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Fake News of the World

Posted on: September 24, 2022

Hello Widdershins! What a week, what a week. The Mango Moron and his MAGAt enablers are facing the consequences of their grifting, criminality and seditious conspiracy. Not to mention a bit of old-fashioned nuclear espionage thrown in to season the pot!

Reflecting on the charges of financial fraud that were filed this week (and referred to two separate criminal courts), I remember various pundits discussing why Der Drumpfenfuhrer didn’t want to release his tax returns during his run for President. Criminality was high on the list, but I think Timothy O’Brien, journalist and author of TrumpNation, nailed it six years ago.

O’Brien was sued by IQ45 for allegedly misreporting the extent of his wealth in that 2005 book. Of course, Drumpf lost that lawsuit. Later on, the Trumpologist said this to Politico in May of 2016:

He sued me around a claim that by offering lower estimates of his net worth I had libeled him, so he opened himself up to discovery on all of his financials. So we got his tax returns, his bank records, everything.

He didn’t want to give over his tax returns, which we’re seeing now in the election. And there’s reasons, I think, he doesn’t want to give up his tax returns. It’s because you see what his income actually is in those returns…

Drumpf has always been a fake billionaire, a fake “boss” and a fake alpha male. It’s amazing how long it’s taken to get the truth out there; but whatever narrative the media tries to sell you about his running in 2024 (oh how they want the clicks and eyeballs!), he’s done. His main value proposition was that he was a successful businessman and mogul, and it was all a lie. Republicans will continue their trend of deserting him and seeking a new “success” to worship.

And speaking of fake news…this is the state of media today. There is a persistent rumor that Xi Jinping, China’s leader, has been deposed in a coup by the PLA (a military group) and is under house arrest. Is it true? No one can tell for sure, and the Twitter accounts pushing the narrative are mostly anonymous.

Is Putin pushing social media propaganda, taking revenge on the Chinese President for being critical of his insane invasion of Ukraine? A disturbing combination of China’s insular secrecy and the lack of social media controls on bot accounts has made it possible to push this rumor across the world for hours, possibly days, without any validation or accountability.

Don’t believe everything you read, Widdershins! Well, except here on TW, of course.

Open thread as always – here are some pretty birds to uplift your weekend.

109 Responses to "Fake News of the World"

Oh yes – this happened too. Good grief.

And on the financial front:

So if it went through the WH switchboard, the origin phone and the endpoint phone are presumably known? So … Who? What? Where?

I’ve seen zero specifics. I mean, it could be the pastry cook dialing a wrong number? If not, why not? Why isn’t there context showing the significance, if any?

(Not directed at you, mb! At the original reporting about this, which is frustrating!)

I get it…the J6 committee knows more than they’re saying. I certainly expect them to talk about this soon.

But the point is, the White House called insurrectionists on J6 and deleted (supposedly!) the call.logs. I don’t see how there could be an innocent explanation for a single person working for the Executive Branch to call a Proud Boy or Oathkeeper on that day.

It’s seditious conspiracy.

Great new thread MB!

Please keep us posted if you get your new Covid booster.

The two videos you posted about humming birds and the birds of paradise, Tanah Papua were really informative and great.

Thanks Shadow! Will do about the booster.

Those Papua birds are unbelievable. I’ve seen a couple of them before but most were brand new to me!

Great post, MB. I love Willy Wonka! 🙂 I think Drumpf is Veruca Salt.

And thank you for the bird videos!

I do hope Trump is done, but I hope he finishes off the Republican (MAGA) Party before he exits the stage because TrumpISM is not done. It’s only getting scarier.

This is how I picture things ending for Donnie because eventually, the devil is going to demand his due.

Ha- I’ve never seen that one, PJ! I think it will be very similar for Drumpf and Pooty-Poot.


Info on the new Covid boosters:

Pfizer/BioNTech’s updated vaccine is a 30-microgram dose authorized for people 12 and older. Moderna’s updated vaccine is a 50-microgram dose authorized for people 18 and older.

I have taken Moderna vaccines, looks like I will have to prepare for a strong dose…

@11 Hahahahaha!

@12 I hope it goes well for you, Shadow.

PJ, I am going to wait about 3 weeks to get the Moderna vaccine, that is plenty of time for me to prepare myself with chicken soup and a comfy bed. 😉

That sounds like a very good plan, Shadow!

I’ve always taken Moderna – I wonder if the other doses were stronger than Pfizer as well?

My main symptom from Moderna vaccines was a very sore arm that went away in a few days.

This week was really extraordinarily bad for TFG.

And..these are not winning numbers for MAGA candidates this November.

@18 That is really good news. I hope a lot of those 58% live in Arizona and PA where there are UltraMAGA, anti-democracy candidates running. And probably too much to hope for, but maybe FL? Losing a few percentage of voters could make a lot of difference in those states.

I’m really interested to see what happens in Texas. They totally lost their minds when Roe was overturned. Acting like Ted Bundy on his last killing spree. Completely out of control. And Uvalde…

If Republicans lose Texas, they really are done.

@19 – yes, Texas will be very interesting. I can’t see how Greg Abbott can retain power. He is literally a failure on every front.

12 and 16, just fyi, the original Moderna series was 100 mcg each and the adult booster was 50 mcg. , same as upcoming booster. I had a lot of side effects with the first two Moderna shots, but not so with the booster, which was half the original. Hopefully, even though the new booster still is more stuff than Pfizer, it will be more palatable than the original Moderna series.

@21 – thanks, Lililam!

Speaking of Texas…They really elected some winners, didn’t they?! Now the AG and his state senator wife are on the lam to avoid accountability for their criming.

Wow. Something is really rotten in Texas. I think what went down there on abortion rights had a lot to do with the Kansas vote. We knew our state legislators would do the same thing. Vote them out, Texans! Save yourselves.

Everyone mark your calendars for tomorrow!

Thanks a lot, Lililam.

I always manage to get sick from all the doses, but the first was the worst for me too. I just have to know that I won’t feel well for at least 24+ hours and getting Moderna seems to give patients better results, so it’s worth it.

The hearing will start at 10 AM on the westcoaster side.

I’m bummed that the hearing has been postponed.

Frivolous thought: I bet Trump votes against DeSantis. And insists that his adult children and their spouses vote against him.

Did Chris Kise, and indirectly, Ron DeSantis, con Dump out of 3 million dollars?

Alex Wagner, (the woman that is taking Rachel’s spot on Tues-Friday) had a great interview with CA Governor Gavin Newsome tonight.

I like Alex Wagner a lot. I think MSNBC did a great job by putting her in Rachel’s time slot. Heaven knows that was not easy to fill.

I hope any Florida Widdershins are staying safe today! Ian looks like it is going to be awful.

Before the fundies claim (they probably already have) that God is pissed off at the gays or women getting all uppity about their liberty and rights and stuff (what nonsense!), I’m going to jump in and say that Mother Nature can’t take two massive jackoffs living in the same place anymore. One of them has to go. Fat Boy (formerly known as Ron DeSantis – sorry to the ice cream for stealing their name) or Fat Baby.

But seriously, I feel bad for Floridians. Damn.

One fatty and one demented obese criminal.

Yes, PJ…both need to go.

I understand West Palm Beach rescue services were alerted to a lost dementia patient screaming about election fraud at the feeder bands of clouds from Ian and throwing paper towels at the ocean.

Excellent post MB! And really love the bird videos. Maybe someday we can all meet up in Vancouver and go to that fabulous bird place in Stanley Park.

MB @11, Ha! That’s good!

Shadow @12, thanks for that info. I think I will probably stick with the Pfizer. I had the J&J originally & ended up in the hospital with stroke-like symptoms for 24 hours, but the Pfizer only gave me flu symptoms that night.

PJ @19, LOL! I hope you’re right about Texas. Gavin went after them:

This is an interesting idea:

@34 Hahahahaha, quixote! You had me going there for a second. I was like, lost dementia patient? Oh no! But good one!! 🙂

@37 Wow, that was excellent! Shadow had mentioned it, but I hadn’t had a chance to see it. Further evidence that Texas SUCKS. Go Gavin!

@38 Yes! I hadn’t seen that. Whitehouse has been on the Supreme Court like white on rice. I love it. Something has got to be done about them. The six. Or “the sicks”. They’re a train wreck. Otherwise known as “a hot mess”.

Thanks for posting the Newsom video, Annie! I was at a work dinner last night and missed it. I love that he’s calling out the myths about living in Texas and now great it isn’t. I’ll watch it later.

Quixote, that was hilarious!

If God were really involved in the hurricane, both DeathSantis and Drumpf would be washed out to sea. Imagine how much human misery would be washed away by that simple action.

@41 …

/*boggle*/ … uhh … whaaat?

Have to give the Dump points for the Innovation in Bullshit award.

“No, Your Honor. The Government cannot charge me with a crime because I’ve actually committed thousands more crimes.”

When is he going to jail so we don’t have to wade through his bullshit anymore? ?????

I know, Quixote!! I would be thrilled to never hear, talk or think about that gob of orange goo ever again. For some reason, giving a Russian asset mob boss total power over the government seems to have caused quite a bit of trouble.

This is so bizarre. We’ve really crossed the rubicon.

MB @43, Haha! That’s great.

Q @34

“Throwing paper towels at the ocean.”


Annie @ 45
“”King’s College London is funding a study into “transgender women’s experience of the menopause”. It says the research will “build knowledge””

Sounds like King’s College must be a branch of Trump University. Both have attendees with the lowest IQs.

I wish I could find a link to Gavin’s entire interview with Alex Wagner. The interview was pretty long and Gavin was on a roll. Alex kept asking him if he was going to run for Pres in 2024, he said after the recall election last year and how quickly some politicians are in and out of office, he plans to stay as Governor.

He also said he is putting up attack bulletin boards against some politicians like DeSantis because the Dem. party isn’t refuting their lies to the public.

# 38- yes,yes,yes…..
Must be time for a new thread and that’s why I post!

@45 – the epitome of male privilege is to mansplain menopause to women.

Hello Ms. Mass! (Waves)

Something to lift our spirits. MVP Kamala Harris selfie with servicemembers during her SKorea trip.

(Sorry. It refuses to let me post the pic.

h tt ps://×900

Remove the spaces in https and copy the whole thing into the URL (address, or whatever you call it) bar.)

Thank you Quixote!!

Very uplifting, quixote!

I know that polls are saying that Republicans are very enthusiastic about this election, but that’s not what I’m seeing here. Republicans seem depressed. We could be an anomaly. Most elections, that’s true. People are very enthusiastic. Lawns are carpeted with signs. In 2016, that was true on steroids. Think King Kong on top of the Empire State Building, beating his chest. Or beating his whatever…

My how the “mighty” have fallen here. Of course if Republicans win, they’ll be right back at it.

PJ, that is very hopeful. I don’t see how Republicans will recover from Roe. It is directly impacting hundreds of millions of lives in a way that inflation and higher interest rates are not.

That is excellent news!!! It couldn’t come at a better time (if you’re on the pro-democracy side).

You know Ginni Thomas… geez louise she’s scary. You can take the girl out of the cult, but you can’t take the cult out of the girl. She’s still that whacked-out nutjob she was back when she was in Lifespring (or whatever it was).

PJ @58, she IS scary. That fake smile plastered on her face during her whole walk to testify before the J6 committee, never changing, like it was frozen that way. When will we find out about her testimony, I wonder?

I agree that Ginni Thomas is scary and creepy. I am even more afraid of her husband. I think he may be the one puppeteering “, Judge Cannon, given she is in his district.

Annie, those birds are stunning. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to see one of those scarlet macaws in person.

In Russia news, this does not bode well. I really hope there’s a coup soon. We cannot allow him to use nuclear weapons.

Thank you for the birds, socal! They’re amazing.

I agree, MB. Her husband is both scarier and creepier. Whoa – I hadn’t heard that connection to Cannon. That makes sense. If he had an ounce of integrity, he would recuse himself from anything Trump related, but he doesn’t so he won’t. In a just world, Clarence would go the way of McCarthy. “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” But when you start with no decency, I guess there’s no fear of losing it…

Putin needs to be “nuked”. He gets scarier by the day.

My comment was put in moderation so I’ll try a shorter version. 🙂

Amazing birds, socal. Thank you!

I agree, MB. Clarence is scarier and creepier and is a danger to the Country.

Putin needs to go. Taken out by his own Motherland would be best.

Everybody who has real experience of Putin and isn’t owned by him — Vindman, Fiona Hill, the freethinking Russian billionaire in exile in London, Alexei Navalny — says Putin has to go. They all say his nuclear stuff is, was, bluster. (Remember how Finland joining NATO was going to be The End? and then when they did it, Putin was like, “what? I never said anything.”)

And they all say that the thing with bullies is you have to squash them sooner and faster, not later when you get around to it.

Plus any woman — we deal with bullies daily — knows that.

Meanwhile, our local cowards and bullies are yammering that zomg!-Ukraine-must-hand-over-everything-and-sue-for-peace. Because pacifying abusers always works so well.

Now this Murashov kidnapping. /*endless screaming*/ And they still have Griner. I figured she’d be out by now (Putin already got his murderer back), but he’s obviously hanging on to her as his ace bargaining chip. More endless screaming.

Speaking of Navalny, he had a good article smuggled out. About how putting Russia on the road to preventing future bullies is an important outcome we should aim for while making sure the current thugs don’t get away with terrorizing Ukraine.

The thing about regime change is, it has to come from the people. Like the women of Iran who are finally burning their hijabs and cutting off their hair.

The people of Russia need to rise up and depose Putin. Instead, hundreds of thousands of men fled the country to avoid conscription and haven’t done a single thing to denounce the war or their dictator.

I sure hope the Russian people wake up.

Russian men could learn a lot from Iranian women.

Red state women could too. And I think they are starting to. A lot of Republican women loved the “owning the libs” tear MAGA Republicans have been on. But now they’re like, wait a minute. These extreme, abusive abortion laws aren’t hurting liberal women in blue states. The only ones getting “owned” here is US.

Read the article. That’s exactly what he says. He’s not stupid.

(Not meaning this as a dunk of *any* kind, but I think it’s also pretty important in the cause of weakening Putin to support Navalny unless he’s actually wrong. I’ve seen stuff like, zomg-he-doesn’t-think-Crimea-is-Ukrainian. It isn’t, any more than it’s Russian. The original inhabitants were Tatars. It’s been a major crossroads for centuries and has many ethnic groups. The Russian Tsars snaffled it. Khrushchev (?) made it part of Ukraine for reasons of his own. At this point, by all means keep it Ukrainian. But Navalny isn’t actually wrong on this. There may also be good reasons for him to go lightly on fleeing Russians. I seem to remember a lot of people in the West saying he was crazy to go back since all they’d do is stuff him in jail. Not everyone is a lion of courage. I know I’m not.)

And, yes, the Iranian women (and the men helping them) I’m in awe of. Talk about lions of courage.

Yes, the Iranian women that cut off their hair and burned their head-scarfs remind me of the first suffragettes. Throwing themselves in front of a race horse and having crude feeding tubes forced on them when they were in jail and on hunger strikes.

Women having to go to such lengths for their damn freedom from men and their religions. Curse them!!!

I should state that I am hetero and actually really like men in general…but, there are so many dirty rats on this planet and they need to be called out and thrashed.

@50, waving to MsMass! Good to see you!

Glad you all liked the Macaws. I just showed it to my husband and he said that when he was working in a trailer at the edge of a school in Los Angeles (near the 110 fwy & Dodger Stadium), there was a huge tree with nests of them! He said they were always flying around and squawking, and that a lot teachers and the kids would come by to see them. This was about 10 years ago.

Quixote – I wasn’t dunking on Navalny at all. I think Navalny is incredible, and I haven’t read the article yet. I was just musing about what it would take to dislodge Putin’s iron grip.

The Macaws are beautiful but so loud. I can’t imagine trying to teach around them, or have one as a pet 😉

Quixote, thanks for all the info about Russia, Crimea & Ukraine. I always learn something new here.

Agree about the Iranian women. They are so brave and I hope they will come out of this better off. In one of my favorites jobs, I worked with an Iranian couple who fled Iran with their two kids during the revolution. They gave up a magnificent home to come here because, as the wife told me, they didn’t want their son and especially their daughter to be brought up in that harsh new world.

@65 Navalny makes a good argument. I’m still wondering if a good percentage of the Russian people wouldn’t see it as the West *imposing* something on them? I feel ok questioning Navalny, because my opinion means nothing. His counts and hopefully his opinions are considered by NATO countries. We all want Russia to cut the shit – so whatever works.

I think Putin and his ilk in Russia could learn a lot from reading Moby Dick in regard to their obsession with Ukraine… I’m just saying.

I got the sense from Navalny that warmongering is a little bit in Russian blood. Maybe the best thing the West can do is strengthen the countries around them to make war less attractive. Nobody, including Russians, likes losing. It’s only when they lose, it seems, do they turn their focus inward. Like they did after Afghanistan.

In the immediate term, Russia cutting the shit is going to take Putin’s demise. He’s not leaving any other way out, as everybody here has already known!

Sadly, the most knowledgeable people, like Fiona Hill, figure the likeliest people to pull it off are the hard right. Meaning things will get worse … /*time out for endless screaming*/ … which is why it’s so desperately important to do what we can to help Russians avoid that fate. Navalny talks about that in very general terms: mainly the intelligent application of sanctions.

And, yeah, if it could be successful, the RussoMagats will call it meddling. The ones who’d like a new world will call it help. Can’t happen soon enough, either way!

About the warmongering, not sure that they’re more so than other groups. They spent 400 years colonized by the Mongols during which they learned a lot of the wrong things, so maybe. (I think most of Ukraine was under the Mongols too, and they seem to have avoided the worst lessons, so maybe that’s not the explanation.)

(Hey. Where’s DYB? We need his commentary!)

@76 I appreciate your knowledge, quixote! The reality of the situation is a bit depressing (that it would be the far right who takes Putin out). But Navalny is not only courageous, he never seems to lose hope in Russia. Vladimir Kara-Murza seems the same way to me. So if we can help (with sanctions and such), we should.

Of course Navalny’s plan is dependent on America being America and not Amagata or AQAnona under an ugly orange flag.

It is depressing that the far right seems likeliest to take Putin out.

On the other hand, fascism took a big hit today. Bye bye Bolsonaro!

MB @ 79
In the Brazil election, far-right fascist Bolsonaro just got DESTROYED, losing by over 5 million votes to liberal Lula.

If we didn’t have a, (rigged) electoral college, Hillary would still be President since 2016, Roe v Wade would be codified and we wouldn’t be in this mess!

@79: Lula has not won the presidential election in Brazil yet. He received 48.7% of the vote to Bolsonaro’s 43.2% which means there will be a runoff vote on Oct. 30th. Bolsonaro did better in the first round of voting than polling predicted. Furthermore, his right-wing allies won 19 of 27 seats in the senate and are expected to do well in lower house seats, too.

@81, yup. Any time a right wing loon, or his downticket henchmen, do way better than the polling — Lula was something like 16% ahead in the polls — and the loon has been shouting about fraud and rigged and never losing, well, then I think he knows what he’s talking about. The election probably was rigged, just not quite enough from his standpoint.

Modern polling methods aren’t magic, but missing by a lot is rare these days. It’s taken as a textbook sign of fraud by fair election experts. Bolsonaro had many years of control to prepare.

@81, Oh, that’s a bummer.

Yes, sorry that the tweet was a bit premature.

I think given what has been going on around the world with fascists winning elections, it is not out of line to celebrate the size of Lula’s victory in the first election. He didn’t win 50%, but there were other candidates in the race.

I expect during the runoff it will be a bigger blowout.

This guy, who puts out fake NY Times headlines to satirize how absurd the real ones are, is on a roll.

Maybe I missed it, but I’d like to see a reporter ask Herschel Walker what should happen to someone who did what he is accused of – aiding and abetting an abortion – under Herschel Walker rules. Accepting his denial that he didn’t do it (wink) does he think a man who DID do it – from this point and going forward – should go to prison? What’s his stance on that? What punishment would be reasonable?

Good question, PJ!

In Acute Radiation Sickness, a person goes through four stages, the second being a latent stage in which the patient feels fine for a period of time ranging from hours to weeks. Then things get really bad.

I’m just throwing that out there as a possibility of what’s going on right now – with Republicans doing better in the polls in certain races. It could be a mirage. False hope. Hopefully.

When everything you do is the antithesis of what Christ actually (supposedly) preached, doesn’t that make you a follower of the Anti-Christ? Logically speaking.

PJ, I love your question about Herschel Walker!

Re the polls – Since the revelations about the abortion and the fact that the woman who told the press is the mother of one of his children, I saw a poll where Warnock was 12 points ahead. I’ll try to find that.

I know Maggie Hassan looks like she’s in a tough race. Are there others you’re seeing, PJ?

This whole Georgia survey is very interesting. Warnock is doing very well, Stacey Abrams is within the margin of error, SOS is close as well.

Turnout is going to be key and with all the voter suppression laws in GA, I hope enough people will vote Blue.

MB, that is great news about the Walker race! And about the other races in GA. Fingers crossed. Yes, turnout is key!

On MSNBC they were saying the senate races are tightening in PA and AZ (hard to believe with those awful R candidates!). WI was always going to be tight, but I think Barnes had a lead that he lost? Johnson is spending a lot of money right now. And Nevada is a concern and shouldn’t be. But polls are looking good in Ohio!

I don’t have any links, but I’ve just been getting that “throat tightening” message from MSNBC lately – that Republicans were getting kind of a bounce. I should be worried too, but I’m not really. 🙂

@92 – yes, there’s definitely been a lot of fearmongering from the media. Fetterman is 6 points ahead in PA. That was before the puppies.

@93 Great to hear about Fetterman!


I learned a couple of good tips yesterday when I got my Covid booster, the nurse told me these things that no doctor nor nurse ever told me before:

– Hydrate well before you get your shot. I also continued to hydrate heavily after also. This really helped me this time.

– After you get your shot and it’s covered with a band-aid, massage the area on and around the injection site. My nurse did this and I think it’s to spread out the vaccine. Don’t sleep on that side the first night.

Great tips, Shadowfax!

@97 Thank you, MB. I will be looking forward to it!

Thank you for the tips, Shadow. Hope you’re feeling okay.

Thanks PJ.

I am basically dealing with exhaustion and a tiny headache. I have spent most of my past two days sleeping, awaken when I am thirsty or hungry.

This is the best results I have experienced with the Moderna vax.

Can’t wait until I am back to having some energy.

“This is the best results I have experienced with the Moderna vax.” That’s good! Still no fun I’m sure.

@100 OMG, that’s hysterical. And cute.

I’m not familiar with the Texas abortion law, but I was wondering if it’s illegal for a man to even suggest an abortion to his girlfriend or mistress. What about encouraging her to have one? Bullying? Pleading? Begging? her to have an abortion? What if she has it on tape? Is he headed for the slammer?

Shadow, hope you’re feeling better today. Thanks for the tips!

PJ @102, Good one!

Thanks Annie.

I hope my energy comes back today. 2:00PM and I just woke up…ugh.

At least I know this new variant packs a punch. I hope it is more effective than the last booster.

100 MB
That steppin’ kitty is so cute.

I agree, we need an International Women’s March. If half of the planet united, men would be damned afraid of our power.

Kerch Bridge, the one connecting Russia to Crimea, is ablaze because of a huge fuel tank fire. Russians say a truck blew up and ignited the train with fuel tanks. An unlikely story. Not even a scorch mark on the road in the video I saw.

If that can be fixed, and until it is, it’s the end of Russian munitions resupply to the southeastern parts of Ukraine they’re squatting in.

A BBC expert said it could have been a well-planned attack from below the bridge. The road is buckled and unusable at the fire location on the railroad trestle bridge next to it.

I hope it was those Ukrainian special forces we’ve been hearing about!

Go Ukraine!

Yes Quixote! This is amazing news. Certainly Ukraine is taking credit for it.

New post! Come upstairs!

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