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Posted on: July 3, 2022

Former White House/Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson swearing in for testimony before House’s 1/6 Committee.

Hello Widdershins,

A big week of 1/6 Committee hearings: former senior aide for Mark Meadows – former Republican Representative (and Freedom Caucus chief) who became Trump’s chief of staff 2020-21 – threw something of a nuke into the proceedings. Cassidy Hutchinson was one of Meadows’ most trusted deputy. A former intern for the likes of Ted Cruz she catapulted into the highest echelons of Republican power. A former staffer for Paul Ryan tweeted that Meadows always insisted that Hutchinson be present in every meeting. They didn’t think much of it at the time, he noted. Up until just a few weeks ago Hutchinson was being represented by a lawyer who was taking orders from Meadows and Trump. But she suddenly fired that attorney and hired her own. The information she provided – privately and in the public hearing – made a real impact. We learned that Meadows texted Hutchinson the day before the public testimony, warning her not to go through with it. (That’s illegal!) Perhaps one of the most consequential parts of Hutchinson’s testimony was her revealing that Donald Trump insisted on going to the Capitol right after his rally, just as his MAGAts began their march and Proud Boys were already on the premises. According to Hutchinson – who said she was told by people directly involved – Trump lunged for the wheel of his car and tried to choke the Secret Service agent, insisting he be taken to the Capitol. While SS (always appreciated that acronym) first insisted no such thing happened, within 24 hrs other people came forward – including from the SS – saying that it did. And a grainy video and photos appeared showing things getting wild inside Trump’s car. That video is now being examined like the Zapruder film.

The main take-away from this information isn’t that Trump was throwing a hissy fit and choked his Secret Service agent (who, incidentally, remains loyal to Trump.) That’s absurd and salacious. But the important part of that story is why Trump demanded to be taken to the Capitol, when you add the other known parts of the Insurrection. Trump continued to demand that Pence not certify the votes, and was pleased that Pence’s life was threatened. The Proud Boys had already arrived on the premises of the Capitol well ahead of the MAGAt rioters. The Proud Boys were organized. We know the Proud Boys were coordinating with Roger Stone, who was coordinating with Trump and Rudy Giuliani. We know that there are only a handful of unfortified windows in the Capitol and the Proud Boys knew exactly which ones. Why did Trump wanted to go to the Capitol so violently? Trump insisting to go the Capitol – combined with the other things – can only mean he intended to declare himself the winner of the election just as the votes were counted. The violence was the cover so he could declare martial law or something similar. Proud Boys were hunting for Pence and Pelosi. Just imagine the horrors if the rioters found them – and Trump arrived to declare himself the winner.

This is an open thread.

60 Responses to "Snitches"

Great post, D!

On top of what you wrote, the big question for me is, why did he say this?

“They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f-in’ mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here,” Hutchinson testified.

Why did he say “They can march to the Capitol from here”?

Remember, he had not given his speech yet. How did he know they were planning to march to the Capitol?

He directed and coordinated the whole thing.

That wasn’t a speech on the Ellipse – no one brings body armor and AR-15s to a speech. That was the kickoff to the insurrection…and everyone who was there knew it. There were no innocents in that crowd.

Yes, this whole chain of events has been a blow to my sense of myself as someone who knows what’s happening.

It was obvious from the start he knew what was going on and was all for it. And that he hoped for enough violence, preferably against someone high-placed, so he could declare himself Padishah Emperor of All the Worlds.

But I was sure it was really that stupid. A total clown show with as much chance of success as anything the Dump does. I had no idea that someone who could barely knit subject and verb together in one sentence had the attention span to plan anything. Or even to recognize that someone else had a plan and to work with it.

It’s been a shock to realize that we came *that* close to having a lot more bloodshed and an actual attempted takeover of government. As JBouie says, just because they’re clowns doesn’t mean they can’t kill people. Look no further than the Ku Klux Klan.

Major kudos to the J6Committee at how well they’ve put it all together and presented it.

I still maintain, someone had a tight strategy to keep the risk of bloodshed down. Martial law was a real possibility. Whoever is was, and it was probably a group, gets my kudos for control in a really risky situation. I’ve said it before, I know, but I gotta say it again.

Excellent recap post DYB.
I have not been listening to the news in detail for the past couple of days and didn’t know that a fuzzy video came out of Dump going crazy in the SUV. Thanks

“He directed and coordinated the whole thing.”

He did, MB, and I agree with quixote – the shocking part is that he demonstrated such competence.

The funniest thing to me (funny now) is what someone else pointed out. The hitch in the plan was Dump being too fat and out of shape to walk to the Capitol. He could have abandoned the SS and marched with the mob. How powerful that would have been for the MAGAts. A big thanks goes to McDonalds, KFC, Oreos, etc.

DYB, I enjoyed your funny (or maybe not so funny…) about the acronym for the Secret Service. Ha ha ha! How did I not catch that before?

Cassidy Hutchinson really is quite remarkable. She’s only like 26 freaking years old! How is it that she was even there – in the middle of it all. And then to have the ovaries to tell the story to the world. After repeated threats (subtle and not so subtle) not to tell and knowing that the threats will continue. Amazing.

A patriot is putting your country over your own best interests. MAGAts are fake patriots just like they’re fake Christians. No wonder they love Dump so much. He’s a fake human being.

Yup. Too much of a not-so-ambulatory lump of triglycerides to make it to his Best TV Role Evah™

But I have to admit, I didn’t think of thanking McD. A (slightly?) grateful nation turns its eyes to you.

@9 Whoa! That is so cool! I did not know they existed. And what a beautiful shade of blue.

Love the gorgeous blue lobster and stunning pic of Venus!

Quixote and PJ, I am totally with you. I didn’t have a clue that this whole thing was so coordinated and planned by Drumpf. The day of, I knew it was an inside job somehow, because there weren’t nearly enough cops on the scene (unlike when BLM protestors showed up in the summer). But I had no clue that everyone there was trying to overthrow the government and that they were armed and dangerous. I thought it was more spontaneous and that maybe there were some bad actors, but most attendees were just rubes.

With Drumpf on the day saying those things and also knowing for sure that the crowd was chanting “Hang Mike Pence” with his approval, the whole thing takes on a completely different tone, much darker and scarier.

On 7/12 Jamie Raskin will talk about the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers and how they were mobilized by Drumpf and his co-conspirators. I suspect more shocks are coming about how directly they were involved in J6.

More on the premeditation aspect.

That picture of Venus! :wow:

Normally I would wish a Happy 4th of July to all, but this year women lost their independence to white-male-turds, so I am not celebrating this year.

Happy, to all that are celebrating.

That photo of Venus is down right frightening.
I can’t imagine how it would be on the area where the black clouds are.

Abstractly, it is beautiful, but it reminds me of what Earth may look like if mankind doesn’t get their $hit together.

@12 Same here, MB. I thought it was Trump’s usual M.O. of riling up the crowd and then whatever happens, happens; don’t worry, he’ll pay the legal fees. It was reckless and dangerous, but Jan 6 was different. They meant business. I keep thinking about the guy with the zip ties. Were they going for an Iranian-style hostage crisis in our own country by our own people? And then what? Trump comes in and says if you just do what we say, nobody gets hurt?

Like you said, very dark and very scary. I greatly appreciate the J6 committee for bringing it all to light.

(Just to be clear, I’m poking fun at myself for thinking I was a know-it-all when I imagined I knew what was happening.

I mean, on some level, I knew I didn’t. But this process has been a real education in the vastness of my cluelessness.)

@19 :boggle:

Boggling at the massive, let-it-all-hang-out racism of it. But maybe even more that they’re so comfortable with it, they’re not even slightly worried about other people noticing it.


I’m so upset about the Highland Park and Philly shootings. I used to live on the North Shore of Chicago near Highland Park. It’s just so scary.

I actually didn’t go to the J4 celebration I was looking forward to so much, because it was a big event and I was worried about a mass shooter. I thought maybe there was some MAGA coordination across the country that was causing these attacks.

I know it probably wasn’t dangerous to go, but my gut was telling me to stay home.

And yes, the Highland Park killer was a racist anti-Semite. Not at all surprising given he was a MAGA.

And of course there’s this:

MB @24

Debra Messing was fed up. The former “Will & Grace” star was among dozens of celebrity Democratic supporters and activists who joined a call with White House aides last Monday to discuss the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

I’m sure there are plenty of ticked off Dems that want Biden and Congress to do more than just talk…but to have a bullhorn ‘celebrity’ voice and tell others, “Why should I vote”…is as dumb as Messing was in ‘Will and Grace’, (maybe she was more like herself than acting?)

That way of thinking is what helps Dumpster-Fires get into office.
It’s also called, ‘Cutting off your nose to spite your face.’

Thanks for the time and place, DYB.

1. Coffee break and donuts @ 10 AM for the Eastcoasters.

2. One eye open, first cup of coffee in slippers @ 7:00 O’dark on the Bestcoast. (How did you say that Luna?}

3. PJ, I’m not sure what time it will be without coasts, nor mountains, nor many Dems…but you at least get a time for a more complete breakfast.

Nor any big lakes… but we are the breadbasket, so, good for toast and close enough to the (L)eastcoast (what else can we do for fun except feed fights between the coasts) for a decent start time at 9:00am.

What kind of sickness is this?

28 Hey PJ, were would we be without our bread basket?

Wheat, wheat and more wheat for our breads, cereals, buns, pizza, pancakes… Nothing to sneeze at. Ahhh, choo!

Hey, you there, PJ, who ya callin “Least”? Huh? Huh?


(I can scrap on both sides. Grew up on one, lived for almost 20 years on the other. And, if we want to take this outside, lived for almost 15 on the Gulf Coast. Plus, _plus_ am an honorary Great Laker since that’s where my signif other is from. So there. Top that!)

Okay Q, I can match up with your living by water. Don’t forget NZ counts as living near water.

– Born in Michigan, lived by the Great Lakes until I was 11 years old.
– Family moved to Southern California, my first introduction to the Pacific Ocean, a place I would always be near. Spent all my summers in Manhattan Beach.
– Moved to Cape Canaveral, (an island), Florida when my dad worked for NASA on the space program.
– Went to college and moved to Hawaii, lived on a sailboat with my boyfriend.
– Moved up north to the Bay Area and am content here as a permanent home.

Wow you two, seriously. That’s just not fair. 🙂 But good for both of you!

Go Georgia! GAgal, are they covering this on Fox? (snort):

“GA grand jury subpoenas Lady Lindsey, Rudy Tooty, and Trump legal team in election probe”

The Trump legal team includes Jenna Ellis (Rudy fart victim) and a guy named Kenneth Cheseboro that I first read as “Cheesebro” and I was like, OMG, that’s so perfect.

@21 That’s a shame, MB – but that’s our reality.

And no amount of human tragedy will change the minds of gun nuts. Just like no amount of human tragedy for women will change the minds of anti-choice nuts (and sometimes I fear, thoughts of coat hangers, botched abortions by quacks, septic abortion wards, etc. are a bonus for them).

The ONLY thing that affects the MAGAt mind is losing elections. Losing power in Washington. If they started losing elections, we’d see a lot more willingness to negotiate. “Well, as long as I can keep all my other guns, we can talk about assault rifles.” That would only be after they’ve lost. And lost. And lost. And lost some more.

Shadow, I spent years in Hawaii too! 😆 Sounds like we were there about the same time, except I never did anything as cool as living on a boat.

Interesting to think of where you live relative to water! I’ve been on both coasts (Maryland, NJ and New York as well as NorCal) and Illinois, on the North Shore of Lake Michigan. So I guess that all counts? 😀

Good news from Ukraine.

@36 – the mind just boggles, D. What was the thought process that led to this catastrophe?

It seems similar to people who do “,gender reveals” (which are actually sex reveals – no one knows the baby’s gender) by using explosives. WTAF.

America is in a constant state of becoming.
Couldn’t happen to a better family of idiots.

Q, it would be something if we were living in Hawaii at the same time, and even crazier if we were on the same island.

MB, once you live by water it’s difficult living without it. I never could.

@38 That is good news!

So Pat Cipollone is going to testify before the Jan 6 committee. How about that.

I’m starting to see why white guys cling so tightly to the Second Amendment. As a group, they have been constantly under the threat of the government trying to control them and take away their freedoms.

Well it’s official. The British Conservative Party has dumped their clown. Sad!

Love that Johnson had to resign. Too bad the Thugs refused to make Drumpf do the same.

I think I heard that the Brits dropped him because he was going to lose elections for them – not because he was an obnoxious, constantly lying buffoon. If that’s the case for the Thugs – Dump (or his Dumplings) is losing elections, they’ll want to drop him too. But good luck with that.

I heard that Republicans are urging Dump not to announce he’s running (if he IS running, that is) before the midterms.

Yes, it’s because he was losing elections for them. If it had been the buffoon part, that’s been obvious for a while. It would have happened a while ago. Glad to see him gone at any price. I think. Maybe they’ll decide on someone even worse … ? … 😦

And the Dump wants to announce so he can say all his legal mess is poe-litti-caaall. He doesn’t care what the little people’s problems are. Hopefully he’s freaked enough to make his crap plain to the meanest intelligence.

Interesting, though, that the Repubs are perfectly aware he’s so awful he’ll motivate too many to vote against him. But they’re happy to use it.

Looks like the rats are jumping off the Mango Moron’s ship…Pat Cipollone testified for hours today, and Steve Bannon will testify as well after face savingly saying that IQ45 waived executive privilege (which did not exist!).

Great post MB, thanks for adding the extra details about Hutchinson’s testimony.

Oops, @48 I meant DYB!

DYB @9, what a beautiful shade of blue. I’m glad he threw it back. Hubs & I saw a giant blue lobster someplace . . .I think it was Rhode Island in a big pond in a touristy area. The sign said it was super old.

@11, wild. Will I sound like a psycho if I say it almost looks like a face?

Shadow@15, Same with my fam. We just weren’t into it.

Shadowfax & Quixote, you’ve lived in some interesting & beautiful places! I lived within a half hour drive of SoCal beaches most of my life, could walk to it when I lived in S.F., also, we lived on right on Lake Whatcom in Bellingham for a year. That was fun. My bro kept his ski boat tied up in front of our condo.

PJ @45, I bet there are a lot of R’s that don’t want dump to run again.

MB @47, Can’t wait to find out what Cipollone said. LoL IQ45!

Can’t wait to see this:

@49, that is great. Even if this woman doesn’t sue, I hope someone else will. If a fetus is a person, then it should get extra perks for the mom.
That effing new law must make non ‘birthers’ giddy.

Isn’t is strange that most Democrats live on the coasts or by water?
Poor PJ.

This is an amazing story, made me think of Luna and Q.

No antibiotics worked, so this woman turned to a natural enemy of bacteria to save her husband’s life.
What she accomplished next could easily be called miraculous. First, Strathdee found an obscure treatment that offered a glimmer of hope — fighting superbugs with phages, viruses created by nature to eat bacteria.

@49 – that is awesome! More like this please!

People have no idea what is coming in November. A lot of people are saying we’ll definitely lose the House. I think they’ll find suburban seats are competitive which don’t seem to be now – even Republican women are not happy about the madness that’s going on.

Shadow @56, yes, phages are a fascinating approach to all kinds of infectious diseases.

The problems (didn’t read the article, it may mention it) are that phages are viruses, so (sort of) living organisms. They’re *very* specific, ie a phage will only work against one bacterium, so you can’t just grow up one kind that’s good against everything. They can “spoil” so they have to be stored under specific conditions. They’re a bit complicated to administer because the body has lots of defenses against viruses. And they evolve. So even if you maintained phage “libraries” to deal with, say, common antibiotic-resistant bacteria, by the time you need them they might no longer be suitable for fighting that bacterium.

But so long as they’re applied as the personalized medicine that they are, they can really be a rather magic bullet.

***Loved*** the woman and her “passenger” in the HOV lane


New post! Come upstairs!

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