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Two. More. Days…and Counting?

Posted on: November 6, 2022

Good morning, Shinners! Two days till November 8th. I think we’re all feeling a variety of emotions: anxious, scared, excited, sad, depressed, determined, hopeful and angry; sometimes, all at once, and with different nuances across that spectrum.

Personally, I’m sad and angry that no matter what, there are people who will always vote QOP. We’ve seen, both in Kansas and the five House special elections in 2022, that there are Republican voters who have changed their minds due to Dobbs. However, there is a base, whom Hillary called “deplorables,” who will embrace any craziness they push forward enthusiastically. In fact, the Mango Moron showed decisively that this base is intensely energized by hatred and self-perceived victimhood. He has pushed the Overton window so far towards fascism with that toxic blend, that today’s true believers are indistinguishable from Nazis in the 1930s.

But I’m also determined. The conclusion I’ve drawn from this is that I need to do more to keep pushing these hatemongering, venal, destructive crazoids back from attaining power. And since there is nothing we can do to persuade the cult members that Nazis are bad, it needs to be a constant fight.

A friend of mine is a huge inspiration to me. He’s doing his second run for a local council seat in New Jersey, in a very red district, and I think he has a very good chance this time. It’s a small town in a small state, but it’s important. Every single state office is important. If he and his running mates win their slate, they will do their damndest to stop the corruption and treachery of the MAGA group that’s currently in power. In fact, they could even stop a mega-warehouse from being built, that will irreparably damage a fragile aquifer under the building site – not to mention dirty the air and cause unmanageable traffic on their tiny roads.

While I’m not running for office (yet), I’m finding my activist rhythm again. As you all know, I used to do a lot of protest marching, but tapered off during COVID. Now, I’ve joined local activists to help get out the vote and elect Democrats in swing state districts. I’ve done phone banking over the last two weekends, and it’s been good to feel I’m doing something to help. And, I’m going to do more.

The only thing I think I feel comfortable saying about Tuesday at this point, is that we’re in for a bumpy ride even if we keep both the House and Senate. Why do I say this? Two things: one, due to the preponderance of mail-in voting and different procedures in different states for counting early votes, we may not even receive all the ballots for seven days. This is especially important in California, where there are so many voters who use mail, and several competitive races could either keep the House in Democratic hands, or swing it to the QOP. Once again, like in 2020, we may see a “red mirage” that will dissipate after votes are counted. But the second thing is more nefarious: the QOP’s plan is not to accept defeat, no matter what, and they will use that “red mirage” to claim victory and attempt to stop the vote count. In addition, while a lot of Drumpf’s foot soldiers in the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys have been taken off the board by the DOJ, there are more out there, ready to back up the bullsh*t election fraud claims of the MAGA loons with violence.

Did I mention anxiety? I’m sure I did.

But here’s the thing…my other feeling is hope. The early voting numbers are astonishingly positive for Democrats, and young voters are finally turning out. Here’s the latest from Simon Rosenberg – please read the whole thread, as there’s a great graphic about the median age of voters dropping precipitously over the last few days:

The alleged red wave has not arrived. Far, far from it.

I know all of us voted or will vote on Tuesday. No matter how things go, even if we keep both the House and Senate, we must stay determined. We can’t let our feet off the gas pedals. This is America, not Nazi Germany, and we won’t let the fascists win!

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In the post-IQ45 world, I quote Bill Kristol. Yup.

Cute critter break…

Whatever it takes, #2, I’ll take it. Spent some time yesterday watching videos of young people standing in line for early voting in Texas. Seemed like enthusiasm to me, I’m hoping for the best.

Great post, MB! I love the kitteh poster. 🙂 Great SNL skit too.

@2 That’s funny! Bill Kristol has been great since the rise of Dump. Credit due…

@3 Adorable!

@4 You and me both MsMass.

The waiting has been hard. I appreciate the reminder that the wait could be a lot longer past Nov 8. I won’t be quite as frustrated if I’m anticipating it.

Great post MB, and love Baby Hippo! Well here we go, tomorrow is the big day. I hope Bill K is right about us winning.

Twitter is strange. I’m going to check out a couple of the other sites. When I logged on today, a few celebs had changed their screen names to “Elon Musk” and made silly comments. He banned at least some, if not all of them. He also laid off 3/4 of the staff, some are saying, and the site is not functioning well. Can you even remotely imagine wasting $44B on a website? And then not caring if you destroy it or not?

Here are my favorite Dogs of Twitter, Bilbo & Gimli. They are brothers (from different fathers) & live in Bavaria:

Oops, sorry, didn’t know that other thing would be attached.

Thanks, Ms. Mass, PJ and Annie! Really cute dogs, Annie.

As of today, Twitter is supposed to launch their unverified blue check program. After 10 days! Without most of the QC staff! I read that Twitter has started begging for some of the fired workers to come back .I hope they don’t and Elon crashes the platform, losing his money and Tesla too.

These mediocre white men have risen to the top by grift and self-promotion. Eventually, the bill comes due. Zuckerberg is seeing the same thing happen to Meta and Facebook, and Drumpf too.

Yup. I got sort of a kick out of Liz Truss because she finally seemed to be a marker that we’d achieved mediocre women rising to the top.

But watching Muskmelon operate, lordy, I dunno. That’s Olympic level. She was just junior league, after all. Took her about a month to trash the UK economy, and after 12 years of Tories it was very wobbly already. Muskrat took a somewhat functioning company performing some useful functions and turned it into a ruin in, what?, four? days.

Sorry, I’m staying MIA until sometime tomorrow. My blood pressure has be too high to deal with all the election news and my older sisters serious problems.

Good news is I put a down payment on an Australian Labradoodle puppy, who hopefully will be born and ready to take home next April. I have been searching for my puppy for a long time and am really excited the new mother will have enough beautiful puppies that I will get one in April. A lot of things could go wrong and I might have to wait a little longer for my pup.

The news and family drama/problems has forced me to find things that that bring me calm for these crazy days. I am really worried about this election and need to hide for another day.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hugs to all.

Oops, “…has *been too high…”

Take care of yourself, Shadow. Big hugs and hope your sister feels better soon. Also, excited about the pup!

Quixote, you’re so right about Liz Truss. She was the epitome of mediocrity. All she did was follow the QOP playbook to a T. She had no idea what she was doing.

Some more hope from Simon Rosenberg. Dems continue to crush it on early voting.

Thank the Goddess for this. I was wondering why they were bothering to warn us if they weren’t going to do something to help out.

Thank you MB.
Both my sisters are in their 80ies and are having serious problems.
Here’s another description of today that has a certain resonance with me.

I’m feeling very good about our chances today, even though I’ve been awake since 3am and have a monster headache. And, no, I’m not drinking or taking any drugs! (I don’t drink and the only pain medication I ever take is regular Tylenol.)

Shadow, I am very sorry to hear about your sisters. I hope they are feeling better soon.

Take it easy and check in if you can.

Well, this here is it. About a month from now we may even know the results, after the Magats messing about. Wishing us all good luck!

I am wishing us all good luck as well.

Everyone seems to have given up on Florida. I think Republicans think – and they could be right – that if you control the dick, you control the whole country. Tiffany Cross was *cancelled* for pointing out that Florida looks like a dick. I’m sorry, but it does. If it looked more like the Washington monument and less like Putin’s flaccid tank (h/t DYB), she would have gotten a promotion for saying that.

Anyway, I haven’t given up on it. I want Val Demings in the Senate very, very, very much.

We shouldn’t give up on any state or candidate, I think! Agree with everyone – I’m feeling like the South and Midwest are going to shock us today. Turnout is crazy high in Wisconsin and GA, for example.

Dobbs was a huge error on the QOP side. Women in the Midwest and South are now suffering under horribly restrictive abortion bans. They gravely miscalculated how women would respond.

I haven’t given up on Val Demings or Cheri Beasley. They are both strong candidates.

From Indiana: A middle-aged Republican father of five daughters, who lives in the suburbs of Indianapolis, switched his vote to Democratic this morning. He said he wants his daughters to have control over their own bodies.

Election day voting has been high in my predominantly Democratic county. It has also been high in the wealthy northern suburban county outside Indianapolis, where the man I mentioned above is from. Voters in that county report concerns about abortion rights and rightwing crazies who are trying to take over the school boards. The polls here close at 6pm.

I am a big fan of Cheri Beasley too – and she’s running against such an ass! Typical white male entitled douchebag. Gawd he makes me sick. (I do not consider socal’s dudes or MB’s hubby or DYB, etc., “typical”. Not typical for the types of white guys I’m used to anyway. Hope that’s always understood – I’m not talking about them).

Great point, MB! I think you’re right.

Great story, Beata. That’s really good to hear. I hope there are more fathers like him.

Looks like Indiana is indeed going to be first out of the gate.

It appears to be a Red Tsunami here. I may have to check out early and listen to cat purring videos on You Tube.

NC: Beasley is leading Budd, 54% to 44%, with 45% of vote in. Go, Cheri!!!

OH: Ryan ahead of Vance

No matter what happens tonight (or tomorrow) I will never be more shocked, heart broken or pissed off as I was in 2016. Istead, I’m hoping I will be as happy as I was when Warnock and Ossoff won. Pure joy that night!

FL called for Rubio. Very disappointing.

Well said, GAgal!!

Go Cheri and Ryan! Fetterman is looking good too.

Florida has chosen to remain a dick. Tiffany Cross was right. Castration is the only answer.

Congrats MsMass! Woot woot.

Shadow, thinking of you tonight and hoping you and your loved ones are okay.

PJ, that Florida result just kills me. Val would be such a great senator.

The Florida result is awful. So sorry for that and Indiana.

I think we will pick up seats in the Midwest and California though.

Sending everyone love tonight!! Off to an election watch party.

Yes she would be, Beata. Instead FL is sending back that worthless POS.

I hope it’s a good one, MB!

I’m going to be checking in here frequently of course – just not as often as I would if I were at home.

Oh Wow. I didn’t know Maura Healey was a lesbian. A double first for MA.

Please, please GAgal. Send us Warnock (I know you did your part!). Sending us Walker would do to the Senate what Dump’s three stooges did to the Supreme Court. A crime most foul.

Warnock and Walker are tied. Budd and Vance have pulled ahead. But it’s not over till it’s over, right? And it might not be over for days or weeks. Gawd.

Just heard Kornacke say that the only pickups Republicans are getting are the ones in which they redrew them to win. He says a lot of the other races are doing well!

Barnes and Johnson are virtually tied in Wisconsin but only about 50% of Milwaukee’s vote is in. That’s Barnes’ territory.

Where is the red wave? 😂

Wow – Boebert is in trouble. (snort)

Her male version (according to Rachel), Bo Hines in NC, is also in trouble. Hopefully it won’t be a good night for Bo zos.

Josh Shapiro won! Governor of Pennsylvania!!

Spanberger held on for the win. Yes!

@45 WooHooooooo!!!

Surely, if Shapiro can win Gov over Mastriano, then Fetterman can beat Oz. Damn these split tickets. I think it will be split here in GA too. Warnock, but Kemp too.

Since they’ve called the race for Moran in KS (poop! and sorry! America), I’m *hoping* for a split ticket – I really want to keep Laura Kelly as our governor.

But I hear what you’re saying, GAgal.

A very close House race in Indiana (1st District). The Democratic incumbent has a slight lead. Democrats have held this seat since Hoover was president. It would be a major blow to lose it. We have only one other Democrat in the House.

@46: Yay!!! What about Rep. Luria?

Grassley, who served in the Hoover administration, won his race.

Sh*t, I was hoping for an upset in Iowa.

Not Luria, so a mixed bag out of Virginia.

@52 Same here! Chuck makes me gag. But then, so does Iowa.

Fingers crossed for Indiana 1st District!

@50 – hope she holds on!

@53 Excellent! Ohio needed to do *something* right.

Sitting with cat curled on my lap. Checked election results just now and decided that was enough until the final results come in. Too many bad memories of election-watching and seeing the bad happen. I agree, 2016 was the heartbreaker.

Hope all are well!

I’m going to listen to a Tony Hillerman audiobook, knit, and enjoy my purring lapwarmer.

Longing for ho’zho’ in our culture.

MSNBC is finally starting to admit that there’s a possibility Dems will keep the House

Another Democratic gain in North Carolina!

They expected the Democrats to lose 40 seats!!

Idiots. Seriously. Joy Reid is peaking my truth that the “fundamentals totally changed because of Dobbs. Amazing how so many pundits missed it completely!!

Thank you (Beata), you are so kind.

I’ve been watching the election tonight…
I don’t understand how every election is so darn close, no matter how crappy Rethug contestants are.

I hope that Dems don’t lose their majority…but it will be close.

Rethugs could win the House and we will have to see nothing of substance get done. Not sure if they can win the Senate too…Heaven help us.

It’s after midnight here. I’ve been awake since 3am Tuesday morning. I need to practice better self care.


@58 Yeah, MB. I’m sure you saw where they just now were making fun of Kevin McCarthy’s “Take Back the House” party. Not a lot of partying going on.

@59 Yaaaay!

@60 For sure, MB.

Goodnight, Beata.

It’s looking like voters are going to tell Bo Hines where he can stick his rape panels. I don’t think they’ve called it – it’s close – but he’s losing.

Fetterman Wins!!!!!!!!!!

This means the Repubs would have to flip two out of three Dem seats to take the Senate. Nagahapin.

Good night, Beata – get some rest!!

GA looks like a runoff and I think Warnock will win.
Looks like +1 for Dems in the Senate. We won’t know for days but I feel comfortable with that prediction.

What a great night so far!! Some faves lost but it is so much better that expected.

@65 YES!!! Thank God.

@67 I agree, MB. Now I can go to bed with some peace of mind. Phew.

PJ – they called it!

Fetterman won!!!!!!


Dems now have 50 senators, hopefully will win the majority with 3 seats left, Nevada, Georgia and ?

Big Gretch has officially won in Michigan!

Third seat, Arizona?

Warnock is getting closer to 50%! He could win it outright tonight.

@71 – if we keep all the current seats and win Wisconsin, we will have 52 seats!

CA voters voted yes to add abortion rights to their constitution!!!

Yuck, Mccarthy is speaking…had to mute.

Fucking Frank Luntz on CNN? No thanks.

Back to MSNBC to see a Kemp win. Not surprised at all.

God what a scary night. I heard abbot won Texas again. How could these people pick that crook over a nice man like Beto? And people actually voted for that moron football player? Ugh. I’m so disgusted. I heard Bobo might be in trouble?

Okay its 2am here and MSNBC is saying that control of congress is still up in the air?

They called PA for Fetterman!!!

Shadow @77, I’m so happy that passed. I think 4 other states had abortion measures.

@69 You were right, MB! 🙂 Let’s hope Boebert goes down too. That would be sweet. She’s trailing.

Against all odds, I was really hoping for a blue wave – unrealistic it turns out, but I just had a good feeling going in. But I’m very grateful it wasn’t a red wave (((shiver at the thought))). I guess you could call it a purple wave. As long as it has a blue tint and Dems somehow keep both the Senate and the House, I’ll be very happy. It could be a long wait as you said in your post, MB. I think I’m going to join Luna and tune out while the votes get counted.

Morning all! Not much sleep last night. Hope you’re all hanging in.

We had a phenomenal night last night. Every pundit is having to eat their words. It’s great!

I really wish Ohio, NC, Texas and Florida had been successful for our great candidates. I think we may have to wait a decade or so to get those states back. They’re hot messes and gerrymandered/vote suppressed to the max.

GAGal, would love to hear why you think Stacey Abrams lost. Was it incumbency, that Kemp isn’t as Trumpy, or something else?

It looks like Warnock may win his race outright, but in a runoff, he’s projected to win.


Well Boebert before and after.

Too bad about Stacy Abrams. I also really hoped Tim Ryan would win, but his incessant bashing of the Democratic party was insane. He’s been doing that for years, but as Pelosi said: She doesn’t care what other Democrats say about her as long as they win. Here’s Ryan attacking fellow Democrats as part of his campaign and then losing. He want to rethink his strategies.

Great to see you again, DYB.

I agree about Stacy, very sad but she is a winner with all she has done to get people to the polls. Hope she runs for congress in the future.

Good to know that Ryan bashed Dems, I don’t feel so bad that he lost now. He could have been another Man-chin Dem, that just gave out false hope.

Grassley, he is the poster boy for why Joe Biden isn’t too old to have a second term.

I would be happy to see Gov. Gavin Newsome run for President at some point. He is doing a great job so I would hate to lose him as Gov.

Hey DYB!!! Great to see you.

I think dearest Bobo has lost her seat. Not something people expected for sure!! She’s too MAGA for Colorado, where Dems did very well again.

I couldn’t agree more about Tim Ryan. I did think he was running a good campaign for red Ohio, but I guess he went too far with his Dem-bashing. I heard he told Democrats not to come to Ohio!

Meanwhile in Michigan, Democrats have gained a seat! There was a blue tsunami in Michigan for sure – not only did we win the Governorship, but we also flipped the state Senate to Dem!

More news – the GA race is headed for a runoff. Warnock didn’t quite get to 50%. But I think he will win that runoff again.

PJ, you kept your Governor!

Interesting. This is well thought out and doable. What we are seeing with the red in CA is a lack of mail-in votes being counted.

It’s doable!!

Great to see you, DYB!! I LOVE that @86. Priceless. 🙂

Funny about Grassley @88! Beata said a funny about him too. It’s just really pathetic, imo. His only worth is that he makes Biden look young – like Shadow was saying. I’m not being ageist – I’d much rather have an old Chuck than a young Chuck. Think how much wood would a woodchuck chuck.

I’ve never liked Tim Ryan, but as I said before, I was ready to become a fan for life if he won. He didn’t…

I am so so so happy about keeping our governor, MB! I’m sick that Kansas elected KK(K), Kris Kobach as AG. I don’t know why we can’t quit that colossal creep for good.

Way to go Michigan!!! I’m jealous. I bet Beata is too. But seriously, that’s great.

GAgal – you’re going to have to pull off another miracle looks like.

This Oliver character in Georgia, maybe you know GAgal?, who did he pull votes from? Libertarian, says the Duck, but also gay. And white. I’m assuming mainly Repubs?But maybe they just won’t vote in a runoff? He seems rather different than HWalker (pretty much anyone would). Also obviously not much like Warnock either.

DYB @86, Hilarious! I just looked and she is still losing with 92% of the vote counted.

@87, Wasn’t Tim Ryan hard on Hillary on one of her races?

Shadow @89, good point about Stacy. What a shame she didn’t win.

@90, well said!

Shadow, I hope your sisters health gets better. I’m concerned about my big sis also.

I hope you get your puppy. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted a West Highland Terrier. I still hope to get one.

quixote @95, also wondering about that.

Math is looking good for Nevada and Arizona after more updates. The outstanding votes are mail-in and same day drop box which are almost 2-1 Democratic. Fingers crossed!!

We eeked it out in Oregon too! Rethugs thought they could take that state. Don’t think so.

Looks like Murkowski isn’t out in Alaska yet. I hope she wins. She’s still a Republican but not a crazy one

I have no idea what’s up with GA. I know there were worries that Abrams was not turning out black men, but they were 11% of her vote, while black women were 18. Very weird that Warnock got 100,000 more votes than Abrams. Even Jen Jordan, the Dem that unsucessfully ran for AG got 13,000 more than Abrams.

As far as the Libertarian, I can’t believe he got 81,000 votes. What!? I have no idea if they will show up for the run off, but I seriously doubt they would vote Dem. Too bad no media will bother to ask them.

I read that the Libertarian supports Warnock. But I feel.confident the Reverend knows how to win that runoff.

I love Jen Psaki!

@103 I love that!!

@102 I looked up the history of governors in Georgia. I think it answers your question of what’s going on in Georgia. Stacey is awesome, but that’s a very thick double glass ceiling she’s trying to break.

No women have ever been elected to the Senate from Georgia either. Breaking the color barrier was a BIG deal with Warnock. I’m guessing the sexism barrier will be harder.

I think you’re right, PJ.

I’m super disappointed that white women moved more towards QOP. Ladies, black, brown, Jewish and gay people are not so scary. You should get to know some. I promise you a burqa is a lot scarier.

And Annie -Abbott in Texas ran on “I’ll continue to turn this state into a third world country where a gun has more rights than a woman.” He won…he even won Uvalde!!

White supremacy is a helluva drug. They’ll kill themselves and their children for a hit.

PJ @104, I can’t even begin to understand Georgia.

@93, WA CD 8 has a Dem incumbent, Kim Schrier; she’s currently running 52.7% and her R opponent 47%. Looks good to stay Dem!

WA CD 3 had an R rep who retired. Today’s results: Marie Perez (D) 52.04%; Joe Kent (R) 47.38%. Also looks good to be Dem. This would be a flip!

Looked at our state’s SoS page showing voter totals. Only ~40% of registered voters bothered to vote.

@106 And who would want to? 🙂 Sorry GAgal.

I can’t even begin to understand *Texas*. What a sick, twisted place. Even Uvalde? Unbelievable.

@107 Good job, WA!

Bird break

Perez is the Dem flipping the WA-03 House seat!


Trump called a protest. No one showed.

As voters cast ballots largely without incident on Tuesday afternoon, former president Donald Trump took to social media to declare that a minor, already rectified problem with absentee balloting in Detroit was “REALLY BAD.”
“Protest, protest, protest,” he wrote just before 2:30 p.m.

Unlike in 2020, when similar cries from the then-president drew thousands of supporters into the streets — including to a tabulating facility in Detroit and later to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 — this time, no one showed up.


Luna – super excited to flip that seat in WA!! Fingers and toes crossed.

That heron is fabulous! Love the yellow feet on that bird.

Very interesting about Putin and hilarious about Drumpf! Wow. The ‘loser” stench is becoming undeniable.

Stephen Colbert nailed it!

Great one from Colbert! And too damn funny about Drumpf! Hahahaha!

I hadn’t thought about Putin doing a lot of nail biting over the election just like us. Wow.

@103 David Jolly, former Republican, now Independent, from Florida, was saying that Florida was an outlier. The rest of the country pretty much rejected MAGAism. So put another way, Florida has a MAGAt problem. It is quite humid there, isn’t it?

Wow, so many posts here to comment on all.

Luna, glad to hear that many uncalled battles are going for Dems in WA. 40% didn’t vote, I hope most were Rethugs.

Glad you are back, the herons with their beautiful umbrella wing trick and fancy feathers in the middle with yellow rainboots….amazing.

Annie, thank you for your well wishes for my sisters. I hope your sister has good health and stays safe.

I hope you get your little West Highland Terrier soon, life is short.

PJ @ 104
“…Stacey is awesome, but that’s a very thick double glass ceiling she’s trying to break.

No women have ever been elected to the Senate from Georgia either. Breaking the color barrier was a BIG deal with Warnock. I’m guessing the sexism barrier will be harder.”

I couldn’t agree more, being an intelligent women is difficult enough, but being an intelligent, black women that inspires and helps minorities to step up and vote is terrifying to redneck, white men.

MB @105

“Abbott in Texas ran on “I’ll continue to turn this state into a third world country where a gun has more rights than a woman.” He won…he even won Uvalde!!”

I think he should go hunting with Dick Cheney…

We (US national narrative) are in a self-defeating loop, as far as I can see.

1) Repubs suppress vote any way they can.

2) Salt with as much actual cheating (usually electronic, usually ESS somewhere in the loop) as you can hope to get away with.

3) Whole classes of people either get discouraged from voting because their votes never seem to have any effect, or their votes “disappear.”

4) Polling for the next election discounts those people as “unlikely voters.”

5) Vote suppression and stealing is made invisible. The polls and the outcomes seem to match.

6) Ratchet up the vote jimmying another percent or three.

7) Don’t rinse. Do repeat.

And the Dump and Magats and Repubs by shrieking about “Rigged!” and “Fake!” have made it impossible for any self-respecting person to examine any evidence of actual shenanigans.

Addendum, rugged US individualism means vote suppression pretty much doesn’t count. You’re supposed to just overcome all hurdles and make up for it by yourself.

To me, the bottom line there is I can’t believe (literally) the TX and Florida results. What would the unsuppressed vote have decided, if we could have got one?

And likewise, GA and WI results. Abrams and Barnes. Seems off.

@120 – I agree, Quixote. The Dems have two Voting Rights Acts they can’t get past the Manchinema blockade that would address a lot of those voter suppression problems. Including gerrymandering, which is a major issue in TX, FL, GA and WI. I heard NC is similar, and of course, NY Dems suffered in their attempts to draw fair districts because a QOP judge blocked their map. Hence the gains in the House in NY, whereas statewide seats like the Governor and Senate races went heavily for the Democrats.

We’ll see if AZ and NV can hold from the Senate side. If so, we’ll have one more seat. May or may not be enough to nullify the DINOs.

Good question, quixote. I would like to think that the people of Texas and Florida are not as ugly as they appear.

@122 UGH! (I mean, Fck!). I agree, we REALLY need a Voting Rights Act. If we have to deal with more of the same from those two, I may have to kill myself.

I heard Manchin say he was praying for anything but a 50-50 senate (this was a few weeks back) and I don’t think he cared which way it went, R or D. He just wanted off the hot seat. What looked like power turned out to be pressure. A 51-49 senate wouldn’t really help him either.

As bad as Manchinema are, at least they are willing to vote for judges. Like Joy Reid was saying, if McConnell gets the gavel, Biden won’t get another judge through.

@125 – that’s true. 51-49 is a step in the right direction and I am totally excited about it!!

Interesting about Manchin, not wanting to be on the hot seat. Not sure I buy it since he came out and blasted Biden two days before the mid-terms for imaginarily insulting coal miners. What was that even about, considering it didn’t happen?!

This article is hilarious and so true to media form. Even after a historically strong showing and takeovers of several state governments, they’re desperately trying to make it seem like it’s Bad for Democrats(TM).

No, Biden and Harris are obviously not a problem for Democrats. In fact, the places where we lost Senate seats we thought were competitive, were the places where the candidates didn’t let Biden and Harris help! Nice try, MSN.

Hee hee hee

@126 Well that was pretty shitty (and weird) of Manchin – I hadn’t heard that. Yeah, I don’t consider him a friend – but he’s not our worst enemy. I don’t know what that makes him. Susan Collins?

In that same vein, I’m with you on Lisa Murkowski @101. I like her I can’t help it. She said she was ranking Mary Peltola as her first choice. 🙂 Mary said she was doing the same for Lisa.

Off to read the articles!

@128 Hahahahaha!! That’s awesome.

Coal miners … I’d laugh but Manchin is ignoring the evidence (no surprise there). Manchin should instead work to bring more solar power to his state. I did a very quick search, and these stats are from 2017. Solar jobs have increased since then.

“More than 260,000 Americans are employed by the domestic solar industry — three times as many workers as employed by the entire coal mining industry.”

@126 This has to be the mother of all wishful thinking: “the elections may have solved the GOP’s Trump problem”. As they say, wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first.

@105 I was super disappointed about white women too. But the breakdown is important. Joy Reid just had this on:

WW College Educated: Dem – 56, R – 42.
WW NonCollege Educated: Dem – 37, R – 61.

Gen Z white girls went for Dems. Actually, white boys did too. That’s hopeful! Smart kids.

Unfortunately, the GOP seems to have a lock on dumb, racist white women. Maybe White Supremacy is all they have to hold on to. Of course the GOP has a lock on the dumbest of the dumb – white men (with exclusions!! Speaking only in general terms).

WM College Educated: Dem – 45, R – 52
WM Noncollege: Dem – 26, R – 72

I keep saying this: the GOP has a lock on white EVANGELICAL women.

Pollsters keep trying not to mention religion. I guess because, zomg, they might get offended. It’s okay to mention they’re white, they’re female. Keep the kookie fundiegelicalism out of it. But it’s actually the first principal component. (Hence also the “non-college” thing. Fundies are massively non-college.)

The thing is, if you’re trying to decide whether to change voters’ minds or to concentrate on other people, it matters enormously whether they’re voting that way because of female-specific concerns (no, duh) or evangelical-specific (yes, duh). No way Dems can match Repub appeal to a bunch of Dominionists hankering after white supremacy. Forget about them.

And one day, I’ll hear you. 🙂

Are Fundies really massively non-college? I’m asking sincerely. The ones I know are college educated. It *would be* helpful if the pollsters looked at that!

Fundies have won a lot of elections for Republicans, but I do think the law of diminishing returns is going to kick in at some point. They’re losing big on abortion. Every group has their share of bad eggs, but with Fundies, all the bad eggs are cloistered at the top. I agree, they are completely unreachable.

I just think Dems shouldn’t focus on the white vote. They’re getting what they’re going to get. I saw James Carville on Joy Reid talking about the number of black people in Mississippi who aren’t voting or in Wisconsin or NC or Louisiana. Those people are reachable and Dems need to work harder at it.

Here’s another interesting breakdown:

Non-Married Women: D – 68, R – 31
Married Women: D – 42, R – 56

Not much of a difference for Married vs Non-Married men. I wonder if there’s any difference between men who have daughters and those who don’t?

Historically the majority of married women have voted Republican, excepting women in blue states. Would be interesting to know % of women in partnerships/cohabitating without official papers.

@136 – I agree. And, I think there are reasons Black people don’t vote that the media doesn’t cover. Two that come to mind are: voter suppression (e.g. vote purging, disinformation, lack of access to voting locations, gerrymandering) and felony convictions for crimes like possession of a small amount of pot.

Somehow I don’t hear a lot about that.

Quixote, I agree that fundies are a lost cause. They think Democrats are lizard people who abort babies after they’re born and then use them for pedophile rings in pizza parlor basements, after which they grind them into soup for horned Jews to drink.

Did we call out that Mark Kelly won his seat in AZ yet? If not, he did, according to the Cook Political Report. Woohoo! 49 and counting. Come on Cortes-Masto!

I think there are a lot of women fundies that go to fundie colleges. I know a few that did, but after a few decades of real life (marriages, divorces, kids, trauma & drama) they morphed into liberals. I helped whenever I could!

That’s great to hear about Mark Kelly! I don’t think MSNBC has called it for him, but I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

I just saw Maura Healey use the term, “gay person” to refer to herself and not “lesbian”. Interesting. Maybe the preference for the term, “lesbian” is regional?

@141, oh Maura, dear. The word ‘lesbian’ is being erased and you’re helping to do it. Not good.

No, not regional. It’s the same principle as using ‘men’ thinking it includes women. I hate it when women go along with this negation of their womanhood. But it’s the fashion and all too common in media-speak.

Cute Critter! This is funny:

Luna @142, It’s sad. It feels like they’re trying to erase the differences between the sexes. I don’t get the point.

Thank you for explaining, Luna. And very cute critter!!

Rico eating sweetcorn made my day. Yum, yum. So cute. Thanks, Luna.

@147 Trump flat-out says he stole that election, and others I’m 100% sure, and it’s not even a ripple. DOJ? News media? … :crickets:

Re the college thing: in the general population somewhere around a third have college degrees. (Around 27% in 2014 acc. to Pew Research. Used to be 35%! Hmm.) Among fundies, it’s closer to 15%. Difference is bigger if you include ‘some college.’

And I agree that the message the fundies send is “unreachable.” I’m not sure they are, in a cosmic sense, but if you have two weeks to win an election, Dems need to concentrate on turnout, not conversion!

Thank you for the information, quixote!

My experience is probably not typical. The WW fundies I know are well educated, several with advanced degrees. All of that brain power is tossed in the trashcan when it comes to voting because it’s a religious vote, not a political one. They’re very rigid that way. But honestly, I’m way past wanting to understand them. I just want to beat them. If they want a theocracy, they need to go somewhere else.

The only WW fundies I know are in their 80’s or 90’s. The evangelical movement, at least around here, peaked during the Reagan years. Young white women, college educated or not, rarely go to church now.

Rico was just so adorable. Wow! That nose is everything.

It looks like the Bobo race is still not over. And Clark County in NV still has 50K votes outstanding!!

I know this post is full – I’m at work today but will be able to do another one tomorrow morning… Unless, DYB, you want to take a turn!

in the general population somewhere around a third have college degrees. (Around 27% in 2014 acc. to Pew Research. Used to be 35%! Hmm.) Among fundies, it’s closer to 15%.

Wonder if most fundies go to private Xian colleges. Interesting about the % of population with degrees going down. I assumed the opposite.

I’m still very hopeful for the NV race. I’ve been praying to the Ghost of Harry Reid.

I’m going to admit that the waiting is agony, but less so since I knew it would be this way.

I will cringe if Bobo pulls it out. And Kari Lake in AZ. GAWD.

Every time I see Laxalt’s name, my mind sees “Ex-Lax”. The jeer, “Smooth move, Ex-Lax” was very popular in the 1980s around here.

I thought this was cool, the arc of justice in Tennessee.

Kherson has been liberated! And Ukraine moved into the entire swathe up to the west bank of the Dnipro! That’s an area a bit bigger than the entire Benelux (I’m guessing. Huge, in any case) all in a matter of days.

And they manage to retake territory without committing atrocities.

I have boundless admiration for the Ukrainians and all they’ve accomplished.

zomg. Ex-Lax only 800 votes ahead in nevada right now, and most of Las Vegas still to count!

If Dems get AZ _and_ NV _and_ GA, there’d be 52 Dem senators, right? Well, I can dream for a while anyway.

Nice about the TN Rep too!

Slava Ukraini!

Rico is so darn cute, can’t give him a hug…

Jeeze Louise, will this darn election ever end??????

CNN projection, Mark Kelly wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Kelly wins! Cortez Masto catching up.

Dems only need one more senate win to keep control of the Senate.

Shadow, wouldn’t it be great if we could get both Nevada and Georgia?

It would be fantastic if Dems get both. Even one would keep Dems in control.

This race is all over the map. Trump backed Nevada governor wins yet Trump backed election denier running for Secretary of State in Arizona loses. This is some crazy s***.

Woo Hoo for Mark Kelly! Fontes won for Sec. of State. If Hobbs wins too, I would say AZ gave Trump the one finger salute. An exclamation point on Biden’s 2020 win there. “I got your fraud right here, Fraud!”

Uh oh. Sounds like the wolves are starting to circle around the Turtle. Someone has to pay for this, right? Instead of a red wave, it’s a red face. Not sure if it’s anger or embarrassment. Probably both.

@157 That is GREAT news, quixote!! Ukrainians are amazing.

Senator Mark Kelly!

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Dump has heart trouble or a stroke in the near future. Thinking of all the law suits, DOJ and NY lawsuits on his tail and now he is getting blamed for the Rethug losses and Jared and Ivanka not wanting to stand with him nor be any part of his possible future run for the White House again…he must be stressed to the limit.

You get what you sow.

That’s awesome about the TN rep and Ukraine!

I think we’ll end up with 51 seats. It’s all over but the shouting for Ex-Lax (hahaha, love that). And Warnock will have strong advantages in a runoff. People don’t like Walker and only voted for him to keep Dems out of power. If Rs can’t win power, then why vote for that odious piece of elephant dung?

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