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Posted on: June 8, 2022

Happy hump day Widdershins!

The January 6 commission is about to hold public hearings to show some of the mountains of evidence they have collected with about 1,000 interviews and many thousands of documents. One “news” network has decided not to air it. We all know which one. They need to protect themselves, I suppose, since we know some of their highest rated prime time hosts were active participants in the attempted coup. They are also trying to protect their audience from the truth. Meanwhile, as we know, they held countless hours of hearings about Benghazi. But an attempt to overthrow the US government is not big enough news for them.

“The committee will present previously unseen material documenting January 6th, receive witness testimony, preview additional hearings, and provide the American people a summary of its findings about the coordinated, multi-step effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and prevent the transfer of power,” the panel said.


The hearings begin tomorrow. Will they make any difference? I’m trying to be optimistic…

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I’ll be watching. I’m with Liz hoping that this all results in it never happening again as the pervconservs (Liz would not agree with that name) are actively working to make sure it DOES happen again and the next time, successfully. I wonder if Liz is on board with all the nonviolent steps being taken by Republicans to destroy democracy and guarantee Republican “wins”. Is it ok as long as it’s nonviolent?

I don’t think the hearings will result in any embarrassment for anyone involved including Fox Entertainment. Like Shiv from “Succession” said,

“The thing about us, Mark — and you should know this by now: we don’t get embarrassed.”

Thanks for the new post, D! I’ll definitely be watching and will be liveblogging here on TW during the hearing.

Given the masterful way the Dems conducted the impeachment, and the wave of anti-Trump voters that came out in 2020, I believe this will be quite impactful.

If I were the FEC, I would have pulled Faux’ license to use the public airwaves a long time ago. They are a straight-up propaganda network for the Rethugs.

Quixote – on the previous thread, I totally agree. There is one trans girl playing school sports in the entire state of Ohio. Unfortunately, no matter what the reason, girls will suffer. Which as we know, for QOP, is a bonus.

The testimony from the Capitol Police is expected to be compelling. I think it was Charlie Sykes who was pointing out the hypocrisy of Republicans supposedly being so supportive of “The Blue”. Until now. Apparently, they only support the police when they are enforcing white supremacy. The pervs were like, wth? The police should have been joining the “patriots”, not fighting them. White Power!

Maybe they aren’t being hypocritical – maybe they’re being consistent. But hypocrisy doesn’t bother them anyway.

DYB, thanks for the new post and my favorite Randy Rainbow.
I will be watching and blogging during the hearing. I hear they are going to televise these hearings in 2 hour segments.

So FOX news isn’t going to carry the hearings. No surprise there!

Looking forward to hearing the liveblog comments here!

Here’s another thing that’s no surprise: banning assault weapons lowered the frequency of mass shooting incidents exponentially. Duh F Duh! Faux News will never tell you that.

The money quote:

We calculated that the risk of a person in the U.S. dying in a mass shooting was 70% lower during the period in which the assault weapons ban was active. The proportion of overall gun homicides resulting from mass shootings was also down, with nine fewer mass-shooting-related fatalities per 10,000 shooting deaths.

Taking population trends into account, a model we created based on this data suggests that had the federal assault weapons ban been in place throughout the whole period of our study – that is, from 1981 through 2017 – it may have prevented 314 of the 448 mass shooting deaths that occurred during the years in which there was no ban.

And this almost certainly underestimates the total number of lives that could be saved….

A teaser from Adam Schiff about tomorrow night.

Big thanks to those who’ll be watching and blogging it here!

“Pervconservs” 😆 😆 😆 Perfect!

That’s great news! Wow, what a psychopath. Yikes. And five other Republicans were disqualified because they had fraudulent signatures on their petitions? Just standard fare now for the QOP. I truly hope our democracy can survive them. 

Hmm, I thought the blog was set to east coast time…

I’m just trying to make sure that the times for the 1-6 hearing are three hours earlier for us Westcoasters.

Three hearings:
Today at 8 PM East coast time = 5 PM West coast time.
Monday the 13th at 10 AM East = (Freakin’) 7 AM West coast time
Wednesday the 15th at 10 AM East = (Freakin’) 7 AM West coast time

You suck Congress for making the rest of the country start watching so early!!

(Please let me know if I have this wrong.)

Thanks for posting a live blog, DYB! Can’t wait. I thought this thing started at 4pm Pacific?

8pm Eastern = 7 Central = 6 Mountain =5 Pacific. ??

And according to Glenn Kirschner, the second hour is the one to definitely not miss because the star prosecutor, who Kirschner says is dynamite, will be laying out the case. First hour has speeches by the head of the Commission (keep forgetting his name) and Cheney. Unless they had the sense to keep them bottled up to 5 min each, I would guess it’ll be kind of boring.

Annie, I have MSNBC on tonight to see it headed by Rachael. Seems like 4 PM west coast time is a prehearing build up for the 5 PM Hearing.

(Hey, Shadow, a few people do live on the East Coast y’know :p 😆 )

Ah, thanks Quixote! You can see how brilliant I am with math. I made a pasta salad with lots of veggies and grilled marinated chicken, so dinner would be easy. The dudes and I are hanging out, waiting to watch it with all you Widdershins.

I’m watching the pregame (as Fredster would say) on MSNBC.

Haha! Ditto that PJ!

People are being seated. 15 min and counting!

I’m not sure if you are in the US or not, will you be able to watch the hearing from where you are?
I think you are in a country that starts with ‘A’?

Your dinner sounds delicious, socal. I hope you’ll pass on any observations from the dudes. 🙂

@15 Thanks for that tip, quixote! I am adjusting my expectations.

Here we go…

Here we go….so far some very critical lines are being drawn between the Civil War and J6.

Thanks for posting the accurate times, Shinners!

“…over the next few weeks”…we may see new info and hearings?”
-Chairman Thompson

“all enemies, foreign and domestic” being hit very hard.

@27 – interesting – I know more hearings are planned next week, unfortunately not during primetime.

@25 Exactly – it’s the same type bad actors (white supremacists and their apologists).

They’re bringing in Bill Barr’s testimony already.

Barr says he resigned because Drumpf wouldn’t accept his defeat and Drumpf’s claims of victory were bullsh*t.

Barr calls bullshit on Trump’s bullshit.

@31, yes, I like that.

“January 6 was the culmination of an attempted coup, a conspiracy to overthrow the government. It represents Donald Trump’s last stand, an attempt to stop the transfer for power.” – Bennie Thompson

“The conspiracy to thwart the will of the people is not over. There are those in this audience who thirst for power, but have no love for what makes America great.” – Bennie Thompson

Thompson addresses the whiners whining that this is not fair.

Liz Cheney and Kinziger are sitting right next to Jamie Raskin. A powerful visual.

@37 – Yes!

And he’s now praising Liz Cheney.

Nice introduction for Liz!

Ooof. She is going to be the attack dog. It’s even more powerful coming from someone of the same party.

This is very well done so far.

“Will no one rid me of this troublesome Pence?” – Drumpf on January 6, paraphrased

That orange f*ck was fine with killing his own VP.

Liz is getting right to the point. Good.

Yup Annie! She does not give AF about being attacked by QOP. She is a Cheney from Wyoming. They can’t do anything to her.

The finger is pointing right at Drumpf – he “coordinated a sophisticated 7 part plan” to overturn the election. He is GOING DOWN.

Ooooh, I hate seeing these Drumpf admin assholes again. But it’s so effective.

Dump had a 7 part plan to over turn the election.

Whoa. Liz is kicking ass! Pulling no punches. And in a calm voice.

Liz is an incredibly powerful voice. Good for her.

49 Agreed and she is very calm.

The J6 committee got some big guns to testify. Oh, here comes Ivanka!

Vanky threw Daddy under the bus. No surprise, she is just like him.

Liz directly ties the misinformation campaign run by Drumpf to the insurrection on Jan 6.

Was just going to say what PJ said about Liz.

MB, yes, that Vanky clip was priceless.

“This letter is a lie”!!!

Now Liz is talking about the corruption attempts from Drumpf to try to corruptly install a stooge (Jeffrey Clark) at the DOJ as AG, and then to get Clark to send letters saying the election was fraudulent.

Thank Gawd Drumpf’s appointees threatened to quit if Clark was appointed. As hubby just said, “we came so close.”

They’re trying to make Pence sound honorable…but he did call Dan Quayle to ask him if he could, in fact, overturn the election. Dan Quayle said, “Absolutely NOT.”

John Eastman taking a beating now. Not just lawless, but a total hypocrite on his alleged belief in Drumpf’s position.

What a misnomer – the “Trump legal team.” Talk about an oxymoron.

I like how she keeps mentioning that all their cheap stunts were against the law.

Oh wow…Liz opening the kimono on the DOJ and the Committee – the DOJ hasn’t disclosed everything (working with cooperating witnesses) and the Committee’s investigation isn’t done and will disclose more.

My son thinks Liz will run for prez.

The investigation is still ongoing.

@62 – Yes! “Illegal” used very frequently.

The proud boys led the group of idiots that breeched the Capitol.

@63, yes! When will we hear this?

@64 I think she could. She’s been really impressive. Kicking nuts right and left.

Jan 5th on his podcast, “All Hell is going to break loose, all Hell.”

@67 – yes! Trump got them to do it

@64 – I hope so. let her split the QOP vote.

Let’s not forget that Liz is a right-wing Rethug who voted with Drumpf quite frequently. She is not the answer. Thank Goddess she is a patriot though.

@73 Agreed! This is a brief and fleeting love I have for her.

How gross is it that Kayleigh McEnany was taking advice from Sean Hannity. WTAF

Can you imagine Neera Tanden taking advice from Rachel Maddow on how to handle Biden?!

Jared is a pos.

@77 – So true Annie! Why did Saudi Arabia give him $2B?!

@77 A total douche.

@76 Exactly!

I have temporary love for Liz too, PJ.

Most of the video they are now going to show has never been seen before.

Taking a short break to eat dinner – watching avidly!

Look at those Proud Boys. Wow.

Watching the break in makes me so ashamed of the American’s that did this and also all that make antivax and Q part of their beliefs that kill the rest of us.

Dump and all his believers are the very same people that the rest of the would has called, ‘The Ugly Americans’.

Wow, my heart is pounding.

10 minute break

@84 Well said, Shadow. Woooeeee that’s a lot of the worst of humanity. They’re terrifying – which I guess was the point.

@85 They sure do live up to that name.

We’re seeing the committee members standing and talking to each other. I’m so proud of all of them.

@86 Me too.

@90 Same here!

Same! This committee gives me hope.

The commentary on MSNBC is on point.

As they say, “What we saw WAS THE PLAN.” Drumpf intended every single thing that happened…except that his plan failed.

Interesting angle that Drumpf was not considered to be in charge on 1/6…the analysts seem to be positing that Pence was actually CoC.

Maddow was giving advice to Neera Tanden? Wut?

I missed some parts of Part 1 because of a work call. Saw some of the video – “legitimate political discourse.” Putting in a Trump voice-over about all the love from the crowd was a nice editorial touch.

The press may finally be realizing that yes, Drumpf is to blame for January 6th, everything that went before, and everything that’s going on now. All the attempts to overthrow democracy…all him.

@96 – sorry D – I was comparing Kayleigh receiving advice from Hannity to, what if Tanden received advice from Maddow? That would never happen.

This was a big point that jumped out at me during Part 1:

Swearing in two witnesses now

Officer Edwards, was knocked down and unconscious during the first part of the attack.

@96 Yeah, right… just another tourist-y day.

These poor people. Looking at the video you see what they all went through. Totally terrifying.

She is a Capitol Police Officer

She is the daughter of a marine.

This female cop is making me cry. Goddess bless her.

Nick Quested, documentarian following the Proud Boys

Wow, the Proud Boys membership tripled after Drumpf said “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by”

Holy sh*t. The Proud Boys were 100% part of the conspiracy – they have chats and documents to prove it. The Oath Keepers too. No wonder they got arrested and indicted.

The Oath Keepers started planning the attack on the Capitol way in advance, supplied some of the weapons and were the group that went hunting for Nancy Pelosi.

There’s a word for criminals who proudly document their crimes. I think they’re called, “stupid”.

Thank Gawd these people are so damn stupid. If they were smart we might be sieg heiling today instead of hearing details about their crimes.

Quested is saying there was one sole police officer to stop the Proud Boys. Insanity

There were about 250-300 Proud Boys that went to find weaknesses, not to see Dump’s speech. The Peace Circle

Oh my gawd. This poor woman (Officer Edwards) trying to stand up to the Proud Boys with a f*cking bike rack and four colleagues. They were set up.

They just showed how Edwards, the female police officer was knocked over trying to hold the fence barriers, she was on the steps unconscious.

@115 Man this is hard to listen to.


@112 Excellent point.

Oh no, she’s talking about Officer Sicknick, the man who died. She got teargassed and pepper sprayed.

OMG, after she was unconscious from a head injury, she got pepper sprayed then also she was tear gassed.

She says she saw a “war scene” on Jan 6. Officers bleeding, throwing up, and she was slipping in peoples’ blood.

My gosh, this young woman’s testimony is heart wrenching.

mb @112, yes, thank god they were as stupid as evil.

The Capitol was a war zone and she hadn’t been trained in military combat. She’s a police officer. christ

So horrible. Oh gawd, more video

All these crazy f*cks who did whatever Drumpf told them to…

Wow, I guess they’re done – this is a good amount of time. Not too long and very, very impactful.

@127 Yes. I think they did a good job of bringing it back to TFG. It all comes back to him.

But for him, it wouldn’t have happened. And if it wasn’t what Dump intended, he could have easily called it off.

Rachel makes a great point…the Proud Boys never even went to the rally. They were not “inspired” by Drumpf. They planned on invading from the beginning. Shadowfax you alluded to this too.

It was better than I expected. Very moving.

Well done from start to finish.

@131 So much for the “heat of passion” defense.

I like Joy Reid’s comment about this not being a riot, but a pre planned war on the capitol.

@137 – me too – I said “Yes Joy!” when she said that.

Those were powerful video and testimonies. Hope Stump is melting down.

I told my Fox-exclusive parents last night Fox wasn’t going to cover it. They asked why and I said because they don’t want you know what really happened. I didn’t say anything more. A little before 8:00, I put their dinner on the table then slipped into their den and changed the channel to Fox Business, who is airing it. By the time they went back to the den, Liz Cheney was starting her opening remarks and they watched the whole thing! Don’t know if they noticed I changed it.

Here is the 7-part plan Cheney referred to:

@139 – Well done, GAGal!! You’re a great daughter.

Go Nicolle and Adam!

GAgal, that’s terrific! I think the whole point of these televised hearings is the hope that a good portion of republicans will see or hear at least of them. Well done!

All right y’all, signing off for the night. Many many hugs to all of you. We will get through this sh*t!!

Same here. Thanks to everyone!! Loved your story, GAgal.

Great reading all y’all’s comments!

I’m totally unsurprised Ivanka threw Daddy-o overboard. Bet he is, though. I’m convinced she’s the only thing anywhere he cares about even a microbit. And now this. Bwahahaha.

I am very surprised about some things though. For instance, the Dump being involved in the whole 7 part plan. :boggle: This is the guy who can’t remember the beginnings of his sentences by the time he reaches the end. He has the neurons to think about 7 part plans? I truly am amazed.

Cheers for GAgal!!!

Part of the seven part plan was for Dump to tell lies about his winning the election. He’s good a lies and boosting himself up.
Getting rid of people that don’t kiss his ring, he’s always expected his peasants to be loyal to him, and tosses them away like used TP.

Any crackpot that came up with a dirty trick was a good idea to him, especially his best buddy at the time, the pillow guy.
Using the proud boys and the oath keepers was just a white supremacy thing, they followed him to his rallies.
Idiots and haters love El Dump.

@139, GAGgal, well done! Seeing Liz Cheney, a Republican, might possibly help them think about it all.

(To answer an earlier question: I’m in New Zealand these days. I’m sure I could stream the hearings if I hunted around — C-Span must be carrying them? — but I find it too fraught a process to listen to history live when I don’t have to. I missed the Watergate hearings too. What can I say.)

Appreciate the funny and informative commenting! Spouse-person just described Jared and Ivanka as “ghoulish human-shaped creatures.” Poor Ivanka’s going to be cut out of Daddy’s will, but she’s more than vilely, filthily, disgustingly rich as is. Besides, Donnie probably isn’t anywhere as rich as he pretends.

Yes, if I was listening live I’d be yelling and throwing things.

@ 151, Haha! Love the “ghoulish human-shaped creatures” Sp nailed it!

@153 Yes, that is so perfect!! OMG

It really was a lot of horror and evil to take in and I’m feeling the aftershocks. It was harrowing (to steal a word from someone else) because Jan 6 was harrowing and they accurately depicted it. I don’t judge anyone for not watching it.

I continue to be more and more in awe of the Capitol police. Just what incredible bravery and courage they showed – when we all know what cowardice from the police looks like *cough* Uvalde *cough*.

Love the description, Luna. And PJ, I couldn’t sleep last night. My PTSD came back after hearing Ms. Edwards describe her experience and watching the video. My gawd, what must the Democrats in Congress be feeling?! I heard there were tears and shudders in the room.

The Democrats have to come to work every day knowing that most of their QOP colleagues were fine with them being killed by the Proud Boys. It’s just that brutal.

We owe them a HUGE debt of gratitude.

I’m sorry to hear that, MB – I completely understand. The testimony of Ms. Edwards hit me hard too.

I hadn’t thought about that (I should have) about congressional Dems. I really don’t think I could do it.

Yes indeed – a huge debt of gratitude.

There are some theories about the guy from Simi Valley CA that was busted for wanting to shoot Kavanaugh:

Oops sorry for that repeat.

Are they going to overturn Roe? And trying to get sympathy in advance?

This story gets weirder every day. This is from a newspaper today, from the next door neighbor of the suspects parents, whom he supposedly lived with:

“Zach Quadri, who lives next door, said he exchanged pleasantries with the family on occasion but was unaware that they had a son.

He never saw him, Quadri said, “Not even once.”

Yeah, that does seem odd about Kavanaugh’s “stalker.” Gun still in its case and the guy called the cops on himself? Something doesn’t add up.

I’m worried about Ukraine. The US needs to send more materials, and do it quickly.

Newly promised Western weapons systems are arriving, but too slowly and in insufficient quantities to prevent incremental but inexorable Russian gains in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine, which is now the focus of the fight.

The Ukrainians are still fighting back, but they are running out of ammunition and suffering casualties at a far higher rate than in the initial stages of the war. Around 200 Ukrainian soldiers are now being killed every day, up from 100 late last month, an aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky told the BBC on Friday — meaning that as many as 1,000 Ukrainians are being taken out of the fight every day, including those who are injured.

Ukraine has now almost completely run out of ammunition for the Soviet-era weapons systems that were the mainstay of its arsenal, and the Eastern European countries that maintained the same systems have run out of surplus supplies to donate, [Ukrainian government advisor] Danylyuk said. Ukraine urgently needs to shift to longer-range and more sophisticated Western systems, but those have only recently been committed, and in insufficient quantities to match Russia’s immense firepower, he said.

Megalomania on steroids.

Putin likens himself to Peter the Great, links imperial expansion to Ukraine war

Q, I hear New Zealand is beautiful. Is it mainly farm land? Just curious what drew you there?

@146 Also unsurprising was Daddy Dearest returning the favor.

And shockingly (not) The Dump also threw Barr under the bus. Although I think he got it right when he said (about Barr), “he sucked!”.

(Re NZ, I’d been doing botanical field work here since forever. Biologically and scenically it’s a thoroughly stunning place. Plus a lot of the New Zealanders are can-do, practical people with a sense of humor, which I enjoy. Never tangle with their bureaucracy though. True of all the former British colonies that inherited Victorian England’s red tape. There be not dragons but black holes.

As for farmland, yes, some. They’re a country with all of five million people, and on that tax base manage to have public education, not-enough-but-some mass transit, a national health system, which could use improving of course, plus look up Rocket Labs and carbon fiber racing sailboats. It’s not all farmland 😆 )

@167 – Quixote, you’re making me want to go! Although truthfully, I’ve wanted to go for a long time. A dear friend of mine (the one who passed away last year) went with his wife to NZ and showed me pictures. I was in awe of the natural beauty.

Annie, that is weird about Kavanaugh’s stalker. I wonder what else we’ll find out?

Luna, I agree – I want Ukraine to win. Putin must be thoroughly defeated.


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