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Lazy Weekend

Posted on: October 2, 2021

Happy Weekend Widdershins,

Crispy weather is in the air and leaves have turned various autumnal colors. What will winter bring us? Is there a special winter skunk to forecast the weather??

Meanwhile in DC another skunk, named Kyrsten Sinema, left DC negotiations on the infrastructure bill and went to AZ to attend a fundraiser. She then released a statement yelling at the House for delaying the vote on it. That her own behavior is a big reason it is delayed is lost on her. She is an odd sort of person…a troll more than a legislator. Manchin, being from a deep red state, makes sense. He’s wrong, but he makes sense. Sinema is completely unpredictable, which is what makes her dangerous. She doesn’t have to act this way; her fellow AZ Democrat Mark Kelly doesn’t act like this. But she is just….ugh.

This is an open thread!

57 Responses to "Lazy Weekend"

Leaves are turning red and golden where you are DYB. Must be lovely.

Here in the Bay Area, the nights are going cooler but the days are in the mid to high eighties. Halloween is when the weather normally seems to go full blast into Fall, but with Global Warming…nothing is normal.

Sinema is a piece poop, she loves the attention and along with Manchin, they are derailing the Democratic party and 70% of the nation.

It’s 91 today in Santa Rosa! But we are supposed to cool down this coming week. And, we do have some lovely colors coming out. Happy Saturday Shinners!

I totally agree with DYB and Shadow about Sinema.

Jon Tester is probably my favorite senator. He manages to get elected from a backwards, T-Billy, gun toting, goat fucking state (when you live somewhere that cold, how else you gonna stay warm?) How does he do that?

I don’t know.

And he always does the right thing. Unlike Manchin. Or Sinema. He makes doing the right thing look easy peasy. Which it is not – not in a state like that.

I just found out Sinema’s name is pronounced like “cinema.” Hmph. I think I’m going to start saying Synema on purpose. 😛

Over on Susie Madrak’s twitter feed, she mentioned that some of the people who know Sinema from way back say that she behaves this way because she thinks she can bullshit her way right to the Presidency.

That actually makes sense in a total narcissist troll kind of way. Plus, I have to admit that recent history suggests it’s quite possible. She’s a female Trump.

(So it’ll never work, because female, but the megalomania does fit with the rest of her persona.)

I’ve been pronouncing Sinema’s name wrong then too. Thinks she can be President? Well, she wouldn’t be as bad as Trump, but that’s a very low bar.

People were so excited about her in the beginning. The 1st openly bisexual woman in Congress!!! I look forward to the day when politicians are judged by their policy stands rather than their sexual orientation.

Oh I hadn’t heard about Sinema’s presidential aspirations. And you are all right, chances of her winning are zero. Who exactly is her constituency? She voted twice to remove Trump from office. So she’ll never be welcomed in GQP. And Democrats despise her. Who does she think will vote for her?

And Quixote, you are right, she is quite Trumpian in a number of ways. Her statement today, blaming others for the problems he herself created, is extremely Trump.

Sinema is truly in la la land if she thinks she’s winning friends and influencing people with her self serving antics. Lord have mercy.

Meanwhile as the media dumps on Democrats every minute of every day, Rudy Nine Eleven is admitting under oath that there was not a single scrap of evidence to prove the 2020 election was stolen from Drumpf. Move on folks, nothing to see here!

Rudy saying no evidence Trump won? Lolol! TFG must be gnashing his teeth.

Did you see Sidney Powell has now been banned from all Trump properties and any phone call from her has to be “intercepted?” Amazing stuff.

And someone please tell me how Powell and Lin Wood have not yet been disbarred. And that Eastman guy who wrote the plan to overturn the election. Bill Clinton got disbarred for lying about cheating on his wife. But the others are ok to practice law? Madness…

Rudy is now just an old guy bleeding brown “stuff” off his head and farting in public (remember that? Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?). I can’t see him having another act. He’s just a fart in the wind. But who knows? Dump loves digging out garbage like that and bringing them back. Maybe if Rudy dresses in drag again?

Yes, madness, indeed DYB. Re Powell and Wood. And what happened to Bill Clinton. OMG. I think it’s hilarious Powell has been banned. 🙂

71% of the GOP/QAnon Party believes the election was stolen from Dump. Incredible. And scary.

Great comment, quixote @5.

I saw where “little or ‘lil’ tucks” (what I think Joy Reid calls Tucker Carlson) went to Hungary to find out how they pulled off that trick. To destroy a democracy and replace it with fascism. He wants to know.

I bet the Hungarians were looking at him like “please. is this the best America has?” A nasty little toddler with a big mouth?

But I don’t underestimate Tucker… He is far worse than he looks.

Susan Collins is like most Republican women I know. Sweet, little old “harmless” ladies that consistently vote to destroy other women. Susan is from way up North, but she acts like a southern belle. Why your Honor, I had no idea voting for Kavanaugh and would have such a disastrous effect on women. Now I want to make a faux attempt to change it.

I am totally shocked that Susan Collins EVER did the right thing. But she did on healthcare. And it was only because there was a political gun to her head.

She voted for the rapist to the Supreme Court, but not Barrett. Again, only because there was a political gun to her head. She’s a monster hiding in a nonthreatening body (and her voice – geez that voice gives me chills – but I think it makes most people feel safe – nonthreatening) and the people of Maine bought it.

The people of Maine also bought LePage (sp?). There are obviously some maxiweirdos hiding in that state.

Good point, quixote. That’s true.

I have a friend who said Susan Collins talks like she has a 10 pound tongue. Just to lift it takes enormous effort and it comes out th, th, th.

That’s mean (but I did laugh). Harmless stuff compared to what Susan Collins has done.

I agree PJ, some of the most evil people have the least threatening faces and manners. And Susan Collins DOES talk like that!!

MB, my friend (and I) loved that you agree about Collins and how she talks. 🙂

And also about evil people.

Wow, Shinners. Wow. Facebook and Instagram have been down for hours!

@19, thoughts and prayers. Also LOL.

Biden administration reverses Trump rule barring federally funded family planning clinics from abortion referrals

This is interesting. I wonder if there is evidence of 1/6 involvement…

On Susan Collins: Harry Reid once said that she is always there with a vote you don’t need.

On the ACA vote: there are people who argue – and I think there is this distinct possibility – that she only voted to keep it because nobody knew McCain would vote to keep it. If she knew he’d vote Thumbs Down, she would have found justification to get rid of it.

Her quote that Republicans would consider raising the debt ceiling if Democrats abandon their entire infrastructure agenda is almost funny in its gall. And based on history, Democrats can agree to every Susan Collins demand and she’d still vote against it in the end. (See her original ACA vote.)

Susan Collins is shocked, shocked that Brett Kavanaugh wants to change the US into a gun-toting, woman-killing, theocratic dystopia.

She is worse than useless – she is evil!

@23, DYB, that is interesting. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a connection. Cops in other parts of the area have been found to have been in DC on 1/6.

DYB and MB – agree, agree, agree!! I hadn’t considered that – about the ACA vote – but that makes total sense to me. She’s awful! and still at it.

On facebook – it still terrifies me. I think it’s proving to be far more destructive to the country than Fox News ever hoped to be. And it’s run by a monster who still looks 10 years old.

Zuckerberg doesn’t look dangerous – nerdy, geeky, maybe. Not at all like the sociopath that he is.

Looks can be so deceiving. I was just thinking of Matt Lauer (who I always found attractive – charming, boyish). WOW. What a monster. I saw the monster when he was interviewing Hillary – something was just OFF. But it was so much worse than I imagined.

PJ> Zuckerberg is an absolute sociopath. So is Cheryl Sandberg.

More on the raid of the Sergeant Union’s NYPD offices: they also raided the home of its president Ed Mullins. Now former president because he resigned a short while ago. Mullins is a rabid racist, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, etc. An absolutely awful human being, vicious and malicious. FBI raiding his home in addition to the office makes me think we are going to find out something very very ugly. FBI would normally notify the local police about a raid. In this case they did not notify the local cops where Mullins lives. And in their letter announcing his resignation from the union, the board did not do the usual “we thank him for his many years of service” nonsense. Which makes me believe they know we are about to find out something very very ugly. Mullins is an evil man. QAnoner too.

There is another head of an NYPD union, Patrick Lynch, who is as evil as Mullins. I want to see that ratbastard go down too.

@30; That’s insane, Luna! OMG

@12 Correction: Joy Reid calls Tucker, “Tuckems”. “Tucks” is a hemorrhoid wipe. 🙂

Zuckerberg to me has always looked like a total creep. Possibly that’s because almost the only time I’ve paid attention was during one or another Congressional hearing. He has such bizarre human-adjacent jerky expressions, when he’s not looking weirdly blank, that if somebody told me he was really a badly built robot or an alien who flunked his human behavior class before volunteering for the invasion, I’d believe it!

Yeah, Zuck is ugly to me, space cadet and a pasty white weasel that is only out for the money, and more money.
He’s an ugly stain on the history of technology.

I can imagine him in a mental institution with an adult bib, drooling and playing with a Rubik’s Cube, alone in the corner.

D, that NYPD story is very interesting. I want to know more!

As for Zuck, I agree that he is a horrible person. And, I don’t think he is making the business decisions either. He only knows technology. I hear Peter Thiel is the man behind the curtain there, which is incredibly scary.

Quixote and Shadow – great comments about Zuck! OMG so funny! (And sad and depressing…). Spot on.

DYB – thank you for the information about the NYPD. I hadn’t heard of any of that. I had no idea about that.

I also have never heard of Peter Thiel – thanks MB. I need to look him up.

Thiel has real brains. Not enough to understand what he’s doing to other people, but more than enough to take what they’ve got. He’s a horrible horrible horrible ghoul.

And he managed to buy his way into a New Zealand citizenship in, like, 3 days a few years ago. He’s like so many other billionaires: knows quite well he’s turning the world into hell and wants a bolthole. Horribly (everything Thiel touches needs that word) NZ was fine with being for sale to a human stain like him.

@41 That’s hilarious!

@42, DYB, I think either one of my cats would have woken up much faster!

DYB, I have a — how should I put this? — rude — stereotype I can’t shake. Curious how it fits with your experience, since you’ve actually done Crossfit.

What is it with female Congresscritters and Crossfit? Pure coincidence? Or is the training known to morph the brain into a muscle? Thinking, of course, of Sinema & Three Names Greene.

Don’t know how many male congressional crossfitters there are and whether they’re all obnoxious too? (More obnoxious than “normal” male congresscritters.)

Nor do I know if any normal female congresscritters do crossfit without wearing it as a badge.

So anyway, my question is how much overlap is there really between being gung-ho on crossfit and thinking you’re God’s gift to the planet? :boggle:

Tesla is moving out of CA to Texas.

Elon, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

Yup, restrictions on manufacturing will be like the wild, wild west in Texas.
Pollute the planet all you want down there…take your crazy wife with you.


Shadow @46, his crazy wife is not so crazy. She filed for divorce a while back.

Moving to TX, even Austin, after they decided women weren’t human enough to have rights, is a giant turd dumped on everyone, women or men, who think women are people.


Grimes filed for divorce? He’s been divorced 2 or 3 times before her.

Well, it looks like everyone but Bannon caved and is cooperating with the Select Committee. If he doesn’t cave today the criminal referrals will be coming.

Don’t believe the Rick Wilson BS.

Yup. Grimes.

DYB? Curious about the crossfit, if you’re around and you see the earlier question.

“Moving to TX, even Austin, after they decided women weren’t human enough to have rights, is a giant turd dumped on everyone, women or men, who think women are people.”

So true!! Thank you for saying, quixote. Also loved your comment about Thiel…

I hope DYB responds about crossfit. Crossfit here is a status symbol. Not at all about getting in shape and getting healthy. EVEN HERE – in Podunk, USA!

I remember John Smart getting all turned on about Paul Ryan doing P90X.

Tucker says kids wearing masks is child abuse – the same as beating a child. If you see it, you should call the police immediately.

You can bet I’ll have my phone ready to make a lot of calls to 911 on October 31. /sarc

He is so fucking insane.

Protecting kids (yes, some childred have died from covid) and protecting people from being infected by kids is … child abuse? I don’t have enough eyes to roll at this.

Where are we headed on abortion rights? With red states legislating against abortion rights? Blue states will end up having to codify abortion rights. An underground railroad is inevitable. Texas has tried to preempt this with a bounty on anyone helping a woman get to a blue state.

This is nothing new. See the story of Harriet Tubman. Or Nazi Germany. If you helped a Jew, you were the same as being a Jew.

Red states passed into law, anti-gay marriage… Gay people had to go to a handful of states to get married. At one time, black people could not marry white people. See The Loving Story.

But there was a place to go – to get justice. To the Supreme Court. Not the case anymore. As it stands now, blue states will be sued over abortion rights and they will lose when it gets to the Supreme Court.

@45 quixote> Just saw your question on CrossFit! With CrossFit, there are a lot of right-wingers in it and they tend to be loud. I’m not entirely sure which came first, the loud-mouths or CrossFit. Maybe it’s a mutual attraction. I know, for example, the reporter Garrett Haake is also a big CrossFitter. As is Don Junior…

CrossFit started as a fitness routine for cops and the military before going “public.” And it’s still big within those communities even as others embraced it. There are workouts, the so-called “hero WODs” (workouts of the day) that are benchmarks within CrossFit. They are named after fallen military and cops who were CrossFitters. They tend to be very difficult workouts. For example, every Memorial Day all American CrossFits do a workout called Murph. It was named after Michael Murphy, a Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life in Afghanistan saving several comrades. (The movie “Lone Survivor” is basically that story.) There are a lot of workouts like that. So the community has a very high regard for military/cops/etc. Which is hard to argue against since these are all dead soldiers. But within the community there is a huge right-wing component that tends to be loud and obnoxious. Although there is also a huge counter community that is extremely socially liberal. About a year ago the creator of CrossFit (a loud libertarian) had to resign and surrender his company after making shitty remarks about George Floyd. The people who took it over from him tend to be people of color, so there is an attempt to rebrand it. But that original right-wing America First crowd is not going anywhere.

BTW, “Murph” workout is:

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 sit-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

All wearing a 20 lbs vest (which is comparable to the gear Marines have to wear.)

It’s a workout that existed without the 20 lbs requirement and Michael Murphy did regularly while wearing the 20 lbs vest. It had a different name at the time. After he died his CrossFit gym asked CF HQ to rename it after him since it was his favorite workout. They did, adding the 20 lbs requirement. Having done this workout several times (without the 20 lbs vest!) I can tell you it is horrific. That final mile is absolutely soul-crushing.

@55 – They are expecting Bannon to cave, at least they were when they wrote that.

I have no doubt criminal referrals will ensue if he doesn’t, now that we have a lawful DOJ and President.

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