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Sands Through The Hour Glass

Posted on: August 21, 2022

Hello Widdershins!

Ever since You Know Who became POTUS all of our lives have been an endless whirlwind of news (usually bad) and events. We all hoped You Know Who leaving office would finally let us catch up on some sleep, but alas. The devastation left in is wake is ongoing. Besides the stolen top secret documents he was hiding in his basement (Republican say it’s ok, he is a former President and it’s perfectly safe… but do you remember where Hillary’s secure email server was??? That’s right, in a basement of a former President), anyway, Trump is just yelling non-stop against every government agency he remembers. FBI, IRS, I’m not sure he even knows the difference. At least we are seeing some progress from Merrick Garland. Some people point out that as a prosecutor Garland had a 100% conviction rate. Still, fingers crossed the DOJ not only continues its investigation, but they do it quickly because we have no idea what the midterms will bring, and certainly don’t know what 2024 will bring.

CNN has “fired” its Reliable Sources anchor Brian Stelter. They are cancelling the show. On one hand, Stelter was a both-side hack who allowed Republicans on the show to spew lies while asking about Hillary’s emails. On the other hand, the new chief of CNN basically thinks Stelter is too liberal for CNN. We should be worried about what this means not for Stelter, but for us because I think we will see CNN take a very noticeable right turn in the near future.

Russian fascist/neo-Nazi Alexander Dugin

And on the front of Russia’s war on Ukraine – an interesting development overnight. Alexander Dugin is a Russian professor who is a dedicated fascist and white supremacist/nationalist. For years he has been calling for the extermination of Ukrainians (and many others) in the name of Holy Mother Russia. He is something of a spiritual guide to Vladimir Putin. Though officially Dugin is not welcome in polite Russian society, like David Duke and Steve Bannon, Dugin enjoys the notoriety, inspires numerous psychopaths, and enjoys a winking relationship with the Kremlin. Well, last night it seems someone tried to assassinate him. His car was blown up, although at the time it was driven by his daughter Darya. Now, before one feels sorry for Darya, she is neo-Nazi/fascist nationalist as much as her father is. Though not as famous as her dad, she was a loyal follower of his teachings, holds rallies and delivers lectures to spread the Dugin gospel. Who tried to kill Dugin and killed Darya remains to be seen. It could literally have been done by anyone, including Ukraine and Russia. But Ukraine makes no sense here. If they wanted to take out a Russian propagandist deep in the heart of Russia and in a place where people like Putin have a home, Dugin wouldn’t be the first choice. Russian TV people like RT head Margarita Simonyan would have been my first choice. Any of the hosts on Russian TV would be a close second. It’s possible the bombing was carried out by the Kremlin/Putin. Frankly, it could have been carried out by Dugin himself. There was a lecture by Dugin in which he discussed how people having daughters was destroying Russia, and that it was time to start sacrificing some of them. It’ll be interesting to watch how this plays out.

This is an open thread.

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Apparently Liz Cheney told ABC that she intends to offer support and campaign for Democratic candidates running against Insurrectionist Republicans.

DYB, I read about the the assassination of Darya Durgin, though the target was her father, earlier and was going to ask you for your take on it. Gods, he talked about sacrificing daughters? Well he got what he wished for, though the press reported he was distraught at the scene of the accident.

“There was a lecture by Dugin in which he discussed how people having daughters was destroying Russia, and that it was time to start sacrificing some of them.”

Never heard that one before. I’m pretty sure we’ll learn that he didn’t mean his personal daughter :/ .

Well, got to sacrifice daughters since so many of the sons are being sacrificed in Ukraine.

Oh that’s right, daughters don’t become mother’s that have sons. Gack!

Admiral James Stavridis was saying on MSNBC a couple of days ago that he would not want to be holding Putin’s hand of cards which made me hopeful again for Ukraine.

@2 I saw a clip of Liz calling out Kevin McCarthy, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. She’s on a roll. I think MAGAts really hate her because she exposes the lack of balls of Republican men. It’s ironic that Republican men were so terrified of Hillary cracking their nuts/shrinking their balls, but it was Trump who accomplished it.

A reformed conman explaining his methods said, “You can’t con someone who doesn’t want to be conned.”

Likewise with men losing bits. You can’t make them fall off someone who isn’t worried about losing them.

@8 Yeah, I guess you can’t lose what you never had.

“Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives”. For you nonTV people, this is meaningless…

My Mom watched the CBS soaps and I think “As The World Turns” was opposite Days and that’s what I was into. But when I went to college we had a communal TV and everyone was into “Days” so I begrudgingly got into it too.

I haven’t watched soaps in years (are they even still on?), but the title of this post sure brought me back. What happened on “Days” was the most important part of our day. Those were the days. 🙂

How many times did Stefano come back to life? Twenty? Thirty? Geez, that guy had more aliases (and probably more passports) than Trump. It was a hoot.

(Gaa. My comment @8: should be “can’t” of course. I’ll edit it when I have a moment.)

Great post, DYB! I was also an “As the World Turns,” ran, although I started watching soaps with my mom when I was a kid and I seem to remember that opening for one of them.

That’s very interesting about the assassination attempt of Dugin pere. His comments about daughters were reprehensible – I hope he regrets them now, although with these right-wing nutjobs you never know. Maybe he is just heartless.

@11, DYB, that dog & its curled paws! My cats will often lay with their paws tucked under like that. Very cute.

@15, 16, very disturbing. Sick.

Luna @19
That’s awesome. A painter’s dream.

Jupiter from Juno … wow. WOW.

The Dugin stuff stretches credulity. But he’s not even close to normal. Who knows what he’s capable of? It would explain why he suddenly didn’t take the ride as planned. Maybe it wasn’t luck??

Hey, have all y’all seen the latest from Ron Johnson? (This is via DYB’s twitter, so I know he’s seen it.)

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) tells WISN-TV that a bill to protect same-sex marriage is “completely unnecessary” because “the decision on gay marriage will never be overturned” and precedent is “decisive.”

He says it differs from Dobbs because “it would impact millions of people.”

“Millions of people.” (keeps echoing through my head.)


Millions of actual people. Not like Dobbs.

@24, quixote, that old question: are women people?

A separate matter from the Rs not trying to overturn nation-wide legality of same-sex marriage — now that’s good, assuming we can trust them, about which I have doubts.

DYB, very interesting post. I heard about that woman’s death. I can’t even fathom such an insane belief. If these loons kill off their daughters, who is going to give them grandchildren and carry on their special lines?

PJ @7, God I hope Stavridis is right.

@11, That pooch is gorgeous! I wish I could hug him.

Luna @14, That cart is so sweet! And love the pix of Jupiter.

Quixote @24, That makes me sick, what he said. Did he get any fallout for it? Does anyone know?

@28: Too cute. Must have for cuddles.

I wonder what: “…mixed with other data”, means?

That sound gives me the chills and goose bumps.
It really creeps me out.

The universe is gassy.

More puppies, please.

Beata, no puppies, but…

@32, What did they think would happen with that “Action: Swinging”?

Winston, perfect name for this little pup.
Growing up, he will sort of look like Churchill.

Not a puppy but a grown up –

This one’s for you, Beata –

This is a sweet group-

Beata, How about seals?

Cute banana poses.

Thank you, Shadow and Luna.

I love the “Puppies Club” and the seals. They all seem to be living the life.

Maloney—–> payback for Al Franken not getting to have a hearing.

Shadow, yeah results for Maloney are crushing. First, putting aside the absurdity of the Republican drawn maps for NY (a blue state), having Maloney and Nadler going at it was absurd. I half-expected them to sit down and decide which one would run. Ok, they both wanted it. Fine. But then Maloney went dirty. She ran ads questioning Nadler’s mental fitness, insinuating he was too old. Maloney is one year older than Nadler! I think Maloney got the results she deserved.

There are some interesting results in NY special elections.

DYB, I agree that Maloney ran a dirty race, unlike the holier-than-thou image she tried to portray during the ‘MeToo’

DYB- “Maloney is one year older than Nadler! I think Maloney got the results she deserved.”

I couldn’t agree more.

@41 & 42, agree with you both.

Love those adorable pups! What breed is the black dog @37, does anyone know. I’ve seen quite a few of them on twitter.

Did any of you read an article by Greg Olear about billionaire Catholics in politics (mainly Leonard Leo). Its hair-raising. It made me appreciate Biden more since he separates his religion from his job. I don’t think religion should play any part in our government. Let me know if anyone wants me to link it.

@45, annie, I think it’s a black German Shepherd, also called an Alsatian.

I think I saw that article about LLeo. What a scumbag. Well worth a link if you find it again!

As for seal “banana poses”? No way! You’re putting me on. Just trying to see how much I’ll believe.

😆 😆

At least he didn’t hump his leg. 😉

Those seal pics are adorable. I saw a lot of seals during my sailing years when I was young.

The Opus Dei article is here:

@51, Bernese Mountain Dog!

Oh, Opus Dei — they’ve been around for a while. Can’t remember how far back when I first read about them. Creepy. shudder Their bibles must have all the parts about love, brotherhood, forgiveness and the Golden Rule redacted.

@55, Agree. I didn’t know O.D. was still a thing til I saw that Tom Hanks movie. Religious cults have no place in modern governments, in my opinion.

All the NY election results are fascinating. Too bad Maloney went dirty. She has some good moments a while back.

The Democrat did lose in NY 23 but beat Biden:s performance by 4 or 5 points. And that wasn’t a district where Dems invested a lot, either.

Love all the cute cuddly critters!! And wow, Luna, those photos from space. Stunning!

Speaking of women’s rights – this made me happy.

@57, MB, Good for those voters to get rid of that patriarchal judge! Toss ’em all out!

Not puppies, but still cute!

@57 That is excellent news! hahahaha – voters said you gone, you effing creep. There may be hope for Florida yet!

@59, that’s adorable! That person always has cute animal/nature posts on twitter.

More on these freaks that think they’re knights. This thread isn’t too long:

And here’s some pups for Beata:

New word of the week- splooting!
New cat nickname of the week- Mr. Splooty!

Are you serious about that tunnel?


I never know what’s from The Onion these days and what isn’t.

@66 – right?! Good goddess.

This thread is amazing.

@63, I think I’ve read about that tunnel before, a few years back. I’ve certainly heard about the Russian yachts anchoring nearby. Sheeeeer coincidence, eh?

@65, MsMass, I read that article too! One of my cats ‘sploots.’ Doesn’t seem to relate to how hot it is, more to how relaxed she is.

Oh? Suddenly realizing women will die, huh? Should have thought about that beforehand, guys.

Buyer’s remorse could be creeping in for GOP on abortion.
…there are signs that they recognize the peril of this issue’s sudden salience, and they’re charting divergent courses when forced to take positions.

@71, and that you’ll lose votes.

It’s the losing votes thing that has their attention. I couldn’t read the Washington Post article, but I saw an interview with Marc Molinaro before he lost his election and he was asked about abortion rights. He was saying all the right words – abortion rights are safe in NY, we should focus on the price of gas, yada, yada; but I could see the fear. The lack of confidence on this issue. He was shaky.

In Arizona, Blake Masters has scrubbed his extreme abortion views from his website.

They are back on their heels.

I’ve seen some people say they hope Crist can carry Val Demings over the finish line in Florida. I’ve heard other people say, oh no, no, no. She’s the one with all the enthusiasm, the money pouring in. She’ll be carrying him over the finish line.

I hope they can help each other. Val voters voting for Crist and vice versa. I would love to say bye bye to DeSussolini. Seems impossible until it happens. Like in Kansas on Aug 2.

70 NW Luna
Handsome man and darling puppy.

Luna, how sweet to do these yoga moves with her dog.

I don’t think the Republican Party will destroy itself in one election cycle. I think it will take two. In November, Republicans are going to get punched in the nose. It will focus their attention. They’ll be like, “oh shit. I think we may have screwed the pooch on this abortion thing. We need to soften up the language. Make the poison a little more palatable for the little women.” It won’t be until after November, 2024 that they truly GET. IT. But by then, it will be too late for them.

@78 – yes – I totally agree. Since Roe was overturned, they have lost their ability to pretend to be moderate. That pretense is what got suburban white women to play along and to smugly vote for white supremacy, knowing they weren’t the ones that would get hurt.

Now they realize they’re on the death list too. And, so do the men who love them. There has been a HUGE swing of white dads to Democrats recently. I’ll post the figures in a second.

Here’s the story about the 28-point swing to Dems amongst dads.Here

@80 Wow! That is very encouraging!

@79 “That pretense is what got suburban white women to play along and to smugly vote for white supremacy, knowing they weren’t the ones that would get hurt.”

I think you’re right. This finally has the power to change their votes. Those white women have been very resistant up until now. A couple of quick examples of white, Republican women – this is just two women of course. One was a 23 or 24 year old who was so excited when the ACA was passed and she could be on her parents’ health insurance until 26. I said, “so I suppose this means you’ll become a Democrat?” The answer was a polite version of hell no. Then there was this older white lady. Staunch libertarian, fiercely anti-government. She’s practically skipping one day and I said, “you look happy”. She said, “I AM. Today I qualified for Medicare!” I’m thinking, is she being super sarcastic? No, she was genuinely high as a kite. But that would not have any effect on the way she voted.

This feels different. Because as you say, MB – they or their daughters are on the death list too now.

That story @79 reminds me of the one years ago about the elderly constituent accosting the Louisiana senator (Breaux, at the time) and saying,

“Don’t let the government touch my Medicare, y’hear?”

I think it was Goethe who said the gods themselves are helpless against stupidity. So what chance do the Democrats have?

@83 I seem to remember a lot of people in the Tea Party being like that. Probably a lot of snowbirds in Florida are like that too. The lady I was talking about is really smart – some kind of mathematics genius. But obviously, something is off there. No common sense?

I think Democrats have a chance now. Not by doing good things for people – a lot of people just lap up the good things and then vote Republican. Democrats have a chance thanks to the Republican Supreme Court and Republican State Legislatures. They are succeeding in not only losing some of their own voters; they have gotten people interested in registering to vote who otherwise wouldn’t have. So much for their grand plan of ending democracy…

Careful, PJ. No crowing until Nov 9. It attracts the evil eye ….

/*looks over shoulder cautiously*/

The number of idiots who’ve said “Keep the guvmint outta my Medicare!” is discouraging. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so grim.

This is how bad it’s gotten with the T/MRAs. Lesbians banned from a Pride march because the TQ is offended that lesbians won’t date men.

“-gate” is just a normal scandal.

“-Lago” should refer to scandals involving high treason and grift beyond the dreams of avarice. We can hope there won’t be much chance to use that one?

@85 Ok, quixote. Good words of wisdom. 🙂

Oh maaaaan. Those are both brilliant. “…they all go on book tours.” smh. too true.

@94 – so depressing how bad the New York Times is. They were always anti-Democrat, but now they’re pro-Putin and pro-Nazi. And CNN, as DYB mentioned, is making a hard right turn.

And Luna @87, that is so ridiculous. And misogynistic in the extreme!

@96, MB, yes, apparently it’s “genital racism” to object to girldick if you’re lesbian. They’re starting to come for the gay men too. Hey, just wear whatever you want and use cosmetics, but don’t think you can change sex or guilt your way to women sleeping with you if they don’t want to. If men who identify as trans would realize they could expand the presentation of maleness without demanding access to lesbians and women’s same-sex spaces and sports, that would be fantastic.

Biden’s approval numbers are going up. Gas prices are going down. Trump is making the Nov. election about him. The winds are blowing in a positive direction. And no James Comey to put a screeching halt to it days before the election. (h/t Dump for that. Good move Dumpy!)

I’m not counting my chickens… just reporting current wind conditions. 🙂

Yes PJ – it’s going better than it was!

And things just keep getting worse for the Mango Moron

RNC not paying for Trump’s legal bills. Hahahaha!

And make him testify for 11 hrs straight. No tantrums and no taking the 5th allowed.

Trump wants to be treated like Hillary Clinton? By all means.

The FBI should undertake a sprawling, multiyear investigation into Trump’s conduct, grilling him and his staff, running extensive forensics, and examining whether his actions allowed hostile actors to compromise U.S. security. The FBI should continue to keep him under investigation while he runs for president in 2024.

In July 2024, after Trump secures the GOP nomination, the head of the FBI should break with long-standing Justice Department protocols and publicly announce that while he doesn’t recommend prosecuting Trump, Trump was “extremely careless” with classified information, that “any reasonable person” in Trump’s position would have known their actions were inappropriate, that “it is possible that hostile actors gained access” to government secrets, and that “there is evidence of potential violations” of law.

Then, 13 days before the 2024 election, a top official with the Democratic nominee’s campaign should announce that he has heard via leaks by “active” FBI agents of a coming “surprise” related to the Trump investigation.

Eleven days before the election, the FBI director, in another breach of protocol, should send a public letter to Congress announcing that he has reopened the investigation into Trump because of new, “pertinent” information.

If they really want Trump to be treated the way Clinton was in 2016, they’ll also have to arrange for him to be the subject of “lock him up” chants at Democratic rallies and for the Democratic nominee’s advisers and prominent backers to assert that Trump should be “executed,” “shot” and hanged.

@102 Wow. That’s excellent.

@101 Those are so great! 🙂

@99 Oooooo. Those are fighting words for Dump. It’s hard for me to believe that the RNC is really standing up to him. This will greatly upset him/his MAGAts.

I think I caught Adam Kinzinger saying that one of the subjects the Jan 6 hearings will be covering in September is how Trump turned the Big Lie into the Big Grift. How Trump conned his little magats out of a ton of money. I think Adam was suppressing a grin. Should be fun.

Doug Mastriano wearing a Confederate uniform? Isn’t that kind of like proudly donning a jersey of The Washington Generals?

101 Luna
What a cute, naughty, pretty bird!

So the court documents came out about an hour ago….

Dump’s goose is cooked!

@106 It is cooked. Trump was tantruming up a storm, but he hasn’t given his minions a “why”. They need a “Trump NEEDED those (clearly marked Top Secret) documents because of THIS” to scream. He hasn’t given them a “this”.

I think it would be easy especially since Trump dove head first into the QAnon cesspool yesterday. He just needs to say he needed those documents to stop the deep state child sex trafficking ring. The fundraising opportunities would be Yuuuge. He should probably get that out there before the real reason surfaces.

@107 – let’s hope he doesn’t think of that! That would probably have worked!

@109: BEAUTIFUL. She is radiant. We deserved her, but she deserves this.

109. Queen.

Sarah Palin loses her election!!

@112 – I just came here to post that!! Absolutely incredible.

And @109 – what a picture. She is stunning.

@112, Woohoo!

@112: Wow! That is such exciting news!

@109: Gorgeous pictures of Hillary. That robin’s egg blue color frames her face beautifully.

@115: Spectacular bird in flight. It looks unreal.

@112: Various news sources say Peltola’s campaign focused on abortion rights and environmental protection. A winning platform! She is described as “pro-fish”.

I am thrilled about Peltola! The more I read about her, the more I like her. I guess Sarah likes her too. 🙂 And she likes Sarah… But anyway(!), there is some crazy – meaning the good kind of crazy – stuff going on in red states. I like it. Alaska should be happy and proud. I know I am.

@109 Hillary looks so wonderful!! OMG.

Speaking of Hillary being wonderful, have you all seen this? Apropos of the Finnish Prime Minister getting much tut-tutting about having the nerve to dance at a private party with her friends.

@121 I LOVE that! Hillary really is wonderful. So good of her to do that. Thank you for posting it, quixote – I hadn’t seen it.

@115, Luna, that bird is incredible.

Love the pix of our girl! I’m glad she gets to do amazing things, like that film festival.

Has anyone read the DOJ filing? I’ve been busy with urgent home repairs and missed a lot.

PJ @107
Trump dove head first into the QAnon cesspool yesterday.

Good one!

Yeah Sheila, I’m behind on the blog…. 😉

Such a wonderful and pretty woman. Love to see her out and about.

Hillary Clinton at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

This sucks!!!!!!!!

BTW, the average life expectancy in the US has dropped from 78.6 years—76.1 years for men and 81.1 years for women.
Main reasons:
Other contributors to the decline are long standing problems: drug overdoses, heart disease, suicide and chronic liver disease.

112 DYB

BooEffinHoo that “Mama Bear” lost her election. Don’t let the door hit ya in the @$$ on yer way out, Sarah!

Hip, hip, hooray, Mary!
She becomes the first Democrat to win a House race in Alaska in 50 years, and the first Native Alaskan to win a House seat in history.

Q 121
Awesome, Hillary dancing and laughing.

Silver Pheasant

Wow, amazing looking bird.

Annie, I haven’t read the filing but I have listened to hours of CNN reporting on it.

@121, Q, no I hadn’t seen that, even though I of course follow HRC. Damn Twitter and its irritating algorithms.

It made me want to cry. What a splendid woman.

Funny how this seems to happen so often in Russia.

Ya think?

U.N. report: China may have committed crimes against humanity

@135 – just came here to mention that not at all suspicious death. Good grief. What a horrible place Russia is. Heartbreaking that the people who don’t want a warmongering murdering psychopath in charge can’t get any traction.

I wonder if Maganov made an incautious statement or two that Russia didn’t need to keep shutting down the pipeline to Europe for “maintenance”?

Joe Biden is giving the speech of his life tonight. The most important speech since the 2016 campaign.

He’s drawing a bright line between MAGAts and the rest of Americans. It’s a brilliant call to reject MAGA in favor of moving forward with a democratic America.

I don’t know how he could have said it better. The right speech at the right time.

Re Maganov: yup, Lukoil is “privately owned” and hasn’t been terribly on board with the whole Ukraine fiasco. (They should be sued by their shareholders for not fulfilling their fiduciary duties if they _were_ cheerleaders.) But, seeing as they’re not, they’ve been carelessly standing near windows….

Meantime, the lion of Russia, Navalny is in solitary being fed slop, and smuggling out tweets with a sense of humor.

Imagine a world in which he was running that country. And Hillary was in her second term in ours.

Imagine a world in which he was running that country. And Hillary was in her second term in ours.

You’re making me cry.

Just before dying, an elephant takes revenge:

@143 Well that just totally made my day! 🙂

I think the Dobbs decision – intended to set women back 50, 100 or 200 years – may just be the catalyst for that leap in social evolution that MB was talking about before. The kind of leap that happened for gays and lesbians. A tesseract – as L’Engle would call it. A wrinkle in time. Putting us light years ahead of where we would have been without it. #IronyStories.

New post! Come upstairs!

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