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Posted on: September 2, 2022

She was right. Of course. Always.

As we head into Labor Day Weekend, I wanted to share President Biden’s speech with all the Widdershins. As the historian Michael Beschloss said afterwards, this moment echoes across time to two other Presidents who, like Biden, spoke on the eve of extraordinarily consequential elections that put America at a crossroads between democracy and ruin.

President Lincoln, before the election of 1860, gave a now-famous speech about slavery, contending that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” – that if America continued to embrace a system that was against the spirit of the Constitution, a system in which only some were free, we would lose our democracy. President Roosevelt, before the election of 1940, had to contend with American apologists for Hitler and Nazism, and clearly laid out what the future would be if we did not enter the war and stand up for democracy.

President Biden made this clarion call for democracy and against the MAGA movement at exactly the right time. Once again, our democracy stands on the brink of falling to an extreme minority who does not believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, the right to free and fair elections, or the peaceful transition of power. These Nazis, these fascists, these white supremacists, simply want to enshrine themselves as the rulers of America – and they don’t care how they do it.

In this speech, Joe Biden did what he doesn’t like to do – he made a clear division into “us” (patriotic Americans, no matter what party) and “them” – MAGA extremists who do not believe in our vision of America.

It’s about fricking time. As we know, Hillary was ahead of him by 7 years! But, better late than never, Joe.

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I didn’t realize that the mainstream news networks generally failed to cover Biden’s speech. Absolutely disgusting, unpatriotic and unforgivable.

The only network we get is PBS. I thought they would carry Biden’s speech but they didn’t. It wasn’t on NPR radio either. Shame on both ‘public’ stations. We finally listened to it online. It was a very good speech but I will be nitpicky and say it should have been delivered at least a year ago.

Thank you for posting it, MB.

The Blog’s under-a-rock dweller surfacing here. I didn’t know the networks did not air Biden’s speech.

I am boggled. No, seriously.

I thought that was Not Done. Not only that, but also, and remembering how they would cut away to wait breathlessly for the Dump to appear and start his oral farts at rallies. They’d air empty air, goddammit! And now this.

If the Dems don’t control both houses of Congress after November, and use it to pull the country back from the cliff — DC, PR statehood, expand Court to 13, pass voting rights (independent commission-drawn districts, toss Electoral College, and the rest) — we are well and truly toast. Done. Call the dump truck. (Or is that Dump truck?)

@3 – Beata, I thought some Shinners may not have had access to the speech. I’m glad you had the chance to listen.

@4 – Quixote, I agree. I cannot imagine what the networks’ excuse for not carrying POTUS’ speech could have been. What did they tell him? Sorry, we have a rerun of “Last Man Standing” to run?

It’s very disturbing and shows the continued rightward slide of the mainstream media. As Biden said, there are those who believe in democracy, and those who don’t.

I agree, quixote!!! We must do those things or MAGAts will finish the job they have started. No doubt about it.

I think everything about the speech was brilliant. The what (was said), the where, the when, and the how (it was presented). It was powerful. Great job, Team Biden!

WTF on the networks not airing it? “Sorry, we have a rerun of “Last Man Standing” to run?” LOL! But you’re right, MB. Very disturbing. “As Biden said, there are those who believe in democracy, and those who don’t.” True and terrifying when the media is among those who don’t. If this is a near-death-of-our-democracy experience and not a death-death experience, it will be a miracle.

Thanks for posting Biden’s speech, MB.

CNN covered the speech, I missed the first part of it, but did watch most of it on CNN.

I was also glad to see him get more passionate and call a spade a spade.

There is no one like our Hillary.

I am pretty sure that MSNBC also broadcasted the speech too. I only rely on CNN and MSNBC to get my news, the other channels and stations are too concerned on other bs to report the real news.

PJ, love the “wrinkle in time” comment on last thread.

MB, extra brilliant post!

I didn’t know the networks hadn’t carried Biden’s speech. If that wasn’t news, what is?

I wouldn’t put anything past dump:

I know that sounds crazy, but everything about Ivana’s death is bizarre. Seriously, why did dump have anything to do with her burial anyway? Her kids should have handled it.

And then burying the coffin in the “rough”? People on twitter are calling for the feds to keep an eye on her grave, in case its dug up and opened in the middle of the night. Or just get a search warrant and do it themselves.

@13 I agree, socal. It’s bizarre. And creepy.

@11 Yes, they should search his other residences. I hadn’t thought of that, but now it seems obvious.

I heard on MSNBC that one poll indicated that those polled identified “threats to Democracy” as the major issue for them in November. ‘Bout damn time. (I include Roe, voter suppression, current SC, the EC, equal justice under the law, etc under that heading too). I hope this is a reliable canvass and widely believed among all demographics.

I also heard one of the rethugs liken Biden’s “MAGA Repubs” to “Hillary Clinton’s deplorables.” Not sure if the former was acceptable but the latter was not, or whether he thought that was sireally, really good zinger to throw at Biden. Eye roll. Any hoo, I am glad the Dems are finally calling out the bastards for who they are.

Did anyone notice that Jill always seems to accompany Biden to and from the podium and when he finished this time, he was definitely having a problem walking and stepping down? I don’t care if his body goes, as long as his mind is sharp and he gets done what he promises, but I don’t want another aged Prez who is just the face of the office, not the one in control. Another four years may be a tough slog for him. And then there is Kamala…

The fact that his mind is good and sharp can be seen in the way he calls Republicans what they are. First President in living memory to have the courage to do that.

Isn’t it some kind of honor to be a casket-bearer? I don’t think the number of men crowding around is indicative of the weight of it.

I could be wrong. I’ve never been part of the whole carrying aspect.


If you have Covid tests that now have expiration dates on the back of the box, they are probably still good. The manufacturer is iHealth and I am sending the link below to check the new expiration date on those tests. Most of mine now have new dates, sometime in Feb 23 until they expire.

Good to see you Cats!

@18, Thanks Shadow!

@17, You’re probably right that it’s an honor, for normal people anyway. I also think it’s kind of odd for cremated remains to be in a casket, unless there is going to be more than one set of remains is going to be in it. Usually when cremated remains are buried, it’s in a tiny plot or one of those wall things with the locker type openings. I had my Dad cremated because I thought it was better for the environment and he had a nice honors service at the military cemetery in Tacoma.

Cats @15, thanks for all that info!

Hi Cats2! Thx for the info.

Cremated remains in a coffin to be buried? Weird.

As for the MSM not carrying Biden’s speech (boggle from me also) — that’s part of why the country’s in the state it’s in.

I liked that Biden used a red background. To me it was saying that he is taking the fight for democracy straight to the Red MAGAt Mad Hatters.

If the Republican Party survives this (I don’t think they will), they should think about changing their color to something more peaceful. Like teal.

From the internet: The color teal is regarded to awaken feelings of balance, calm and tranquility. If ever a Party needed those things, it’s the GOP.

Cats – I noticed that about Biden too. He is clearly much weaker than he used to be, physically. He could be suffering lingering effects of COVID, or just the stresses of the hardest job in the world – who knows? It’s worrisome.

I just pray he hangs on and stays sharp till 2024. I am more certain than ever that he won’t run again. Kamala is young and strong and will have a lot of accomplishments under her belt by then, as long as we keep the House and Senate.

Speaking of 2022, I heard on MSNBC yesterday that civil rights leaders spoke with Biden and he expressed eagerness to re-vote on the Voting Rights bills the House passed. Now that he has labeled MAGA Republicans anti-democratic and fascist, and the future of democracy is top of mind for so many (I read that too, Cats – it’s a good sign), let’s get those Thugs on the record voting AGAINST voting rights. It will be a lot more politically dangerous for them this time, especially those on more purple districts and states.

I hope Schumer does this ASAP.

He could do the same for abortion rights too. Get those Thugs on the record with their anti-choice views.

Has anyone seen this? Hillary and Chelsea wrote a book about Gutsy Women and will have a multiple part series based on the book on Apple TV (to which I do not have access, phooey) debuting Sep 9. If anyone gets to see it, would love to hear your thoughts on it. I do adore these two individually and singly!

Get the Thugs on the record? ?? Erm, how long a record do they need? They’ve been on the record in Congress voting against everything since about Hoover!

“I liked that Biden used a red background. To me it was saying that he is taking the fight for democracy straight to the Red MAGAt Mad Hatters.”
Funny and I agree. Red is the fighting color of the bull fights.

Biden needs to use a red cape to draw in the bull-headed Dumpster crew and politically cut them off at the knees by pointing out all the crimes and damage their dear-effin-leader has caused.

Fight on Biden! You have given American’s the sympathy to heal, now tear down the Mega fantasy.

Cats @26, thanks for that Trailer.

I don’t have Apple TV either, (not about to pay Apple for tv}, but I am sure after it gets exposure from Apple, it will somehow get out in other venues.

I will keep my eyes open for that.

@29, you are welcome! I meant I loved them “individually and together,” duh, but I hope you are right Shadow. It is an 8 part series! I also saw an interview with them about the series; it was longer, but had more detail about why they did it and the criteria they used to whittle down their long list of gutsy women.

I wish more voters could have seen the spirit, the love, the humor and the joy in Hillary, and heard that laugh! But then again there was still the Russians, the FBI, Comey, the time-tested Rethug ratfuckery and voter suppression to jimmy the EC that eventually did her in.

Love this place, back to lurking….

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.

@28 That’s right, Shadow. I love that visual.

@32: Excellent Rather post, SoCal! Read some of the comments to check for backlash, OMG, my heart soared to read Republicans going blue (for now) because the party “left them.” Thanks for posting!

The Book of Gutsy Women — Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience came out in 2019. I dimly remember hearing about it then. I still find it more than a little painful to read what Hillary has written since 2016, because I ache at what we could have had and how the country would probably be today if she had won the EC. Anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, I borrowed the e-book from my local library. There’s an audio version too — read by Hillary and Chelsea! I see the that’s on hold with a 4-week wait (smile).

Dan Rather’s post was excellent, annie; thanks for linking. He’s one of the old-style journalists who actually write and speak authentic journalism.

Cats3, I agree, those comments are interesting! “it was quite telling that none of the major networks carried Biden’s speech” and pointing out that many “journalists” focused on the Marines rather than the content of Biden’s speech.

As to Biden’s appearance, it’s not surprising that he would have fatigue post-Covid. Medical research findings indicate that those trying to work thru while having Covid take longer to recover. I hate that many people think working while sick is laudable. No, it delays recovery and puts stigma on others.

@34: I am with you Luna, I will never forgive or forget what happened to Hillary in 2016, well actually to her for her entire life. I read “What Happened” and had no trouble reading it to the end. Reading her perspective was a bit cathartic for me.

My memory is poor but I swear that Biden is following much of what Hillary was planning to do in 2016 had she won. (I of course believe she would have done it better.) IIRC her first priority was going to be on infrastructure, 400,000 new jobs, clean energy, green jobs, even for the children of all those KY miners clinging to dead lungs and the jobs that killed them. Of course covid hit and her focus would have had to shift but the woman can multi-task and she wouldn’t have been playing golf or grifting while the country needed her. Sigh. What might have been, indeed.

PJ brought up the tesseract with respect to Roe. Wouldn’t it be grand if trump’s savage assault on our fumbling democracy turned out to be the tesseract launching this country to its best possible iteration? The impetus to become the nation to finally own up to the sins of our past, to raise up all our citizens and aspiring citizens to a better life, maybe even to lead the world to a better future for all its inhabitants, if of course we don’t kill Mama Earth first.

Luna, I don’t know if you are a fan of Canadian mystery-writer Louise Penny, but she and Hillary became friends and co-authored a political thriller called, State of Terror. (Your library will have.) It’s about a blonde SOS from the media world appointed by the President she campaigned against. He intended to humiliate her, putting her in a job he didn’t think she could do, but she eventually gained his respect and the respect of many others, in resolving a terrorist situation that also involved her son and the man who murdered her beloved first husband. I especially liked her bad ass best friend who supported her through thick and thin. Enjoyable read.

I can’t read Hillary’s book yet either. I started to, but then it took me back to the sorrow I felt when the ‘Dumpster won’.

I am one of those people that doesn’t believe that Dump actually won the electoral college. I think he cheated with all his nasty deeds, promised jobs to all his unexperienced friends if they would cheat for him in his states.

Look at all the criminal acts he has committed since way before he was gifted ‘president’. The molestation of young women and maybe girls. The bs businesses he screwed $ out of people that believed in him, like ‘Trump University’…the 2016 election, buying electoral votes…all the way up to recent.

All of us would be in jail for what he has done. I hope his day of reckoning is right around the corner.

I want to see the fat man in an orange jumpsuit, on his knees, cleaning toilets until he meets his maker.

32 @ socalannie

Interesting post by Dan Rather-
Spot on by Rather,
even down to the ‘handwringing of reporters”.

@37, Shadowfax, agree on the EC “win.” IIRC Trump got about 60,000-70,000 more votes in each of 3 states. Same. Amount. In. Three. States. Awfully coincidental. That margin was enough to gain the EC win.

What a nice man! Also, engaging in activities which involve brain-body interaction helps decrease risk of dementia. Especially good if it’s a new activity you have to learn.

“He knits tiny sweaters for injured penguins” –

OMG, that’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. Fancy little sweaters that I couldn’t make.
This man must have a ton of girlfriends… 😉

The old man and the penguins … wow. What an inspiration!

@40: What a lovely way to contribute to the world! His work is very intricately done. It’s impressive! He’s a man after my own heart.

When a Republican thanks Eugene Debs. (FOFL)

I hope those of us that are dealing with heat waves and floods are doing okay.

The Bay Area is a heat wave nightmare. Yesterday, it was 109 degrees, and today is supposed to be the same. Of course the power went out and it was Hell.

Last night was worse when the power went out and we sat around with flashlights and going outside in the dark, it was a blistering 91 degrees.

Sitting in a hot apartment, in silence with only a battery operated camping light is creepy. I was able to get SomaFM on my phone, and soak my feet in cold water, which helped a lot.
It’s time to get real in dealing with global warming, as much as we can.

Needless to say, as soon as the power came back on, I turned up the window ac, jumped on Amazon and purchased one of those backup home power supplies. Folks use it for camping, but next black out I will have enough power to have a normal lamp, a medium sized fan, recharge my iPhone, and a little more.

Stay safe everyone ❤

109? One-oh-freakin-nine??

(Another thing that helps is a slushy ice pack on your head under a hat to keep it on. The nice thing about that is you can use it if you have to go somewhere, too. Or same type of thing draped around your neck like a scarf. But having it on your head is actually the best.)


Shadow @45, thanks for that info. We haven’t had a power outage yet, which amazes me. I want to get one of those back up power supplies. Can you tell me what you ordered?

Luna, I read that thread last night. So happy she spoke out!

Quixote, what a good idea! During menopause, I had lots of severe headaches, most migraines, and used those ice packs wrapped in a dish towel for relief. They really helped.

Cats, thanks for the reminder about Hillary’s mystery book. I’m going to start it today!

Thanks for more ideas…I will make plans.

Luna, thanks for passing on the link to Hillary’s comments. No one is going to lie about Hillary, love how she is too intelligent to let these deplorables get away with it. You tell ‘um Hillary!!!!

@46, that’s a trick long known by alpine climbers and mountain hikers — grab a handful of snow, put it on your head, then pull your hat on over it! Useful in July and August in areas where snowfields last until late in the season.

48 Annie, the one you pick will probably come down to what you can spend and how much you need to survive without going nuts.

I went through a lot of reviews, read a lot of their comments and when I was almost about to pull the $500 trigger on one unit, the power went out.
As I sat there in silence, terrible heat and nothing to do, too hot to sleep I realized I was willing to spend more just to have a little more comfort and protect my life.

What I learned is that it all comes down to how many watts and how long you use it. The cheaper the unit, the less power you get and the quicker you run out of battery power.

I wanted to run a medium sized fan, to have a normal lamp that doesn’t glare like a flashlight, to be able to recharge my iPhone, to use my laptop or a small DVD player for at least about 12 hours if needed. The one I got I could probably use a little more.

You can also recharge the battery with your car if you need to.

Here is the brand and the model I decided upon:

(They also have a discount for most of their models.)

You can also spend about $300 more and get a solar panel to charge their models.

@45: That sounds awful, Shadow. I’m glad you are getting through it and making positive plans for the future.

Ice packs are very helpful in the heat. They are good for cooling off (and also for headaches!). They don’t have to be anything fancy. I just freeze plastic baggies full of water, cover them in a towel and plop them on top of my head. It’s a good look!

Another thing we used to do when I was growing up (in this hot and humid swamp with no A/C) is wrap ourselves up in wet sheets and nightgowns and sleep outside on the porch. It was kind of an adventure but of course I was a kid then.

I wish I could say I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now! But I’m not. Great song though.

(That goes to a page-not-found for me, Shadow. Anybody else having better luck? I’m also curious about good backup power setups!)

We have friends living nearby (the multimillionaire type friends – always good to have those!) who have a fancy backup power system. We’ll just go stay with them if it gets too bad here. They already said we could. The cat can come along, too.

Q @54
Go to Amazon and put the text below in the search box, let me know if you see it or not, ‘Jackery’ is the brand, you could also type that in the search box if you want and you will see the different models and costs.
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000, 1002Wh Solar Generator, with 3x110V/1000W AC Outlets, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack

Beata, thanks for the tips and if I wrap myself in a wet sheet and go outside…my young neighbors will worry I have gone off my rocker 😉

If I have the power to have a light, I could just take a shower.

Beata, having fancy friends that will help you and your loved ones out is a wonderful friendship.

Beata, so good that your kitty is welcome also!

Shadow, I think they may be sold out of that exact model, but they do show a lower wattage one. That looks like a very good line of backup equipment!

Yeah, about that foreign nuclear information…. Jumpin Jehosophat. WHEN IS THIS EARWIGBRAIN GOING TO JAIL???????

Q are you looking on a different Amazon website, because you live in NZ?
The site I am on says this product is in stock.
Can you see this link?

Rats, I wanted to just give you the link and it may be the same link you couldn’t see.

Looks like the manufacturer sells it on their website too: jackerydotcom

Beata @53, I love that old song. I have The Byrds version on my iPod and play it during my workouts.

Hi Shinners, sorry I’ve been away for a while. It was my birthday and we celebrated over Labor Day weekend. Great Hillary posts, adorable penguins, and tips about surviving power outages! It was 113 in Santa Rosa yesterday. 97 today.

Here’s a fact that explains a lot about January 6th.

Happy belated Birthday, MB!

Thank you Shadow! As I’ve added years to my total, I’ve gotten more and more astonished about how old I am. 😅

Anyone seen anything about why it’s taking DOJ so long to file an appeal or do something to counter the egregious misconduct??

It appears the DOJ is weighing the pros and cons of filing an appeal. The Court of Appeals of the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta would hear the appeal. It is a very conservative Court (6 of its 11 active judges were appointed by Trump and its Circuit Justice is Clarence Thomas). It is not considered inclined to rule in favor of the DOJ. The appeal process also further delays the investigation. So it seems the DOJ is trying to decide if it would be more advantageous to accept the appointment of a special master. An appeal also runs the risk that the case will eventually come before the Supreme Court. We can guess how badly that would turn out. (See Dobbs v Jackson for a clue.) Stacking the courts at every level is something the Trump administration did very well. Damn them.

@71: FYI, I am a non-paid, non-attorney, non-spokesperson who is really pissed off about the whole thing.

It’s also past my bedtime.

Thanks, Shadow and Beata. Laurence Tribe weighed in with something similar. Given that the Circuit Court is in the tank, as well as Thomas, I gather options are limited. Tribe was saying the most effective thing might be to contest the purely national security aspects of it in some legalese way I’ve forgotten, and that even a bench full of Trumpaloes would bow to national security. What a world.

Proves what I’ve been saying since Jan 22, 2021: declare that entire presidency* illegitimate and review every single Executive Order and judicial appointment and throw out all the gumballs. (“Radical”? What do you mean, “radical”?!)

Happy Birthday, MB! Hope the temperature cools down soon.

Beata, I’m really pissed off about the whole thing too, and I’m sure we have company. Clarence Thomas as Circuit Justice — we know already how he’d decide.

Q, “even a bench full of Trumpaloes would bow to national security.” Mr. Tribe, are you sure of that? I’m not.

Radical’s first listed definition is “of or going to the root or origin; fundamental.”

Meanwhile …

Ukraine’s top military chief warned Wednesday that a “limited” nuclear war between Russia and the West cannot be discounted, a scenario with grave global implications.

“There is a direct threat of the use, under certain circumstances, of tactical nuclear weapons by the Russian Armed forces,” commander in chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi wrote in an article published by Ukrinform, a state-run media outlet. “It is also impossible to completely rule out the possibility of the direct involvement of the world’s leading countries in a ‘limited’ nuclear conflict, in which the prospect of World War III is already directly visible.”
Zaluzhnyi said Russia’s use of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant as a military base showed its disregard for global nuclear safeguards “even in a conventional war.”

The more I read about Judge Cannon’s decision and the legal experts who are weighing in on it, the more I think the best thing for the DOJ is to go forward with the special master. Yes, it will delay the investigation somewhat but the risk of appeal seems greater because even worse rulings could (and very likely would) come from the higher courts. And an appeal itself, regardless of the outcome, is also a lengthy process that will cause delays. Tomorrow is the deadline for each party (Trump’s legal team and the DOJ) to submit proposals for possible candidates for special master. It’s supposed to be a joint proposal but how they are going to agree on any names is impossible for me to believe. Then it is up to Judge Cannon to name a special master. It does not have to be a candidate that either party has proposed. The judge makes the decision.

I’m in moderation. Weird.

(Very weird. @77 is out now and nothing in that wp could remotely object to. Except for the whole system being grossly depressing, but that’s merely accurate. 😦 )

Re Russians and nukes. Putin has almost no shots left in his locker. 1) Choking off gas and reducing support for Ukraine that way. 2) Choking off grain and creating upheavals which reduce support for Ukraine. 3) Nukes. Including using reactors as big slow dirty bombs. (If anyone needs more arguments for what’s stupid about nuclear power, making a sitting weapon anyone can use is a major one.)

So, yes. Of course he’s going to, at the very least, sabre rattle with anything nuclear, including the plant. That’s a reason to make sure the bastard loses as fast as possible and as thoroughly as possible. Not to piss and moan about the scariness of it all while the slime mold works out how to make it scarier. He’s a _bully_. Christ on a bomb like Slim Pickens.

I know. It’s easy for me to talk. I’d hate to be Biden and have to make the decisions that put people in even more danger. But from up here, 30,000 miles up in orbit, the choice is pretty clear.

I’m in moderation too. 😦 It’s only done that before if I’ve put in 2 web links; this comment only had 1.

@81: I saw that Prince William drove his uncles Prince Andrew and Prince Edward to Balmoral as the Queen was dying. Prince William reminds me of his grandmother. He has her strong character and sense of duty. Diana would be proud. He will be a fine king someday.


Beata @71
Great breakdown, thanks.

Beata @78
Being in ‘moderation’ or just having your entire post disappear is nothing new for WP, it also doesn’t follow any logical rules.
For me, it works okay for long periods of time, then dumps my posts often for no apparent reason.

GAGal @ 83

As Joe would say, that’s a bfd!

The Queen is dead at 96 years old.
May she rest in peace.

Now Charles is King and Camilla is Queen. UGH!

Camilla is Queen Consort–not the same as Queen; apparently it’s a lesser role.

For all her stodginess, I always kind of liked the Queen. That 100% sense of duty. Something very admirable in that. She could have spent all her time on the Royal Yacht or something. But she was out there constantly, cutting ribbons, being gracious, delivering encouraging words when the nation was discouraged. She did her best.

I’ve never quite gotten what people dislike so much about Camilla. Not that I know much about her. I thought the backstory on her and Charles was that they were sweethearts since forever, the Queen (probably Philip, really) nixed it because she had no title and that was before the days it occurred to them they could just confer titles whenever they felt like it. So he married Diana, which didn’t work terribly well, and then he finally ended up with Camilla after all. I’d like to think that’s what taught them, when Kate came along, not to make the equivalent fuss.

@91 – and yet, they made a humongous fuss about Princess Megan. Hmmmmm.

Charles and Camilla were cheating the whole time he was married to Diana. I think that’s a lot of what people object to about both of them.

Yup, that’s why I don’t like Charles nor Camilla.
Diana payed a heavy price, having to put up with a cheating husband from day one.

The fact that the monarchy expected Diana to just shut up and accept it, really ticked me off.

Charles writing Camilla a ‘love note’ saying he wished he was her tampax so he could always be close to her.


I can’t forgive Charles and Camilla for what they did to Diana.

Diana was a young innocent who didn’t know what she was getting into. She didn’t know her marriage was a farce from the beginning. She was used as a royal brood mare, while Charles carried on his affair with Camilla throughout their marriage.

I remember Charles saying he wanted to be Camilla’s tampon. My god, how can a person ever forget that! I think Diana was pregnant with Harry at the time.

Charles should step aside and let William be king. It would be the decent thing to do.

Beata, “Charles should step aside and let William be king. It would be the decent thing to do.”
Agreed, and that Camilla would never be any kind of Queen.

Yes, he really should. Step aside in favor of William. He’s never been cut out for this Kingship stuff.

And yes, he should have had the courage to stand up to his stodgy parents and say he wasn’t letting Diana walk into a worse-than-empty performance. Courage was never his talent. I remember news reports about him growing up (he’s a few years older than me), being sent off to Gordonstoun, and so forth. He always looked so crushed. I got the impression later that all he wanted was for his tie to match his socks and to potter around his estates talking to the head gardener about organic farming. There should be room for gormlessness in the world.

Laurence on MSNBC is talking about the DOJ now!

The DOJ is coming down on the judge with a hammer.

Also, Bannon is in handcuffs.

This is a great thread about the DOJ’s filing. Almost seems like they know what they’re doing. 😉

Quixote – re gormless Charles, hze should have been quietly retired to an estate in Cornwall and the way should have been cleared for the next in line! The royal family has been doing things like that for centuries.

I say a Broadway play several years ago about Charles becoming King. It was very dark. The authors clearly felt his ascension to the throne would be a complete disaster. The title was “King Charles III.” Quite excellent, really.

@102, Nasty oaf. Bet that he wouldn’t have crowded in front if the head of state was a male. Or if he was meeting with Putin.

104 That’s so sad.

Poignant is right.

Indeed, mb. If he’d had the sense to retire to one of his many fine estates, he would have been a lot happier too.

(Given what a slog all the polite gracious ribbon cutting has got to be, who knows? Maybe William has said, “Dad, _please_, do it as long as you can so I can have a bit of a life.” ??)

Not much will change for Harry and Meghan-

When Harry and Meghan announced in early 2020 that they were stepping back from royal duties, they said they would “work to become financially independent.” The terms of the split stipulated that while the pair would always remain part of the family, they would no longer use their HRH titles.
As grandchildren of the monarch, Archie now automatically becomes His Royal Highness Prince Archie of Sussex while Lilibet will be Her Royal Highness Princess Lilibet of Sussex. Whether they use those titles will only become known the first time their parents refer to them publicly.

More royal news: William and Catherine have been given the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales. Those titles are not automatically given to the heir to the throne and his wife. The last person to be Princess of Wales was Diana, William’s mother. Camilla never held that title.

(I know there are important political things going on but losing myself in royal news, which I usually don’t follow, is what I’m doing right now. It’s my version of a vacation.)

A bit of levity on the political front:

Charles restored the titles of Prince and Princess to Harry and Meghan.

Thanks for all the info about the Queen & her kids! Now I’m caught up.

@110, that’s nice.

Stay safe Annie and all in Southern California, with a tropical storm.

Hopefully the much needed rain will fill up all your lakes, holding tanks and some will at least get into the ground water. No serious flooding, please.

Send some water up here in N. CA.

I am a terrible person.
I hate that the news is all about the same stories of the Queen’s death, now for two days straight.

I would be happy with at least half of the news being about important news in our country.

This “gender neutral” aka anti-biology trend is getting worse and worse.

May these anti-WOMEN and anti-Mothers, rot in Hell.

@116 – they’re nuts. Seriously.

Shadow, I feel the same way. Every channel is carrying on about the Queen of England. As I recall, our foreparents worked really, really hard to stop having a monarchy in this country. Why is every news org so obsessed?

On Twitter, several people pointed out that the mainstream news carried King Charles’ speech, but not President Biden’s. How messed up is that?

“the mainstream news carried King Charles’ speech, but not President Biden’s.”

The MSM need to remove “News” from their names and replace it with “Entertainment.” They’ve abdicated their duty as professional journalists.

@114 I think that makes me a terrible person too. 🙂 I’ve skipped the news mostly – but thank you for the heads up @97, Shadow. I was able to catch The Last Word on MSNBC On Demand and it was worth a watch.

@118 Good point, MB.

I think it’s fine that others are into it, I’m just not.

In other news, Michigan Supreme Court says voters get to decide on abortion and voting rights. Basically tells the two Republican fuckwads on the Canvassing Board to stop fucking around with democracy – not gonna get away with it – at least not in Michigan. The Court was not amused.

And if you haven’t seen it elsewhere, Katrina Shealy, Republican, went on a righteous rant. What?? is going on with Republican women in red states?

I’m starting to think maybe there are a lot fewer religiously lobotomized white women than I previously thought. Or that Mr. Alito thought.

What I will remember about Elizabeth- her hats! her matching outfits! the bright colors! In a group of drab colored people, she stood out like a beacon. Looking at the photo collections of her, the clothes really stood out. Granted, they were old lady clothes and she was always so serene and polite but I consider it dignity with dash.
I view Hillary’s rainbow of pantsuits similarly. Brightest person in the room.

I don’t get any 24/7 news channels, thank god. The news about the royals has been an interesting respite for me, although I certainly don’t follow it non-stop. I’ve learned a lot about the Queen, whose devotion to her country and sense of duty were admirable. It has made me aware of how truly sick and tired I am about anything to do with Trump. That POS has been living rent-free in our heads for way too long.

My late mother-in-law was born in England to Jewish refugees who fled from Germany shortly after Hitler took power. Her childhood was spent in London during WWII. She always remembered how the Royal family, including the two young princesses, gave courage and strength to the country as the war raged on. Although she lived most of her life in the US, she remained English at heart and would have greatly mourned the Queen’s passing.

For several years after the war, my own grandparents lived in London, where my grandfather was doing some important work. They were there during the Queen’s coronation. The country was still rebuilding from the war; not just the buildings were scarred, the people were as well. The Queen played an invaluable role in helping them heal and return to normal life.

I love the cartoon of the Corgis coming to greet her in heaven. That’s certainly my idea of heaven – except it would be my own two fur babies. 🙂

Beata, my grandfather was born in England. There is a lot of Anglophile in me and my family. He named his son’s, my father and his brother, after British kings, even though we’re Jewish. 🙂 We watched Monty Python and Benny Hill growing up, and I read every British murder mystery writer.

With all the media coverage about the Queen, the media is just now waking up to the fact that the Russians are losing a lot of ground in Ukraine. Good to see this encouraging news starting to get more attention.

That’s great news about Ukraine! I loved the replies to that tweet – a lot of really good ones.

Non stop English news again today.

I saw some good visuals and some bad today.

The good- William invited Harry and Meghan to look at the memorial flowers and cards that were left for the Queen. Seeing the four of them together was good.
They went on to shake hundreds of hands of people lined up on temporary fencing. William and Kate on one side, Harry and Megan on the other.
They were given lots of bouquets of flowers. They brought a lot of good will, smiles and even laughter to the crowd. This went on for a very long time.

The bad- There was a section of the crowd where some white women turned away as Megan approached, as if they wanted to pretend they didn’t see her coming. Everyone else was warm and shook Megan’s hand. It made me absolutely disgusted.

The news out of Ukraine is truly heartening. The Ukrainians have done such an stellar job. Such courage, intelligence, persistence.

Slava Ukraini. It’s not just a wish, it’s a statement of what they’ve accomplished.

Finally we are getting some cooler weather in the Bay Area. Poor southern CA got some flooding, but possibly isn’t too bad? (I don’t get local news from there.)
Here it’s been about 80, clouds are covering the sky and I can smell the moisture in the air but we get NO rain.

Shadowfax, hope you get some rain soon. At least with the higher humidity it lowers (somewhat) the fire risk.

Here it’s staying hotter than usual, and no rain. Typical for the PNW except the temps. I was saying to someone last week that we’d escaped the big forestland/wilderness fires that we’ve had in previous years. Spoke too soon. More fires have started, and the last few days we’ve been under an air quality warning due to heavy smoke. We had a wetter spring than usual, which caused more vegetative growth than usual. However that ups the fire chance in late summer when the plentiful grasses and large bushes have gotten crispy-dry, especially when it’s windy, or there’s lightning. Several major highways have closed sections. We’re supposed to get cooler weather in a couple of days and even some rain.

Luna, chances are that the BA will not get any rain…the best we can hope for is 80 and under temps and the fog that rolls into the bay from SF and cools things down.

It sucks that WA gets rain and it ends up making extra grass that dries out and feeds fires. I hope you get a rest from the heat and some welcome rain comes your way.

I wish that Mother Nature had a clip board and only punishes the places that poo poo global warming. FL would go up in flames, TX too.

Maybe King C III will do just fine. Every country could use a figurehead who values sustainability and works to stop global warming.

As king, Charles has said he wants to balance tradition and progress. Many of his closest observers assume he will break — or at least crack — the mold.

The thing is: Charles has opinions. He has deep thoughts on fast fashion, hedgerows, parking garages and organic tomatoes. He has established princely think tanks and foundations and trusts to promote “holistic solutions to the challenges facing the world today.”

Once dismissed as a nutter by his critics, because he confessed he talks to trees, Charles is right on time for 2022.

[“I remember years ago, in the ’60s, when I was a teenager, minding so much about all the things there were going on, the destruction of everything,” he said. The uprooting of trees and hedgerows and draining of wet places. . . . This sort of white heat of progress and technology to the exclusion of nature . . . this complete determination somehow to defeat nature.” His first major speech on the environment was in February 1970, when the young prince warned, “We are faced at this moment with the horrific effects of pollution in all its cancerous forms.”]

He was a rock star at last year’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. He is ardent. He believes the planet is going to hell while the world’s governments fiddle.

Just a couple more days to comment! The Biden admin’s proposed changes to Title IX will mean girls and women lose opportunities, scholarships, privacy and dignity. That’s because it makes “gender identity” take precedence over biological sex, or that “sex” also means “gender identity.” This means that girls’ scholarships will now be open to boys who identify as trans, and consequently there are less opportunities for girls. It also means that girls’ and women’s restrooms, changing rooms and showers will be open to trans-identified males. What teenage girl wants to have males in the girls’ showers after P.E. class, or when she starts her period? Or use a toilet stall (with the usual gaps in the sides) when a boy is standing at the sink mirrors?

Trans-identified persons shouldn’t be shunned or excluded from activities — they only need to participate in the category for their own sex! Human rights don’t include taking away girls’ and women’s rights to their single-sex spaces.

This tweet thread has links to more info; please also look at the linked article by She’sRightYouKnow.

What the proposed regulations are saying is that 1) the scope of “sex discrimination” is expanded to include “gender identity;” 2) the sex differentiation permitted by the current regulations may not inflict more than trivial (de minimis) harm; and 3) and that sex differentiation which prohibits an individual from participating in a program or activity that matches their “gender identity” imposes more than trivial harm. Note that the proposed new rules assume greater than de minimis harm as a matter of law, without the need to provide specific evidence to support a finding of harm. Further, the only “harm” considered is to persons with an “inconsistent” gender identity; potential and actual harm to girls and women is not addressed.

Thank you!

Erk. Here’s the link to that article:
It’s quite detailed, so try skimming to the last couple of paragraphs.

Thanks for the information about the proposed changes to Title IX, Luna. Seems to me the thing to do is to be more specific about harm to women and girls to balance this out.

I don’t think it’s feasible to propose that trans women participate in men’s sports. My conversations with my mentees convinced me they will not be satisfied with that because a lot of them take hormones to make themselves grow breasts, which weakens their muscles, and it will feel unsafe for them. Instead, I think there should be a separate category of competition for trans people, trans women and trans men. They won’t like that either, but it’s hard to prove harm from that other than “sorry for the dose of reality.”

This is different from discrimination – rather it is recognizing that trans people feel like their opposite sexes, but aren’t.

Sorry to hear about the wildfires too. Sadly the East Coast is now experiencing drought as well as the West. Global warming can’t be escaped. I’m glad King Charles is such an advocate of fighting climate change!

It’s really, really really hard to feel sympathetic to the ‘but it’s unsafe for me’ complaint.

male-bodied player charging past much smaller female player

(Shortly after that, the UK did ban male-to-female transgender players from womens’ teams.)

Here’s our girl, speaking her truth.

‘Hear how Hillary Clinton thinks DOJ should treat Trump’

For all of us worried about the corgis and dorgis.

Wishing Vlad lots of nightmares.

I just watched the first “gutsy “ Hillary and Chelsea show on HBO. I thought it was very entertaining. It was about comics so there were some good jokes. A lot of Hillary’s personality showed through with all that entails. Nice to focus on women.

Actually, the show’s on Apple TV. I might have to sign up for the 3 month trial to watch it again.

@144: Got my hopes up there, MsMass! I have HBO but not Apple TV. I am dying to see this, I hope I get the chance someday….

If you have Amazon Prime, sometimes you can get access to content from other services by paying a little premium. We might be able to get “Gutsy” on Prime at some point.

Ken Starr, independent counsel who pursued Clinton, dies.
Good riddance you horrible human!


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