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Widdershins, Mad is taking a well-deserved break today, so I thought that it might be interesting both to hear from Pat (even in absentia), and to discuss her 2013 predictions.  See what you think, and chime in below the original comments. – love, chat.

It’s that time on the calendar to begin to look forward to a better year than the one that has passed but I’ve got to admit, I’m “not feeling it”.   My inner cynic finds this almost an impossibility.

Congress cannot get its act together to even come close to serving the American public but instead are engaged in another “fiscal battle game of chicken” where a few moronic holdouts would rather watch the nation fall into the abyss before they would even consider raising tax rates on the very rich.

But in the “spirit” of the season, I have managed to come up with a few “predictions” of my own. Feel free to agree or disagree as yours are as good as mine as we sit and wait for the sound of us plunging off the cliff and further into despair:

1. John Boehner will be re-elected into the role of Speaker of the House not because he has done such a great job, or that his popularity has risen to new heights, but because the congressional GOP is looking at even worse candidates seeking that title and even they are not crazy enough to consider “Speaker Cantor” as a substitute.

2. The Tea Party as we know will begin to lose its clout. Should we actually find ourselves going over the “fiscal cliff” they will begin to feel the backlash their obstructionism has produced. Watch for those who originally backed this movement to put a lot of sunshine between them and their own ambitions if I read this one correctly.

3. Barack Obama will finally reveal his admiration for Richard Nixon which will put to rest all those rumors referring to him as a DINO thus validating what some of us have suspected all along.

4. Hillary Clinton will write another book thus paving the way for her run in 2016.

5. Chris Christie will either go on a serious diet or undergo lapband surgery in preparation for his announcement to do the same.

6. Climate change will continue to wreak havoc across the globe showing us that it may be too late to correct our past indifference to the warnings that went unabated.

7. The effort to ban assault weapons will eventually subside – as it always does – until the next tragedy when lip service will be paid but will eventually subside until the next tragedy.

8. Scott Brown will announce his intentions to run again for the Senate.  He may very well win.

9. Michele Bachmann will announce her plans to run for the Senate.  No, she hasn’t gone away.

10. The Kardashians will continue to make millions based on nothing more than having their pictures taken.  Talent not a requirement.

11. Donald Trump will never STFU as long as Fox News allows him a forum to spew his crapola.

12. In the meantime, Fox will drop Sarah Palin from its lineup in hopes of raising its IQ with other “deep thinkers” like Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter.

13. The Supreme Court will rule against same sex marriage. I can feel this one in my bones.

14. The Boston Red Sox will have a better season but I’m not holding my breath.

15.  Lindsay Lohan will face arrest for something.

My prediction is that very little will change in 2013. It will stand as a replay of the past 4 years where politics trumps the common good with each side vying to maintain power at the expense of the rest of us.

For the most part we will have to wait until the midterm elections in 2014 to see any change so for now it may be best to just sit back and prepare for a repeat of all we have come to despise when the word “leadership” is tossed out there like a chew toy.

The same old playbook sung to the strains of “Auld Lang Syne”.

Bottoms up!


about-300x300I am convinced that even today we still have no idea who we are as a people.

The US Supreme Court has finally considered that marriage between same sex couples is not such a bad thing.  At least we can take some pride in that decision

With the exception of Antonin Scalia but that was to be expected.

However, in the state of Texas the legislature is busy undoing any attempt to equalize the rights of women to make their own decisions within the private confines of a physician’s office.

Then we have some further restrictions on Voters Rights which is perhaps the one thing all citizens have in common. So here we are, after numerous wars fought for the sake of freedom, where human sacrifice has earned medals for bravery on the battle field, and where equality itself goes unquestioned, we are still fighting “wars” in the year 2013.

Who are we then? We appear to have been overtaken by some pretty stupid people who would rather pay lip service to symbols through flag waving and chants before we fully embrace what the US Constitution guarantees. You know, like equality under the law. For all, not some.

The gay community has had to fight to the finish in order to get their rights recognized. Women, who once thought they had won the battle, are struggling in “daily do overs” to ensure their place in society. Voters, particularly those in minority communities, are tasked with “proving” their eligibility regardless of how long they have been casting their ballots in carrying out their community duty.

We no longer care about the poor. Let them starve or perish from lack of medical attention.

The military we send so haphazardly into battle are thrown under the bus alongside those seniors who find themselves living their twilight days in nursing homes.

We are in the grip of lawmakers who fail to understand the benefit of education. Who refuse to accept that perhaps we are suffering from the effects of climate change where whole sections of the country suffers from violent storms, drought, and uncontrolled fires never before seen as often and as destructive in the last 20 years.

Idiot thinking that would place restrictions on stem cell research for some outlandish religious convictions stand in the way of progress that would benefit mankind.

Rape is ridiculed by lawmakers sent to congress to protect us. Gun control has dropped from the national dialogue because many of these politicians receive donations from the manufacturers of these weapons of mass destruction as most of the citizens fear leaving their homes.

Kids going to school in some communities do so by dodging the bullets that keep flying as “turf” wars heat up conducted by morons.

We don’t even want to finance the results of natural disasters. We don’t seem to be too concerned that our infrastructure is falling apart. Too expensive say some of these beauties who dismiss commerce as easily as they do global warming.

We tell ourselves “we care”. But do we really? It doesn’t really feel that way any longer.

It seems to me that we have come to a crossroad where the dumbest people eschewing the dumbest thinking uttering the dumbest speeches have overridden what this nation has created through its blood, sweat, and tears.

How does one reason with a jerk? How does one find common ground with an empty headed dimwit? How do we attain progress when dealing with assholes devoid of commonsense, judgment and vision?

Can’t be done. We have become almost unrecognizable as a nation that once was considered a “beacon of liberty”.

If tossing your fellow man into the streets to fend for himself is now “the law of the land” we have tossed aside the moral compass that was once the United States and have instead become a nation that does not care.

I don’t know who we are anymore. And I don’t like it.

hernandezx-largeI’ve always maintained that it is a “good thing” to be a cleric, politician, celebrity or a sports figure. You are almost guaranteed to get away with anything.

Take the current murder ongoing investigation in North Attleboro, MA that has ties to a New England Patriot that is replete with lies, possibly sex, and videotapes.

Aaron Hernandez has been questioned in connection to the death of a “friend” whose body was found in a car ½ mile from the his home in North Attleboro, MA. What led the police to Hernandez was finding that the SUV was one of 3 leased vehicles in his name. Not one, but three.

During the investigation so far, law enforcement found that security tapes surrounding the Hernandez home had been destroyed. Word is that Mr. Hernadez had also done the same to the computer(s) hard drive as well. The question would be “why” this elimination of evidence was necessary.

Commonsense would suggest that someone had something to hide.

Aaron Hernandez was signed to the NE Patriots last year with a salary of $40,000,000. However, prior to that signing, Mr. Hernandez was also credited with taking part in some serious “pranks” during his college career. This was followed recently by him having been accused of shooting out the eye of a guy who was considered a suspected drug dealer who first filed a complaint but then withdrew.  Fourty million dollars can buy a lot of silence.

However in the wake of a possible homicide taking place in MA, these charges have been reinstated. Apparently, as with many overly celebrated athletes, Mr. Hernandez is often accompanied by an entourage and a gun. What could go wrong?

Aaron Hernandez is 23 years of age. He seemed to be enjoying a long future in football due to his athletic ability to bring home a “win” to the francise. That 40 million says it all.

So far the events of the murder have been kept under wraps. Mr. Hernandez’s home has been searched at least twice. Missing from the murder scene is the outside driver’s mirror which seemed to have become detached from the nurder vehicle as some time during the evening when both the victim and Hernandez were seen together in a Boston nightclub.  This could play a key role in the murder itself but so far it has yet to be found.

But here is the question: why was he allowed to continue to play football when he had be charged with attempted murder in February where the victim, a known drug dealer, lost an eye from being shot in the face? How did those charges end up being dropped? Where was the management of the Boston Patriots who would have sent this volatile young man out onto the field carrying a 40 million dollar contract which translated to bad behavior even then?

The investigation into this murder is murky with details. The manner of homicide has been withheld. The suggestion is that an arrest warrant against Mr. Hernandez is forthcoming. The charge is “obstruction of justice”. This is all we know except for “hints” that a woman may have been the catalyst that led to the murder itself.

Again, another “prized” athlete is being cosseted by law enforcement, his team, and possible witnesses due in large part to his “celebrity” on the field. The destruction of vital evidence leads one to believe that a cover-up is now in place.

But the silence so far, which would not necessarily be accorded to anyone other than a well known sports figure, is leading to all sorts of speculation. Some people are offered more leeway due in large measure to the role they play in society.

The Pats may have Tim Tebow “praying” for victory but they are also stuck with Aaron Hernandez representing the other side of the coin. After all, he got away with shooting someone in the face which caused the loss of an eye  that was originally thrown out by the court.  It is also indicative of a pattern of behavior.

Get away with it once and it becomes a habit and an entitlement since “I am a star!” overrules justice.

We shall see soon enough if my cynical approach will prove to be true.

For the record: the victim’s name was Odin Lloyd.  I mention this now because history dictates his name will fade into history while all eyes will he on Aaron Hernandez from this point foward.

Seal_of_the_United_States_Congress.svgA recent poll declared that congress is “enjoying” a 10% approval rating. That figure seems pretty high to me considering that this body of lawmakers has pretty much done nothing over the last few years on behalf of the public they have been elected to serve.

These people have essentially sat on their collective butts, ignoring their own constituents in favor of party affiliation. As the public looks to congress for a measure of fairness, the congress has looked to their donor base to form their decisions.

As “Citizens United” becomes part and parcel of the elective process the smell of money has superceded the will of the electorate. One need look no further than the recent vote on gun control to validate this theory when it was shown that most of those who voted against had received donations from the gun lobby itself. While 70% of the nation approved the measures offered up in this bill, the Senate was unable to reach the 60% majority that would have made it possible to place restrictions that called for background checks.

Not sure who makes up the 10% that “approves” of the way democracy is played out in DC. But it does appear that these people are not paying attention.

Any business that suffers from an approval rating of 10% would be closing its doors. The same goes for an employee whose annual review was no higher. But we seem to continually re-elect the same candidates whose job approval ranks this low then whine when nothing ever seems to get done.

Commonsense dictates that we would fire the guy who mows our lawn if he merely mowed 10%. We would avoid the stores that only stocked 10% of their shelves. Or the dentist who only cleaned 10% of our teeth. But when it comes to our elected officials we seem to be unable to rid ourselves of those who not only refuse to do the job they were elected to do but find excuses to send them back for another round.

The congressional calendar suggests that for all intents and purposes, democracy itself is dying a slow death. We are at the mercy of special interests and a nasty political power play that has nothing to do with the will of the people but the wants and needs of those who can afford to “pay to play”.

The sad fact is that nobody gives a rat’s ass and the few that do are buried somewhere within the halls of that once proud institution that hardly exists.

It is up to the 90% who recognize that this form of leadership is getting us nowhere but I have my doubts that anything significant will change in the next 20 years.

All the money in the world cannot buy “approval” but it sure is a guarantee that you get what you pay for when the bill comes due.

Privacy-logoWith the overwhelming support in the passage of the Patriot Act, approved without much “pushback” from either party at that time, I am not sure why now we are screaming “bloody murder” over our loss of privacy. As far as I am concerned, there no longer seems to be any such thing.

Has anyone checked out Facebook lately? Want a glimpse into someone else’s personal life than look no further than this social network where people include vacation plans, medical information, marital woes, sexual preferences, child rearing problems, financial difficulties, and various other issues posted online for the benefit of any friend/foe to digest and comment upon.

Visit most blogging sites and you will find an array of people offering personal information about themselves to an unseen audience most of whom they wouldn’t know if they fell over them ten times a day.

I find that within minutes of perusing Amazon online I am then inundated with messages pointing me to books “similar” to those I may have purchased in the past. Like someone at Amazon is paid to “lurk” each time I visit that site advising me to consider something I may have missed when browsing.

“Twitter” offers another way to offer thousands of “followers” insight into our every move by reducing the information to a mere 140 characters. “Walking my dog in the park on this beautiful day!” is typical in that vital piece of information that the sender felt obligated to “share”.

There is an “entertainment” market out there for those who feel the need to bear their souls to the public with revelations of sexual abuse, drug dependence,and criminal behavior. Publishers offer huge contracts to those willing to expose the darkest areas of their lives for public consumption and “cheers” to those who manage to find themselves being interviewed by Oprah or Barbara Walters replete with tears and redemption. No stone is left unturned in a search for sales and ratings.

Nothing is considered “private” any longer. Someone out there knows my food preferences, voting choices, income level, medical history, pet ownership, literary tastes, religious affiliation, and age level.

Whenever I “log on” I am fully aware that I am awakening someone out there in cyberspace who will more than likely “follow” my every move while I remain plugged in. Messages will pop up during the time I am “online” alerting me to that fact.

So why should I feel surprised or outraged over the latest “scandal” that Big Brother is watching?  I’m not. We allowed this to happen when this proposal was included in the first round of the Patriot Act and nothing since has ever dispelled the notion that someone is “listening and watching”.

With the rise of the Internet and a boost in instant technology we have lost all sense of shame or commonsense when it comes to revealing aspects of ourselves that perhaps should remain private. But to decry the loss of that privacy now seems rather absurd when it is us and our need to “communicate” that offers more information about ourselves than whatever is gleaned from the professional “listeners” who pry into our personal lives and habits.

The fact is that you cannot have one without the other. There is no turning back from this practice and the genie will never return to the bottle.

But keep in mind that the next time you choose to include personal information flowing from your own computer you may have tossed aside your ability to feel any sense of outrage concerning the lack of privacy from your own government.

You can’t have it both ways.

michele_bachmannShe’s calling it quits. Wants to spend more time with her family. Feels she can make more of a “contribution” from the sidelines than as an elected official. Blah, blah, blah.

Michele Bachmann is not running for office in 2014. Only two weeks after raising funds for her next campaign, Michele announced that she will not be a congressional candidate in next year’s midterm elections. Be still my beating heart!

After years of listening to her drivel where “facts” were never an issue, she is hanging up her crown as “Tea Party Princess” under a cloud of suspicion for the mishandling of funds during her bid for the presidency. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I’m not sure what I will miss the most about Ms. Bachmann. Her paranoid assertions or her “loosey goosey” declarations of the facts. This is a woman whose acquaintance with history is minimal at best and her hatred of Obama far outweighed whatever else she had to offer when it came to public policy.

She essentially was “anti” everything. Gays, science, women’s rights, immigration, government, healthcare, you name it.

But one cannot overlook the fact that Michele was “colorful”. Instrumental in leading the Tea Party proponents to a greater visibility in the last few years, she never missed an opportunity to “stick it to Obama” whenever a microphone was shoved in her face.

Always good for a “giggle” she will be missed. However, she has left an imprint of her legacy. There are still enough Tea Party stalwarts who think along the same lines as Michele who hate government enough to bring the nation to its knees.

Ignorance is the crutch we bear with these elected officials who determine the future of the country by rejecting every means of progress presented in going forward.

But make not mistake: as Michele’s exits from the national arena there are still plenty more just like her more than willing to take up the mantle of stupidity when it comes to governance and misstatements.

Throwing it out there and hoping some of its sticks is her true legacy in the end.

Good bye, Michele, and watch out for that door!

shutterstock_43188916My “faux outrage” meter is running out of gas.

You might say it is a waste of time trying to keep up with all the “outrage” that is supposed to rile up the senses surrounding anything that is coming out of DC these days.   Take your pick.

We hardly live in the present.   Just about everything that is going on today is actually focused on the next presidential election three years out.    The Right is gunning for Hillary and she has yet to announce.

Bridges are collapsing.  The “sequestration” is now weaving its way across the nation thus effecting the population as a whole in the name of “austerity”.   Gun control has all but disappeared from the public forum.   Obamacare is being challenged yet again.   Congress is on hiatus until Boehner says otherwise.  And I won’t bother to even mention the topic of women’s rights to self determination.  “Leadership” in this country is a joke.

The Right is dragging forth their possible contenders for 2016.   Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, have become the staple of talk shows laying claim to the possibility of seizing the nomination 3 years out.  This allows the current issues of the day to be set aside in favor of which one of these 3 yahoos has what it takes to attract the future electorate.

For the past 5 years we have had nothing but stalemate.   Nothing ever gets done.   We are forced to live with “politics” rather than with solutions to some very pressing issues and few elected officials seem to care.

The IRS in all its wisdom has managed to resurrect the hopes and aspirations of the Tea Party.   Some of us held the belief that many of these obstructionists would be gone come 2014 when congressional races were up for grabs.   After 4 long years of hearing “no” to every issue put forth on behalf of the electorate we felt the end was near.   Not so fast.

It is becoming more and more difficult to give a damn anymore.   The same old, same old names and faces dominate the discussion, holding out for the ultimate seat of power rather than the public service they were voted to uphold.   A never ending game of “gotcha” that only manages to serve them.  Whoever “they” happen to be at any given moment.

The political landscape has drastically changed and with all due respect I don’t see that disappearing anytime soon.  It’s a game bought and sold with the smell of money and the promises that goes with it.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.  This is it.

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