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Posted on: November 13, 2021

Hi Widdershins,

Well we finally some good things happening. BIF passed and Joe Biden will be signing it into law on Monday. Mitch McConnell says he will not attend, which is probably fine with everyone else. McConnell did vote for it on the Senate side, but he probably doesn’t want Trump to yell at him by showing up to the signing. Kamala Harris went on a triumphant trip to France – her first as VP – for various meetings with Macron to discuss climate change and help repair the relationship between US and France after the Australian submarine scandal. VP Harris was welcomed warmly by the Macrons and the press. American press largely ignored the visit, though. The biggest thing they could find to discuss was Harris’ pronunciation of the word THE. Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg decided that Harris’ pronunciation of the word THE was intended to be a fake French accent and sounded to Jacobs like THEE. This was also echoed by right-wing mental midget Ben Shapiro and what right-wing mental midgets think frequently overlaps with legitimate “reporting.” Jacobs received, as you can imagine, massive blowback from social media with many pointing out that no only was there nothing weird about Harris’ pronunciation of THE, but that Harris is fluent in French (she went to school in Montreal) and THE doesn’t even exist in the French language. And, I would imagine, if Harris wanted to do a fake French accent she’d be saying ZEE, not THEE.

VP Kamala Harris and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff greeting french President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron.

But there was more good news! Weeks after the 1/6 House Commission sent a criminal referral to the DOJ about Bloviating Blob Steve Bannon refusing to testify before the House and refusing to turn over documents – invoking a non-existent for him executive privilege – DOJ finally indicted Bannon. Lock Jabba Bannon up!!! One potentially worrying thing is the judge overseeing the Bannon case is a former clerk for Clarence Thomas and is a Trump appointee. So we will see how that goes. One hopes the House will now also refer to DOJ the case of Mark Meadows, who refused to show up to testify on Friday morning. Meanwhile traitor Mike Flynn told Nazi Tucker Carlson that he will testify because he has nothing to hide. Well, let’s see.

Also keep an eye on the FBI raid of Project Veritas and its criminal psychopath founder James O’Keefe. Exact details for the raid are unknown, but it involves Project Veritas’ alleged theft and publication of a private diary belonging to Ashley Biden, which they published on the evening of the 2020 Presidential election.

This is an open thread.

Here’s music courtesy of the American born French singer Joe Dassin. Son of the blacklisted by Hollywood French director Jules Dassin (The Naked City, Night and the City, Rififi), Joe and family moved back to France after Jules was not able to find work in Hollywood. (Bette Davis tried to help Jules by hiring him to direct a play with her on Broadway, but the show was not a success.) Eventually Joe became a massive pop star in France. How do you feel about his pronunciation of THE?

70 Responses to "Lock Them Up"

Great post, DYB! Yes, things are moving and shaking now. Mark Meadows is shaking in his Zegnas, I have no doubt. He’s next on the criminal referral list.

@2: What an inspiring and powerful woman Wanda Traczyk-Stawska is! She’s been an amazing fighter for justice since she was a young girl.

There is a 2015 documentary about her wartime experiences called “Portrait of a Soldier”.

@2 Oh my god, what a wonderful story! I can just see her pinning the stupid cosplay Nazi with the thunder and her glare.

Hard to do anything but laugh at those guys when you’ve dealt with the all-grown-up version. So props to her for keeping a straight face, too!

Great round-up post DYB. Hey, what’s with that top photo of Kamala and First Lady Brigitte giving each other an air-hug? Glad Kamala is safely traveling these days to shut up the haters and spend more time with leaders that can add to her resume.

Is Bloviating Blob Steve Bannon getting fitted for an orange or back and white jumpsuit? Do they make them that big in the potbelly? A little while on prison food and he will fit into the largest size. Maybe they will let him hang up a hair, wind blown picture of his 2 time impeached leader.

Let the heads roll of all the dirty tricksters that were in the last administration.

I’ve been thinking about this whole what (the hell) is wrong with white men thing. I believe white men see white male (unearned) privilege as a birthright – a birthright that others are constantly trying to steal from them. When other people are trying to steal something from you, it makes you angry, right? Hillary needed to be locked up – for the crime of theft. And that’s what “Stop the Steal” is really all about. (This is just what I’ve learned from studying the behavior of white men in their natural habitat – a red state). Hey! I’m an anthropologist and didn’t even know it! 🙂

I’m not sure what they’ll find to put Bannon in – I just hope they can force him to take a shower first. My God that man is so gross.

We are having the first snowfall of the season this morning. Big, fat, sloppy white flakes. I’m not prepared for this yet! We have more than enough big, fat, sloppy white flakes already.

@7 – That is dead on. I see how quickly white men get angry when they hear the word “no.” It’s because they are entitled to everything, with no questions asked. White supremacy tells them this every day of their lives.

Just look at how Kyle Rittenhouse is being treated. A domestic terrorist is being lionized and treated like a victim because he is a white man,and white men don’t get punished for anything they do. It would be unbelievable if it weren’t happening right in front of us.

@8 – Beata, hahaha!

@7 PJ, exactly. Something I’ve been yammering about for years. (Here (short) and here (way too long).) Status-by-birth is not supposed to exist any more, so English refuses to apply the word for it, but it’s caste.

What we’re talking about is the last remaining caste system. People truly believing, knowing, that some people are better than others because of their birth.

It’s useful to see the parallels to now-discredited caste systems (wealth, nobility, religious standing, race) because it’s easier to see the similar the mental gymnastics used to tell themselves it was right. And to see what they did to preserve their status. Meaning it’s easier to see how to dissolve the mindset.

Well said, MB! @9. That is so true. And I agree about Rittenhouse – he’s the poster child for what we’re talking about.

Great insights, quixote! Thank you for the links. Wow. (I can’t think of anything more to say than that. Wow)

Beata, that was sooooo good! LOLOLOL. I needed that. 🙂

Wow, that yak not only is cleaned, brushed and well taken care of, but this type of attention to a white yak might also have some sacred meaning to this community?

That yak! What a splendid, beautiful animal.

Looks like Beto O’Rourke has officially announced his run for Texas governor! This is a guy who can win Texas for the Democrats, I believe. It is one of the most backward and corrupt states in the Union right now – Democrats need to take a really serious run at all the state elected offices.

DYB, extra great post! Was Jules Dassin the man who was married to Melina Mercouri? Or am I thinking of someone else. Why was he blacklisted? The 50s commie thing?

I’m so glad Beto is running. I hope the red state dems don’t give up.

PJ @7, Yes! Well said. They do act like it’s their birthright. It’s sickening. I don’t see it as much in educated liberal men, my husband and son don’t act that way at all; in fact, they want to see women in charge of things.

That yak, Omigosh! I actually jumped a little when I scrolled down and saw it. Beautiful creature, but big. Looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

@17, are the different colors of the map supposed to mean something? Or is it just to be pretty? I looked at it on twitter, but couldn’t find a color chart or anything.

I looked up Jules Dassin on wiki, and yes, he was married to Melina Mercouri. He had a long interesting life.

Annie – I think the map is just a rainbow, meant to be pretty. 😃

According to a poll today, Americans overwhelmingly want to keep abortion legal, do not want to regulate a woman’s right to choose, and want the Texas law to be overturned.

Will the Supreme Court continue the right-wing terrorist war on women, knowing they will be supporting an extreme fringe minority view rather than the Constitution?

Nancy doesn’t mess around.

Socal, that’s great about your husband and son! I think that’s wonderful – and I think it takes a lot of inner strength to be like that. If there are men like that around here (and I haven’t met one – educated or otherwise), they keep their mouth shut about it. They keep their mouth shut, or they get the “Liz Cheney” treatment. Ostracized, out of the club. Men are just as serious about keeping other men in line as they are about keeping women in line. Keeping up the big lie of white male supremacy takes a lot of work – and they’re more than willing to do it (through violence if necessary, as we’ve seen).

I would be curious to see the statistics of blue states vs red states and the percent of white men who vote GOP. Like… even in a blue state, is it over 50%?

@22 Unfortunately, a lot of those people don’t vote. Or vote GOP because of “bigger issues.” And short answer, YES. Yes they will. No problem. This Supreme Court is interested in ruling over people. Not ruling based on the Constitution. (and by people, I mean women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, etc). This Court wouldn’t think of messing with men’s rights – right to guns, Viagra, etc.

OMG. (In case you don’t know, there is a series on Netflix called “You.”)

@25 Crazy town!

I’m not a fan of S.E. Cupp or CNN, but I think she has this right (it was written in August, 2020 and things have only gotten worse).

What the hell is Christie Kreme thinking? The Grand Old Psycho-Party already has their chosen Fat Bastard – and it ain’t him. I can’t imagine anyone reading his book (except for people who have to because of their job).

Hey, Luna, how’re things going? I hear crazy weather news from the PacNW. Hope you and yours and your house are all okay!

I’m sick of all the blathering about us needing two functional parties. Yes, we do. But the Republican Party is not salvageable – they are not interested in a two party system. They are interested in autocracy/theocracy/white supremacy. They need to go and the media keeps trying to resurrect them – to define them as something they’re not – as something maybe they used to be. We need a new second party with a new mascot. Elephants are sick of their shit. Could Republicans have picked a worse mascot for themselves? Elephants are matriarchal. They are led by a female!! They are intelligent. They are empathetic. (at least the females are) Not a good fit. It’s a choice – we lose the Republican Party or we lose our democracy.

I hope Luna will check in soon and let us know if she’s okay.

That Laura Ingraham clip is hysterical! I heard it was fake though…I wouldn’t know because I haven’t ever watched it.

PJ, I agree. The Chris Christie business is because the media is desperately trying to make some Rethug viable in 2024. The writing is on the wall for the current Fat Bastard, Drumpf – the only way Youngkin won in VA was by being racist but not obviously associated with IQ45. The Trumpy one in NJ lost by almost 3%. The Mango Moron is a proven loser. On top of that, he will likely be in prison before the 2024 campaigns are launched.

So the media needs to appoint another QOP President. They tried it with Ron DeathSantis by running all these stories about him winning the pandemic. No dice. Now they’re propping up Chris Christie. That won’t work either.

The problem is, the QOP needs to kick all the racists out, but that would destroy the Party because that’s who their voters are. They don’t want to take the long view the way the Democrats did when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. LBJ knew a lot of Southern Democrats would leave the Party, but he also was willing to do the right thing and reconstitute the Party around social justice. No one in the QOP is willing to do that.

@33 – I think about that frequently.

@32 MB, you have it exactly right. Well said – it all makes me very sick to my stomach. The QOP voters, especially. The cancer that has always been with us – that Democrats cut out, just moved on to Rethugs who opened the door with open arms. Now it’s growing – Trump gave them permission to be loud and proud about it. As my brother indignantly said when Trump was running for president, “If I want to call someone a (N-word), I’ll call them a (N-word).” If you met my brother, you would never believe he would say something like that – he hides it well with most other people. He hadn’t even said something like that to me before. But it was always there beneath the surface.

IQ45!! I love all the names for the horrid idiot, but I think that’s the best one yet.

@33 For sure! No one knows the GOP better than Hillary.

I just wanted to say that my brother would never actually do that. Call a black man a (N-word) to his face. He would be too afraid – unless he was in a pack. You ever notice that? White guys have to be in packs to do their racial dirty deeds. Like the dunce cap wearers. Gutless cowards, really.

Has anyone received their booster shot yet?

I was on my computer looking for a Moderna booster for 3 hours. Turns out in my area, you can get a Pfizer booster at your local market, drug store, almost anywhere that has a pharmacy. I have Kaiser and although they talk about my getting a booster, they don’t have openings until Dec.

I am at the 8th month mark and finally found out that Rite Aid carries Moderna. I will get my booster next Monday. Hope I don’t have as many symptoms as my second shot.

Best of luck for all of you that are having a hard time getting your booster.

Has anyone heard from Luna yet? Worried about her. My own family sent me some video they took of the flooding. My younger sis & her hubs were trapped in their freezing house with no power, the road were flooded and closed.

Shadow @ 37, good question. I haven’t gotten mine yet. Just got my flu shot a week or so ago.

Is this real??

@ 18 Annie, yes, Jules Dassin was blacklisted because of McCarthy hearings. When his son Joe became super famous in France, the French always called him the “American Cowboy.” I guess that was still cool at that time!

@ 37 Shadow, I have not gotten my booster, but NYC did just open it to everyone. I’m not sure if I should since I had Covid in August, plus was double vaxxed before that?

@42, not sure where I saw this, just a few days ago, I’ll try to find the link. Short version: infection after vaccination re-ups immunity in a way very similar to, or even stronger than, a booster shot. So possibly, no, you don’t need a booster.

There can be a problem with overstimulating the immune system. There was a study done with mice where they gave them a 200x dose of vaccine and the result was they became hyperallergic to everything. Obviously, one booster does not equal 200x, and an extra shot would do no harm, but depending on how big your tendency is to developing allergies, you might want to be careful. An “ask your doctor” situation, except that sometimes they don’t know much either. 😦

Hopefully, Luna will be back soon and can give us her take on the data so far.

@37 Shadow, My husband and I got our Moderna boosters last Friday in NJ. (We are both far past 65 and have medical issues.)

We originally had appointments to get them at a Walgreens that has Moderna (some only have one or the other, not both) about 20 minutes from our house. But on the morning of the appointment, they cancelled via email. We called to ask why and were told they had nobody to administer the shots. So, we scheduled at another Walgreens (also 20 minutes away) on what would have been yesterday.

However, last Friday, the mayor of our town sent out one of his regular emails with information of interest among which was an item that a non-chain pharmacy we’d not heard of located 5 minutes from our house (!) had all three vaccines and was giving boosters. We were able to get an appointment that same afternoon. Completed the paperwork on-line. Showed up, checked in, and got the shots. (Of course, cancelled the Walgreens appointments.)

As for reactions, my husband had none same as with the first two. I had a slightly sore arm for two days, like with the first shot, plus felt slightly out of sorts the next day though not the all-day fatigue I experienced with the second.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Re: my previous post @44. I should have mentioned that our boosters were half doses.

Roz in NJ/NYC

@46 Nancy is kicking ass!

Kudos to her and the House for censuring Gosar. He almost seemed to enjoy it a little bit. Like I imagine he’s one of those guys who likes to put on a diaper and pay a woman to spank him. The man is not well.

I saw his brother and sister responding to the censure and they were both very supportive. They both said he needs to be expelled from Congress. I could feel the disgust (from his brother) and disgust and fear (from his sister). Paul Gosar is a SCARY kind of sick.

So excited about the BBB vote! Go Nancy! She told them they were getting it done before Thanksgiving.

I hope Luna is okay! Please check in Luna. Annie, that is scary about your sis.

I too have been struggling with finding s Moderna booster. I am going to just wing it I think. Not a comfortable space for me, but there are a lot of pharmacies around here and I should be able to get it somewhere!

From what I’ve seen in the scientific press, there’s no actual problem with getting a different booster that the original shots. The only reason, as far as I’ve heard, that they don’t recommend it is because they haven’t done the whole nine yards full double blind random controls trial on combinations.

An immunologist I know says it’s better to get the same, since the point is to remind the immune system of what it already knows. And that way you’re not giving it slightly different info, so the “lesson” isn’t confusing. But at some point (10 months? a year?), any booster is better than no booster.

Apparently Quevin McCarthy got heckled by a lot of Democrats during his speech tonight.

@51 That’s hilarious! Quevin – I love that.

Roz @44
Thanks so much for the update. Glad to hear you and your hubs had no or very mild symptoms.

DYB, I agree with Q that you should ask your doctor when you should get a booster.

MB @ 49, see if there is a Rite Aid or possibly a CVS in your area.

Quixote @43, thanks for that interesting info. I was just told that my brother had a mild breakthrough case after he was vaccinated. My mom says he’s fine now.

Roz @45, thanks for mentioning that the boosters are half dose.

DYB @40, what the what?!? That thing is amazing.

So did they have the vote on BBB tonight?

Luna, we’re all thinking of you! ❤

Stay safe Luna, hope you are doing well.

It sounds like BBB passed the House with 1 Democrat (Golden) voting NO.

Annie, McCarthy basically filibustered for 8 hrs and Pelosi told Democrats to go home. They voted this morning after Qevin finally ran out of steam.

I’m so sorry I missed McCarthy’s speech last night, especially the part about baby carrots. It must have been epic.

What a great day. Nancy delivered AGAIN. There is no one alive who is better at being Speaker.

The media is downplaying it and bashing Democrats for poor messaging while refusing to report on what’s in the bill. It’s disgusting. But the impact of free universal pre-K and regulated child care costs is going to be transformative to a degree I don’t think people get. My family’s life will be directly and materially improved because of it.

There won’t be any hiding how big this is.

BTW, VP Harris is POTUS for a few hours while Biden is under anesthesia, getting a colonoscopy. First woman POTUS ever!

Yes, indeed. A great, happy, happy day!

LOL, Beata! I missed it too. 😦

This type of verdict is why elections matter. The Trump appointed judge rigged this outcome from Day 1.

“Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty”

My great day just got shot to hell. WTF. I did kind of expect it – because of the judge – like you said, MB. Still, it’s extremely upsetting.

Of course that verdict was predictable, which in no way makes it less sick. The judge has ran for that position twice unopposed. If he seeks another term, he will definitely have opposition. But from what I saw people say – people who followed the trial – the prosecution was barely ever trying.

@63, I just noticed your comment about the judge, MB. He was not appointed, he was elected. His last two elections he ran unopposed.

DYB, that’s really depressing about the prosecution. That makes me even sicker. I didn’t follow the trial – I just saw clips of the judge that were jaw-dropping. The sight of Rittenhouse made it too hard for me to watch. Poor, poor little white boy. All he was trying to do was save the world (with his AR-15). Sniff, sniff. People are so mean – to even think about locking him up. So a couple people got killed. Pfft. It was at a BLM protest! Come on. (this is how people around here see him)

The judge was elected? Wow. But then, so was IQ45. Elections do have consequences. Sadly, sometimes they are the consequences some people are looking for.

That 18-year-old that killed three people should have at least been guilty of packing a weapon of war and playing Rambo where he doesn’t belong. He should have gotten at least 10 years in prison for what he did, but getting off scott free is going to let other gun crazies to do the same.

This judge was a lunatic.

@61 With everything going on today, I forgot to celebrate President Harris!! I’m choosing to end my day with that happy thought. 🙂

Thanks, DYB. for correcting me on that judge! It makes sense that he ran unopposed. He clearly has no idea about the law or justice – if there were someone else to vote for, he might not be sitting in that chair right now, ruining people’s lives.

New post coming soon!

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