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The Diminished Supreme Court

Posted on: December 5, 2021

An empty-headed, cultist mess

…”in a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as someone who has worked on every single one of these issues for decades, I see this as a make-or-break moment. If you care about the fairness of elections, the future of unions, racial disparities in universities, the rights of women, or the future of our planet, you should care about who wins the presidency and appoints the next Supreme Court justices.”

Hillary Clinton, March 28, 2016, Madison, Wisconsin

In a speech that was largely ignored, in a state where Hillary was said to not have campaigned, Our Girl laid out the consequences of a Drumpf victory to life in America. She did this repeatedly throughout her campaign, and when she was not ignored, was viciously attacked by BernieBots for it. They said she was trying to scare them into voting for her.

Well, here we are. But to be fair, the Court has been declining since the Obama years, when it gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, and in 2010, ruled that corporations were indeed people in Citizens United (a case against Hillary Clinton, which people often forget). There’s a question as to whether Hillary, had she won in the Electoral College, would have been able to nominate any Supreme Court Justices at all. After all, the Republicans had the Senate until 2020 – and McTurtle and other Senators stated that they would be happy to keep the Court at 4-4 till they got a Republican President to nominate justices that were more to their liking.

So the question is, with the Court now dominated by right-wing extremists willing to overturn settled law in the country to impose a theocratic nightmare on its citizens, how much power should we give this retrograde, anti-democratic institution?

As a country, we have been noticing how partisan and unreliable the Court has become. In October, the Court’s approval rating plummeted to 40%; and in another poll, around 35% of Americans (across the political spectrum) agreed with statements about either abolishing it altogether, or restricting it from ruling on certain issues.

I am not in favor of abolishing it or restricting it, as overall, we need that branch of the Federal Government to provide balance; but I do feel we should limit its malign influence on our daily lives by shoring up the rights of Americans in Congress. Democrats are working on this right now. Legislation to protect voting rights, end partisan gerrymandering and block elections from being overturned by state legislators has passed the House and is being worked on in the Senate. And, there is legislation in the House and Senate to protect women’s right to control their own reproductive destiny, removing Hyde from the federal budget to allow the federal government to subsidize women’s health for the first time since the 1970s.

For now, activism to get the Democrats in the Senate to move forward on both of these core issues seems to be the way to go. Until we figure out how to balance out the Court again, either expanding it or impeaching justices like Thomas (who supported the 1/6 insurrection) and Kavanaugh (who has more skeletons in his closet than a freshman anatomy class) and replacing them with real Supremes, we need to make sure they can’t re-shape this country into a dystopian nightmare.

Open thread, as always.

77 Responses to "The Diminished Supreme Court"

( :redface: because this is a deathly serious post. But I did find one of those heartwarming videos I wanted to try to post. I’ll get real in my next comment? Although, also, in some ways, this is more real than anything that godawful robot in female form on the Supreme Court has done.)

(Nope, not letting me post it. It’s of a little toddler feeding young crows from his food bowl. Buitengebieden)

Our Girl was simply always right. But she was most right about the Supreme Court. The whole way it’s all gone is searingly sad.

I knew we’d stepped into the bad timeline after the election in 2016. I knew we’d see more and more awful stuff. And yet, no matter how much of a know it all I was, I’ve never really managed to know how bad it was going to feel.

Is it this one?

Interesting study in Lancet (important UK medical journal) on mix-and-match booster effects. The study had a fairly robust sample size for a covid vaccine study, 380 – 491 subjects in each subgroup. Article in WaPo about the results seems to be a gross oversimplification (of course!), but not too bad.

Most vaccines are safe to use as boosters and give people more immunity against the coronavirus, according to a new study of seven
The mRNA vaccines by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, with partner BioNTech, and Moderna appeared to give the highest boost of antibodies 28 days after the extra dose, although other vaccines in the study may take more time to build up better immunity.

Lancet article here:

Intriguing: They haven’t quantified the effect of T-cell defense but believe it’s far higher than previously thought. This would be good news for people on some immune modulators or -suppressors who have low antibodies but average level of T cells after vaccination.

The short interval to dose 3 might also mean the impact on T cells and immunological memory could be lower than if longer dose intervals had been used. This possibility is being investigated

Great post MB and thanks for the quote from the woman we all admire.

Yes, as Q stated, she told the truth and was right about almost everything she said.

She wins the popular vote and then, the Dems and Dump totally push her out of politics. I’m a Scorpio, (although I really don’t believe in all that), I never forget, and something that important, I do not forgive.

That little child feeding those crows is moving. Somehow, some of the most aggressive birds while feeding, are almost kind and patient waiting for this baby to feed them.

Excellent argument here!

That women will always be a right wing ConeHead to me. Not a Supreme, not a successful woman with a herd of children. She is one of those people that was always pushed to the front of the line by others, just like Obama was.

Someone like Hillary is too intelligent and hardworking for others, and they all want to take her down…

DYB and MB, thank you for your comments about the NY race (previous thread). That makes sense to me!

Great post, MB. Thinking about the SCOTUS is extremely depressing. I agree we need that branch of government for balance (just like we need a functioning second party) and we currently don’t have it. Theocrats/Partisan hacks cannot provide balance. Unelected and in for life… I need to think about something else! I agree with you about the way forward.

Great description of Barrett, quixote. Her callous indifference to women and girls is breathtaking. Godawful (and Godless, one might even say). You’re right – there’s nothing human going on there… Rats have more empathy (h/t DYB).

Funny (not) that there’s an increase in articles and tweets saying “Hmmm, maybe Hillary Clinton would have been the right choice in 2016 after all.”

Pardon the yelling, but WE TOLD YOU SO! Despicable imbeciles.

@11 – Deplorables!!

Love the cute videos. We all need some lightheartedness sometimes!

I actually did forget “Citizens United” was about Hillary!

Citizens United — It’s unbelievable how many people, especially men, hate Hillary. They feel threatened by a strong, intelligent, eloquent and principled woman. Do they feel petty and intellectually clumsy in comparison so then get angry? Must be something like the “She made me hit her!” or “He made me lose my temper” mentality, where it’s always someone else’s fault.

Yes, Luna! Thanks for getting that video. Don’t give the crows too much credit, Shadow 😀 . Those are just-fledged crows. They’re usually polite to their parents. Or, in this case, “parent.”

As for the WE TOLD YOU SO! them figuring that out *after* putting the country through the endless miseries of Dump, I can’t stand it. I hope there’s some special circle of hell for lethal stupidity.

I almost hang my head in shame for giving the teenage crows too much credit. 😉

Quixote – I think Dante should have added one!! Lethal stupidity has killed far too many people.

For example…QOP idiots are eating “Magic Dirt” laced with poison instead of taking a vaccine that billions have taken without any lasting negative effects.

Magic dirt with a cup of bleach and a butt-flashlight.
These idiots make the folks of the middle ages look like geniuses.
The leader of this band of nitwits wants to elect the King of TinyMinds in 2024.

God help us.

Beata, I hope your kitty is OK. Please update us?

@19 Shadow, perfectly said. And those medieval churls? They couldn’t read, their only source of data was what they could see and what they learned from grandma. It’s as much of a miracle that they weren’t worse as that our loonies aren’t better.

OMG, that is so funny, DYB! 🙂

Beata, was that your kitty (one of the kitties) I saw singing over at SD?

Do kitties prefer the term “cat”? A friend of mine named her cat, “Kitty” so it could get complicated.

And whatever happened to “kitteh” as a word for cat? I call mine “cat” or “kitty” or by their name, depending on my mood.

Speaking of cat’s and their evolving names-

I had a big lop eared bunny, his name started out as Mr. Pugsley, and it changed from year to year, evolving as such:

Mr. Pugsley
Roonie, (this name lasted for years).

My dog has many names! His original name was/is Joey. But I also call him: Bubelah, Pupkenstein, Babaloo, Pupmeister, Joey Coconuts.

“Pupkenstein”! Squeee!

Joey Coconuts, love it!

I want to get a puppy some time next year. I have a short list if the pup is a boy, my favorite so far is:

Jack Beanstalk

If it’s a girl, I can’t help myself…it will probably be Bella.

My last little bunny I named instantly, the moment I picked him out of the litter, no matter how much fun people made of me for his name, he was the perfect Thumper.

Awww, Thumper!

I love this story about how Mitch McTurtle caved to Schumer on the debt ceiling. Suck it, Mitch!

Thumper is a great name! And Jack Beanstalk!! Shadow, what kind of puppy are you looking to get?

I would love a black lab, but I don’t have a big yard for him, so….
I am planning to get a labradoodle. Not a big one, just under 30 lbs or so.
I like the name Jack for a boy dog and Beanstalk is just being playful.

Haha, those faces. Amazing that they are so tolerant to be dressed up in layers of clothes.

Update on my cat: She is struggling. I’m still giving her meds and feeding her from a syringe. It’s very stressful for both of us.

Some of my names for my cat:
Baby Snooks
Boo Boo Bear
Weasel Butt

Joey Coconuts, I love that name!

Wasn’t he the lost Marx Brother?

@37: I started calling my cat “Weasel” when she was younger because she was a master escape artist. That nickname turned into “Weasel Butt” because she would take off running so fast, all I could see was her backside.

Aww. Sorry to hear about your cat, Beata 😦 . The worst thing with pets (and the same goes for babies orders of magnitude more) is that there’s no way to explain that you’re trying to help. 😦 😦

Beata, gentle hugs for you and gentle pettings for your kitty.

One of my cats is a tabby, and her real name is Skittery, because she was very wary and not sure she wanted to be close to people — she’d skitter away when we tried to pet her, and didn’t like laps. We were told that her first 6 months were spent stuck in a shelter cage without much human contact, and then she was lucky to be transferred to the no-kill shelter where a few months later we adopted her. She’s gotten much more friendly living with us! We called our previous tabby by her real name, but somehow this one mostly gets called just Tabby. Or Tibby, or Tibs, Tabs, Tibtab, Tabtib, Tibbles, Tabbles, Tabkins, Tibkins. Sometimes Tabby Plumpkins as she always tries to gobble up her brother’s food after finishing her own.

Q and Luna, thank for the kind words about my cat.

Some good news: About an hour ago, I decided to leave a tablespoon of baby food chicken on a plate right next to
cat’s bed. I formed the baby food chicken into sort of a mouse shape. I just checked and cat has eaten it! All by self! This is the first time she has eaten on her own in a long time. I hope it is a sign she is getting better.

Sending big hugs to you and Baby Snooks, Beata! Sounds like things are getting better.

I’m just going to leave this here without comment.

Beata, HUGS and I hope Weasel Butt is feeling better! Definitely a good sign that she ate on her own.

Beata, so good to hear Pupchik ate on her own! Now you will have to keep putting her food out in a mouse shape. Or maybe fish shape?

Beata, I hope your kitty keeps eating her mouse shaped baby food and that you have more happy times with her.

@44, Americans! What’s the matter with that 44%?

@49, lately I can’t read anything about HRC without having to stop myself from getting teary. What we could have had.

Luna, have you seen how the Alt-Left is having a meltdown over HRC having a master class on MasterClass? It’s really something. (That’s what that trashy News York Magazine article was about. That writer is obsessed with HRC, in the nastiest way.)

DYB, what do you think? She’s done a great job as AG and IMO should continue in that position, but I don’t live in NY.

@ 52 Luna, I think that was the right decision. James was accused of going after Cuomo because she wanted to run for governor, but it was the opposite. And she knew that. Cuomo leaving let Hochul take over as Governor, so Hochul is getting a head start on the job. And Hochul has been doing very well, nobody is complaining about her. Primarying her would be a bloody primary. If James ran against Cuomo, she’d win. But running against Hochul, it would get ugly and damage them both.

Today James’ office subpoenaed Trump to testify. So that’s gonna be a joyride.

Today James’ office subpoenaed Trump to testify. So that’s gonna be a joyride.

…gets out popcorn…

MB, excellent post. I like the idea of expanding the court to 13. Would also like to see Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Barrett investigated.

I find the idea of abolishing the Senate interesting also. I know it’s probably impossible, but I think it’s become an obstacle to fair elections, and frankly, I don’t feel those of us in heavily populated states are represented as fairly as those in the tiny states.

I like that Dutch guy’s tweets. I gave a crow some pieces of bread when we first moved into this house and now it sits in the tree in our front yard everyday in the afternoon, right around the time I go out to the mailbox, and squawks for bread. I break it into four pieces and he/she takes two and flies off to some really tall trees in the distance, then comes back for the other two. My older sister in WA used to feed a raven an egg!

Luna @11, I’ve noticed that also. Agree it’s infuriating.

Shadow @19, LOL! Speaking of which, I got my booster today. I got the Pfizer this time, and it went pretty well. Within seconds after the injection my heart started thumping hard, so they monitored me for an hour and gave me a shot of Benadryl. I slept all afternoon and evening.

Beata, I hope your kitty gets better. ❤

Wherever Fredster is, I bet he’s sad to see Brian Williams leave MSNBC. I know he liked him (and I kind of did too). I guess that leaves an opening for Chris Cuomo, although it looks like he may be facing a sexual harassment allegation of his own.

What is it with these guys? If only there was a pill that could fix *that* problem.

WTF about CNN hiring back Toobin. Even little kids know they need to take care of business (in their case, use the restroom) before getting to work on their ABCs. Christ. Can you imagine a woman doing that? No, you can’t. The bar is so low for men, it’s unbelievable.

I agree with you about the Senate, Socal. What should we call it? Tiny-ranny? This is an interesting article about what could be done about it.

I’m probably grasping at straws, but I’m hoping America is just going through adolescence. You know, that period of your life when gross little red pimples take over and ruin everything? It’s horrible, but temporary. I don’t know though… I’m worried.

This is interesting. Remember Goldman was one of the Hill staffers doing the questioning doing Trump’s impeachment. He was running for NY AG when Letitia James was running for governor. Now he says he’s dropping out because she decided to stay as AG. It’s the right decision.

Last night, James Carville was saying that people should look up how Lauren Boebert got together with her husband. I found this:

Whoa. Sounds like a match made in MAGAt heaven.

The Boeberts remind me of Blaire Erskine and her “husband Dan”.

@59 I agree, the right decision. I am a big fan of Goldman!

Meanwhile on the other side, we have these guys:

@59, DYB, what reasonable people those NY Democrats are!

Annie, glad you have your booster now. With my 2nd Pfizer I slept the next day too, and part of the day after that, and tired for another day after that. But then my Moderna booster was like that, too. I seem to have an immune system that works really hard or maybe gets tired when it has to work! They did the right thing — as they should — with giving you Benadryl and monitoring you for an hour. Sounds similar to an infusion reaction that can happen after someone gets an IV med, though with an injection. Very rare, but you could have been the one out of 50,000 or 100,000 it happens to.

@62, PJ, Unfortunately not surprised about the Republican bullies. And there appears to be a high rate of abuse that happens to wives of football players. The men think the answer to anything is to use their physical size and strength.

Luna @66, yes, WSJ has no class.

PJ @61, She’s hilarious!

Did anyone hear about this bizarre story?

@70, Make the crazy stop!

Socal, both Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow covered this story on their shows. It’s terrible what they are doing to this poor woman. They played her 911 call and you could hear the domestic terrorists outside banging on her door. They are terrorizing her all because of the Former Psychopath in Charge giving out her name. The FBI warned her that she was not safe in her own home. It sounds like the police are doing nothing. It makes me sick!

This is what’s happening in Colorado:

DYB, thanks for posting that. It’s great to hear our super intelligent and funny Hillary.

Was that “galumping on stage”? Lol! What a great description!


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