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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Well here we are, another day, more bullshit. (Pardon my French.) Two Politico articles this past week were all about how VP Kamala Harris was too black and not Asian enough and then how furious the Bidens were with her a year ago when she called out Biden’s crime bill at one of the debates. I suppose the palace gossip of the second story is what it is, but the topic of the first is beyond offensive. To dictate to a biracial woman that she’s not biracial enough is just…something, isn’t it? Worth noting the woman who wrote that story threw a going-away party for Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she retired from being Trump’s chief liar. Then the Associated Press fired a young journalist who in college belonged to a Palestinian rights group after right-wingers like Ben Shapiro organized a campaign to get her fired. (Cancel culture!) The woman who runs the AP and ok’ed the decision to fire this young reporter because of a group she belonged to in college is about to become the executive editor of the Washington Post. This type of knee-jerk reaction to pressure from right-wingers does not bode well for the future of WaPo. (The blowback on social media about this decision from many journalists has been quite strong.) But CNN did finally fire Rick Santorum, 3 weeks after he delivered one of his more racist speeches and considering how racist he is, that’s quite something. Oh and let’s not forget the CDC advised people not to get intimate with chickens, which naturally brought out Republicans’ desire to own the libs by getting Biblical with fowl. They once claimed gay marriage would lead to bestiality, but so far they’re the ones defending their right to make out with their chickens.

Oh and btw, speaking of Rick Santorum, did I ever share my Rick Santorum story with you? A couple of years ago I was walking my dog late at night. A man was walking towards us on 34th St in Manhattan, clearly headed towards Hudson Yards. A woman, dressed in high heels and a revealing outfit, was headed in the opposite direction. Our paths converged. The man looked at the woman most suggestively as she passed; looked her up and down. Then looked at me with a knowing smirk and winked. That man was Rick Santorum.

This is an open thread!

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

So we are hitting 100 days since Biden took office. And frankly, he’s managed to do an impressive amount of good things, despite unprecedented (certainly in modern politics) obstruction from the QOP. Rethuglicans just can’t find a way to attack him. They are so desperate. And if it wasn’t for 2 awful Senators (rhymes with “Manchin” and “Sinema”), so much more would already be done to improve Americans’ lives…

This report from CBS this morning is a fascinating look the song “Strange Fruit,” made famous by Billie Holiday. Specifically this ties to Manchin and Sinema in their refusal to recognize how the filibuster has kept racist laws in America on the books. And continue to this day. I just saw a statistic: in the 24 hrs after the Derek Chauvin verdict, 6 people were fatally shot by cops. Meanwhile, cops in Newark, NJ, did not fire a single shot in all of 2020. It is possible to police without shooting people. We know because Newark, NJ has done it.

Here is a fascinating segment from CBS This Morning about the song “Strange Fruit,” immortalized by Billie Holiday. A song that in effect destroyed her life because she refused to stop singing it and the Federal government thought the song was dangerous. There is an interesting plot-twist half-way (at least a plot-twist for me because I was not familiar with the background on the song.) This is an open thread.

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year…Meh!

When all they have to write about is a Democratic government running smoothly and doing good things.

For almost six years they have had an endless gusher of outrage and horror to drive clicks and views. Der Drumpfenfuhrer was great for the bottom line. If he happened to only do ten terrible things in one day, the media could always dive into his tweets for fresh doses of red meat. Racism! Sexism! Fascism! Incitement to insurrection! Disturbing dictator love letters! They were all there, always there, 24-7, an endlessly regenerating perpetual motion machine of content to feed the perpetual news cycle.

But alas, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are only saving the country from coronavirus by increasing the amount of vaccines by 70% in one month. They are merely nominating the most diverse Cabinet of all time. They are simply holding informative and truthful press briefings every day, repairing the damage Drumpf did to our international relationships, re-entering the Paris Climate Accords, taking action to re-house migrant kids who have been separated from their families, reversing the transgender ban in the Army, creating space for us to mourn our 500,000 dead from COVID-19, and oh yes, live-streaming a dual press conference with Justin Trudeau. Sacre bleu! So, so…how you say…BOH-RING!

There is so little of value to report out of the Biden administration that CNN and all of the other major cable news networks are making sure to include the “other perspective” (aka alternate facts) from the reality they would have preferred: Donald didn’t do anything wrong on January 6!! In alternate fact, maybe he still won! Oh, wouldn’t that have been wonderful for them? Then they could get away with sympathetically reporting on all the Drumpf voters still voting for him despite all the racism, misogyny and fascism – without any pushback from anyone. Those were the days baby! So they keep booking people like Matt Schlapp, a festulent pustule on The Former Guy’s butt, in prime time. Every Sunday they make sure they have “balance.” Gotta somehow get that crazy Nazi itch scratched!

Now some of the media punditry is not playing ball and yearning for the glory days when the Mango Moron was gleefully destroying our democracy every second of every day. Some refuse to pretend they have amnesia and don’t remember that the majority of elected Republicans supported Trump throughout every second of his Reign of Error, including after he incited an insurrection at the Capitol. Some won’t play along with the endless yammering at, and criticizing of Democrats for not being “bipartisan” with people who TRIED TO KILL THEM!

Witness the beauty of Rachel Maddow taking the Thugs to task and calling out their general bad faith. She doesn’t seem to wish Drumpf was back, at all. Huh.

I don’t know what it will take for the media to quit Drumpf, but I will say this: Joe Biden is more popular than Donald ever was. And his policies, such as the American Rescue Plan, are more popular still, And I hope the Powers that Be eventually realize that those pundits and outlets that cater to the majority of Americans who like Biden and hate Donnie, will be proven to be on the right side of history.

Open thread, folks!

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

We are just a few days away from tossing the orange turd out of our lives. Well, he’s going to try to everything he can to insert himself into our daily lives. And frankly, if law enforcement and prosecutors do their jobs we are going to be finding out a lot of crap. 2021 is going to be just about as exciting as 2020 was. But at least we are going to have some very competent people running the government again. Biden says he wants up to 100 million people vaccinated by Spring… His people have already reached out to companies that can produce the vaccines at an accelerated rate. So let’s hope this happens. In the meantime – how do we send the Orange Turd and his Cabal off? I say we do it in style? What are some of your favorite “Bye!” and “Get Out!” songs? Or any other songs you want to share with the group.

So many times over the past four years of hell and trauma, we wondered: What would it take for Republicans to abandon the Mango Moron?

As things went from bad to worse, many of us thought, this time they’ve got to turn away. This time they’ve got to denounce him. But nothing moved them. Kids in cages, separated unlawfully from their parents? No problem. Grabbing pussies? No problem. Removing access to health care from tens of millions of people? No problem. Obvious and frequent collusion with Russia? No problem. Foreign election interference and a suspiciously fortuitous and narrow election win? No problem. Nepotism, corruption and grift on a scale never seen before? No problem. Deporting DACA kids who will die if they lose access to America’s health care? No problem. Surrounding yourself with traitors and spies? No problem. Abandoning the Kurds to die and forcing Ukraine into a terrible bargain with Russia? No problem. Standing by while the Democrats impeached him for high crimes and misdemeanors? No problem. Letting coronavirus run rampant over our country and kill over 350,000 Americans? No problem. And finally, lying for two straight months about the election that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won in a landslide? Not only was that not a problem – hundreds of elected Republicans eagerly signed on to claims they clearly didn’t believe at all. Because above all, there was Dear Leader – and he must always, always be defended and obeyed.

Until now.

It took a Presidential loss, the loss of the Senate, and a clear and obvious attempt TO KILL THEM (trust me, they don’t care about the whole coup/insurrection thing) to dislodge their noses from Drumpf’s giant asshole. And even now, some are still committed to sinking with the Trumptanic. I don’t know what motivates Republicans, and to some extent, I really don’t care. All I know is that finally, gloriously, Republicans are in disarray. They’re suffering an existential crisis of monstrous proportions, and it couldn’t happen to a more deplorable bunch of seditionists and traitors.

Some Republicans may think they can wash the stain of the worst President ever (the first to be impeached twice) off their hands by voting to impeach. Oh hell no. Their enablement of this deranged psychopath is, and forever will be, unforgivable. And honestly, I think some are still in denial. They think we’re all just going to move on and forgive and forget.

We will not.

Because it turns out, even though Kamala didn’t become our President, she had the right slogan for these times.

Justice was on the ballot. And now, she’s on her way.

Open thread as always.

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