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Buckle Up, Buttercups!

Posted on: December 4, 2022

Whoo boy, we are in for another crazy week. We’ve got the Georgia runoff on Tuesday, in which Georgians get to make the extremely difficult choice to vote for the sane, accomplished incumbent, or the guy who lives in Texas, rambles about werewolves, and thinks he is running for the House of Representatives.

Walker said he hasn’t seen any lack of enthusiasm from voters.

“They’re not [less motivated] because they know right now that the House will be even so they don’t want to understand what is happening right now. You get the House, you get the committees. You get all the committees even, they just stall things within there. So if we keep a check on Joe Biden, we just going to keep a check on him,” Walker said.

The House will be controlled by a narrow Republican majority next year and will not be evenly split between both parties.

I mean…this choice is almost impossible.

As if that were not enough, this weekend Der Drumpfenfuhrer openly called for the “termination” of the Constitution because nobody loves him any more. A deafening silence has issued from the QOP. We can only assume they agree with him because at this point, National Socialism (aka Nazism) is their platform. Just look at how anti-Semitism has been mainstreamed across their leaders. In 2022, we have to deal with wackadoos like Kanye West tweeting a Star of David with a swastika inside and praising Hitler! It’s both incredible and terrifying.

And speaking of Twitter, the platform has quickly degenerated into a place where all the dregs of humanity are now running rampant. Elon is floundering and mainstreaming Russian propaganda through disgraced ex-journalist Matt Taibbi.

My money’s on Elon’s Tesla board pulling him soon, and replacing him with someone who actually has a clue about how to attract advertisers and keep the platform working.

Drumpf’s legal troubles continue to mount. Last week, the 11th Circuit overturned the Special Master ruling in the stolen government documents case. This means Jack Smith, Special Counsel, can access all the documents he stole. Heaven knows what else is going to be discovered! The two cases against the Mango Moron in DC also had some activity last week, and Lindsey Graham was forced to testify in the Georgia election case. My only question now is, who will indict him first?

In Ukraine, the people continue to be resilient beyond any reasonable expectations, as they deal with a lack of power, water and heat.

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian cities Wednesday knocked out power and water service and caused at least six civilian deaths in the latest assault on the country’s struggling energy grid, Ukrainian authorities said.

Also, Ukraine intentionally disconnected three nuclear power plants from the national electricity grid as a precautionary measure in response to the Russian strikes, the energy company Ukrenergo said.

And in neighboring Moldova, which is connected to Ukraine’s power network, more than half the country lost power, Moldovan leaders said.

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, the western city of Lviv and the southern city of Mykolaiv were among multiple areas reporting missile strikes.

At least six people were killed and more than 30 injured around the country, according to the national police.

Buckle up, Shinners – it’s going to be a crazy week!

123 Responses to "Buckle Up, Buttercups!"

Great post MB, and yes…this week is another visit on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Here’s another SNL about Walker.

From the last thread, MB comment:

I totally agree with the state primary rotations and dumping the caucuses. Caucuses are completely undemocratic. I remember when Obama won the Nevada caucus but Hillary won the primary. It was so strange. What did it say about the electorate?

Tell me about it! I remember when Bernie won the WA state caucus but Hillary won the primary. Caucuses are so undemocratic. People who have to work that day, need daycare, are sick, are caregivers, can’t get reasonable transportation, or just don’t want to spend 2+ hrs dealing with stupid and angry Berniebots who deny that he voted against gun control measures umpteen times. *angry face* Fortunately WA state Dems dropped the caucus and went to a primary system as of 2018.

My idea for the primary season: Have primaries in all 50 states at once! Have a series of them, at least 4, spaced thruout the campaign season.

Love the video Shadowfax!

That’s a fascinating idea Luna. I would love to dive into why we have this staggered schedule in the first place.

MB ” I would love to dive into why we have this staggered schedule in the first place.”

I’m curious to know why we are stuck with it too.

“My idea for the primary season: Have primaries in all 50 states at once! Have a series of them, at least 4, spaced thruout the campaign season.”

I wonder about the need to space out the primaries. Some may say it’s to give time for the candidates to introduce themselves and give the public more time to get to know their policies.

Yeah sure, the dinky beginning states get the time they need to dine with the candidates, but what about the rest of us? All we get to know is what the media passes on to us.

I think this applies to everyone.

– Residents of California have an additional 24 months to obtain their REAL IDs, a document that will be necessary to board domestic flights and enter certain federal buildings, after the Department of Homeland Security on Monday extended the enforcement deadline to May 7, 2025.

Thank God!
Not to the government that makes it horrible to women that marry and change their last names.

I say as a woman that was a widow at 25, who’s husband died in India on a trip with his frat brothers and I have no death certificate except a fuzzy photocopy I found on Ancestry and if that wasn’t difficult enough, remarried ten years later and was divorced. House burnt to the ground with an outside electrical fire and lost everything.

Gathering all the documentation for the damn DMV is takes me back to some of the saddest days and is a quest I haven’t been able to endure.

Rant over. Hope it’s easier for the rest of you.
I may just opt to get a current passport and use that instead.

‘defined “woke” to the court as “a belief in systemic injustices in America & a need to address them.’

umm, by that definition, the Dump is “woke” because he believes the Constitution is the source of a systemic injustice against him. (What could be more systemic than the Constitution?)

Aaaanyway… the theory behind having small dinky states go first was that small dinky voices should also be heard. That was before the days of even radio. It’s a noble idea. It just needs actual implementation instead of ritualized corndog inhalation. And the idea behind having primaries spread out was to enable poorer candidates without proxies everywhere to reach the primaries by stagecoach and have time to speechify on stumps locally. Again, good idea to make money a nonfactor. We need actual implementation that works now. (Little voice in my head: “Good luck with that.”)

Good God, Shadow. That’s horrible.

A word about using a passport: I’ve been in that position after times spent overseas and by the time I’m back that’s the only valid ID I have. You wouldn’t believe the number of USians, including in government offices, who don’t really have a clue what a passport is. “No, we need an ID.” “Don’t you have an ID?” “Sorry, our policy says ‘a license.'” “Well, maybe you could bring us a few utility bills with name and address?”

I know you’re sort-of joking, but for the part that’s serious, there can be real downsides!

The current multi-month campaign season allows time for the candidates to visit different parts of the country and make their appeals to voters. It also allows voters time to evaluate the candidates. But the one-state-at-a-time (or few-states-at-a-time) schedule can influence popularity because if a certain candidate does really well the media will focus on that candidate and ignore the candidates with few votes. I think it’s an improvement to have states with populations more representative of the US as a whole go first, or have, say, Iowa the same day as Alabama.

Ooops, posted without reloading the page so I said about the same things other have.

Shadow, that is awful. I think your idea of getting a passport is the way to go for proof of identity when traveling. Which reminds me I need to renew mine.

Shadow, so sorry for your horrible experiences. I have a RealID but it was a big PITA to get. The DMV didn’t communicate the requirements clearly and so I showed up to take my driver’s test, didn’t have the right papers with me, and had to go back to SF to get them and try to take the test after that. I was so stressed that I failed and got into a huge fight with my husband when it was really my fault for listening to his bad ideas 😭.

Dinky. I love that word. 🙂

One could argue that the dinkies have had an outsized voice (not only for presidential nominations but also in the Senate). They don’t just want to be heard, they want to be the loudest.

I see that some Iowans are still bitching. I think they see it as some kind of divine right.

In a way, maybe it should be the larger states that go first. They contribute the most to the country – why shouldn’t they have the most say?

I’ve seen some people say that Georgia should go first instead of SC because it’s a swing state. But you can’t dump on SC voters like that. Not after they just saved the whole freaking country.

All these thoughts are within the parameters of the current system. But yeah, we *should* look at why we do it this way in the first place.

Herschel…no words.


Q, I wasn’t kidding about probably going to get a passport instead of a ‘real id’. You can still get a regular, valid driver’s license without dredging up all the trails of past loves.

Luna, I agree that a Passport is better and I will still have a driver’s license.

In a way, maybe it should be the larger states that go first. They contribute the most to the country – why shouldn’t they have the most say?

Absofrickenlutely. Populist states have more people that need to be heard, not just taken for granted.

That baby tiger was so cute and mama shouldn’t turn her back on this wild one.

Racoons are not the smartest animals in the back woods and neither is Walker.

Then again, compared to Herschel… a racoon is near genius.

@20 – hahaha! So true.

I cannot believe GA could actually elect that guy. I hope sanity will prevail! 🙏🙏🙏

Great post MB. Agree with you about twitter. Its a mess. I don’t see the people I always talked to before.
Baby tiger is adorable.

Shadow, so sorry about what you went through with husbands. Hubs, son, & I all have passports and CA Real ID’s. I forget why we bothered to get the Real ID’s and if it was a hassle or not. You really have to fill out that much personal info?

I would love it if the bigger states got a turn to go first. The biggest issue to me is the electoral college. What a bullshit way to elect a leader for a huge country like ours.

Baby tiger – Sooooo cute!! And funny. That gave me a great laugh.

Georgia on my mind today… You’re right @20, Shadow! hahaha. Yes, MB. Please let sanity prevail.

You’re absolutely right about the electoral college, socal. Total bullshit.

If Republicans do split and become two parties, how would a three party system affect the Senate and the EC? What if the far left decides to split off and have their own Party and we have a four party system?

How did we get stuck with the EC system anyhow? I have the impression that in the early days the states thought of themselves and acted as if they were nearly separate countries. Where’s a historian when you want one?

There have been several states — maybe up to a dozen now? — who have legislation that they’ll give their electoral votes to whomever wins the popular vote. IIRC that doesn’t kick in until a certain number of other states also pass that legislation. The red states probably never will.

@24, The bratty wing of the left will doubtless have another Nader or Bernie to spoil what could be a Democratic win.

Electoral College. (No, I’m not a historian, but I’ve spent time worrying this stuff. I actually wrote a book on government) 😆 ). In the early days of democracy, ie the ancient Greeks, they were pretty clear that simple majority rule was just another form of dictatorship. If it wasn’t, there’d be no point to gerrymandering: engineering a majority to drown out minorities. Plus, since 90% of their population were either women and/or slaves, they wanted to be sure the “wrong” people didn’t crash the party. That would be mob rule, which would be Bad.

The Founding Dads entirely agreed. It was taken for granted in the early days that it would be the end of all things to have the wrong people voting. The electoral college was supposed to be a layer of wise old beaks who would then choose the real leader, thus insulating the country from the “mob.”

The whole idea was never reality-based, so it’s worked about as well as people’s fantasies usually do.

Q @28

Founding fathers, all white and male…wanted to make sure men like them would rule and keep the power to run our republic.

Now the ‘wrong’ people are still women, and all minorities.

One black man, inexperienced got in, Obama.

Women, not even brilliant, experienced and honest -Hillary- never has gotten in as President.

Jan 6th Committee is going to make criminal referrals…

I’m thinking of this Georgia election as Warnock vs the dunce vampire-
…and a cancel of Joe Man-chin or not.

Trump Organization convicted in N.Y. criminal tax fraud trial

Former president Donald Trump’s namesake company was convicted Tuesday of tax crimes committed by two of its longtime executives after a Manhattan trial that gave jurors a peek at some of the inner workings of the Trump Organization’s finances.
The real estate, hospitality and golf resort operation headquartered at Trump Tower on Fifth Ave. faces the possibility of a $1.6 million fine.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office also argued at the close of the case that Trump had personal knowledge of the tax cheating carried out by his executives. At one point in his summation, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass pointed to a document that had been initialed by Trump and called it “explicit” proof of his knowing that his executives were tinkering with expenses to reduce their tax liabilities.

@28 Thank you for the explanation, quixote!

@29 Great points, Shadow.

@32 Very happy to see that.

Here we go…

Warnock seems to be in a good position to win…on MSNBC they are saying he may over perform compared to November. The big blue counties have not come in.

Sounds like the QOP thinks It’s all over for Walker!!! He’s not doing well enough in the red counties to overcome the Atlanta area.

GAGal, well done!! What a wonderful result!!

Luna @37 – I don’t blame them one bit. Good for them.

Also love the owl and the great news about the Trump Org!!


Warnock wins!! Buh bye werewolf man!!

I’m so relieved.

51 votes baybee!

CNN just predicted that Warnock is going to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go GAgal and Georgia.

Good won over vampire idiot and Man-chin’s power is OVER!!!!!

I’m so glad we didn’t have to wait all night or longer, that we can be happy today.

Yes, Stacy Abrams did a lot to make this happen. She needs to run for Congress.

The 2nd happiest man in the country tonight is Chuck Schumer!! 51 votes and the Democrats control the committees. Maybe a bit of leverage on Manchinema as well!!

Shadowfax – would so love to see Stacey Abrams as a Congresswoman!!

I’m limp with relief that it ended well, but jeeeeebus I am sooooo done with all these exhausting cliffhangers.

You got 51 votes, Senate. Get voting rights sorted out!

Warnock wins! Damn it, shouldn’t have been so close.

And yes, Stacy Abrahms should run for a House seat.

Quixote, amen!

Thank you, Georgia!!! You did it!! ***fireworks***

I agree, GAgal. Very much a relief. Phew!

This speech by Warnock is fantastic. He’s talking a lot about voter suppression. I hope they can get to work and get some voting rights passed.

He’s also bringing up Ossoff and how historic his election was as well. Lots of mentions of Jews and Black Americans working together for civil rights..That is the true history, not what the ignoramuses on th lunatic fringe say.

I’m with all of you. I had to stop watching the election for awhile when the werewolf pulled ahead, my blood pressure when up and I couldn’t stand the ups and downs, I tuned in again when Amy Klobuchar was on CNN and shortly there after, they announced the win.

I almost couldn’t believe my ears…I was just as happy for the win as I was that this drama didn’t continue all through the night.

Maybe Georgia should have the first primary so the win by 50%+1 doesn’t drag us down the rabbit hole for so long. We don’t need all that stress.

“You got 51 votes, Senate. Get voting rights sorted out!”

Absolutely, Q!!!!

Shadow @55, yeah that was scary.

GAgal, so happy for you and your state! And all of us!

@58 ME!! I want that job. Oh man, that was cute.

@53 Loved Warnock’s speech. That dude is deep. I appreciated the shout-out to us nonreligious folks. It helps me appreciate religious folks in return. (a little bit) I like Warnock because he’s a moral man, not because he’s a religious man. But, different strokes…

Annie, That panda is so cute. Reminds me of some kids in the supermarket that want their mom to buy them candy.

I would pay to watch you have that job PJ 🙂

I’m shocked that kitty doesn’t try to bite the bird. So cute.

Yeah Shadow – I probably wouldn’t be able to keep that job for long. I’m guessing they expect you to actually get some work done.

I just realized after watching it for the umpteenth time – that guy has on Ron DeSantis white boots!

@61 I saw in the replies that someone posted the video with what they were saying. Hahahaha.

PJ @63, ooh, I gotta check that out!

Yes please, let me have the job where the panda won’t stop hugging me. I will pay you one meeeellion dollars! (Puts pinky to mouth)

The cat and bird are hilarious. I love the muttering the cat does at the end.

I agree about Warnock. I am not religious, but when he speaks about God I hear something very powerful that I can relate to. No wonder he is the reverend at Ebenezer Baptist Church. That’s probably one of the most coveted congregations of the faith.

Oh noes! Hand-wringing! LOL.

Walker’s loss in Ga. spurs new GOP hand-wringing, calls for new strategy

The recriminations were swift as Republicans began the autopsy of Walker’s race on Wednesday, sparring over who and what cost them the seat. Many blamed Trump for urging Walker, a former football star with no political experience and slew of allegations about his personal life to run for the Senate against Democratic Sen. Raphael G. Warnock, betting on his celebrity in a high-stakes midterm election in which Republicans needed to net just one seat to take the majority.

Speaking of Ron DeSantis… he’s not bringing his best people.

@66 – I wonder who could possibly be to blame for the QOP being a Nazi Party that the vast majority of Americans rejected?

It’s not a new strategy they need… it’s a totally new, non-Nazi Party!!

@61, They’re trading insults?

Walker’s loss in Ga. spurs new GOP hand-wringing.


Good, we have been hand wringing since 2008 and freakin’ beyond…

I saw where Laura Ingraham is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore! (snort) She’s tired of losing. 😦

@68 Yes, as we learned from Germany, Nazi Parties can’t be fixed. They can’t be reasoned with or rehabilitated. They’re insane. Even losing elections doesn’t seem to faze them anymore (the base that is). Which actually does surprise me since Republicans have always been about nothing but “winning”.

I saw a Jewish guy (possibly a rabbi?) on MSNBC a few days ago and he was so cool (as far as religious guys go). Very relatable for someone like me in the way he talked about things. Anyhow, he was pointing out that antisemitism is not only immoral, abhorrent, sick, etc (my description of it, not his), but it’s also not smart. He gave a list of empires (including Germany) that have brought about their own destruction by attacking and persecuting Jews. It’s disgusting AND dumb.

That panda! 🙂

US-Russia prisoner swap: Britteny Griner is free, on a plane headed back to the US.

@74 Beata. Thank God for that! I’ve been worried for her ever since she wasn’t traded out in a few months, in the usual Soviet way. I thought Putin might be hanging on to her as a bargaining chip for when he needed safe passage to Switzerland or some damn thing.

That is so good to hear!

Re the panda cub: that is one of my absolute top most favorite video clips of all time. I’ve watched it umpteen times and every time I’m laughing out loud again.

Beata @74
Great to see you and hear that she is free!
Also, another thumbs up for Biden.

Beata, good to see you and good news that Griner will be coming home!

Why colds and flu in the winter?

In what researchers are calling a scientific breakthrough, scientists behind a new study may have found the biological reason we get more respiratory illnesses in winter. It turns out the cold air itself damages the immune response occurring in the nose.


In fact, reducing the temperature inside the nose by as little as 9 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) kills nearly 50% of the billions of virus and bacteria-fighting cells in the nostrils, according to the study published Tuesday in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

@72 – PJ, that’s an excellent point. Evil isn’t necessarily smart – it’s just more willing to do stuff normal people won’t do, which sometimes makes it seem more powerful.

@74 – Excellent news, Beata! Great to see you.

@79 – Shadowfax…so actually, all of our moms were right? Cold air really does increase the chance of getting sick?

Never discount womens’ wisdom!

So happy for Brittney and her wife, family and friends! What an ordeal.

I saw Paul Whelan’s brother saying he’s happy for Brittney. Good for him. Of course he’s still agonizing over his brother, but he wasn’t playing into Putin’s wicked game of pitting Americans against each other with this cynical move of releasing one without the other.

The same can’t be said for Marsha Blackburn. She tweets (poops) out, “Joe Biden left a Marine stranded behind enemy lines.” I really wish our Republican morons could stop being Putin’s useful idiots for just one day.

@79 Bundle Up, Buttercups!

What do you call it when a tweet comes out of the wrong end? A toot?

quixote@76, aww, glad you liked it. Glad you all liked it. One thing I’ll miss about twitter, the great wildlife clips.

Beata @74, that’s wonderful news! Glad to see you back!

Shadow @79, That’s really interesting. Maybe we should wear masks with warmers in them, like those things people put in their gloves.

Sinema left the Democratic party and registered as an Independent.

Shadowfax – I was just coming here to say that. I am absolutely livid. She is a total POS.

I don’t see how she wins re-election as an Independent, so she’s probably not running again.

I agree, she is a POS. I think she wants to be just like her dear Bernie, and get some attention.

We could never trust her or Man-chin, but does this now put Dems at 50-49 in the Senate instead of 51-49.
How are Indies counted?

I agree – a total POS. I’d be curious to know what her approval number is with AZ Dems. Maybe that’s partly why the change? She knew she couldn’t win a Dem primary?

I would be so fine if this is the end of her political career. I agree MB, no way she’s winning as an Independent (if she does in fact run).

Depends if they “caucus with” the Dems. Sinema, true to form, wouldn’t say. But she did say she’s going to keep her committee positions. (Trust Sinema to always aim for the max bribe money.) I don’t think she can do that without caucusing with Dems.

Not sure how it affects whether Dems get to keep majorities on committees. I think they do?

Shadow, I think she’s going to caucus with the Dems so it’s still 51-49. As of today. I suppose that could change tomorrow.

Yeah quixote – she’s always aiming for max bribe money. We’ll see what Mitch is willing to pay her.

Yes, agree with Quixote and PJ. We have Angus King and Bernoid who caucus with Dems – otherwise we would only have 49 instead of 51.

I was hoping against hope that some of her performative trolling BS would be curtailed by a 51-seat majority. But no, she is still going to be a total thorn in everyone’s side.

We have real things we need to get done that we can’t do without a filibuster carveout, like reproductive rights and voting rights and making sure state legislatures don’t have total control over national elections. Without the Dem Party able to put pressure on her she is just going to do her own thing and stand completely firm.

I’m sure Chuck Schumer is having talks with pseudo-moderates in the GOP and asking them if they would prefer to have a bit more power for the next two years. Just one or two flips to Independent would make things very interesting.

I could definitely see Lisa Murkowski coming over to the Independent side. Not sure of anyone else who might be persuaded. Most of them are useless and wingnutty.

Yup, she is gong to use her vote to bribe Dems for more power.

Alex Wagner was explaining that the numbers do indeed show she would lose in the Dem primary to Ruben Gallegos. She would lose big. So typical for her – she’s threatening the Democrats. She’s trying to force the DNC to support her independent run or she will split the Dem vote and a Republican wins. She’s crowning herself to be the candidate that runs against the Republican.

I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work out. The Republican primary voters in AZ are VERY magat-y. They will nominate a nut. Ruben Gallegos is solid and will get the Dem vote. The only vote splitting Sinema is going to do is splitting Republicans – moderates will vote for her. And maybe some Republican leaning Independents.

@93 – interesting. I guess we’ll see where we are in six months. She isn’t in a real res state like West Virginia, and she actually won as a progressive Democrat. So it’s not as though Democratic voters and swing voters are itching for a conservative Dem in AZ. The only way for her to win is to claim the Dems will lose a seat if they primary her.

Speaking of that won, here’s some rea from her former opponent in AZ.

@94 A very good read.

It also seems more than a tad underhanded to run as belonging to one party and then once in office change to another party.

I agree she’s probably doing this with an eye to re-election tactics.

Some Arizona Democrats on Friday accused the senator of making the switch for political reasons, to avoid a near-certain Democratic primary challenge in 2024 if she decides to run as an independent in that race. (Sinema has not announced her plans for 2024.)
… concern that Sinema would serve as a “spoiler” if she runs as an independent in 2024, boosting a Republican candidate. Sinema is a formidable fundraiser and could draw more Democratic-leaning voters than Republicans in a three-way race.
… 34 percent of [AZ] registered voters aren’t affiliated with a party.

She sounds like Trump to me. Formidable fundraiser, threats to be a spoiler, immature, attention seeking, performative, no core beliefs/able to jump from left to right easily, cares about nothing but herself. And ruthless if you believe David @94 and I do. As others have pointed out – classic NPD. She really would be a much better fit for the GQP.

I think hee fundraising talents would be challenged for 2024 against an actual Democrat who doesn’t sh*t on the Party while they’re celebrating a near impossible majority (historically speaking) in a mid term year. Unless there are a ton of big donors willing to give her money to run as a spoiler….but why wouldn’t they just give the money to the actual Republican?

The DNC and the D label are what she drew on for fundraising. How will she be formidable without that?

Some info on Sinema’s ratings. Looking pretty poor.

mb @98, I’m sure her fundraising from Dems or any normals is down through the floor. But she’s been doing a good job toadying to hedge funds and other Big Money, so it might be bigger than you would expect.

@99 MsMass, interesting how even the Repubs think she’s bunk.

@99 Wow. She really is toast.

On the viral front, some good news and some bad news:

The epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina spared no words this week in noting that the United States is awash in viruses, with covid-19, RSV and influenza all rising together. “I’m running out of adjectives to describe it,” she said. “Unprecedented. Worrisome. A pain. Exhausting.”

Current [influenza] vaccines are built to immunize against only four strains. Now, Scott Hensley of the University of Pennsylvania and colleagues have reported a positive development. Using the mRNA technology that proved so successful in the covid pandemic, they have developed an experimental flu vaccine that, in tests on mice and ferrets, appears to fight the entire family of influenza viruses. This could transform the way we combat influenza, both seasonal and pandemic.

Meanwhile, the covid pandemic is not yet over. After the Thanksgiving holiday brought people together indoors, covid hospitalizations among those 70 years and older have jumped 28 percent, a sign of a potential new wave….Uptake of the bivalent booster is only 32.6 percent of the eligible population over 65 years old, and a disastrously low 12.7 percent of those 5 years and older, according to the CDC.

GOP being clueless: ZOMG, why is the Republican party toxic? Why oh why?

A GOP consultant told a crowd in Tacoma [WA] at a political panel this past week that his party, after no red wave was spotted anywhere on the horizon, is at a crucial pivot point.

The party ran some of its stronger candidates in recent memory, at least in the down-ballot, state legislative races. It made no difference. The thumping has party leaders finally doing some public soul-searching about the reasons for their toxic brand.

Yes indeed, your vote counts.

Scary, you can hear the guns or bombs going off in the background.

Quixote – my question is, between Sinema and an actual Republican, why would the hedge fund donors pick her? I view them as hoping for tax cuts and deregulation, so I’d expect them to go QOP. I guess we’ll see!

Luna, that is incredible about the 1 vote margin! Wow. And the Ukraine video as well.

OK, we need something light-hearted!

Have to click on the lower tweet to see the beeeeyoutiful blue feet on that bird too.

How to such cute birds get blue shoes? They like like cartoon birds.

Typo alert…sorry. Trying to prepare dinner and type.

Also time for a nice pic of HRC.

Love the birds with blue feet and the gorgeous pic of Our Gril!

Sorry no new post today – it’s my 26th anniversary this weekend and am spending lots of time with hubby.

Love that photo of Hillary.

Happy anniversary MB and Mr. MB!

Happy anniversary MB!

Luna @108, I love that guys tweets!

Happy Anniversary to the MB’s! Hope you had a lovely time together.

This was interesting in its own way, I don’t know what they were saying in Spanish but I think I got the gist of it.

@118, AGP & grooming? Cosmetics = female?

Sure, wear makeup if s/he wants to. Doesn’t change sex. When a man wears it he’s expanding the presentation of manhood; well and good! We should accept that!

Although personally I don’t think a face plastered and painted to that extent is attractive, male or female, but of course that’s IMO only. Interesting that the women in that video weren’t wearing obvious makeup.


I thought the the ad encouraged acceptance of people’s differences. It was actually pretty touching.
The desire for make up, now I find that fairly bizarre in women and more so for men. Why you would want to look like that is beyond me. But I guess, to each their own.

Thanks, everyone, for the anniversary wishes! I’ll put up a new post tonight.

Very likely, this topic will be covered!

“Marshall Law” (eyeroll)

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December 2022

Not done yet with you

Friggin Lizard people

You go gurl! h/t Adam Joseph

“The” Book

Only the *best* politicans bought by the NRA

Marching for their lives

Need Reminders?

IOW Dumb = Happy?

Dems are coming for ya

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