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Lazy Weekend: Bombogenesis

Posted on: October 23, 2021

…the rapid intensification of a storm caused by a sudden and significant drop in atmospheric pressure the development or intensification of a bomb cyclone


What a week, Widdershins! Here in Northern California, we are expecting a huge rainstorm (aka “atmospheric river”) caused by bombogenesis, starting this evening and going into Sunday. In my area, it is supposed to drop 6.5 inches in that short amount of time, including cyclonic winds up to 70 miles per hour. We have flashlights, a generator and extra food and booze, so fingers and toes crossed we’ll be all right. While severe and potentially causing flash flooding, we are all grateful for this storm, as it is starting to make a dent in the deep and perilous drought we have been experiencing. After this weekend, we’ll still be about 15 inches under the expected rainfall for the season.

I feel like Drumpf and his goons have some bombogenesis coming their way as well. This week, the January 6th Commission found Steve Bannon in criminal contempt and referred his prosecution to the DOJ. This move has scared multiple other insurrection conspirators into cooperating with the Committee, including Jeffery Clark, the goon who was trying to force the DOJ into overturning the election by fiat. We will have to see what the DOJ does next – I am not one of those who thinks Garland should resign after 2.5 seconds in the DOJ, but I do think he should quickly decide to prosecute. This should not be a tough decision – the law is the law.

The House’s vote 229-202 vote Thursday to hold Bannon in contempt for defying its January 6 committees’ subpoenas sets in motion a court process that begins with prosecutors considering legal questions and building a case.

The DC US Attorney’s office received the referral via a courier Thursday night. It could decline to charge Bannon, charge him quickly, or use a grand jury to investigate and indict the longtime adviser to former President Donald Trump.

I’ll be watching both of these approaching storms with great interest. How’s the weather in your area, Shinners?

This is an open thread.

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I hope you stay safe, MB!

The weather here is sunny and cool. We finally have pretty fall foliage (it was late arriving this year). Lovely day. Perfect college football weather. Too bad we will lose because we are bad at football.

MB, that storm is for the whole West Coast.

Our local meteorologist Prof. Cliff Mass from the U. of Wash:

…the very latest forecasts of sea level pressure for Sunday morning from both the U.S. and European models predicteing the strongest Northwest storm in history with pressures below 945 hPa (see below). Just crazy. Equivalent to a category three hurricane.

This past week in NJ, the weather has been unbelievably wonderful, i.e,. several days with temps in the mid-70’s to 80! Since we are not doing any indoor restaurant dining, this happily enabled us to eat outdoors at a restaurant each day. Took advantage while we could. Though many restaurants have heaters of various kinds in their for outdoor dining area for colder temps, we haven’t tried that out yet to see how comfortable it would be. At any rate, today we’re back to chilly weather (I wore my winter jacket when I went to the supermarket this morning), and the forecast for this coming week is rain most days though nothing about any bombogenesis.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Luna, thanks for sharing about the storm. You stay safe too!

Beata and Roz, sounds like the weather has been good where you are.

Roz, I remember those warm October days on the East Coast. One year it was in the mid-80s on Halloween! I felt bad for all the kids who were wearing costumes. Those days don’t last forever, so I’m really glad you got out and enjoyed the restaurants while you felt comfortable doing so!

“My dad’s side came from Germany into St. Louis, and made their way over to Piedmont/Oakland in Northern California.” (MB)

Interesting, MB. This is what my direct line of Acadians did. My line from Louisiana went to Florissant or St. Ferdinand, MO. The area became a large German immigration pocket. “Some historians believe it was settled about the same time as St. Louis. The first civil government was formed in 1786.”

My Acadian line married a first generation German immigrant in Westphalia, Osage County, Missouri. I found her gravesite in Vienna, MO.

As for Bannon. Did he really think he was going to come to Tucson and deconstruct the Biosphere II project while setting up his plans to accelerate the deconstruction of Biosphere I and get away with it? Yup he did.

Stay safe bad weather folks.

@8 – I don’t know, Luna. That cat looks pretty smug.

It is absolutely sheeting rain here. I haven’t seen anything like it since I moved to the North Bay. We have to watch out for flooding but I think our place is pretty well set up for a lot of water. Our back yard has a big trough to collect runoff and dump it in a nearby creek, and it slants downward towards that trough.

I’m so thankful that this is happening! All West Coast Widdershins, stay safe!

In the meantime, this is the first story I’ve seen that actually covers what’a in the Build Back Better bill. It’s quite significant.

Lowest pressure — and center of highest winds — looks to be headed for central Washington coast. Heavy rain all along the West Coast.
MB, glad your back yard is slanted so the water flows away from your house!

It’s a real rain storm here, near Berkeley. Not one of the typical 12 minutes of rain for a month…downpour with lots of wind. Getting ready all the rechargeables, laptop, battery bricks and everything I can do if the power goes out.

Where I live, yesterday everyone was calling each other saying it’s RAINING! So excited, like it was 1999. You can almost hear the trees and plants outside sucking up all the water they can hold and wiggling their roots in the wet soil.

Things are starting to really green up, tree leaves are turning to awesome colors and the air is fresh and easy to breath. It should also help with the CA fires.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the weather.

As Roz pointed out, the weather on the East coast (NY/NJ area) has been glorious the past week. But I’m ready for winter!!!

la-t-da> What is still amazing to me about Steve Bannon is that Trump dragged Bannon from the far fringes of racist internet and brought him into the mainstream as a Republican hero and an employee of the White House. Absolutely, breathtakingly incredible.

100,000 without power in Seattle area, and 2 people killed when a big tree fell on their car while they were driving. 😦

To distract us West Coasters from the weather, here’s a pretty critter.

Gorgeous bird, Luna! So sorry about the power and the deadly falling trees. My boss and brother are both without power right now.

On another topic, looks like thr Jan 6th Committee is finding all kinds of interesting things.

Huh. Imagine that!

the Facebook CEO’s previously unreported decisions demonstrate his relentless determination to ensure the company’s dominance, even at the expense of his stated values

So here’s life advice I need: there’s someone I consider a good friend. Last week was having dinner with him and another friend. They start talking about the latest Dave Chapelle special on Netflix, which is getting attention because he does transphobic and homophobic jokes. He’s been doing them for years now. Anyway, they love Chapelle. They ask me what I think: I said, “Well the homophobia/transphobia bothers me.” They spend the next 15 mins telling me I’m too sensitive, he’s not homophobic, etc. They are straight, obviously. I try to tell them they don’t get to make that call and excuse it because he’s a comedian. (“It’s just comedy” they kept saying. Get a sense of humor.) Anyway, it became an ugly argument. Haven’t spoken to them since. But tomorrow one of them has a birthday. I’m still pissed. I’m sure they think I’m an unreasonable/hysterical homo. Which pisses me off. The gaslighting. But what do I do for the birthday? Do I wish him a happy birthday or keep ignoring him like he’s ignoring me? If there wasn’t this birthday, I’d just say nothing. But – and I suspect this is his calculation also – the birthday puts me in a spot where I’d need to make the first move. Or not make a move, which is itself a move. What do you think?

*Gorgeous* bird, Luna!

DYB, depends if those two have other socially redeeming features. If you care about them, or at least the birthday one, it’s no big deal to wish him a happy brithday and then leave it up to him.

The whole “it’s just a joke” defense falls apart if the majority of the targets say it’s not funny. (If it is, that’s different. Example of what I mean: I find the way “fuck” is used for emphasis politically unacceptable. It’s used to mean rape, hell, awfulness, exploitative mess, etc, etc, and do you really want to crosslink that with “sex” 50 times a day? On the other hand, “Why is US beer like making love in a canoe? Because they’re both fucking near water.” To me, that’s hilarious.)

Chapelle, specifically, I’m not too familiar with, except for being one of the few men to call out some of the trans BS. *Everything* is transphobic to some of the trans activists, including all of biology. Denying trans people civil rights really is transphobic. I don’t know if he’s done that.

Anyway, it sounds like those two have some learning to do, but, as I’m sure you know, you can’t force anyone to learn anything. So, as I said, the real question is are either of them worth continuing friendship with for other reasons while you don’t discuss all this stuff…?

D, is this friendship important to you? More important than the fact that this person showed so little consideration for your feelings? Only you can answer that. If the answer is yes, then wish him a “Happy Birthday”. No need to get him a present or throw him a party. Just a simple “Happy Birthday”. Who knows what might happen then? Maybe he will apologize or maybe not.

DYB, I think you should make the move of not making a move. Just my 2 cents. Years ago, I worked with this dildo who thought shit like that was funny. One day he was telling me that *anything* can be funny. Including rape. (I believe he got that from George Carlin – at least that’s where I had heard it before) I said, “Hmmmm… You know… I’ve never heard a female comedian say that. Don’t you think that’s funny? I mean, odd?” He didn’t say anything, but I know what he was thinking (just like your friends). So sensitive! Get a sense of humor, Feminazi.

But he was never a friend – so I found it quite easy to ice that POS out from then on. You’re in a tougher spot because he’s your friend. (Also – full disclosure – I think birthday shhhi – “stuff” after the age of 12 is ridiculous. I dread my own birthday because it gives people that I don’t want to hear from an excuse to contact me – even though I never return the “favor”. Just my strange opinion! So you probably shouldn’t listen to me. I just couldn’t help myself to throw in on this)

Aren’t you a little curious to see what would happen if you *did* boycott his birthday? I know I am! If it upsets him, you could always say, “Hey… It was just a joke! Don’t be so sensitive!”

DYB, I’d never even heard of Dave Chappelle before this flap. I agree that the “it’s just humor” is too often used to excuse hateful speech and actions. From what I’ve listened to and read transcripts of, Chapelle didn’t say anything transphobic. He did mix up “gender” and “sex” which is confusing though. The fact that men can’t turn into women and vice versa, and that self-ID doesn’t turn one into the opposite sex is not transphobic — it’s simple reality. Around 90% of trans-identified males do not have genital surgery, so they have functional penises and testes. Women need and have a right to same-sex spaces and sports, which isn’t transphobic either. But standing up for this gets women and their allies insults and rape and death threats.

TERF is a slur. It’s also inaccurate, as radfems include trans-identified women in their focus. If we don’t think whites can legitimately self-ID as blacks, why do we think it’s legit for men to self-ID as women? What JK Rowling wrote in her essay wasn’t hateful or bigoted, as anyone who’s read it can see. Most haven’t read it.

Of course trans people have human rights, and should not to be discriminated against in housing, jobs, etc. But human rights don’t include men invading women’s same-sex spaces and sports, or male criminals to be housed in the same cells as women prisoners. BTW, trans-identified males commit crimes at the same rate as other males, which is higher than the female rate.

A lot of trans-rights extremism is homophobic. For a lesbian to say that she’s sexually oriented to women, and that plastic surgery and exogenous hormones aren’t the same, and that there’s no such thing as a girldick, gets the lesbian called transphobic and genital-fixated. Gay men haven’t often been called transphobic for not wanting to sleep with women who’ve had metoidioplasty or phalloplasty, (neither produces a penis which can get erect or ejaculate) but the transphobe insults have started to increase.

These days ‘trans’ means that a boy who likes playing with dolls or likes cooking or pastel colors gets told he’s really a girl. A girl who likes climbing trees and hates pink and frilly lacy clothes gets told she’s really a boy. Talk about stereotypes! It’s transing the gay away. Most of the kids labeled ‘trans’ grow up to be lesbian or gay. Most kids who feel they have gender dysphoria grow up to desist as they go through puberty. Who wasn’t confused and uncomfortable with their body during puberty, especially if female? BTW “puberty blockers” are the same drugs which were used to medically castrate Alan Turing. Their effects are not reversible.

In the UK a group of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, including a couple of original founders of Stonewall, became disenchanted with Stonewall’s emphasis on trans issues, and formed the LGB Alliance. LGB issues are different from trans issues — there’s little connection. Stonewall thinks the LGB Alliance is a hate group because there’s no T. (eyeroll) In the meantime, LGB Alliances of Canada, the US, Ireland, and other countries have been formed.

So, long rant, but this whole denial of biology in favor of gender stereotypes = sex drives me crazy! Oh, and can we get rid of the whole inane spectrum-y genderbread idea?

As for how much you have to have not in common with someone before you can no longer continue the friendship, that’s hard question to answer. I haven’t listened to Chapelle other than the 10 min or so when he talked about JKR and Team Terf, so have no opinion on his other performances. Perhaps chatting with your friends for a few minutes every so often, giving specific examples of what’s hurtful, might help understanding.

I wonder if Dave Chappelle also enjoys racist jokes – like coming from a white person. Does he think they’re hilarious? Or does he get “all sensitive” and lose his sense of humor?

DYB, I’m so sorry you went through that. Your friends were indeed insensitive, and it seems like they need some education about how to speak with people who belong to marginalized groups, like yourself. My rule is, hey, I’m a straight white woman and I have privilege. I am not the person to determine whether something is homophobic, transphobic or racist. In situations where I may have offended someone, it’s up to me to listen and learn, and understand that I could very well be wrong because of my privilege.

I’d agree with others who say it depends on how important your friends are to you. Is it worth it for you to attempt to teach them and break through their defenses? If so, I’d keep the lines of communication open. Sending hugs!

On a different topic…This is an interesting statistic that is being buried by the media.

I think many of us here have their own advice based on their life experiences.

For me, being a straight woman, I do not share some of the experiences you may have, and it is up to you what you can accept from your friends.

Sometimes my gay friends say things that make me feel uncomfortable, but I care deeply about them and just honestly let them know how I feel. I then let those negative feelings go.
They have the right to let me know if I say something that makes them uncomfortable, likewise.

Since this whole pandemic started, I have become more grateful for having the people I care about and realize how quickly I could lose them.

One of my older sisters and I have had hours long, conversations over the phone lately, she lives in Tacoma, WA. We have talked about our perspectives as we were young and held on to jealousy’s and misunderstandings. We were both coming from a place where because of our age and pandemic, we knew we could lose each other and so our talks were kinder than before and we told each other how much we love each other and it was a huge emotional burden lifted for both of us.

How sad it is to lose a dear friend over a squabble.
My 2 cents.
Best of luck, DYB.

I don’t know, DYB. I feel like there’s a lot of gaslighting going on here. Like… Is Chappelle really that bad? *I’ve* never heard it. Or… If Chappelle said anything about trans… Well… Trans people/activists think everything’s transphobic. Wow. It’s true we’re all reacting from our personal experiences but I’m wondering if there’s such a thing as transanger/rage. Geezlouise.

And the minimizing! Calling what you described as a “squabble”. Wow.

But that’s just me.

I did boycott my brother’s birthday the year Trump got elected because he was being such a super jerk – he was on a sexist/misogynist HIGH – I could hardly stand to be around him – we live in the same town. We only ever called or texted to say Happy Birthday, but it really did rattle his cage – totally upset his world order and his expectations of how I was to behave no matter how much shit he slung my way. We still talk, but we’ve never said Happy Birthday to each other since then – which is of course, fine by me. Anyway… just warning – hard to predict how your friend would react. In my case, it was a very good thing to do. But honestly, it was a super hard thing to do. One of the longest days of my life.

Ironically, my long estranged sister texted me on my last birthday. In typical abuser fashion, she was pouring on the charm like nothing ever happened. I did not respond. This sucker is all sucked out.

Shadow, I can relate to what you are saying about friends being more important than ever since the pandemic started. I treasure my friends. Some I haven’t been able to see in person for two years even though they live fairly close to me. We talk on the phone and that is a comfort. Getting older and also being sick, not knowing how much more time I have left, plays a big part in my appreciation for my friends. They aren’t perfect and neither am I but I love them.

D’s situation is obviously very different from mine. He needs to do what is best for him.

Dear Beata,
I am so glad that you are spending time with us on the blog, even as sick as you are. I appreciate your stories, knowledge and sense of humor.

My older sister I was talking about, almost died about 6 weeks ago, and it worried me so much a lot of my hair has fallen out from stress.

Chappelle has been mocking trans people for several years. This new special on Netflix was his defense against accusations of transphobia and homophobia. He’s not debating safe spaces for women or anything of the sort. I happen to agree with others here (and JKR) on that subject. But that’s not what he’s doing. He basically thinks it’s kind of freaky and he wants to say compare genitals of transpeople to veggie burgers. (That’s been one of his jokes.) So he’s got a long history of this. It came to a head with this new special when some trans employees at Netflix complained and CEO of Netflix released a public statement saying “Well, maybe it’s offensive but many of our viewers like it.” And that set off a different storm because, clearly, “some of our viewers like it” isn’t a reason to have something on the platform. And then the lesbian comedian Hannah Gadsby got dragged into it because Netflix CEO tried to use her Netflix special as a “see, we have lesbians too!” excuse. She responded with “Uhm, leave me out of your damned excuses.” Today Chappelle released a video attacking everyone who criticized him, including demanding that any trans activist who wants to meet with him (I’m not sure anyone does) has to first declare that Gadsby isn’t funny. Which is…deranged.

In any case, Chappelle isn’t really interested in discussing the subject of trans-rights. He just wants to say whatever he wants and not be criticized. His response today was that he will not “bend” to anyone else. And he’s now whining that he’s the real victim. You know, the usual.

In any case, as far as my friend….I don’t know. The last few days of silence from him have been even more damaging to what I think of him than the original argument. He and I are on the same condo board. Today there was a bunch of stupid back-and-forth between members and he would normally be texting me with “Can you believe all this stupidity!” But nothing today. He also knew and worked with Alec Baldwin. He would definitely have said something about what happened on the set of that movie. But silence. He no doubt thinks he’s the victim in all this. I’m still not sure what I will do tomorrow. I may do the obligatory text of “Happy birthday” and leave it at that. Sadly I must say the friendship is damaged. And again, his silence since Thursday is the main reason for that.

DYB, I’m sorry to hear that things are not going well with your friend. Maybe he still hopes you won’t forget his birthday and after a little while, you two might get together for that talk and mend things between you two. I hope this is what happens in the future.

I have never watched Chappelle and I never will. I don’t think it’s humorous to make fun of others, just because someone might think it’s funny. I’m sorry that his bs disguised as humor has hurt you and the LGBT community. He is an asshole.

Wow, DYB. The bits you mention of Chapelle’s “humor” … bleurgh. That’s just plain rude. He can be as unattracted as he wants to transpeople, but that does not allow him to start making personal comments. Even in private. To say nothing of in public. Jeeezus. Gross!

Anyway. Sorry that you’re having to deal with this, I guess it’s a betrayal in a lot of ways. A betrayal of your thought that you were friends with an undamaged human being. If you know what I mean. I’m not putting it very well.

“…he wants to say compare genitals of transpeople to veggie burgers. (That’s been one of his jokes.)”

Oh. I hadn’t heard or read that. That is awful. (Although most male transpeople haven’t had genital surgery so they look like regular males.) But then I’ve only listened to and read a few minutes of Chapelle’s performance. Definitely sounds like I won’t want to read or listen to anything more he says.

From the ones I’ve listened to, most transexuals (their preferred term) just want to live their lives peacefully, know they haven’t really changed sex and don’t want to invade women’s sports. In contrast, TRAs complained that a billboard with the dictionary definition of “woman” on it (adult human female) was transphobic and got it taken down. Yes, really.

DYB, it’s too bad your friend hasn’t contacted you since you last met. Or, maybe he’s feeling uncomfortable and isn’t sure how to talk w/you. If this is the only time he’s shown evidence of such views, maybe things can be patched up. Or if he’s unwilling to talk about the subject, maybe it is better to cut your losses. I’m sorry this happened.

“In contrast, TRAs complained that a billboard with the dictionary definition of “woman” on it (adult human female) was transphobic and got it taken down. Yes, really.”

Oh… Yikes! Now I see what quixote was talking about… I didn’t know. I’ve only seen documentaries of the first type – the ones who just want to live their lives peacefully and don’t want to invade women’s sports.

DYB, I’m also sorry you’re going through this with your friend! It’s disappointing (shocking really) that he thinks he’s the victim and acting the way he is – adding insult to injury. Hard to wrap my head around that one. I don’t give a shit about him – he sounds like an ass to me (sorry!), but for your sake, I hope the friendship (because it sounds like the friendship was/is valuable to you) can be mended.

D, thanks for the detail on Chappelle. I read his statements yesterday and he sounded super Trumpy. Playing the victim, unapologetically hateful, making stupid demands. He’s awful and no one should defend him, especially not someone who claims to be a friend.

I hope you and he can find your way back to each other if that is possible. He is absolutely wrong, of course, but I’m with Shadow and Beata – life and friendship are so fragile these days. I try to appreciate everyone I care for every day and be thankful for the time I have with them.

BTW, your friend has the same birthday as Our Girl.

It is HRC’s bday! I saw a few lovely posts from Neera Tanden and Amy Klobuchar to her. I also saw HRC post that for her birthday she’d really love it if people in Virginia voted for her friend Terry M.

Happy, happy birthday to our sweet Hillary. May you and Bill have much longer and happy lives.

HRC posting that for her birthday she’d love a vote for McAuliffe. That’s our Hillary!

Well, yesterday was rough. Had to put my cat Pippin to sleep. He was 14 and I had him since he was 6 weeks old. He’s been acting odd for a few weeks, eating less and less. Less energy. I took him to the vet and basically the diabetes (which developed very quickly because he had a full physical in August and everything was clear) had already affected other organs. He was obviously in pain. So just like that, this creature that greeted me at the door every day for 14 years was gone. Ugh. I plan to die before my dog does.

Oh no DYB! So sad to hear that.

Oh man, DYB. I am so sorry. Losing a fur baby – a member of your utmost emotional inner circle – is one of the most difficult things on earth. There’s just no bond like it. I never let people get that close. I truly feel for you.

Another take on the Chapelle thingy. That kind of humor isn’t my bag at all, so I still haven’t (and won’t) listen to any part of it. But according to that link, what he’s doing is saying horrific things about everybody to make the point that people never worry about antiwomen comments. Apparently he had gross antisemitism in there as well. Plus the “funny” bit about beating up women.

If that’s really what he’s doing, it is interesting that I hadn’t even heard about the violence against women part. It would kind of prove that point, if he’s making it.

Kind of a bizarre way to make a point. Sounds like bullshit to me. I could do without him being on my side (as a woman) if that’s the way he’s going to do it. But then, maybe his humor is just over my head. I don’t have a beef with transpeople. Probably because it’s just not part of my world. I’ve never met a transperson (at least that I know of). I agree that biological men should not be able to compete in women’s sports. To me that’s like doping, cheating. Plus, I really just don’t like the idea of men invading women’s spaces. Also, the point Luna made about kids – we should be a whole lot more careful about that. But I just don’t see them as the threat to women that some people do. But again, I’m not in that world and they aren’t in mine.

Now, if Chappelle went after MAGAts – that would be a whole different story (maybe he has and I missed it). MAGAts are not only in my world, they dominate it. They are a serious threat not only to women, but to the whole country. I still wouldn’t watch him, but I would appreciate that.

DYB – I’m so sorry about your kitty. Many hugs to you!

@40 – again, I’m thinking that if LGBTQ are offended that’s all I need to know. I don’t believe he’s making a point for one second.

As for misogyny in comedy, it’s far too common. I’ve tried so many comedy specials only to drop my jaw in shock as to how sexist and hateful they are. I’ve given up on them at this point. Sad but that’s where I am…even the women often jump on that train to get cheap, easy laughs.

So true, MB. Misogyny in comedy is rampant. I too have stopped watching them.

Correction: I did watch “Rosie O’Donnell: A Heartfelt Stand Up” not that long ago. I thought it was so good. I laughed and laughed. And cried at times…

I agree that it isn’t humorous to make fun of others. For example, I never make fun of people struggling with a weight problem. Trump is the exception – and in his case, I enjoy it a LOT. You know how people who have Anorexia look in the mirror and see a fat person even though they are skin and bones? Trump has the opposite of that. He looks in the mirror and sees a stud. The mind is an amazing thing.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”. John Milton

I’m not sure delusions are ever good (although the movie, “Lars and the Real Girl” made the case that a delusion can be a cathartic way to solve an emotional problem). I didn’t really buy it, but I suppose it could be true.

Delusion: “A fixed, false belief that conflicts with reality”. Delusions can be very dangerous, especially when shared by large groups of people. I watched, “Four Hours at the Capitol” on HBO and WOW. Hearing a few of the participants/terrorists talk was really disturbing – it was a glimpse inside their rotten minds and how they think – what they believe. HBO should have called it “Mass Delusion on Display at the Capitol!”.

I thought the documentary was well done – I could really feel the terror. Those people were completely deranged, unhinged, unmoored (in a word – INSANE) and bloodthirsty. But to hear them tell it, it was the greatest day of their life. Coming together with so many other “patriots” who think just like they do – all looking to save the country.

DYB, I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved kitty.

Thanks everyone. Rough week. Is it Friday yet?

I had a transman friend, a remarkable and remarkably intelligent person. He moved to San Diego, which was a five hour drive so haven’t hung out together in forever.

I’ve come across several trans students, most of whom just struck me as somewhat messed up. But I’m pretty sure most of that was just the standard messed-up-ness of late adolescence. None of them stood out as crazier than others, and a few were def less crazy. Young students are a wild bunch. I’ve only met one in person who had one of those trash can sized chips on her shoulder like the trans activists all seem to carry.

As you hear more about this stuff, PJ, you’ll find that none of the feminists jumping up and down and shouting about respecting the rights of women — from me and all the way up to Luna ;} and JKRowling — have anything against trans people. It’s funny, but your list of what’s okay and what isn’t is pretty much precisely what feminists point out, and for which they get labelled transphobes. Because the loudest contingent of trans activists doesn’t really have the feeling that women are people. They’re comfort animals who are refusing to do their job. It’s a gobsmacking attitude.

(Example? On the Twitmachine 2019-04-29 but gone now. A transactivist being asked how much damage to women from predatory men was an acceptable price for trans “inclusion.” “I have no idea that’s the motherload of loaded trolley problems. Too many variables All I’m saying is it isn’t cut and dry. There is a point where the amount of violence towards women is justified by the benefits to trans people.” [all typos etc in original] So a few rapes here and there are not a problem, because transwomen need to use women’s rooms because the men’s aren’t safe for them. *That’s* what drives feminists around the bend.)

DYB, I am so, so sorry that you’ve lost Pippin. It hurts so much to lose a furfriend. They give us unconditional love — feed them, house them, and treat them kindly and they’ll respond with love and snuggles. The physical presence of a soft-furred, purring creature is immensely comforting. A faithful little friend at the door, an affectionate or demanding meow of greeting, all these things … They are both a hurt to remember and a blessing. Helping our companion animals out of pain with a peaceful death is painful and yet is better than the alternative, not that knowing this makes it any easier. You cared very much for Pippin and I have no doubt he had a good life with you.

Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve is when the veil between the worlds thins, in some traditions, and the presence of the beloved dead are near. I’m very scientific in my healthcare practice but understand the power of ritual for other areas of life. I light a candle to burn through the night on Samhain in remembrance of my beloved lost ones, both human and animal. I put a few springs of rosemary near the candle, to symbolize remembrance.

The TRAs — who are seemingly indistinguishable from MRAs in their actions — are already saying this BBC article is transphobic and shouldn’t have been published.

Is a lesbian transphobic if she does not want to have sex with trans women? Some lesbians say they are increasingly being pressured and coerced into accepting trans women as partners – then shunned and even threatened for speaking out. Several have spoken to the BBC, along with trans women who are concerned about the issue too.

Posting this in a separate comment so Spammy doesn’t jail me for 2 links in the same comment. Note that Jones won’t quote from or share the BBC article, because then readers might see for themselves that it’s not actually transphobic. Frankly, I’m always a tad suspicious of women talking about “gay women” instead of “lesbians.”

Rosie Jones, who is a lesbian, addressed the piece on Twitter, calling it “transphobic.”

The star said in a tweet: “Thrilled to see that lesbians were trending, until I read why. “I am not sharing the transphobic article, but I AM going to say that that piece of trash is not the consensus of all gay women.”

This will be interesting!

Look at that little weird-o’s freaky haircut and beady eyes.
He is still the same aging frat boy that likes to look though peepholes into others lives.
Zuck needs to be held accountable.

Quixote, thank you for educating me. I mean it, sincerely. OMG! A few rapes here and there by predatory men is acceptable in the name of inclusion for transwomen? OMG! It is starting to sink in what drives feminists around the bend, as you say. I have to apologize once again for opening my mouth on a subject I am (admittedly) ignorant of.

I’m learning…slowly. I appreciate your patience – I don’t imagine it’s easy. I appreciate your willingness to explain things. MB has been good about that too. I seem to take two steps forward, one step back.

Thank you too, Luna. Informing me that TRAs are basically indistinguishable from MRAs in their actions. Now that’s something I can really relate to. That brings it home for me. And I had no idea women prefer “lesbian” to “gay women.” Just things like that – I’m clueless about. I hate that lesbians have had to deal with being pressured to have sex with transwomen. That’s truly awful.

I feel like I’ve been unintentionally gaslighting. Like… Is it really that bad? Yikes. And sorry. (I’m honestly not trying to be dramatic about beating myself up. It’s just a case of my eyes being opened more and more).

“He is still the same aging frat boy that likes to look though peepholes into others lives.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that said better! That’s him!

Yes, the freaky haircut and the beady eyes. He reminds me of Ash – the Android from “Alien.” Cold, emotionless and cruel – but who can mimic human emotions and mannerisms – well enough to appear human.

PJ – thanks so much for being willing to listen and learn. I so appreciate your commentary and participation in our community here. You are our emissary from Trumpland – the person who knows what it’s like to be a blue dot in a red sea.

Agree with all the comments about Zuckerberg. He truly seems like a psychopath to me. He’s developed a business model that literally drives people crazy (as you observed, PJ) with conspiracy theories and lies. He uses Facebook to undermine democracies like ours. Another piece of his platform, Instagram, is causing young girls to feel so bad about themselves that they commit suicide. I think he gets off on that – the power to change the world, but most importantly, to do maximum harm to billions of people.

He is more dangerous than Drumpf.

Good heavens, PJ, no need to apologize! I started out in the same place you’re at: of course everybody’s rights should be respected. I’m still in that place, like you. What changed is gradually realizing that TRAs don’t feel the same way about my rights.

Zuck? Always reminds me of those huge white grubs you find under bark or buried in lawns. He has a major Uncanny Valley problem. I mean besides being a pathetic waste of space.

Thank you for your kind words, MB. And yours too, quixote.

MB, I think you’re absolutely right about Zuckerberg. Just… absolutely right. I can’t add to that.

I don’t know how we get disentangled from that monster. He has his tentacles entwined into so many people’s lives (a reference to another horror film, “The Faculty”). In the movie, teachers were getting “infected” by an alien. The alien was then able to completely control them. It started with one teacher and then got passed on and on to others. The students figured out how to take out individual teachers who were infected, but it didn’t solve the problem. It wasn’t until the Queen was destroyed that the problem was resolved. (Yes, I watch too many movies and no, I’m not suggesting any violence towards Zuck). I’m just saying…

But I think quixote may be on to something. I still have a lot of Scotts GrubEx… Just kidding!

Oh DYB, so sorry to hear about the loss of your furry love. It’s been 14 years since I had to do the same with my dog (cancer) and it still hurts.

@60 – Wow, DYB.

Zuckerberg and huge white grubs! Yes, I get the same feeling about them both. Apparently he’s changing the name of his empire to Meta from Facebook, except for the Facebook app itself. Makes me think Metamegalomania.

@60, DYB, Oh I remember all too well the “overprepared” complaint about Hillary. Hades and damnation, we should be so lucky as to have a president who’s overprepared! Then the “calculating” insult. How about “analytical,” “assessing,” “considering,” all what good leaders and politicians should do, instead of charging headlong into action without any forethought. Groan

Not what I’d call a cute critter, but what amazing wings!

Aaaack! Here’s the critter:

I do not think Zuckerberg’s rebranding is going well….

@71: Love that limerick!

I just saw Zuck on PBS news as he was wandering around his virtual world. Very creepy. He seems at home there. I don’t think he is human.

D, I am deeply sorry about the loss of your dear kitty. Those of us who have been through the same experience know how heartbreaking it is.

I posted this definition of Meta a few hours ago, but looks like WD didn’t like me saying anything about it’s hero…

Meta –
One definition of this Greek word is transcending, or going above and beyond. In the computer field, it defines things that embrace more than the usual. For example, a metafile contains all types of data. Meta-data describes other data.

Zuck can’t help himself when it comes to praising himself for collecting, selling and using data that can screw everyone that uses his soul exposing programs.

May there be an intelligent hacker that can mine data and expose embarrassing things he has done in secret, to the public.

I was going to quote how Zuck came up with the idea of ‘facebook’, but I see it was been whitewashed on most sites. In part, when he was in college, he wanted to have a way for college students to meet, and for the guys to rate women they had slept with.

He zucked then, and he zucks even more now.

May Congress and the DOJ find justice and get after this pasty white weasel.

Love the comments about Zuck! And that vulture was just amazing.

Yeah, I forgot to comment on the vulture.

When I first started to watch that vulture clip, I saw this big bird that looked kinda like a turkey, so in my mind I was ready to make fun of him…then he opened his beautiful wings and I just had to comment, “Oh, wow!” He then side stepped, and made the front and back pose and he reminded me of those Victoria Secret angels, turning on the runway with those gigantic wings.

I think the vultures poses were more impressive, he tried to look as big as possible to show humans not to mess with him. Apologies if this bird is a female.

Most raptors exhibit sexual dimorphism — the mean size for one sex will be smaller or larger than that of the opposite sex — and the females are larger than the males. For griffon vultures this holds true: overall body size is larger in females excepting the head measurements. Those of males are larger than those of females. But that doesn’t help us much since we don’t know the size of that magnificently-winged vulture.

Yes Luna, size matters in raptors.

I am a little silly to feel a sense of female pride when I remember raptor females are much larger than their mates.

With Peregrine Falcons, the big beauties are the females, and the males have to prove thought out the years that they can serve her, in more ways than one, (also by bring her meals). They also bow and talk to each other first and then have sex, even it’s not mating season.

Opps, …even if it’s not…

D, am so sorry about Pippin. Hope things look up for you soonest.

Love the beautiful bird upthread and the Griffon Vulture. Amazing creatures.

Q @51, a few rapes are acceptable? I hate that guy’s attitude. It sounds like he’s saying we women should be happy to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of trans comfort. I don’t see much difference between the anti-women attitudes of straight men and trans women.

What does TRA & MRA mean?

Waving Hello to Roz and la-t-da! Long time no see.

Trans Rights Activist

Men’s Rights Activist.

By the way, I’ve been thinking about the gaslighting comment and, no, not remotely. There’s a difference between not knowing something and lying to someone to manipulate them. Not even related concepts!

I’m betting that was a “Who are you all? Why are you surrounding me? Don’t even *think* of messing with me. See how big I am?” Looked very good though 😆

Yes, annie. Pretty amazing attitude. And that’s exactly what he’s saying. That’s what I mean when I say that to people like that women aren’t humans. They’re some kind of comfort animals. (Except most of us would feel more for our comfort animals and understand their hurt more than this guy did with actual human women.)

Good point about gaslighting, quixote. Saying “unintentional gaslighting” is kind of an oxymoron. I feel better. 🙂 And I’m going to be a lot more careful about using it with other people too!

Good to see you Socal! You got the gist of it even without knowing what a TRA or an MRA was.

I loved the comments about Zuck. Great stuff! And that limerick is pure gold. Like Beata, I loved it.

Hi PJ! Good to see you too!

Men’s Rights Activist?!? That’s funny.

Q @51, Like your comments, especially about women being seen as comfort animals. I think that’s been going on forever. A couple years ago I was in a class with a couple of young trans women, and also thought they seemed depressed.

Luna @53: “The TRAs — who are seemingly indistinguishable from MRAs in their actions —” Spot on!

I wish people didn’t feel so distanced from their bodies. Most of the young trans turn out to be lesbian, gay or bi. Seems like culture over the last decade or two has become more hostile to LGBs, along with getting more rigid about sexist stereotypes.

Made grape jelly today! I picked lots of Concord grapes growing on an overgrown lot a few blocks away, which probably had a house on it until it slid in a winter landslide after heavy rains because the ground is so steep. I had to fight through the blackberry vines and climb into a fig tree to get to the grapes, which is probably why they were still unpicked. I get a hunter-gatherer high from finding free food, lol. BTW … anyone like green figs? I don’t. Maybe they’re an acquired taste, or maybe they weren’t ripe enough. I’m surprised it gets hot enough here to grow figs.

Luna, you amaze me with your outdoorsy adventures. When I was young, I loved to climb big trees. As I got older, I enjoyed keeping my feet on the ground and picking blackberries.

Outdoor food is a million times better than the hothouse fruit and veggies we get in the store. I bet your jelly is the best.

I don’t like figs either…no color suits me.

Luna, how fun! I used to love Concord grape juice and jelly when I was a kid. The taste is reminiscent of my childhood with my family in Maryland. My brother and I had a lot of fun together – we had many outdoor adventures ourselves. Back then, in the summers we would go out in the morning, run around and explore the area, play with other kids, stop in for lunch, then go out again. We wouldn’t be back till dinner time.

These days my mom would be arrested for parental neglect for letting young children roam around like that. But it was totally normal back then.

It *is* normal. What’s going on now is not.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who described the ‘flow’ of human creativity, dies at 87

“I was astonished to find that all those different people — rock climbers, basketball and hockey players, dancers, composers, chess masters — used very similar terms to describe their activities and the reasons they got so much out of them,” Dr. Csikszentmihalyi told the Chicago Tribune in 1986.

“They were describing it in terms of focusing of attention, the disappearance of self, the disappearance of the sense of time, the clarity of goals, the clarity of feedback. I call it the flow experience, because the people frequently used ‘flow’ in describing how they felt.”


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