history books:  impeached and failed the country.

Charles Ives: Decoration Day

Open thread and be safe.

Widdershins, the moment we alternatively cheered, feared and thought would never come, has almost arrived. Drumpf and his Republican enablers can SUCK IT.

I always had faith in Pelosi doing the right thing on impeachment, but personally, I worried that Drumpf’s inevitable acquittal in the Senate would help him in his re-election campaign. Little did I know the man would self-impeach in such a flamboyant way, in public and in writing, numerous times! And in a criminal way! And that Americans would be much more in favor of impeachment and removal after about two months of investigation, than they were in favor of impeachment when Nixon was at a similar point in his process! Mea culpa Nancy, you are a genius. Hats off to you!

Speaking of public opinion, I’ve noticed impeachment is gaining traction lately. Editorial boards across the country are finally  starting to take the position that the Mango Moron deserves that forever asterisk next to his name. According to a recent Fox News poll (Dec 8-11), a majority of the American people are in favor of impeachment. Fox News’ own pundits were shocked.

“The Fox poll came out — and I was stunned by this,” Kilmeade said on “Fox and Friends.” “This says 50 percent of the country want the president impeached. I was stunned to see that that’s the number, because I thought that things were trending away.”

Actually, the Fox News poll released Sunday said that 54 percent of Americans want to see President Trump impeached. Fifty percent support impeaching him and removing him from office; an additional 4 percent support impeaching him but allowing him to remain on the job. Forty-one percent don’t think he should be impeached at all.

As I mentioned last week, people all over America are taking to the streets tonight and demonstrating in favor of impeachment. I checked my little corner of North Dallas, Texas, and whaddaya know! There are marches here too – almost 2500 people are signed up. It’s a good sign. I hope some of you will come out as well!

I know how unlikely it is, but I admit it – I really want Drumpf to be removed by the Senate. Oh Yahweh, please let that be my Hanukkah miracle – I don’t ask for much, oh Lord! Just to cover all my bases, I’ll ask Santa to add it to his list as well.

This is an open thread.





Greetings and Happy Fourth Widdershins

Yep, yep it’s a bit early but I won’t be around Thursday.

Thank goodness for friends who have friends who have a condo on the gulf coast.  The condo couple are going elsewhere for the fourth and offered to let *my* couple use their condo at Navarre Beach along the Florida panhandle.  My friends asked if they could bring me along since it’s a three bedroom place and the condo couple said sure if they would vouch for me.  Since I’m housebroken it was a go.  We’ll be heading out Wednesday afternoon and will probably stay through the weekend.

Since y’all are east coasters, formerly east coasters or west coasters here’s a little info.

It’s actually known as “the Emerald Coast” but everyone calls it the redneck riviera.

There is not — and I will take a hard, fast, definitive stance on this issue — a single place in these blessed United States that has better sand than the Emerald Coast. Not a one. It is paper white, fine, and as soft as the day is long.

That sounds good to me.  Oh and btw it’s not that “rednecky”.

Not sure if we’ll barbecue or anything.  There are just too many great seafood places around there.

There is supposed to be wi-fi available but I can’t honestly think of a reason to bring a laptop, can you?

So here’s a patriotic Fourth of July song or two for ya and I’ll see y’all later.





Open thread of course.



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