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Run Putin Run

Posted on: September 13, 2022

Pooty Poop

It has been six long months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and – depending on who you ask – things are either exactly as Putin planned all along (Russians, Tucker), or Russia is on a verge of a military catastrophe (everyone else.) Over the past couple of weeks Ukraine has staged an offensive that has led Russian army to flee dozens of previously occupied towns and villages in the east. Their withdrawal was so hasty that they not only left behind tanks, stolen washing machines, and some of their own soldiers (who then had to flee on stolen bicycles), but also Russian teachers they brought in to begin teaching nothing but Russian curriculum to Ukrainian children. In the midst of all this, Putin has retreated to one of his homes in Sochi (more on that later), while some of his propagandists on TV continue to insist everything is going according to plan, and that if Russia really wanted to, they would take Kyiv in one day. Seems odd that Putin planned all along to bring his troops as close to Kyiv as Chernobyl (where they proceeded to radiate themselves after digging into polluted soil), and then retreat. And then retreat again. And again. And keep retreating, until they’re running back, leaving behind hard-won Ukrainian territories. Maybe that’s the genius of Putin, his 78 dimension chess is so complex none of us understand it. “We have them surrounded in their tanks,” Baghdad Bob once declared as Americans occupied Baghdad.

As hard as Putin’s most loyal propagandists (Solovyov, Simonyan) continue to insist Russia is winning its “special operation,” cracks are appearing on Russian TV. Some commentators are openly questioning what the hell went wrong, how officials managed to screw things up, how they overpromised glory and deliver humiliation. In this clip from Russian TV, many things are said that would have been unthinkable to speak out loud two weeks ago. But the one that struck me the most is the man who asks how Russia thought they could tell Ukraine they were not a real country, that their language does not exist, and then expect Ukraine to embrace them in return. Again, this is rhetoric that would be unthinkable on state television just two weeks ago. And the subdued responses to such criticisms from the more patriotic Russians is also extremely revealing because two weeks ago they would have screamed over any such words.

Meanwhile Putin cancelled a scheduled meeting with his military leaders and retreated to a vacation home in Sochi. A reporter for Kyiv Post added interesting information on what’s happening around Moscow and historical context:

And in St. Petersburg, some members of Parliament called for Putin to be prosecuted for treason. Their punishments so far have been possible dissolution of their districts and some fines. A few weeks ago it would have been arrest and prosecution.

Is there a coup happening? We won’t know until after it’s over. But it’s impossible to ignore the cracks in Putin’s wall.

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Saw Shadow’s comment about Ken Starr dying.

Here here! Rot in hell, piece of shit.

“Is there a coup happening?”

/*yes, yes, yes, please!, hurry up!*/

but for absolutely everybody’s sake could you (Russians) just this once steer clear of another miserable kleptocrat dictator clone?

Great post, DYB. That is great news! And Ken Starr is dead! Happy Days! A vile piece of shit, indeed. And I just watched Geoffrey Berman roast Bill Barr’s nuts over an open fire (plus others like “upstanding” Rosen and Donoghue. and O’Callaghan). Good things happening all around.

And then there’s Lady Lindsey… I guess scaring the hell out of women in red states wasn’t enough. He’s going for the blue state women.

Excellent post DYB! I haven’t heard these details before. I hope Putin falls soon. Also, love Chopin!

If you’re not following this young Democratic activist on Twitter, you should. She’s great. (She’s the one Matt Gaetz called fat, and she raised a couple of hundred thousand dollars for abortion rights off that.)

I only started following her after the Gaetz flap. People looked at her older tweets and she was an anti-establishment/Bernie-type person. But she’s evolved into a Pelosi/Biden-embracing young activists, which is great to see. She seems to have recognized how things get accomplished.

Uh oh

@6 I love the way he phrased that.

@7 Wow! hahahaha Zing. I caught her on Joy Reid’s show back when the Matt Gaetz thing happened and she was great. I think she’s only 19 years old? Joy Reid said, “You will not beat Gen Z at the trolling. Don’t even try.” But idiots gotta try – and I’m glad they do. 🙂 I’m happy to hear she has wised up about how things get accomplished.

@8 And the hits just keep on coming! Poor Mikey.

TheMyPillow guy said that the FBI seized his cellphone while he was at a Hardee’s restaurant.

We don’t have that brand of “restaurant”, but from the internet photos it looks like BurgerKing or McDonalds.

I guess his pillow sales were as successful as Trump ‘university’.

Our prez just Rick Scott a royal burn:

Shadow @10, I think that place is a fast food joint related to Carl’s Jr.

I wonder if Putin will fall out of a high rise window???

Shadow @ 13> Fly Putin Fly.

@14 I hear Red Bull gives you wings.

@15 Hahahaha!

Great Biden response to Senator Skullhead! 😆

Great post, D! I’m really really hoping the coup is happening and Putin is getting deposed. That’s what it will take to end this war. Russia needs to retreat and sign a non-aggression treaty with Ukraine. Ukraine is going to be the clear victor in this war. Russia will just have to deal with the humiliation and the loss of territory they acquired illegally and shamefully.

The QOP are having some very bad days lately! RIP Ken Starr – may he have company in hell soon!

This is priceless.

More shade

I am loving all the shade!

@17 Oh man, that’s cold. 🙂

@21 Oh Wow. That’s what Miss Lindsey was trying to do???

Well, I hope he keeps it up. And Senator Skullhead (snort) too. Is that dude even human? He looks like an alien to me. I want a DNA test. I think he was sent here to destroy the human race (h/t Resident Alien).

It could also be that abortion rights increases turnout among Democrats. So Lady Lindsay is trying the forced pregnancy tactic to drive QOP turnout?

Sure, Quixote, but it won’t. Almost everyone is against a 15-week ban. If people want abortion restrictions at all (non crazy people), they usually support a “late abortion” ban. So he made an incredible blunder.

This is comforting somehow.

“So he made an incredible blunder.”

Matthew Dowd called it the greatest ‘own goal’ in the history of politics in the last 20 years. Thank you, Lindsey! Please continue.

@24 Speaking of communities… you have built a great one here, MB (along with DYB, Fredster, and all others). A lot of tears have been shed here (and that’s just by me). 🙂 Thank you, sincerely.

Okay, I’m behind on the blog again…

DYB @14
“Shadow @ 13> Fly Putin Fly.”

—> DYB, you might be to young to know who the Kinks are, but we should dedicate this song to Putin while he flies out of a high rise window.

Oops, *too young…

Malta’s criminal law prohibits the termination of pregnancy under all circumstances, even when the woman’s life is at stake.


The recent successes have also offered another demonstration of Ukrainian prowess and daring. … Ukraine has demonstrated impressive operational art.”

That bit about about the laws on who gets which surgical procedures in Malta.


Are they trying to provide proof that TransRightsActivism is just the currently cool face of misogyny?

Check out this smarty-pants bird!

MB @24, that’s amazing about the tears.

PJ @26, Well said!

Luna @27, I’m glad he’s okay. Hope this is over soon!
@31, Malta sounds batshit crazy. A place to avoid.

Quixote @33, that’s what it feels like, that trans rights activism is the current cool thing.

Awww, thanks PJ! I’m thankful for you and this community every single day. I don’t know how we’ve gotten through the horrible times, but somehow we’re still here. We have cried a lot of tears together. And we fondly remember our dear ones who have gone to greener pastures – may they be forever at peace.

Annie, what a clever bird!

Q and Luna, that “free surgery but no abortion” law is truly beyond belief. These men want to be women, but they can’t change their sex, so they punish us? Is that how the sick logic goes?

I know with my mentee she couldn’t believe that my red line – and why I could never be a TERF – was about abortion and not transgender rights. Yes, guess what, abortion is about my bodily autonomy and it is my red line because of that. Deal with it. It doesn’t mean I hate trans women. For f sake!

Not sure how reliable this info is.

Annie @ 34
Hooray for smarty-pants!!

I agree with both of you, this blog has gotten me though some of the worst times and it’s great to have a place we can speak freely and enjoy like minded Hillary supporters.

So today the batshit Dump Judge said some really crazy stuff, told the DOJ they didn’t know what they are talking about and will not go back on her crazy ruling and will let Dump’s lawyers look at all the Top Secret documents.

Laurence had a great show with three top dudes that explained it all, much better than I. 😉

@34, magpies are members of the Corvidae, which includes crows and ravens; all considered to be smarter-than-average birds.

I am so happy it’s Friday…

That bird was amazing! And cute too I thought. 🙂

@40 That Judge is making me ill.

…my red line – and why I could never be a TERF – was about abortion

MB, I’m confused. The acronym TERF was meant to be a slur and to stand for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Radfems know the real meaning — Tired of Explaining Reality to Fckwits. (There’s a more polite version but I can’t remember it now.) “Radical” refers to “from the root,” and is exemplified by 2nd Wave feminism. Besides, we radfems do not exclude trans people; we include trans-identified women. We just don’t include men, regardless of whether those men identify themselves as women or not. The word Terf has also been taken over by quite a lot of radfems aka Terven. 🙂

Radfems stand for women’s bodily autonomy and so are never against abortion. Abortion is a woman’s right.

Of course people who identify as trans shouldn’t face discrimination at work or when looking for housing, etc. But it’s not a human right to deprive girls and women of their single-sex spaces, or insist that a male caregiver is really female when girls and women want female healthcare caregivers for a pelvic exam. Both the original Title IX and the UK’s Equality Act specify that discrimination on the basis of sex is permitted when there is a legitimate need for single-sex spaces and opportunities. For example, it’s considered appropriate for bathrooms to be single-sex facilities.

@43 – I read a very long and clarifying article about TERFs. I’ll see whether I can find it again.

The bottom line is, TERFs in the UK are anti abortion. The movement originated there. I could never identify with that type of a group.

This is one article I found where TERF and right-,wing activism intersected

I know you are not anti-abortion, Luna. You are fighting for your rights as a woman and a lesbian. I get it.

Um, no, mb. I mainly follow the UK feminists because there’s an astonishing number of clearthinkers there. There’s a constant attempt to tar gender critical feminists with ooga-booga-you-agree-with-wingnuts. Otherwise the TRAs would have to address the actual arguments and explain how we really don’t have two sexes at all and how women aren’t discriminated against at all.

It came about because during the height of the all-trans-all-the-time mania, women couldn’t get a hearing anywhere except in some right wing forums. In fact, of course, it’s not really a hearing since the wingnuts are anti-trans and anti-women while the feminists are trying to talk about women’s rights. There was (is?) a big argument among UK feminists whether to participate in such things or not, even if it was the *only* way to try to get the word out.

As one feminst put it, what’s likelier: that women who’ve spent their lives fighting for social justice and gay rights and children and (how very dare they!) women are suddenly rightwingers? Or that the people making that slur have, at best, misunderstood the situation?

Many TERF organizations are actually cooperating with right-wing organizations. That is not ooga-booga, that is fact. I’ve seen it in multiple articles, one of which I linked above.

I am a fierce supporter of protecting women’s safe spaces and women’s rights, but I don’t condone that activity.

mb, that is simply not true. It is transactivist propaganda. There are some genuine feminists who, in desperation, have used right wing platforms. You can count them on one hand. “Many” is the wrong word. Nor do they agree with the wingers letting them speak. “Cooperating” is also propaganda. The few genuine ones do lend that toxic grain of truth when the wingnuts trot out front groups who really are cooperating.

The whole thing is analogous to the US Repub “Susan B. Anthony” anti-choice group. It’d be a bit of a stretch to say that somehow taints everyone who admires her. The wingers will use everyone and anyone and then lie about it. They have plenty of priors in evidence.

The big back and forth about this in the UK was many moons ago. I’ll try to scare up the links I have from my jungle of them.

Here’s one by James Kirkup which is recent (which is why it’s not buried three years deep). Most of the feminist discussion in the UK was in 2019-2020. Victoria Smith, Julie Bindel, Janice Turner, Jane Clare Jones have written excellent pieces I wish I could find.

TERFs in the UK are anti abortion

Absolutely not true. Read Kathleen Stock, Jane Clare Jones, Helen Joyce, Maya Forstater, Allison Bailey, J K Rowling, Julie Bindel, Emma Hilton.

I’ve met Kara Dansky and Amy Sousa, just to mention two women fighting against gender ideology in the US. They’ve spoken on and have been reported on in conservative media only because the mainstream media won’t. It’s the “No Debate” problem. If you won’t debate your position, do you have a position which can be defended? Kara’s been on Tucker Carlson a couple of times. It starts out with how weird it is for someone of her politics to be on his show.

There are conservative religious groups who actually support environmental protection because they believe in taking care of their god’s creation. Environmentalists haven’t rejected their allyship on this issue because those groups otherwise vote Republican.

Women (and a few men) have lost their jobs, gotten rape and death threats, and been doxxed for stating biological facts. No wonder so many don’t want to speak out.

That was a really good article, Quixote

The article I shared was about a group called WoLF, identifying as TERF, that was working with the Heritage Foundation. I think we can safely say they are anti-abortion. So whatever the reason, it doesn’t look good when groups identifying as TERF do things like that.

I share both your and Luna’s justifiable concerns about trans activists and the way they are trying to erase sex in favor of gender. It’s causing no end of problems for women, an already marginalized group. We need to figure this out by having respectful conversations like the three of us are having. I wish that were more possible than it seems to be.

I think Biden has been looking 20 years younger since The Speech. He definitely has a pep in his step. It reminds me of Biden before and after South Carolina in the primary. Looking back over his career, I think he’s always been like that – able to weather bad political winds and then knowing how to set his sails for maximum speed when the wind shifts and is at his back. It’s kind of amazing. I am in danger of becoming a fan.

@52 – I totally agree! His popularity has jumped as well. He’s doing really well.

Yup, I agree that Biden is finally able to pass some of his agenda and not have Man-chin blocking his every move. Also, the damn media can’t drag him through the mud for the Dems infighting.

Joe deserves to be happy and proud of what he has pass so far. I hope things go well for him in the future too.

Today we got RAIN!
Hip, hip, hooray!!!!

I can’t remember when the Bay Area had rain the last time, maybe last February, or March?

Everyone was so happy to see it, I feel so badly for all the states that had too much rain that it flooded.

Wouldn’t it be great if the states that had too much rain could send it to those that don’t have any…and those states could give something back like being able to grow more food at cheaper prices?

A woman can dream.

Shadow – I have thought the same thing about rain. If only we could redistribute it where it’s most needed!

We had tons of rain up here in Santa Rosa. We’re supposed to get more, off and on, till Wednesday. Then we’re supposed to get more in a couple of weeks. It’s really exciting! We need it so badly. We’re in extreme drought up here.

Speaking of Biden: how long would Drumpf have taken to get Puerto Rico the help they needed? If they even got any help at all…

We thought Biden did a great job on 60 Minutes. He’s really amazing, at his his age to be able to go to work everyday and plow through what is probably the most difficult job in the world.

I’m guessing that there are a lot women on both the liberal and conservative sides that have problems with the trans in women’s spaces.

Is it appropriate or inappropriate to play this Queen song for the Queen?

If I was the Queen, this is the song I’d be singing.

@64 – dogs are the best!

I’ll bet they would have bitten Drumpf if he dared to show his orange face at the funeral!

The Queen’s Fell pony, Emma, was also waiting at Windsor Castle, saddled but riderless.

I bawled through the whole thing. It was cathartic.

@65 Way to go, Dump! Hahahaha.

I heard he was really mad about DeSantis drinking his milkshake (mistreating immigrants). That’s HIS milkshake. DeSantis better watch himself.

A couple more. I’m not trying to derail the thread,
honest! It takes me a while to find the cites.

1) A recent study of how hard it is to get a hearing in academic circles. It’s worse outside of them. To give an indication of why some women might go for any forum that’ll have them. Academia’s Gender Wars, Laura Favaro. 2022-09-15.

2) Feminisms Dangerous New Allies, Julie Bindel. 2020-10-12. Bindel has been a ball of fire for decades. She summarizes the situation then quite neutrally, and since that’s when the arguments were flying, comes down on the side of not using treacherous platforms just because they’re there. (Like I said, the Brits have very clearthinking feminists 😆 )

Thanks Q! I appreciate the articles. I liked the 2nd one especially, but I would 🙂 .

I gotta say that things were a lot clearer when I started being a feminist in the mid 60ies. There wasn’t a trans movement to speak of and women felt empowered and fought against the same narrow minded men that have worked so hard to overturn Row v Wade.

I’ve seen and talked to straight men, that love and support women and women’s rights, and some call themselves ‘feminists’. I personally find it disturbing.

A word is just a word and words matter when women have life long experiences they have shared with each other about being bullied and mistreated because they are female.

Why do men want to be a ‘woman’ or treated like a woman? They have grown up as men and have been given the advantages men get and with that background want to claim they should be accepted in full as a woman by other women.

Were some of these men sexists towards women before they decided they wanted to be a woman? Did they degrade women, make more money than women, cheat on their wives or force a woman to have sex with them?
Are they sexually interested in men but want to be treated like a princess?

I don’t know…

Shadow @70. One of those clearthinking UK
feminists who inspires me, Victoria Smith, said it well: any man who’d like to live as a woman knows the way to the kitchen and the laundry. He can go to it.

There’s definitely a contingent who think the whole deal is princessing. Mention diapers to them and they can’t figure out what planet you come from.

Q @ 71
‘Princessing’, I never knew there was a term for it.

Just dressing up and putting on makeup isn’t what being a woman is like. All the physical changes and pain and men trying to define our lives is something they haven’t had to deal with all of their lives.

How damn far will some men go to control women???


A businessman turned state representative from rural Oil City, Louisiana, and a Baptist pastor banded together earlier this year on a radical mission.

They were adamant that a woman who receives an abortion should receive the same criminal consequences as one who drowns her baby.

Under a bill they promoted, pregnant people– (Pardon my French, what the fu_k is that?) could face murder charges even if they were raped or doctors determined the procedure was needed to save their own life.

Doctors who attempted to help patients conceive through in-vitro fertilization, a fertility treatment used by millions of Americans, could also be locked up for destroying embryos, and certain contraception such as Plan B would be banned.

Shadow – I have no idea why any man would want to be a woman. We are marginalized and abused by men our entire lives, while their privilege protects them from any consequences of their actions. I can only conclude that for trans women it is not a choice – it is truly their gender identity.

I totally get trans men. If I could authentically do that, I would. Why not be at the top of the food chain for once?

As for these hateful wackadoo men who want to punish women for exercising free will, Drumpf has brought them all out of the woodwork. Good – this makes those cockroaches easier to stomp!

Tish James has filed a civil fraud lawsuit against the Mango Moron and his family. Way to go Tish!

@75 YES!!!! Go Tish Go!

@73 I think women of all stripes are creeped out and freaked out. It’s one thing to have those sick feelings and yet know you were protected by Roe. This is a whole new level of fear. But women can vote. It’s like the guy who finally catches a woman with intentions to lock her up in a storage shed behind his house, but forgetting there was a window that she can choose to escape out of.

From my limited knowledge and only watching trans people on TV, it seems that trans men tend to retain their empathy for women that they learned when they lived as a woman and trans women tend to retain their male privilege attitude towards women that they learned when they lived as a man.

@76 – from my limited experience that makes sense to me, PJ.

@74 mb, there’s another possibility besides “true gender identity.” Women, the XX kind, are simply not on the map in their world. We don’t actually exist as human beings. (They like admiration for their feminine beauty, but that’s a bit different.) It’s hard to take on board since to us it seems kind of obvious we exist. But it’s the only explanation for some of the stuff that comes up.

For instance, I think it was in the UK?, during one of the argle-bargles about bathrooms, one (male) writer stated conclusively that it was essential to give transwomen rights to use female bathrooms because a transwoman had been attacked in a male bathroom!

There was that moment of stunned silence from the female side when you can’t believe your ears. But when women started pointing out that male violence was exactly the problem they’d been trying to discuss, it was like shouting into the Grand Canyon. The discussion on the pro-trans side was all about the one attacked transwoman. Women simply aren’t there.

Over 200 counts of inflating assets fraudulently. Go Tish James!

She’s also mentioned the IRS should be looking at this. My big question: where have they been for the last thirty whole damn years????

@78 As you’ve pointed out before quixote, we exist as service animals – not as human beings. Valued, “loved”, but with no rights except those the Patriarchy decides to give us. We do not have inalienable rights.
That’s basically what Alito was saying.

Trans women could join the fight. Instead it’s all about them. They’re acting like men (not all men!).

PJ @ 76

“… it seems that trans men tend to retain their empathy for women that they learned when they lived as a woman and trans women tend to retain their male privilege attitude towards women that they learned when they lived as a man.”

It seems that way to me too PJ.

The one biological thing that women have over men, and trans women is the ability to create life. That is a very powerful ability in human beings. Women should always have the right to decide if they want to be a mother or not.

Rightwing men want to force all women to have their children, even if they are raped or can die from childbirth.

Some Trans women want to degrade the ability of women to create life, calling women ‘birthers’ or ‘pregnant people’.

The fact that women have to live with men trying to control what we are, how to define us, and how we live – is exhausting but necessary.

“Over 200 counts of inflating assets fraudulently. Go Tish James!

She’s also mentioned the IRS should be looking at this. My big question: where have they been for the last thirty whole damn years????”

—– Absolutely!

@78 – you are preaching to the choir about women not existing. I agree, agree, agree.

/rant on

I do think there is such a thing as gender identity. I have a couple of very close friends who have seen thousands of kids growing up over the years (one is a high school teacher and one is a pediatrician) and they have seen true gender struggles amongst quite a few of the kids. It’s been increasing over the years.

Since I think it’s real, I think everyone should be free to express whatever their gender identity is. It’s none of my business. Whatever you want to be called, go for it. I’ll respect that decision.

I do think we get into trouble as a society when we try to elide sex and gender. Just because a man has a gender identity that’s female, doesn’t mean he should join same-sex women’s spaces. That seems very obvious to me but I have had a lot of trouble attempting to get men (trans, gay and straight) to understand this. (Quelle non-surprise.)

I also feel that men should not impose more “othering” identities on women. For example, I don’t want to go around calling myself “cis het”. For goodness’ sake, why should I define myself as “not” trans and “not” lesbian, bi or queer?

I’m already so marginalized I don’t exist. Why should I cut off more slivers of my identity to please men, no matter what their gender is?! I’m a woman and that’s that.

If I want to qualify my own identity, that’s my prerogative. I can say I’m a Jewish woman, a liberal woman, a white woman, etc. My identity, my choice.

I expect the same respect I give to others about their identity. Of course, I don’t get it….because I don’t exist.

/rant off

Back on topic…

The DOJ won on their appeal about the 100 Top Secret documents.

I gather the roads out of Russia are a traffic jam of young men trying to leave the country before the mobilization is set up. I feel kind of sorry for them, and as a 3rd generation refugee want to tell them that waiting till the night before is Too Late, but I also wish there were that many just saying No!

DOJ won appeal on 100 docs: excellent!

Yahoo! This was a very, very bad day for the Former Guy…which means it was a great day for America!


Lawrence is covering it now. Wow. Two of the judges were appointed by Trump. It sounds like they not only decided against Dump, they bitch-slapped him and his lawyers. And just eviscerated Cannon.

What a relief. It feels like the insanity fever we have been living under is finally breaking.

Another astonishing news day. Gosh, I hope we are finally going to see the last of the orange evil.

Really enjoyed the trans discussion. So many great points you all made. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but a few days ago on twitter a woman said she had just seen a trans woman thread where they were commiserating with each other about not being able to experience abortion! Like it’s a spa day with your friends.

Annie, always great to see your comments at the end of the day 😉

“…on twitter a woman said she had just seen a trans woman thread where they were commiserating with each other about not being able to experience abortion! Like it’s a spa day with your friends.”

Ain’t that a hoot.
I could understand if they said they wished they could experience having a child, but to miss having an abortion is so wrong.
No woman enjoys having an abortion.

I hope you got some nice rain where you live. I only got about 1/2″ but it was exciting, everyone here was talking about it like unicorns were falling from the sky.

@90 – it was quite a news day, wasn’t it?!

The idea of being sad because you’re not able to experience an abortion – that is truly bizarre. Kind of male though – they are not missing being able to create life, because they can’t conceive (ha ha) of what that’s like. They’ve never had to deal with the wondrous joys of having a menstrual cycle (yes, that was very snarky!).

More news – Judge Cannon is not trying to fight the 12th Circuit. She’s so far out there in lala land, I thought she might try to push back.

This thread is incredible!

The comments I read blamed women for men becoming less masculine.

Too bad you old f@rts, many of us women like men that take care of themselves, smell good and don’t bully women.

Shadow @94 I remember men (& religious women) blaming women for men becoming less masculine when I was young. Spot on about us liking men that take care of themselves and smell good!

MB, looked at that thread! Ah, my memory was right! Good lord. Time for a pretty bird break!

Shadow, sadly, no rain for us yet. The weather had cooled down a lot though, especially at night. That heat wave we had was just awful, wasn’t it?

What a cute bird, Annie!

Can you believe the stories about men becoming “less masculine” because of women, go back to the 1800s?! Seems like it was always a crock of you know what.

@93 That was so enlightening! So men have been insecure about their masculinity for a very long time. And blaming women for it. Probably goes back to the time of Eve. Wow. Freud completely missed that. What would you call it? Penis anxiety?

The bird! How delightful! Yum, yum, yum. What are y’all talking about? Yum, yum, yum. Did y’all say something? Yum, yum, yum. I’m beautiful and I don’t even care because this is sooooo good.

The pretty bird is so colorful. I wonder how it came about for camouflage?
They also make the softest and prettiest nests I have ever seen.

Annie, I’m shocked you didn’t get any rain. How far from San Diego are you? Yes, the cooling down is wonderful.

I don’t think any of us have received the new Covid Omicron/Delta booster yet, and I am planning on getting it about mid October. Waiting a little longer than getting it right now hopefully will protect me through the winter season when we might be more at risk. This is just my reasoning, not sure if I am right or not.

I am curious to see how the symptoms differ from the other two boosters we received, although it is too early to know since there isn’t much data yet, I found this article that seems helpful.

@103, Shadow I got my Omicron booster this week and my High Dose Senior Flu shot about 10 days prior. I had no side effects from either, but then I haven’t had any side effects with any of these vaccines, except with the first covid booster and even then I was just a little tired and slept in the next day.

I must be lucky; I haven’t had symptoms of covid or a positive covid test either and my friends have had both. Minimizing public contact, wearing a mask and trying to keep 6’ away from my fellow humans, probably helped with the latter, for me any way! Plus, everyone I know is vaccinated to the max!

My last booster was in March of this year, so as soon as the Omicron bivalent became available at my pharmacy, I jumped on it. I hope you get your booster when you want it and that it keeps you safe.

Thanks for the feedback, Cats!
I’m glad you haven’t gotten sick and didn’t have any symptoms. I have worn a mask and kept 6′ away from people too, and have avoided Covid.

I have had symptoms with all four shots so far, lots of different symptoms, first was the worst, had many symptoms for a few months.

I am going to miss a big deal birthday party in my world tomorrow, only one 30-year-old man has not been vaccinated at all, so I will not attend.

I can’t just go there and wear a mask for a few hours, there will be lots of food and I will be uncomfortable the entire time if I go.

Take good care.

OMG! That might be the burn of the century. And delivered with such cool. OMG. Yes, priceless!

I think Walker is going to lose in GA. I think enough White men won’t vote for him because he’s Black and dumb and crazy. If he was White and dumb and crazy, they’d be crawling over glass to vote for him (see Trump). Those same White men will vote for Kemp so there could be a split ticket depending on how many Democrats show up for Stacey.

Speaking of split tickets… Will Kansas reelect Laura Kelly(D) for governor AND Jerry Moran(R) for the Senate? History very much favors Jerry in the Senate race. As I’ve said before, we haven’t sent a Democrat to the Senate in 60 plus years. I think it’s the longest streak in the Country for either Party. It would be earth shattering if he lost.

@106 – that is fantastic! These attorneys are trying to fake executive privilege any way they can, and Judge Dearie is having none of it.

Re the booster – I was thinking of having it this weekend, but I’m worried about the symptoms. I should probably just “woman up” and do it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

In bird news – I just saw the first white-crowned sparrow of the season in our platform feeder! Fall is truly here. And it looks like we have a baby Oak Titmouse to go with our parents. It’s so cute and fluffy!

PJ, I think you nailed it on Walker. Even though he’s an ex-football player, he’s too crazy and dumb and black to appeal to Independent white men in Georgia. And I think white women will be on board with him because of abortion.

These days I think almost any race is up for grabs by Democrats. Inflation was more of a problem for Democrats before passing the Inflation Reduction Act with zero Republican votes. Sure, Republicans can point fingers at Biden for economic woes, but Democrats can say we are helping Americans deal with inflation – what’s your plan?

As always, the sound of crickets will ensue!

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