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There are No Good Republicans

Posted on: February 5, 2022

Courtesy of Daily Kos

Good morning Widdershins! This week we saw another torrent of bad news for Drumpf and his partners in crime. As all the birds starting singing to the January 6th committee and news came out about secret meetings in the Oval Office, a planned and coordinated fake electors plot (with a project plan, deliverables and milestones!) and the scheme to seize voting machines in 2020, the RNC doubled down on its gaslighting by censuring the only Republicans on the January 6th Committee, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, and officially denoting those who participated in the attempted coup against our government as engaging in “legitimate political discourse.” Also, War is Peace, right Ronna?

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Friday’s resolution targeted the Jan. 6 committee probe, which has subpoenaed a range of politicians and Trump White House aides as it tries to piece together their role in events leading to the assault.

“Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger crossed a line. They chose to join Nancy Pelosi in a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens who engaged in legitimate political discourse that had nothing to do with violence at the Capitol,” she said. She said she “condemned violence on both sides of the aisle.”

The censure was overwhelmingly passed.

Let’s take a look at what she’s saying here. Her argument is that everyone who didn’t go to the Capitol and riot was just expressing an opinion. So everyone trying to overturn our government through non-violent means should be ignored and allowed to continue, according to her. This would include Mike Pence’s and Drumpf’s staff, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, Mike Flynn and his brother, Steve Bannon, Sidney Powell…the list goes on and on.

That is a horrifying statement, but if you think about it, why wouldn’t she make it? The Republicans know they are no longer a political Party that can win elections legitimately. They haven’t won the Presidency legitimately since George Bush I, and they’ve used voter suppression tactics, election fraud, gerrymandering, conspiring with foreign enemies, and the Electoral College to gain control of state legislatures and steal the Presidency.

They have been like this since 1994, and every single elected Republican knows it.

Newt Gingrich Republicanism was bad enough, but what Newt and it has evolved into since 2015 is even worse: a Party promoting white supremacy, and promising violence and prison to everyone who opposes them. They are Nazis: actively for fascism and against democracy.

There is nothing “legitimate” about that.

So when I see people like Mike Pence coming out and saying that the Mango Moron is wrong and Pence couldn’t have overturned the election; Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger sitting on the January 6th Committee; and Mitt Romney (whose niece is Ronna McDaniel) saying the RNC was wrong to censure Cheney and Kinzinger, I don’t applaud or give them any credit. Cheney and Kinzinger are doing the bare minimum their oaths to the Constitution require. Mike Pence stood by Drumpf for 4 years as he rampaged through the federal government, destroying everything he touched. Mitt Romney voted with Drumpf while he was President, and in the age of Biden, he has voted against voting rights legislation repeatedly.

They still call themselves Republicans. They know they are part of a Nazi Party. They are scum. And I won’t be tricked into congratulating them or thinking there’s some redeemable part of the Party, just because I deeply wish there were two (or more!) legitimate choices to vote for in this country. There aren’t. There are Nazis, and then there are Democrats. That’s the choice.

There are no good Nazis, and there are no good Republicans.

Open thread as always…

115 Responses to "There are No Good Republicans"

With that official — official! — statement about killing people being “legitimate political discourse,” yup, you’re right.

The Republican Party had marked itself as a criminal organization which has no place in the world.

Nobody can willingly associate themselves with that and be legitimate.

They’re finished. The only question is how long it’s going to take for the whole pile of rubbish to fall and how many more of us it’s going to crush in the process.

So true, Q.

Based on the way the redistricting is going for Democrats, I’d be very surprised to see the GOP retake the House in 2022. The Census was thankfully performed honestly, and there just aren’t as many Rethugs as Democrats.

New York might even get a solid Democratic majority state legislature. It’s only gerrymandering that has prevented it so far.

Info on redistricting – Democrats are projected to gain 9 seats before voting begins.

This woman is amazing. #readtheroombuddy

Great new thread MB.

I agree with all you said about the QGOPers and the few of them that are giving the bare minimum of civility and effort to speak up against El Dump and party.

You and Q are right, the bare minimum isn’t good enough.

Chaney is speaking out the most and she is not afraid to be bullied by Dump and his crew. Adam is dropping out of this job, too afraid of his stinking party. He could at least continue to speak out against the GOP and become an independent, instead of quitting.

Great post and comments!! I agree 100%. I loved the video too.

Exactly, quixote.

@7 That is so good, DYB. 🙂 Hahahaha!


@10, SKIP!

@13 Perfection.

Someone needs to put a bug in Trump’s ear that if the RNC is not going to hang Mike Pence for his crimes against Trumpanity (both the original sin of not overturning the election AND his recent blasphemous comments about Trump being *wrong* (((gasp))) about that – wtf, Mike???), then they should at least censure Pence and kick him out of the party. He has been so disrespectful and disloyal. tsk-tsk. SMH.

Sadly, Adam Kinzinger is going to run for Senate, in preparation for running for President. That’s why he’s quitting. He has bigger ambitions.

I’ll bet a lot of white people will vote for him, thinking he’s a “good Republican.” 😖😖😖😖

I have to say I disagree that Cheney and Kinzinger do not deserve credit for being on the committee and speaking out strongly against the insurrection. Minimizing that as “bare minimum” feels off to me. It’s not the “bare minimum.” It’s actually a lot. They are literally 2 against every single Republican in the House and the entire Republican establishment, including in their states, where they’ve been disowned. They’ve both shown extraordinary courage in that. And I don’t think pointing that out means that one is ready to marry them. It drives me crazy when people respond with “So now you’re in love with Cheney and Kinzinger, and will vote for them?” Uhm no. But respecting them for being 2 against everyone else around them is not a difficult for me. And yes, they voted for Trump’s policies and all that jazz. And that doesn’t matter. On this issue, which is an astonishingly important one, they are on the right side at enormous personal and political cost, and deserve credit.

I don’t know what Kinzinger’s future plans are, I don’t know that he’s expressed them. My assumption is that he’s not running for the House again because he will likely lose the primary. The person running against him is Darrin LaHood, currently serving for a different district in IL, who won his last election by 70%.

That’s okay D, we can disagree. As chatblu used to say, this isn’t an echo chamber.

I think they are doing the bare minimum because they are investigating clear crimes against the US. Any elected official of any Party should be willing to do this.

As for Kinzinger’s plans, there are quite a few links out there which I am struggling to copy and paste with my phone, haha. You’re right about LaHood, but he is going to pursue much bigger offices based on what I’ve read.

No question about their courage in standing up to their whole loony criminal organization. And they do deserve credit. Standing up to your own peer group is the hardest thing for humans to do. Reminds me of Goldwater, who was also three sheets to the wind, personally, but out of true conviction, not grift.

Yes, personally, they are courageous to stand up to the RNC. Totally agree in that context.

In the context of their job, they are defending the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That is the bare minimum we can expect from an elected Congresscritter, and almost every single Republican in Congress is failing at that job right now.

I don’t give them any credit for doing that particular thing, because the bar has been set so damn low. Not being a seditious, treasonous coward in league with Russia is not a reason to celebrate someone! That’s where I’m coming from.

Cheney and Kinzinger should be commended for standing up for the Constitution. That kind of commitment — in the face of disdain and censure from their own party — does take a lot of courage. I think the “There are No Good Republicans” is true for nearly all of them, but there are a few exceptions. Oh, I don’t agree with Cheney on a number of issues, but in this case I do.

I did not know this:

I hope this is true.

I’m with MB. Real courage would have been Liz standing up against her Party and “conservative values” in support of her own sister. She did not. She has hurt far more “little people” with the policies she supports than this one act of courage will help. I think it does matter. She was with Trump right up until Jan 6. So good for her that she and Adam finally drew a line, but my God. The bigger “My God” is that they are the only two from the Republican Party (Goldwater had a lot of support from other Republicans – enough to impeach Nixon). Initially, I was impressed with Liz. But then I thought about all the small “r” Republicans I live around. I’m continually having to give them credit for being against slavery and lynchings and using the N-word, because that’s how low the bar is.

However, I am all for the media hailing those two as heroes and I hope they add Pence to the mix. I hope it’s a steady drumbeat that beats inside Dump’s head. Day after day after day. Dump has many buttons to push, but disloyalty really sends him over the edge. And as Trump goes, so goes the Republican Party. And they desperately need to go. As far as any good Republicans? The good ones are no longer Republican. It is a full-blown fascist party. In for a penny, in for a pound.

@22, I didn’t know this either!

Impeach and convict/remove Nixon from office. The “and convict/remove” is the most important part… It’s hard to believe now, but they had the votes to do it.

@26, that was back when Republicans were the moderate Democrats of today.

@22 – wow! I had no idea. And that shoebill is incredible. Makes the teeny birds I see daily look like children’s toys.

So yeah, Drumpf took boxes of his Presidential records to Mar-A-Lago. The National Archives office flew down and took them back. The WaPo mildly says IQ45 treated the Presidential Records Act “cavalierly.” Tell me again how Hillary sent some emails?!


YAY! Go Randy!!

I’m going to get one of these.

Luna @27

I love that bird.
It amazes me that it has a big body and those skinny legs are able to hold it up.

That clacking and screech are really loud, maybe there are so few of them that their sound needs to carry a long way to find a mate?

Yeah, a new Randy!

I will probably get one of those mugs too.

Watched the Randy. He’s great. Should have had Harris come across as something more than the patient and near-invisible straight woman though….

(Everyone’s reading comprehension here is probably up to what I mean, but I just want to be clear: straight as in “straight man in a comedy duo.” Not straight as in heterosexual.)

I’d like one of those mugs too! I’d use it at work. Whenever I go back to an office after the pandemic is over and the building ventilation is up to health standards. Which is never, at the rate things are going.

I freakin’ don’t understand it. Here we are, wearing KN95 or N95 masks in CA, and I am still in my cave.

I hear that around the middle of Feb. Gavin is going to drop the mask mandate for those of us that are vaxxed, indoors.

Back to the stupid ‘honor system’ for the idiots that won’t wear a mask.

I am not happy and will continue to not mix much and will wear my damn mask until I feel safe.

@30 I could watch that all day! Oh man, I love that. And Randy Rainbow in the same thread! Sweet. 🙂

@32 I want one of those!

Something some talking head said got me thinking about who is going to knock Dump off his throne. I’m certain it’s not going to be a Pence or Christie type person. It would be like going back to beer after trying meth. And I don’t think it’s going to come from the circle of Trump bootlickers/Trump knock-offs like DeSantis or Youngkin. This guy on TV was kind of saying that it’s more likely to come from the most radical right. Someone who attacks Trump (ironically) for not being Trumpian enough – someone who jumps all over Trump for slip-ups like touting vaccines. It’s an interesting and horrifying thought. What is more potent than meth?

I’m admittedly not a science whiz (understatement), but wouldn’t it be interesting to hook up a MAGAt watching a Trump rally to one of those brain scan imagery things to see if the same areas light up as a person on meth?

I don’t know what mess of a candidate Rethugs are going to unite behind. But I am more certain than ever that it won’t be Drumpf, because he will be in prison.

Great point about what people get out of watching the Mango Moron! My theory is he tells them what they want to hear and makes them feel their bigotry and hatred is okay. He takes away their shame. It must be a dizzying feeling of freedom and joy. Maybe that’s how meth feels!

This organization is interesting. I don’t see a lot of Democrats there. I think this is where some of the non-Trumpy Rethugs have gone. It could be something to watch if it catches on. Not to join but to see what they’re actually doing, and if it matches what they say they’re doing.

@42 Thank you for the link! I really like a lot of the people involved (some I don’t recognize).

Excellent point about how the Mango Moron takes away their shame. They can fly that Confederate flag loud and proud! They can march without hiding behind sheets and pointy hats – how liberating. So disgusting. A basket of deplorables, indeed. I believe meth makes you feel superhuman. I know that’s what was given to Japanese Kamikaze pilots before their suicide missions. The Jan 6 rioters looked crazed out of their minds like that. People at Trump rallies too.

We all know what people look like after they’ve been on meth for a while – it ain’t pretty. That elevator only goes down. Maybe after the MAGAts crash and burn (fingers crossed!), this group, Renew America, can be the start of a rational second party that we really do need. I hope so!

@43 Unbelievable. I feel bad that Democrats have to work with people like that – mean, nasty bullies – just like the people they represent.

Thank you for the follow-up comment @44. Much needed after that. 🙂

Black women are kryptonite to these Rethugs!

Speaking of which: Fani Willis has 100 witnesses against Drumpf in Georgia!!

“Black women are kryptonite to these Rethugs!”

Yes they ARE!! Go Fani Go!

@48 Did she say, “you picked the wrong woman for that”? Mmmm hmmm. Damn straight he did. I love that!!

MB, well done post. Your optimism is always a tonic.

Saw this tonight. Thought I’d seen all her movies but not this one:

@44, what a cutie!

DYB @23, will that help, do you think? I feel so bad for Ukraine.

@23, that should make Vlad take notice.

Hillary’s new little coffee cup gets some publicity on CNN:

‘Clinton trolls Trump’s record-keeping.’

Oh, I luv that woman, great response.

Hee hee hee! GO HILLARY!

Just thought I’d share something totally unrelated. This song “Africa” by Toto was a staple of my youth in the 80’s. My techie colleagues found this amazing rendition of the song on floppy disks. Wow! Someone had a LOT of time on their hands!

This idiot confuses Gazpacho for Gestapo.

More than a few Rs are gnashing their teeth at her unruffled response. No ranting, no swearing, no uncouthness. The nerve of that Hillary! Lol!

Go get ‘im!

National Archives asks Justice Dept. to investigate Trump’s handling of White House records

The request came amid revelations that officials recovered 15 boxes of materials from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence that weren’t handed back to the government as they should have been

Federal law makes it a crime to destroy government records, but it requires that a person know specifically they are breaking the law when doing so. That could be difficult to do for Trump, who advisers say tore up documents out of habit, leaving staffers to retrieve and reassemble piles of torn paper. According to people familiar with the matter, Trump had been counseled by at least two chiefs of staff and the White House counsel to follow the law on preserving documents.

A former senior administration official said the staff was careful not to leave classified or particularly sensitive information with Trump, because there was a widespread belief he may mishandle it.

@62 – Totally agree! And the sentence about the staff being careful not to leave classified information with Drumpf…GIRL PLEASE! That wasn’t good enough for Hillary Clinton – we’re certainly not going to trust corrupt, traitorous Drumpf and his enablers that they just didn’t give him anything important!

Amazing about MTG. She is dumber than a sack of potatoes. Not to mention that she’s calling Nancy a Nazi, which is extremely offensive in itself.

Republicans in disarray!!! Hahahaha, how I love to write those words.

Eric Swallwell for the win!

Moronic Treacherous Gazpacho

Oh maaaaan. The soup jokes rolling off twitter like glitter bombs! roflmao!

Funny, funny stuff! OMG I’ve been laughing so hard too.

Love the soup jokes and the pretty little hummingbird!!

Ran across this ad for a Louisiana Senate candidate on Twitter. What do y’all think?

Beautiful hummingbird! Such delightful bathing technique!

“Good Republican” Mitt Romney is one of three Rethug Senators to push against the certification of the ERA as the 28th Amendment. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are in favor of certification.

@73 Really lovely, socal.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple (and hummingbirds) in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.” The Color Purple.

@78 Ugh! Another reason for me to regret my vote for Romney. I really have been kicking myself in the ass for that lately. What the hell was I thinking? Him choosing Paul Ryan should have been enough for me not to vote for him. The dog story!! should have been MORE than enough. Gawd!

I was never going to vote for Obama, but I should have written in Hillary.

@63 “Republicans in disarray!!! Hahahaha, how I love to write those words.”

Isn’t it great?! I love seeing McTurtle starting to sweat. I love seeing the fear in his eyes. The *only* thing that causes him to be afraid is the thought of not getting back power and he looks genuinely worried. Great fun for me. 🙂

Fck the NYT.

“Top Secret” eh? Trump’s probably been showing them off and bragging. Throw him in prison. Any peon federal employee would be led off in handcuffs by now.

Some Trump records taken to Mar-a-Lago clearly marked as classified, including documents at ‘top secret’ level

The existence of documents officially labeled as classified in the trove — which has not previously been reported — raises new questions about why the materials were taken out of the White House.

@83 Yes! *It* needs to be flushed down the toilet even if takes 10 or 15 times. Maggie Haberman in particular makes me sick.

Great response @82.

@74, I like that ad. Gutsy, and true.

@78, why would Romney care about the ERA? Is it because of his religion?

PJ@81, well said!

@82 – I can’t even. They refused to print it. Wow wow wow. They will do anything to avoid admitting they were wrong. They would probably get more subscriptions if they admitted it!

Cheney is a useful ally in this instance, not a friend not an enemy.

WaPo “democracy dies in darkness” has dropped the story about Trump stealing Top-Secret classified documents from the White House and taking them to Mar-A-Largo off their front webpage. Guess that’s so last year.

There’s also a weasley article by Philip Bump on how the MSM really didn’t, well, almost really didn’t run lots of negative articles on HRC compared with Trump and anyway they did it, just like Comey, because they thought she’d win so it was OK to print the negative headlines on all the stories on how she might have, could have, done whatever it was that she didn’t do.

With a press like that it’s a wonder we escaped another 4 yrs of Trump.

I just got my two free Covid tests from Uncle Sam.
Good job, Biden.

NYT Magpie loves to think she is the smartest women in the room.

She always has this snooty and barely able to put up with the person that interviews her, look on her face…she is jealous of Hillary and picked at her like a hyena.

I really hate to see her interviewed by Anderson Cooper, he kisses her ass big time and she loves it.

@90 – I would love to be a fly on the wall when these decisions are made. It seems quite coordinated and intentional to erase Drumpf’s wrongdoing and try to bothsides it.

He needs a toilet to flush down his private papers, and his poops…sometimes needing 15 flushes. His toilet needs a 6″ cast iron pipe that goes directly into the public sewer line.

They don’t call him ‘Big Dump’ for nothing.

@94 hahaha!

I see a lot of people getting exercised about this…it’s not good, but at least there’s oversight of the CIA’s information gathering. In my mind, the Big Brother Tech companies’ surveillance capitalism is a much bigger problem. They are always listening to your words, and reading all of your emails and everything you type online into a browser. Then, they use it to influence all your searches, buying decisions and political decisions.

Shadowfax, does each box have 2 tests in it? I got mine the day before yesterday — 2 boxes, each with 2 tests so 4 tests total.

@95, MB, Agree, it’s Google and Amazon and Microsoft I’m most concerned about. Never was on Facebook but when I check for cookies to delete there are always several from Facebook. And sometimes a website will tell me “You are using a private browser. You can’t read our site unless you turn off private browsing, because we get money from Big Tech” or the equivalent in corporatese.

Luna @96

I had to go back and read the smaller print on the box, yes, there are two in each box!

That’s even better to have 4 tests.

I’ve learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to Dump’s demise after Mueller was swatted down like a fly by Bill Barr. Someone is going to finally hold that POS accountable, but I don’t think it will be by the likes of Liz Cheney (I’m fine if it is) or certainly not by whatever is in Magpie’s (that’s a perfect name) most recent screed. And not by Merrick Garland. I’m not a California Psychic so I don’t know! but my faith is in Willis and/or James or another black woman we have yet to hear about. Or maybe Sister Night. 🙂 “I’ve got a nose for White Supremacy and he smells like bleach”.

“He smells like bleach”

That would explain why everything Trump touches dies!

LOL! True! Also explains why he wanted everyone to drink bleach. You too, can be white or whiter as the case may be.

When the media asks- are we headed for another civil war? It should read- is the violent and delusional Right preparing for another civil war? Yes, in my opinion. And what are we going to do about it?

@102 – this is what the FBI and Justice Department have allowed to flourish for decades. We are seeing the struggles to hold white supremacists and fascists and seditionists accountable after letting them get completely out of control with militias and “sovereign citizens” and millions of dark money dollars.

Here’s a bit of laughter for you all this morning. Senator Louise Lucas is the head of the Virginia Senate. Virginia has a Democratic Senate with a one vote majority. It’s all that’s holding Youngkin back from turning VA into Texas.

Thank you for posting that tweet, MB! I loved that she called that dumb (racist?) bitch out. The replies of people trying to shame her can go fuck themselves.

I agree about the white male dominated FBI!

I don’t agree with Joe Walsh (surprise!). It’s not MSNBC or the viewers of MSNBC or the Democrats who are not taking these psychos seriously enough. Joy Reid talks about it everyday and so do others. It’s Republicans who are not taking them seriously enough. I think Repukes know these groups are psycho – they just don’t think they’re going to hurt *them*. I guess the chants of “hang Mike Pence” and erecting an actual gallows did not wake them up. These violent whackjobs are just as likely to start a civil war within the Republican Party as outside it.

(Well, one Republican gets it – Turtle’s fear-filled bulging eyes told me so)

@102, They even told us — IIRC it was Bannon who said he wanted to tear down or break everything so they could start over. The deluded MAGAts don’t realize they’d suffer along with everyone else except the rich if that happened.

Hillary’s continuing to troll Big Dump on his toilet flushing, and CNN is including a link to her new hat. (The black hat is already sold out!)

@106, I want one!

When it comes to Putin, I can’t stop thinking of these lines from “Reservoir Dogs”:

“Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you gonna bite?”

Which is why I’m not in charge of anything…

You, Hillary, and Nancy!

Chip in $25 or more to join Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and other special guests (to be announced) for a live virtual conversation on the eve of International Women’s Day on Monday, March 7th at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT.

Every dollar you donate will help elect women candidates and other Democrats running for office across the country.

@108, unfortunately Putin does have a bite.

@110 Sadly, that’s true. It just looks like such a dumb move for such a calculating KBG guy. Some expert was saying that the Russian people are not supportive of it. A couple of days ago, Doris Kearns Goodwin was talking about Abraham Lincoln saying “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.” It seems like the world is against him and his own people aren’t for him.

What is he doing?

Someone said that on a psychological level, Putin just can’t stand Ukraine making new friends and starting to do well. Like when an abusive relationship breaks up and the woman starts to blossom and the guy can’t stand it. Someone said it’s just Putin wanting to be the center of attention. “Look at my big ‘tanks’!”

I suppose there’s no backing out now?

PJ, the people who know Putin say he’s a machine. The evidence of the way he behaves says that’s the right assessment. He cares about money and power, and he doesn’t tend to let feelings get in the way, so the abuse model seems all wrong to me. He’d like to rebuild the Russian empire / USSR to be covered in glory. He’d hate to have a successful democracy on his doorstep, because he’d lose power.

But if he’d lose more money and power by invading, he won’t. He’ll find an excuse. (“Those warmongers have made a terrible situation that requires an adult like me to be better than them.” Something like that?)

Tactically, it seems nuts to let the other side get all armed and ready before starting the fight. So I don’t think this is going as planned. I’d guess he’s trying to gauge how serious the West is about financial sanctions that would hurt him and his cronies, as well as whether they’ll really shoot back. I think the apparent willingness to shoot, which hasn’t been there before!, has him worried. He could lose more power than he gains if it goes badly.

All that said, he may have so totally painted himself into a corner he has no choice if he doesn’t want to look “weak.” Which he’s allergic to. The other day — real sign of desperation — he was talking about using nukes. So it could get very bad very quickly. Wars mostly start through stupid miscalculations.

Thank you for the information and insight, quixote! It is quite frightening. Even though he put himself there, a cornered rat is capable of anything.

Someone said (there are a lot of someones on TV) that Putin underestimated the strength of NATO (his boy Trump hadn’t done as much damage to it as he had thought). Another someone said that Putin miscalculated Biden after Afghanistan, wrongly assuming that Biden just didn’t have the stomach for foreign interventions.

Is that why Putin decided to do it now do you think? The time just felt right and his enemies looked weak? Or was it something else that triggered it? It seems very odd that he didn’t think it through.

“…saying that the Russian people are not supportive of it”

I doubt Putin would be troubled by that. Strongman presidents-for-life don’t let others’ feelings get in the way of more adulation and power. We had a glimpse of this with Trump, but he’s a weakling compared with Putin. I only hope there won’t be any idiotic miscalculations which affect his pride.

NEW POST! It’s largely about Ukraine.

Comments are closed.

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