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Lazy Weekend: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Posted on: July 31, 2021

Well friends, it looks like the Treasury Department is no longer able to protect the Mango Moron from the consequences of his tax fraud. And you know who’s going to see them? The Ways and Means Committee in the House.

These are all the people who are going to take a gander at those taxes.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you may notice the picture of a stunning Black woman from the US Virgin Islands, Rep. Stacey Plaskett. Remember her?

Yeah. I think he’s screwed.

Tawk amongst yerselves!


107 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes"

Whoa, I think it’s going to be a bit quiet for bit. Because…

I’m just being melodramatic. Happy to hear you had a great vaca, MB!

If I live to see the day that Trump gets his, I will die happy.

(PJ in the last thread re not calling the-place-to-the-south names: what do you think I’m talking about when I mention “The Dreadful Flat Place”?)

Quixote, I really hate to admit this… but I’m lost. It is hop, skippin’ right over my head. If you feel like it, would you explain in a “for Dummies” kind of way?

Just commenting on your comment about not being unkind to OK. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the state-that-must-not-be-named. At least when I was there, *both* of its senators were pro-torture and that bothered nobody (except a few crazies in a university town). Anyway. Hence “Dreadful Flat Place.”

Ohhhh! I never put it together that you were ever in OK. That just doesn’t compute for me. It’s too hard for me to imagine. Not you! Talk about a fish out of water. Lord, girl.

But yeah, I’m probably going to offend some people (again), but Oklahoma is a super fucking creepy place.

I did visit some “friends” a few times in a place that celebrated rattlesnakes. Enough said.

Michael Steele is referencing an interview with Jim (Gym) Jordan where he was asked if he spoke to Trump on 1/6 and if it was before or after the Insurrection. Jordan fumbled, mumbled, stumbled, stutters, ahhhh, oohhhhh, hmmmmm-ed for a long time.

No kidding, PJ. That place and I had a high grade immune reaction to each other. I ended up dumping everything in a U-Haul and hightailing it out before the macrophages got me 😀 .

Oh, and also too. I have a sticker on my fridge of a sorta disreputable-looking raven carrying belongings in a bandanna on a stick, and the title is “I’ve been everywhere.”

It’s true! 😆 😆

@9: LOLOL, quixote. I’m glad you were able to escape!

@10: Like these guys?

@8 – little gymmy has never grown up. I swear he’s still 5 years old. He doesn’t like grown up clothes (like suit jackets) and when he gets caught in a lie or doing something wrong – he sounds like that – like a 5 year old.

(I can’t play the clip, but I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about)

PJ, Michael Steele calls Gym Jordan “son of a bitch” and then “you know, bitch, what time you called the President!” And then says Jordan was acting so nervous it’s as if his mother just walked in on his masturbating.

OMG, DYB! I’ve got to try and find it somewhere else. That is freaking awesome!!! I fucking LOVE that. That freaking kills me.

I’ve been picking on the South, but I have to be honest and say that it’s every bit as creepy going North. Nebraska, SD, ND. Iowa. Steve King is from Iowa! You hear what I’m saying? *That’s* the guy they wanted to represent them. These are places where religion, politics and hate go hand in hand. The only thing that sometimes saves Wisconsin is their fairly large black population and like Georgia and a lot of other states, the fuckers are doing their best to suppress that vote.

My friend who lives in North Carolina says it’s hell. They never really closed anything down and a lot of people aren’t going to get the vaccine.

It’s time for vaccines to be federally mandated. It’s no different than the polio, measles, mumps, or other vaccines we require people to get before they can be amongst other people. I know those are done for kids in school but it’s the exact same principle. Those diseases are too dangerous to allow an unvaccinated population to spread them.

I know Biden hoped Americans were less stupid than they are. But he has to see now that we will never get to herd immunity unless he puts his foot down.

It’s not just USians, mb. There was a study just recently (I know. There’s always a study. I’ll try to find the link.) going through levels of vaccinations for other diseases. And without mandates, people never reach herd immunity on the basis of personal motivation alone.

Some people just aren’t that smart. We biologists call it “selective pressure.” 😛 (Like the poster of Darwin saying, “I got this.”)

“Some people just aren’t that smart. We biologists call it “selective pressure.” (Like the poster of Darwin saying, “I got this.”)” I love that.

It’s a statistical fact that 50% of people have below average IQs (that’s just how statistics work). Or as Trump would call them, “marks.” “I love the poorly educated”, Trump said. Of course he does.

(Just want to say… there’s no correlation between IQ and character. Some of the best people on earth have Down syndrome and some of the shittiest people I know have high IQs)

Hey, DYB. I caught that clip of Michael Steele on Velshi! They cut off the masturbation part (which I didn’t really miss because you had already told me). It was so great!!!

I know so many nice old white ladies. They would never physically harm anyone. But they are very religious and they watch Fox News religiously and yes, they are harming people. They’ve become nothing but parrots, repeating what Fox News tell them. Sometimes I think, wow, so this is what it was like in Germany… I’m surrounded by zombies – something is eating their brains.

What a bizarre civil war we are in. There are no geographic lines. We’re all scattered about amongst each other. I’m all in on our side, but they seem more desperate.

If you took an individual narcissist and blew him up into a lot of people, you would have white male culture. An inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Not pretty. It’s not a surprise that Trump is their hero. And for them, this is an existential crisis.

I get upset, but I know that in 100 years, long after I’m gone, the right (white) wing will have no power. That gives me comfort.

So I was happy to see that Carly Fiorina is joining in the fight for voting rights. But then she was saying, “The Democrats need to pare this thing down so they don’t give the Republicans one excuse to vote against it.” Don’t push it too far, she says. Narrow it down. Seriously? WTF is she talking about? She clearly STILL does not understand her own party. They don’t need one fucking excuse of any kind to do the wrong thing. It’s what they do. They will vote against it. Period. Geezuschrist what planet is she living on?

I think Bishop Barber knows exactly what “narrowing it down” means and he is saying fuck that noise. Fuck those snowflakes. Fuck coddling these cockroaches. It never pays off because they are AMORAL. Break the filibuster and save our democracy. End of story.

(of course he didn’t really say any of that – that’s me. But I think he feels like that. He just wouldn’t say it like that)

Fiorina is wrong about one thing and it’s a big one: Republicans will not vote for it. Never ever ever. No matter what Democrats put into that bill or no matter what they pull out of that bill – Republican swill NOT vote for it. No way in hell.

Yeah, violence against women is a real hoot. A laugh a minute. (It reminds me of George Carlin – which in many other ways, I was a fan – saying that anything can be funny – even rape. You’ll never hear a female comedian say that.)

Damn… So many little boys who never grew up. Little Kev, little Gym, little Tucker, little Marco. Gawd. The Republican Party is full of them. But they are not little boys. They are in adult bodies. And they’re dangerous.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Little Kev one day becomes Speaker of the House. We elected Trump as President so we’ve already proven that we have no bottom. Who will be his second in command? Little Dev?

Kev and Dev are both from CA. Which just proves my point that both sides of this moral struggle are scattered about everywhere.

Nothing explains the level of maturity of both Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump than the Starburst story. *These* are the people we want to run the supposed greatest country in the world? It’s fucking embarrassing. I’ll never get over it. Trump on the world stage was such a fucking extreme embarrassment.

I saw Debbie Dingell saying how she is trying to reach out to Republicans, even the worst of the worst. She thinks that’s the way to go. She thinks that’s going to work – being civil towards them.

I think we are just fucking past that. After Trump, after Jan 6, after the continuing, viciously aggressive and ongoing efforts to destroy our democracy by the Republican Party in every freaking state in the country. Open your eyes, Debbie. When they show you who they are, believe them.

@28 PJ, yeah I don’t understand that thinking. Dingell isn’t the only one, so many keep insisting that we need to reach out. But that’s what Democrats have been doing for decades. And this is where it got us. When did Democrats not reach out?? We are living with those results. When I hear that kind of talk, I say that person needs to be retired from Congress. They still have memories of some mythical time before, I suppose Newt Gingrich if we had to put a date on it. A magical time when they could work across the isle. That time died when Newt Gingrich became Speaker. Many generations have grown up with a 100% obstructionist Republican Party. GOP hasn’t reached out to anyone in at least 30 years. Dingell has no idea what she’s talking about. We need to retire people like that from Congress and replace them with fighters. (Not poseurs either, btw. Democrats have many poseurs, like The Squad. We need fighters, not social media stars.)

I totally agree with *everything* you said @29, DYB. Especially on Newt.

If only we could clone Sherrod Brown, Hillary Clinton… I would feel better about our chances. The good people on the Republican side have jumped ship. They got the fuck off that rotten vessel. There’s only the toxic dregs left.

The one hope I have regarding Kevin McCarthy: He does tend to shoot himself in the foot, get out too far over his skis, trip over his own dick. To be blunt: He’s a total fuck up. As James Carville said, “a pathetic glob of protoplasm” who is both stupid and weak. A pathetic human being. (Go James!) An “empty barrel” as fuckwad John Kelly might say. Unfortunately, those “qualities” score high in the Republican Party and across a lot of America, sad!ly (See Trump…elected President, 2016). So I guess we’ll see.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he has tested positive for Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated

Wasn’t Lindsey prancing though the Capital the other day with other protesting Rethugs, without a mask on?

Wonder how many GOPeers will end up from Lindsey’s Delta bugs?

I’ll never be a fan of Tim Ryan. He’s a Democrat, but there is something seriously wrong with that guy, I can smell it. Jonathan Capehart gave him every opportunity to give a full-throated condemnation of what Kevin McCarthy said about hitting Nancy Pelosi. We all know Kevin would not have said that about a male Speaker of the House. It was the elephant in the room. And yet Tim kept deflecting to Dr. Seuss??? And this thing and the other. I’m like, “what the fuck are you even talking about, douche?” It was a soft ball thrown to him (twice). Condemn violence (rhetorical or physical) against women. Should have been an easy one… but he whiffed. Twice. I wonder why.

PJ, that’s weird about Tim Ryan. Didn’t he try to run for Speaker a few years ago, challenging Pelosi? He does occasionally deliver a good speech on the Floor directed at Rethuglicans. But he does seem to hate Pelosi.

Also, it seems that 2 Capitol officers who were there on 1/6 committed suicide today.

An Eye Opener for me. Seems as though there was a small party, (“It wasn’t a party, just hot dogs and hamburger’s out on my boat!”, Manchin said. Attending the cookout’ was Manchin, Graham – break though Covid participant, and several other Congressmen and a couple of women.

This ‘boat’ isn’t just a boat, it’s a freakin’ $700,000 yacht named ‘Almost Heaven’.

Seems to me that the reason he defends Rethugs is because he is worried about being a 1% and doesn’t want to pay taxes to help the unwashed?

(This was the article talking about how mandated vaccination is necessary to reach herd immunity: Vaccine Mandates Are Coming. Good. by the chief health officer for Indiana University.)

“Just hot dogs and hamburgers out on my boat.”


I’m getting awfully close to kill-em-all-let-god-sort-them-out.

Forget about decency. Have they no shame?

@36: That’s true, DYB – he has given some really good speeches on the Floor. I don’t know – he just gives me a bad vibe…

What is going on with those suicides??!

@38: Well that’s vomit inducing. It’s getting harder and harder for me to defend Manchin. 😦 I still don’t think we’re going to get anyone better out of WV, but that’s just sickening.

“I’m getting awfully close to kill-em-all-let-god-sort-them-out”. Me too, quixote.

Q, glad to hear about that article. We need vaccine mandates, frankly, because Americans have been exposed to some very effective anti-vaccine propaganda and just won’t do what needs to be done. Very sad.

How awful about the policemen who committed suicide. The damage done by 1/6 and Drumpf just keeps going.

And Lady Lindsey getting COVID, wow. Just so wearying to hear about the idiocy of these Rethugs. It’s unlikely it will turn into anything serious for those who are vaccinated, but it can be spread to others who aren’t. Of course those selfish bastard never think of how their behavior impacts those less privileged.

The suicides truly baffle me. I don’t understand it. I wish the media would have psychologists on to explain it. They have doctors on ALL THE TIME – constantly – talking about Covid-19. We’re all comfortable talking about physical health. But I guess mental/emotional health is still taboo (see Simone Biles and all the weird coverage about her). But maybe they have and I just missed it.

On a sidenote… I’m going back to work tomorrow after 2 years of retirement so probably won’t be posting as much. Just didn’t want anyone to worry. 🙂

“Of course those selfish bastard never think of how their behavior impacts those less privileged.”

Amen. Callous, effing bastards. No empathy. They absolutely do not feel it when they harm others. Way too many human beings are like that. In a way, I’m kind of surprised we’ve lasted this long. As a species. We’re obviously headed towards self-destruction, but it’s taking a while. No nuclear war quick ending. I don’t think?? But who knows. Trump could get another shot at that apple.

08/03/2016, NBC:

Donald Trump asked a foreign policy expert advising him why the U.S. can’t use nuclear weapons, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said on the air Wednesday, citing an unnamed source who claimed he had spoken with the GOP presidential nominee.

“Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on the international level went to advise Donald Trump. And three times [Trump] asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked at one point if we had them why can’t we use them.”

PJ – you’re going back to work! Wow. How do you feel about that? Speaking of feelings…

MB – thank you for asking! Very kind of you. It feels great – honest. I’m really excited about it.

All best wishes for the new job, PJ!

I remember hearing about the Dump + nuke stuff at the time. I always figured he’d try throwing some around, probably at Iran, once it looked like he was losing power. I gather we mostly (entirely?) have Milley and the military to thank for preventing that.

Thank you, quixote! 🙂

Yes – I believe you have that right!

Well, well, well. The truth is certainly coming out about Andrew Cuomo. What a sick piece of shit he is. To look back and think how highly I thought of him? It makes me sick.

I have to say, PJ, I’d be a lot more impressed by charges against the actual rapist who was “president.” After that we can start worrying about the small time, like Cuomo. (Who, just coincidentally, the Repubs would love to get out of the governorship because they can’t push him around.)

Nina Turner loses another election.

PJ @ 44> It seems the suicide are probably driven by guilt. Guilt that they were so overrun by the insurrectionists, were abandoned by other law-enforcement agencies, and that the GOP is now telling them the mob was just tourists. Remember Michael Fanone banging his fist on the table during the House 1/6 hearings. Republicans are telling them all that they are cowards.

@54: That makes a lot of sense, DYB. How awful for them. It makes me feel terrible. I did watch Michael and the other officers testify even though it was very hard to watch.

@52: You make a good point, quixote. I just want to say that if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of sexual harassment, you know how horrific and degrading it is – on any scale. Both Trump and Cuomo can rot in hell in my book. But that’s JMO!

@53: That makes me so happy!!! Woohoo!!!

I think it’s going to be really good for me going back to work. I’ve spent way too much time on politics which has been a roller coaster of emotions. That’s just not healthy.

52 Q

I agree and I do have mixed feelings on the severity of punishment for his
looking and touching.
Should he be punished like someone that forced rape on a woman?

I think Biden and Nancy need to keep out of it,

Shadowfax, I think Pelosi and Biden can’t keep out of it. The media won’t let them. If they say nothing, the media will attack them as hypocrites and accomplices.

Cuomo is not a good person. He thrives on fear and intimidation. He’s a bully, a very nasty one. One reason there are not a lot of Democrats in NY politics standing by him is that he has no friends, he has kept people in line through fear. Now they see him wounded and they’re pouncing. I don’t blame them.

PJ> I think being forced to log off the internet and not follow minute-by-minute political developments and fights is very good for one’s mental health. I wish I could do it! LOL. But on days I’m busy with work and can’t check twitter for the latest meltdown someone is having are good days!

DYB, I am a little bit partial to Cuomo because he was so great fighting the good fight during the pandemic. He stood up to Dump and I learned more from him than anyone during that fight.

The woman that said he wanted to go to bed with her, accused him of touching her butt and all sorts of things, did sound somewhat fishy to me. Every time I listened to her story, about 6 or 7 different times, I got the same creepy feeling about her. I still feel that way.

I am half Italian and half Irish. My dad had a huge Italian family and they were very affectionate, not in a creepy way. Once I make friends with some people, I like to hug them to let them know I really like them.

Sure, there are creepy Italian men too, just like in every culture, and I can see that his affection would be off putting to people that don’t like to be touched. Just sayin’)

If I thought an older man I worked for thought it was okay to get too friendly with me, I would let him know I wasn’t interested and that has always worked for me. I certainly wouldn’t wear a loose fitting blouse and lean down in front of him.

Another, just sayin’

Shontel Brown won! I am so glad to hear that.

Rape culture… just sayin’

Gawd I hate that kind of talk.

But I really do need to get to bed. I have work tomorrow!

@58: Head nod, DYB! To everything you said.

Hooray for Shontel Brown!! What terrific news. Nina is a terrible person and deserved to lose.

Congratulations PJ! I’m so happy for you.

As for.Cuomo, I really felt he might be getting Frankened, but as D says, the truth is coming out. I think the bigger issue with him is using his power to get what he wants from women. That is the definition of a predator.

Of course Drumpf can assault dozens of women and his cultists will defend him to the death!

Shadowfax, Cuomo was definitely leading the charge on Covid info and he stood up to Trump. And for NYers that was a big deal; especially since our mayor DeBlasio was a weakling putz. But to me that’s a totally separate issue. He can do both of those things at once. I honestly haven’t followed the allegations against him very closely. And the woman you describe may be a fraud. But the Tish James investigation was different. If they concluded there was wrong-doing, that’s not getting Frankened. This was done by prosecutors at the Attorney General’s office. If the accusers were unable to corroborate their accusations, their accusations would not have been included in the report. I trust the investigation Tish James’ office did on him.

And just generally, Cuomo has no friends in NY politics because he’s a bully. One can’t (shouldn’t, I suppose) function that way. He’s an abuser (not just of women). You cross him and he will bury you. This is why he has not had anyone defending him, even before the AG’s report came out. This is who he is and always has been. It’s a different time. Maybe threats and fear is how politics used to be, but that is not the case anymore. And Cuomo can’t adjust, he’s an old dog.

Okay DYB, I’ll take your word for it, but I at least appreciate that he was a strong leader against Dump and informed much of the US population on just what was going on during the pandemic. Just a doctor telling us to put on a mask and how many have, will die from covid isn’t as powerful as Cuomo coming on tv, giving us the facts in real time, spilling the beans and standing up to Dump…no one else did it on the scale that he did.

He can never go to jail for touching or looking…lawyers on CNN said he could only step down, be impeached and have 2nd in line take over for the rest of his term.

Democrats need to shut up and let people go to court and defend themselves if they want to, one way or the other. Just feeling the pressure by the press isn’t good enough.

I see Democrats eating their own as part of the weakness that makes them lose to the horrible people on the other side.

I wonder if NYers were able to vote on this, if Cuomo would be kicked out or not.

Shadowfax, Cuomo is not a good person, doing his job last year on Covid aside. He has never been a good person; he’s a wanna-be mafioso. The AG’s report, which is not just random people talking to Fox News, ended his career, at least for the foreseeable future. If he stays until his term expires, he places the governorship in jeopardy and it may go to a Republican. That would be catastrophic for our state. He is repeating what he has sewn over many years. This is not the same as someone like Franken, accusations against whom were blurry.

@67 😆 😆 😆

@67- HAHAHAHAHAHA! Go get ’em Chuck!!

McConnell, what a f*cktard. You are NOT IN CHARGE ANY MORE. Get over it.

Here we go…

67 DYB

the turtle lost the race, go Chuck, run over him whenever you can.

Re the mess of Repubs jumping on harassment, but only against Dems, Jill Filipovic says what I’m thinking more clearly than I could. Women Aren’t Political Tools.

tl:dr; She doesn’t really have a solution to the extreme differential enforcement of Repubs vs Dems, but she does point out very clearly just how wrong it is.


@73 – YES! He tried it, she shut him down!

Awww, Nina lost. So sad, too bad. Yes, that’s petty of me. I don’t care.

Good reminder as we see more articles on vaccine effectiveness. Funny fact: Nate Silver accused this person of stealing this already well-known epidemiological statistical concept from him! (snort!)

@76, forgot to add that it’s a thread and the rest of the tweets explain why it seems the vaccine is less effective even though its effectiveness has remained the same. It’s that the comparator has changed.

PJ, my mom is from OK. Her grandmother was half Cherokee, and my mom adored her, but grew up seeing her (and her Dad) treated pretty badly. Anyway, my mom left OK right after her high school graduation and headed for California. She only went back once, after my big sis was born, she took her and went back to visit her grandmother. Anyway, none of us (my mom’s, aunts & uncles offspring) ever went there.

More importantly, congratulations on your new job! I hope you enjoy it! I’ve been retired for a few years myself and would like to go back also. I’m sure I would have by now if it wasn’t for Covid.

I think Shadow retired not long ago.

Very happy Shontel Brown won. I can’t stand Cornel West or Nina Turner. Nasty, arrogant people.

Luna @76 & 77, that is so above my sad old brain!

@76 Luna, Nate Silver has lost his damned mind. He’s basically an anti-vaxxer at this point. It’s a matter of time before he’s on Tucker.

@81 annie, yes. Remember Bernie and AOC went and campaigned *against* Charice Davids. Her opponent was an anti-choice white man. They campaigned against a liberal lesbian Native American woman.

About that NY FBI investigation…

It’s almost as though government public health mandates work.


Back from a backpacking trip … reading comments to catch up.

Absolutely insane story!

@91 Luna, amazing!!!

@92, DYB, I’ll bet that’s a trained Service Dog. It is amazing what they can be taught to do.

More palate cleansing.

Luna, those photos and videos were stunning! My favorites were the video of the redtail hawk and the cardinal in the snow.

Luna, I really enjoyed those photos and video clips of birds too.

I wrote a long comment but A-hole WP ate it.

Today I had my yearly physical and had a short list of shots to get.

I talked to the nurse about the Delta variant and asked if I have taken two Moderna shots, if I will be able to take a Pfizer booster shot in the future, since Moderna gave me quite a few symptoms after the second shot.

To make a long discussion short she said that Kaiser ran out of the Moderna meds a few months ago and was giving Pfizer shots to everyone that had received either Moderna or Pfizer for their first shot. So it sounds as if those two work well together.

The news has been saying lately that if someone is 65+ and had their shots 6 months ago, they might be asking them to get a booster possibly next month. Also people that had the J&J and those with compromised immune systems.

This of course depends on a lot of factors, as we all know.

Kaiser is giving physicals again? I know someone who got a Moderna and then a Pfizer, and I gather it went okay. I think those two are both the mRNA vaccines and the J&J is not.

Please send good vibes down for my young rock ‘n roller. He’s getting his 1st Pfizer tomorrow. He’s had a couple of seizures after vaccines, and we’re a tad nervous. They were 9/10 years ago, so we’re hoping he’s outgrown it.

Annie, sending good vibes to your son. Hope all goes well.

Annie, sending good vibes and Madonna tunes to the rock-n-roller.

Annie, hope Laker is okay!! Sending good vibes!

In other bird news, I saw an Oak Titmouse on our plant stand this morning. It is a particularly cute bird because of its big googly eyes and crested head. Such fun to see them enjoying themselves in our backyard!

I saw Aleksandr Vindman on Amanpour and Company last night. He’s written a new book that I am looking forward to reading. I can’t understand why Vindman doesn’t have a job in the Biden administration! He’s brilliant and courageous. We need more like him.

Agree, Beata. Vindman is obviously top notch at what he does. There’s never enough people like that!

I agree with Beata and Q that Vindman is very smart and takes pride in doing his best for our country. He said something about needing to find out what his new career should be, not sure if he has fully decided yet.

Annie, good to see you and yes, Kaiser is giving physical checkups if you haven’t had one for awhile. The place was buttoned down, looked like the very bare minimum of people were there, The few people that were waiting to see a doctor had a short wait in a mainly empty lobby. Most doctors and staff were limited behind closed doors. It looked more locked down than I have ever seen it

Best of luck on your Laker’s first Pfizer shot tomorrow. Sending good thoughts and a prayer for him.


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