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Lazy Weekend: Reflections on 9/11

Posted on: September 11, 2021

Today marks 20 years since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I’m thinking about the immense impact that day had on our country, not least because we had the wrong leaders.

Because we had the wrong Mayor of New York on 9/11, the city’s emergency response center was moved to the World Trade Center and was destroyed in that attack. Because we had the wrong President on 9/11, we were plunged into two seemingly endless wars, costing trillions of dollars and killing, or deeply wounding, hundreds of thousands. After 20 years, we are finally out of both wars, neither of which we won (they were not winnable in any meaningful sense); but the damage of these wars is incalculable.

I was in Manhattan on 9/11. Recently, I found out that a woman I know was not just there, but a first responder, in her capacity as a mental health professional. I thought you all might be interested in her recollections, recently published in a local Palo Alto paper.

In reflecting on the horrors of 9/11, today I am also thinking of a more recent terrorist attack: the violent coup attempt of 1/6/21, when the outgoing President of the United States planned, orchestrated and then watched the action in a tent close by, as though it were a wrap party for The Apprentice. How far was the journey from George W. Bush, who launched wars on feelings to steal oil and minerals from brown people in other countries, to Donald Trump, who launched an insurrection to steal votes and power from Black and brown people in our country?

In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t as far as it seemed. If Republicans are willing to lead our country into 20-year wars abroad, it’s not much of a stretch to understand that they are also willing to lead our country into endless wars at home.

Wars of white supremacy, for profit and their own glory – they are the GOP’s modus operandi, now and forever. That’s something we should always remember on 9/11.

Open thread, of course.

92 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Reflections on 9/11"

A very good and useful connection to make: between having the wrong leaders and the worse trauma.

Thank the Goddess we have at least a couple of years reprieve right now.

Yes, indeed, Quixote! Well said.

Great post, MB. I’m feeling sick today. I was never a huge fan of Al Gore but I feel absolutely certain that 9/11 would not have happened under his watch. And who do we have to thank for fuck-up Pet Goat reading disastrous W? The same type of (5! I’m talking about only 5 fucking people! who had the power to fuck us over so bad.) people and who now have the power to enforce forced birthing. The dictionary is going to have to come up with a new definition of “supreme” because my God. Geezuslordhavemercy. They are anything but. But I know MANY idiots who Luuuv Junior to this day. We live on a sick planet…

Gawd… Drumpf is looking more and more like “Fat Bastard” everyday. He’s so repulsive!! And the perfect poster child for “Republican”. So gross! But that’s the kind of thing that some people jack off to??? I don’t get it.

Yes, quixote, I too, am grateful for this short reprieve.

This is still a very sad day.

Sad for all the American deaths, family’s and friend’s mental torture from their loss, and sad for all American’s to see and realize we can be damaged so severely by just a few people.

Isn’t it ghastly that believing in a God or Higher Power can lead masses of humans to do the most terrible things to others with different beliefs.

Mob religions and countries that are led by narcissistic, sexist men lead the world’s worst wars and endless deaths.

May God/Goddess/Higher Powers punish these men for eternity.

Trump ended up going to some police precincts in NYC, where he was surrounded by his fans, NYPD cops. He took many pictures, gave many thumbs up and photographs. Basically Trump celebrated 9/11. He also attacked Joe Biden in is speeches.

Gavin @ 56% today.

Drumpf was the one who said on 9/11 that his building was now the highest in Manhattan.

Soulless psychopath!!

BYW that was, of course, a lie!

TFG isn’t at the memorial services? Couldn’t have guessed that. /s

I can only begin to imagine what it would be like to be a mental-health clinician at 9/11. I do some basic mental-health work in my practice; it’s part of caring for the whole person. But even with that small portion of my time I can feel drained. So much of mental-health care is listening to the person, being with them, and witnessing the expression of their sorrow. Somehow that lessens the burden. Suffering and death are facts of life and 9/11 was a concentrated, excruciating example.

Great post MB, love the Seth Meyers clip.

PJ @5, agree with you. God knows how different things might have been if the Supremes hadn’t stopped the Florida recount. In the early aughts I read Al Franken’s book and the book by an anti-terrorism guy (can’t remember his name) who worked for Clinton, and they both said that Clinton had a smart group of experts monitoring the terrorists and they wanted to stay on so they could keep the new admin up to speed, but W and his creepy staff ignored them and gave them the boot. I hate to see these things forgotten.

Shadow @9, that’s great news! We need to badger our reps to get rid of this insane recall law. It’s a humongous waste of our taxpayer dollars and who ever heard of someone getting to oust someone already in office with a fraction of the votes?

Luna @11, I can’t even imagine how draining and depressing it would be.

Retweeted that tweet. Hope the firemen see it and realize how inappropriate and heartless it looked.

@15 – love that.

Shadow, I do hope this whole recall process is permanently removed from California’s repertoire. The QOP are trying to use it to recall other Democrats across the state as well: there’s a DA in my area who is also on the ballot. They’re saying she killed someone drunk driving, which I’m sure is a typical BS smear job. My guess is she’s investigating some Trumper and the wackadoos don’t like it.

Let’s face it, the Thugs are running scared. They can’t get elected honestly so they’re trying to rig it all across the country, using any and all means at their disposal.

As for TFG, his narcissism and psychopathy know no bounds!! Of course he is unable to show empathy for anyone’s suffering and is trying to make the day about him. He is mentally ill.

@18, DYB, There used to be a dog like that in our neighborhood — if anyone walked by the dog would bark furiously and stick its snout through a hole in the fence, growling.

@20, MB, well, good on Dubya for saying that. And at least he wouldn’t have oozed up to Putin.

Dogwood is hysterical.

The tiny dog with the huge chain is really funny. I bet it keeps some humans from petting the little guy.

Yes MB and Annie, I want CA to get rid of this BS recall forum. It’s only a waste of money, giving Dems near strokes for a few days and let the wackadoodle, unqualified GOPeers have their 15 minutes of fame.

Former White House drug pusher – now Representative from Texas – who once said Trump was the healthiest POTUS ever and weighed 175 lbs.

@29 – saw that!! Love her…ten years later they act shocked that she knew what she was talking about 🙄

@29. Of course. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Doing both.

@26, re Ronny Jackson getting vaxxed because of Pelosi edict:

Mandates work!

@29, Lolsob.
There’s been “growing evidence” for thousands of years you bloody privileged dolt!

I think of Fredster every time I see a dachshund. (sniff)

@21, I wonder how heavy that chain is?!

If Fredster is with his beloved pickle eating sweet puppy baby and his Mom, he is very happy and I’m happy for him. I know he would want the same for me some day and everyone else here. He had a big heart like that.

No one knows how this works…

I want Fredster to be happy and I want evil men to pay like Shadow was talking about.

But no one knows how it works… until then, I get to believe what I want.

Well-said, PJ!

I have similar hopes for Fredster, I wish him the best wherever he is. He is greatly missed.

Today is the recall election day! Fingers and toes crossed, but things are looking pretty good. Note that Newsom and the Democrats energized the vote in a very strange situation, but the media is trying to spin it as “bad news for Democrats” that they had to get out the vote. Jesu Christe.

The latest video from Meidas Touch. Warning – it contains actual quotes from QOP about rape that should never be uttered by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Deplorable doesn’t begin to describe it.

Governor Newsome is crushing the GOPers.

Go Gavin, go!!!!!

The QOP is toast in California!! Yuge lead.. Yuge..

Gonna end up 65 to 35….

MSNBC has called it. The recall had MASSIVELY failed. Suck it Drumpf!!


In the Olde Days I wouldn’t have even been worried because Nobody Would Ever Recall Newsom To Install A Black Drumpf.

These days, I’d never dare be that much of a fate-tempting optimist.

So, massive relief.

Really glad to see the Cali recall fail. Seems like the MSM is still going on with their Oh No Isn’t This Bad for Dems shit.

I’ve had it with Trump administration people who come out after he’s out of office to finally talk about how bad it was.

Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new book says.

‘Peril,’ by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, reveals that Gen. Mark A. Milley called his Chinese counterpart before the election and after Jan. 6 in a bid to avert armed conflict.

So happy that Gavin had a kick ass win! I thought he would win, but this is amazing, like 2-1. Now if we can only get legislation passed that makes the losing party, or entity, have to pay for all of the costs for the election. That would put an end to this outrageous bullshit. I read someplace that the recall law was created in 1911 or something?

@35, yes, he loved Dachshunds–his favorites! He used to send me emails with links to various Dachshund shows. He especially loved the long haired ones. Also, emails about music, and sports, especially college football. He would chat with my dudes about it. Fredster & I go back to 2008, we both had endured recent tragedies and would stay up all night talking. I really miss him. ❤

My son spent some time digging on the internet the last couple of weeks to see if he could find some mention of him (his real name) but nothing. We used to send each other those Jacquie Lawson internet cards, but the last one I sent him was never opened. 😦

Great stories, Socal. Thank you for so much for telling.

And way to go California!! Thank you Calies!! Y’all rock! Sending out lots of love to you all. I had the TV turned off because I was honestly too afraid to watch. I knew it was a tipping point. But this time, the pervs got owned. Not the libs.

It’s starting to feel like that moment when the tide turned on the Nazis. They couldn’t lose and then they couldn’t win… Like when the tide turned on the Confederates. The Confeds lost, but it’s not at all like when the Nazis lost in Germany. They’re still at it.

Freaking McConnell is sounding like the white dickwads in “Mississippi Burning”.

McConnell says “the states, not the federal government, should decide how to run their own elections”. He doesn’t want the feds interfering with their business.

He sounds a lot like these lines from Mississippi Burning:

PJ @ 37> Hear hear!!!

So relieved about California, especially the huge winning margin. Meanwhile morons on TV like Kasie Hunt was writing about bad this is for Newsom and Democrats. Just incredible. The media is broken and I’m afraid it’s beyond repair.

@48 Annie *hugs*

Fredster also loved Effin’ Birds:

Re the landslide in California…As I said a while back, mathematically it would have been really hard for Newsom to lose given that there are literally twice as many Dems as Thugs in this state. In my county (Sonoma) 80% of the vote went to Newsom! But after Drumpf I know we are all a lot more cautious, and rightfully so. I just didn’t understand the panic and predictions that it would be close. Turned out it was mainly because of a couple of outlier polls that were jumped on by the media and promoted as legit.

“Not all polls are created equal. It’s pretty easy to misconstrue the results of an outlying poll to create panic and drive an outlandish narrative. A pair of polls in late July appeared to show Newsom in danger of getting recalled, kicking off a summer of anxiety for California Democrats.

“First, there was a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll on July 27, which showed that likely voters were just about evenly split on whether or not Gov. Gavin Newsom deserves to keep his job,” wrote Ben Christopher of CalMatters. “A few days later came an even more alarming set of figures from SurveyUSA: A majority of likely voters, 51%, wanted to fire Newsom, compared to a mere 40% who did not.”

The Berkeley poll’s emphasis on “likely” voters weighted it towards Republican voters while the SurveyUSA poll contained a wording error “which may have led some respondents opposed to the recall to misidentify themselves as being unlikely to vote,” according to SurveyUSA’s official explanation. But the press pounced and the damage was done, though in retrospect, the poll probably should have been taken with several large grains of salt.

Love the stories about Fredster – Annie, thank you for sharing. So sorry he has fallen out of touch with you as well. 😦

Yes to socal’s and everyone’s memories of Fredster. I wish he was here. Maybe we can do the occasional Effin Bird though, to celebrate the time when he was here.

re @55 about the polling. I’m not sure that panicking Dems is all bad. I suspect it’s part of why our votes are at 66%. Minus panic, Dems can have too relaxed an attitude. Somebody else can go to all the bother of finding a stamp and a mailbox. Too much anxiety may be better in this case than too little!

@58 – Sure, we shouldn’t be complacent, but I don’t equate that to panic. I think the Democrats did a great job of investing in driving turnout and impactful messaging. For example, Newsom said the AFL-CIO was a huge factor in his landslide victory – they made over a million calls telling their members to vote. In addition, I personally received texts from the California Democratic Party asking me how and when I was going to vote, which I thought was excellent.

On the topic of the Tex-ASS abortion low, this is phenomenal!

LOVE the suffragette white on Pelosi and her near to center placement for the picture. The woman knows how to make a point!

@60, 61: Yes! That’s awesome!

@51 – DYB, I think you’re so right about the media. It’s very depressing.

Is Kasie Hunt still relevant? Gawd.

Yes, Fredster sure did love the effin birds! Me too. 🙂

I saw some of the testimony from the four Olympic athletes. Gut wrenching. That FBI agent… I hope they get justice for him. He needs to rot in prison or hell.

The FBI completely failed them, the Olympic ruling committees, etc. What authorities with power could they trust to do the right thing? There was no one. But maybe now the Senate? We’ll see.

No doubt, there needs to be a team of women in charge of handling horrible situations like this. I’m thinking of women like Kimberly Atkins, Barb McQuade, Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks… Women willing to rip the balls off someone like Nassar the second it’s brought to their attention.

My take on the polling for the recall.

There was a point in the polling where the public was polled, not just by Berkeley Public Policy, but other parts of CA at about mid-level for both parties. It was early in the recall when the ones speaking out were mainly rabid deplorables. The news media started talking about how close the election would be, as if the Dems would turn on Gavin. Most people knew they already had their ballot, and had 6 weeks to fill it out and mail it back. Plenty of time, no need to panic…but the news media had to make it into a circus and freak voters out.

Newsom was talked about as if his big dinner at The Chinese Laundry was the worst sin a guy could pull. He apologized and everyone in the media thought he should be recalled for this. On and on tossing spears at his back, hoping to take him down and prove they were right.

One dumb ass woman on CNN last night, a Rethug, talking about how Gavin should be recalled for taking his French clothes to the laundry. Everyone on the show laughed at her and explained, The French Laundry is an expensive restaurant in San Francisco. I am still laughing at what a fool she displayed herself to be on nation TV.

Yes it was the damn media again that makes a mountain out of a freakin’ mole hill. If this is the worst thing he as done, look at all the creeps that refuse to wear a damn mask and get vaccinated. How many people have they KILLED?

I am sick to death of the media ‘pointers’ that act like they are the judge and jury of all political leaders.

Hillary’s damn innocent emails and how no one likes her, destroys her career in politics, despite the fact that she wins the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes.

Cuomo gets booted out without a hearing, he is ganged up on by the media and it’s a political lynching for his career. How many lives did he save in NY, and save across the country with his daily Corona updates. He sure schooled me on a lot, and I thank him for that.

At the same time Cuomo was being drug into the mud, the media was also attacking Newsome.

One would think Newsome was some crackpot, locking down CA for sport, and everyone in the state hated him. They got some of our blood pressure up to a boiling point and it turned out, all those trash talkers were full of $hit.

What is the new way for the media to act, tell the truth, Hell no.
Scare the crap out of voters so in fear, they are running to the polls.

Is this what our politics have come down to, one super creep buys electoral votes, pushes the most qualified person out of the way, and lets all the crazies have the run of our country and media.

Democracy is hard, keeping it is hard. I just hope the best and our brightest keep fighting to keep America, the home of the brave and the free.

Rant over…

Love the rant, Shadow!

On the topic of The French Laundry, it’s up here in Sonoma County, in Healdsburg. I thought it was in poor taste for him to go there but it was really a nothing burger. The media flogged it to death, thankfully to no avail.

There is no one to blame but Republicans for losing all their elections since Drumpf came on the scene. (Drumpf lost his first election by 3 million votes and only won the electoral college by a few thousand, but they acted like he won by 10 million votes and had a mandate.)

Republicans have become the party of gun nuts, woman-haters, anti-science lunatics and traitors. For some reason the media continues to blame Democrats for winning elections against these deplorables, instead of putting the blame where it rests – squarely on the QOP’s shoulders for embracing America’s worst qualities instead of its best.

Shadow, re media scaring the crap out of voters, yup, but I’m guessing what they want is not a run to the polls. More like a run to the clicks.

Anyway. Panic or not, at least we’re on the good end of this particular circus.

Onward, as our favorite person says.

Now the FBI is getting roasted for also failing America with the sham rapist investigation of Kavanaugh. And I want to know what really went on with those NY FBI agents against Hillary. The FBI has got a real misogyny problem and it is finally getting some sunlight with those incredible women’s testimony today.

And Texas is out of control. It wouldn’t surprise me if they decide rape is no longer a criminal offense in Texas. That’s how you get rid of the rapists, right? You just say it isn’t a crime. If you don’t believe women have a right to say “no”, then there’s no such thing as rape. Seriously, nothing they do from here on would surprise me.

My apologies for believing the folks on CNN that The French Laundry was in San Francisco and not in the Napa Valley.

It looks like a cute place that holds private dining events…I’d like to try their French food some day, and will take my French clothes to be laundered. 😉

A friend of mine was able to visit FBI Headquarters in 2020, she said in most rooms there was a tv turned to Fox News.

I know you’ve all heard me rail against gender self-ID before, but yes, this is an example of why it’s dangerous for women, as well as messing up the crime statistics because male criminals are classified as women.

Luna @69

That’s bs this male creep might get put in a woman’s prison because he doesn’t like himself as a man. Boo hoo, I hope the women show hairy ‘Emily’ that they don’t want Emily around them either.

Some women in prison can be as nasty as some of the male prisoners.

Part of me thinks this is the sweetest little farm family of animals I have ever seen, with the cutest little barn. The pecking order with the couple of goats as the main protectors. How the hawk is chased away and the other little animals on the back right side come running to see how the chicken is and they run into their cute little barn.

I always get an uneasy feeling when I think of how there was a human with a camera, perched in the right place to take a video of this. This is a big raptor that has fed off of the animals on this farm before.

@73, Shadowfax, yep, the Homo sapiens mammal who just sat and video’d it on his phone.

@63 Shadowfax, and the thing about The French Laundry incident is that Newsom and his guests were following the guidelines of that area. They did not break any rules. The press, using GOP talking points as the narrative (WHICH THEY ALWAYS DO) turned it into a big scandal.

BTW, I think Thomas Keller owns The French Laundry?

PJ, that FBI NY investigation wrapped a short while ago. The report basically said so many people in the NY office were leaking to the press that they could not pinpoint who did what exactly. And they were using their official FBI phones to do it. While investigating Hillary’s “inappropriate” use of government-issued electronics. Literally the whole office was doing it so they couldn’t hold anyone accountable. I suppose firing the whole office is too much trouble.

On all the fuzzy math reporters are using to justify declaring Elder the real winner of the CA recall.

76 DYB

I fully agree and that’s why I pointed out that they hold private events at the French Laundry.
Here’s a little of the info posted at the link on @67 above:

Chef Thomas Keller visited Yountville, California, in the early 1990s to find a space to fulfill a longtime culinary dream: to establish a destination for fine French cuisine in the Napa Valley. In his travels, he came across a rustic two-story stone cottage. As he walked into the restaurant’s quaint courtyard, he knew it was where he had been headed throughout his career.

As wacky as the recall is in CA, (and I hope it’s changed to make it more difficult to pull the lever to get whackadoodles on the ballot), the person that would replace him is at least in the hands of the public, unlike NY.
“Why isn’t California’s lieutenant governor automatically made governor after a recall?

In some states, such as Oregon and Michigan, if a governor is recalled by voters, the secretary of state or lieutenant governor automatically gets the job. But California law states that voters must choose who replaces the governor in an election. Of the 19 states that allow recalls of state officials, most leave the choice of replacement in the hands of voters.”

Wow, I didn’t expect the link to the NY Times to have such a big banner to post their link.

At least we don’t have to put on our glasses to see it. 🙂

Luna, couldn’t agree more about gender ID. Going to a women’s prison isn’t punishment for that creature – it’s a fantasy come true. What an idiotic and misogynist decision.

As for the FBI, PJ and D, that institution needs to fire most of its male workforce and hire women to replace it. I can promise you they will suddenly figure out who’s accountable for defending and protecting rapists like Nassar, Boof and Drumpf.

@76 – DYB, thank you for that information! It’s freaking horrible and total bullshit, as you said so much better, but at least now I know. They’re not going to do shit just like they didn’t do shit about Boof (that’s great – hadn’t heard that before) or Nassar.

When the problem is that big what do you do? I love MB’s answer!!

I really like Kathy Hochul. I saw her on Lawrence O’Donnell and she was all in for helping the women of Texas. Isn’t that freaking great? I thought she was awesome. Great move, NY!!

Great piece by Glenn Kirschner on the sham investigation of Kavanaugh by the FBI. To summarize – the fix was in.

Here’s more on the monumental waste of time and money that was this recall process. The QOP is unrepentant of course, and delusional, thinking their uber minority craziness is some kind of popular movement.

Orrin Heatlie, the retired Yolo County sheriff’s sergeant whose group, the California Patriot Coalition, organized the recall, told Fox 40 in Sacramento on Wednesday that the state’s recall laws should not be reformed.

“It’s a very difficult process as it is,” Heatlie said, noting that his petition drive was the only one of several efforts to recall Newsom to go forward.

“If they were that easily done, then it would be something that people did all the time,” he said. “Very few of them get as far as this one did, for good reason. It’s a very difficult process as it stands.”

Heatlie compared his group to the “Bad News Bears,” saying recall proponents were “the underdog all the way.” He argued that the effort was worthwhile despite its failure to remove Newsom from office.

“I think it did affect a change, because the government officials here in Sacramento know that the people are paying attention to what they’re doing and we’ve raised concern,” Heatlie said. “We generated a conversation that’s needed to take place in California for a very long time. And I think as we move forward, this momentum, this movement, is going to continue to grow and go.”

Uh, no. No it’s not.

“And I think as we move forward, this momentum, this movement, is going to continue to grow and go.”

Uh, no. No it’s not. (MB) Nope, not in CA.

He can take his growing, smelly movement to Texas…along with all the other Trumplickers, and let the these crackpots kill each other with guns or covid.

Go away you hypocritic bedbugs.

It’s so Orwellian, isn’t it? The “pro-life” group is also pro-gun. I know reality/truth doesn’t mean much now, but I’m still pretty sure the only purpose of guns is to end life. They love guns/death so much that not even Sandy Hook, Parkland and a Texas shoot out in a small church (and other things I can’t think of right now) have any effect on them whatsoever. So kids got killed? BFD.

At least they’re consistent with their Covid response. They love death. How else to interpret?

Maybe we can finally start calling them what they are.

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” They are PRO DEATH.

And Shadow made a great point. Darwinism might kick in and they’ll kill each other off.

PJ – I definitely think they are Pro Death. I’ve been using that frame for several years now. All their policies kill people who aren’t rich, white and straight – it’s because they are soulless and psychopathic enough to want everyone who isn’t like them to go away, permanently.

Their attraction to death is so extreme that they are overwhelmingly killing their own base with COVID.

Speaking of how the deplorables love death, how about abortion?
Save the fetus from a raped women, a baster husband that rapes his own wife when he controls and brutalizers her every waking day.

You NEVER hear a Rethug talk about taking these full term children and raising them in their own homes. Nope, they just expect the mother to shut up and raise that kid well. Poverty, who cares? Sweep the problem under the rug, make a speech that all is well and rape will never happen.
Shut those rape victims down, close your eyes to men that abuse.
I’ll stop here before I get myself all wound up.

Happy Friday all, stay safe.

Take good care Fredster, you are greatly missed.

Sorry, a bastard husband…..

Heard there was a 4.5 (?) earthquake near LA? Hope any Widdershinners in that area are OK!

Luna @90

Me too folks in SoCal


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