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Posted on: August 15, 2022

Fresh thread, come and get it!

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New post – come upstairs!

Also – the passport accusation was a lie. Quelle surprise!

Oh my…QOP are bleeding money. Sorry, not sorry!

And, a timeline cleanser. Incredible!

Baby Shower!!

Wow. Little baby was like, “Oh man, where the hell am I? What the hell just happened?”

@3 That is a great sign! A sign that this is the beginning of the end.

Interesting take on Trump’s violent supporters. Maybe we’ll see a lone wolf here and there – like the guy who attacked the FBI and only succeeded in killing himself – but I agree with the author that MAGAs are losing steam.

@3: If we pick up seats in PA and WI, Manchinema won’t be able to hold the Party hostage any more! Barnes and Fetterman are progressives.

Let’s hope Bernie stays out of those races!

@4, That’s an abrupt entry into the world! Thump! And all the sister elephants come to surround the baby, keep him protected, and lend a trunk to help him up!

Yes, that poor baby came crashing into the world and Mama wanted him up on his feet immediately. No cozy blanket and a little cap and hugs from his mom. Lots of aunties and someone trumpeting to let the world know a new baby has arrived.

Poor mama with that big of a child, OUCH!

Maybe Liz Chaney will be out of the senate in Jan. after tomorrows election.
I hope she will run as a Rethug President against Dump or one of his supporters in 2024.

Beata, that would be great, just two more Senators.

I can hear the hollow laughter of Russian women all the way over here.

@11 I’m back to thinking Liz will run for president. You called it first, Laker! Back at the first Jan 6 hearing? I think your first instinct was correct.

Something someone said on MSNBC that I hadn’t thought of – Liz might run just to have a platform to criticize Trump – not really caring if she wins. They showed the clip of Obi-Wan Kenobi saying, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Oh man, that was great.

I agree that Liz might run in 2024 against either the fat man in the orange jump suit or any Dump clone. Then again, it might just be wishful thinking on my part.

This paints a rather different picture.

Road to war: U.S. struggled to convince allies, and Zelensky, of risk of invasion

On a sunny October morning, the nation’s top intelligence, military and diplomatic leaders filed into the Oval Office for an urgent meeting with President Biden. They arrived bearing a highly classified intelligence analysis, compiled from newly obtained satellite images, intercepted communications and human sources, that amounted to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war plans for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

For months, Biden administration officials had watched warily as Putin massed tens of thousands of troops and lined up tanks and missiles along Ukraine’s borders. As summer waned, Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, had focused on the increasing volume of intelligence related to Russia and Ukraine. He had set up the Oval Office meeting after his own thinking had gone from uncertainty about Russia’s intentions, to concern he was being too skeptical about the prospects of military action, to alarm.

The U.S. intelligence community had penetrated multiple points of Russia’s political leadership, spying apparatus and military, from senior levels to the front lines, according to U.S. officials. Much more radical than Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and instigation of a separatist movement in eastern Ukraine, Putin’s war plans envisioned a takeover of most of the country.

I don’t think it’s wishful thinking, Shadow. I think Liz is on a sincere mission to stop Trump. But I suppose she could find ways other than running for president (?) – I just happen to think that’s the best way. I want her announce before Trump does. Maybe coming down a mountain instead of an escalator? 🙂

Liz Cheney is a throwback to when Republicans, the party of rich white males and their handmaids, drew the line on treason.

Luna, that frog! O.M.G. I love frogs anyway, and that teeny one is super meepable!

PJ – I agree that the MAGAts by themselves aren’t much of a threat. I think we’ll find, when we finally sort out all of the craziness, that the people who are the most violent are already associated with far-right extremist groups like the Proud Boys, the Oathkeepers or other wackadoo neo-Nazi/militia organizations.

MAGAts on their own are keyboard commandos, nothing more.

As for Cheney, if she runs for President I think she’ll help the Democrats by siphoning off some Independent and QOP voters who are sick of the current Party’s insanity. I’m all for it!

Let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

I am absolutely rooting for Liz to defeat Trump and Trumpism/Autocracy. But there’s no way of saving the Republican Party. There’s no way it’s going back to the Party she loved. That Party died and the MAGAts are feeding on its dead body.

That’s arguably not a bad thing – the end of the GOP – as long as the MAGAts are exterminated (not literally). I hope something decent arises and I hope it’s not led by Andrew Yang.

MB, the baby elephant birth was wonderful!

Luna @13, Omg. That’s awful. What’s with all this paranoia about increasing the number of white people?

PJ @16, from Laker: The Force is strong with this comment!

Shadow @17, that would be interesting, maybe a civil war of rethugs. I hope MB is right & she would siphon off independents.

Hahahaha, socal! Please tell Laker I loved that!

So Wyoming has chosen the path of being an insignificant tiny little turd in the Dump punchbowl of turds. Bad move. They should have gone with Liz.

This will be Wyoming:

Wouldn’t it be crazy if Mary Peltola, the Democrat in the Alaskan race (with Sarah Palin) ended up winning? I guess we won’t know the results until the end of August because of their ranked voting system. She would be the first Alaska Native elected to Congress.

I know it’s a longshot, but hey, Rich Strike won.

@29 – indeed!

MB @30, What the bloody hell?!?!? Omg, they’re training their kids to become white supremacist nazis. That’s sick!

@30, WTAF? I don’t want to know what was put in its place.

Gods, I need a distraction from the outrages of Republican behavior.

@33 – that kingfisher is stunning! Wow. That’s a bird I’ve never seen in the wild. I hope to, someday!

So here’s a thing: looks like Alan Weisselberg, COO of Trump Org, has flipped in exchange for a lighter sentence. He has the goods on everyone at the organization.

Ooooh, Weisselberg talking!

Hoping Peltola’s lead will continue…

@30: One school district in the Fort Worth area (not all Texas schools) has temporarily pulled about 40 books that have been ‘challenged’ or ‘flagged’ by parents or other members of the community. Included are the Bible and “Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation”. The school district is currently evaluating whether to remove these books from school libraries. The Anne Frank book in question is a graphic book based on the diary, not Anne Frank’s classic diary itself.

I first joined the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Roundtable about 35 years ago when I was a graduate student. Its purpose is to protect free and open access to information and materials in libraries across the country. There have always been challenges to library materials by various individuals and groups. Most libraries have set policies and procedures to address these. The ALA has an affiliated organization that provides legal defense aid to libraries and librarians who are threatened when they seek to maintain access to challenged materials.

The news out of Tennessee and Florida about what a teacher has to do to keep books in the classroom…. The inventorying, reporting, waiting for permission, the re-applying to higher-ups if a book is not already on the approved list, and, the final cherry on top, the list of all titles on a publicly available web site so parents can raise objections after all that.

All to be done in the teacher’s copious free time, of course.

And they wonder why there’s a teacher shortage.

They’re kinda dumb so they probably don’t know it yet, but this is nothing. There’s going to be a Megadeath Teacher Famine any month now.

How appropriate it will be if Palin is booted out by a native Alaskan.
Sarah quit her job as Governor, what a disgraceful thing and I hope people don’t forget it.

I’m feeling the empty spaces where old friends were. It’s all this talk of the last episode of Better Call Saul. I’ve never watched it myself, but it was a favorite show of Fredster’s. I see him enjoying one of the circles of heaven, with at least a couple of dachshunds, but I still wish he was here, even though there is inevitably better.

Better Call Saul wasn’t the same without Fredster. It would have been so much fun to talk to him about it. I miss him.

Beata, thanks for the context on the ALA. I hope they are able to step in and protect intellectual freedom and access to these books.

I totally agree about Fredster. Sending all of us a big hug this morning. I think about him often and miss him too!

@44, LOL! The second when that kitty wakes up and sees a SHRIMP!

I think about Fredster too. I don’t know how or if he was sick after his ‘accident’, but I hope he is somewhere and happy.

@44: Love the sweet kitty! I’ve had cats since I was a little girl but my current kitty is the only one who has never liked any kind of fish or seafood. She is unique, at least in my experience.

I miss Fredster, too. I miss his humor, kindness and intelligence. His love of college football, dachshunds and New Orleans. But mostly I miss his company. He was always good company.

Randy Rainbow has a new video out. Fredster would love it. I can’t post it but maybe someone else could.

I have been gone off the face of the earth for quite a while. What happened to Fredster??!!

He’d had medical problem(s) he didn’t specify, and then nobody could get in touch with him. We’re assuming he passed away, but I don’t think anyone actually knows. 😥

Thank you, Quixote. I hope he is well, wherever he is in the universe. His soul is kind and generous.

I miss Fredster too. I think of him whenever I see doxies, or a Randy Rainbow, or hear certain songs.

I’m glad I don’t have to add again “and I miss Beata.” Glad you have time and energy to stop by here, and at SD, and talk. May your stubborness continue!

IMO stubborness is usually a virtue.

Thank you, Luna. xoxo

I’m very happy to have you with us too, Beata.
Like our Hillary always says, “Never give up, keep going.”

“If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going.” – Harriet Tubman


I bet Garland never thought he would be in one of Randy’s videos, and that he would be called ‘Judy’ either.

We desperately need a Black woman in the Senate and we might get two. Val Demings and Cheri Beasley. They’re both fantastic. And not having Lil’Marco or Bud in the Senate would be such a sweet bonus!!

So certain were FSB operatives that they would soon control the levers of power in Kyiv, according to Ukrainian and Western security officials, that they spent the waning days before the war arranging safe houses or accommodations in informants’ apartments and other locations for the planned influx of personnel.

the agency failed to incapacitate Ukraine’s government, foment any semblance of a pro-Russian groundswell or interrupt President Volodymyr Zelensky’s hold on power. Its analysts either did not fathom how forcefully Ukraine would respond, Ukrainian and Western officials said, or did understand but couldn’t or wouldn’t convey such sober assessments to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I think they were scared to tell Putin any bad news.

@57: Demings is leading in recent polls and Beasley is tied. Very exciting!

@55: Shadow, I love that quote from Harriet Tubman.

This is a Buddhist quote I first learned as a teenager. It is one that I often turn to in difficult times:

“Knowing well that tigers roam these hills, into these tiger hills I venture.”

For Beata and all the rest of us who love books. I especially like that she folded the pages instead of cutting them.

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — Dire warnings from Russia and Ukraine about a possible attack at a nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine sent some nearby residents fleeing Friday and others hunkering down amid heightened international fears of a radioactive disaster.

Both Russia and Ukraine are warning that the other could conduct a “false flag” attack, an operation designed to disguise the country responsible.

Wonder who we should believe about a false flag attack if it happens? Tough question, eh?

Luna @61, that’s charming. Also the new Randy Rainbow.


Dump had “nefarious” plans. The shock would be if he had any other kind. That he would do stuff guaranteed to put him at the sharp end of the FBI and even CIA was a surprise, but to the downside. Whenever the Dump causes surprise it’s by being even worse than I could imagine.

@65, yes, ZOMG Trump was nefarious! Well of course he was. It’s irritating when the media react so naively.

Beata @60
I like your Buddhist quote, keepin’ it real. 😉

Q@ 65 – absolutely.

Luna@ 66 – “It’s irritating when the media react so naively.”

The media always has the Disney version of Dumps evil deeds. I was always worried he would start WWIII and put us in total peril from global warming.


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