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Posted on: June 17, 2022

Hello Widdershins,

The 1/6 Commission continues to hold hearings, revealing more and more details about how much planning Trump and Friends were doing to overthrow the US Government. 99.999999% of Republican went along with Trump’s plan. And they are all continuing to support him now. The notable exceptions you can count on maybe two hands. The coup is ongoing.

Also ongoing is the war in Ukraine. Putin continues offensives in parts of the country, even as other regions – including the capitol Kyiv – have seemingly resumed their normal lives. How odd to live a normal life in Kyiv while war rages not far away. Germany, France, and Italy continue to enable Putin by calling for Europe and US to not humiliate Putin. They continue to veto providing certain weapons to Ukraine. They continue to cast doubt on Ukraine being able to join the EU. This week the three leaders of these nations finally came to Kyiv to meet Zelenskyy. But someone called this image of Emmanuel Macron embracing Volodymyr Zelenskyy “Judas’ Kiss.” That may be what Zelenskyy is thinking.

French President Emmanuel Macron embracing Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv.
Mykola Leontovych

The ancient Ukrainian folk chant Shchedryk (based on a simple 4 note pattern, which people used to believe had magical properties) about a swallow that flew into a house on New Year (before Christianity came to Ukraine, New Year was in April), sang about all the good things the family had achieved, and promised to return the following New Year/Spring. The word “shchedry” actually means “generous.” After Christianity came to Ukraine, New Year moved to January and the chant became associated with the Feast of Epiphany, which took place on January 18th – what is called “The Old New Year” – which was New Year on the Julian calendar. Ukrainians called this the “Shchedry vechir,” or “Generous Evening.” (All other things aside: that’s how old Ukraine is, in spite of what Putin likes to believe when he discusses Russian history.) Back to Shchedryk: in 1904 the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych (1877-1921) composed a song based on this ancient 4-note motif, for a cappella choir, though the song was not premiered until 1916. On January 21-22, 1921, Leontovych was visiting his parents for the Eastern Orthodox Feast of Nativity in the town of Tulchyn. A man asked the family to stay with them for the night because he had nowhere else to go. They agreed and he shared the room with Leontovych. In the morning the man – who turned out to be a Chekist (Soviet secret service agent) Afanasy Grishchenko – shot Leontovych, who bled to death from the wounds. Later that year, in October 1921, the Ukrainian National Chorus performed Leontovych’s Shchedryk in a concert at Carnegie Hall. Among those present was the American composer Peter Wilhousky – who was so struck by the work that he replaced the ancient Ukrainian text with completely unrelated English words, eventually copyrighted them, and today the composition is known in the West as the Christmas carol “Carol of the Bells.” While Leontovych is revered in Ukraine (in his own time, the French called him the Ukrainian Bach), in the West he is forgotten and and no one even knows he composed one of our most frequently performed songs. Here it is then: as composed by Leontovych in 1904, using the ancient 4-note motif, with its original ancient Ukrainian text.

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PJ, I laughed out loud at your post of Pepe Le Pew! That is the most perfect description of the Zelenskyy/Macron photo I can imagine. Brava!

Thanks, DYB. 🙂

What a story about Leontovych. A very sad story. That’s the first time I’ve listened to those familiar notes and gotten goose bumps. So that’s the thanks the family got for showing kindness? Stories like that really upset me.

And how awful and accurate calling it the “Judas’ Kiss.” It’s very depressing and disappointing about all three countries.

Thinking about Ukraine is really tough. But I know we need to think about it and you make that much easier, DYB. I love the way you write about it.

replaced the ancient Ukrainian text with completely unrelated English words, eventually copyrighted them

What a jerk.

DYB, thank you for writing about Ukrainian history. My mother’s side of the family was Polish/Russian (borders shifted back and forth and back and forth there). She never want to talk much about it. School history covered Western Europe far more than Eastern and I enjoy learning more about the area now, although it’s extremely complex. Have to say I like that it stayed pagan for longer than in the West.

Wow! Just listed to the Shchedryk song. At the first few notes I thought oh no, going to be boring and then a couple seconds later oh, I like this, it’s moving and heartfelt and alive!

@4, ooops, messed up the coding for italics.

Haven’t checked because paywall.

“Near the end”

A good and reasonable interview with HRC:

“Literally within hours of the polls closing in 2016, we had so much evidence pouring in about voters being turned away in Milwaukee and not being able to vote in Detroit,” she replies.

“These states were run by Republicans so there was no way to find out the truth about any of them. I also believe in peaceful succession and transition and all of that.” At that point she says she was unaware of Cambridge Analytica and the role of social-media algorithms — “all of the stuff that was convincing people that I was a murderer or a child trafficker”. She reminds me that she won the popular vote by nearly 3mn but lost the electoral college by 78,000 votes. Biden won the popular vote by more than 7mn but barely scraped the electoral college by 43,000 votes. “That tells you everything you need to know about Republican strategy for 2024. Even in his reptilian brain, Trump has to know that he lost this time. He refuses to accept it because it wasn’t supposed to happen.”

…a good moment to ask Clinton about Russia’s leader, whom she once quipped had “no soul”.

I don’t think that was a “quip.” That was an accurate characterization.

Yeah. Where do they get this “quip” stuff from? You see other people’s potential based on your own, and it’s obvious that Putin thinks other people are aphids.

@4 Luna, one of the funniest things about Shchedryk and its bastardization – Carol of the Bells – is its pre-Christian, Pagan origins. The fact that it’s become so associated with Christmas in the West is just another example of how Pagan everything about Christmas is.

@10, DYB, Yes, Easter/Eostre, bunnies and chicks. Fecund animals! Rejoice as the herds and the crops grow! And for Yule, ahem, Christmas — we’ve got evergreens and Yule logs and mistletoe!

Thanks for telling us about the song by Leontovych, ‘Shchedryk’, it’s beautiful.
I am an ex-Catholic, but Carol of the Bells is my favorite Christmas song, not so much for the words but for the music itself. Could you tell me the words that Leontovych wrote?

I’m glad that Hillary isn’t letting the dumpster and rotten QOPers off the hook for stealing the Presidency from her.

@12, Shadowfax, when I played the YouTube that DYB posted, the video that came up right after it was a version with English and then Ukrainian, with subtitles giving 2 slightly different translations. I love the headdress the singer is wearing!

DYB, could you comment on the translations?

@13, Shadowfax, I’m still certain that Hillary won but the GOP vermin cheated the vote count. Turning voters away in certain areas worked too.

Luna @14
The melody and singing is beautiful no matter what the words are for me.
Thanks for the link and the headdress is pretty.

@15 The ‘loss’ was all about the electoral votes, I have no idea how they got so many when she had 3 million more votes.

DYB, what a beautiful post and a truly tragic story about ‘Shchedryk’. The song is eerily gorgeous and haunting in its original form. I can see why Ukranians thought the melody was magical!

Sorry to be absent for a while. I was doing some volunteer work to maintain a park trail on Saturday, and hubby was with me. Unfortunately he tried to carry a very heavy bag of weeds, dirt and rocks up a steep hill, and tweaked his back. I spent the last two days taking care of him AND doing work. Sigh.

Hillary’s comments about 2016 are so depressing. Well, we knew she didn’t lose the EC honestly.

Been there, mb! My partner is like that too! I-used-to-lift-a-hundred-pounds-which-I-haven’t-done-in-twenty-years-but-I’ll-go-ahead-of-course-it’ll-be-okay

Can’t roll my eyes hard enough!

MB, hope your hubs is feeling better soon.

I remember in the good old days when we would have a theme and post songs we liked.
Today, most of the evening I spent on youtube picking out amazing songs to listen to. I ended up spending a lot of time listening to the Weeknd.

Thanks, Quixote and Shadow!

Shadow, if you want to post songs sometimes, please do! I’m not sure if we will bring that tradition back, but it was fun.

Meanwhile, support for Drumpf’s indictment has skyrocketed almost 10% at er just three hearings. So much for the desperate “no one is watching or changing their minds” narrative.

DYB, very interesting post, that does look like a Judas kiss.

PJ @103 (last thread), good points, thanks for posting that.

Luna @120 (last thread): LOL! I wish companies would stop doing stuff like that. Plus, it probably has preservatives on it.

I’m happy to share about my kid & hubs condition. They both have one of the hereditary Muscular Dystrophy diseases, and Luna, I think it does fall under the neurological category. It’s called Charcot Marie Tooth, it atrophies some of the muscles over time and kills off some nerve endings, like in the hands and legs. Hubs had it quite mildly & didn’t even know he had it til he was 30. Unfortunately our poor son has it worse and had surgery to elongate both Achilles at age 13. Now he needs surgery to correct one of his feet, which is badly supinated & he walks on the outside ridge if he doesn’t have braces on. Anyway, it’s depressing if we focus on it but I am a fairly positive person & hubs is naturally cheerful so we try to focus on the good aspects of life. Jr. has many talents (musicianship, writing) & is handsome & funny, so we encourage him to focus on his talents. And, as he knows, there are people that have much worse health problems. I sent him to Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp in his jir & sr high school years and I think he was the best off out of all those poor kids. It gave a renewed sense of appreciation for his life and wanting to help others.

Good for you, annie! And Laker, and your hubs! It’s hard to for an outsider to know what to say without sounding like a Compleat Idiot, but I wanted to express how I admire the bejeesus out of your and their spirit. That attitude is what keeps humanity going!

I agree with quixote! Your guys sound quite wonderful as are you, socal. 🙂

Sorry to hear about your hubby, MB. Tweaking one’s back is the absolute shitz.

That is great news about the poll @21! Maybe there are fewer zombiefied brains than I thought. I have been shocked, surprised, and grateful that so many people are paying attention.

I agree with Q on 25 too.
You and your family are amazing.

I agree roo, Annie! Thanks for sharing. You are all inspiring!

Putin’s catastrophic war by the numbers:

RE: The hearing today – Listening to the two Freeman women, Shay and mother Ruby, is totally heartbreaking. Dump and Rudy have ruined their lives by their lies and Dump supporters threats.

I haven’t watched the hearing yet. I’ve seen a few clips. I really want to see the testimony of Shay and her mother. I’m not sure I’ll watch the others. I just realized that I’m all tapped out on listening to Republican white men (but I’m still on the Liz train). But I’m not the one who needs convincing that the truth is the truth. I hope those GOP guys can maybe reach other GOP guys and gals.

In the movie, “Warm Bodies”, the main character, “R”, a zombie, slowly comes back to life and becomes human again. It sets off a chain reaction in other zombies also waking up. There’s a group of zombies called the “Boneys”, skeletal zombies who have completely lost their humanity and prey on anything with a heartbeat. They are beyond hope. The slowly-waking-up-zombies join forces with the humans to defeat the Boneys.

A happy ending to the zombie apocalypse.

That picture of Shaye Moss at the hearing, and her mother leaning over to press a tissue into her hand.

It’s everything about how much hurt they’ve gone through and withstood together.

Unspeakably sad. And yet also enough strength there to bring down the thugs. Thank God for people like that.

(Attempting to get the image to post…)

@31, 32 Thank you, quixote. I am feeling so angry right now.

Mr. Bowers said that he didn’t want to win by cheating. And don’t get me wrong – I appreciate him standing his ground. But there are all kinds of ways to cheat. Voter suppression is also cheating.

I guess if you were being starved to death and then one of your captors put a gun to your head and decided he wanted to end things quickly and one of the other captors stepped in and stopped him, it would make sense to focus on that heroic act. But you can also die from starvation. Republicans have been killing democracy slowly. I’m not going to forget that.

MB, I hope your hubs back feels better soon. If a load’s too heavy, there is absolutely no right way to lift it without injuring the back muscles. Even with moderate loads the body can only take so much. Humans were not designed to be load-lifters! It’s wonderful that you were working on trail maintenance — you’re helping others and yourself gain mental and physical enjoyment in that park!

Socalannie, CMT is definitely, as you said, neurological. Sensory and motor conduction, demyelination and sometimes optic progression, very heterogeneous as far as symptoms. I’ve cared for a few patients with CMT. Now nearly all of my practice is multiple sclerosis. It’s also very heterogeneous but caused by central nervous system demyelination and axonal degradation, unlike the peripheral nerves being affected in CMT (except optic). There’s a lot of other things similar — progressive nature, no meds which can stop it, with focus on maintaining function and slowing progression with physical medicine/therapies and use adaptive and assistive devices (including braces/AFOs) to enable people to do as much as possible. I like this neuro-rehab specialty because I see people over the long term and get to know them, and it means whole-person care — how people are doing mentally as well as physically. Well, that’s how all healthcare should be, but in specialties that deal with only one body system, or in surgery, the focus is much narrower. That’s great that your kid plays music, writes, and has other creative talents and hobbies! These enrichment activities are something I always encourage in my patients — so good for brain health and for mood. (Apologies for talking shop; most of the time I can’t help it!)

Ya think? Sotomayor’s right.

Sotomayor accuses supreme court conservatives of dismantling church-state separation.

Liberal justice delivers warning after ruling that state of Maine cannot exclude religious schools from tuition programme.

In a dissent to the ruling in Carson v Makin, released on Tuesday, Sotomayor wrote: “This court continues to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state that the framers fought to build.

“… In just a few years, the court has upended constitutional doctrine, shifting from a rule that permits states to decline to fund religious organisations to one that requires states in many circumstances to subsidise religious indoctrination with taxpayer dollars.”

@22, That’s not a peacock — that’s a phoenix! Amazing.

Happy Summer to all!

Happy summer! It was 102 degrees today in NorCal. Getting cooler starting tomorrow.

I was also struck by Shaye Johnson’s testimony. I just felt for her. She blamed herself!! No, it was NOT her fault!! It was that monster Drumpf and New York’s Nosferatu. They are to blame for the horrible pain she and her family have gone through!!

Who is going to be a pool workers now?! Jaysus.

So the Speaker from Arizona who testified yesterday and everyone said how powerful his testimony was… well, he’s voting for Trump again. Truly, there are no good Republicans.

Happy summer. It’s been 45 degrees in upstate NY.

Every new revelation about the Uvalde shooting is more horrific than the last… It’s astounding how many things were done wrong in such a short span of time. Absolutely breathtaking.

@39 Wow… good ole Rusty.

Barr said he feared that Trump was out of touch with reality. Would Barr vote for Trump again? Of course! Why wouldn’t he?

Georgia republicans are going to vote for someone with multiple personalities for the Senate. Aren’t they even a little bit worried that some of those personalities are Democrats? It could be a secret plot by the D personalities to steal that Senate seat.

What if one of those personalities is an “illegal alien”? Gasp. That would be really sneaky. So much for building the wall.

Putting aside Rusty’s supposed deep reverence for the divinely inspired Constitution that he personally KNOWS Trump wants to shred, what about Trump sic’ing the rabid hyenas on him and his family?

These Republicans act like abused dogs. Trump kicks the shit out of them and they just keep crawling back. (True confession: All of my sympathy goes to actual abused dogs – it rips my heart out. I have no sympathy for these guys)

The J6 hearings have done a good job of showing that Trump knew he lost. He knew he lost legitimately. And that all this talk about election fraud, rigging, etc., was pure nonsense. Bullshit. The only ones trying to commit fraud in order to cheat and steal an election was Trump and his acolytes.

Trump knew and he lied about it.

So now we have almost every Republican who is winning primaries doing exactly the same thing. They know Trump lost and they’re lying about it.

If we’re really going to try and make sure this doesn’t happen again, I think maybe the J6 committee should address that. Maybe at the end. Show video clips of all these Republicans who are still lying and how damaging that is to our democracy. I wonder if Liz and Adam would be on board with that.

Jason Johnson was pointing out how pathetic the FBI response was to Ruby and Shaye’s lives being in danger. Eh, guess you’re going to have to find somewhere else to live. WTF. No offers of police protection.

What’s terrifying is the thought of a trumpanized FBI showing up not to warn, but to arrest.

Just when you think they’ve hit bottom, they find a way to get themselves even farther down in the muck.

A bit of good news tonight, it looks like the bipartisan gun bill is going to pass the Senate and could pass Congress as early as tomorrow night. There is real change in this bill. It’s amazing.

Anyone know when the hearing is tomorrow?

Today was 95 degrees in the Bay Area where I live. Ugh, anything over 85 is too darn hot!

I don’t want to tell you what I read about the new Covid variants and the Covid vaccines and boosters.

Tomorrow’s hearing starts at 3 p.m. EDT.

Roz in NJ/NYC

@41 Yes, it keeps getting worse and worse. I bet that usually, in Texas, when a big blanket is thrown over a story and people are told to shut up, that story stays hidden. Not so this time.

Luna @14> On that English version of Shchedryk: the translation is very good, especially since she was trying to make it singable. From Wiki, here’s a more exact translation, but it’s very close to what she sang. (One thing worth noting is that New Year’s was always the biggest holiday/celebration in Ukraine (and USSR.) Christmas was “mentioned,” but New Year was the really big celebration where everyone stayed up all night, partying.)

Bountiful evening, bountiful evening, a New Year’s carol;
A little swallow flew into the household
and started to twitter,
to summon the master:
“Come out, come out, O master,
look at the sheep pen,
there the ewes have given birth
and the lambkins have been born
Your goods [livestock] are great,
you will have a lot of money, by selling them.
Your goods [livestock] are great,
you will have a lot of money, by selling them.
If not money, then chaff from all the grain you will harvest
you have a dark-eyebrowed beautiful wife.”
Bountiful evening, bountiful evening, a New Year’s carol,
A little swallow flew.

I like the part about a dark-eyebrowed wife. Very specific 😀

Wonderful history about that beautiful song, DYB.

I’m going to check Faux news here and there to see what they are saying tonight. Right now, they are talking about Kamala Harris.

On Faux Entertainment channel so far: The Dem Gov of Illinois has been raising gas prices year after year. (?) An Israeli study has shown the Pfizer vaccine has shown fertility problems in men (low sperm count) I doubt they’ve ever discussed how Covid has caused some men 30-40 to develop ED. Drugs seized at the border (yay) and Biden giving free crack pipes to addicts.

That’s about all I can stand with a total of two minutes watching. Obviously they have not figured out how to spin today’s hearings (and the fact that all those Rs, who are regularly on their shows asked for pardons)

Brave warrior, GAgal! Good of you to do that so we don’t have to. It’s even worse than I thought it would be. Fox needs to get shut down.

Finally listened to that clip of the Carol of the Bells at the end of the post. Glorious. Utterly glorious.

Jeffrey Clark, who grew up obsessively reading comic books in order to escape the reality of being the dumpy, lumpy loser in the class, always knew that he was a super hero. Captain America. Finally, he was being recognized as such by the President of the United States. He was ready. So here comes the big meeting to make it official. And then… all these guys are treating him like a dumpy, lumpy loser? What? They are so offended and repulsed by him that they will run for the exits if he is put in charge? And Mr. Trump seems to be agreeing?

Man, that is so sad. And the sad story continues. Out in his pjs this morning.

@55, GAgal, yep, Covid/long Covid can cause erectile dysfunction, and I don’t think it’s limited to only that age bracket. You’d think having their willies not work might be a threat important enough to get the anti-vaxers to wise up. But nooooo.

So it sounds like more and more republican voters are ready to move on from Trump. They still love the movie (Own the Libs!), want to see the movie, but they want a different lead actor because the price of admission for that movie is becoming too high. They are leaning more and more towards DeSantis. If that trend continues, I wonder how little donnie is going to take it.

@55 People here want to talk about anything but politics. The weather, their children or grandchildren, family vacations, etc. Because really, this has been a slow, boring month for politics.

Speaking of casting like it was a movie, Lawrence made a funny yesterday. He said that Trump was looking for a Clint Eastwood to play the part of acting AG and there sat Jeffrey Clark.

Speaking of movies, PJ (I loved what Lawrence said!), We have now entered the Handmaid’s Tale.

If Trump loses his grip on R voters, I think the change in R politicians will be dramatic. Like one day they’re terrified of Trump and the next day, they’re just not.

Someone better be scheduling a MAGAt rally. Quick.

They are now coming for contraception and same-sex marriage.

I don’t know what’s going to happen or what can be done till November. It is a horrible day in this country and it’s going to get worse unless Dems in Congress and Biden can figure something out.

@63 I feel sick.

KS already had an amendment to the state constitution regarding abortion on the ballot – to be voted on Aug 2.

“They are now coming for contraception and same-sex marriage”

That’s just common sense (as Dump would say). The Catholic Church is against both.

@66 & @67 – it’s a heartbreaking day. I’m at work and really trying to concentrate.

I can’t even today.

In his concurrence, Clarence Thomas explicitly said they need to reconsider contraception, gay sex, and gay marriages.

Here is one limitation of elections in 2022, 2024 and beyond: it won’t change SCOTUS for generations. Expansion and reforms to SCOTUS are essential because people will suffer every single day – for generations.

Like they say, for every action, there is a reaction. I won’t deny that this is a big “win” for Christofascism. But we’ll see how it plays out.

It’s not good for a democracy to have a Supreme Court that the majority of people have completely lost faith in. But that’s where we’re headed.

Yes! “Expansion and reforms to SCOTUS are essential”. For the sake of individuals who are going to suffer, but also to save the Supreme Court.

The effing Supreme Court lost all of it credibility and respect today. This has now become the home of the religious right cooks!

I am sick to my stomach.

Not cooks, kooks

Now they will be selling Viagra in the bubble-gum machines at every store. Will vasectomy’s be banned too?

Oh, may every rightwing Supreme be cursed for the rest of their lives.

What did Biden say, DYB?

From CA governor-

This morning’s Supreme Court decision is an outrageous attack on the rights of women across this country. It will destroy lives, and it will put countless women in danger.

But it is important — as your governor — I make it clear that in California we are going to protect a woman’s right to access an abortion no matter what the Supreme Court ruled.

This November, Californians will vote to enshrine that right into our state constitution. Because if we cannot trust the Supreme Court to protect the right to an abortion, we will do it ourselves.

Women WILL remain protected here.

We WILL get this passed.

Something is wrong with me. I’m not any more shocked or sick than I’ve been since they stole 2016 from Hillary. That was when I felt the blow of this (and all the rest of it) happening. Plus smaller repeat poundings when Mr Beer Pong and Ms Handmaid were foisted onto the Court.

I hope Biden at 12:30 says something about all Federal clinics and hospitals, eg on bases, being available to support women’s rights to body autonomy. Be nice if he also said they were going to expand the Court, and give statehood to DC & Puerto Rico. Both of which would have been even more useful in Feb 2020. And reverse all the losses of voting rights. And, and, and, and, and. Lordy, what’s the use. Everything, climate crisis, covid, women’s human rights, voting, not getting away with treason, *every* problem never seems to get action from the powers-that-be that’s even close to what’s needed. Sorry about all the downer stuff. I’m just like all of us, very depressed.

Good for Newsom.

Honestly, very hard not to feel we’d be better off shedding Jesusland. The only thing that holds me back is it’s what Putin wants.

Younger women should plan to go to college or move completely out of red states if they want to have the right to choose and decide when and if they want to be a mother. When enough young women leave red states, the white men will have less freedom to force themselves on women in their state.

Now this is interesting.

What Biden said was, elect more Democrats so we can pass laws that make this sh*t moot.

As Quixote pointed out, the time to stop this from happening was November 2016.

Yup, 2016. We warned women that this could happen after Obama’s term. Especially when the Rethugs refused to let him pick a Supreme.

This is a continuation of Dump Hell for women.

Wow. Merrick Garland came out and said something. Good for him. More like that, Merrick!

The only even somewhat effective workaround I see to this shit is millions of people helping get mife-miso medication abortion drugs sent to the Thug States. Then the laws they’re trying to have destroying women’s freedom of movement and freedom of speech/access to information will be swamped. There’s a place called Mayday Health that might be a useful resource. [Edited a few hours later to add: Mayday Health may not be genuine. Be careful until more is known about them. They’re said to have started up out of nowhere a month ago.]

I keep seeing well-meaning people saying omg-this-ruling-makes-women-second-class-citizens.

Pardon me while I can’t suppress a gallows laugh.

Second-class citizens could have trouble voting, although able to after jumping through hoops. Second-class citizens could have a harder time accessing the legal system.

This is removal of the right to control your own body.

That’s no kind of citizen. That’s a kind of slave. A body slave. Cattle.

Call things by their right names.

Biden didn’t say anything new. I haven’t seen a single DC Democrat mention reforming SCOTUS. I don’t understand how people are not fighting for this. It is essential for them to start talking about this, every day, to normalize the conversation. I know it’s not easy to do – and more Democrats would be needed in Congress – but start the conversation. It’s what Rethugs do and it works: they just talk about it, for years, before it just becomes normal. Passing legislation to codify Roe is great (there are many things that need to be codified now), but this same SCOTUS will find a way to null it by calling it unconstitutional. Without reforming SCOTUS, none of these laws will survive.

I’ve developed a lot more respect for Biden as Pres than I had previously. He’s done a good job in the face of an Everest of shit left by the Dump.

For those of us who are hard of understanding though, it’s crucially important to explain how and why voting this time will be different.

There have been, I think, three times when Dems had all three branches and filibuster proof majorities since Clinton’s presidency. (The second was early Obama, and I think there was a third?)

Anyway, point being that during every one of those all the Dems did was sit on their thumbs. They’d do reproductive rights later, it was complicated. They’d do universal health care later, it was complicated. And so on ad infinitum et nauseam.

So, fine. Get out and vote. But if you’re a politician saying that’s the solution, you better be convincing about how this time, besides all the vote suppression you’ve let slip by, this time, yes, Virginia, you really have changed.

Seriously, I’m not saying this to be annoying. Or because anything would keep me personally from voting. But there are *millions* of people out there who don’t care how the Senate (doesn’t) work, who suffer from massive “Oh, what’s the use.” Lecturing them for not standing strong is not going to work.

They’re going to need motivators. Major ones. Believable ones. Exhortations to vote are not it.

And, yes, obviously, this Roe / body slavery fiasco would logically make every single human who cared about human rights vote the rethugs out.

But it could have the effect of increasing despair. That reaction is not unknown.

That’s why I say it’s really important to provide some actual motivators. Expanding the Court and reversing some of the crap in the next four months would be a good one….

quixote, I agree 1000000%. Don’t give people the generic “get out and vote!” because what does it mean? Yes it’s important, but you have to tell people what you will do. Reforming SCOTUS is so essential to all of our state of mind. It is also important to do to save SCOTUS. Because as an institution SCOTUS is dead. The rest of our government is on life support. SCOTUS is the most important body of our government because is operates with zero checks and balances – because Congress is unable to check and balance them. So if going out to vote is what we will need to do to put checks and balances on SCOTUS – it needs to be clearly articulated. My fear, though, is Democratic leadership is too institutionalist, or whatever they call it. There seems to be a lack of urgency in everything they do. Right or wrong, the public loses hope when they don’t see urgency. Reforming SCOTUS is not radical. Republicans will scream that it is, but stop listening to Republicans. Start normalizing talk of reforming SCOTUS. Explain to voters why it’s important to do, get people out to vote, then do it. Right now I’m not seeing anything from our leadership and it’s frustrating. Biden’s account tweeted that people can travel out of state for abortions. Great, thanks Joe.

I also agree with Q about Dems sitting on their thumbs.

The Dems expect women like Hillary and RBG to do all the heavy lifting and now that they no longer are part of the decision makers, voting for more Dems in the Senate is there only effin’ solution…it’s always their solution.

Pushing out Man-chin and Cinnabun would have been a better plan for this entire 4 year term for Biden.

*their only solution

Did he really say that? About “travel out of state”?


What do you do when: you have no money? You’re 13? Ectopic pregnancy? Miscarriage? Jeeeeeeeeezus.

I’m hoping for something a leeeeetle bit more reality-based when he’s had some time to get input.

@78 Yes, nothing can compare to that. I think it was the combined weight of all the evil that was going to happen crashing down on me at once. I do feel sick, but I’m not crawling around on the floor unable to function.

@87, 89, 90 YES! DYB, great insight on how right wingers normalize. I really like your plan. “It’s the Supreme Court, stupid” should be the mantra. If we don’t fix that, the laws aren’t going to matter.

Edited John Dean: We have a cancer within the Supreme Court. And if that cancer is not removed, the Supreme Court itself will be killed by it.

@70, DYB,

In his concurrence, Clarence Thomas explicitly said they need to reconsider contraception, gay sex, and gay marriages.

All you people had to friggin’ do was vote for the smart lady in 2016! We told you this would happen! We told you SCOTUS and Roe v Wade and more were on the line!

@ Q, and DYB, I’m not optimistic about motivation, because it should have been obvious in 2016. Yet maybe the non voters and 3rd-party voters can see it now.

WA state has the right to abortion in state law already.

Travel out of state, Joe? Thanks for telling us what we already knew won’t be possible for far too many girls and women.

Garland’s statement on mifepristone (which when used as Rx’d is safer than childbirth) only addresses that states can’t ban it based on disagreement with the FDA’s conclusion to allow it on the market. Of course, I immediate thought that it leaves open being banned for other reasons.

Listening to Rachael and now Lawrence, I went from anger to tears.
What an effed up group of hateful right wing Supremes we have.

So many women will die, be traumatized and the inhumane suffering it will cause is unimaginable.

@75 I always liked these lines from Pulp Fiction, when Jules is quoting the bible:

And I will strike down upon thee
With great vengeance and furious anger
Those who attempt to poison and destroy my [sisters]
And you will know my name is the Lord
When I lay my vengeance upon thee

@97 American exceptionalism!

Good point. I don’t know what we should call what is practiced here. The Church of the Patriarchy? The Church of the Big Dick? I’m at a loss.

@85, Agree. “Call things by their right names.” There are many statements out now condemning the SCOTUS ruling, and most don’t even say “women.” It’s about “people,” or “birthing [sic] people,” or they throw in “marginalized genders.”

The right takes away women’s rights to our own bodies, and the left can’t even say “women.”

Thank you for all the nice comments about my family. Luna, I wish we lived near you and my kid could be your patient!

PJ @44, I like that idea.

MB, Contraception?!?! Outlaw contraception? How can they do that? This country has gone off the rails.

Luna @102 & 103, Spot on.

Some cautions out there about Mayday.Health. They may not be a legit organization. Take with grains of salt till we know more.

@104 Who do you take a case like that to? A case against SCOTUS for violation of religious freedom.

I worship at the Church of the Big Vagina so I need to know.

So what exactly are the numbers of non-woman persons getting pregnant and seeking abortions? Inquiring mind here.

I read that a transman can choose to keep her ovaries and uterus and presumably her vagina (which was not mentioned), and thus have the ability to get preggers. So if they choose to keep those reproductive organs, do they also get male add ons? Are they functional? I know I am horribly uninformed but none of this makes sense. I am old. If a woman chooses to be a man but wants to keep her womanhood, what part of her is now a man?

Luna, can you explain all this to me or refer me to a reputable source? I thought you said transmen couldn’t, get pregnant because of what is done to their bodies to make them a man. HELP!

@108 – Cats – I’ll weigh in from my recent education on these matters (I have a trans woman mentee at work who has been helping me understand). Basically, trans men can have any level of manhood they want. They can draw in beards with eyeliner and bind their boobs and still be considered trans men. Or, they can take hormones, get surgery, etc.

It does seem ridiculous that someone calling themselves a man would still want to keep the ability to get pregnant. And, I doubt there are a lot of pregnant trans men out there. And, I feel uncomfortable saying “women and trans men” when I speak about the impacts of Roe. But I refuse to talk about this without saying the word “women,” and this is my compromise. I don’t want to give any woman-hating trans bullies an excuse to call me transphobic, because that will dilute my message and make it about them.

Thanks for the assist madamab!

Women have been kept down, ignored and treated as property for far too long and the vast, vast majority of individuals being adversely impacted by overturning Roe are women, period. Black Lives Matter understandably doesn’t want their message diluted and neither do I when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. If an asterisk is needed at some point in time to cover transmen under the law, so be it, but for now the focus must be on women. If our rights are not restored and expanded (we are not yet equal under the law in my mind), would a transman have more rights than a woman?

So to be clear, at this day in time, only women and transmen have the ability to get pregnant? Do transmen need access to contraceptives as well?

@110 – You’re very welcome, Cats!

I would think if a trans man can be pregnant, he would also need access to contraceptives.

New post – come upstairs!

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