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This week was a revelatory one, wasn’t it? As the January 6th Select Committee sets its first hearing with law enforcement on July 27th, more and more scary-but-not-shocking details are coming out about the depth and comprehensiveness of Drumpf’s attempts to establish himself as the Dick-tator of the United States.

Here’s a story I read this morning quoting Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-MD, the extraordinary leader of Drumpf’s 2nd impeachment effort. Mr. Raskin is also a member of the Select Committee. The story contains some key nuggets about how Mike Pence’s refusal to do the Mango Moron’s bidding on 1/6 likely prevented the overturning of the election and imposition of martial law. And the way the Thugs would have done it, could have been inspired directly by “Veep.”

“All they wanted Pence to do was to rebuff the electors coming in from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, lowering Biden’s total below 270, kicking the presidential contest into a contingent election,” Raskin said.

“In the event that no presidential candidate can reach 270 Electoral College votes, the next president is selected by the House of Representatives. This rare situation has not arisen since the 19th century [well…except on “Veep,” when an electoral college tie sent the election back to the House!].

“And there they wanted it because we vote not one member, one vote, but one state, one vote,” Raskin went on.

“And if they’d been able to do that, which would not have been really that much if you look at the different things Mike Pence did over the prior four years for Trump, they would have won it with 27 states to 22 for the Democrats and one tied.”

“And at that point, he probably would’ve followed the advice of Michael Flynn and imposed martial law and a state of siege, and this would’ve been the Reichstag moment,” he said.

Barring the martial law part, which is more speculative, it looks like Drumpf’s coup d’etat plan included elements that were similar to what happened on a TeeVee show about a corrupt politician doing anything and everything to claw her way to the White House and stay there. So on brand for TFG! And only Mike Pence stopped it from working.

I never thought I’d say this, but thank Goddess for Mike Pence. (Sorry, Beata!) Unlike in “Veep,” where the peaceful transfer of power was observed no matter how evil the candidate was, the US as we know it wouldn’t have survived the overturning of the election and the reinstatement of der Drumpfenfuhrer.

Brace yourselves for more of these revelations over the next several months, Shinners!

Open thread, as always.

Hello Widdershins
is anyone having a good weekend?

I’ll admit that I’m not.  In fact haven’t had a good last few days.  It’s just due to all the bullshit that’s happening around and with us now.  Honestly, I haven’t seen one damned piece of good news in the last week or so.  I’m “off my feed” in that I have to think “You need to fix something to eat” and then I have to think long and hard about that. I needed to go to the bank yesterday, inside, and had to make an appointment!  When I got to the door they asked me a series of questions and then they let me in.  What a world.

While it’s true that poll numbers are looking very good for Biden, I don’t trust them.  I have a good reason not to trust the numbers:  2016.  To express it in “country format”, that learnt me real good.

So yes Fredster has the blues and with that let’s look at some blues songs.  If I’m down in the dumps might as well make  y’all feel the same.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

Cuz Bessie was so good at it how bout another

* * *

* * *

And what would the blues be without Billie Holiday?

* * * *

Awrite, there ya go.  I really don’t expect any musical contributions to this however comments are always welcomed.

As always, the infamous open thread.


I don’t know about you all, but I am starting to really feel the grind of working from home, and then trying to relax at home at night. I see only my husband in real life, and as much as I adore Mr. MadamaB, it’s getting me down, Widdershins!

Ah, but I see people on my Zoom calls (so very, very many Zoom calls) at work, right? Unfortunately, that’s not great either. There’s evidence that the Zoom calls I am on at all hours of the day are exhausting, even more so than regular meetings – because my attention has to be so. very. focused, in unnatural ways.

…“Zoom fatigue” stems from how we process information over video. On a video call the only way to show we’re paying attention is to look at the camera. But, in real life, how often do you stand within three feet of a colleague and stare at their face? Probably never. This is because having to engage in a “constant gaze” makes us uncomfortable — and tired. In person, we are able to use our peripheral vision to glance out the window or look at others in the room. On a video call, because we are all sitting in different homes, if we turn to look out the window, we worry it might seem like we’re not paying attention. Not to mention, most of us are also staring at a small window of ourselves, making us hyper-aware of every wrinkle, expression, and how it might be interpreted. Without the visual breaks we need to refocus, our brains grow fatigued.

Oy vey ist mir!

As an extrovert, I draw my energy from people – real, live people – and not from a little box on a screen. I liken interacting with the images of my colleagues, friends and family to popcorn. It seems like food, and it tastes good at first, but somehow, you never get full.

But in a difficult time, we’re all taking things as they are. And frankly, I’m lucky to be alive to be complaining. So even though I know it’s not going to fill me up completely, I’d still love it if we could finally do that Widdershins conference call I’ve been talking about for a while.

So here’s a poll for you all – if you are interested in a Zoom call to chat amongst ourselves (video is not required!) this weekend, please do respond with your preferred date and time. If you don’t like the choices, please select the last choice and suggest a date/time in comments. Let’s make this happen!

In the meantime, tawk amongst yerselves about anything you’d like.


Happy (?) weekend Widdershins

So as you can see from the top, we’ll call this one cabin fever weekend.  It really was one today because with several rounds of severe thunderstorms I really couldn’t even get out to do a bit of walking.  Bubba would not even come when it was dinner time and I had a nice Popeyes chicken breast that I tore apart for him.  So it’s back in the fridge and I’ll try later today (since it’s now Sunday).

For the scientifically inclined Widdershins, thinking of you Luna and Quixote, I saw this site mentioned on Maddow’s show.  It’s called the Covid-19 compiler. When you go to the first page you see a map of the entire U.S.  It allows you to hover over a particular county in each state to get info on the number of cases.  You can also look at demographic data and that allows you to drill down a bit further. Further, if you click on “Insights” it will give you a host of topics they have researched.  I looked it over a couple of times but honestly I just did not want to get even more depressed over this mess.

On to some music.

The following are just a couple of things I heard on the all music classical dealio on cable.  They sounded nice at the time so I jotted down the info for the pieces.

* * *

* * *

You may recognize this from Amadeus

* * *

* * * *

Okay shinners that’s all I got but just remember:

Take the discussion wherever you wish.



Stay 6 feet apart

Good weekend Widdershins

So, here we are with a leaderless, rudderless, federal government that consists of a man who is the purported President*, who just reels off untruths and lies at a daily “briefing”, and then attacks a reporter for giving him a softball question.  I believe I agree with Rachel.  Don’t broadcast this bullshit live.  Tape those and show later if you must show them.

Currently we have seventy million Americans who have been told to stay home.  Illinois was the latest to do so but it surely won’t be the last one.  I expect Louisiana’s governor to do the same soon since we have one of the highest rates of infection on a per capita basis.

* * * *

Because why not a saxophone group called Nuclear Whales?


* * *


* * * *

Take the discussion wherever you wish to go with it.

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