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Hi Widdershins,

Well we finally some good things happening. BIF passed and Joe Biden will be signing it into law on Monday. Mitch McConnell says he will not attend, which is probably fine with everyone else. McConnell did vote for it on the Senate side, but he probably doesn’t want Trump to yell at him by showing up to the signing. Kamala Harris went on a triumphant trip to France – her first as VP – for various meetings with Macron to discuss climate change and help repair the relationship between US and France after the Australian submarine scandal. VP Harris was welcomed warmly by the Macrons and the press. American press largely ignored the visit, though. The biggest thing they could find to discuss was Harris’ pronunciation of the word THE. Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg decided that Harris’ pronunciation of the word THE was intended to be a fake French accent and sounded to Jacobs like THEE. This was also echoed by right-wing mental midget Ben Shapiro and what right-wing mental midgets think frequently overlaps with legitimate “reporting.” Jacobs received, as you can imagine, massive blowback from social media with many pointing out that no only was there nothing weird about Harris’ pronunciation of THE, but that Harris is fluent in French (she went to school in Montreal) and THE doesn’t even exist in the French language. And, I would imagine, if Harris wanted to do a fake French accent she’d be saying ZEE, not THEE.

VP Kamala Harris and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff greeting french President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron.

But there was more good news! Weeks after the 1/6 House Commission sent a criminal referral to the DOJ about Bloviating Blob Steve Bannon refusing to testify before the House and refusing to turn over documents – invoking a non-existent for him executive privilege – DOJ finally indicted Bannon. Lock Jabba Bannon up!!! One potentially worrying thing is the judge overseeing the Bannon case is a former clerk for Clarence Thomas and is a Trump appointee. So we will see how that goes. One hopes the House will now also refer to DOJ the case of Mark Meadows, who refused to show up to testify on Friday morning. Meanwhile traitor Mike Flynn told Nazi Tucker Carlson that he will testify because he has nothing to hide. Well, let’s see.

Also keep an eye on the FBI raid of Project Veritas and its criminal psychopath founder James O’Keefe. Exact details for the raid are unknown, but it involves Project Veritas’ alleged theft and publication of a private diary belonging to Ashley Biden, which they published on the evening of the 2020 Presidential election.

This is an open thread.

Here’s music courtesy of the American born French singer Joe Dassin. Son of the blacklisted by Hollywood French director Jules Dassin (The Naked City, Night and the City, Rififi), Joe and family moved back to France after Jules was not able to find work in Hollywood. (Bette Davis tried to help Jules by hiring him to direct a play with her on Broadway, but the show was not a success.) Eventually Joe became a massive pop star in France. How do you feel about his pronunciation of THE?

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