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Posted on: August 7, 2022

Whoof, Widdershins, what an incredible week. Democrats are in such Array, even the media has had to admit how well things are going. Here are some headlines from the MSM:

Joe Biden Just Had the Best Week of His Presidency (Newsweek)

On Several Fronts, Biden Has Reason to Celebrate This Week’s Wins (MSNBC)

Republicans’ Prospects for Midterm Pickups Dim Among Democratic Wins (US News & World Report)

Democrats Are Starting to See a Path to Victory in November (Vanity Fair)

This week saw domestic victories on caring for veteran burn pit victims and upcoming, passing the Inflation Reduction Act (which is actually Build Back Better but scaled back), gas prices declining for over a month and an incredibly strong jobs report; as well as foreign policy victories on approving Sweden and Finland as members of NATO, killing the architect of 9/11, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and sending more HIMARS to Ukraine. And, in what would be a non-partisan occurrence if the QOP hadn’t doubled and tripled down on their extreme criminalization of women, Kansas voted a resounding NO on a total abortion ban being enshrined in their state Constitution.

The Kansas vote sent shockwaves through, well, almost everyone who pays attention to politics, and has totally changed predictions for November. The Vanity Fair article shares some fascinating insider thinking from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Executive Director, Tim Persico.

Yet Democratic strategists are betting that abortion will be the issue that most drives turnout. “The old adage that good policy makes good politics is true,” Persico says. “Bad policy makes bad politics too.” With the Supreme Court’s June ruling overturning Roe, antiabortion crusaders won a 50-year legal battle. Yet the Kansas vote seems to have demonstrated the large gap between the ideologues and even many Republican voters, especially women. Whether that backlash is big enough to overcome internal Democratic disgust over the failure to codify Roe is one of this fall’s biggest questions. “Democrats might feel frustrated with their own party. I’m not discounting that,” Persico says. “But what happens in places like Omaha and suburban Philly and even Las Vegas when you’ve got a Democrat on one side with a record of accomplishments against a Republican that wants to ban abortion in all 50 states?”

I submit that the “progressives” who are frustrated with Democrats for allegedly not codifying Roe are actually not Democrats and almost never vote – at all. After all, they’re young white people. The base of the party is Black women and they are not the ones blaming Democrats! I think the danger of these voters not turning out is pretty much the same as every other election, and I hope Democratic strategists don’t obsess too much about it.

What’s totally hilarious after this week, where several QOP MAGAts won elections, is a few QOP strategists whining about how Democrats were boosting the election denier, Nazi-loving, January 6th-supporting, Orban-applauding extremists. Hey QOP – you have allowed your Party to become infested with these lunatics. In fact, I’d say at least 85% of QOP are in lockstep with those anti-American ideas. Don’t blame us when your voters vote for them. Blame yourselves for letting them take over! And yes, they will be much easier to defeat in the mid-terms than bland vanilla reasonable-seeming (but still totally extreme) QOP you’d like to pretend are the majority. Muahahahaha.

Am I saying we’re a lock for November? No, of course not. But sometimes we liberals forget to take a victory lap when it’s well-deserved. So for today, let’s celebrate and hope. And let’s make sure we do something to thank Democrats for being the only true public servants in town.

153 Responses to "Winning!"

On the topic of abortion and voting…this is a great thread about evangelical women. I have felt this smugness coming from them whenever I’ve seen their comments in the media. I think many of them are now shocked that they are being targeted by the same men who are supposed to protect them from the negative consequences of voting Republican. Guess what, ladies – they hate you too. You are not immune.

Bravo MB!!

Dems finally kissed Cinnabon’s plastic ring and passed the Senate’s version of the IRA. Poor Biden had Covid in the best week of his Presidency.

Yes, he did – and he still got Al-Zawahiri killed. I hope he’s feeling better today!

Yay! Dems in Array!

DYB — on the last thread I loved your critter pics, especially the doggo with the windvane ears.

Winning! Woot woot! Good title! Yeah, progs are going to complain – it’s what they do. I think we should just accept that and move on. Let them have their whine and cheese get-togethers with Bernie. I think we all agree that Sinema and Manchin are big problems, but if Biden gets the two more senators he’s asking for, problem solved. And pessimistic me thinks we can. With room to spare. And I think we’ll hold the House too.

I have to admit that winning in Kansas feels very weird to me. ESPECIALLY on the issue of abortion. I have lived under the tyranny of Lifers my whole life. I thought they owned the state and they did too. I can only imagine their shock. I guess Kansans didn’t like the idea of men hunting down young women. Like that isn’t a problem already. And also the many other scary things that would happen…

All of us here know that Lifers don’t care about women or babies/children. They care about controlling women’s bodies. It’s a disturbing fetish and now lots of people are seeing it. 60% in Kansas! I’m going to start calling them “Lifers”. A Lifer is a person who has dedicated their whole life to a single, disturbing fetish. (I’m sure quixote could come up with something better!) 🙂

I also submit that the Democratic Party is made up of college educated women and men of all colors, and they vote.

What is NOT in the Inflation Reduction Act (but was in the Build Back Better bill):
•Paid family and medical leave
•Extended child tax credits
•Universal pre-K
•Improved maternal health care for poor women
•Subsidies for home and community based services (HCBS) that allow the disabled and elderly to remain in their homes
•Medicare coverage for dental, hearing and vision care

People these programs would have served:
•The elderly
•The sick and disabled
•The poor

@8 That’s true, Shadow. Black women are the backbone, but we count too! 🙂

@2 Yes, smugness. I also like the word, “haughtiness”. It emanates off them.

“Guess what, ladies – they hate you too”. That must hurt. After sucking all that Patriarchy dick…

Beata – yes, totally agree there is more to do. We can get it done when we get more Senators in November. I personally am amazed that with a razor thin majority, we have gotten so much of the Democratic agenda accomplished.

After over a decade of QOP blocking all legislation to benefit the 99%, and the planet, there is so much we have to catch up on!

Beata, yes. The HCBS lack is especially painful to me, thinking about my patients and relatives and friends who would benefit so much from these services. As I would if I needed them. We never know what could hit us the next day in terms of a chronic or long-term illness or disabling injury. Infuriating that Republicans think people needing these programs don’t count.

The Inflation Reduction Act passed the Senate with a simple Democratic majority vote through the budget reconciliation process. All the items I listed @9 could have been included in the IRA and passed without a single Republican vote.

But they were not included, were they?

Gee, I haven’t been to a whine and cheese get-together in a very, very long time. Years, in fact. All the events in the oncology ward are surprisingly stoical.

“Consider yourself to be dead, and to have completed your life up to the present time; and now live according to nature the remainder which is allowed you.”
~Marcus Aurelius

Lordy. (as Fredster would say)

I thought you would appreciate that one, PJ. I’ve always seen you as a deep thinker.

Have a great week.

@13, Beata, “but they were not included” ((angry face)) No effin’ idea why not.

Why not? Manchin. He scuttled all of that and he has the power to do so in a 50/50 Senate. And of course, not a single QOP member voted for any of it

With two more Democrats and keeping the House, we will get the remaining pieces of Build Back Better passed.

Yes, Manchin. And to a certain degree Sinema too. I see the reasons, but it’s still infuriating and inexplicable to me as a healthcare provider and citizen. Beata, I’m coming to that whine and cheese party!

Yup, Man-chin and Cinnabon were the reason that more necessary things were not included and they even changed the name to give those two Democrats-in-name-only recognition for their selfishness, stupidity and drama.

Yeah, they tend to know what Marcus Aurelius meant on oncology wards, even if they don’t put it quite like that.

I was in a hospital for something that could have been serious (but, luckily, could be dealt with). The last couple of days I was there, when convalescent, I met another woman who’d also come out to the grounds now and again to look at the ducklings in a small pond and feel the breeze. She rolled her IV drip around with her and went out so she could have a smoke. She enjoyed everything, cracked jokes, laughed, and she still warms my heart when I think about her.

@23 – that is lovely, Quixote. Definitely in the spirit of Marcus Aurelius!

Have you all seen the “Dark Brandon” memes? It’s taking that idiotic “Let’s go Brandon” slogan from the wingnuts and flipping it on its head. Not necessarily my thing but it’s good marketing and messaging.


Fasten your seatbelts, folks. It’ll get bumpy.

@13 Beata, as MadamaB said, I think there are two reasons they were not included: 1) Manchin/Sinema and 2) Parliamentarian. For example, it was the Parliamentarian who said that price cap on insulin could not be included in reconciliation. So Dems needed 60 votes to pass that as an amendment, and only got 57 (7 Republicans voted for it, but 3 short to break the filibuster. Some surprising names voted for it (Chrissy Hyde-Smith) and Romney voted against.)

OMG!! That’s perfect!!! @29

Holy shit, this is awesome.

@30 hahahaha Oh man. Twitter is killing it and it’s killing me. Thank you, DYB. 🙂

@33 It just keeps getting better! That dude is right. That would be a blockbuster. Whoa.

@29, love it!

(Please, please, please let it be that they’re going to nail him for mishandling stealing classified documents and he can never run for anything again and we never have to see his orange hole of a face again. PLEASE!)

Barbara McQuade was saying that this is a big deal. The FBI doesn’t do a search like this if it was something like framed pictures of Putin in those boxes. LOL

I’m feeling giddy! It’s not meds, it’s the thrill of justice!!!

@38, They saw those fragments underwater in the loo that said “Stefanik” 😆 😆

29 | DYB

Hillary with a big bowl of popcorn and pink bunny slippers.
It’s just how I feel. I am so excited!!!

Trump supporters must have their hair on fire………..HA, HA, HA, HA….

PBS is reporting the FBI broke into Trump’s safe at Margo Largo. Trump was in New York at the time of the raid.

The consensus seems to be that the FBI does not request a search warrant for the former POTUS, and the Justice Department and a federal judge do not approve it, unless they have quadruple checked every single thing and decided it is the only way. And that in itself is a huge deal.

It seems as though Karma FINALLY showed up in Dump’s world.

@43, snort!!!

This is such incredible news. I watched Rachel last night and that was the first I learned of it!

And yes, I am drinking from my “But Her Emails” coffee mug right now!

Trump world is in tatters. I hear Schmucker Carlson skipped his own show last night. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

As usual, Eric Swallwell is killing it.

49 Oh so true.
I bet the Dump is just trying to think of the most poor-me mileage he can get out of it.

Show us Dump, be the idiot we all know you are.

@51 Uh oh.

@52 True – that’s exactly how Trumpworld works. That’s great news!

Schmucker (great name!) missed his show? hahahaha. Holed up crying in the bathroom? I can’t tell you how much the MAGAts here depend on him. They hang on his every word. And where the hell was he in their darkest hour of need?

@49 He is great. “Show it or shut it.” I love that. 🙂

@51, My oh my! Such fun!

Newt Gingrich also just said that FBI planted evidence. They are going to lean into that because FBI must have taken something big.

DYB – awesome updates. And, could not agree more about the media!!

Drumpf is given the benefit of the doubt even as he crimes in full view of everyone in America!!

What I want to know is WHO. WHO decided those particular documents needed to be whisked away? I don’t believe it was Stump. He’s dumber than a box of rocks and truly thinks the law doesn’t apply to him. It’s other people trying to cover their ass along with him. Kushner ? Munchin? Both got $2 billion (with a B) from UAE shortly after he lost. WHO else was on the take and it’s in those documents?

Trump pleaded the Fifth at the NY AG (Tish James) deposition today.


59 GAgal, that’s very interesting.

60 DYB, wonder if they want the tapes to see if someone went into the ‘storage’ room after the padlock was put on…or who is going in and out of that room.

If Dump makes it to 2024 without having a stroke, I will be amazed.

I think this is probably true. Considering Trump’s lawyers and surrogates are screaming about FBI planting evidence – I think…

@59 Those surveillance tapes @60 might provide the answers as to who was doing what. The equivalent of the Nixon tapes? Wouldn’t that be something.

@63 I’m sure the surveillance tapes will prove their case about the FBI planting evidence. 🙂

Dana Milbank was saying that Republicans have turned on democracy because democracy turned on them.

They can’t win. Not without cheating – outright overturning elections. Their previous methods of cheating (voter suppression and other tricks) are no longer working. Look at Kansas. They wanted the vote to be on a day with the fewest voters possible (*their* voters) and it blew up in their face.

I’m sure that the Nixon tapes pale in comparison with Trump’s crimes.

The also big WHO is who ratted Trump out? I don’t think it was Barron although that’s hilarious @43.

The press seems to be worried about what the MAGAs will do. But it feels like to me, the supernatural Dark Power switch has been turned off. The will is there, but now the power behind it is gone. This rebellion is likely to be led by this guy.

LOLOLOL! Not that I’m fond of Manchin, but….

Opinion Come on, Bernie. Admit Joe Manchin outmaneuvered you.

@71 Luna, I’ve heard a few people say that Manchin is not very smart at all. I think Bernie is not only lazy, but not very smart either.

Anchor on CNN just said Dump was ratted out by someone at
Mar-a-fat-man. They said there was more stuff there.

Maybe they should ask Barron, he seems to not give a rat’s a$$ about covering up for his creepy dad.

@74 Shadow, I wonder if the rat is more like a “Murder on the Orient Express” situation, where everyone is ratting out.

@75 That’s probably right. There are so many rats.

Speaking of fat men… I recently heard that Mike Pomp-ous-ass-eo has lost a ton of weight. He must have gone all in and gotten the gastric bypass. No Chris Christie chicken-hearted, lily-livered lap band for him. (I have no idea, I’m just guessing) Slimming down for a presidential run?

Word is that Pompeo was evasive, passive/aggressive with the Jan 6 committee. What a surprise.

Thirsty critters.

@78 Luna…. wow! Good for him. Their statement truly was a shocking piece of garbage. They interviewed prisoners in Russian “filtration” camps and used those testimonies as “Ukrainians themselves say Ukrainian army is dangerous.” Imagine Amnesty interviewing prisoners in Auschwitz, with the guards watching, and using that as legitimate testimony. And then for the head of Amnesty to call people criticizing her “trolls.” An absolute disgrace.

@79 – agree, it is terrible about Amnesty International. I was a member in college and went to the concert in Philadelphia in the late 80s. It was great – Tracy Chapman, Peter Gabriel, U2. They had an absolutely stellar reputation. I don’t know what the head of Amnesty was thinking, but her actions and statements are unforgivable.

I also agree on Amnesty International, disgusting.

Here’s a very simple distillation of Amnesty International: they have always condemned Israel for the very thing they are giving Russia a pass. Maybe it really was pure anti-Semitism after all.

Testing WP #@$@#!!

Garland is going to speak soon. CNN

Hahaha, Garland filed a motion to unseal the info that was given to Dump so the public can see it.

@ 87



Those “Trump allies” sure seem to have a hard time deciding whether he’s totally innocent and collegial and cooperative and unfairly raided or whether he needs every legal dodge there is to delay going to jail.

So it was nuclear secrets. Who was Trump selling them to?

@87, @90 That is so funny!! Trump is such a master at playing the victim and arousing the imagined victimhood of other white men. Poor, poor little Drumpfkins! How could this happen? Without cause? This could happen to YOU!

But then, oops. Now what? hahahaha

@92 Holy shit!

Are we now getting a glimpse of why Saudi Arabia paid Jared Kushner $2 Billion?

I’m ashamed to admit that when people were speculating it could be nuclear secrets, because they would explain such an all-points alert, I thought, “Nah. Even the Dump would never do that.” That I don’t know better by now is deeply embarrassing.

But seriously: HOLY SHIT!

So it was nuclear secrets. Who was Trump selling them to?
Holy shit is right but not surprising.

Everything was for sale to our enemies when it came to Dump. I’m sure it was something he kept to use as a deal with Putin, His North Korean lovepet, Saudies or China.

If this a$$wipe doesn’t serve time in jail, no one should. Maybe he will end up like his buddy Jeffery Epstein.

Remember when he would have private meetings with the above mentioned leaders, he didn’t want any American’s there or the news media or any notes.

God, I hope the White House had a recording system and someone has the backup. I guess it’s too much to ask for.

Doesn’t surprise me Trump stole stuff on nuclear secrets because
a) he has no conception of how important nuclear secrets are, and
b) he always thinks he can do whatever he wants.

I hope to hell they’re checking hard drives and not just looking for boxes.

Former senior intelligence officials said in interviews that during the Trump administration, highly classified intelligence about sensitive topics, including about intelligence-gathering on Iran, was routinely mishandled. One former official said the most highly classified information often ended up in the hands of personnel who didn’t appear to have a need to possesses it or weren’t authorized to read it.

That former official also said signals intelligence — intercepted electronic communications like emails and phone calls of foreign leaders — was among the type of information that often ended up with unauthorized personnel. Such intercepts are among the most closely guarded secrets because of what they can reveal about how the United States has penetrated foreign governments.

A person familiar with the inventory of 15 boxes taken from Mar-a-Lago in January indicated that signals intelligence material was included in them. The precise nature of the information was unclear.

There is no good reason for Drumpf to have ANY White House Documents AT ALL. Zero.

I remember how he gave Israel’s secrets to Russia and how the “but her emails” media just yawned. I remember how he had Xi Ji Ping hanging out in the garden at Mar A Lago discussing national security matters without a single iota of threat management.

This man belongs in Guantanamo Bay or shot by firing squad for treason..

AND what Luna said!!!

That is so great I can’t take it!! GURRLLL. OMG

“This man belongs in Guantanamo Bay or shot by firing squad for treason..”

Maybe the media as well? Let’s see… Recipes vs Nuclear secrets (and all the other blatant threats to national security incidences that Shadow and MB were talking about). Close call.

Have we heard from Mitch? Or Marco? Or Rand? Are they going to stick with their bullshit or come up with something new?

If I could handle the nausea, I would tune in to Fox and see what they’re saying. But I can’t, so I won’t.

@108 – that’s okay PJ. I don’t think any of us could handle that!

check for the cloud-cuckoo-land take, PJ. It gives a general idea, which is about all any normal human can stand.

Here are a few possibilities:

Trump had declassified all information regarding nuclear weapons when he was president. As was his right. So no problem.

Trump had declared Mar-a-Lardo a SCIF so it was ok.

It was the coffee boy. Mr. Covfefe. He’s the one responsible. Trump had no idea.

But seriously, the one responsible, the “brains” behind it, is most likely Jared (as speculated by MB). Will Trump sell him out to save himself?

@110 Thank you, quixote.

I jumped on Foxnews for about 45 seconds and they are floundering in trying to come up with some way to support their dear leader, dump..

You brave girl, Shadow. 45 seconds – I’m impressed! Thanks for the info.



Between memeorandum and Faux News, you’re both braver than I am, Q and Shadow!

Great tweet from soap opera veteran Nancy Lee Grahn.

WSJ confirming that the FBI found 11 sets of classified documents in their search of Margo Largo, including some that are top secret.

Over 20 boxes of items were removed from the premises. Included were binders of photos (Mitt, is that you?), information about French Pres. Macron (his wife’s workout schedule?) and Roger Stone’s grant of clemency.

@119: I actually am taking this quite seriously. It is a dangerous situation.

But as my mother used to say, “If we don’t laugh, we will surely go mad.”

I’m at least halfway there already.

@120 – Beata, I totally agree with your point about laughter!

Maybe a new play will come of this…

@120, Beata, my version is “we either laugh or we cry.” I’m adding your mother’s “or will surely go mad” onto that saying!

ALL of the Dems finally passed the IRA, and none of the Rethugs voted for it.
Bravo Dems.
Nancy looks so happy it passed.


Something to look at instead of going mad!

Yay for the IRA! Can’t wait ’til Biden signs it.

So I checked to see what Hannity was saying just in time to catch that ad by Dick Cheney calling Stump a coward and the greatest threat to our democracy. When he came back from commercial he had “Hunter Biden’s laptop repairman” on. He is still wearing that ugly hat with the puff ball on top.

@121 madamab, did you say PLAY?!!?

Baby crows are so much prettier than their parents.

In reverse, baby falcons are not pretty as babies but are super beautiful as juveniles and adults.
Grinnell Junior juvenile:

@127, Shadowfax, Wow, what a photo! Gorgeous bird.

@126 “He is still wearing that ugly hat with the puff ball on top.”

What the heck is that(?) I was wondering. So I looked it up. Dear Lord…

Republicans want to destroy our democracy. They’re not being subtle.
They’re pumped. “We’re doing this! WHO’S WITH ME?!” However, abortion rights is going to be on the ballot in November (directly or indirectly). That will drive turn out. A big turn out is good for democracy and bad for them. So in a roundabout way, Alito and Christian fascist extremists have given us our best chance to save democracy. Ironic.

Luna @128
Grinnell Jr. is beautiful and has quite the personality. He and his sister, Lindsey have gone off on their own for over a week now and I sure miss them.

These two juvenile chicks are from Annie and Grinnell. Grinnell is the falcon that died after Annie had laid her eggs. There is a slight possibility that one of the chicks might be Alden’s. He is the falcon that took care of Annie when Grinnell died, and they did mate…

Alden has been a great step-dad, even if both chicks were Grinnell’s.
We are waiting to hear of the results of the DNA from each chick, it might be awhile in the future before we know.

Love the post & thread! Good God, what a wild week! The drama! The laughs! The sniveling traitors on Faux News. I hope we find out all the details soon.

Those baby crows are adorable.

This is amazing:


Love the crows, Luna!! Super meep! And Shadow, the falcon is beautiful. Annie, amazing video! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone’s feet move so fast.

Yes GAGal, I feel a play coming on! Not sure when but if this mishegoss doesn’t inspire me, I don’t know what would.

Speaking of mishegoss, I was thinking this morning that Drumpf will be brought down by a Black man (Bennie Thompson), two Black women (Fani Willis and Tish James) and a Jewish guy ,(Merrick Garland). Take that, you Nazi.

I was thinking this morning that Drumpf will be brought down by a Black man (Bennie Thompson), two Black women (Fani Willis and Tish James) and a Jewish guy ,(Merrick Garland). Take that, you Nazi.

And also all the women that testified against him in the impeachment trials, like Fiona Hill and the women in the J6 hearings.

I think of the thousands of people he has killed from his stupidity denying the seriousness of the pandemic, all the women he has physically and emotionally abused and all the evil men he has put in position to overturn Roe v Wade.

He is evil and deserves his place in Hell.

Annie @34
Wow, I can’t even imagine moving that fast…even when I was a little girl.

Hahahaha, MB. You’re right. And that is so delightful!!

“Take that, you Nazi”. The Nazi Party is also having to take it. They are clinging to Trump tighter than ever and rallying to save him. I guess they really do believe that he alone can “fix it” (restore White Male Christian Supremacy, make America great again). A big part of MAGA is getting control of white women again and packing the Supreme Court was a hell of a start – SCOTUS has not disappointed. But they’re not going to succeed. I bet the Nazi Party finally loses their majority of white women vote (they were losing white women anyway, but it’s being accelerated).

PJ @138, Good point about them wanting to regain control of white women. Creepy.

Socal, how does Laker think his girl, Liz is going to do on Tuesday? I think I heard that she’s down 30 points. I think she should launch her presidential bid the next day. With her dad standing beside her. With his gun. Locked and loaded. 🙂 Ok, maybe that’s more scary than funny…

(I’m only teasing about Liz being Laker’s girl – but you knew that, right?)

I haven’t been following the Liz Cheney primary, except for hearing vague stuff about her being behind. I looked up the polling, and supposedly she’s +-20% behind!

Yikes. What is WRONG with these people?

@140, 141, Oh no! Liz Cheney is one of the few half-way sane Republicans.

Good question, quixote! I heard that Democrats are switching parties so they can vote for her (just for the primary), but that’s probably not very many people in Wyoming.

Hey PJ! Hilarious scenario @140! Laker is flattered you asked about him, but he is having second thoughts that she could win or will even run. He thinks the repubs are so split they might screw each other and half vote for dump & half for whomever. He thinks a lot of it depends on the Jan 6th investigation, but right now its all up in the air.

Socal, thank you for passing on Laker’s thoughts! 🙂 I think he’s right about repubs being split and the possibility of half voting for the nonDump (especially if Dump’s picks lose big in Nov). I also agree that it’s all up in the air! Crazy.

Here’s something AI don’t think enough people are talking about: when and how did Drumpf get those docs to Mara Lardo? (Had to steal that – it’s perfect!) I think there were 42 boxes we know of. Do we think that fat old schmuck carried them into a U-Haul himself? And all at once? Someone would have noticed.

My guess is the super secure ones were smuggled there years ago. I’ll bet he started with this the second Lavrov came to the White House.

“Do we think that fat old schmuck carried them into a U-Haul himself?” hahahaha. And, no. You’re right – he HAD to have had a lot of help. (help, meaning he did nothing and someone else(s) did all the work).

“I’ll bet he started with this the second Lavrov came to the White House.” Whoa. I bet you’re right. Maybe Lavrov even handed him a “wish list”.

Adam Schiff nailed it.

I bet a lot of those helpers – co-conspirators – are “little people” who will flip. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the SS – who might not flip.

I saw talk somewhere that the whistleblower on Dump’s stolen stash, which started the FBI raid sequence of events, was one of the Secret Service guys.

They can’t all be Tony Ornatos. Though some obviously are.

Wow – that’s great to hear (if it’s true). That really does surprise me. And Dump too, I bet.

MB @146, I bet you’re right that dump has been stealing this stuff for years. He’s probably already sold a lot of it.

@152 – sadly Annie, I think you’re right. I can’t imagine he has been keeping them because he’s a “packrat,” as John Bolton tried to float. How ridiculous – the guy flushes and eats and burns documents! He’s the opposite of a packrat.

Also, Reality Winner got put in prison for five years for taking ONE DOCUMENT. The reason is, not a single one of those documents is his to take. They belong to We the People. That’s why the National Archives was the group that discovered he had stolen them – they were busy archiving every single document of that benighted pResidency, and noticed that there were missing documents.

All the arguments he’s using fall apart when you start from that point. That’s why the media has mostly ignored it in favor of the automagical declassification argument (which is also ridiculous, but hey, at least it can be debated).

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