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Lazy Weekend: Jobs Jobs Jobs

Posted on: August 6, 2021

Rose-shaped galaxy (Hubble telescope)

Happy Weekend, Widdershins!

Biden’s economic strategy seems to be a banger. The jobs report says almost a million jobs were added in July. Of course Washington Post had this story as the 9th leading story of the day. Joe Manchin’s boat -where Lindsey Graham got Covid – was a bigger story than the economy adding almost a million jobs in a single month. The media continues to fail us.

Meghan McCain (did you know John McCain was her father????) has finally left The View. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar must be breathing a sigh of relief. Except I can’t even imagine what conservative moron they will choose to replace her. Doesn’t it seem like each conservative co-host has been worse than the one before? I think they’ll pick Kaleyigh McNinny or whatever the hell her name was. One of Trump’s big blond press secretary liars.

And Jeopardy is heading off a cliff. Their lengthy search for a permanent replacement for Alex Trebek is nearing its end and the recently hired Executive Producer is looking to hire himself. Literally, no joke. Mike Richards, the executive in question, is nearing final negotiations to hire himself. He used to be an Executive Producer of The Price is Right and his tenure was rife with lawsuits of sexual harassment and discrimination against the models. So this is going to go splendidly if the network goes through with this disaster. The Jeopardy brand will be permanently damaged.

How was your week?

This is an open thread!

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Very interesting post, MB! Love the rose galaxy. Lindsay Graham got covid from being on that creepy yacht? I wonder how many others got it.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes for my son, but it turned out the boy did not get his vaccine today. I’d made the appt at a local drug store chain because Kaiser has been very difficult to deal with lately. We went there and they asked him if he’d ever had a bad reaction to a vaccine before and he looked at me with an “oh crap” look, and the nurse asked me, “has he?” and I said, well yes, when he was young, blah, blah. Then she asked if he’d ever had a seizure after one and we both looked at each other, with the oh crap look, and I told her he had two petit Mals after the chicken pox vaccines but it was over 10 years ago, but she said they couldn’t give him one. !#$*& So we went home and tried to call Kaiser for two hours to try to get an appt for him to get the Pfizer at one of their locations, finally gave up and drove to the closest Kaiser, which was packed, and we were given a number and waited in the waiting room for over an hour to make an appt! Anyway, he has appointment to get it Thursday afternoon.

Something weird happened while we were sitting in the waiting area at Kaiser today. My son was telling me I should watch a documentary about q a no n, and I told him I didn’t want to because it was so long and boring. My son tried to tell me a couple of things about it, & he wasn’t talking loudly, although the room was super noisy but I looked up and noticed a middle-aged man sitting opposite us was staring at my son in an unpleasant way. I whispered to him to not talk about it anymore, the guy then got up and left, presumably for his appt or whatever. Anyway, we made our appt, left, & in the parking lot I backed out and just as I started going forward, a black car swung around the corner going really fast, almost hit us and then drove up to the drivers window of my car, really close (I’ve never been in a car that close to another car before) & the guy looked at me and made a stupid smile and twinkled his fingers at me. I took off out of the parking lot and into the street and he must have whipped around fast in the Kaiser parking lot because a couple of blocks down the road he was driving to my left and doing that creepy smiling-finger-twinkling thing again. I hit my brakes and got into the right lane and put on my right blinker and drove slow. He got in front me, turned right at the next signal, and I jetted straight ahead and turned into another area, and made it home. I’m 99% sure it was the guy from Kaiser. I called them and left a message about it, but I doubt if they will know anything about it. I know they have security cams inside, but didn’t see any outside. Hubs told us no more talking politics in public.

How touchy can these people get? Aren’t they the ones that are always calling people “snowflakes?”

Thanks for the new thread DYB and I wonder how many others tested positive from Lindsey the Contagious One.

Nice rose galaxy.

Annie, what a day you and Laker had.. Sorry and sounds like an evil crackpot was embolden by the conversation you had.

Sorry Laker has to wait until next week. Good he will get it at Kaiser so they can watch over him.

Annie, do you live near Orange County or some other nitwit hotspot?

Where I live, the nitwits have either moved out of the state or crawled back un a rock. Haven’t seen a flag in months.

No, we live in a safe and mostly liberal area. But magas can turn up anywhere I guess. When my kid was talking about the doc, he wasn’t talking loudly, or calling those people names or anything, he didn’t say much more than the documentary was shocking. I can’t think of anything else that would have caused that guy to target us. We’re always polite to everyone.

Annie, they are all around us, with only 53% vaxxed in a blue, blue state.

You don’t have to say anything to these people, they are paranoid after being brainwashed and lied to by Big Dump and Fox.

Maybe Luna or Q might know if there are any similar chemicals in the polio vaccine and the Pfizer vax?

They (meaning regulators and vax makers) have been tracking every bad reaction for decades and taking out any components that cause problems, including when it’s a few people out of millions. The ingredients that caused problems years ago aren’t used anymore. But new ones can be added. The safety testing should catch any problems, but we’re all individuals, so there’s no 100% certainty.

Beata had a bad reaction to a Moderna(??) shot, so, yes, it can still happen. But they really do their damndest to make sure the chances are as close to nil as possible. Given what covid is like, it’s like the difference between the risk of walking through your living room or going 100mph through downtown.

I have a great idea for who to replace Meghan McCain. (Did you know her dad was John McCain? Zomg!)

Are you ready for this?

Kyrsten Sinema. She’s a hopeless showoff. She wants the money. She would do well in the Conservative Jerk slot.

She could resign her seat, and AZ could elect an actual Democrat as a replacement.

@9: I had a bad reaction to the J&J vaccine. IIRC, so did Annie.

Annie, OMG that’s crazy about the QAnon guy. They truly are all deranged. Glad you got away from him, but yowza. You didn’t happen to get his license plate, did you?

Annie, so sorry to hear about the Q guy. What a freak. These conservatives are playing to the most disturbed elements of society. They don’t care because it’s all about the Grift and the greenbacks.

The J&J vaccine is not the MRNA type like Moderna and Pfizer – it’s the more typical vaccine approach. I don’t know which would be better for Laker, Annie, but it’s good to consider that when deciding on the vaccination strategy.

Great post, D! Love the pic.

Re the host of Jeopardy!, I think that producer is already running into public outrage over choosing himself. People are calling him the Dick Cheney of television.

@15: Great news! But it’s not the final vote yet, is it? They have to go through the various amendments, blah, blah, blah. Still, it looks like it will pass later today or in the next few days.

@9, that’s good to know, I will read that to him. I’ve thought that for a long time, that the vaccines have gotten much better over the years, and have had no trouble with modern vaccines. When I was a kid though, I had some pretty bad reactions & my parents drove like maniacs to the ER with me swelling up, wheezing & crying a couple of times. As a kid I would hear my family describe me as “delicate!”

Quixote @10, that’s a great idea.

@12, no unfortunately, we didn’t get the license plate.

@13, He decided to try the Pfizer, because I did have some mild stroke like symptoms after my J & J, and my mom was really sick after the Moderna. We will be watching him like a hawk for days, and no driving for him for a while.

Since it looks like this ghastly virus is going to be around for a long time, I hope the drug companies can come up with a nice, mild booster vaccine for us.

Annie, I feel badly for your son, all the stress of a bad reaction which may never happen. Does your son have a doctor at Kaiser, and can he talk to his doctor about his risk with Pfizer? His own doctor would be the best at easing his mind.
Cheers to you and Laker, neither of you are delicate, but quite brave.

20, how very sad. Middle of a pandemic and watching the place were you live go up in flames.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still around!? Fabulous. He’s a legend, at least to some of us older people.

@20, How horrible. Those poor people.

@22, that’s sweet!

Socal, like everyone else here, I hope the best for your son. I do think Pfizer is the way to go – just a gut feeling. He has got to be vaccinated. I just watched the movie, “Breathe”. It’s on polio and the devastating consequences. I don’t think Robin (the person who the story is about) had any choice really – that was his journey. And it was a truly beautiful one – he had more love around him than anyone could ever hope to have and he helped more people than anyone could hope to help. But if a person has a choice, you know, take it. Not being able to breathe is a horrible thing.

Off topic of politics and world events. Going back to work has been a mixed blessing. It’s been mostly great for sure. But the person I wanted to reconnect with the most is gone. She was wonderful, but she’s flown away.

My 2nd Pfizer shot had me feeling awful from a Thursday evening to around Monday afternoon. Fever, arthralgia, myalgia, cephalgia, chills etc. But those are all symptoms of one’s immune system doing marathon production in the antibody factory, and not anything to get worried about. Yes, I did feel like a truck ran over me, and it took yet a few more days to get back to normal.

Drugstores don’t have the facilities to care for someone with anaphylaxis or seizures or other serious reactions, so that’s why they decline to vaccinate those with a risk of such reactions. Even for people with pre-existing epilepsy there are no contraindications to the covid vaccines, and tracking hasn’t shown increased seizures after getting vaxxed.

Most people who’ve had problems with a vaccine in the past can safely get the covid Pfizer or Moderna jabs after careful evaluation and in the setting with appropriate access to higher-level medical care, just in case.

One Pfizer shot can be followed by a Moderna and vice versa. There’s a lot of talk in the field about whether we should give one Pfizer or one Moderna jab after the one J&J vax, although it’s not clear yet if this needs to be done.

The approx 30% incidence of neuro sequelae post-covid continues to hold. Seizures have been added to the rather long list of problems (cognitive dulling, loss of smell or taste, fatigue, stroke) which occur or continue in 1 out of 3 people after recovering from covid. This is seen in mild disease as well as in severe cases. This aspect is really worrisome.

Socalannie, wishing Laker’s vaccination is boringly unproblematic!

That Q-anon man sounds like a malevolent bastard. Scary. They sure are paranoid.

WP lost another of my long posts…I give up. Will try to limit my post to less than a short paragraph.

Shadowfax, I’m sorry! Usually when I write a longer post I copy it before hitting “Post Comment.” That way if it vanishes, I just paste it in and try again.

Footnote: Robin was an atheist. Never bought into the grand design of things. He *spit* on a priest – the only defense he was physically capable of doing. It was a priest who was talking such rubbish as God makes those suffer the most that He loves the most – a belief that Mother Theresa believed in as well. I call horseshit on that along with Robin. In the movie, they said God is jokester. Plays shitty tricks on people for the greater good. Yikes. A kid with a magnifying glass. That’s a God we’re supposed to pray to? A God that needs people to suffer? I myself don’t need people to suffer. I can’t stand people suffering (and I am unequivocally *not* God). Lowly me has a bigger conscience that God? He sounds like a domestic abuser to me.

Where Robin and I differ is that God is the same as religion. Religion has nothing to do with God. I’m an atheist when it comes to religion because it is horse puck – I will never “believe in it”. It’s a lie. But when it comes to God, how can you deny that it’s not real? If you have eyes and ears, you know evil *IS REAL* here and now – as always – and mindlessly destructive. The force I call “God” pushes back against it. Or we’d ALL be dead. You know what I’m saying? That’s where I think the atheism argument falls short.

But hey. We all gotta do what we all gotta do. To get through the day.

I’ve been meaning to tell you, quixote – thank you for not attacking women – the female accusers – in your argument in favor of Cuomo. You never stooped to the level of saying the women were “suspect” or it was the way they were dressed or if they had just said no politely (because we all know that works – because it worked for me once), etc. An argument that says in essence, “they were kind of asking for it” or “they’re lying”. Leftist women protecting sexual predators. Sadly. Stooping to the “tried and true” methods of silencing women.

But it’s a real dilemma. I totally understand that. We’ve had to do that for a long time. Because it has been white male on white male “combat” for so long. I put it in quotes because it was never really a combat. The white male privilege was never threatened. “Let’s go have a drink and have a good laugh about it.” Repukes knew the game the other side was playing with women and people of color – it was all just a game. Remember Bob Packwood? I think he was an “R” but on the right side of politics regarding women. But there was an extremely high price paid. He was a CREEP of the first order. Do we put up with it? To get to where we want to go? What’s the number of women we’re willing to sacrifice? It’s a hard question.

So what to do? DYB says it’s dangerous to keep Cuomo – it could lead to a Republican governor of NY. Quixote says it’s dangerous not to keep Cuomo; it could lead to a Republican governor of NY.

DYB @30

Sorry, I try to remember that and the times I forget and just hit the ‘Post Comment’, it flushes my comment.
The shorter comments seem to always go though.

PJ, there are some rare occasions where I doubt the women reporting harassment. Tara Reade. A couple of the weirdos the Repubs dug up to harass Clinton (meaning Bill). In Cuomo’s case, I trust DYB’s word that he’s a jerk. (Us Slavs know jerks from a mile away! Too much experience.) And people who are jerks in general are usually jerks-to-the-third-degree against women. So I suspect the accusers are entirely right. As usual.

I did hear that Cuomo’s replacement would be a Democratic woman. (Is that right, DYB? Or anyone who knows NY?) So long as she’s also dogged enough to deposit the Dump in Rikers Island, she’d be fine.

Oh right… only the short comments from people get through. Of course. We can all see that. Longer than a paragraph? No way.

Quixote… absolutely!! I’m totally with you. And I’m going to be honest here… I would throw myself under the bus to get that result (but never anyone else – especially no other women).

I once saw a video of a red-tailed hawk owning a rattlesnake. Pounced right on it. The rattlesnake started squealing and the hawk just put her talon right in his mouth, like “shut the fuck up, bitch.”

How do you tell if a red-tailed hawk is male or female? “Size. The most striking difference between male and female red-tailed hawks is that the female is one third larger than the male. According to the website, All About Birds, female hawks are large enough that they often are mistaken for eagles, while males do not give off this impression.”

It’s truly beautiful to watch them fly.

Quixote, yes the NY Lieutenant Governor is Democrat Kathy Hochul. She was a US Representative before this.

I will say Hochul is on the conservative side.

Awww this is sad:

PJ and Shadowfax, I’ve once in a while had long and short comments fall into cyber portholes and not post. Like DYB, I try to remember to copy the longer comments before hitting the ‘post comment’ button. Maybe with the longer comments it just gives the cyber gremlins more time.

Hawks are raptors, and from what I was told is that most females that are raptors are larger and stronger than the male.

BTW, most people on this blog never have their post disappear, I am one of the unlucky ones.

@43: Shadow – good to know. I think I just like the metaphor of a beautiful flying bird ripping the guts out of a slithering, poisonous snake. With a rattle (snicker).

But we’re all carnivorous, right? You have to ask yourself, who would set up such a system? Who would set up a system where you have to eat other beings in order to live? (even vegetarians are eating something that lived once). Let alone the shitting and the peeing… My God. Gross. Who came up with that? Not anyone benign, I can tell you that.

We’ve tried to make the best of it with indoor toilets and meat processing plants that give us food in cellophane, etc. We do our best to put lipstick on this pig. But it’s a design problem. Always will be. And I think it was *by* design (so to speak). I’m just grateful there is *also* some other force at work (see @45! OMG! So freaking cute!! And @44 – love that).

International Cat Day! Every day is cat day. Ask any cat.

My cat is lying in bed next to me, snoring. It is a very comforting sound.

Women making false allegations vs Men falsely denying.

One – vs – one gazillion.

@45 I didn’t want the 1st tweet to post — only the 2nd with the kid (baby goat)!

@49, it will be enjoyable to see AOC get trounced if she runs against Schumer. Schumer could be better, but compared to AOC’s usefulness in office? Hahahaha.

AOC would be silly to challenge Schumer unless her goals are something other than winning. She won a district in Queens with very low turnout. Her winning margin dropped between 2018 and 2020. I don’t think she would even win NYC. Schumer is liked. AOC may win Williamsburg, but I can’t imagine her winning anywhere else in NYC. Nevermind the rest of NY state.

I think her intentions may be not winning, but running and…. ????

DYB… that Thelma and Louise pic of Nina Turner and Susan Sarandon?… OMG, I loved that sooooooo much. It cut me to the bone. For real.

DYB, what do you mean @52? What do you think her intentions are? I don’t really get it. Great to hear she probably won’t win against Schumer! Like Bernie, I do not see her as a positive force at all. And I’ve *tried* to see her as a positive force. Unlike Bernie, she at least has a sense of humor. I have to give her that.

PJ @ 54 > I think AOC probably knows she can’t beat Schumer. So if she runs it will be for some other reason than winning. She wants something else out of the experience. The way some people run for President to raise their national profile. AOC’s profile is already high, so I’m not sure exactly what she would expect to achieve. Maybe just so she can scream at Schumer on TV and then complain that the establishment rigged the election against her, who knows.

Aha… I think I see it now. Thank you, DYB. She’s ruining, not running. Just like that fucker Bernie (her hero) ruined it for Hillary. Motherfucking Bernouts.

They are so destructive. Mirror images of MAGATs. I doubt AOC has any self-awareness about that.

Annie, keep us posted on how Laker does with the vaccine! Fingers and toes crossed.

The video of people being evacuated from Greece…my Goddess. It looks
like they are fleeing the mouth of Hell. (Not that I believe in Hell, PJ.)

Adorable goat, Luna!

D, I saw that about AOC. I honestly believe she is delusional enough to think she can beat Schumer. She knows literally nothing about NY politics after winning election in one very far left district in the Bronx (which I believe is going away in 2022). But, she has a lot of followers on Twitter and posts on Tik-Tok so yeah! She’s ready for the Senate. BTW, social media popularity totally equals votes. Just ask President Bernie Sanders and Representative Nina Turner.

l’ll be out in the mountains backpacking for a few days and so out of internet access. Will be good to get away from work!

Have a wonderful time, Luna!

So, these are the budget reconciliation bill toplines. This does not need Rethug support.

Pinch me. This is a budget for the real world, dealing with real problems.

Have fun Luna!!! Bring water and a flare!

Have fun and stay safe Luna.

I didn’t know either!

@62 – what a little bubeleh! so adorable!

MB – Hell is a real place. It’s called North Korea. No light whatsoever is allowed there. Just misery and suffering and cruelty and starvation (and the supreme insult – you have to be *grateful* to your “god” for providing such hell). I don’t understand it. Satan seems to have that bordered off from God quite effectively. No surprise that Trump was the only president who felt comfortable going there. He *loved* it. He was in love with Kimmy. Oh my… the love letters. Sigh.

I think I heard this correctly on Brian Williams… The Navajo Nation is 91% vaccinated. They’ve been too devastated by too many deadly white man bugs over the years. They are not fucking around.

@65 – I heard that too.

Welp, Cuomo has resigned.

Democratic Governors lose their seats for being bullies and sexually inappropriate – Republicans become Presidents and Supreme Court Justices for doing far, far worse.

The media is to blame for this dangerous double standard.

Yes MB, there is definitely a double standard and not only is the damn media to blame, but the Democrats that told him to get out, over letting the people of NY vote one way or the freakin’ other.

I just hope his replacement is as strong of a leader for NY as he was.

Everyone was screaming that Biden touched women too much too…and now those same complainers are silent.

I am disgusted with this entire mess. Democrats may as well give up, the Rethugs will run over them in every fight.

I’m just glad I am not a New Yorker.

On CNN, the woman running her show, invited 3 women to talk about Cuomo’s resigning.

Talk about a one sided view where the only accomplishments they talked about were the things he helped pass for women and the LBGTQ community. NOTHING else, not how he handled the pandemic, not how he stood up to Dump…nothing.

Then they ended by talking about the first woman to be Gov of NY, and Seneca Falls.

I have been a card carrying feminist since I was in high school and their point of view and discussion made me so angry, I turned off the tv.

MB, that makes me so happy @66 and 68!!! Hell’s yes!! I see it as a HUGE victory for women. Thank you to the brave women who came forward. Damn, that took guts. And I don’t believe for a second that it was only 11.

I can’t stop whistling the tune,

“Heaven… I’m in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.”

What is it with NY Democratic white men in power? Andrew Cuomo, Eliot Spitzer, Eric Schneiderman.

It’s sounding like NY is getting quite the trade up with Kathy Hochul. I’ve heard her described as a “bright light”, a “breath of fresh air” and that she’ll be a “hardworking palette cleanser” (compared to Cuomo who is described as Trumpish). I am thrilled. Others can live in the caveman/dark ages if they want to. Boohooing about the good old days. Maybe Cuomo can make a comeback with a “Make NY Great Again” campaign.

Sorry, I have one more political rant to put on blast.

The recall race for my Governor is going to be Sept 14th. So I got my packet today and was socked that it didn’t include a real ballot nor an envelope…which it always has for many years.

The booklet brags about sending everyone a mail-in ballot, and then in a tiny section on the instructions it says we have to use our computer to mark the ballot, then mail it in the self addressed envelope.

Am I losing my ever – lovin’ mind or what?

Also, the jackasses that are running against my great governor are mainly REPUBLICAN male, blue collar workers without a stitch of required experience, and almost no women…yes, then there’s Caitlin…the cosmetic prom queen that want’s to be just like her famous daughters…no experience for the job.

If the world were to turn upside down and Gavin were to be kicked out, I honestly would raise holy Hell and would seriously consider moving out of CA.

There is a glaring double standard between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Duh! The R party is amoral. They invite, coddle, feed, warm, LuHuv cockroaches in their house. (Yikes, I’m getting traumatic flashbacks of “The Naked Lunch” and talking bugs). It makes no sense to get upset at a snake for acting like a snake, you know what I mean? I learned that lesson the hard way – from my sister.

It shouldn’t mean we have to do it too. The solution is so simple. Elect more women. You get the upside, without the downside. Women are far from perfect, but at least you *usually* don’t have to worry about them being sexual predators.

That’s not even the worst of it, Shadow. Newsom needs 50%+1 to stay Gov. If he gets 49.9999%, then whichever candidate who’s running to replace him gets the most votes becomes governor.

I think there are 46 candidates? If the vote was evenly split among all, then whoever got 2.17%+1 would be Governor. Cool, huh?

*And* since Feinstein is 88, there’s a non-zero chance that if a Repub is Mr or Ms 2.17%+1, he or she could throw the Senate back to the Repubs.

If anyone needs a textbook example of what is wrong with first-past-the-post method of deciding elections (i.e. our usual US system, not ranked choice or cumulative voting), this election is it.

Q, I saw that part that says only Newsome has to get 50%+1 to win and the others can get their family or neighborhood to vote for them. This needs to be freakin’ changed!

This is crazy. Was this the way it was in the last recall?

I did email the government voting folks. Seems there is another packet that will be mailed out down the road. Not sure if it’s because I had to sign in AGAIN for a mail-in ballot or if the Rethugs are messing with our registration. I am going to watch these effers like a hawk.

On women supporting Cuomo – thinking that’s just something we have to do. Because that’s just the way it is.

Just because it’s common (men abusing their power against women) doesn’t make it normal. It’s wrong. Always has been. So don’t you believe them.

Q there are 46 people running against Newsome, most are Rethugs, others are no party, a few dems.

The republican party voted not to endorse anyone.

Yup. That’s how we got Gropinator the first time around. But he had, of course, ludicrous-level name recognition so he had some 48% of the votes. (Next in line, Bustamante with 31%, according to wikipedia.)

First-past-the-post wasn’t obviously anti-democratic in that election, so people didn’t really take on board what an awful trap they were setting for themselves. This time, I think the best known guy is the Mayor of San Diego or some such, and I just read his name and even I can’t remember it.

If the Dems don’t turn out, we’re in for some serious crap.

Yikes. Sandi Bachom is a pretty good reporter, as far as I know. (Or do people here know otherwise?)

I’m NOT defending Cuomo. He was wrong and he couldn’t govern anymore. I want people to pay attention to the social media accounts behind his attacks they are the same behind the Newsome recall. They all follow verified GOP accounts. It’s an amplification op.

It’s shocking to me that NY has never had a female governor. Kansas has had three. All Democrats. Isn’t that kind of amazing? California has never had a female governor either…

@71 – in my opinion, the situation with Newsom is not as bad as that. The first thing that happens is that people have to vote FOR the recall. Enough people vote AGAINST it (No on Question #1) and the recall does not happen.

I’m hoping the recall will be defeated on that first ballot.

I also agree that turnout will be very important if the recall happens. However, California is only 25% Rethug at this point and I don’t think there’s a lot of real energy behind the recall. In addition, when Gray Davis was removed in favor of Ah-nuld, his approval rating was in the 20s. Newsom is over 50%.

It’s nonsense and very unlikely to succeed, which is why the California GOP has washed its hands of endorsing any of the loony tunes running against Newsom.

Q @ 78

“I’m NOT defending Cuomo. He was wrong and he couldn’t govern anymore. I want people to pay attention to the social media accounts behind his attacks they are the same behind the Newsome recall. They all follow verified GOP accounts. It’s an amplification op.”
This has smelled like a road kill from the start, it’s just getting more frightening to me as the election comes closer, and that it was so easy for Dems to force Cuomo to step down.

MB – Galvin will lead this election by more than half of the voters, I worry because of all the dirty $hit the deplorables have gotten away with since stealing the election from Hillary, and then all Dump has gotten away.

WP, “Sorry, this comment could not be posted” %^%#T^4!!!!

Okay WP, I went back and copied the post, let’s see if I can get it though in 3 pieces.

California hasn’t had a woman Governor yet, but….

Nancy Pelosi 2002 First women to lead her party as the Dem. Leader.2007 Became the first woman as Speaker of the House, Elected as Speaker again when Dump was tossed out. She is still the Speaker of the House and 3rd in line to be President, after Joe and Kamala.

Kamala Harris the first black woman to be elected District Attorney in California history, first woman to be California’s Attorney General, US senator, and now First Woman to be Vice President of the US.

Diane Feinstein was Mayor of San Francisco for ten years, 1978-88, Board of Supervisors SF first female President, 1990 ran for Governor -lost, 1993 she and Barbara Boxer became California’s first female senators. She has been reelected five times and in the 2012 election received 7.86 million votes – the most popular votes in any U.S. Senate election in history.

So when AOC thinks Nancy and Diane should be pushed out because of their ages, I say…what have you accomplished compared to these women that gives you the right to pull the age card on them? They will step down on their own timeframe, not yours!

All three of these women are from the Bay Area, BOOM!

Nancy Pelosi is from Baltimore.

NYC hasn’t had a female Mayor, so NY as a state has diversity issues.

Beata, UN-boom, born in Ohio and moved to CA. 😉

DYB @ 89

New York had our Hillary and some wonderful leaders.

Also, total WTF about Jeopardy. Mayim Bialik is a horrible anti-feminist and their new producer-host also has issues with women. Jaysus.

Here come the boosters…

I’m going to brag a tiny bit more (and only because it’s so rare that I get to brag on Kansas). As y’all know, this state is RED so keep that in mind. Trump won in 2016 by like 20 points.

From the Kansas City Star on a debate held before the election for governor:

Each of the candidates was asked, “which action by the Trump administration do you support the most and which do you most oppose?”

Kobach (R), long a Trump supporter who was endorsed by the president the day before the GOP primary, applauded the federal tax cuts pushed by Trump. But he opposed the delay when it came to reversing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the Obama-era program giving children who arrived in the U.S. illegally the chance to avoid being deported.
“President Trump eventually got there,” Kobach said. “I just would have gotten there faster.”

Orman (I) said he appreciated Trump’s support for apprenticeship programs and technical education. But he said he was concerned abut the president’s approach on tariffs.
“Ultimately, I understand the strategy, but I think it’s a very risky approach” Orman said.

The harshest criticism of Trump came from Kelly, who said she had racked her brain for what she liked best (LOL!!) and joked it was the attention paid to golf under Trump.

“I think the thing that I most abhor about the Trump administration is the divisiveness, the incivility, the xenophobia, misogyny that comes out of that administration on a regular basis,” Kelly said. “I think it’s tearing our country apart.”

And she won!!! In Kansas!!

(Okay, I’m quitting now – I don’t want to get into a pissing contest with blue states that I can’t win)

No pissing contest intended here, just pointing out that because CA hasn’t had a Female Gov yet, women have kicked some royal a$$ in other categories.

Each of our states have heroic women, not just blue states.

@96 – I agree! Having said that, had Kamala not run for President I think she could have won Governor of CA.

This is a chilling article about TFG from Mary Trump.

Hi all! So far the vaccination is going well. Really enjoyed the thread. I wish CA could get rid of the whole recall law. It’s nuts and a bloody waste of money.

My cat just called me a “poopyhead”. Little ingrate.

@98 – Annie, great news!
@99 – Beata, I’m sure she’ll get over it.

#DeathSantis’ plan to kill all of Florida’s kids is going well.

New emails reveal that Fox News is shoving DeSantis down Republican voters’ throats now that the Mango Moron is no longer viable and manufacturing his popularity and front-runner status. It’s a symbiotic relationship that, in the days of the Fairness Doctrine, would have been considered amoral.

Unencumbered by the thought process, the Magats are hoping that the virus will smite their enemies and help return them to the glorious days of white men on top.

And if killing people is actually the point, then DeSantis killing people is a plus when running for prez. Not a minus.

Interesting that Fox is all on board with that.

I wonder how watching their own kids in the ICU is going to strike them.

Quixote – it’s pretty well known that all the Fox personalities are vaccinated. My guess is their kids are all in private school as well. So like most rich white people, they insulate themselves from the consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, the 2020 census data was released yesterday. GOP-controlled states will begin redistricting immediately. Too bad the Senate failed to pass the For The People Act this summer. By September, it will be too late. Goodbye to the House in 2022.

@103, yep, the garbage people leading the Magats around by the nose know what they’re doing. I’m wondering whether their children in ICUs will wake up the followers at some point.

The inexplicable lack of urgency to pass anti-gerrymandering and voting rights makes me despair, too, Beata.

Over 24 hours and the dude is doing well. I’m hoping this means he’s outgrown the vaccine problems like I did.

Beata @104, that’s sickening. Why didn’t the Biden admin hold it up? If the senate passes the voting act, could they make it retro-active?

I also think Biden should order his Atty General to investigate the sketchier people on the Supreme Court, like KKKavanaugh and Thomas, and if they can find something, let them step down, and if they won’t, impeach them. I still can’t believe that weird cult woman got on after refusing to answer half her questions, although she did recently block a request to get rid of a vaccine mandate for some college.

This might be an unpopular opinion, it was at the time, but I did think that RBG should have stepped down when Obama asked her to. I think Breyer should think about it before Biden’s presidency is up.

@106, God, me too! What can be done?

I’ve stayed away from the news as much as I can in the last week. Too depressing.
The Dems are really starting to fumble the ball and if the ‘progressives’ don’t support the infastructure bill, to at least get something good done to repair and help America, I am going to be really angry. The squad wants the second bill passed first…and I don’t think they will get the cost passed unless they can do it on their own. Yes, the voting rights bill needs to be front and center, with a passion like there was in Georgia, or it’s going to be another loss for Dems.

Annie, I am so happy to hear all is well with Laker on his first shot. Wishing him the best on both vaccinations!

The good news: Biden and Harris have not resigned and Trump has not been reinstated (so far) today. (Whatsup with that Pillow Guy?) And Laker is doing good! That’s really good news, Socal!!

The bad news: I think you’re right, Beata @104. I have always loved the metaphor of the Titanic as it relates to the Republican Party. I thought it would split in two (sane vs Trumpers) and sink to the bottom of the ocean. But that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening. I gave soulless small R’s and big R’s waaaay too much credit. (Even though I know them – what was I thinking?) Like DYB said (paraphrasing), there are no *good* Nazis. There are just Nazis. And they are united in splitting AMERICA in two and sinking us, the U.S. to the bottom of the ocean. They are on a killing spree/rampage. Killing democracy, killing people.

The failure of Democrats to see that – it’s beyond sad. I want to think the best of people too – it has fucked me over so many times – so I can’t throw stones. But man did we fuck up this opportunity to save democracy. Not recognizing the evil that was right in front of our faces. But hey, maybe we’ll have good roads and bridges to drive over this corpse. Or not. That still hasn’t been finalized.

It made me laugh my ass off that “white power” had been reduced to golf carts and tiki torches. But then Jan 6 happened and I stopped laughing. Republican state legislators started legislating white supremacy – putting it into law. Like the Nazis did. I’m not laughing anymore. The supernatural evil force behind “white supremacy” hasn’t lessened.

On the other hand, I’ll channel mb for a moment and say it ain’t over till it’s over.

There’s a good chance the reconciliation-infrastructure bill will happen (money! for politicians’ districts!). Then they just need to do *something* to help voting — anti-gerrymandering bill? executive order to make election day a paid holiday? something! — and we might squeak by. It’s not impossible.

I don’t think it’s impossible – I just think it’s unlikely. The other side seems to have the momentum (in a scary, rabid, kind of way). They see nothing but the color red and rage is a powerful force.

But it’s not forever (unless you live in North Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, etc). Look at Germany today.

I saw a talking head guy say that America (the idea of America where all people are created equal) has always had one third against itself from the very start. They gained real power in 2016 and they don’t want to let it go. It’s just going to be ugly – because that’s the way they like it – ugly. I don’t see a way around it. There’s a civil war going on within states and between states. I don’t see us as united. We shouldn’t call ourselves “The United States of America.” Right now, we’re just ‘merica. A land mass with a lot of people on it that one-third to one-half wants to rule over. They are amoral and corrupt and highly motivated.

@112 – thank you Q! So far Biden and the Dems have known what they are doing. I refuse to worry before I have to. This past year and a half have been horrible enough without adding predictions of doom to my repertoire.

I’m writing the weekend post, stay tuned!

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