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Happy Saturday, Widdershins! I hope you all had a good week. The Mango Moron did not, “bless his heart.” Here are a few things that went wrong in the delusional world of The Former Guy.

The truth is coming out about the non-violent part of his coup attempt on January 6th. One of Drumpf’s attorneys, John Eastman, gave Mike Pence step-by-step instructions as to how to invalidate the electoral votes of the states that provided Biden his landslide victory, and then to throw the vote to the House, in which case the Republicans would prevail. Pence tried his darndest to obey those instructions, but since they came from the outer rim of Pluto and not the Constitution here on Earth, he was not legally able to do so. It doesn’t matter for Drumpf though – a plot to take over the government illegally is still a crime, even when it (BARELY) doesn’t succeed.

Speaking of January 6, the House Commission has issued its first subpoenas to a veritable who’s who of der Drumpfenfuhrer’s inner circle (including, finally, Steve Bannon). Per its chair, Bennie Thompson, it’s “just getting started.” These days, Merrick Garland is in charge of the DOJ, and not Satanic teddy bear Bill Barr, so a Congressional subpoena actually means something, and these people (and others to come) WILL be compelled to testify. Despite 45’s pathetic attempts to paint this commission’s finding’s as partisan hoo-ha, the Committee has prominent Republicans as members, and has even hired Republicans as attorneys and staff.

Trump and his allies have loved to paint the committee as just another partisan witch hunt. Congressional Republicans largely went along, fighting the panel’s formation as a bipartisan group. But the committee’s most prominent staff hires aren’t snowflaky lawyers from the bleeding-heart liberal bastions of America. They’re conservative Republicans to the core with backgrounds in the Air Force (Riggleman) and as a clerk for one of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court (Wood). They can’t credibly be accused as fake Republicans. Whatever the committee concludes will be presented by Democrats and Republicans. Arguments that this probe was motivated by Democratic partisanship just won’t stick in the same way.

Not that surrounding himself by dyed-in-the-wool loyalists will keep The Former Guy safe from reality. Even the Arizona Frauditeers were forced to admit Biden won Arizona…by MORE than before! Same with Mark Kelly, the Democratic Senator who handily dispatched the unloved Martha McSally in 2020. Despite the results showing that the only errors were in allocating too many votes to him and Martha, Delusional Don still declared victory and tried to command that Arizona declare him the winner, same as he did with Georgia. If his mental illness and gaslighting weren’t so terrifying, it would be hilarious.

“There will be no decertification of the 2020 election – the audit does not call for one, and even if it had, there is no lawful way to decertify. As we have every step of the way, Arizona will follow the law,” the governor said.

This poisonous toad and all his enablers must and will be held accountable for their treasonous and criminal actions, and I cannot wait. Open thread, of course!

Hello Widdershins,

It’s election day 2020 and here’s a thread for us to discuss and…celebrate (I’m crossing everything I possibly can.)

This is an open thread.

Good Weekend Widdershins

The countdown to November 3rd continues and it seems that tRump is in full panic mode.  And so is the media.  I cannot tell you how many segments or articles I’ve seen or read that El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago may still pull out a win.  All I can say is if what I’ve seen of long lines for early voting and requests for absentee ballots are any indications, the media is once again spinning things for their own purposes. 

So anyway, speaking of the media let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world of political cartoons.

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Okie doke shinners.  Hope you enjoyed these and take the discussion/comments wherever you wish.


It’s so close, Widdershins. Election Day is so close – a day when the Rethugs will see a blue tsunami that makes the one in 2018 look like a splash in a kiddie pool.

How can I be so sure, you ask? For one thing, he’s lost suburban white women.

I know we Widdershins would never vote for that disgusting gob of orange goo. Unfortunately for America in 2016, too many suburban white women did so, and they were a surprising source of strength for Drumpf in swing states.

That strength is gone.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll in early January, Trump took the lead over Joe Biden among suburban men, 63% to 35%, a 28-point margin. But the suburbs have begun shifting away from Trump.

Polls in June found Biden, now the Democratic presidential nominee, with significant support among suburban voters. A CNN poll found Biden with a 14-point lead over Trump, and a Fox News poll found him with an 11-point lead.

In a Marist poll in late June, 66% of women in suburbs and small cities said they disapproved of the job Trump was doing as president.

Whoopsie! Where’d they all go?

Well, hey. Those pesky women may not be there for Der Drumpfenfuhrer, but I’m sure white men are! They’re his best shot at winning. Right?

In Minnesota, where the contest between Trump and Joe Biden had seemed to tighten in recent weeks — and where both candidates stumped on Friday — a CBS News/YouGov survey last week had Trump running 2 percentage points behind Biden with white voters, after carrying them by 7 points in 2016. Even among white voters without college degrees — Trump’s base — the president was far short of the margin he had against Hillary Clinton.

It’s the same story in Wisconsin, where Trump won noncollege-educated white women by 16 percentage points four years ago but is now losing them by 9 percentage points, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll. In Pennsylvania, Biden has now pulled even with Trump among white voters, according to an NBC News/Marist Poll.


…Trump’s [racist!] rhetoric does not appear to be resonating with white America to the degree it did in 2016. That year, whites cast nearly three-quarters of the vote nationally, and Trump won those voters by about 15 percentage points, according to Pew Research. Four years later, Biden has torn into that advantage, though to what degree is uncertain. The latest Morning Consult poll showed Trump now beating Biden among white likely voters nationally by just 5 percentage points. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll on Sunday put Trump up among white voters by 9 percentage points, while a PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll on Friday showed Biden and Trump essentially tied with white voters.

So while political writers seem to feel obligated to say that Drumpf could still turn these voters around and that he’s “making inroads” with Black and Latinx voters (um, sure Jan), he has lost a massive amount of his base since 2016. There’s no getting around that. And more importantly, people are PISSED OFF at the Rethugs. Since 2018, Drumpf was impeached and the Rethugs refused to remove him from office, even though his guilt was more than demonstrated by the stellar impeachment managers in the House. They shoehorned a drunken sexual predator into the Supreme Court. They removed legal asylum-seeking parents from their children, put those children in cages, and performed involuntary hysterectomies on young women in their custody. They let the pandemic run rampant, actively disinforming Americans about the risks of Covid-19 and causing the deaths of 200,000 people (and counting). They ignored the truth that Black Lives Matter. They wrecked the economy by putting 30 million people out of work and then discontinuing the benefits that kept them alive. They are trying to remove health care from millions of people DURING THE PANDEMIC. They are shoving another extreme wingnut into the Supreme Court even though voting for Drumpf’s replacement is already happening and RBG’s tiny body is barely cool.

This year, I know we are committed to doing everything we can to get every. single. one. of those MF’ers OUT. And I think we’re going to see Senate wins we can’t even imagine right now.

Let the tsunami begin!

Open thread, as always.

So the Mango Moron, the only pResident ever to brag about “acing” a cognitive impairment test, is trying to smear Joe Biden as not all there, mentally speaking. He’s made big ad buys with this messaging in swing states, and his campaign keeps doubling down on the “strategy.”

This isn’t going over well with the most reliable group of voters: people over 65. Turns out leaving older people to die in nursing homes of Covid-19, trying to take health care away from the survivors, then smearing them as unfit to serve as President are somehow not winning strategies. Who knew?

More troubling for the president, Biden has moved ahead among voters 65 or older in several national surveys, including a significant 14-point advantage in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, helping propel him to double-digit leads nationally. Trump won seniors by 7 percentage points in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, according to exit polls, with white senior voters a key part of his coalition. 

“It can certainly backfire among senior voters, and it’s not something you want to do when you’re already starting to lose their votes,” said Todd Belt, professor and political management program director at George Washington University. “We’ve seen a big shift in the over-65 population moving towards Biden. This isn’t a really good strategy to win them back.”

This isn’t the only voting block Drumpf is losing massively. Ex-Republican strategist Jennifer Rubin writes in the Washington Post that, basically, everybody hates Donald. All the voters who helped Drumpf get close enough to steal the election in 2016 are running to Biden in droves. And now the polls are showing double-digit leads all over the map.

By now I’m sure you’re thinking, “How are we going to screw this up? Because we always do.” I know, I know. I have thoughts like that too. But sadly, I think the only way we could have “screwed it up” was to nominate another woman. Unfortunately, this country is so godd*mn misogynistic that they elected a sexual predator, money launderer and traitor rather than voting for THAT WOMAN.

And what really hurts is that Democrats wouldn’t vote for her either. Wouldn’t stand up for her when she was smeared by Bernie for six months in 2016, wouldn’t help her fight against the blizzard of negative press, wouldn’t amplify her message as Drumpf got $2 Billion in free advertising from NBC and other “news” outlets. They claim it was all because Hillary was [fill in horrible misogynistic trope here], but in reality, there is no woman they would vote for. When push came to shove, they wouldn’t have pulled the lever for Elizabeth, Kamala, Kirsten or Amy. And we can’t count on them, ever, to do it.

So thankfully, we have a 77-year-old white man as our nominee. His color, age and gender allow all those Democrats and previously Republican voters to feel “safe” voting for him. Heaven forbid we should ever elect a woman who actually MAKES US SAFE when crises hit. Because those Republican voters felt “safer” voting for Drumpf, a sociopathic predator, than voting for Hillary – a Secretary of State, First Lady of Arkansas and FLOTUS, attorney, and mother (and grandmother).

Well, here we are.


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