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Lazy Weekend: Prepare for a Wild Week

Posted on: June 11, 2022

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Widdershins, with a week like this coming up, I hope you’re getting your rest, eating your gluten-free Wheaties with dairy-free milk, and planning to employ whatever strategy de-stresses you.

This week, we have the January 6th hearings continued. Unfortunately, these are not televised during primetime, but that’s why we have the magic of DVR – and pundits to summarize them for us if we miss them. Here’s the schedule so far:

  • Monday at 10 a.m.: Drumpf’s disinformation plan to spread the Big Lie despite knowing he lost (this proves intent)
  • Wednesday at 10 a.m.: The resignation threats of senior officials
  • Thursday at 1 p.m.: The pressure campaign against Pence
  • No dates yet set: Future hearings will cover Trump’s efforts to goad state legislators and election officials into changing their election results and draw direct lines to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack,

I think it’s very interesting that the future dates haven’t been set. I have two guesses about this: 1) Actions by the DOJ may dictate those dates (for example, if the DOJ needs people the Committee is trying to subpoena or compel to testify); and/or 2) The Committee is gauging the effectiveness of the hearings in changing the narrative around Drumpf, both from the media and from voters. Both of these could be wrong, of course.

There are many other things happening now as well – the imminent destruction of Roe v. Wade, the strange details of Kavanaugh’s stalker, the continuing war of aggression against Ukraine – and I, for one, have been quite tense about everything. Adding to my stress is my Jewish guilt (oy!). I feel guilty that if Roe v. Wade gets overturned I’ll probably be okay, because I’m past my childbearing years. I should be suffering more, I tell you!

My advice to get us through all of this insanity: Lean into thankfulness for what we have in this life. And, let’s be proud of ourselves for the goodness we’ve managed to create. Yes, many of us are both marginalized and privileged – it’s just part of who we are in this crazy old world. We are complex, beautiful tapestries, and I’m grateful for each and every one of you.

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I decided to put a new post up since we had so many comments on DYB’s thread.

Thank you for the new thread, MB!

I was 9 years old when Roe v Wade was decided and I was busy getting brainwashed. How terrible! everyone said. I didn’t really understand wth they were talking about – I just knew abortion was BAD. By the time I went to college in 1981, my thoughts on abortion were entrenched. I was Pro-Life. And then for the first time, I heard the other side. Wow. These gals were really making some good points. It created cognitive dissonance. So, I thought I had come up with a brilliant compromise to my confusion and one night I self-righteously (and idiotically) proclaimed, “Well, I think it’s fine for other women, but *I* would never get one.” And then this new friend of mine looked me straight in the eye and said, “You don’t know that.” Holyshit it sent a chill right through me. She was right.

I am just now realizing how much peace of mind Roe v Wade gave me during my childbearing years. I never needed an abortion, but I always knew I could get one if I needed it.

On the subject of the J6 hearings… I’m going to brag on Liz. This is a temporary condition.

I think she has this “I am not amused. This shitshow stops now.” vibe going for her. I’m probably being overdramatic (or maybe wishful-thinking-ing), but it feels like that moment in “Lord of the Flies” when the British Navy shows up and Jack’s “fun” finally ends.

The fact that “you didn’t know that” is vital *for you* but secondary in reality.

The primary point is (I know you know this but it always bears repeating) that is the definition of pro-choice.

That’s right, quixote. Good point. It did help me get out of that judge-y mode about other women and that I was so much better. But I think if people can just get to the point of “I personally am against it, but I’m not going to choose for others” like Bob Casey, that would be sufficient.

On thankfulness – I was watching Stephanie Ruhle interview Henry Winkler (he’ll always be The Fonz to me and it was good to see he’s ok with that) and he said, “I live by two words. Tenacity and gratitude.”

Ok, I really need to stop and get some things done. It IS Saturday. 🙂

Yes, exactly. Pro-choice is all anyone is trying to achieve. It’s all that’s necessary.

Hope the doings don’t require too much tenacity! 😆

Thanks for the new thread MB and for the days and times of the most recent future hearings.

I spent my later high school years and college years, protesting the Viet Nam war, driving from southern California in a VW bus with a load of kids to protest at Berkeley, and also at the same time protested for women’s rights to choose and trying to pass the ERA.
Birth control was finally something that gave women a sense of security and new sexual freedom.

By the time I was in first in college, abortions were still illegal and I personally new some students that died from backroom abortions or from hopping over the border to Tajuana. The Student President of our college tried to help his pregnant girlfriend with a coat hanger abortion, she bled to death and he went to prison.

To know all this and see young women not fight tooth and nail to keep it makes me very sad, but sometimes young people have to learn life lessons the hard way.

Recently one of my older sisters and I talked about overturning Roe vs Wade. She said that she would never have gotten an abortion, but…I stopped her right there. I said, it isn’t about if you or I would ever have an abortion, but that all women in the US that needed one could get an abortion.

NZ and your job there sound wonderful. All the photos show tall mountains and beautiful water and waterfalls. Do you ever see animals roaming around that we only see in photos. Kangaroos? Are they only in Australia?

Very low-level tenacity, quixote. 🙂

I was thinking there are lots of things you can do with privilege. You can use it to abuse others. You can viciously fight to protect it. You can use it to help others. You can even just sit your ass on it and do nothing.

Thank you for sharing your story, Shadow. Dang girl. You were busy. I never did anything like that. I am a very quiet, closet rebel. I appreciate people like you.

I recently watched the HBO documentary, “The Janes”. Wow, what a story (as I’m sure all of you already know about). It really makes me sick thinking about what women like the Janes went through and now that’s all about to get erased. It’s like how suffragettes fought so hard for the right to vote and what if one day it was just gone – with the stroke of a pen.

No kangaroos 😀 Most of the stars are birds. Very few native (ie not introduced) ground-dwelling mammals (including marsupials) at all. The only native one is a bat. (There’s a theme. You have to fly or swim to make it over!) Little blue penguins, kakapo, tui, kereru. The latter two are everywhere, including my back garden :squee: 😀

The Janes were tremendous. Real heroes. I would expect the Resistance this time to concentrate more on providing the drugs for medical abortions. Quicker, more convenient, cheaper, easier to access.

Q, I had to look up the last two. What lovely coloring! This was funny about the tui, who drink nectar:
“…. popular is the New Zealand flax, whose nectar sometimes ferments, resulting in the tūī flying in a fashion that suggests that they might be drunk.” And this is fascinating: “They are the main pollinators of flax, kōwhai, kaka beak and some other plants. Note that the flowers of the three plants mentioned are similar in shape to the tūī’s beak—a vivid example of mutualistic coevolution.”

PJ @12
Thanks, it was partly being in a large blue state during a war that killed almost every male between 18 and 29 who were forced into a war they didn’t believe in and couldn’t get out of.

Protesting was a big deal to all young people who were angry, full of hatred for a government that wouldn’t stop the damn war and threatened our generation. (Let alone the devastation it did to the Viet Nam people)

You didn’t have to be bold or alone, there were thousands of people your own age that stood with you.

You were born after that turmoil and when women finally had the freedom over their own bodies. That’s the way it should be, and it’s up to the younger generation to fight those battles too, don’t let men belittle women, try to control us and force us to raise every fetus they force on some women.

It sounds like NZ has some beautiful and chubby looking birds. You can keep the bats…
You do have lots of dolphins, whales and sharks around…but they come and go as they please.

All true about the tuis, Luna. And as for the kereru being chubby, god yes. They’re basically a chicken-sized pigeon, and one of their official names is “New Zealand pigeon.” Like that tells you anything. My name for them is “thunder pigeon.” They don’t make any noise, meaning cooing and the like. And their idea of avoiding danger is to sit perfectly still. So you’re hiking along, enjoying the forest, when out of the corner of your eye you see a large something in a tree and look. At which point the pigeon goes OHMYGODI’VEBEENSPOTTED PANIC and busts out of there like a rising pheasant.

Scares the shit out of you every time! Hence “thunder pigeon.”

And the real drunkards are these same kereru. They eat all sorts of fruit, and especially palm fruits can start fermenting on the tree. *Many* stories of them looping onto people’s porches with shocked looks, like “what just happened?”

Wow. We might actually see something happen on gun violence. Doesn’t do much, but it’s more than thoughts and prayers.

A bipartisan group of senators announced Sunday that it had reached a tentative agreement on legislation that would pair modest new gun restrictions with significant new mental health and school security investments — a deal that could put Congress on a path to enacting the most significant national response in decades to acts of mass gun violence.

Twenty senators — 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans — signed a statement announcing the framework deal. That indicated that the agreement could have enough GOP support to defeat a filibuster, the Senate supermajority rule that has impeded prior gun legislation.
Key pitfalls remain: The framework announced Sunday amounts to a statement of principles, not a fully written bill. While people involved in the process said last week that significant chunks of the legislation have already been written, new points of friction frequently arise in Congress as the drafting process is finalized.

MB, thanks for the new post! Does anyone know if the times for the next televised hearings are Pacific or Eastern standard time? In other words, will Mon & Wed hearing be at 7:00am for those of us here on the left coast?

I hope we get to go to New Zealand one day, it’s high on my list. My kid will probably want to go pay homage to Rambro’s grave or see his offspring or something! (Rambro was funny wild ram who lived on a ranch in NZ and the owner made videos of his antics and this ram actually became a youtube star!) Quixote do you know of Rambro?

Shadow @9, very impressive! I was a kid during the Viet Nam war but I did stand on the corner of a busy street in the San Fernando Valley with my friends and hold up “Stop the War” signs to the passing cars. People would honk and make the peace sign back to us.

Annie@19, yes, it is at 10 am Eastern so 7 am for you. I’ve already set it to record on Cspan.

Annie @21
Holy smokes, I lived in the Valley too at that time. Granada Hills and Woodland Hills. We grew up in the same place!

I think it stinks that the hearings are for the second cup of coffee Eastcoasters.
Here on the Bestcoast, I am going to try to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn and watch the hearings. I doubt I will blog much that early in the morning…will see how it goes and how soon my first cup of coffee wakes me up.
I’m more of a night owl that doesn’t get up early in retirement unless I have to.

Shadow @ 24, haha ditto that! Well, hubs is an early bird & will try to keep me awake.

Shadow, we lived in Encino when I was really little, then Sepulveda for several years. My family had lots of friends in WH & GH, so we were there a lot. It was a fun place to grow up.

GAgal @ 22, how do you do that?

Annie, we were both Valley Girls…hahaha. You moved south and after moving around and living in Fla and Hawaii for college, I moved up to the Bay Area. CA will always be my home.

Bill Stepien will not be at the hearing today, ‘family emergency’, his wife is in labor.

The hearing still hasn’t started, (7:30 AM Westcoast), they are probably trying to shuffle their schedule around with Stepien not showing up. They will probably show some of his taped interview.

I wish the hearings were all on primetime. I’m getting ready for work! That sucks about Stepien but I’m sure they can adjust. The Committee has organized this extremely well.

I was too young to know what was going on with the Vietnam war or Roe. Thank you for sharing your stories and thoughts, Shadow, PJ, Annie, Quixote and Luna. I haven’t watched the Janes but it’s now on my Must List!

Trump’s former campaign manager Bill Stepien was supposed to testify during live hearings today. He has dropped out because his wife went into labor. (How convenient!) His lawyer will present a statement from him and I think the committee will play video excerpts from his taped testimony.

A lot of taped interviews are being showed to support the claim that many of his lawyers, campaign folks, Ivanka and Jared saying that states like Arizona were won by Biden, and Trump didn’t want to hear it and just listened to those that would say maybe he won.

Correction, Jared probably didn’t want to believe Dump lost, Ivanka was with everyone when this was happening, but didn’t try to convince her dad that he lost these tight races in 5 states…she probably fluttered around and kept out of the conversations.

Today seems to be about all the people in Dump’s inter circle that tried to convince him that he lost the election and his determination to replace many of them with crackpots like Giuliani and the pillow guy. A lot of the testimony today was from Barr, the guy from FoxNews that declared an Arizona win for Biden, and was fired for it.

3 more lawyers and officials, Pak, Schmidt, and Ginsberg are going to be questioned in person.

Yes, the theme of today is, Drumpf knew he lost and propagated the Big Lie anyway. My thinking is it goes to intent, which is the hardest thing to prove with conspiracy charges.

The Mango Moron has always been a mob boss at heart and rarely commits anything definitive to audio, video or written format. Having multiple people in his orbit say he knew he lost and decided to pretend he won, cements the proof that his Big Lie campaign was intentional to keep him in office and grift off his credulous followers.

1/4 of a billion dollars was raised from Trump supporters by continuing to push the big lie. It’s was a fund raising scam, when does that become criminal?

Ya think? But when was he ever attached to reality, lol.

Trump became ‘detached from reality’ on election fraud claims, Barr testifies

C’mon, Biden, Senators, Congressional Reps — give Ukraine more help!

The battle of Donbas — with momentous implications for the future of Ukraine and the entire postwar world — is poised on a knife edge.

The Ukrainians are resisting bravely, but they are suffering terrible casualties and slowly losing ground. They are able to fire only 5,000 to 6,000 artillery rounds a day, compared with 50,000 rounds a day from the Russians. The Ukrainians are running out of ammunition for their old Soviet artillery, and they don’t have enough Western artillery tubes to make up for the shortfall.

I am reminded of the old poem about how “for want of a nail a shoe was lost,” then a horse, then a rider, then a battle, then a kingdom. We cannot afford to see Donbas lost for want of artillery shells.

Even a limited Russian victory will send a dangerous signal to the world that the West is weak and aggression pays.

I didn’t realize that the Jan 6th Committee had a Twitter account. Especially nice for us Best Coasters who can’t get up at 3 o’dark a.m.

I’m just starting to wade into the J6 hearing. I caught Nicolle talking about Rudy being (only) upset about people saying he was inebriated. Rudy was like saying, “I’m an evil, despicable, traitorous piece of shit. But don’t call me a drunk.” LOL He also said, “And stop saying I fart in public”. (Ok, he didn’t really address that – it didn’t come up today).

@38 That has to be some kind of Guinness World Record of grifting. But good question.

I think Trump only made about 5 million dollars off his Trump University scam. Who says Dump didn’t have a steep learning curve as president?

Luna @41
“Especially nice for us Best Coasters who can’t get up at 3 o’dark a.m.”

Haha, nice.
Thanks for the link.

PJ @42
“He also said, “And stop saying I fart in public”. (Ok, he didn’t really address that – it didn’t come up today).”

Hahahaha…ha ha

The only time I was genuinely surprised that Trump knew exactly what was what and went out and lied his ass off anyway – was Covid.

Shadow, I think hat’s one of the reasons why the GA and NY investigations into Drumpf are essentially RICO investigations. Fraud would be covered by the racketeering charges, I would expect. (I’m not a lawyer, though – just my instinct.)

@41 – I need to follow that account!

I’m watching the recap from MSNBC. Hubby also DVR’d it.


He wasn’t drunk!!! 🙂

But yeah… I thought Trump didn’t like drunks?

On a different topic…

On June 8th, I saw Mo Brooks being interviewed by Chris Hayes and Chris was asking Mo about Trump reneging on his endorsement. And Mo was like, well, you notice Donald Trump has not endorsed my opponent and there’s a reason for that. My opponent is part of the establishment, a Mitch McConnell candidate, blah, blah, blah, etc.

June 11th: Donald Trump endorses Katie Britt (Mo’s opponent).

I don’t know why these break-ups crack me up so bad. These unmitigated love fests that go so sour. I mean, Dump is STILL mad at Sessions.

@53 – all these QOP are such lying sycophants and they’re so nakedly trying to pretend they like him. It’s awesome when he kicks them in the balls anyway 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Not only Hope but Kelly Ann Conjob…not a peep out of her either. Maybe the bigger fish are all white men. Women are only there as tokens.

At least Kelly’s hubs broke away early and is after Dump, tooth and nail.

Well, I only got to watch a little bit this morning, and trying to catch up.

PJ @53, Hilarious!

I’m caught up on Wednesday’s hearing now. I thought it was very well done. I learned a lot from it, such as, I didn’t know there were so many people on dumps side that told him he lost. Also found myself getting slightly emotional a couple of times.

“found myself getting slightly emotional a couple of times.”

I envy your control. I’d be yelling my throat hoarse swearing at the MAGAt grifters.

@51, another lying hypocrite.

News is that the hearing tomorrow is canceled.

@61 I was disappointed, but it might be nice to have a breather.

@61 – it is postponed till Thursday, not cancelled. Liz Cheney shared a video in which she said Drumpf violated two criminal statutes while trying to overturn the election.

@63 I saw that video – really good. I don’t think Liz is going to be satisfied until Dump is held legally accountable.

Exactly! (about the Clinton campaign)

@56 Hope Hicks! OMG, I can’t believe that I really had forgotten about her until that tweet. I’m not sure she’s off the hook for good. I could see Trump calling her back to active duty. This is a really tough time for him!

@65 – Yes, poor little Dump. 76 years old today, and he got a Tish James subpoena for a presenr!

Can Jewish women save reproductive rights? Who the hell knows, but it’s worth a try!

Oh darn, I missed Dump’s 76th. I was planning to send him a 3XXX orange jumpsuit and a new bottle of glue for his toupee.

MB@66, I love that idea! I hope it works.

So, is the next hearing on Thursday going to be at the same time as when it was scheduled for Wed?

@66, 68 I LOVE that idea too!! Go Jewish women!

@67 hahahaha I really did laugh out loud.

I think the Thursday hearing is going to be at the same time. 9:00am for no coasters, no mountains.

@PJ Tomorrow’s Jan. 6 Committee Hearing starts at 1 p.m. EDT. Ergo, 10 a.m. PDT.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Thanks Roz! I need to update the schedule at the top of the blog!

Remember those tours of the Capitol right before January 6th? The ones QOP Congresscritters conducted?

Lordy, there are tapes.

@67 – Shadow, that was hilarious!!

Rachel said this last night and I think it’s very important. These goal posts like “criminal referral” get set up by the media, then the Committee doesn’t get to the goal, and then people say the Committee didn’t do anything. It’s a very effective tactic be aude everyone wants Drumpf in prison as of January 7, 2021 and is sick of waiting for accountability and justice.

Thank you Roz! So, a much better time for our best coast friends.

@71 Holyshit. I kept hearing about that, but hearing there are “receipts” is BIG. I want to see these assholes nailed to the wall.

@73 Thank you, MB. That explains it well. It is important to stay ahead of the tricky dicks!

Shadow, I’ve seen Kelly Ann Conjob’s mug a couple of times recently. She’s got a book! So she’s promoting it. Has Hope Hicks not written a book?

Ukraine’s inability to export grain is a huuuuge story that’s barely getting airplay. Because many countries in Africa and Asia rely on grain from Ukraine. That grain is sitting in Ukrainian ports, blocked by Russia from being shipped overseas. There is a famine coming if this is not taken care of, like, NOW. Seems like some plans are being put in place to help alleviate this, but how about forcing Putin to let the grains out?

What is happening? Why is this happening? Is this just gossip (juicy!) or is this confirmed.

Wow. There’s just a lot going on on twitter today. Too much. I need to work.

Tapes, huh? I wonder if Loudermilk is suddenly going to have important family commitments occupying him?

As for Boebert, nothing would surprise me. A bit shocked, yes. Surprised, no. Plus it would explain why she was so laid back about future-hubby flashing teenagers.

MB, you’ve hit it: we — want is way too weak a word — them all in jail Jan 7, 2021. (Actually, even earlier, for hotheads like me.) Justice has to be *seen* being done, which is why these hearings are a relief after the megadrought.

Roz @ 70
“…ergo, 10 a.m. PDT”.

I always love ‘ergos’
I can do 10 AM.

Dr. Fauci has tested positive for Covid. Yipes, if he can get it as careful as he is…

“Fauci, 81, has mild symptoms and has been boosted twice, the institute said in a statement. The institute told CNN that he is being treated with the antiviral medication Paxlovid.”

Info on the medication Fauci is taking, Paxlovid.

13 Things To Know About Paxlovid, the Latest COVID-19 Pill

D – that Boebert story appears to be true. Completely nuts. There are pics of her escort profile and dates of her two abortions, as well as a record of her being sent to “meet” Ted Cruz and his subsequent sponsoring if her campaign to the tune of $126K.

Wow, Ginni had her chubby little fingers in a lot pies, didn’t she? I’m looking forward to her name coming up (I hope) in the J6 hearings. She was obviously a player in the attempted coup.

Boebert and Cruz? Um… gross.

@66, as much as I admire the chutzpah, I think getting religion mixed up with the law is not a good idea. OTOH, perhaps it could work for getting an exception from the law? In which case synagogues everywhere had best prepare for a flood of converts!

@76, I have read about the grain export problem, and you’re right it’s not getting much press. I think many mistakenly think it only affects Ukraine, but lots of countries depend on the Ukrainian harvest and without it there will be extensive hunger. Glad Biden is doing something. What can be done about Putin’s cruelty unless he’s taken down or Ukraine gets a plentiful and continuing supply of weapons and ammunition?

“Food insecurity” Does that mean famine or ‘just’ malnutrition?

The war in Ukraine could push up the number of people facing acute food insecurity by 47 million this year, according to the United Nations.

Somehow I can’t trust car autopilot systems.

Tesla vehicles made up nearly 70 percent of the 392 crashes involving advanced driver-assistance systems reported since last July, and a majority of the fatalities and serious injuries

What a crazy news week this is turning out to be, with Loudermouth & Ginni & Boebert! I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s hearing, but I’ll have to catch it later as I have to take my kid to a doctor appointment. Am looking forward to your comments about it. Should we have a new thread?

It’s worse than that, Luna @88. The NHTS found out that the autopilot is programmed to shut off some fraction of a second before impact. That way it’s never “on” during a crash and is therefore not at fault. Cool, huh?

(I am not making this up!)

@90, Well isn’t that clever! Legally the driver is always responsible.

“It is really easy to have a hand on the wheel and be completely disengaged from driving”

No shit. I don’t even use cruise control because that reduces attention to driving.

What is wrong with Luttig, he seems to have some problem thinking and talking…

Thank God Luttig is finished…his time could have been cut down to 1 minute…

I had to miss the hearings today but cannot wait for the recap tonight. Based on what I’m reading on line it was a barn burner!!

As for Ukraine, it’s very scary about the grain silos. I hope the world figures out how to help. Meanwhile, France has gotten on message..

Macron comes around finally!

Shadow, Luttig apparently has some kind of speech impediment.

The cat planter: so *that’s* where kittens come from! 😯

That makes sense about Luttig. Now I feel bad that I was annoyed and bothered… But honestly, in a way, his extreme-to-the-point-of-painful way of talking was so unique in this day and age of fast-thinkers and fast-talkers that I think/hope it will bring even more attention to what he was saying. Because what he was saying was powerful.

What really came across to me (and maybe this was just me) was the utter disdain, contempt, and repulsion Luttig feels for Mr-not-Dr Eastman, his former law clerk and fellow conservative.

I really liked Greg Jacob. It was so refreshing to see a Republican who had a sense of fair play. He basically asked Eastman, “how would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot”? Would you be ok with that? No, Eastman said he would not be ok with Gore in the past or Kamala in the future doing what he was demanding of Pence. But do it anyway. How can you have a rational conversation with someone like that?


There was no basis in the Constitution or laws of the United States – AT ALL – for the theory espoused by Mr. Eastman.

At all.


I want a cat planter! I would grow a hybrid that was hypoallergenic ♥️🤣♥️🤣♥️.


@101. They’re doing something? Really?


Amen, Mr. Weeks!

I wonder – if Pence had believed that the military would go along with this insanity – would he have chosen the way he did? Was it honor or practicality?

It sounds like he was against it from the start and was consistent in resisting it. So maybe it was honor?

Lawrence pointed out that had Mike Pence made it clear a month before Jan 6 that he had no constitutional power to stop the counting and certifying of the EC, the violence could have been avoided.

I was also thinking about all the “normal” Republicans who let the big lie fester and take hold because they wanted to give big baby time to cry it out.

@81, Fauci gave 100s of press conferences and face-to-face meetings. I think due to his role he wasn’t able to stay away from groups of people as much as he’d like.

@100, Umhmmm.

@101, “already commenced” Really, really, really?

I had a tough day driving my guys around L.A. for doctor appts. My son has to have surgery on one foot, recovery time 6 months! He said the appt w/the surgeon was the weirdest doctor appt of his life?!? My husband was in the room and agreed.

I’m going to try to catch todays hearing on CSpan. Right now the NBA championship is going on & the Golden State Warriors are beating Boston, and it’s almost over so I will watch that first.

Enjoyed all your comments, as always.

Annie, I’m sorry about your son’s foot! That.sounds terrible. Maybe you should get a second opinion? The surgeon sounds sketchy. At least the Warriors won! Woo hoo!

Yes, Luna and Quixote. Already in progress. Really!!

This ain’t Bill Barr’s DOJ.

Daaaaaaaaaamn. After Nancy steps down, this is our new Speaker of the House.

Annie, sorry to hear about that half-year recovery for your son’s foot surgery. Did the surgeon give any details about it? Sorry, I’m irrepressibly curious when it comes to medical stuff. Don’t mean to invade your privacy. I had surgery for a Morton’s neuroma years ago and flexing my foot was uncomfortable for probably 6 months if I walked more than a few blocks. I just wore stiff boots if I had to do much hiking.

@108 Chef’s kiss (as DYB would say). Yes, that was perfection. I can’t imagine anyone saying it better. YES! I would love to see him as the next Speaker.

@106 Socal, I feel bad for your son! I want to hear more about the weird doctor. I’m irrepressibly curious about stuff like *that*. 🙂 Although I also don’t want to invade your privacy.

What do you think Macron was whispering to Zelenskyy yesterday? What do you think Zelenskyy was thinking?

Macron: tu sens si bon

Z-skyy: omg, I can’t believe he just said that.

I think Eastman was right when he said they would lose 7-2 if it went to the Supreme Court. He would have had Thomas for sure and probably Alito.

European men, and especially the French, are much more used to and accepting of physical expressions of friendship between hetero men than are Americans.

It’s interesting how Zelensky is always in his uniform T-shirt even when meeting heads of foreign states who are always in business-suit attire.

Ooops! Guess Walker didn’t think the media would find out about all of his out-of-wedlock kids. Such a fine family man! -snicker-

U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker has faced a string of controversies this week — including that he has two sons and a daughter with different women whom he had not spoken about publicly.

This week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution debunked previous claims by Walker that he had worked in law enforcement and had been an FBI agent. Two days later, the Daily Beast reported that Walker had a 10-year-old son out of wedlock whom he hadn’t discussed publicly [and] another 13-year-old son with a different woman as well as an adult daughter he fathered as a college student.

Walker, who in the past has chided absentee Black fathers, confirmed the Daily Beast’s reporting and said he never hid his other children.

@108, Looking forward to Jeffries as Speaker!

@114 Luna, when leaders of Baltic countries came to visit Zelenskyy a few weeks ago, none of them wore suits. They all wore some form of “casual.” To me, Zelenskyy wearing a suit while Ukraine is still at war would be odd. There is intense fighting happening in a number of places.

Herschel Walker fathering 3 kids (that we know of!!!) out of wedlock while yelling at absentee fathers and espousing family values is so extremely on brand for Republicans.

@118. Exactly. Pence didn’t say one word for 4+ years. The only thing that changed Jan6th was he wanted to be sure to be with the winners.

He called Quayle, and I guess Luttig?, but not you’ll notice the FBI. At any point.

Just a bucket of lukewarm smarm.

OK, a funny break.

@117, Oh, I like that Zelensky wears army fatigues! He’s being real. Interesting that the Baltic states leaders didn’t wear suits but the French, German and Italian leaders did. Bet the Baltic people have an all-too-close understanding of what Russian invasion means.

Luna, and DYB can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Baltic states non-suits thing may be more related to the communist past. (Not that they don’t have an all-too-excellent understanding of Russian aggression.) In Ye Olde Days of the workers’ paradise, suits were considered a bougie Western affectation. Look at pictures of any but the most formal government or business occasions, and they’re all in open-necked shirts or the like. They might dress up for a state funeral. I’m guessing it’s more a sense that getting all dolled up in ties is putting on airs, held over from the not-so-high and insufficiently-far-off times.

(Zelenskyy, of course, is simply making the case that hey, there’s a war on!)

@124 That’s probably what he was thinking @111 too. Hey, stop that. There’s a war on! But maybe he liked it for all I know. Maybe he was just thinking, “oui mon cheri”.

I still think it was this kind of a situation.


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