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Lazy Weekends: Weird Science

Posted on: August 28, 2021

I continue to marvel at the media’s desperate campaign to legitimize TFG, his enablers and their insane actions. They miss the Mango Moron so very, very much, and they want him to run again because he was a ratings bonanza. His political future isn’t very bright these days, unfortunately for them, but they continue largely ignore this and to bash Democrats 24/7. Their Afghanistan coverage is a primary example of this. Check out this headline from the WaPo two days ago: Biden faces most acute crisis of his young presidency. Golly, did we forget about coronavirus already?

Speaking of the ‘Rona, the Delta variant is causing a huge amount of trouble among the unvaccinated (and breaking through for some of us who ARE vaccinated! Many hugs and well wishes for a continued recovery to you, D!). It appears to be both much more contagious AND possibly more severe than Alpha. But don’t worry, Republicans have some super-scientifical solutions to this problem! Oh no, not vaccines and masks – horse and cow dewormer, aka ivermectin! Because Covid-19 is a worm. Or something. I have no idea what is wrong with these #COVIDIOTS. Other weird science solutions include Republican governors trying to block federal mask and vaccine mandates before they happen. I say “trying” because #DeathSantis’s order attempting to block mask mandates was just overturned in court. Texas governor Greg Abbott will likely suffer the same fate.

Meanwhile, the real scientists have discovered a promising new potential treatment for COVID-19 – fluvoxamine. The good thing about this drug is that it’s already FDA-approved, cheap to produce and is a pill patients can take themselves – not an intravenous treatment like monoclonal antibodies, which must be administered by a doctor. Preliminary data suggests that it could reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations and need for ventilators by 31%. As the article states,

Here’s what we know: This is a large and well-designed study that affirms previous studies that pointed in the same direction. More research is needed, but the results from this trial might already start changing how we treat Covid-19. And the way researchers stumbled upon the drug as a potential treatment is a worthwhile story in itself about the scientific process and the unseen and often unheralded work that’s helping humanity fight the pandemic.

I couldn’t agree more. Thank the Goddess for real (not weird) science and scientists! Open thread as always.

93 Responses to "Lazy Weekends: Weird Science"

Thanks for the new post and info on an old drug that might work to help keep some Covid patients out of the hospital, MB.

It sounds like the deplorables are happy to experiment with anything they use on their animals or what’s under their kitchen sink. I guess it’s their way of experimenting without having to read or believe in science.

More on a comment thread in the last post: I thought of why NYHealth might be chasing you, specifically, to the ends of the earth, DYB. It’s because you’re vaccinated and have a breakthrough infection. That situation is very much one that epidemiologists worry about producing a new variant that can escape vaccines.

So you may be high enough up on their tracking list to send Inspector Poirot to your door!

All that aside, hope the infection is continuing to go away!

Has anyone contacted Fredster lately and found out if he is okay, also now because of the hurricane??

Fredster, thinking of you and hoping Ida will ease up before landfall.

Beata, thinking of you also.

Another break from current events.

Sad news in opera world today: the magnificent Polish soprano Teresa Zylis-Gara passed away. Her glory days of the 1960s and 1970s (though she sang well into the 1980s too) saw her at the Met often. One of the most gorgeous voices ever created. And, by all accounts, one of the kindest colleagues.

Here she sings a Tchaikovsky song.

DYB, thanks for letting us know of such a wonderful woman that sings like an Angel.

D, thanks for letting us know about Zylis-Gara. What a phenomenal voice. Shadow, great pick for the aria and good news about the recall

! I am putting my ballot in the mail today. Please tell people you know to turn it over, as the wackadoos may be trying to recall someone in your county. In my case it’s the DA.

Luna, that’s funny.

Beats and Fredster, thinking of you!

Quixote, Zylis-Gara’s performance (a live recording) of Strauss’ “Four Last Songs” is perhaps my favorite recording of these songs (and there are many magnificent ones.) If you have 22 mins of time, it’s absolutely glorious.

DYB, that’s probably to Shadow? But I’ll listen too 😆 At least a few seconds 😆 😆 Don’t tell anyone on the blog, but I actually dislike opera intensely. I can appreciate that it’s amazing what they trained the muscles involved to do, sort of like shotput as an athletic event, but that makes it sound very forced to me. Which, since it’s a voice, communication, reflexively puts me on edge. I can only appreciate it intellectually. On the level on intuition and feeling, I’m just shouting “Stop!”

I actually checked in because I’m so worried about Fredster. Ida came ashore near Grand Isle with 150mph winds. 150 mile an hour winds! And it sounds like NOLA is going to be just outside the eyewall on the wet side. I mean. This is BAD. I hope he’s managing.

MB, great post, thanks for the news about the new Covid drug.

That dog @6 is adorable.

Also miss Fredster. About a month ago I sent him one of those Jacquie online cards that he used to love but he never opened it.

@13, That sounds terrifying.

I think this article is behind a paywall, but interesting chart of a classroom and how the unvaccinated teacher spread covid to her students.

Quixote, to each their own! I am super worried about Fredster. Hope he gets to a safe place!

Ed Asner has died.

@18 – what a shame – he was wonderful. RIP.

@22, DYB, Hillary people are good people!

@24 – that sounds like a must see!

@25 – well, I guess that’s one way. I hear it’s almost impossible to fire police officers for being QAnon racist morons, so in the absence of that….

PS, love the story about Robby Mook!

On the growing positive impact of vaccine mandates, by Wonkette. They’ve cut resistance in half. FDA approval was also a factor, but a smaller one.

Hey Luna, did you mean to post that?

No, MB, I did not! Damn, wrong thing copied and pasted. Thx for catching it! Let’s try this.

75% of Americans have had at least 1 vaccine.
Not sure if that doesn’t count children under 12 too.

Well, let’s hope SCOTUS does not effectively end Roe v Wade by refusing to strike down Texas’ anti-choice law… We could wake up tomorrow in a very different America.

The Supreme Court didn’t stop it. They can still hear a suit against the law but I fear the conservative majority will rule against women’s rights to control our own bodies. The Mango Moron keeps screwing us over. Biden will need to take expansion of the Court seriously, as this type of legislation will take hold all over America otherwise.

And the bizarre thing, to me, is that if you point out that anti-choice laws turn women into slaves — chattel — livestock, call it what you want, people look at you blankly. What part of being unable to control your own body is like slavery?

@35 – It’s because it’s women. We are not just 2nd class citizens, we are invisible.

Total media blackout on this stealth attack on women’s rights.

If this were about anything other than controlling women….

The insanity of the pro-death QOP.

If the Quack Supremes end women’s rights to their own body, then those babies that are from rape or some other terrible circumstance must be legally adopted by ‘good’ Republican families within the first 4 months after birth, and checked on every month until the child is at least 2 years old to make sure the ‘tainted’ child is not being abused.

These people don’t want women to have the right to choose over what happens to their own body, but they also want no part in raising or affording these children either.

Why is it that these laws to restrict women’s rights, are only coming from red states?

We all know what the majority of men are like there, and they have control over their churches, homes, businesses and politics.
(Women that believe in women’s rights that live in red states, are the ones that are outnumbered and need our help.)

To take away women’s rights to their own bodies, is just another way to keep GOP women under their thumb.

When these women believe and allow men to control them like this, which they have done most of their lives…it’s pretty difficult for the rest of us to fight for those women when they don’t realize what a trap they are in. They voted for someone like Trump when he sexually abused and degraded women in public.

I have marched and fought for women’s rights from before Roe vs Wade, when abortions were illegal.

When I was in the Women’s March in San Francisco, I thought about how poorly planned the timing was. To march AFTER Dump STOLE the election was too late. The march should have been held about a month before the election to warn women of the consequences if Dump won.
A day late and a dollar short is not a way to help women’s rights.

Hillary would have been so perfect for women’s rights…but the Media and all the haters just didn’t want her or feminists and their sisters to have that kind of power.

When will this ever change?

@41 – I just don’t get it. Women need to stand up for themselves.

Does one laugh or cry.

@42, if all women stood up for themselves, the entire patriarchy would collapse in a day.

Which is why there’s nearly infinite levers applied to prevent it. From ridiculing any women in any groups beginning to resist, even if they’re just a knitting circle. To structuring customs and laws to keep women dependent on men for meal tickets. To plain old terrorism to keep women too terrified to leave what is definitely not their place.

The miracle is that any of us stand up, not that many don’t. As Maya Angelou said, “And still, like dust, I rise.”

Meanwhile media critic Brian Stelter deleted this tweet without acknowledging. He just deleted it overnight as if nobody would remember.

@43, the magic of Hillary is that she would never say that stuff.

And, minor point but still annoying, I cannot tell you how totally done — done, done, done — I am with the “white women you did this” narrative.


White evangelical women went for the Dump at 70%. That’s what tipped the “white women” category to 53% pro-Dump. It wasn’t “women.” IT WAS FUNDIES. White evangelical men voted for the turd at over 80%, by the way.

(Not blaming you, DYB. Blaming whoever made that clip.)

@44 – could not agree more! But the fact is, no one will give us equality. We have to demand it. And I’ve done a lot of marching and donating and voting and signing petitions, even though I am fortunate enough to be in a blue state and am past the point of childbearing.

As long as women vote Republican we will never have equality. That’s just the reality. Fundie women are the most puzzling to me – how do they justify bending their necks to the yoke and giving up their lives to ignorant and hateful men like Drumpf?

Luna @47

That photo of Hillary makes me want to cry. Cry for what what was lost and the bs we are still going though.
I didn’t like that parody of Hillary either. She would have never used that language, calling women ‘Ho’s’ as an example.

I also agree that all women need to stand up for themselves. The feminists and their sisters can’t always be responsible for the women that prefer to give their rights away to their mates and a sexist President.

I was going to say, after all the years I fought for women, I am tired of women that have let themselves be brainwashed and degraded. Time for those women to deal with their own stupidity. Young women that thought their rights wouldn’t be taken away…can stand up and fight for them all over again, if need be.

I also agree that white women were not the problem causing Hillary to not win.

Absolute bull$hit.

More white men and men of every color voted against Hillary.
Rethug women voted against themselves first and against a Democrat, Hillary. Bernie supporters voted against Hillary because Burnout told them he won the primary.

And she won the popular vote against Dump, PERIOD.

The electoral votes were paid for by Rethugs, Dump and Putin,

Look at all the unqualified top donors that were rewarded positions in the government by Dump.

More about Hillary….

Yes to all of you! As to why there are women who’d rather scrabble for crumbs at the edges of the patriarchy, it’s something I’ve spent my life puzzling over.

And being as opinionated as I am, I’m convinced I’ve figured it out. 😛 It’s a (pre-conscious) calculation that crumbs now are better than freedom you may never see later.

Selfish, stupid, short-termism of the worst sort, but unfortunately not at all unique to women.

Why? Cowardice. Submission. Wanting to please the males. In a patriarchal religious cult. Fear. Socialization. I do wonder how much genetics may have to do with it — Free-thinking, ornery, “uppity” women were much less likely to pass on their genes.

@53, I accidentally posted on two different topics in the same comment. Oh well. We can handle that here. 🙂

Timeline cleanser:

@54 – yes we can!!

@53: Poverty.

Jealous of other intelligent women, lack of respect for them and have little self worth.

Good to see you Beata!!!!!!!

Beata, poverty, yes, another reason.

Texans have never evolved from the covered wagon days. Keep yer women pregnant and your guns at yer hip.

A new pro-gun law in Texas that went into effect Wednesday allows most Texans who legally own a firearm to carry it openly in public without obtaining a permit or training, a measure that experts say will make it more challenging for law enforcement to protect the public from gun violence.

Hi Beata! Good to see you.

All of a sudden I’m seeing a lot of pundits admit that the QOP is trying to create the Handmaid’s Tale in America. It’s about f*cking time. And to the point about guns, we’ve already had a school shooting after just a few days of students being back.

Well well well!

Glad to see Biden finally said “women” instead of “people.” Yes, of course women are people, but 49% of people don’t have the bodies that put them at risk of needing an abortion. Only women.

@65 – and he didn’t say “birthing people” either!

@66, yes!

@69. Exactly. That’s a drum I’ve been beating forever.

It’s a RIGHT. It’s part of not being a slave. It needs no justification beyond that. It’s part of having the same rights as everybody else, which in this case means men.

@69 and 70 – 100%. Men have 0 right to tell us anything about our bodies. No conditions, no justifications.

Two cities in the Bay Area San Francisco and Berkeley have required a vaccine mandate for all indoor businesses. The mandate is for all that enter these places, 12 years and older. Starting in September.

“The new health order requires employees and patrons at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and gyms among other indoor venues to show proof of full vaccination.

Patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination when the mandate goes into effect Sept. 10. Employees will have until Oct. 15 to comply with the requirement.”

@72 – yep. We’ll see this more and more. It’s the only way to get our lives back.

A few weeks ago I posted this song. Don’t remember why, but mentioned the music was by Mikis Theodorakis. Well, he passed away today. His most famous compassion was the theme from “Zorba.” But he wrote a lot of great music: movie scores, songs and standard classical. Here is that beautiful song again, sung by Dalida.

@74, Lovely song, DYB!

Has your sense of smell come back yet?

Yes, that song is very pretty and soothing. I have some cds of Greek music. My son wants to get a real Greek bouzouki.

Waving to Beata! Good to see you, how are you doing? I hope PJ is doing well.

So, my son got his second vaccine today! It was mostly okay, after a few minutes he felt his throat tightening, then felt a lump, so they put him in a bed, attached all of the vitals monitors to him and gave him a shot of Benadryl and a cold water. There was a nurse there the whole time watching him and a young woman with similar. After about a half hour he was allowed to leave. He says he feels mildly crappy at times, but thinks it went well overall.

A strange bit was when he asked the nurse what vaccine she had and she told him she didn’t get one!

Do we have any legal/law knowledgeable folk here? I’m trying to understand this Texas abortion bounty law. Isn’t HIPAA a federal law? How does this Texas bs get around it?

Diddo for me with Luna’s comments @ 75.

77 Annie, I’m glad that your son is feeling better after his second vaccine. Did he get the Pfizer or Moderna? I hope he continues to feel okay, and proud of you Mama for getting him though it. What’s up with a damn nurse not getting the vaccines? Isn’t there a mandate for that yet in SoCalif?

As far as the new law against an abortion after 6 weeks, it’s just a free-for-all. Texas rodeo for idiots with guns.

Anyone can get a financial reward for ratting on the pg women or her doctor. A family member, a neighbor, a stranger, and multiple people anywhere. So if a woman is pg and tells anyone, the HIPPA is probably going to protect her with her doctor…but it’s like a Natzi rule, everyone is a spy, and a dirty rat that can report this woman or people she has talked to, to the Gestapo.

Natzi Texas, ‘Handmaiden style”

Hi Annie! Good to see you and I’m glad to hear Laker is doing well after his 2nd vaccine.

I am seeing some comments from online activists that people are massively pissed off about the Texas abortion law and are ready to mobilize and vote blue in 2022. Let’s hope so. We’re going to see these laws coming fast and furious in every red state now.

I wonder how many nonvoters and 3rd-party voters from 2016 are now yowling about right-wing laws. Didn’t all those people think about what would happen as a consequence of the 2016 election?

annie, that is awful that the nurse didn’t get vaccinated! It’s supposed to be nursing science!

Good for Denmark. Just waiting for the rest of the civilized world now.

In the You Can’t Make This Shit Up Dept.:

“Day one of Texas’s new abortion law and men are already strategizing on Reddit about how to turn in women they impregnated to earn [earn get] the $10k bounty.”

@85, There’s a surefire way to stop abortions from happening: vasectomies for all men.

@86, alas, not happening.

They would have to be rewarded, like good little boys. A six pack of beer and free Netflix for a month.

@88, aww, that’s adorable!

This is an interesting thread;

@76: Wow, Socal. A bit of a scare with Laker! So good to hear he’s ok and now he’s fully vaxxed!!

DYB – sorry you got the Delta! Damn. My goal in life is to stay out of the hospital and you did that. Hopefully if I get it, I can avoid that too. I feel like – if Delta is lurking within a one block radius, I’m going to get it. Delta is like a serial killer who is improving with practice. I totally related to your stalking home invasion story. No one comes to my door uninvited anymore. I used to get Mormons, JWs, home security people, etc knocking on my door. I never let them in, but it was just a bitch having to go out on the porch and deal with them. Then I started opening my door, but I left the screen door locked. I put up a sign that said, “I’m not lonely, but if you are, here’s my number. Call me.” They just walked away and never came back. I think I’ve been blacklisted. But a healthcare person would probably be extremely annoyed…

I can’t handle the current escalation (and success! Fuck!) on the age old, since-there-were-people, war on women. Honest to God, it never ends. We women (not me!) give you life, and you stick a knife in us. (Hello Texas! but across the globe). As to why women join the fight *against* women? Good theories from y’all. All of the above, I say. It varies across environments. For the GOP women I know? It’s two things. One is simple behavioral science. Human beings respond to reward/punishment. Women get rewarded for toeing the Patriarchal line and punished for not (you FemiNazi!). But the biggest thing is religion. Religion fucks up your mind (which is most obvious in the brainwashing freak cults, but true of all religions new and old, imo). The Patriarchy is a religion in and of itself (see misogynist male atheists). It has no logical/rational basis. And it doesn’t need one. The GOP women I know are well educated and not poor. That’s scary. Hillary was seen as an existential threat to them – not rapey American-Horror-Story,Trump.

I did try. I was like, “what was her crime?” Trying to reason with these women was futile. It had no effect whatsoever. Because brainwashing is not based on reason. I only ended up hurting their feelings.


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