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Posted on: May 25, 2022

As our dear Fredster used to say, I’ve “Gone Fishin'” for a while. I’m at the beach in SoCal, where it is currently “June Gloom” every day. (Annie knows what I’m talking about!) So far my swimsuit and I have not been seen together, and I’m not sure we will be. But still, the time away from work has been very special.

The news has been a mix of good and bad…the good: yesterday, all three Rethugs who refused to rig the Georgia election for Drumpf won their primary elections. The bad: Marjorie Traitor Greene won her primary election. And of course, Texas continues its freefall into dystopia under Greg Abbott’s “leadership,” as 19 children, two teachers and a grandmother were murdered yesterday by a mentally ill 18-year-old who (cuz Texas) was able to purchase body armor and an automatic weapon without the most rudimentary check or balance.

My position on guns is, most people don’t need them and shouldn’t have them. The whole “hunting” thing is absurd. If you are truly a hunter, you need a rifle, not an automatic weapon or a handgun, and how many people these days are really out hunting for their supper? I believe we should take peoples’ guns away. Due to decades of deregulation from state and federal Republicans, the situation in this country has become completely untenable. Guns have proliferated beyond any reasonable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. People cannot go anywhere in public, and kids cannot go to school, without a low-level hum of terror through their veins. Nowhere is safe.

If I had my way, this would be the way we would handle guns in America.

I know these are strong statements, but there is a lot of grim data to back them up. Here are a few lowlights from the Gun Violence Archive for 2022 (yes, this is just for this year):

Number of mass shootings: 214
Number of people killed and injured in mass shootings: 1154
State where the most mass shootings occurred (21 this year): Texas

But of course, this is just another public safety hazard we are expected to endure in this country, along with the latest wave of COVID, because Republican voters anesthetized by Faux News and Sinclair Broadcasting are voting for people who are literally killing them. They’re sleepwalking into their own deaths, and taking the rest of the country with them.

All I can say is, vote. Vote Democratic in every election, even if it’s for dogcatcher. If everyone who can vote comes out to vote (this includes the young ‘uns), Republicans will never win another election. Let’s hope people finally do what they need to do in 2022. Otherwise, this is going to be how we handle each and every horrible, preventable tragedy.

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Sorry to hear you hit gloom down the coast. It’s beautiful in the bay area, but today and yesterday are in the 90ies. Tomorrow will be in the 70ies and perfect.

We all know that the Senate will never pass anything banning assault weapons in the near future. Maybe we need to show more of the brutality of these shootings…like little bodies blurred out in a blood soaked room or hallway as mentioned on the last thread, and even though the shooter has been killed, his dead body should be hung from a gigantic crane, showing his name and how many children and adults he has killed. His body should be hung in the town square for a week, not covered up and forgotten.

Something to disgrace his image and not let him be a hero to other crazy gunmen.

Is that too brutal?

Oh no, I guess my comment was too brutal…sorry.

Not too brutal! Perfect. I personally like it a LOT. Too brutal is what he did. I think we should do it every time until this shit stops. Let the MAGAts feed on that.

And yet all parents of slain kids are asking for is reasonable gun legislation…

Evidently, reasonable gun laws are considered to be “too brutal” for gun manufacturers and tiny dicks. So here we are.

@3, the conservative majority on SCOTUS should match gun laws up with the situation when the Constitution was written. Black powder rifles, slow to load, and fires only 1 bullet at a time. Anything more modern doesn’t match the Constitution.

Leaving aside that the 2nd Amendment was talking about a well-regulated militia and not individual hate-filled males with assault weapons.

Constitution originalists are a lot like bible thumpers (not all bible thumpers). You poke holes in their bullshit using their. own. bullshit. and they just shrug. Their brains are made of Swiss cheese. What’s a few more holes?

Yes, Senate Republicans will block any reasonable legislation on guns. I do think we should call out specifically who is making this situation happen. Like Beto. Draw that line. Republicans are the ones causing our kids to die

I like the idea of being brutal too. But they are impervious to everything. It reminds me that the NRA has been a funnel for Russian money for years. What do the Russians have on the QOP? Do they know about the cocaine orgies Madison Cawthorn talked about (and the press never investigated of course!!!)? Is Lady Lindsey the head organizer?

Someday all the sh*t will come out and we will all be amazed at how much they have gotten away with.

Poll was taken after the Buffalo shooting but before the Texas shooting.

A fifth of Americans think mass shootings are simply unpreventable

Respondents were asked which of a series of statements came closest to matching their views: that there is no way to stop mass shootings in the U.S., that mass shootings in the U.S. can already be stopped by enforcing the current laws or that there is a way to stop mass shootings in the U.S. but it would require a drastic change in laws.

A plurality of respondents, almost half, said that a drastic change in laws was necessary. This was the consensus position among Democrats. But 1 in 5 respondents simply threw up their hands, saying that there’s just no way to stop mass shootings. Republicans were as likely to hold that position as they were either of the other two. More than a quarter of Republicans expressed resignation at mass shootings being a part of American life.

resignation at mass shootings? Wow. For that you’d have to think USians are some kind of separate species. The other humans, the ones with gun control, have much less trouble, but I guess they haven’t heard that on Faux News.

I don’t think their heads are swiss cheese. What they _mean_ is “hey, this is good for male white supremacy.” It’s very consistent. They just can’t _say_ that.

I think we really need to start speaking to what they mean, and stop applying logic to what they say. For one thing, it would clarify the whole zomg-the-country-is-so-divided shtick.

Yes, one side wants a caste system with men, generally white, on top. The way to get there is might makes right. The other side wants equality and rule of law. There is no meeting ground. It’d be like being a little bit pregnant. The only way out is to see the sides for what they are and decide which one you’re on.

When they start yammering that Democrats are out to destroy their way of life, the only true response is, “Damn right. And once you see what you’re trying to do, you will be too.”

You’re right, quixote. It always comes back to that, doesn’t it. The root of all their evil.

If Uvalde is finally the tipping point, it won’t be because we just can’t take any more slaughtered children. It will be because the police don’t want to fight AR-15 killers anymore. Especially ones who don’t look like typical white boys. They can see where this could go.

PJ @16
You have a good point and to add to it, when police go to a school shooting in their small towns, the higher the chances are that their children will be victims.
When these shootings happen in the neighborhoods of some of the QOP senators, and their children are victims…they might start to feel the pain of loss.
Then again, they love, love, love guns and Viagra…makes them feel like a man when they are rip roaring demons from Hell.

@13 – totally agree with you, Quixote. And to add to it further…when white people vote Republican they are, in fact, voting in their best interests, aka white supremacy. It doesn’t matter if white supremacy actually hurts them. They viscerally want white Christian men in charge of everything and they don’t care what it costs them.

This goes along with that poll you shared, Luna. They want to be armed, and they hope it doesn’t affect them too much. Without those guns, how can they protect themselves against women and black people/POC?

It’s only recently that I realized, according to white supremacists, I am not white. I am one of those POC. It’s amazing to me because I’ve always had white privilege, but replacement theory includes me because being Jewish is part of a race. I guess I never thought of that race as not white.

Such strange times we live in.

Well said, Shadow.

Good points. I don’t know. Maybe we could let them keep their guns and just cut off the balls. You know, cut off the ammo. They can stroke their BIG metal dick all night, but the rest of us would be safe. Eh, wouldn’t work. What they really like is gunning down people who can’t fight back. Real manly, right?

Unfortunately, what it would probably take is a crazy nonwhite boy with an AR-15 taking out some cops directly. And it would probably have to happen several times. Like an epidemic.

I like your earlier idea of public humiliation. These guys want to go out in a blaze of glory. I’m sure they fantasize over and over how big a mark they’re going to leave. Maybe we could just put up a life-size picture of them. Naked. Let people throw tomatoes (tomatoes are baaaaad, per Dump), spit on them, pee on them, etc. Mock them, laugh about the size of their “gun”. At the very least, it would be cathartic.

The Replacement Theory is all about insecure, under achieving, low IQ, incestual, woman hating, pale skinned boys and men that blame everyone else for their unhappy lives. They could have ancestors that came from anywhere, they will always come up with some excuse to hate.

They are the killers, the haters, the wife beaters and Viagra population that SHOULD be replaced.

I am going to get my second Moderna booster today. I hope to God that this shot will be different, that I won’t get sick at all.

Chances are the following 48 hours I will be in bed. Ugh…gotta do it but not excited.

Last night, Joy Reid was talking about how GOP “solutions” include everything except gun control. I hate to even type the words “gun control” they are such trigger (no pun) words for the men around here. I never say those two words together. Out loud.

I think it’s like any addiction. The person with the addiction wants to talk about any solution that doesn’t involve them giving up the object of their addiction. Which of course, is the only thing that will work. The first step is admitting that America has a gun addiction problem. And it’s killing us.

@21, I’m thinking of getting my 2nd booster sometime in the near future. So many people without masks yet infection rates and hospitalizations are going back up in my area. I suspect I’ll feel awful for anywhere from 2-3+ days. It’s the immune system going through bootcamp!

Well, duh! We’ve known this for quite some time.

Luna @ 23
This is the second time I have gotten a Moderna shot and I felt like my body was kinda buzzing a little inside. So far I don’t have any bad symptoms. Last time it was 9 hours after my shot that I felt bad with a fever, etc.
Let the 4th time be the winner.

I would advise you to get the booster soon, too many people are not wearing masks and not being careful here either.

I at least have a good stock of Covid tests, most from the government and 2 free ones at Kaiser’s pharmacy today. The bad news is they expire quickly. All of the tests need to be used before mid July and August.

Excellent thread MB. I’m enjoying the June gloom because summers have become too hot down here. I’m hoping we move up the coast a bit. When I was young I was a total sun nut.

Re: MB’s tweet @2, I remember that, it was so horrifying. It’s shocking how how it’s like a weekly occurrence now.

Shadow, I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m planning to get my next booster soon.

Luna @24, going to retweet that.

Manchin and Sinema have to end the filibuster. They just do. They needed to do it yesterday, but they can do it now. Democrats have to go all in. There could be negative consequences to ending the filibuster. There have been dire, horrific, deadly consequences to Ukraine standing up to Putin. You know what I’m saying? Republicans get scarier by the day. I believe if Democrats stand up to Republicans, the country will rally behind them. The majority does not want to live under “Rod of Iron” rule (pun intended). Steel spines (not fake metal dicks) are what’s needed.

Well, I’m Goin’ Fishin’ this long weekend. Y’all stay safe. (h/t Fredster)

Annie, move up to the Bay Area, and as long as you are somewhat near the bay or ocean, it’s cooler. Thanks for the good wishes on the 2nd booster. This time, it was the Winner – I only have a sore arm and slept for about 13 hours. No other side effects with Moderna this time. I am happy, happy.
Get one as soon as you can, the maskless are out there in force. ;-}

PJ have fun fishing.

Shadow, glad that you had only minor side effects from @2. Cases are 5X higher now than at Memorial Day weekend last year.

Suddenly the media have some stories about the Uvalde shooter’s threats of rape and other violence to girls. Yubo had been sent reports about Ramos’ violence threats but never responded. (part of this x-posted on SD)

Before massacre, Uvalde gunman frequently threatened teen girls online.

Young people who met the alleged gunman online said he had threatened to kidnap, rape or kill. But they said their reports were ignored and that his kind of angry misogyny was just “how online is.”

Yubo said it bans posts that threaten, bully or intimidate other people and uses a mix of software and human moderators to curb inappropriate content. People can block others’ accounts or report concerns to a team of “safety specialists,” who the company says respond to each person’s report.

Researchers have documented that a history of violence or threats toward women is a common trait among gunmen in mass shootings, as evident in the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting and the 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Whitney Phillips, a researcher joining the faculty of the University of Oregon this fall, said social networks could do more to push back on violent harassment toward women, but that the threats on their site are a reflection of a larger “boys will be boys” cultural attitude that normalizes men’s bad behavior online and offline.

“When someone says something violent to you or makes some sort of death threat to you, for many women that happens so often that it wouldn’t even register with them,” Phillips said.

Canada already has stricter gun laws than the US.

@34, ooops, just saw that socalannie retweeted that!

OK, cute critter time.

Luna @32
Thanks, this time was a charm and I am really happy about it.

fwiw, Moderna as the 4th shot is supposed to give you the highest immunity. So double good: no ill effects *and* better immunity.

Shadow, I’m glad you had a better experience with your booster! Hubby and I need to get them for sure.

Luna, thanks for the article on Memorial Day Covid. Where we are right now, hardly anyone is wearing masks. I really don’t care. Anytime I’m inside with a lot of people, my mask is on. No one is bothering me about it or anything, but even if they did, I’d still do it. I’m in a mask on planes of course – not even a question there.

We went to see a show on Friday night. Most people were sitting in the theatre without masks. Same with the movie we went to see yesterday. Unbelievable to me.

@38, quixote, link to source? I like to read some of the details.

(I have too many bookmarks…. Needle in a haystack…. 😦 😆 )

This one. Antibody response of heterologous vs homologous mRNA vaccine boosters against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant: interim results from the PRIBIVAC study, A Randomized Clinical Trial. n=98 so small preliminary study, but methodology looks okay. Their point being that mixing and matching different shots made for the highest immune response, which makes sense in that you’re getting slightly different approaches with different companies.

Q % MB
One more reaction from Moderna #4
Last night I ended up sleeping 14 hours straight, starting at 9:15 PM
Then today at 2:30 PM I was suddenly tired again and took a nap for 41/4 hours.

I never go to bed early and I never take naps.
Now, with all that Moderna sleep, I feel great…oops, it’s 1:30 AM and I’m not tired at all. 😉

“They’d just get them illegally.” Some would, but a lot wouldn’t. At the very least it would lower the death toll.

@44 – that is brilliant.

Annie, nice bird! We have a lot of those in our backyard. Their call is very musical.

@43 Good for you, Shadow!

Love the bird, socal. And lucky you, MB. 🙂

Thanks, quixote. I haven’t kept up with the covid medical journal news over the last few months. My eyes were glazing over, and I need to focus more on my specialty. Some of the disease-modifying therapies my patients are taking are B-cell blockers, so people on them usually produce few antibodies when vaccinated or surviving a covid infection. However, the T-cell response is normal and it seems like this may be equal or even more meaningful in estimating immune response to the virus. We have no norms for T-cell levels in re: effective anti-viral defense.

Socal, what a pretty bird! We don’t have purple finches here, but the house finch males can be nearly as colorful, though they’re more red than purplish.

Indeed, Luna. Given how big a factor T-cell response seems to be for covid, they (“They”) really need to hurry up with figuring out how to apply it in everyday settings.

Luna @47 & Q
Could you explain the effect of Covid on T-cells in more simple terms to me? What needs to be discovered by scientists before the vaccines are more effective and longer lasting against Covid?

Shadow, they’re two different aspects of the immune response. One is quick but very focused (once the immune system learns the trigger). That’s the B-cells. T-cells are the ones who go around looking for anything wrong. Virus-infected cells, old dead cells that need cleaning up, weird protozoa that show up in the blood (eg malaria), cancer cells sometimes, and so on. They’re much slower to “shoot,” but get things the B-cells miss. A good T-cell response in some people seems to be able to keep covid symptoms down to nothing.

The B-cells are comparatively easy to study because you have a trigger and antibodies the B cells produce circulating in the blood where they’re easy to measure. T cell response is hugely more complicated and takes place mostly in the tissues, so harder to measure. So it’s not really “what” needs to be discovered as about a hundred or a thousand “whats.” And then you have to make sure none have been missed and that you understand how they all work together. Kind of no wonder researchers keep hoping they can get enough of an answer from B cells to avoid studying T cells at all 😆 .

Q thanks so much for explaining.
Let me see if I got something right or not.

The B-cells are able to move around the body more easily because they are in the blood stream, and can produce antibody’s on the spot, while T-cells are less mobile, they are in the tissue and so they are more restricted to the tissue they are near and don’t necessarily produce antibodies?

How do Covid vaccines effect the B & T cells? Are they supplying triggers to the B-cells to recognize the virus?

Sort of. Both kinds of cells circulate in the bloodstream, as well as being found elsewhere. They’re both examples of white blood cells. You’re right that vaccines stimulate B cells to learn about, latch onto, and present unwanted invaders for destruction. I’m not sure if they have any effect on T cells directly. They have an effect on T cells, but I think because of other cells stimulated by the vaccine, not directly.

The immune system is the most complicated system in the body, and that includes the brain!, so, yes, it’s very confusing. There’s a joke about an immunologist and a cardiologist taken hostage. The kidnappers say they’ll let them go if they can explain their specialties. The cardiologist goes first. Then the immunologist begins.

“Well, it’s complicated.”

The cardiologist puts his head in his hands and says, “Shoot me now.”

Thanks again Q!
The immune system is pretty amazing, doing it’s job without total human understanding.

Why do civilians need weapons of war? Because they believe they *are* at war (like Ginni said). Any progress that women make or that Black people make or that any other people who aren’t white christian males make is perceived as an act of war against them. Replacement theory. God intended for *them* to rule. Not to be equal to everyone else. Or the worst – to be ruled over by some other group (CORE FEAR ALERT). God said, Let Me make white man in My Image and let him have dominion over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. God said.

It’s funny (not funny) that both of my brothers are now proclaimed atheists, but they have held on tight to that one tenet. That white men are above all others.

This is an interesting article. The liberal justices could potentially stop the overturning of Roe v. Wade by not showing up. Apparently federal law requires 6 justices to be present to make a decision official.

Quixote, thanks for leading on the explanations! Much better than I would have done as an overview. Oh, I definitely understand that joke about the cardiologist and the immunologist! Then you can get into neuroimmunology which you’d think would be simpler but it’s not. (eyeroll)

One of my old mentors used to say that back when he was in med school the immune system basics could be explained on 3 sheets of overhead transparencies. Anyone remember teachers using those? Lol. Now it takes 3 book chapters.

As for figuring out levels of T-cells in re: non-acute immune response and sustained resistance, I’ll bet dozens of post-docs are working on that right now. We won’t hold our breath! They may discover another component of the immune system while they’re at it.

@57 That’s awesome! I read a few of the comments and the RWNJs are going ballistic over that possibility. They are so close to setting women back. Soooo close.

If Roberts in any way derails this, he’s going to find himself in the shoes of Mike Pence – facing a noose with his name on it.

Luna @59
Fingers crossed for all the post-docs and corporate paid researchers that are doing their best to find the mysteries of Covid and the human body.

I’m missing something: there are only 3 pro-choice Justices. Unless you’re counting Roberts?? He’d never do anything as flamboyant as boycott a session.

I’m kind of depressed today. Women’s rights to be counted as actual breathing human beings are regressing at mach3.

Interesting about your brothers, PJ. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Good grief. The article is thinking in terms of Roberts. Forgive me while I go off into this corner and laugh hollow laughter.

@quixote 62 & 63. Precisely what I thought when I read that article. Who exactly would be the 4th boycotter? Roberts? When pigs fly!

Roz in NJ/NYC

You’re right, quixote. He probably wouldn’t do anything that flamboyant. I do think he’s looking for a way to gut Roe v Wade without actually overturning it – like he did with voting rights. I think he’s worried about the effect this will have on the Court’s reputation. Which is the only thing he’s ever been concerned about. He’s fooled a lot of people (not anyone here) into thinking he’s an upstanding guy. (ha!) I’m curious to see what he ends up doing. He’s a schemer and a manipulator so we’ll see.

When the wingnuts start going on and on about states’ rights they are always up to no good.

I hate to say it but I thought Roberts would never boycott with the Dems. Is there something we are all missing???

No, I don’t think we’re missing anything. I think the article is assuming Roberts cares about the 14th Amendment and stare decisis, not women’s rights. We all know he doesn’t GAF about us.

As Chief Justice, he owns this horrorshow of a court. This attempt to turn our society into a white nationalistic theocracy is his legacy. He may not be comfortable with that.

“June Gloom”

Ayup. Washington state is predicted to have this too. It’s fairly usual for us though. We just got through the wettest May in our region in the last 70 yrs. And the mountain snow pack is humongous. 3 X to 18 X (yes, eighteen times) normal in regions around the state. Meanwhile most of the media yammers about drought and heat which is in the eastern US. Sigh. OTOH, it’s good to be overlooked because if we weren’t we’d have even more people driving up the cost of living here.

“a way to gut Roe v Wade without actually overturning it”

Cowardly misogynist. Knows it’s squashing women’s rights so he wants to do it the sneaky way.

Almost hate to bring up the noxious Depp v Heard case, but fck all the misogynist men (and women) out there. The trial should never have been broadcast. I didn’t watch it or follow it but inadvertently saw some brief clips and brief 3-4 sentence transcripts. It’s obvious Depp is in the he-man women-haters club. I despise all the people calling Heard a liar and I especially despise the women who do so.

Any abused woman thinking to come forward with her story and seek justice is shuddering at what she’ll have to endure. Not much hope of a fair hearing or decision.

@71, So good to see that they know and value Hillary’s strength and experience!

@70 I was such a big fan of Johnny Depp and now just seeing pictures of him makes me want to vomit. What a disgusting POS. It makes me so depressed about the world.

But then there’s Hillary! Wow, I love that pic of her. Bathed in purple with that wry look of determination. Awesome. For me, she’s the best antidote for despair.

Agree about Depp and Heard. Depp has a history of violence against women. I love him as an actor, but he is clearly an awful human being.

And that picture of Our Girl is fantastic!

Biden said a good thing about guns and how many children are getting killed by mass shootings.

The thing with the Heard/Depp trial is there was a lot of violence documented from Heard as well. This was a, let’s say, volatile couple. I really had no interest in following this trial, but Twitter decided to make it the top trending story on my news feed every single day. What a bizarre algorithm since I don’t think I’d ever tweeted about Depp or Heard before the trial, and only about twice since the trial. And yet, Twitter made it the top story on my newsfeed every single day.

Yes, D – I paid very little attention to the trial and also saw some comments in my feed on Twitter about it. I just scrolled past them.

Here’s another reason why that article on Roe assumed Roberts would be dissenting – he already dissented.

This was just an insane story out of the Buffalo massacre. The 911 dispatcher who insisted the caller from inside the store speak louder, and who then hung up on the caller. While the shooting was in progress.

Glad to hear that dispatcher was fired! Appalling lack of professionalism, but far worse, hideous lack of humanity.

Re: jury duty: huuuuh????? One more example in the box labeled “Women Are Not Actual Human Beings Who Can Hurt And Feel Like You And Me.”

Hillary really is an astonishing antidote to despair. I don’t know how she does it. A true global leader.

DYB, on a different topic, over on your twitter feed you quote someone who says it’s totally obvious why Manchin and Sinema can’t at least be blackmailed into doing the jobs they were elected to do. Erm, I’m one of the dimbulbs to whom it is not obvious. Why not? They’re both crookeder than dogs’ back legs. Seems like there would be plenty there they would care about enough to force them to stop tubing the entire democratic experiment that is the US.

I mean, duh, obviously, etc, etc, I know blackmail, or bribery if it came to that, can’t be how you run a government of laws. But those two are criminals. In the ethical sense of lying through their teeth to get their jobs, even if (which is debatable) they skate near enough to the law to get by. Criminals always have to be forced to stop damaging society. That’s why they’re *criminals*. We’re in a moment in history here where the law has no tools to deal with criminals in the highest places. (At least none that are used.) If you want to get back to rule of law, you have to apply any pressure you may have available.

If that’s obviously wrong, I honestly don’t see how. So what does the guy mean who said any dimbulb can see why that can’t be done? Really asking. I’d like to understand that point of view.

@77, Let’s see what they say to a man whose abdomen was sliced open and then gets called for jury duty.

@78, HRC gets to the heart of it.

@86 – JFC. Wow. “Genital preferences.” I’m gobsmacked.

So let me get this “straight” (ba-dump-bump): Being queer and trans is not a choice, but being homosexual is?!

Do they not see how homophobic that is? Or is transphobic the only phobia that counts?!

Quixote – I’m curious as to what you mean by saying Manchin and Sinema are criminals. What crimes have they committed? I’m genuinely asking. I respect your opinion.

Did you see poor Peter Navarro whining like a little bitch? (as Jesse Pinkman would say) Hahahahaha.

Just wait until the Jan 6 hearings. The King of WLBs is going lose his mind (if he had one). That orange rump is going to turn red. We may have to up it to “wailing”. Or whaling?

@81 quixote> On Manchin/Sinema – Biden and Schumer can’t threaten them with an investigation. If Justice Department does it – great, I wish they would. But Biden/Schumer can’t direct Merrick Garland to go after them. Garland doesn’t work for either of them, and it would be Trumpian to try.

PJ, Navarro getting arrested today was a glorious thing! He is just a deranged, vile piece of shit. If ever LOCK HIM UP applied to anyone, it’s him.

Thanks, DYB. They mean nothing you can do legally. Yeah. That’s true. (My attitude is if the survival of democracy is at stake, and the law doesn’t serve its purpose of maintaining it, you have to apply force majeure, whatever form it takes. That’s from a different book of rules than the legalistic one, so I see why there’s so little overlap.) Ideally, of course, you would have laws that apply when all the usual institutions have fallen over and you need a fallback.

Maybe if and when we crawl out of this mess, the new Founding Moms will have the foresight to put that in.

As to what crimes Manema commit, as I said, I know they skate close to the edge. The may even be just barely on this side of the law. In my book, it’s a crime to lie your way into office, which Sinema very much did. She had 1000s of volunteers working their hearts out to add a Dem voice to the Senate. She campaigned as if she’d be a progressive voice. She betrayed them all, as well as most of her voters. Read the anguished commentary from some Arizonans early in her term, when she started on her shtick.

Manchin, likewise. Voting against what his voters want and which will put money in their pockets in favor of lining his own pockets. I know at least the publicly known stuff is legal, but he takes it to such a high level that he’s committing crimes against ethics. If any of this makes any sense to you.

(It’s my conviction that their crimes against ethics are just the tip of an iceberg and that there are plenty of lawbook-type crimes also. That’s what makes me so sure they’re vulnerable.)

That business about gayness being a choice while transness is some kind of eternal verity carved into the soul: it goes further than that. Biological sex is a choice too. That’s why men can get pregnant if they belieeeve hard enough. Right?

No, seriously. Sex is a choice, but gender is real. That’s what they think. I kid you not.

@93 – I hear you. And @94, that is both idiotic and borderline insane.

I wonder how life would work in their ideal world…how should my gay male friends live their lives to “avoid transphobia”? Do they need to change their gender because they are same sex attracted? Why in the world would this be preferable to them? My friends are very happy living their authentic lives. Should they pretend to be someone else to make others happy? Gosh, I thought being queer and trans was all about authenticity.

DYB – check out this interview about the 300 bot accounts that pushed engagement with the Depp-Heard trial to higher levels than anything else on social media, including the war in Ukraine, Joe Biden, abortion, etc. Christopher Bouzy is the one who talks about it – he’s with Bot Sentinel.

That part of it is borderline insane. Male gays get called names. Lesbians also get pressured into sex with these creeps. Again, not making this up. Those kind of trans need therapy. On the other hand, #notalltrans. Some of them really do seem just more comfortable living as women. (Transmen, except maybe Chaz Bono, all seem to be in this category.) They’re able to understand other people’s points of view (like women… ahem) and just want to get on with their lives. I have every respect for that. None for what, I’m-sorry-not-sorry, are just pervs.

Interesting, that stuff about the bot accounts. Plus it has Russian fingerprints of shitstirring to destroy feminism. So much of the botpest plague comes from there.

Agree, Quixote. I was just reading about this law in Ohio which is permitting deep intravaginal examinations of young girls who want to play sports, to make sure their sex is actually female. There is also extensive and expensive blood and chromosomal testing, which won’t be covered by most insurance. It’s a threefer – playing to misogyny, racism and transphobia all at once. About a dozen other states have these laws on the books. Can you imagine being okay with subjecting your daughter to this violation because trans? WTAF.

Oh maaaan. That Liam Nissan tweet….. Way too true.

We had to go out of town for a couple days, which was nice. Love the winking mama dog @84.

Pillow dunce still mouthing off:

@103 OMG…

Well, let’s hope he discourages some Dumpers from voting in November. Why bother? It’s rigged. It worked great when Dump did that in Georgia before. I never did thank him for that. 🙂

This is what I get when I try to have any kind of rational discussion about gun control. Which is why I haven’t done it for years.

Long speech but worth the listen. About Uvalde, his hometown.

Well said, Matthew.

Great effort on Matthew’s part. I don’t want to be a debbie downer, but his glasses alone (which I loved by the way. seriously) would keep a lot of teabillies around here from listening to him. Actually, they wouldn’t listen to him regardless. They are waaaay too hyped up, jizzed up right now. They get this way after every school shooting – the biggest threat to their beloved guns.

Maybe he can reach a few Republican women? That’s very iffy, but maybe.

Fox News will not be airing the Jan 6 hearings. Instead, they will be showing a documentary about Hunter Biden. 😉

Another documentary about Hunter Biden? They do so like making up conspiracies.

Oh, the transphobia of lesbians who are only attracted to … get this … women!

Allison Bailey is a barrister in the UK who tweeted that a workshop called “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling” for trans-identified men to learn ways to make it more likely that lesbians would sleep with them was coercive in nature. She was then told by her chambers (similar to a US law firm?) to delete the tweets.

the chief executive of LGBT charity Stonewall recently said in relation to a BBC story about lesbians feeling pressured into dropping their boundaries: “Sexuality is personal… but if, when dating, you are writing off entire groups like people of colour or trans people, it’s worth considering how societal prejudices may have shaped your attraction.”

@99, I looked up the actual text of that Ohio measure to keep girls’ sports for girls, and boys’ sports for boys. Lots of scare stories out there! Why are so many against fairness in female sports?

Even before puberty, boys have some advantage sports-wise over girls. During and after puberty, the males on average have larger hearts, lungs, reach, hand size, height and weight than females. Wrong-sex hormone treatment doesn’t appreciably lower strength and speed. Identities don’t play sports — bodies do.

Ohio’s measure requires that “if a participant’s sex is disputed,” the athlete in question must provide a doctor’s note confirming their physical sex on the basis of “the participant’s internal and external reproductive anatomy,” “the participant’s normal endogenously produced levels of testosterone” or “an analysis of the participant’s genetic makeup.”

From the very unbalanced and inflammatory editorial here:

Nope, ‘deep genital exams’ are not required. Sounds like the standard sports physical is all that’s needed, or a note from a healthcare provider who’s seen the kids several times before. T levels can be checked with a blood draw, cost depending on which medical facility does it (and how much profit they make–medical diagnostics are priced waaaaay above actual cost) starts at $48.66. Genetic analysis would only be needed in ~0.01% or less of kids. It would 99.9999% already have been done if any doubt, and if the kid was born in the US. Kids in 3rd world countries often don’t have such screening unavailable.

You can be any friggin’ gender stereotype you want, but you can’t change sex. It’s not a ban on trans-identified kids — they just have to play in their own sex class.

Do people not understand what “lesbian” means?! It seems pretty clear to me.

As for the Ohio law, Luna, I cannot get behind examining the sex of little girls. It will 99.9% impact them and there is absolutely zero reason to do it. You can figure out better ways to make safe spaces for girls to play sports with other girls. This ain’t it.

And also, Ohio has a long and horrible history of allowing Republican pedophilia to take place in kids’ sports. (Just ask Gym Jordan.) This is coming from the QOP.. That should be enough to make anyone look askance.

mb, I’m guessing the only reason for that Ohio law is to outrage the base and goad the libs. A doctor’s okay is already needed to play sports, nobody needs a separate exam. It’s taking a theoretical problem and pretending it’s so urgent every student needs invasive exams. Totally ridiculous. Besides being grossly unethical and damaging, as you say.

Is everyone going to watch the January 6 hearing tomorrow night?


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