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Bringing The Heat

Posted on: July 18, 2022

Hello Widdershins!

The January 6 Committee continues to make serious headway in their investigation. The most recent brouhaha was the revelation in the press that the Secret Service erased text messages among its members from January 5 and 6 after the Inspector General looking into their actions requested it. To clarify: Secret Service deleted those text messages after the IG asked for them. They argued these were routine actions. The 1/6 Committee sent a subpoena for the text messages. The Secret Service has said they found them (!) and will supply them to the Committee on Tuesday. Let’s keep an eye on that. We can not forget that on 1/6 Mike Pence refused to get into a car with the SS. Trump promoted some SS people to political positions in his administrations. And when Joe Biden won the election he asked some agents who protected him when he was VP – and who had already retired – to return to service to protect him. Because Biden knew SS was corrupt. It’s also being reported that a number of agents were cheering on the insurrection on their personal social media accounts.

Joe Bloody Manchin is at it again. After a year of negotiating a climate change bill – Manchin has pulled the rug out and said “LOL No.” I suppose the most frustrating thing – besides the obvious – is that Manchin keeps lying to colleagues in the Senate by dangling the belief that he can reach an agreement, and then publicly humiliating them. Time and again he has done this. Meanwhile in the UK military runways are melting because of the heat there. But it’s fine. Manchin is worried about how we’ll pay for the climate bill. Of course, coming from West Virginia, there is no other Democrat who can win there. But Democrats need more seats in the Senate.

This is an open thread.

100 Responses to "Bringing The Heat"

Great post, D! Isn’t it interesting how the SS found those texts so quickly? Thank Goddess Biden won and we took the Senate and House. We would be Christofascist already across the US if not.

Speaking of Christofascism:

Talk about bringing the heat…

WP sucks again!!

Great roundup of news, DYB. Love the faces on the dollies.

MB @1
Just how effed up can Rethug states get against women?
Haven’t they already met the criteria of criminality?

There are no words for how I’ve come to hate Manchema. Yes, the Repubs are also obstructing everything. But those two committed betrayal. They didn’t *run* on obstructing everything. Especially Sinema. People worked their butts off for her because she gave the impression (don’t remember how. Maybe purely by saying she was bisexual?) that she was going to be some kind of progressive.

Anyway. Water under the bridge. The important thing now is to vote in such huge numbers we can flood the Repubs voterigging crimes, get more Dems, and make those two rats irrelevant.

That’s great news, DYB! They say they keep receiving more evidence. They probably have enough to fill an entire library.

DYB @5, yes, that is great news.

Adam Schiff said on Rachael’s show that the 1/6 committee would probably have more hearings after this Thursday. He implied that more info was coming in all the time and more witnesses.

I believe the more Rethugs that come forward, ready to rat on the blubber man, the dam will break and many will come forward so they don’t end up in prison or out of a political job.

There’s going to be a lot of big bowls of popcorn this summer, watchin’ the rats leave the sinking ship. Let the party begin. We have been waiting for this from before the Muller Report.

Well said, Shadowfax!

I’m hoping we hear more about Grassley too. This guy is vulnerable in 2022 and I feel like after Thursday, his reputation will take a big hit. And Drumpf will be politically DOA.

Grassley — that’s more than disconcerting. It keeps getting more ominous.

Oh that poor kitty.

Wow on Grassley – I had forgotten about that. Very suspicious.

I hadn’t thought about him being vulnerable in Iowa, but this, combined with his age, combined with him running against a Navy Admiral (I just found out), could be the perfect storm to unseat him. Even in treacherous Iowa.

Great post, DYB. Let’s hope we gain at least two Senate seats. It would be like taking medicine for a migraine headache. First relief and then totally forgotten about. Man-sem-hu?

It took A LOT of effort to make these messages disappear. A LOT of effort.

Trump was taking illegal donations from China.

You’re right, DYB. There’s something rotten in Denmark. I wonder if one of the SS will break rank and come clean.

I’m happy to see that 17 Dem’s from Congress were protesting/arrested today to support Roe v Wade. I’m not happy that more didn’t join them.

Anyone know what the colors, orange and green came from?

Many suffrage organizations adopted colors to symbolize their agenda. In Britain, the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies used red and white in their banners, later adding green.

The WSPU, (Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), militant wing of the British woman suffrage movement. WSPU was founded in Manchester in 1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst), chose white, purple and green: white for purity, purple for dignity and green for hope.

Purple, white and green are the Brit suffrage colors. The US suffrage picked orange (or peach?), white and green. I like the British colors better and there’s been a move (on Twitter though) for Americans to adopt those because they’re more widely known.

@13, DYB, agree. That took very in-depth skill to scrub them out so completely. Somebody has treason to hide.

Republicans in the House who voted Yes to repeal DOMA. Some surprising names there.

@16 Way to go, Liz! I’m surprised.

Yup, looks like women get the short end of the equality stick as usual.

Who me, bitter?

I’ve seen Hillary wear white, and purple. I like green too.

I personally don’t like primary orange as a color, I do like CA Poppy orange though. 😉

20 DYB

Hey, where’s Man-chin? Hahahaha…

Don’tcha know MB, women are only equal to one of men’s ribs.


@25 – yes!

You all know I hope this bill passes into law, I hope? But QOP hatred for women seems to be immutable and never evolves like positions on same sex marriage. It’s just so upsetting. Why can’t they evolve out of their misogyny?

Exactly, MB. I seriously doubt any of those on the list would vote for abortion rights/women owning their own bodies. Or support the ERA.

“Why can’t they evolve out of their misogyny?”

Good question. I’d like to know why. It really is insane – this irrational hatred for women.

I’ve already seen people stepping on or over Kamala to get to Mayor Pete. Isn’t he exciting! Our first gay president.

Use the How-Many-Changes-Must-I-Make-To-My-Own-Life yardstick.

Gay marriage? Functionally none. So even Repubs of the rational-ish persuasion are okay with it.

Racism? It depends. Voting for President: functionally none. So done with much fanfare and enthusiasm. Raising wages and high placed jobs to parity, resolving home and land ownership issues? Whoa. Let’s not do anything overhasty here.

Misogyny? You’re crazy! No! Whoever heard of such a thing? Doesn’t exist! And if it does it’s the most minor unimportant thing ever. If it sometimes results in ten year-olds having to buy maternity clothes, that’s just an unfortunate incident totally unconnected to anything. Besides, if them bitches get uppity, who’ll do the dishes?

The Impact-On-My-Life scale. Works every time.

I also think men’s fear of women is really primal.

Man bigger, mainly stronger = more powerful and should be on the top of the food chain.

Giving up pieces of that power, little by little will make men lesser.

Men can not give birth, so controlling women’s bodies and how and if they create life is the ultimate power over women.

It’s not a male – female thing, I think, Shadow. In order to fear that someone will “win” against you, you first have to be in a competition with them.

Men aren’t naturally particularly competitive against women. Quite the opposite, since making the next generation takes a lot of working together.

The reason there’s this massive do-or-die thing going on is that men have _made_ it into a competition by making it about status. They’ve come up with multiple fantasies that say they’re born to be better. Then they have to spend the rest of all time living up to that.

And _then_ come the infinite hangups about zomg-she’s-laughing-at-me, zomg-she’s-not-Respecting-Mah-Authoritay, and the anger and the hatred and the constant drive to beat women down so they can feel bigger.

But it all starts with trying to get one up, not with maleness or femaleness. The proof is that men who don’t care about their man cards (they do exist) don’t have fear or hatred of women.

Great points, quixote and Shadow. A real fly in the ointment of “male supremacy” is the fact that half of the women are smarter than half of the men. That’s just a statistical truth and our hope. And the bane of their existence.

The Trump SS need to go the way of their texts. Gone.

Fifty percent of women have above average IQs, fifty percent of men have below average IQs… And vice versa, of course.

DYB, I keep forgetting to say how much I love the dolls. Perfect! 🙂

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the average IQ of people at a Trump rally? The average IQ of the J6 mob? I know there are very smart sociopaths, but I’d still like to know the average.

I also appreciate both your points, Shadow and Quixote.

I believe one additional factor in the misogyny is religion. If your vote beliefs are that women are born from men’s ribs, and that women are responsible for humans falling out of favor with G-d, then it’s hard to see women as anything but lesser and wicked.

I also think, as an indirect result of that religious vision of women, that a huge percentage of men feel they own our bodies and can do whatever they want with them. This is why we have so much sexual assault in this country. This belief is widely unchallenged by the persistence of unpunished assaulters and killers in America.

We had a President for four years who was credibly accused of assault by dozens of women, and of rape by his ex wife (now dead) and a 13-year-old girl. Most white men voted for that psychopath. They thought it was manly that he got away with it.

On the topic of the J6 committee:

@37 Another mic drop! Booyah!

And sometimes you testify for 11 hours or however long it takes for Trey Gowdy’s balls to get so overheated, sweaty and uncomfortable that he can’t take it anymore. Trey as much as admitted (later) that it was all bullshit.

@36 Absolutely true about religion, MB. It amazes me that that crap still sells.

@38 Oh snap! Hahahaha.

mb @36 “one additional factor in the misogyny is religion.”

“They’ve come up with multiple fantasies that say they’re born to be better.”

What’s that they say about great minds? 😆

@42 Yes! Great minds, indeed. 🙂

Keeping up these lies, fantasies, myths takes a lot of work (and ugliness), but by golly, they’re willing to do it.

PJ @32, by the way, this is perfect:

“A real fly in the ointment of “male supremacy” is the fact that half of the women are smarter than half of the men.”

😆 😆 😆

Definitely religion has a major role. What’s that prayer in ultra-traditional branches of Judaism? “Thank you God for not making me a woman.” Plus the Old Testament with Eve bearing children in pain, and being blamed for thinking that any creature found in the garden of Eden would be telling the truth, also then she was blamed for being nice enough to share that delicious apple with Adam. Of course it wasn’t an apple as apple trees didn’t grow in the Near East then, but some sort of tasty fruit. Women aren’t treated very well in the New Testament either.

Suuuuuch a coincidence!

Yup @47, Rachel Maddow made a huge mistake with that story about the memo. It did not say anything about Drumpf and did not refer to anything other than the period prior to the midterms – a standard policy memo that comes out before every election cycle. It was a nothing burger.

Speaking of fantasy… This is worth a giggle. Joe Manchin for President, y’all – because he knows how to get approval ratings in a red state!

J @39
Gowdy, boy Howdy, as Rachael would say, I forgot all about him.
Is Trey alive or did he die from roasted gonads?

MB @36, I agree with the religious aspect of misogamy against women.

The two Mary’s for example, mother of Jesus was good because she didn’t have sex, she was a virgin. Mary Magdalene followed Jesus around, as did his male disciples, and watched his crucifixion and resurrection. But men of the ‘church’ didn’t like Mary’s standing and decided to portray her as a whore and super sinner, and diminish women’s position as leaders in the churches. The Dead Sea scrolls tell a much different version of the importance of Mary M.

The ‘church’ also takes the side of men being the ruler of the family and their women as their property. Even now, some of the states require that a woman have their husband’s consent to have certain types of birth control, like an IUD. Does a man have to get the consent of his wife to use Viagra…oh, Hell no.

MB – “This is worth a giggle. Joe Manchin for President”.
Every time I hear Man-chin’s name I am like Daenerys dragons and want to spit fire and roast him down to a single ash.

Am I bitter about all the damage he has done to Biden’s agenda and may cause the loss of the majority in Congress… yup.

@48 Why isn’t Sinema in the conversation too? Her approval ratings are also pretty good – especially among Republicans in AZ. Gag!

@51 “Every time I hear Man-chin’s name I am like Daenerys dragons and want to spit fire and roast him down to a single ash.” THIS! Wow, I would love to see that.

@49 I think Trey’s still alive, Shadow, but I hear he still walks funny. 🙂 Gowdy, boy Howdy… hahahaha. I had forgotten that.

@53 – D, my gawd. I am crying with joy. What a wonderful group and performance! It’s the definition of inspiring!

About Mary Magdalene — IIRC she was the woman the crowd wanted to stone, but Jesus the liberal street preacher said that those without sin could throw the first stone. That shut up the crowd.

Probably wouldn’t work these days — too many more hypocrites.

Checking in to say hello, Widdershins. I’m not dead yet! Chalk it up to pure cussedness which runs in the maternal side of my family.

Love you all!

BEATA!!! So happy to see you. I miss you and am glad to know you’re still with us!

Wanted to share this on the topic of the Secret Service text deletions. I will weigh in as an IT professional for 23 years…what they did was not even close to professional standards, especially for the SS which is supposed to be cutting edge. It was basically at the level of a person who changes out their personal cell phone without backing up their texts to the cloud.

Beata, it is so great to hear from you and I have thought of you many times. I am so glad you are still with us and I send you love back.
Keep up the good fight! I hope to hear from you again soon.

Anyone planning to watch the hearing today?

5 PM on the Bestcoast, that would be 8 PM for the Eastcoasters, and PJ maybe that would be 7PM for you, without water nor mountains?

This might be the last hearing for awhile???

I have missed you all so much and am glad to be back among friends.

Yes, I will be watching tonight. It’s must see teevee! Raskin says the Committee will be playing outtakes from Trump’s message on January 7th, showing that Trump had difficulty getting his words out, meaning that even pretending to condemn the attempted coup was nearly impossible for the POS to do. (Hey, that rhymes!)

I have read that the hearings might continue into October or November, although they may take an August break.

Beata! Hi!! {{{hugs}}}

Beata!! Who are you? Wonder Woman? Great to see you!

@53 Those women are IN-CRED-I-BLE! OMG. I love them. I love Dolly too and they did her proud! I’m going to save it for down days. How can you not feel better after watching them? Also, what MB said. Thank you for posting, DYB.

@59 You’re right, Shadow. 7 PM here in hell, now HOT AS HELL, Kansas. I’ll be watching, but I may not post – I’m expecting to be riveted to the screen.

It’s pretty difficult to blog during the hearings, especially if it’s riveting. I think we will see that BigBaby was gleeful when his loving fans were out for blood and throwing fits when Pence and Congress fulfilled their duty after they were hunted.

My happiest thoughts will be of Dump watching the hearings tonight and America finding out what a criminal he is.
Roast him and toast him!!

Hi, MB, Shadow, Q and PJ!

I love, love, love the group performing the 21st century version of “Jolene”. Also, what MB and PJ said. Dolly is one of my all-time favorite people.

PJ, I would gladly claim the Wonder Woman mantle but I really do think it’s pure cussedness. (Whenever someone would say something runs in our family, my mother would quickly point into the air and say, “And there it goes now!!!”)

Hot and humid as hell in this city built on a swamp. The hearing starts at 8 pm here. I will probably be too tired to post but will watch till the end.

Well there is certainly something to be said for cussedness! Great rhyme @60 by the way. 🙂

@44 It does amuse me. 🙂 But it also disturbs me. I mean, think about it. This has always been the case (IQ being not the same thing as academic achievement) and yet, for years and years in the past and still true today although much better, (measurably) smarter people have had to defer to (measurably) dumber people. Because dong. That’s just diabolical in my book.

Ok, that’s a downer. Just had to get that off my chest.

On to “Roast him and toast him!!” time. (h/t Shadow)

Beata, so great that you are with us to watch the hearing again.

Anyone that watches MSNBC instead of CNN, Rachael and her gang start their coverage an hour before the hearing.

Biden has Covid, mild symptoms and getting Paxlovid.

There will be more hearings in September

Here we go…

I’m just so thrilled you’re back, Beata!

This hearing is DEVASTATING. My goddess. They are showing what was happening in the Capitol and documenting what IQ45 was NOT doing during the horror of 1/6.

Oh my gosh. They’re playing Secret Service radio transmissions during the time the Capitol was breached. They sound completely terrified.

The VP detail thought they were going to die! They were calling loved ones and saying goodbye.

Drumpf did that.

@74 They were minutes, yards or feet? away from this having a very ugly ending. Terrifying to think about how close the terrorists came to succeeding. Pence and VP detail got out by the skin of their teeth.

I agree about the hearing – devastating and damning for IQ45.

Mike Pence was my governor. Politically I am totally opposed to him, but that he, his family members and staff were so close to being killed on Jan. 6th is horrifying. Trump wanted him dead. It’s more personally upsetting than I thought it would be. Pence grew up not far from my hometown. I know people who went to high school with him.

Where was Melania on January 6th? What was she doing? Why were the kids called to try to make him stop the violence, but not Donald’s wife?

@76 – that makes total sense, Beata. It’s horrifying that Drumpf was okay with getting Pence killed.

@77: Having her hair and nails done? Online shopping? Self medicating? All of the above?

Pence took control and kept his cool. Amazing.

@80 I don’t like him either Beata, but I totally respect his actions as (essentially) Commander in Chief. He was direct and unequivocal. “presidential”. (I pray he’s never president, but you know what I’m saying)

I’ve always thought the Dump would have also been fine with Pelosi getting killed. It didn’t have to be Pence. Just someone important enough so he could plausibly (to him anyway) declare martial law.

You’re right that seeing the real willingness to do that hits home harder than the mere knowledge that he doesn’t care who dies.

Melania? As a UK writer said, she’s playing the patriarchy game on nightmare level, the one where you sleep with the worst. I read her as not wanting any part of this. She’s dabbled in the Dump presidency as little as possible. She wants no part of the opposition because then she’d probably never hear the end of it from Jabba the Hutt. The only humans she’s willing to expend feelings on are Barron and her mother. She couldn’t have survived an eternity with the Dump if she had ethics and similar baggage.

@77, 79 Good guesses! Her motto is, “I really don’t care, do U?” She was probably bored with the whole thing. Probably turning the TV channel to “Desperate Housewives”. (I’ve never watched it, but I’m just guessing it’s something she’d like)

I posted before reading your comment, quixote. Good thoughts on Melania.

Mango Moron on January 7th: “Yesterday is a hard word for me.”

“Yesterday?” That’s a pretty easy word…

Great ideas about Melania! I like the self medicating one the best. ♥️💕

Wow, that was something. Everyone on the committee was great.

Lawrence was making the point that Dump wasn’t just doing nothing (as Lawrence and everyone else has been saying). Dump wasn’t being a frozen, incompetent boob (he is that, but not here) or just being his psychopathic self enjoying the chaos and carnage. He was actively watching his plan unfold and actively not wanting it to stop. Hoping it would succeed. Only when it was clear that it was not going to succeed did he call off the dogs. But with much love and understanding.

Beata! Sending love to you! So glad you stopped in! I hope you are being comfortable.

@79, yes, All of the above, lol!

The Josh Hawley footage was hysterical. Rachel and crew had a good laugh about that!

I wonder if Dump has false teeth and if ‘yesterday’ is a word he can’t pronounce correctly? His daughter right away says, ‘Just take that word out of the speech”.

@92 – the panic in her and Jared’s voices was really something. It took them all day to convince him to make that speech. They were both so afraid he wouldn’t make it through the whole thing. I think they were trying to recover some tiny piece of whatever they thought his legacy was.

One thing I noticed about the outtakes – it seems like he doesn’t normally speak in that bizarre singsong. He turns into a character when he makes those incoherent messes of campaign speeches. He’s even phonier than I realized.

Last thing for the evening – Liz Cheney was doubling down on the woman card tonight. Let’s never forget that she wholeheartedly supports the SCOTUS decisions on Roe and Casey. She is no friend to women, unless they’re virulently anti-choice.

Yes MB, Liz was proud that her Rethug women came forward and testified, not concerned with women’s choice over their own bodies.

@93: Excellent analysis, MB.

I find myself admiring Liz Cheney for the stellar job she is doing on the House Committee but it is important to remember what her political positions are on the issues we care about. She is a conservative Republican who voted with Trump on almost all his policies. Let her continue to expose Trump for the evil would-be dictator he is but do not mistake her for our friend.

@89: Luna, love to you, too! I hope you are doing well.

As for me, I have better/worse days. If I am going to be online, I need to be extremely careful not to overdo it. I get tired very easily.

@77 madamab, You don’t honestly think that Melanie has any influence over what her husband does and his he acts? It strikes me as hilarious to envision her trying and even less succeeding in getting him to stop the rioting. I think the only family member who might have a modicum of influence over him is Ivanka. And, obviously, she had difficulty getting him to do what needed to be done.

Roz in NJ/NYC

OY! That should be Melania. (I think auto correct changed the “a” to an “e” and I didn’t catch it. Need to proofread before posting.)

Roz in NJ/NYC

@97 – oh not at all! I just thought it was very odd that she was nowhere in sight. You would think she would have been in the room with the other family members at some point, but no. She now says she was curating the presidential records and had no idea what was going on. Of course, her spokesperson says she knew and has receipts.

Anyone Trumpy whose whereabouts were unknown or hidden during those hours is suspect in my book. You’ll notice Eric wasn’t around either…what was he doing? (Wrong answers only, haha!)

New post, all! Come upstairs! It’s not fancy because my wifi signal is week – can’t get to pix or links. 😦

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