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Posted on: September 4, 2021

Hello Widdershins!

With hurricane Ida wrecking Louisiana I know everyone has asked about our dear Fredster. Madama B and I have the sad duty to let you all know that we have lost track of Jim. We simply don’t know where he is. He was having health issues early this year and took some time off from this blog where he’d been a vital member for so many years. Last text message I had from him was on May 4th. I told him that everyone here was asking for him and he said that meant a lot. My following attempts to reach him were futile. And a couple of weeks ago when I called his number, a stranger answered and said there was no one named Jim there. Madama B has tried to get in touch with him as well, but to no avail. Online searches for his name also returned nothing. So…here we are. I guess all I can say is wherever Fredster is, I hope he is happy.

This is an open thread.

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DYB, thank you so much. No way this post was easy for you to write. I love that music score SOOOO much. Beautiful and perfect. A light in the midst of darkness. I’ve been worried – not knowing about what’s going on with Fredster. It’s so unlike him not to at least check in with MB or you, DYB (he’s a people person, unlike me). And not responding to Socal? He would never do that. He’s like Chatblu – a beautiful soul.

But we don’t know… I hope he is flying with angels. Here or there.

I barely know what to write. When Chat died ( I believe it was Fredster who told us), we could mourn her passing and celebrate the life of the Chat we knew. But not knowing what has happened to Fredster is terribly difficult.

There are so many memories I have of Fredster. The ones that are the strongest are of our mothers and how we fought for them to receive good care in their last years and how much we missed them when they were gone.

I hope he is okay, wherever he is.

This year+ has been so goddamn fucking awful in so many ways. Too many to count.

Pardon my French.

I’ve been seeing him in my mind’s eye going for walks in City Park. Now I’m not sure where he’s going for walks. A heavy year.

I’ve imagined Fredster spending quiet time at home with Bubba, the stray cat who adopted him. Now I wonder if he is with Chloe instead.

Thanks D for writing the post. We knew our Fredster deserved his own forum for us to share our feelings and thoughts.

I remember when he was a commenter and I reached out to him to become a poster. It took a while to convince him but we got there eventually. Soon he was a whiz with WordPress and helped our Chat post as well. So many memories. I hope he is okay out there, or if not, is with Chloe and his mother and father.

Oh, Fredster, I hope you are just taking more time away and are chilling out with Bubba. If you’re in the Summerland with Chloe, you are content.
I and everyone here miss you.

Yipes, I don’t now what to say.

Was the accident Fredster was in, life threatening? Was he seriously ill?

Fredster I will miss you and hope that you are happy, where ever you are. Every time I see a photo of a doxie, I think of you.
Every time I look on the right hand side of this blog, I think of you.
Take good care.

Lots of lovely photos at the hashtag.

Lovely hummingbird pix, Luna! Was just our back goggling at the Anna’s hummingbirds in our back yard.

Shadow, Fredster had more health issues after the accident. 😞

Earlier today, my hubs and son just asked me to get hold of Fredster so they could talk about football. His favorite college team is playing a Los Angeles team. I told them I wish I could. This is so sad, especially not knowing for sure. Quixote is right, this is a heavy year.

DYB, that is a beautiful Chopin piece. You always find the best stuff.

Shadowfax@8, beautifully said.

That crowned woodnymph! Wow.

Hey all! Yes, the not knowing for sure is rough. It really is just difficult to find the words.

@10 that’s a gorgeous bird! Nature creates the most beautiful things!

Also, love the hummingbirds. Here is another:

@16, so cuuuuute!

I just watched Cinderella on Amazon Prime.

This version is uplifting and more for adults than children. No, there isn’t any sex in it, but there are songs that are good, one by Queen and others you’ll be familiar with. They sing and dance in the story, and the end of the movie is a song and everyone dancing that is great.

Personally, I would give it high marks and will watch it again.
There are plenty of scenes that show women breaking out of their chains and standing up for themselves.

It is a fun movie.

I hope Fredster will forgive me for the following rant.

As men (and women) are currently riding roughshod over women’s control over their own bodies…

I just want to pause for a second. Men (in general) are not pro-life. They prefer guns to their own penis (guns are phallic – everyone knows that, right?). Guns end life and the penis starts life. Men are willing to die to protect their guns because guns are the penis they wished they had. (even though they certainly have tried to use the penis to kill with all the sexual assaults). But if they were forced to choose, I think they would say, “take the penis”. “I prefer the right to kill.”

It’s just astonishing to me.

I’m not talking about any men here!!

I’ve been needing a lot of cute animal pics lately.

@20 PJ> I agree with you!

@19 Shadow> I’ve been wondering about that movie. Glad it’s turned out fun!

My exciting life: I’m crocheting a little sofa for my cat, using a beautiful deep rose colored yarn. Luna posted a picture of a cat sofa on SD. Apparently they are a thing. That’s how I got the idea. Adorable!!!

Happy Labor Day, Widdershins! Happy Rosh Hashanah (beginning at sundown)! Happy New Moon in Virgo! It’s a gorgeous day here. Perfect weather. I’m going to enjoy it.

I’m surprised D doesn’t want to adopt the cuddly owlets. They are so cute.

Sounds very cozy, Beata! Happy Rosh Hashana to all who celebrate and happy Labor Day. And happy birthday to me, I’m 54 years young today. 😎

Happy Birthday, MB!

Having your birthday on the day when the New Moon in in your Sun sign is a very powerful positive aspect.

Thanks, Beata!

Really? That’s very interesting. I’ll take all the positive aspects I can get!

Happy birthday, mb!

With a rose-colored sofa, I hope your kitty is black! 😆

Happy Birthday MB.

Thank you, MsMass! Great to see you.

Shanah Tovah! May the coming year have sweetness and all the honey cakes be tasty!

Happy Birthday, MB!

And hello, MsMass!

@24, Beata, I think crocheting a sofa for your tortie cat is cool! I wish I could see it in progress.

I wish we could sit and crochet, knit, and spin together.

I want one!

@37, that’s a walking teddy roo bear!

Happy Birthday MB!!!

Thanks all! Adorable roo!!

@42 What a wonderful video!

@42 – amazing. I can’t believe how she instinctively knew the people were there to help her and just let them disentangle her. She’s smarter than Republicans!

Great video of the connection of the humans to the Great Horned Owl, raptor. They were so gentle to her and she knew how much trouble she was in without their help.

Oh, NOW they notice it.

Thanks for the post DYB. I’ve been really worried about Fredster, too. I hope he’s just off taking care of his health. Mine has kept me from commenting more. After so many years we’ve been here conversing, I’ll miss him.

Hi GAgal! (waves) Wishing you good health.

What a wonderful owl video. Those talons! I kept thinking what they could do to tendons, ligaments and even bones if the owl decided to flex its toes. It had to have known it was being helped and not going to be harmed.

Good to see you ((GAgal)), I also wish you good health and send a big hug.

@51, opposites attract, I guess. Or sex-fetishist priest finds partner.

MEEP! Koalas!

I’d say Governor Hochul is on the right side of history.

I found a new bird site on twitter:

Happy Birthday MB!

And Hello to GAgal and McMass! Nice to “see” you both!

I’m with Jelani Cobb who was saying on the Robert E Lee statue coming down… He would like to see these confederate statues not removed, but toppled. He thinks they should be left in the public, laying on their side as a sign of defeat.

I think that’s a perfect response to the Fox News whining and crying about the left wanting to destroy/erase our history! Boohoohoo! Here’s the history: Robert E Lee lost.

Do I love the idea of anyone being able to come by and take a piss on him? Yes, I do. I’d also love to see a lot of confederate flag burning.

Of course it will upset the white whackjobs!

But it makes me think of the movie, “A Walk Among the Tombstones.”

Yuri: “But if you make them mad…”

Scudder: “They’re already mad.”

Yuri: “But you – you’ll give them an excuse to kill.”

Scudder: “They don’t need an excuse.”

Don’t know about that, PJ. I kind of like the trash to be picked up and thrown away.

Good point, quixote.

I do think confederate statues, flags and other shit shows just how long white trash have been claiming victory after losing. It’s no wonder Trump’s big lie of victory was so easily bought. They’ve been doing it for decades.

@58 – thank you, Annie!

I totally agree, PJ. Pretending they won when they lost is burned into white supremacist DNA. It was an act of evil genius for Drumpf and his handlers to recognize that fertile ground and plant their seeds of disinformation in it.

I say each Confederate statue should be pulled down by Black people and horse sh*t dumped all over it. Then local white supremacist groups should be forced to pick up the sh*t covered statue and transport it to the dump.

@62: Amen sister, Amen. Well said!! And hell to the yes.

@63: I love that so much. 🙂

Lisa always was brainy.

@57, annie, what a gorgeous bird!

@60 & 63, LOL!

57 Annie

This has to be one of the prettiest birds I have ever seen, cutest to me is the Puffin.

The Biden administration sued the state of Texas on Thursday to try to block the nation’s most restrictive abortion law, which bans the procedure as early as six weeks into pregnancy and allows private citizens to take legal action against anyone who helps a woman terminate her pregnancy.

The suit filed Thursday argues that the Texas law violates the 14th Amendment’s due process clause, saying the measure deprives women in Texas of the right to an abortion and imposes an “undue burden” — and that the Constitution generally takes precedence over state laws.

The lawsuit seeks to stop not only the state but also private individuals who would bring civil lawsuits to enforce the Texas law.

Yes Luna! It’s a good day with the DOJ suing Tex Ass and the new vaccine mandates.

It’s time. We are literally dying by the thousands every day because of the selfish and stupid unvaccinated. And another variant will come, and another, till we just make it a requirement to get vaxxed. For those who are able to do so, of course.

Yup, it was good to see Biden come out strong for the majority. I would have said, “…guns a blazing”, but Joe is more of the whispering kind of guy.

Looks like Handsome Gavin is winning more and more each day, he is now at 54.7%.

All the Right wing squawking, along with the damn media was giving us Dems a near stroke a few days ago.

I love the idea of starving Tex Ass (ha! MB – good one) economically. Hit them in the nuts and keep on hitting them. That POS, Abbott. Shut the fuck up about rapists, motherfucker. You’re worse. He didn’t mention incest. How ya gonna stop that, POS? Look in the mirror. You’re the creep. You didn’t commit the rape, but you’re gonna make damn sure the woman suffers to the max afterwards. The only thing worse than rape and incest is forced birthing.

I recently watched “Mississippi Burning” and just how backwards T-billy shithole white men are so please forgive.

Some of these states have something to lose. Like Georgia. Unlike even worse states like WV, Alabama, etc. I don’t have an answer for them. Cut off a rotting limb? But we can hurt Texas. They need to feel starvation until they stop electing sociopaths like Greg Abbott.

Shadowfax @ 71, thank goodness for that!

I hope you and MB and your guys don’t get any fires from the the lightning storm. ❤

We saw the lightning last night but are okay!

Just came here to post this about the recall. We’re at 60% no at this point, according to the LA Times.

Great news from SF as well.

Interesting story about Moderna creating a combo flu/Covid-19 vaccine to boost Covid-19 immunity yearly AND vaccinate against the flu.

Good news this morning…about time for Gavin to be like a shooting star in the dumbAss Rethug recall.

Lots of lightening around Sonoma and the East Bay, but NO FIres and we have nicer, tiny bit cooler weather as a reward. Were I live, it’s a wonderful 75 degrees with no smoke. Perfect.

Also good news for the kids and mandates in CA.

Fingers crossed many Dump supporters will get with the program and quit killing Americans. Grow a brain.

This is the second time, Afghanistan being the first, where Biden has gone for the right decision in the face of fake outrage.

Good for him. I never suspected him of having courage all those many years in the Senate, but I obviously misread him!

That data about 90% vaccination rates being enough to protect kids from Delta is a very useful data point. I’ve seen estimates from 85% to 95% rates. 95% is hard to reach, so 90% is very good news!

MB, I’ve been reading that work is being done on a Covid = seasonal flu vaccine. No reasons why it can’t be developed.

Well, imagine that! This is not news to many of us. Nice to see the subject get more coverage.

@81 – Luna, great to see some data that backs up what so many of us feel instinctively. Thanks for sharing!

I’m working on a new post now.

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