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Lazy Weekend: The Walls Are Closing In

Posted on: September 25, 2021

Happy Saturday, Widdershins! I hope you all had a good week. The Mango Moron did not, “bless his heart.” Here are a few things that went wrong in the delusional world of The Former Guy.

The truth is coming out about the non-violent part of his coup attempt on January 6th. One of Drumpf’s attorneys, John Eastman, gave Mike Pence step-by-step instructions as to how to invalidate the electoral votes of the states that provided Biden his landslide victory, and then to throw the vote to the House, in which case the Republicans would prevail. Pence tried his darndest to obey those instructions, but since they came from the outer rim of Pluto and not the Constitution here on Earth, he was not legally able to do so. It doesn’t matter for Drumpf though – a plot to take over the government illegally is still a crime, even when it (BARELY) doesn’t succeed.

Speaking of January 6, the House Commission has issued its first subpoenas to a veritable who’s who of der Drumpfenfuhrer’s inner circle (including, finally, Steve Bannon). Per its chair, Bennie Thompson, it’s “just getting started.” These days, Merrick Garland is in charge of the DOJ, and not Satanic teddy bear Bill Barr, so a Congressional subpoena actually means something, and these people (and others to come) WILL be compelled to testify. Despite 45’s pathetic attempts to paint this commission’s finding’s as partisan hoo-ha, the Committee has prominent Republicans as members, and has even hired Republicans as attorneys and staff.

Trump and his allies have loved to paint the committee as just another partisan witch hunt. Congressional Republicans largely went along, fighting the panel’s formation as a bipartisan group. But the committee’s most prominent staff hires aren’t snowflaky lawyers from the bleeding-heart liberal bastions of America. They’re conservative Republicans to the core with backgrounds in the Air Force (Riggleman) and as a clerk for one of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court (Wood). They can’t credibly be accused as fake Republicans. Whatever the committee concludes will be presented by Democrats and Republicans. Arguments that this probe was motivated by Democratic partisanship just won’t stick in the same way.

Not that surrounding himself by dyed-in-the-wool loyalists will keep The Former Guy safe from reality. Even the Arizona Frauditeers were forced to admit Biden won Arizona…by MORE than before! Same with Mark Kelly, the Democratic Senator who handily dispatched the unloved Martha McSally in 2020. Despite the results showing that the only errors were in allocating too many votes to him and Martha, Delusional Don still declared victory and tried to command that Arizona declare him the winner, same as he did with Georgia. If his mental illness and gaslighting weren’t so terrifying, it would be hilarious.

“There will be no decertification of the 2020 election – the audit does not call for one, and even if it had, there is no lawful way to decertify. As we have every step of the way, Arizona will follow the law,” the governor said.

This poisonous toad and all his enablers must and will be held accountable for their treasonous and criminal actions, and I cannot wait. Open thread, of course!

58 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: The Walls Are Closing In"

Great post MB, sorry I was late to respond but was feeling under-the-weather since last night.

I can’t wait until der Drumpfenfuhrer’s law suits and trials finally start rolling in like the massive waves on the North Shore of Oahu in the wintertime. Every squirm and gasket he blows will make me happy that justice has finally caught up with him.

MB – great post!!! I think the lack of comments means we are all in shock and awe (but speaking for me only). I love the way you say things.

I am laughing my ass off about Arizona. Martha is a white woman that makes me hide in shame. So happy she lost (even bigger). Gawd.

The threat is still real. Very scary. Too many people wanting to overthrow democracy.

All good re the lack of comments! I’ve been busy getting ready for a business trip and haven’t been around myself.

Have a safe trip!

Came back from 3 days in the mountain — good weather first 2 days, then cloudy with some drizzle. The heavier rain held off until we were driving back, so good timing. The alpine larch are starting to turn color to a luminous gold. I love these trees. Huckleberry, vine maple, and mountain ash were yellow, orange and red. So beautiful against the dark green of hemlock and fir. I walked around marveling at all the saturated color — felt as if I was walking through a fiery landscape but without the heat. Lots of different mushrooms out, including some nice edibles — porcini and chanterelles; came back with about 9 pounds of them together. Chanterelle soup! Mixed mushroom pizza! I’ll also dry some of them for winter use.

Luna @8, that sounds ***wonderful***.

As for the mushrooms … ***jealous***!!! 😆

Luna, your adventure and bringing 9 lb of mushrooms home sounds wonderful. Do you have a cabin in the woods or use a tent?

Have you heard any good news of when Moderna will have it’s booster out, seems like Pfizer is way ahead of the game.

Pfizer is a Fortune 500 corp who’s been doing vaccines since forever. Moderna is a startup. Considering how much catching up they had to do, they’ve done phenomenally well. I know that doesn’t make your specific situation any better, but there is one other factor. Moderna puts about 3x as much wallop, to use a technical term, in their vaccine (which is one of the reasons there can be more side effects from it). So the immunity conferred fades a good bit more slowly than the Pfizer. You’ve got time!

Plus, if you really really really want that booster, I believe (??) it’s just another shot of, exactly like #1 or #2. (Luna? Is that right?) So just find an amenable doc or Nurse Practitioner who’ll give it to you?

Be sure to wait 8 months or so, though. It is possible to get over-vaccinated.

Great stork video! Welcome back, Luna.

Can you believe those Rethugs voted to shut down the government. WTAF. They are the slime that formed on the surface of the scum of the earth.

Thanks for the Moderna info Q, I am six months out from the last vaccine in March and am over…psst, xx…don’t tell, so I qualify. Yes I knew Moderna packed a punch, but I worry about Delta and having to be afraid all the way thought next spring. I will keep what you say in mind.

BTW, I hear the Moderna booster will only be a 3rd of the dose as 1& 2 and may have a regular flu shot added in. ???

Luna, glad you had a wonderful trip. Mushroom soup sounds glorious! So does the pizza. I remember those mushrooms and those beautiful trees.

Storks video is amazing! I still hope to do a trip to the bird place in Stanley Park someday.

Quixote and Luna, have you heard anything about people who got the J&J getting a booster, and could we get a Pfizer or Moderna booster, or would that be a bad idea?

Also, my family had some bad news today. My brother has a breakthrough case. He says he feels mildly bad. We are all scared. This is our first (and hopefully last) family member testing positive.

Annie @18

Good to see you. Sorry to hear your brother has a breakthrough case, but the good news is that he might feel a little sick, but shouldn’t end up with a serious case of Covid, and may pick up some extra immunity along the way. Sending good thoughts to you and your brother that his Covid will be very mild.

So far what I am learning about the J&J booster is they are working on it and it seems as though J&J is doing well against the Delta and should pump up to in the 90 something % when the booster comes along.

Seems like Moderna and J&J might take about a month longer than Pfizer to get their boosters, fingers crossed.

Annie, one more thing I have heard is that boosters of Pfizer are not recommended to people that have received vaccinations of Moderna or J&J. Will that change, who knows.

Liz Cheney was trying to say that there’s a difference between people who voted for Trump and blah, blah, blah. There is no difference. She would vote for Trump again. She’s a white nationalist. She just doesn’t want to feel bad about it.

My sister is pro-choice but always votes Republican. Same thing. She’s fucking over women, but doesn’t want to feel bad about it.

Like DYB said – a Nazi is a Nazi. They should own it. Liz voted for Trump and she would do it again. That makes her a Trumpist. A rotten POS.

Liz makes me think of this from JoJo Rabbit:

“The girls will practice important womanly duties such as dressing wounds, making beds, and learning how to get pregnant.”

The response from the lady…

“I’ve had 18 kids for Germany. It’s such a great year to be a girl.”

My favorite line from the Movie:

“We’re like you. But human.”

Shadow thanks for the update!

The Trumpists will not get a single dime from me. How dare they try to make money from their moral cowardice?! They should be in jail for treason if they served in his administration.

I totally agree, MB!

If only the picture of white male supremacy didn’t look like that – that picture of Dump. Grotesque. If only Hitler had blond hair and blue eyes and non-rotting teeth. If only Himmler had a definable chin (reminds me of McConnell – poor guy and his lack of chin) and eyes that didn’t need cokebottle glasses. If only Hermann Goring didn’t look like a bloated, toxic gas bag.

Maybe you could sell it. Right? Put all your chips on physical characteristics when you look like that?… whoa, that’s brazen.

But they did it! They did sell it. People bought it. And Dump, the used car salesman, sold it right here in America. To every single loser.

@ 24

“I should have spoken up before”…is worse than not saying anything at all.
No one wants to hear your on going lies, excuses and your parading your cowardness in public.

Go to your little girl bedroom and boo hoo into your tiny pillow.

Take all your GQP friends with you and give each other tiny plastic trophies, and share unvaccinated tears and kisses with each other.

I feel like we’re in that moment. When Domestic Abusing Daddy has been taken away and we all feel tentatively and momentarily safe. It was scary. And bloody. Not at all easy. Daddy has a lot of friends. But he’s gone now.

And Step-Daddy has moved in. All the aunties are here.

So why does it not feel safe? Because everyone around me wants Trump back.

I received a robo call today. It was talking about how we as Kansans, don’t want “critical race theory” taught in our schools and something about preserving our white heritage. It spooked the fuck out of me. It felt like Satan himself, was calling me. I was hitting the button, delete, delete, delete.


I feel like I’m the canary in the coal mine – I’m just letting you know. The heartland has a rotting heart. Covid is a serial killer, but he has nothing on white supremacy. Like cancer, it’s growing. Fast.

side issue, PJ, but what you said made my mind skedaddle to that great cartoon of a nonplussed couple driving through flatlands, passing a sign:

You are now leaving the heartland. Entering the digestive tract.

That’s perfect, quixote. 🙂

@18, annie, I hope your brother will be OK. Nearly all break-thru infections don’t get bad enough to require hospitalization for oxygen or ventilation. They can still make you feel bad, but it’s nothing like what the condition would be if unvaccinated.

@29, PJ, “preserving white heritage”? WTH do they mean by that? Would that be Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Russian, Viking, Vandal, Roman? Slavery or the Suffragette movement ideal? The Magna Carta or Mein Kampf? I could go on, but it’s just ridiculous.

Shadow, I use a tent. Can’t afford a 2nd home in the woods, and anyway when backpacking you can go to different areas.

Quixote, I also found a Satan’s bolete! Boletus satanas. I’d never found one before so it was pretty cool. The pores are red, and they have a stupendously bulbous base, nearly as big as or bigger than the cap. Also a several clusters of Fried-Chicken Mushrooms (don’t know why the name; they’re not supposed to taste like fried chicken.) Lyophyllum decastes. Alas, I hadn’t seen those before and only brought a few home to ID. Plus I was running out of room to pack them out!

This trip was on the eastern slope of the Cascades, and I’m not as familiar with the fungi there as I am with the west side. It would have been a great area for a leisurely trip with a collecting basket and a field guide. There were so many species fruiting!

Boosters and 3rd shots and mixing vaccines —

We don’t yet have enough data so it seems confusing, but lack of firm recommendations is unfortunately the case in situations like this where there are variants popping up. Trials have started which do mix-and-match in people and look at the outcome. This is my impression from reading the recent medical news:

Moderna effectiveness stays high (IIRC in the 90s%) even at 120 days past 1st dose, so there is no clear need now for Moderna recipients to get a booster or 3rd dose.

Pfizer effectiveness goes down further than Moderna (IIRC 77%) at 120 days, so a booster for it should be given about 6 months after the 2nd dose.

The J&J is less effective over time than either of the above vaccines, and can and likely should be followed a few (6?) months after the initial dose by another dose, or better still, the Pfizer or Moderna as a 2nd or booster dose.

There’s also talk about using a half-dose of the regular Moderna dose as a booster.

CDC recommends that people with moderate or severely — but not mildly — immune-compromised conditions get a 3rd dose, which can be either Pfizer or Moderna.

CDC decided to go against the recommendations of its subcommittee that healthcare workers and others with high-risk occupations get boosters.

As far as just what is a booster, and what is a 3rd dose? Hell if I know exactly. I haven’t seen the terms defined very well as far as their usage.

The medical center where I work is going ahead with boosters for patients, but hasn’t decided if we rank-and-filel healthcare clinicians should get them or not. (eyeroll) Wonder if upper management has, though.

“file” not “filel”

Luna @35, thanks so much on the info about boosters!!!

I asked if you camped in a ten for a dwelling, because…I hate bugs, and have never slept in a tent. VW camper was as close to camping as I got. 😉

You are very brave in the woods and I admire you for it.

Shadow, midsummer can be awful for mosquitos out in the mountains (not in the lowlands). Fall is nice because they’ve all died out. A tent is nice because of the mosquito netting. As for being brave outdoors — it’s not the 4-legged critters I’m worried about; it’s the 2-leggers. There are places I wouldn’t go on my own, but there are plenty of other places, especially off-trail where you can get away from the riff-raff, lol.

Sad story, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this man had also declined the covid vaccine.

A man awoke to a bat on his neck and declined a vaccine. Weeks later, he died of rabies.

@33: Exactly, Luna!

I’ve never liked football. People purposefully giving each other brain injuries. For sport? Same thing with boxing. And we all act like that’s a normal thing. Pay big money to see it. Isn’t that sick?

I watched the movie “Django Unchained” and there was Mandigo fighting. I’m like, OMG. That’s football.

Time for another cute critter!

A couple more things to say again about boosters from the last medical paper I read today — it most likely doesn’t matter at all if you mix and match different brands. The opinion to not do so seems to be made purely on the basis that it’s untidy to mix brands. The exception is that the J&J people would get better protection with a Pfizer or Moderna booster, as those 2 are more effective. However, there is a J&J booster in the works (just to be confusing).

Don’t get a booster earlier than 6 months after your last jab, and it won’t make much difference if you wait a few weeks after that 6-month mark.

I would rather get the Moderna or Pfizer for a booster, since I had a bit of a reaction to the J&J. Hopefully, they’ll let me get it in Nov or Dec.

My brother is feeling much better already, even wants to go back to work. Thank goodness he was vaccinated when he got it.

Cute owl!

Glad to hear about your brother, annie!

Re mixing and matching boosters: that was the impression I got from the research papers too. I gather the main objection from the companies is that they haven’t done controlled studies with specific protocols so they don’t want to say anything definite so whatever happens is Not Their Fault. But there is zero reason to expect anything to happen except increased immunity. We don’t know exactly how much increased because there haven’t been enough controlled studies with specific protocols…. I think some are in progress, though.

Annie, good to hear your brother is better! Yes, I’d recommend you get a Pfizer or Moderna jab as your booster if you initially had the J&J. And the expectation is that people will have fewer adverse reactions to the boosters than they did with the first injections.

Q, Yep, Pharma is averse to empirical reasoning, but to be fair they do have to stick with the FDA-approved use or be charged with attempting to influence off-label prescribing. Can be expensive (not that Pharma isn’t rolling in $$$ already).

Also, there’s a fair amount of controversy if antibodies are the only pertinent metric for immunity. What about the T cells? This gets argued about in my subspecialty in relation to reduced antibody response but normal T cell response after vaccinations in patients on CD 20 blockers.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual!

Joe Manchin is in a terrible spot. Much like LBJ found himself in. Like Lincoln. To do the right thing or get killed politically or literally. Living in a country that is still occupied by white supremacy.

Sinema needs to go. Arizona is actually a place (unlike WV) that could elect someone better.

WVs are poor as shit. But they love Trump who shit all over them. I guess that’s how cults work. Shit on me some more. We can’t get enough. I’m white!! Seriously, it’s a miracle that Manchin was ever elected there. I have no room to talk. If it was Kansas senators we were talking about… no hope or a prayer that they would do the right thing.

@48 WOOT!

Btw: *love* the owl. All owls have huge eyes, but this one’s are even huger. Does it specialize in flying around in caves??

Yes, the evidence coming out about T-cell immunity is fascinating. If I remember right, that’s why kids, and to a smaller extent women, are less KO’ed by covid? They (meaning “you scientists” 😆 ) need to figure out how to turn that back on for all of us.

Re Alex Jones – that is great. I hope they fine him a kajillion dollars.

@52, God is it good to have real human beings as presidents!

I messed up my comment @ 49. I’m sure quixote caught it. 🙂

Do the right thing *and* (not or) fuck yourself, or not. It costs to do the right thing. See Claus Von Stauffenberg.

Manchin selling his yacht could feed a lot of starving kids in WV. Not a good look.

Jones needs to go to jail.

Annie, so glad your brother had a mild case of Covid.

I mentioned a couple of months ago that the Kaiser I go to, ran out of Pfizer and gave second shots of Moderna to Pfizer patients with no problem. Not sure about J&J since those vaccines came out later.

What progressives are doing right now makes me think of the movie “Denial”.

“You know what people will say?” She says. “They’ll say I’m a coward. That I was afraid to go on the stand because I would lose.”

“They will. It’s the price you pay for winning.”

“Your conscience, yes. They’re strange things, consciences. The trouble is – what feels best isn’t necessarily what works best. I mean, by all means, stand up, look the devil in the eye. Tell him what you feel. Why not? It’s very satisfying. See what happens. And risk losing.”

Progressives need to stop being the enemy of the good.

“And risk losing… not just for yourself. for everyone.”


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