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Interesting how we haven’t heard much about Governor Andrew Cuomo lately, isn’t it? Let’s check in on that scandal.

‘Strange and inappropriate’: Flood victim says Cuomo came onto her in her home

Sherry Vill said that after she was introduced to the New York governor in her home in 2017, he leaned over and kissed her cheeks in a “highly sexual manner” and told her, “That’s what Italians do.”

Uhhhhh….that IS WHAT ITALIANS DO! And French people, and Spanish people, and sometimes British people as well. There are other episodes of alleged over-enthusiastic kissing that Cuomo has admitted to and apologized for, and one woman says he groped her (although her story changes frequently). Overall it’s “meh” so far.

So that’s the Democratic side.

How are our Republican friends doing? Let’s check in with those paragons of virtue, all het up about how Cuomo needs to resign.

So there’s Matt Gaetz, who recently leaked that he might not run for re-election and was considering a job at Newsmax. This was news for a hot second, until it was revealed that he’s actually defending himself against charges that he’s committed statutory rape. And while being a sexual criminal seems to be one of the qualifications his future employer looks for, it tends to be at least mildly frowned-upon by Congress.

Sounding shaken, Gaetz told Axios that for weeks, he and his father been working with the FBI in the Northern District of Florida on the extortion case. Gaetz said his lawyers were informed by the Justice Department that, “I was not a target but a subject of an investigation regarding sexual conduct with women.” 

Asked what the charges could relate to, Gaetz said: “I have definitely, in my single days, provided for women I’ve dated. You know, I’ve paid for flights, for hotel rooms. I’ve been, you know, generous as a partner. I think someone is trying to make that look criminal when it is not.”

Oh, but it is, Matt. It’s called sex trafficking. And you’re in big trouble, because you’re linked to an even sleazier, more criminal Republican named Joel Greenberg.

The probe of Gaetz reportedly stemmed from the investigation of Greenberg, who faces a slew of charges including sex trafficking of a child. He is currently slated to stand trial in June.

The Times report noted that many details of the Gaetz probe remain unclear, including how the congressman allegedly met the girl. The encounters allegedly occurred about two years ago and the investigation began in the final months of the Trump administration under then-Attorney General William P. Barr, the report said.

What is even more horrifying is that Gaetz, Greenberg and Roger Stone were all photographed kibbitzing together in Florida. The common denominator between all these criminals is – you guessed it – The Former Guy. And The Former Guy was involved with Epstein, who was a known pedophile and sex trafficker.

Do we see a pattern here?

Here is a long list of Republican sexual criminals. The link goes to “Part 16” of 23. Of the 25 repugnant sociopaths listed in Part 16, about 50% were involved in pedophilia and/or sex trafficking. This seems like something someone should cover, don’tcha think? Maybe something someone should trace back to that inexplicable rise of Drumpf through the Republican Party and how people who were so very Never T suddenly became his bestest pals? (cough cough Lindsey Graham cough cough)

But you know, Cuomo kissed someone on the cheek.

Open thread as always.

We thought we hit rock bottom and then someone knocked from underneath.

This is an old Russian expression, appropriately Russian. After more than 2 years of Trump dominating headlines and causing outrage everywhere he went – he launched his Presidential bid by declaring that all Mexicans were rapists and murderers – it’s shocking to me that I can still be shocked. But on Tuesday I found myself shocked when right-wing Republicans began attacking survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Leading the charge was the demented rancid garbage subhuman demon Dinesh D’Souza.

CNN’s pro-Trump pundit, and former Republican Congressthug from Georgia Jack Kingston, started floating the theory that the kids speaking out were actually actors and they were coached by Democrats to attack Trump. Gateway Pundit, which has White House press credentials, joined the fray. Bill O’Reilly began questioning why anyone listens to the kids anyway. Others began attacking the kids on twitter directly for being liars and fake, and someone started blaming Soros. Donald Junior began liking tweets that were attacking the kids. Florida state representative Shawn Harris’ Deputy Secretary Benjamin Kelly began emailing journalists claiming that the kids being interviewed don’t even go to the school where the massacre happened. When asked for proof he emailed links to conspiracy youtube videos where people claim these are crises actors and not students. Remember Sandy Hook? Same accusations were spread about the victims there by the likes of Alex Jones. Now this entered the mainstream. Harris – after twitter erupted in outrage at Kelly – soon announced that he fired him. But not before he voted in Florida assembly not to advance a bill to ban assault weapons, with some of the Parkland kids in the gallery. This is what D’Souza found so funny. The blowback against convicted felon D’Souza was so severe that even CPAC announced they were canceling this appearance there. (Last year it was Milo Snuffleapaganus’ appearance they cancelled after he defended child rape.)

Speaking of CPAC, did you see the list of speakers this year? It has gone full on KKK/White nationalist/European fascist. Speakers include Marion Le Pen – the more radical niece of Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farrage, Sean Hannity, “Sheriff” David Clarke, Judge Jeanine Piro, Ted Cruz, Dump and Pence, John Bolton, Wayne La Pierre, Dana Loesch, Sebastian Gorka. And Gary Johnson. Yes, Gary Johnson will be speaking at CPAC among all those other Republican luminaries. (Again, D’Souza’s appearance was cancelled on Tue after his tweets attacking Parkland kids.)

This is the Republican party in February of 2018. We are in Hell.




It seems that every week I say something about how difficult it is to keep up with the news. And gosh darn it, I’m gonna do it again. I wrote a post on Sunday that by Monday afternoon was no longer entirely relevant. So here I am re-writing it on Tuesday night. It may or may not be up to date on Wednesday morning.

The big news development of the last 48 hours has been the very very rapid downfall of Conservative hero Milo Yiannopoulos. Why does anyone care about this degenerate and why are we taking pleasure in his unraveling? Though he was an active asshole before, Milo became famous in 2014 as a result of GamerGate. For those who may not know this travesty, here’s a brief synopsis: Several prominent female video game developers becamemilo the target of harassment and death threats on the internet, especially Twitter, because they were accused of colluding (having sex with) journalists for flattering coverage. Yiannopoulos published articles about it for Breitbart and led many attacks on the women. And so his right-wing, misogynistic public persona was born. He became a hero of the right, he hated political correctness, and his attacks on women, Jews, African-Americans, immigrants, transgender people, etc., made him a Conservative super star. His college campus tours brought out protestors, which fed his fame among Conservatives/neo-Nazis/white supremacists. It was a curious thing because Yiannopoulos is gay (and British. He also fetishizes black men. He only has sex with black men, which he insists is what makes him not racist. He doesn’t realize it actually is one of the most racist things about him.)

Earlier this year his fame extended after he led on-line attacks on actress Leslie Jones, SNL cast member and one of the stars of the “Ghostbusters” reboot. Yiannopoulos led racist Twitter leslie-jones-87255f4e-af77-4da8-9ec3-bfa8abb1a20cassaults on Jones. Around the same time these people published private photos stolen from Jones’ phone. (If you think you can stomach it, see some of the racist Twitter attacks here. The overwhelming assaults briefly led Jones to leave her social media accounts. Protests against Yiannopoulos finally led Twitter to ban him. (But he did get a $250,000 book deal with Simon and Schuster.) These things made him a hero of the Right/Conservatives who claimed he – and the Conservative point of view – were being censored by the corrupt Libtard media. Ultimately Milo’s behavior – and the keynote address speaking slot he was given at CPAC this year – have revealed that modern day Conservatism is morally and intellectually bankrupt. The young leaders of Conservatism, like Yiannopoulos and bobble-head Tomi Lahren, are proudly anti-intellectual. The days of someone like Bill Kristol – a man you may disagree with, but you can’t argue he’s probably read a book or two in his life – are long gone for Conservatives. They exist solely to offend. Even many Conservatives recognize it.


On Friday night Yiannopoulos (wearing a pearl necklace) appeared on Bill Maher’s Real Time. Maher has been consistent on his support of free speech – and he has hosted many deplorable guests over the years. But his interview with Milo was the equivalent of Jimmy Fallon tossling Trump’s hair on the maher-miloTonight Show. An embarrassingly soft fluff piece, in both its official on-air interview and on the internet only Overtime segment. And Maher’s attacks on liberals who protest Milo are preposterous. I actually think over time Maher might become radicalized to the far Right. There is a very thin line between Far Right and Far Left. Maher’s long-standing Islamophobia and support for people like Yiannopoulis, could turn him into a Right-wing crusader.

But, back to the degenerate Yiannopoulos. He was still riding high through the weekend after his triumphant appearance on Real Time, when on Sunday an anonymous Republican Twitter group, Reagan Battalion, published previously public but unknown interviews with Yiannopoulos, in which he waxed rhapsodic about sex with 13 year old boys. And all hell broke loose. Though the Breitbart crowd fiercely defended him (including Michael Flynn Jr.), slowly establishment Republicans turned on him. Pressure was put on CPAC to cancel his appearance. It took over 24 hours for CPAC to withdraw their invitation. Simon and Schuster cancelled his book. And word came out that Breitbart employees revolted, demanding that he be fired. Eventually Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart (where he was an editor) before they could fire him. In his sorry/not-sorry resignation, he said he was sorry for his choice of words but really, everybody knows sex with 13 year olds is good and everyone is overreacting and blah blah blah. Where this horrible human being goes from here is anyone’s guess. Pundit on Fox? I have no doubt he will be back.

Good Tuesday afternoon Widdershin friends and congratulations! Congratulations that you have survived the annual “Fever Dream Jamboree” held in Washington, D.C. You may know the “Fever Dream Jamboree” by its other name, CPAC, (Crazytown, the Politically Adolescent Coalesce). By all accounts, it was a rip roarin’ time.

We helped build it, yes, we did...

We helped build it, yes, we did…

The speakers talked about the best thinking in modern conservative philosophy, like their love of science, particularly the Old Testament part. Or like Ann Coulter, who said most of the country’s problems could be solved by women keeping their “knees together.”

Then there was the ever humble Michelle Bachmann, who called conservative thinking the most powerful intellectual movement ever known to man whereupon she was answered in a responsive reading by Sarah Palin ripping off Dr. Seuss with a rendition of Green Eggs and Ham.

This bacchanal festival got me to thinking — how is it that every year for three days 11,000 people can be so self-satisfied and conned into cheering for a hit parade of vintage 1950s thinking. Given that just about every sentence has to mention their patron saint, Reagan Maximus, this mass tribal Haka can’t be due to a pharmaceutical assistance — “just say no” to everything seems to be the secret password. What could be the inspiration for this cabal?

And so I was off to try to figure out a reason for this orgy of cognitive dissonance. I ended up with a theory I think explains it, psychological sublimation:

Sublimation is a mature type of defense mechanism where socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are consciously transformed into socially acceptable actions or behaviors.

Try as I might, I have nothing better to explain the exhibited behaviors. For instance:

Learned over his political career, Ted Cruz shares the finer points of elephant felattio...

Learned over his political career, Ted Cruz shares the finer points of elephant fellatio…

Remember the big kerfuffle during the last presidential election of “you didn’t build that”? This conservative conclave was held at the Gaylord National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland on the Potomac River outside of Washington, D.C. Well, we did help build it.

To get to the isolated, reclusive, palatial Taj Mahal-like National Harbor development, these heretics had to drive their unicorn-powered limousines on roads. To make the development a reality, over $500,000,000.00 of our tax dollars were spent for interstate highways, off-ramps, interior highways, water taxi docks, and the like. Over a half-billion public dollars to build the shrine in which the chant was, “Government is never the answer,” and “we got ours, sorry about your luck”! The incongruence is understandable since logical consistency has never been big with this group ever since they signed on to the theory drowning witches was a sign of innocence.

It didn’t stop there, there were socially unacceptable impulses represented in the voting. Last year, Chris Christie wasn’t even invited to the gathering because of his Sandy-inspired bromance with President Obama and he only scored 7% of the votes. This year he scored 8% — just subject thousands of your citizens to the dangers of 4 days of unnecessary traffic gridlock for political purposes and you will be rewarded.

Then there was Paul Ryan who had conveniently just published a 200-page epistle on how to relieve the guilt associated with cutting children, the disabled, and single mothers from government assistance. Ryan’s epistle was filled with research supporting his position — only trouble was, most of the research didn’t say anything close to what Ryan said it said.

Oops, but I look good...

Oops, but I look good…

Or take Gov. Prettyhair Rick Perry for instance. He had the crowd on their feet cheering. Even if he has difficulty counting to three, just slap a pair of hipster glasses on him, and he is the new oracle from Lenscrafters. Obviously for this crowd, there is more currency in failing a vision test than passing an IQ test.

Rick Perry is a good analogy for this group suffering from the enormous burden of constantly sublimating any socially acceptable ideals — just slap a pair of glasses on and the path to the socially unacceptable will be perfectly clear.

At least we are safe for another year.

This is an open thread.

circus bigtop

The circus as in the Conservative Political Action Committee, better known as CPAC.

I swear, they should really not let that many people who are that bat-shit crazy gather together in one place.  On the other hand though, getting that many of them together does make it easier to create the outtakes of the convention.

The usual wingnuts were there:  Coulter, Palin, the new kid on the block Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, lil Marco from FL.   lil Bobby was there and sadly made a complete ass out of himself by rehashing part of his speech he gave a few weeks ago at the Gridiron Club.

In a Politico story, writer James Hohmann listed you as one of the “losers” of the conference.

Isn’t it embarrassing that Hohmann noted how you mindlessly read a speech that was so clearly a rehash of your recent Gridiron Speech that you accidentally left in a reference to Attorney General Eric Holder, who had been at the Gridiron Show, but was clearly not in attendance at CPAC?

Jindal also recycled the same jokes he delivered at last weekend’s Gridiron Dinner in Washington.

“I see Eric Holder is with us,” he said at one point, setting up a jest at the attorney general.

Holder, obviously, was not at CPAC.

You also apparently pulled your punches before this very conservative crowed, declining to repeat some of the more quotable passages from a speech you gave in late January to the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee. For instance, gone was your widely quoted line, “We must stop being the stupid party.”

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