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Lazy Weekend: Is McTurtle Losing His Mojo?

Posted on: October 9, 2021

Hello Widdershins! What a week. As usual, the Beltway press was salivating and the pundits were putting debt default countdown clocks on every show because McConnell Said The Republicans Wouldn’t Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling OMG! We’re all going to dieeeeeeeee!

But that didn’t happen, mainly because the Democrats threatened to nuke the filibuster. Apparently, McConnell didn’t think Manchin and Sinema would withstand the pressure from the rest of the caucus, who all want to do SOMETHING about the 60-vote rule, in this very dire situation. McTurtle blinked, and 11 Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling. And some members of his own Party are shaking their heads. Lady Lindsey, Ted Cruz and (of course!) der Drumpfenfuhrer are calling it capitulation. On the Democratic side, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer mildly and rightfully criticized all Republicans for bringing the U.S. to the point of financial ruin to try to win some pathetic partisan advantage. [Thanks for facepalming behind him, Joe Manchin – I don’t even have words at this point.]

Upon receiving bad reviews from the left and the right, McTurtle went on offense to try to make himself look less weak. In an embarrassing letter to President Biden, he sputtered in hypocritical fauxrage, lambasting Schumer and making hollow threats. Yeah Mitch, we know. You’re very powerful. Do you need some warm milk?

“[Schumer’s] tantrum encapsulated and escalated a pattern of angry incompetence from Senator Schumer … this childish behavior only further alienated the Republican members who helped facilitate this short-term patch. It has poisoned the well even further.”

Democrats argue it was McConnell who poisoned the well by refusing to co-operate with raising the debt limit, a step they took repeatedly with Donald Trump in power. Experts say a US default would be catastrophic for the global economy.

McConnell insisted: “In light of Senator Schumer’s hysterics and my grave concerns about the ways that another vast, reckless, partisan spending bill would hurt Americans and help China, I will not be a party to any future effort to mitigate the consequences of Democratic mismanagement.”

This is, of course, complete Kentucky Derby horse pucky. I’m sure you all know this, but I feel compelled to point out that all of the spending McConnell claims to be upset about has already been authorized! Indeed, $7T of it came from the maladministration of The Former Guy, and even if the Democrats hadn’t passed ANY spending bills in 2021, the ceiling would still have to be raised. This means that trying to prevent the debt ceiling from being raised doesn’t have any impact on future Democratic spending. At all.

The way this went down proves that the Rethugs are indeed terrified that the Democrats will alter the filibuster in some way, robbing them of any power whatsoever, and that McTurtle, despite all the ink and screen time the pundits give him, is not immune to that threat.

Let’s see what happens when the codification of Roe v. Wade, passed on a party line vote in the House in late September, comes before the Senate. Will the Democrats have the same energy to protect these existential threats to the health of hundreds of millions of Americans, as they did to protect existential threats to the economy? Will they finally nuke the filibuster?

When women’s rights are on the table, McConnell is armed with thousands of years of white supremacy on his side to defeat them. The Beltway press and punditry are already saying the House bill has no chance in the Senate. I sincerely hope they’re wrong, again.

Open thread, as always. DYB, this musical selection is for you!

81 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Is McTurtle Losing His Mojo?"

DYB, re my Crossfit question in the last post, thanks for the answer! I didn’t know about any of that history. (All I’ve really seen of it is walking past a Crossfit gym that always has its door open, always full of people making a lot of noise about being fit. Which isn’t that different from other mega-workout routines.) Now it all starts to make sense.

Hopefully the liberal takeover will continue and reach completion 😆

About the votes: I’m part of the great unwashed who is breathtakingly sick of everything hanging by a wire always.

For decades, Dems used abortion as a cudgel to get women’s votes, but when it came to the crunch, abortion rights were always the first thing traded away for any crumb at all.

In 2020 there was a giant turn out effort, enough to just barely get past the voterigging available then. So we got covid relief passed. Which IS a big deal. Still on the agenda: voter rights — without which everything fails — and real infrastructure. What am I starting to hear? Oh, we need an even more giant effort to elect Dems.

Hello? That’s what 2020 was about. You’re supposed to be using that to bloody well fix things now. This is starting to give me flashbacks to the abortion rights fiascos we’ve had since forever.

Anyway. Rant over for now. The thing is, I’m far from alone in just finally wanting *results*, and screw the inside baseball about why they’re apparently something only Repubs can get. The difference is I’ll keep voting against Repubs forever, but some of the great unwashed isn’t. And this is a real danger for Dems that they seem oblivious to.

Good post MB!

McConnell’s letter is such a blatant attempt to save face after people like Graham and Cruz publicly called him out for breaking their blockade. “I am not owned!” McConnell whined.

Of course we are going right back to this debt limit problem in a couple of months.

And MB thanks for the Madge clip! That’s the concert video of her Madam X tour, which she did with an injured knee. (She hurt herself during rehearsals and then did the whole tour with the injury, albeit cancelling a few shows.) I saw it 3 times at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It was a fantastic show. The video is currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+, but is coming to MTV as well.

Meanwhile Pelosi is with the Pope.

Annie, that’s a stunningly beautiful duck!

That duck is unreal! Wow.

Q, they’d better do something and fast about abortion. There’s just so much to fix. The Rethugs have been screwing things up for almost 30 straight years.

Democrats need to have some sort of tracer implanted in their spines so they can find them easily. It never works playing nice with the Republicans. Never.

Luna, I feel like they’re getting it now. Guys like Biden and Manchin are living in the past. Before Newt Gingrich there were some reasonable Republicans. Not any more. The whole Party is completely toxic.

Oh my goddess! Check this out. I’m speechless!

THAT would definitely get my notice! Amazing! And David Attenborough’s films are always enjoyable.

I always wear masks in any bathroom except those in my own house. Yuck!

There’s got to be something Biden can do!?

Wow that duck is a beauty and he won’t have any trouble keeping his lady duck interested. Look at how many lady humans are impressed with his colors. I almost need sunglasses to look at him.

Thanks for the new post DYB.

Hi Shadow, we see you!

Luna, I always wear my mask in public restrooms as well. Once we have a higher population of vaccinated people, maybe I’ll stop.

Jenny Cohn is amazing in putting her finger right on the nub of the problem.

*Very* interesting about this so-called “Democrat” who bails out Kushner as well as facilitating DeJoy. How do we get *rid* of all these leeches?

As always Our Girl gets it.

As always, Hillary is right.

I’m lucky to have this senator represent our state.

@22, Hillary has on her Presidential hairdo.

@22, 25, Hillary is always Presidential. (sniff, sniff))

@26 Luna, Wow! I didn’t know that, but of course it makes sense.

That nest is huge! Love seeing that in context.

Did y’all know Hillary wrote a book with Louise Penny (Beata turned me onto her a few years back)? It’s called State of Terror.

I bought it on Kindle and it’s being released today. Can’t wait!

I agree with Luna that Hillary is always Presidential, but she really did look fabulous on The View. The hair, the outfit. Damn Sam.

Totally a far second to what she had to say! but still… she looked great and yes, tears about what could have been.

I had the weirdest thing happen to me. My lawn. I know people are not interested in that but this is an open thread. 🙂 Ok, so there were brown spots on my lawn the last couple of months. I put grub stuff on, watered the hell out of it. Nothing worked. (Fortunately, other lawns in my neighborhood were experiencing the same thing so I didn’t feel like Satan was just targeting me). I saw that my neighbor called in a high priced lawn care service. It didn’t help. I was googling and googling and found out maybe it was a fungus. So I order this stuff. All of the sudden, my lawn turned green. No brown spots at all. Before I even put the stuff on! Freaked me out a bit.

This is a long story to say… Biden’s approval rating has dropped because of Covid. I think it was God’s way of telling me, Covid is finally dying out. Don’t worry.

We can try to fix things as much as we can. But in the end, it’s up to something else. (JMO of course – we all know I’m a little weird about supernatural things).

I agree, PJ. I’m not concerned about Biden’s alleged approval issues. As long as he gets the money in peoples’ hands by November 2022, we will do very well in that election.

Oh my gawd y’all. Jen Psaki is QUEEN!!

You’re not the only one, PJ, who gets a bit superstitious about the massive stuff we can’t control. Although I hadn’t thought of lawns that way 😆

Did you ever find out what actually caused the self-disappearing brown spots?

Quixote – you’re probably the only one who is interested in the lawn situation. 🙂 No I did not. I have no idea. We got a lot of rain one night and voila. The brown spots were gone within a couple of days. God tears? I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me.

PJ, was it a dry season before the rain? Were Jewish Space Lasers trying to kill all the lawns?

I can see those servers based in Italy changing the green levels in your lawn, PJ!

Great ideas, DYB and MB! LOLOLOL. (actually, I’m clueless about the servers in Italy, but it sounds promising). I’m well aware of the Jewish Space Lasers thanks to MTG and that could definitely be what happened. 🙂

I am so much of a fan of Captain Kirk, so glad he made it up and safely down at 90 years old!

The man can really talk, is funny and smart.
Way to go William Shatner!

Love Shatner! I heard that when he came down, Patrick Stewart was there to greet him. 💕💕

Well, today is the day Bannon and Kash Patel are supposed to report in to the January 6th committee. If they don’t, that’s when the Committee has the option to use law enforcement to hold them accountable. Despite all the yelling and drama about how the Committee isn’t doing anything about the subpoenas, today is the first day they have the legal ability to enforce them.

This x1Million

The play I wrote a long time ago has come to fruition. The woman-hatred in this country is mindblowing, especially if the woman is a minority.

Erm, to continue in Angry Staffer’s style:

Before you start reassuring me, yes, please explain why we need a vote before we can enforce a law?

Seriously. I’m really asking. I (and probably about 300 million people) don’t get it. Bannon & Co are breaking the goddamn law. I’ve never heard of needing a vote before enforcing a law. Doesn’t work that way for, say, speeding tickets. We, meaning ignoramuses like me, need a bit of explanation why bigwigs get to run out the clock. (These a-holes are just hoping to draw everything out till the Repubs retake the House in 2022. That’s the future they’re expecting.) What is the thinking behind needing a vote before the law is enforced?

@41. Yes, I saw that “You are now on the clearly marked highway to Gilead” news item. Bonechilling.

@42 quixote> It’s a House Rule.

Wonder if her recipe is bleach and horse de-wormer. Also, will we be able to tell if a Republican gets cognitive problems from Covid?

An Alaska GOP lawmaker banned from flying on the state’s leading airline for refusing to wear a mask, and therefore unable to travel to and from the state capital, has now tested positive for the coronavirus, she said.

State Sen. Lora Reinbold, a Republican representing an Anchorage suburb, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night that it was her “turn to battle Covid head on.”

“Game on! Who do you think is going to win?” Reinbold wrote of her infection. “When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe.”

Great seeing the elephants smashing and eating huge pumpkins.
They are celebrating my birthday a couple of weeks early and I like it.

Moderna just passed the first hoop to move forward with their booster. It’s 1/3 of a dose of the other two shots.
The booster might be available end of next week or soon after that.

J&J is also asking for approval,

Thanks, DYB. I’m guessing the House Rules are so time-consuming to prevent frivolous partisan accusations from going anywhere. Which is good. Doesn’t allow any adaptation for a party that’s gone criminal, though. 😦


@49: Oh, so precious. I could watch that all day.

When my mother was in the nursing home, she wanted a baby doll to cuddle and sing to so I got her one. She named it after me and would not let it out of her sight. One of the nurses told me that she had never known a mother who loved her daughter as much as mine loved me. That is a good memory.

@50> Oh Beata, that is a wonderful memory!

Yes Beata, that is a wonderful memory. It’s good to see you.

Otters are one of my favorite animals, they are so darn cute and loving.

I was not my mother’s favorite of three daughters, but I was the favorite of my dad.

I was the only one as a tiny girl that would get up at 4:30 am to go with him when he went fishing at the beach in So Cal, while I would drag home every shell I could find. He was my hero and although he is in Heaven, he’s still my hero.
I loved my mom, but knew she tired of raising daughters when I was about 9 years old.

Bill Clinton is in the hospital with sepsis, UC Irvine. He is responding well to antibiotics.

Hillary is there with him.

Oh no about Bill Clinton. At least he is responding well to the antibiotics. That’s a good sign.

I’ve had sepsis twice. The last time was the worst. Fourteen days in the hospital hooked up to my antibiotic PICC buddy. Veins collapsing, organs failing, telling my family goodbye over the phone (I was about 1000 miles from home). I was lucky to survive.

Shadow, that’s a lovely story about going fishing with your dad. It must have been nice to be a Daddy’s girl.

When I was little, I liked to fish with my grandfather. I didn’t grow up with my father around so Grandaddy was more like a father to me. Fishing and riding horses, that’s what we did together.

Beata, you must be a really strong woman to have survived twice from sepsis! You’re still a strong woman and that’s why I didn’t want you to change your name on the blog…

I didn’t like to fish, unless my dad or grandpa put the worm on for me. I also wouldn’t kill the fish, but I did like eating them. 😉

Sepsis is nasty. I had it once; no idea how I got infected, but I went from feeling pretty normal to being delirious with fever in a few hours. Fortunately I recovered quickly with antibiotics. But if I hadn’t gotten the proper care in time it would have had a bad ending.

Beata, what a sweet story! I think no one had a daughter who loved her as much as you loved your mother.

A Moderna booster for those 65+ and those at risk because of certain medical conditions or occupations may get FDA approval quite soon. I’m not sure the data really support this for the Moderna vax, in contrast to the Pfizer.

Several of the advisers pushed back on the notion that extra shots are needed for all Americans and said they worried the emphasis on boosters could distract from the potential of standard vaccine regimens to end the pandemic, which has killed more than 720,000 people in the United States.

“The effect of a booster is much less than vaccinating unvaccinated individuals — that means both here and abroad,” said Eric J. Rubin, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and a member of the advisory committee. “If we want to get out of this thing, we’ve got to vaccinate the unvaccinated.”

“I worry that we haven’t clearly defined what the goal of this vaccine is. If the goal of this vaccine is to prevent asymptomatic or mild infection, that is a goal that we have set for no other vaccine. … That is a high bar to which we hold no other vaccine,” said Paul A. Offit, a vaccine expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Beata, great to see you and thank you for sharing that beautiful story about your mom.

Sorry to hear about Bill! I hope he feels better soon.

That otter was beyond adorable!! The love is palpable.

Love all the nature videos and tweets.

Beata, I remember that you used to talk about your mother in years past. That’s so sweet that she cuddled a doll that she named after you.

That’s scary about Bill Clinton. I don’t think I’ve ever had sepsis and not really sure what it is.

This is a sobering article from Marc Elias at Democracy Docket. Marc is a well-known attorney, and his team fights tirelessly against GOP attempts to subvert democracy.

@ 61> Yes, Marc Elias is a force. He and his team fought I think literally every legal challenge to the 2020 election across the country. He just started his own law firm specifically to fight voter suppression, etc.

He is also the man who was privately and quietly paying for the Steele Dossier after Ted Cruz’s people stopped. Although he never saw the dossier and suspended payments on election day when it was no longer relevant. He saw the results for the first time when the dossier was published by Buzzfeed.

I retweet Elias a lot. D, that’s interesting about the Steele Dossier.

@63. Oh my God. *Best* way to fix a dent.

That baby elephant is so darn cute.

Luna @58,

IMHO, I am getting a real negative opinion of the Covid antivaxxers, mainly that their stupidity is causing all the deaths of unvaccinated people, children, health care workers that are killing themselves to save others, and allowing Covid to morph into an even worse mutation.

This damn pandemic will never end until they either die of their own choices or they get vaccinated.

Getting boosters will not prevent those people from being vaccinated, and we wouldn’t need boosters if they got the damn shot/s.

My older sister is on the crackpot bandwagon, no one in my entire family can talk her into getting vaccinated. She is in her mid 80ies and has RA and is stubborn as a mule. I don’t want to lose her, but I can’t change her mind either.

Those of us that have been safe are sick and tired of the nitwits controlling our lives.

I miss Fredster.

@68 Luna> Yes, me too. 😦

That baby elephant is such a pig!

@68: Those doxies are beyond adorable.

I miss him too. I hope he’s enjoying some college football today, wherever he is.

The more people and things and situations there are in my past, the more I miss them. Nor have I figured out how to make my peace with that. And it’s not something I could have learned in my 20s, when it was easier to learn things, because I didn’t have a past for all practical purposes. What’s worse is something tells me this isn’t going to get better. Hmph.

It does make me appreciate you folks here!

Shadow, re the unvaxxed incubating a mutant for us. Same here. I don’t care about them anymore.

I have endless admiration for the doctors and nurses who still do their best for them. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to, I’m that angry. (So I guess it’s good I didn’t train to go into health care.)

Probably hard to find, since we’re so overwhelmed with gun deaths, but I’m sure there are plenty of people killed with arrows in the US. And per capita, I bet it’s more than Norway.

And then there’s the brain- and heart-eating prion disease leaving us with husks like Boebert. That’s higher per capita too.

I miss Fredster too. I wish he were here at TW with us. Love the cute doxies and elephant!

I’m grateful for you too, Quixote, and all the Widdershins!

Great point about the Steele dossier. Hulu is coming out with a documentary in which Christopher Steele gives an extensive interview to George Snuffleupagus. It’s definitely on my watchlist.

The way that I deal with losing people is that I don’t believe that they are gone unless I have proof.

I choose to believe that Fredster is still around but is dealing with other priorities in his life right now.
That glimmer of hope is what eases my sorrows.

((Fredster)), all of us miss you and hope the very best for you, where ever you are.

This link is pretty interesting for those that like visuals on how global warming will flood parts of the world as temps rise. A current and future drag arrow allows you to see many cities around the world.

6 | DYB
October 9, 2021 at 2:47 pm
Meanwhile Pelosi is with the Pope.

What a journey it has been. Was just thinking of this post earlier today.

Record Breaking Drought
Posted by: la-t-da on: August 4, 2011

The civil war waged in-between the two, for all of us, only comforted, for me anyway, by the Holy Father Francis, “On Care for Our Common Home.”

I miss you all. So much to say. So hard to find the words.

I love otters too. My power animal. I live on a lake now where every once and a while I will get to see one. Saw a mink on the road going to the lake. That was cool. Beaver time coming for their dens in the Cypress Trees. Which is great but they mess up the white perch fishing holes. The Beavers normally win the fish battle between me and them. Maybe I will get to see an otter soon. The Otter Omen of The Widdershins.

Oh, started State of Terror A Novel today. So glad for the audio version.

Oh my G-d, la!

I was just thinking about you today. Truly I was. I wrote about missing Fredster and was going to say I how much I still miss la since she went on her pilgrimage. Occasionally, I will go back and read one of your old posts. It has been 10 long years. So much has happened since that time.

Did I conjure you up?

OMG la-t-da!!!!

Everyone, new post. Come upstairs!!

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