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Posted on: June 25, 2022

The liberals made my life miserable for 43 years. And I’m going to make their lives miserable for 43 years.

Clarence Thomas to his clerks in 1993

This is the petty schmuck who has led the charge to make all the people he hates – women, LGBTQ+, and non-Christofascists in general – into property of the State. I say “the State” because the federal government, in the person of six ideologues who never should have been confirmed to the Supreme Court, has removed basic privacy protections from all of us.

The State has decided that only women who live in blue states will have rights to their own bodies. In essence, when one person is denied the guarantee of freedom, it opens up the precedent that everyone can be denied the guarantee of freedom. Thomas and the five ChristoClowns have decided that no one has rights to their own bodies except white, straight, Christian men. (I think Clarence Thomas counts himself as white – that’s the only explanation for his buying in to this anti-American bullsh*t.)

As Quixote pointed out in comments, this is the re-establishment of slavery; but Slavery 2.0 casts a much wider net than the original. Friday’s decision removed basic human rights from 166 million women and girls. And each of those women and girls has many people that love her and will grieve her pain along with her. So when she is raped and has to bear her rapist’s child, or dies in childbirth, or dies from an ectopic pregnancy, or lives in poverty and misery because she can’t afford a child, this suffering doesn’t just impact her. It impacts everyone around her.

The horrors that will spread from this decision are unimaginable, and I think we are all incredulous that no one could see it coming in 2016. Young white people in particular should have come out in droves to vote for Hillary, but no. They couldn’t be bothered because “both parties are the same” and “Bernie woulda won.” Do y’all get it now, Gen Z and Millennials? You’re the ones who will actually be impacted by this. I’m going to be 55 this year and can no longer get pregnant, which oddly, makes me feel guilty that I won’t be directly miserable along with so many others. (Jewish guilt is rough.)

For those who say this will only impact women of color, and wealthy white women in red states will be fine because they can travel to other states, I think they’re in for a surprise. The Christofascists have thought of that loophole. They want to test women for pregnancy before allowing them to travel out of state. And, they want to criminalize miscarriages. Sounds like Slavery 1.0, doesn’t it? Will they be sending bounty hunters to capture runaway pregnant women if they cross the border “illegally” to states where they’re not considered property?

Based on the wave of protests that started on Friday and will likely continue, as well as the vast majority of Americans who disagree with SCOTUS, this terrible decision will drive enormous turnout in 2022 and the Democrats will increase their majorities in the House and Senate. (This doesn’t even count the impact the J6 hearings have had on the QOP – but that’s for another post. That will also be quite significant.) Nevertheless, I agree with Quixote, DYB and other Widdershins that every Democrat running for office in 2022 needs to be on message as to what they are going to do to fix this. I’d like to hear them say three things: 1) I will vote to amend the filibuster to make progress on legislation the Republicans are blocking; 2) I will vote to expand the Supreme Court and 3) I will vote “yes” on the Women’s Health Protection Act. None of these things can happen without two more Senate Democrats to nullify Manchinema’s inconsistent insistence on keeping the filibuster sacrosanct sometimes, whatever whatever.

The QOP has massively overstepped both their power and their mandate. They may be celebrating now, but they will be crying in November, and for decades to come. And Clarence Thomas, you will be f*cking miserable for the rest of your disgusting, pathetic life.

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Warren’s messaging is good, except she doesn’t talk about expanding the Court.

If the Women’s Health Protection Act passes, the Christofascists will sue and this Court will overturn it. I was thinking “how could they prove standing in a case like that,” but then I realized, some man could say his partner had an abortion and it broke his heart, and that would be all this Court needed to overturn the law.

The other thing people say we could do is impeach Thomas for insurrection and Gorsuch & Roberts for lying to Congress under oath about their view of stare decisis. At that point Biden could appoint three normal Justices and we’d be okay. But I’m not sure who has the power to do that. I heard one Democrat on the radio talking about the fact that the Justices are not accountable to any other branch of government and that they are expected to police themselves. Good luck with that one!

If we could get ethics laws applied to the Justices, that could force accountability. But again, how will we get around the filibuster? Will Manchinema agree?

I don’t see a way around this except to expand the Court.

Great post MB.
I wrote a fairly long comment and WP decided to dump it in the trash.
I might try again later…

Ugh, sorry Shadow!

At a Roe post last night, a Republican cop running for office punched his (female) Democratic opponent.

MB, yesterday Biden reiterated he is opposed to expanding SCOTUS.

@3 Shadow, I always copy a lengthy post before hitting Post, in case that happens. Then I can just paste it if it disappears. It’s almost become a habit for me!

I think this is Utah.

Has Biden or any higher-up, like Pelosi or Schumer, explained WHY they’re against expanding the Court?

It’s such an obvious (partial) solution, they must have a reason. Can’t imagine anything but “Oh, we just couldn’t” or “But, but, but tradition!.” In which case put a gravestone on us. We’re done for.

Quixote, some people argue right now they don’t have the votes. Which may be true. But I fail to see why speaking about it – to normalize this topic – is something they will not do. I can only conclude they really are against it (for…reasons). To tell voters: “We need Democrats to give us X votes in the Senate and the House so we can expand and unpack the Court” seems like a no-brainer argument vs. “Vote harder!” Yes, we need to vote harder, but…that’s not exactly a great rallying cry.

Great post, MB.

Trump made it ok to be racist again. To be openly, rawly, racist. Now SCOTUS has done the same thing to women. All of that pent up hatred towards women – that’s been building since Roe V Wade – can finally be let out of the bag. Yikes it’s ugly. But I suppose it’s a relief for them.

I think the QOP has done a good job of placing bombs around themselves and now those bombs are armed. I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t go off.

As you say, DYB. Why not talk about it. Why not build support?

The Dems suffer badly from the practicality of the damned. Never try to get out of hell, in case you fail. Just try to snag the shopping cart with the fewest bad wheels for the stuff you cart from one flaming berth to the next.

It’s one thing to be feckless while the Repubs are Eisenhower. It’s another to be useless while they’re dismantling the country.

Give the Dump credit, PJ. He may not be in the Supremes class, but he sure did everything he could to promote misogyny too.

That Tim Burke clip of the large blonde woman. Yikes. Where do they *find* these people? What color is the sky on their planet?

@15 Unfortunately, quixote, those women are a dime a dozen here. You don’t have to look very hard.

@14 You’re absolutely right, quixote. Dump deserves all the credit. It’s his SCOTUS after all. And he did make it ok to hate women before that. Not just ok – MANLY. (barf)

“both parties are the same”

It worries me that that same rhetoric is getting popular again on the Left. It’s bullshit and it’s destructive. It gave us W and it gave us Dump. (I was spouting the same crap calling Obama “Republican in Dem’s clothing” so I’m not innocent).

But I do agree with what you said @13, quixote. Dems are not meeting the challenge as well as they need to. Like DYB was talking about. They don’t have the sense of urgency that’s needed.

@9, so once again the man gets off scot-free with no responsibility and it’s all the woman’s fault. We’ve heard this since Adam.

No birth control is 100%.
Even tubal ligation and vasectomy isn’t 100%.
Rapists (including right-wing male supremacist husbands) don’t care about birth control.
A wanted pregnancy can be ectopic (will kill the mother via organ rupture and/or infection) or anecephalic (fatal birth defect & will die in a few hrs once out of the uterus) or die in utero (stillbirth; necrosis & infection and will kill the mother).

Madam, there is a special place in hell awaiting you.

@10, @11, quixote & DYB, Agree. Too many Dems have been and are too polite, cautious, or cowardly. Obama had a majority in his first 2 yrs and wasted most of that. I just remembered a small local(?) group in 2004 who for a while presented a few Backbone Awards and more Spineless awards to certain deserving Dems. Even if you think it’s not going to pass, at least try to get closer to the goal! If you don’t try, it’s definitely not going to happen. You can build on little incremental steps. Continuing to push for a goal keeps that goal in the limelight and brings more familiarity with it — and gives voters more reasons to get to the polls, or mail in their ballots.

@15, what color is the sky where they live? They don’t know because they’re not allowed out. Or they’re allowed out to quote their masters’ words but not allowed to look up. Seeing the sky might give them ideas.

@18 That attitude is sick and disturbing, but it really is common in red states. You know, I really had high hopes in 2016 that there were a lot of red state white women like me. Keeping their real opinions to themselves, but in the privacy of the voting booth, would pull the lever for Hillary. Nope. Too many are brain-dead true believers. That’s what white women get rewarded for by white men in red states. And they definitely get punished for not toeing that line. Woo-eee. Can’t you just hear all the silent “good girl”s being said by the men and women around her? I might get clobbered for saying this, but other women here are just as good about keeping women in line as the men. Ginni Thomas es.

“Madam, there is a special place in hell awaiting you.” Yes! It might be a bit crowded…

I agree with all of you. The Dems want to be the ‘White Hats’, the ‘Good Guys and Gals, the ones walking around with tilted halos.

Most of them are cowards when it comes to a fight.

Congress needs to get real, to not be the ones that bring a pepper shaker to a damn gun fight. They don’t want to break any rules while they and the majority of American’s get trampled.

Just talking doesn’t win, putting up your dukes and brains and outsmarting the deplorables is the only way they can save women and contraception, and the right to love and marry the person that makes you happy.

Until I see some real fighting going on, I will not hold my breath for Dems.

Fight like Hillary did, like RBG did and like the suffragettes did.
Keep your hollow words to yourself, sit in the corner until you get the courage to fight !

@24, Luna I love that idea! Even if such actions go nowhere, the bell would be loudly rung and you can’t unhear it. Schumer needs to go. I think Amy Klobuchar would be a great Senate Leader, but I guess that is yet another political process that needs to be revisited….

This morning I heard two young women at a demonstration interviewed. One said you have to get rid of all the old white people (not old white males) in Congress. My first thought was, does that purge include Bernie? My second thought was, does that mean we older voters need to go as well to get what they want? There is much talk about the rising tide of young voters. Are we going to have an expansion of The Squad? One thing is certain, we need more women in both houses. The infusion of young ideas and energy is a good thing but I would hope the majority of the new order would be mature enough to understand the levers of power and how to work them to advantage.

I would like to see Pelosi groom Katie Porter to succeed her along with Hakeem Jeffries (I heard he was the current heir apparent). I love her brand of kick ass.

Warren is an exceptional advocate for whatever issue lights her up. She is succinct, energized and focused on both problem and solution. I think she can be utilized as a face of the new Dem Party, assuming there is going to be one….

@25, cats3, “old white women” are the ones who made Roe v Wade happen! It’s a myth that most people get more conservative as they age. RBG was an “old white woman.” Nancy Pelosi’s an old white woman. So are the women carrying the “Can’t believe I still have to protest this shit” signs. My state (Washington) legalized abortion in 1970. “Old white women” made that happen. Those young women forgot (or never learned) their history. Do they think they’ll never get old? Their arrogance disgusts me.

@27, also “old women” of various skin colors made it happen.

I have zero patience with talk of needing any new class of thinking. (Well, maybe an exception for black women just now since something like 94% of them are on the right side of most everything.)

We need to face it, only about 5% of humans are competent useful members of organizations. Any time you exclude a group on any basis — sex, race, nose shape, or the presence of specific dsh mapkkk alleles — you’re excluding some of those rare souls from the pool and reducing your chance of getting useful people. Would we be better off without Raskin? Schiff? Swalwell? No.

Seriously. I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to understand that selecting from inside your favored group, any favored group, is just saying you’d rather have more marginal people so long as they look right. It’s BS.

(Not saying anyone here is doing that. Just fulminating.)

Cute and beautiful critter break.

Luna, as you know I’m not a big Obama fan, but I think the veto-proof majority he had isn’t like it sounds. Because Al Franken’s election was too close, there was a recount, so he was not seated until July. Then Ted Kennedy died in August. And his replacement was a Republican. So Obama only had a couple of months total of veto-proof majority, and it was not consecutive. And he also had a lot of Manchins, people like Max Baucus, Mary Landreau, and Bart Stupak (fyi, “Stupak” autocorrected to “Stupid.”) There were about a dozen extremely conservative Democrats in the Senate at the time. And they were concentrating on the ACA, which they managed to pass. So in that instance I do think Obama did as well as could have been done.

Someone on twitter made an interesting point about people yelling that RBG should have retired under Obama: they are the same people who say both parties are the same. So if both parties of the same, why would it have been necessary for RBG to retire under Obama?

Don’t even get me started on kicking out old white women.

The young voted for damn Bernie over Hillary, and stayed home because Bernie did not win the nomination.

@31, DYB, Fair points. Although the ACA was the same as Romneycare in MA, at least it was better than no ACA.

As for the ‘both parties are the same’ people, we know they’re just lazy selfish bastards who don’t bother paying attention. I don’t like everything about the Dems, but the Republicans are far worse.

Republicans were bad before, but they’re downright terrifying now. I was a PUMA. The avalanche of misogyny from the Left in 2008 did me in. It was like an oil spill that kept gushing and gushing day after day. I still have PTSD from it. But I got to “meet” a lot of great people who are still going! 🙂

I don’t know. Maybe Berniebros feel the same way about not having their college tuition paid for.

@33 > I don’t like “historians” like that because what he does it take a single strand of history and pretend that everything is exactly the same except that one strand. He uses FDR vs. Biden today, or Democrats then vs. Democrats now. FDR “fought” in his first term. In fact, Democrats and Biden accomplished an enormous deal in the 2.5 years since he’s been POTUS. The differences he pretends don’t exist, as if FDR and Biden exist in a vacuum, are the media and how it treats Democrats vs. Republicans. Our political press is killing America. FDR didn’t have to deal with Dean Baquet.

Great comments, and a beautiful bird!

D, I heard that Biden said he’s against adding justices to the Supreme Court after I posted! That is upsetting. I don’t know why – it probably has something to do with the findings of that Commission he put together.

I remember that he was against amending the filibuster until he tried, failed and saw the futility of trying to get the QOP to cross the aisle on his big agenda items. Now he is on board. I think he needs to see a lot of petitions and hear ba lot of phone calls about how this is impacting women. These stories will move him – he is an empathetic and caring person. I’m going write him a letter, myself.

He may have just opened the door to a national conversation about this.

Whoa…did the Christofascist Six know about this?

about women’s humn right to control their own bodies,
“If the US does not comply they must lose their seat on the security council and be removed from the UN.”


(Unfortunately, the same Repubs who’ve brought all this crap on us also think the UN is the work of the devil, so all they’ll do is cheer. Somehow, _somehow_ all that misogyny just has to be stuffed back under the rock it came from for the sake of civilization!)

MB, this post is brilliant.

I feel so sorry for these normal women in the red states:

Quixote @10, yes. with thousands (or millions) of people calling for expanding the court, they need to address this issue now.

Cats @25, that’s sad, they see a l l old white people as enemies?

Luna @26, Lucky France.

Luna @27, Well said.

Unfuckingbelievable. You have to hear this to believe it:

DYB, fair points again. The Republicans back then would be conservative Dems today. Nixon’s plan for healthcare was more liberal than the ACA. Now we have, if lucky, 1 major newspaper per city and it’s usually owned by a distant media corporation that laid off much of the staff when it bought out the paper, and holds tight reins over the remaining editors and journalists and what gets published. Biden, like most recent Dem presidents, has the burden of working to fix the wreckage left by his Republican predecessor.

“The QOP has massively overstepped both their power and their mandate. They may be celebrating now, but they will be crying in November, and for decades to come. And Clarence Thomas, you will be f*cking miserable for the rest of your disgusting, pathetic life.”

YES! As Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones) said:

“I will hurt you for this. A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid.”

@40 OMG, I love that!!

@45 Wow.

@45, Hilarious and depressing at the same time!

Putin’s bombing Kiev again. Hit a residential area — apartment building and kindergarten playground.

Thank you, Annie! I hope your son is doing all right.

PJ, you live amongst a lot of anti-choice women. Do they say “when I have an abortion, it’s okay?” I’ve been reading about that on Twitter and my mind is just totally blown. Either you believe abortion is murder, or you don’t. So if they say abortion is okay when they do it, they’re saying they’re murderers and it’s okay.

@52 It’s kind of a mixed bag. I know some who are total hypocrites and wouldn’t hesitate to assist their daughter or granddaughter in getting an abortion if needed (and some have – that I know of). They’re like Jeffrey Clark answering the question of how would you feel if Gore had done that… Like, “if you want that choice for you and yours, why shouldn’t other women have the same choice”? Nada connection there. Fine for them, bad for others, end of story. I think they’re iffy on believing it’s murder – they’re mostly just being good tribe members in their anti-choice-ness.

But we also have the psycho insane zealots. Scary women. Who do believe it is murder and would never take any part in it. One such lady had an unmarried adult daughter (in her mid-twenties) who got pregnant and this lady was merciless in shaming her daughter for it – for bringing shame to HER. You would have thought it was the end of the world. I don’t know how things eventually turned out because I lost touch with the family. I would be shocked if the story had a happy ending.

I do think there are anti-choice women who do believe it is murder and have abortions anyway. Or assist someone having an abortion.

“they’re saying they’re murderers and it’s okay.” Yes. When they do it, it’s ok. That’s just how right wingers roll.

I’m curious how men are going to react to this decision. They’re not big on unwanted babies. I watch too much of the ID channel, but there have been several cases of men killing their pregnant girlfriends because the woman refused to have an abortion and the man didn’t want to pay child support.

Thanks, PJ.

I think the aspect of this that is very undercovered is, if men used condoms and/or got vasectomies, unwanted pregnancies would be very rare. Why are men not behaving responsibly by using contraception? Not a single major news or cable network has even asked the quesrion.

It just goes to show that the basis of this anti-choice zealotry is a pure, bone deep hatred of women. There is no other reason to leave men out of the discussion, since without men, women would never become pregnant.

By the way, no one talks about the fact that human trafficking and prostitution are both just repackaged slavery for women and girls. The idea that prostitutes are empowered sex workers and not indentured, abused servants is absolutely ludicrous. Women have never been equal in this society and now, it’s gotten very real. Not even idiot Bernie Bros can pretend both parties are the same, although they will probably try.

Great points, MB!

“It just goes to show that the basis of this anti-choice zealotry is a pure, bone deep hatred of women.”

Absolutely. This is about hurting women. However, in their zeal to hurt women, I think they underestimated the potential harm to themselves.

There’s a scene in “West World III” where Jerry is going after Dolores with a golf club looking to bash her head in and just as he’s swinging, she disappears. She was a hologram. The follow through of the swing lands Jerry in the swimming pool, busting his own head on the edge of the pool and dying.

Things could go something like that for the GOP. The law of unintended consequences.

Democrats need a strong voice ready to fight to restore women’s rights, now that the Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade.

There’s only one Hillary Clinton.

Right-wingers on the Supreme Court rescinding the constitutional right to abortion “is incredibly dangerous and it is not just about a woman’s right to choose. It is about much more than that,” Clinton told CBS News back in May, when a draft version of Friday’s decision emerged.

“Any American who says, ‘Look, I’m not a woman, this doesn’t affect me. I’m not Black, that doesn’t affect me. I’m not gay, that doesn’t affect me’ — once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next,” she said.

Go, Hillary.

Unlike most Democrats at a loss for a midterms message, Clinton knows how to deal with the far right’s bullying.

The GOP’s media echo chamber long ago demonized her. She still beat Donald Trump in the popular vote in 2016.

Now it is her turn to lash the GOP extremists for ending nationwide abortion rights, putting more guns on the streets, punishing corporations for supporting gay rights and dismissing history lessons on race as upsetting to white children.

Clinton is exactly the right person to put steel in the Democrats’ spine and bring attention to the reality that “ultra-MAGA” Republicans, as President Biden calls them, are tearing apart the nation.

The Supreme Court justices last week acted as political enforcers for extremist views that are far out of line with public opinion on abortion and gun safety.

They opened the door to women losing control over their lives without the right to have an abortion. They also gave a pass to more violent shootings on the streets by striking down a New York safeguard that required people who want to carry a firearm in public to demonstrate a specific need.

These decisions amount to a political powerplay by former President Trump’s three nominees.

Biden measures his words about the far right out of fear of being charged with further polarizing the country.

So let Hillary roar her message to suburban white women who will be key to deciding the outcome of the midterms.

She already bragged back in April that Biden and congressional Democrats have had a “lot of good accomplishments” in the last two years, including passage of a long-delayed infrastructure bill to strengthen America’s roads, bridges and electricity grids.

She is pumping up Democrats for passing the financial aid package that kept many families afloat through the pandemic.

Without a strong voice like Clinton’s, those Democratic accomplishments get drowned out by Republican culture wars centered on hatred of transgender children, fictions about whites being replaced and the embrace of the lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

Clinton has the added potential to change the national conversation by scolding social media sites, newspapers and television networks for attempting even-handed treatment of both parties, even though one party is now an autocratic cult complicit in a violent insurrection against the U.S. government.

“I don’t think the media is doing its job, to be honest,” she recently told Harry Lambert of the British publication The New Statesman.

She added, “The mainstream media hasn’t yet caught up to the reality we live in. They are much too reluctant to stand up for the truth in the face of massive lying — to call a lie a lie — to be on record as saying that we are in a struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, and it can’t just be business as usual.”

In a separate interview with Edward Luce of the Financial Times, Clinton even called out fellow Democrats for the excesses of “woke politics.” She labeled it as a distraction that feeds right-wing media’s distorted image of mainstream Democrats.

“We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window,” Clinton said.

“Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.”

The U.S. needs “leaders who endeavor to bring out the best in us, not the worst, who don’t play to our fears, but help us address them,” Clinton said in Britain.
(The Hill, Juan Williams)

Love that, Shadowfax! Our Girl is out doing her job as usual. Nothing ever stops her.

Interesting development from the J6 Committee – they’re holding another hearing tomorrow at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Topic TBD except “new evidence and testimony.”

MB thanks for the heads up on tomorrow’s hearing at 10 AM West Coast time. 😉

@57, HRC’s big-picture analysis is spot on, as is her pragmatic advice — qualities undervalued in politics. She can look at the overall situation, see the influencing forces, prognosticate the outcome. I hope Dems listen to her.

“The U.S. needs “leaders who endeavor to bring out the best in us, not the worst, who don’t play to our fears, but help us address them,” Clinton said”

I love her.

All the time, I wish she hadn’t been so atrociously treated that she’ll never run again.

Shadow, thanks for posting the Hillary article. Love the part about the “woke excesses”!

MSNBC is saying that both lawmakers and witnesses involved in the Jan 6 hearings are getting threats, and maybe that’s why they’re doing this previously unscheduled hearing.

Our Talibanish SC ruled in favor of a football coach from Bremerton WA who prayed with his students on the 50 yard line. He sounds like a loon.

I love her.

All the time, I wish she hadn’t been so atrociously treated that she’ll never run again.

Me too, Q.

The DOJ, (some FBI people), took John Eastman’s phone, had him unlock it.
This info came from Eastman’s attempt in court to block the DOJ from getting info from his iPhone.

@55, MB, Absolutely. The emphasis on women’s faults — she’s too careless, or slutty, or irresponsible. What about the man who impregnated her? Crickets.

The ‘sex work is work” BS. Sure, as long as you think “work” is paid rape, being verbally and physically threatened, hit and subjected to unsafe and degrading acts, and the boss taking most of the profit. No paid sick leave, no paid vacation, no health benefits, no unemployment benefit, no retirement plan, and no workers’ comp. Right, there’s that 2% who can pick their johns and their workplace. However the vast majority are trafficked and otherwise forced into it. If they try to leave they are threatened or beaten — unless they get “too old,” like around 35.

Surrogacy is also despicable. Renting a poor woman’s body? She’ll have lifelong effects from the pregnancy and birth. Childbirth, BTW, is more dangerous than an abortion. It’s not as if we need more humans on the planet anyway.

Rant over. It’s in the 90s here, and after a colder-than-normal spring I am melting and irritable. Thank goddess it’ll get back to the low 70s and high 60s in a couple of days.

All the time, I wish she hadn’t been so atrociously treated that she’ll never run again.

Got a few tears in my eyes when I read that.

@64, the coach even held prayer meetings in the locker room — with both teams!

From a WaPo article, there’s this gem: “a group of Satanists demanded equal access to the field.” I wish they’d written if this religious group was also allowed.

I hope they fund more supplies to Ukraine. Fast.

President Biden is in Germany for an annual meeting of the Group of Seven, the world’s wealthiest democracies. On Monday, the leaders heard a virtual address from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and a senior U.S. official said G-7 leaders are close to an agreement on a global price cap for Russian oil shipments, a measure designed to disrupt a key source of funding for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Republicans are cheering an AP report today claiming 1 million people have switched parties to Republican (630.000 to Dem). They mention a couple areas in GA, around the Atlanta area and Augusta. First of all, I can’t speak for other states but we do not register by party in this state, so no one “switched” parties. They base this on the last year of elections. There has been one election in the past year, the recent primaries.

Soon after the primaries, the AJC reported that 7% of the voters in the Repub primary voted Dem in the last two elections. I was one of them. This is what the Rs like to call ratf*cking. My goal was to help knock all the Dump favorites off the ballot, with every intention of voting D in the General. This is well known. With Raffensperger it worked. And possibly others. 37,000 of his votes were from previous D voters. He won by 27,000. Without those votes, most likely he would lost or at least ending up in a runoff with Dumper Jody Hice.

Raffensperger is denying this is how he won. He says it’s former Rs who voted in the last two elections as Ds to show their dislike of Dump. Wrong.

37,000 is a drop in the bucket of a million, but other things in this AP report are BS, too. They mention Ds losing support in the suburbs (which turned out for Biden) based on things such as their unhappiness with Covid lockdowns and mandates. That’s nonsense. Our Rep GOV barely had a shut down at all. He was almost as bad as DeSantis. Not to mention Dump was actually the *president at the time. They also say these voters are upset about socialist type policies such as student loan forgiveness. Maybe, but considering how much was missed in this report, it’s pretty shoddy journalism so why would I trust these numbers?

I think WP is run by a bunch of Rethugs.

I just wrote a fairly short response to GAgal and the RatFcukers…and it got dumped by the dumpers.
Hell if I am going to copy every damn post so the RFers don’t shred it.

F WP!!!

GAgal, just keep RatF-ing the tiny red brains in your state.

I think we need a name for non-christian Christian Fundamentalists. Falsies?

@71 Great point, but HOLY SHIT on the Boy Scouts.

Shadow @73 it’s not in spam. I kept having this problem a couple of years ago so I would copy if it was a long comment, just in case. Eventually, it stopped. Weird.

77 GAgal

My posts get dropped all of a sudden after months of everything going through, then out of nowhere, it starts up again…but not for every post. It used to be that short posts made it though, but I can’t count on that either.

Most of the time I refuse to say the same thing twice, and now I don’t want to copy/paste either.

I don’t know the logic of how this software works, unless there are built in word triggers.

I try to remember to copy a comment, or at least the long ones, before hitting ‘post.’ Every so often WordPress or perhaps it’s my browser or the internet gremlins will disappear the comment, so it’s good to have a copy.

This ight be the reason for the hearing tomorrow –

Former Meadows aide will testify before January 6 committee on Tuesday, sources say –
Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and a witness to many critical events and conversations, is expected to testify publicly on Tuesday before the select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack, according to two sources familiar with the matter.



Oh, and I want to blow off steam about one more thing: all the yammering about “Zomg! It’s all RBG’s fault! Why didn’t she know she was going to die, and retire instead?”

Okay, they don’t say the last part, but honestly, none of us know our date and time.

Mainly, I think she, like everyone else who didn’t think the election could be stolen, was thinking Hillary would win. I’ll bet she was planning to retire once we had President Clinton. And when that didn’t happen, what could she do but hang on?

@71, I don’t think that’s true about the drag queen womanface story hour performers. Oh, I see they said “during” the library sessions. Not a good limitation for comparison since they didn’t put the qualifier “during services” for Catholic priests, or “during public lessons” for the Boy Scout leaders. One popular womanface library story performer got arrested recently for pedolphiliac porn (blast, did I bookmark it? Toooooo many bookmarks.) Womanface performers should keep it for adults. Kids don’t need a man wearing stereotyped women’s clothes and acting out insulting behaviors.

Here’s one example of what’s not appropriate for kids. OK for adults, though.

@78 It’s frustrating. I copy, but if a comment gets rejected, it usually gets rejected the second time too. I’ve even tried changing words I thought might be trigger words, but it didn’t work. I also take it personally when it happens.

@84 I totally agree, quixote. Well said.

Really looking forward to today’s hearing!

If the person testifying today is Meadow’s former top aide, she recently fired her lawyers – the ones who were hired by Meadows – and said she would no longer associate with Meadows. So she’s ready to burn those bridges.

She knew what happened on January 6th. She will testify nas to what Meadows and Drumpf did on that day. 🔥🔥🔥

Her office was 5-10 seconds from the Oval Office.

@91 – hahahahahaha

Wow, this hearing is damning for Dump. More proof of a crime.

Amazing hearing today. Worth watching.

None of us are surprised that Trump threw dishes regularly, are we?

The jaw-dropping moments were almost too many to count, but here are a handful of the standouts:

Trump knew his supporters had weapons — and encouraged them to march on the Capitol. And he tried to go, too.
Trump tried wrestle his Secret Security agent to go to the Capitol.
Trump threw dishes — regularly.
Trump didn’t want to call off the rioters.

Luna @67, well said.

GAgal @72, that’s very interesting. I did not know that.

I caught some of the hearing. Wild.

On Faux Entertainment now:
Kamala is clueless on inflation

@71, 85, found 1 source. Apparently there are at least 4 more; I won’t hunt for those because these men are disgusting. This one was a social worker too.

@100, GAgal. Trump an out-of-control bully with the mind of a 2-yr old? Faux News is trying desperately to find distracting material.

I’d like to know…

Number of children sexually assaulted by Catholic nuns:

Number of children sexually assaulted in the Girl Scouts:

Number of children sexually assaulted by drag kings:

Just pointing out the common denominator here…

I haven’t been able to watch any of the J6 hearing today. Bummer! I have everything recorded – the actual hearing and the MSNBC recap. Maybe I’ll save it to watch July 4th. 🙂

Nancy Pelosi went to the Vatican and got communion from the Pope.

@85 Luna, I don’t know what that is, but that’s not a drag queen. Drag queens don’t wear monkey suits and dildos.

Good for Nancy giving the middle finger to her local priest.

Shadow, that really is hysterical! Pelosi basically went to speak to the manager and got a full refund. She and the Pope had a personal meeting. I have no doubt she expressed her feelings about that Archbishop (who was arrested for drunk driving, by the way, right after being appointed as Archbishop.)

Yeah. There have been some very gross drag queen events at “family-” type stuff. Don’t even bother thinking about “the children.” Think about me! They say they’re in drag, so people like me who don’t know the fine points just think “eww, ick.” But if it’s really just lighthearted fun, and the Brits at least have a tradition of that kind of entertainment, it’s not that bad. I could do without the misogyny of womanface, but on a scale of all the misogynist messages out there, it’s on the detritus level.

I love the Pelosi way of telling the Bish to sit on it and spin 😆 !

Clearly the Archbishop is a misogynist and has no right refusing for her to receive communion for her belief that women’s health is not up to a church, a random man nor any political beliefs. Imagine how many other women and girls he has hurt by this bs.

My last long term relationship ended when we argued over a woman’s right to choose and I told him that his opinion and any other random man’s opinion on the subject was none of their business. Only the father of the child and the woman’s doctor mattered.

We had a huge fight and I told him to leave my home and I refused to ever see, speak or write him again.

How’s about this one? John Dean has a good suggestion.
Remember Cippolloni said-we’ll have blood on our hands.

I understand not using the power of inherent contempt lightly. But I cannot understand why the House hasn’t been using it now that democracy is at stake.


I mean, what’s their excuse?

Well, even if they haven’t used it (or changed rules to use it) now would
be the time, and I think, this would be the witness. I’ve heard his testimony may be the factor that allows Trump to be indicted. That would be a happy day!

@106, DYB, yes, not a drag queen but it was a library story hour performance.

@108, DYB, archbishop arrested for drunk driving! LOL!

@111, Shadowfax, good for you! Much better off without him.

@112, 113, MsMass & quixote, I think the criteria for contempt has been more than met.

Shadowfax, good for you! Sorry that man was not worthy of you.

Liz Cheney is definitely running for President. Good, she’ll split the Thug vote between the MAGAs and non-MAGAs.

JFC. This is absolutely terrifying. The Supreme Court could make it impossible for partisan gerrymandering to ever be overturned by putting all the power in the hands of state legislators. And, they can throw out ballots they don’t like.

Just in time for 2022….

Now, maybe, perhaps, expand the Court to match the current number of circuit courts? I know it’s already too late, given the Godzilla-level rubble everywhere. But at some point it has to become clear to the meanest intelligences (looking at some of those beaks in Congress) that gently suggesting more voting is not going to cut it.

In a setback for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican lawmakers, a Florida judge has ruled that a new state law banning abortions at 15 weeks is unconstitutional and he intends to block it from taking effect on Friday.
In a verbal ruling on Thursday, Second Judicial Circuit Court Judge John Cooper said he would be issuing a temporary statewide injunction that will go into effect once he signs the written order in the challenge brought by some Florida abortion providers.
The decision is a short-term victory for abortion rights advocates in Florida and it comes a week after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated a constitutional right that had existed for half a century. For the time being, abortion in Florida will remain legal until 24 weeks into a pregnancy, making the state one of the most permissive in the south.

actually, the first step to fixing the Court is recognizing that Trump stole the election, that his appointments are illegitimate, and throwing off his slimeweasels. Then Thomas needs to be thrown off for covering up and acting on a massive conflict of interest. Then expand the Court.

Hah. Anyway, seriously, the rubble they’ve made out of everything recently is the beginning of the US splitting up. Let’s hope there’s not a war this time. But there’s no way the two parts stay together now. What they used to call in divorce courts: irreconcilable differences.

Hillary was finally wrong about something.

At Aspen Ideas Festival, Hillary Clinton discusses Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, saying it “was not only ignorant, but almost dismissive to the point of contempt for women’s lives and women’s choices.”

“Almost” dismissive? No “almost” about it!

(Yeah, yeah, I’m trying to be funny.)

@108 Put that way, it is hilarious! But to me it just goes to show that the Catholic Church, or any religion really, operates on the whims of men. Always has, always will. And SCOTUS has decided to treat the Constitution in the same way.

This is only relevant to MSNBC watchers and maybe not even to them.

I’ve had an epiphany. Joe and Mika are a vaudeville act (or what I think of by the word vaudeville). Joe misbehaves. He says something naughty. Mika pooh poohs. Oh Joe, you shouldn’t say that. The same thing over and over and over. It used to be I could pay attention to the discussion – which is sometimes quite good – but now I can’t get past it.

It’s like Bill Maher’s show when I realized it wasn’t possible for me to drink the punch without tasting the turd in it.

Remember my comment about that AP report saying 1 million voters had switched to Repub that I called bull shit? Yep.

@121, sometimes Hillary is too polite. They aren’t deplorable, they’re vile.

Cute break.

Super cute Corn-Dog.

Ha ha ha, Shadow. I’d love a corndog like that!

What really galls me is that I’m a taxpayer. I’m paying for the salaries of these supreme assholes and I don’t even have the choice to vote them out.

I choose not to belong to the Catholic Church. I don’t support it in any way and they can do as they please to women (and children) – that’s religion. Ok, not children. They should be prosecuted for that.

Agree PJ, and I love that corn dog!!

This is hopeful news – vasectomies are increasing exponentially as a result of the Roe decision. Thank you, men, for doing your part to prevent unwanted pregnancies!

I wonder if vasectomies will some day be banned as a form of birth control, and Viagra will be added into the US constitution for white men’s health and pleasure.

@131, Shadowfax, Back about 20 yrs ago, a friend who wanted a vasectomy was told that it couldn’t be done at the local hospital’s outpatient surgery center because it was a Catholic medical system. His urologist who performed the procedure also had admitting & surgical privileges at a non-religious medical center father away, so my friend had to drive there for his procedure. More and more medical systems & hospitals have been bought out by religious organizations, so there are fewer places to get reproductive health care. Patients are forced to go farther distances to access it.

Example, and note the differences between nuns (women) and bishops (men):

Ten of the 25 largest health systems in the U.S. are Catholic-sponsored, where health professionals are prohibited from providing health services or honoring patients’ health care requests in these areas. Washington State has the highest proportion of acute care hospital beds—45 percent—of any state in the country. In many instances, health professionals employed by Catholic hospitals cannot provide counseling or referrals based on religious grounds. Nuns have for years been more permissive in these areas, but increasingly the bishops are dictating what services can be provided.

More info, including some zingers:

Dispelling Six Myths About Catholic Hospital Care in the United States

Fact: Catholic hospitals provide charity care at a rate below the average for all hospitals.
– Catholic hospital charity care accounts for 2.8 percent of total patient revenue.
– For-profit hospitals provide charity care at 2 percent and
– Public hospitals at 5.6 percent.

Myth #5: Catholic doctrine only affects a few aspects of reproductive health care.
Fact: In addition to contraception and abortion, the following procedures are restricted by Catholic doctrine:
– Postpartum and direct sterilization [tubal ligation & vasectomy]
– Elimination of an ectopic pregnancy;
– Medical assistance with a miscarriage or other perinatal loss;
– Screening for fatal fetal anomalies;
– Artificial reproductive technologies involving donor gametes.

A amazing and real creature, found in SE Asia. Draco taeniopterus

@130 That’s a step in the right direction for sure.

@132 Yes, another thing the Catholic Church is against. The Church is against any kind of responsible adult behavior regarding reproduction. The rabbit should be their mascot.

@134 Yeah, they started out little in Game of Thrones too. 🙂

Seriously, they’re fascinating. I’ve never seen one before.

Two things I have recently learned about Pat Cipollone:

He was/is a Rush Limpdick dittohead.

He and his wife are good rabbits. 10 children!

Neither of which are relevant to his yellowbelly hiding from the J6 committee.

Putting my biology hat on, the reason rabbits evolved to have oodles of offspring is that baby bunnies are food for everything else. Hawks, coyotes, foxes, everything. So I assume all these Christianist male supremacists will be leaving their litters all over the place to keep on fulfilling God’s will?

What a crew. What a crew.

Love the baby dragon! Just beautiful.

I love Noo Yawk! These must be the strictest gun laws in the country.

That little dragon is adorable.

Luna @133, I never knew that about Catholic hospitals. Do they get gov funds?

PJ @137, omg, he sounds awful. It’s amazing that young woman was brave enough to testify when you think of the people she was surrounded by.

@139 Ha! That’s incredible. Go New York! Could they do something like that in Washington DC I wonder?

I agree, socal. Extremely brave. She makes the rest of them look so pathetic, including the secret service.

I think she needs round-the-clock protection.

@140, annie, they’re exempt from taxes, which means they basically get a government handout.


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