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Posted on: July 24, 2021

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Another week, more social media outrage over the fact that Merrick Garland hasn’t imprisoned the Trumps yet. Look, I do get it. But he’s been the AG for 4 months. Nobody would have the Trumps in shackles at this point; at least not legally. We have no idea what Garland is planning to do with the Trumps and with their satellites (the Mnuchins, Barrs, Wilburs of the world.) We just don’t have any clue. We can only wait.

The Olympics have began! I think they should have postponed them again. It is simply not safe. Japan is having a massive Covid outbreak. And they are not mandating that athletes be vaccinated. Which is absolutely appalling!!! But they did not allow a deaf and blind Paralympic swimmer to bring her guide (her mother) with her because of Covid precautions. And that swimmer had to withdraw. They also initially did not allow breastfeeding mothers to bring their babies with them – until pressure forced them to reconsider. And then someone scheduled Team USA women’s soccer team to be practicing during the opening ceremonies, so they were not able to attend. And then there’s the ridiculous Ralph Lauren uniforms. The man’s been designing these since the Olympic Games first started in Greece. And they are ridiculously ugly. Is there no other designer with more interesting ideas than “frat party?” But at least Naomi Osaka got to light the torch.

This is an open thread! What’s on your minds?

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Biden has been trolling Trump recently.

Did you see the Liberian outfits? Very interesting…. I really don’t like the one shoulder look, seems like it would be uncomfortable.

Thanks for the new post DYB and yes, Ralph Lauren needs to be put out to pasture and design old men’s slippers and smoking jackets. His Olympian costumes are horrible, an athlete dressed like a cheap Airline waitress is appalling.

MsMass, yes the Liberians know how to dress for the occasion,.

Showing off some nice muscles is a plus in my book.

Congratulations on your second Pfizer shot, PJ.

Thank you, Shadowfax. And thank you to Luna (from the thread before).

Very funny post (and funny comment @3) about Ralph Lauren. 🙂

@6. That’s good news. Kinzinger is not in the Idiot Club.

@8 Luna, I’d never seen that. Wow!

Luna @8

How sweet is that. cheek to cheek, cheek to cheek.
How wonderful that some special human saved her life.

@9, 10, It was a very touching display. Swans usually mate for life.

Philip Rucker said that Joe Manchin was Trump’s “white whale.” Trump was sure they could get Manchin to change parties.

Trump said: I get along great with him. I liked him, he liked me. We had a great, great relationship and I said, there’s no way that he would ever vote to impeach me.

But Manchin did vote to impeach. TWICE.

Which cracks me up to no end. Trump likes Manchin tons better than he likes Hissing Turtle who has always supported him.

Rick Wilson has a point that Democrats tend to bring a soup ladle to a gunfight, but Manchin brings no weapons at all. And somehow he ends up knifing Trump twice under the table and dummkopf doesn’t even feel it. Trump loves Manchin. LMAO.

@6: I loved what he said.

@13> Ha, that’s funny about Manchin. I know people keep saying “He’s going to switch,” but I’ve never seen anything in his behavior that suggest that he would. He’s literally been this Democrat for decades, right? I feel like if he didn’t change parties to run for the Senate in WV, he’s not going to switch parties.

This is interesting:


@15 – I think you are totally right, DYB.

@16 – OMG! That’s awesome!! Hahahaha! I really am happy that Nancy asked Adam to join the Committee. I don’t think it will make a difference with small “R” magats, but at least Liz will have a fellow like-minded Repub with her. If it was me, I’d be very grateful – not to be so alone. They have both been absolutely great on this one issue – and it just happens to be a BIG FUCKING ISSUE.

@17: What happened there??? 🙂

Do you remember the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to raise public awareness of the indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime? In the case of Jan 6, it wasn’t even necessary. Because we ALL freaking saw it.

Except for Republicans who were *right there* shitting their pants and yet apparently… they saw nothing. They can’t *say* something if they didn’t *see* something. And those videos of Jan 6 were probably…um… doctored maybe.

I think the conclusion of the Jan 6 committee will be short and to the point. If you don’t want this to happen again, don’t elect someone like Donald Trump. He had the power to cause it and he alone had the power to stop it – which he did not. He was too busy soaking in all the love. There was a lot of love there, a *lot* of love. Dear God…

High ranking former military guys are saying… (paraphrasing)…. Look, we have civilian control of the military in this country. If you elect a psychopath (my word) to be in charge, this is what you get. You gave the keys to Trump and he was driving the car. Because that’s how our system is set up.

@2 MsMass> That’s an interesting outfit. Feels more like one of the outfits Jean Paul Gautier designed for Madonna’s “Confessions Tour!”

@2, I once or twice wore a one-shouldered top. It felt weird — snug on one shoulder and free on the other. Didn’t wear it again.

(x-posted at SD the other day)

OMG this is horrible.

@25, I saw that — fortunately she’s not badly hurt.

I’m also glad Barbara Boxer wasn’t hurt.

inherited a good trajectory “from Republican leadership”

I guess. If closing in on Numbah One! in covid deaths is a good trajectory.

Ok, so Kay Ivey. I don’t know how to deal with her. I found myself going “yes ma’am, yes ma’am” right along with that white guy reporter. I straightened up in my chair. She can’t get her Alabamians to get the vaccine, but I would step and fetch in a heartbeat. Yikes! What the hell is going on with that, I say to myself. That woman has southern power that unfortunately (when it comes to the vaccine) only works on people like me and that white guy reporter. I’m really happy I don’t have to go up against her on other issues. Holy smokes.

I am not a fan of Eddie Glaude. I see what I see. He comes across as a narcissist to me, sitting on his perch/throne, waxing poetically about race, feeling like he’s a black king that lessers cannot see. He does not value women. Unfortunately, I can smell that kind of thing no matter the distance and it is not pleasant.

I like using his words but changing them a bit…

“Our task, then, is not to save Trump voters (or Trump voters by default, like Eddie). It isn’t to convince them to give up their views that male people ought to matter more than others. Our task is to build a world where such a view has no place or quarter to breathe.”

PJ, Eddie Glaude is one of those men who refused to support Hillary Clinton in 2016 because he saw no difference between HRC and Trump, and voted for Jill Stein. Every time I’ve seen him complain about Trump I give him the finger. Also Jason Johnson, who did the same thing. They showed extraordinarily poor judgment in 2016. I can’t take them seriously because they are, as you say, narcissists.

And on Kay Ivey, I don’t know much about her except for her name. She spent a year playing down Covid and just in May signed a law that blocks enforcement of masks. It’s nice she’s telling people to get vaxxed, but she’s soooo late. I think after the way Republicans have been poisoned about Covid, nothing people like Kay Ivey or Mitch can say is going to make a difference. It’s too late for that.

“Every time I’ve seen him complain about Trump I give him the finger.” YES!!!

And absolutely, DYB, Jason too. They did indeed lose all credibility. Eddie and Jason suffer from the same sickness as their white brogressive counterparts. They are weak men who are as sexist as they come and could not stand the thought of a woman (especially a white woman) being president. Sexism is a lot like racism. It’s FUGLY. And I think *even* given everything they know now, they would still not vote for Hillary. Because their core dynamics have not changed. They would just come up with new excuses.

I have a gut feeling that Kay Ivey is a monster although I don’t know much about her either. But for some reason, she puts the fear of God in me. My girl dog would get so excited/afraid when people would come to visit, she would shake, shiver and pee. It’s kind of like that. I’m a little freaked out by my own reaction to her.

But yes, she’s way, way, way too late to the party. She’s like the people that one lady nurse (or doctor?) was talking about begging for the vaccine right before they’re put on a ventilator. The train has left the station, the horse is out of the barn.

This is great. I hope they are also willing to enforce their subpoenas.

Kay Ivey is so Rethug she felt called upon to support Roy Moore when Doug Jones was running. ‘Nuff said.

@34 – the ability to enforce subpoenas would be such a welcome sign that we are headed back on track towards a rule of law/constitution first country and away from the lawless Trumpian dick-tator-horror-show.

@35: So there you have it. You can’t go lower than that.

@34, won’t bother politely asking but will go straight to subpoenas! Hey, they’re learning!

@35, Ugh, a pedophile rapist over Doug Jones. Yrkch.

I do not like palliative care. Today, one of my palliative care doctors (male) asked me why do I keep going since I’m not going to get better? Why don’t I just stop all nutrition, all fluids and just die? I said because I’m strong, I come from a long line of strong women. We don’t just give up. We keep going. And I’m not ready to die yet, doctor. So there. He didn’t want to hear about any of the women I come from or the strength I still get from them. Even through they are no longer here with me in body, they are here with me in spirit. He’s not interested in who I am as a person.

I really dislike this doctor. I really dislike palliative care. It was “sold” to me as a good thing but it’s not helping me at all.

I did watch the House Committee hearing today. The testimony by the four police officers was extremely powerful and gut-wrenching. Only sociopaths (and we know who they are) could be unmoved by the emotional and physical pain these officers have endured.

@38: That looks like the teddy bear I had as a child. His name was “Teddy”. I had him for years, until he was lost in a move. I’m going to get a new one.

Beata @40. Uurgh! How horrible to have to deal with an idiot when looking at a future the size of God. Do you have any options? Meaning is where you live big enough to have somebody else you could go to? I had a dear sister-in-law who felt her palliative care did very well, so it is possible. But I would think it’s essential the caregivers listen to you! That’s pretty much job One. Anyway, sending you strengthening thoughts through the ether, for what it’s worth.

OMG Beata, what the actual hell. Is that proper doctor behavior even?? Can you request a different doctor because this one is, frankly, a sociopath. You shouldn’t have to put up with that.

The hearings, yes, we all know who the evil people are. Entire right-wing social media sphere was yelling at how cowardly they are. All the usual suspects. And then all the Republicans said they didn’t have time to watch the hearings. (McCarthy, McConnell, etc., were busy. I suspect they’ll be busy for the entire duration of the hearings.)

Beata, WTAF? (Pardon my language) That callous excuse for a physician needs to STFU and find another specialty fast, something without patient contact. Palliative care is about caring for the patient as an individual, nurturing strengths, reducing pain and other unpleasantness, helping to increase or sustain enjoyable and meaningful activities, and (last but not least) listening. As quixote said, listening is job 1. Matter of fact that’s my philosophy about any medical care.

It means more effort on your part, but I’d urge you to send an email to the medical director or patient advocate describing what that jerk said (or perhaps your SO could?) Is there another agency/medical center you can get services from? Or a medical provider whom you like who could give you some recommendations? Sending love and gentle hugs thru the ether too.

Wasn’t expecting this excuse. ((eyeroll))

Mask mandates violate religious liberty by hiding faces made in God’s image, Catholic school says

Resurrection School thinks mask-wearing interferes with the institution’s mission of giving its students a Catholic education.

“Unfortunately, a mask shields our humanity,” the school argued in its lawsuit. “And because God created us in His image, we are masking that image.”

@46 Luna> Don’t pants and shirts shield our humanity too?

DYB! Don’t tell them! There’s a *lot* of people in that crowd I couldn’t bear to see “unshielded.”

@47, 48, LOL! I expect when the case comes to trial there will be some comparisons like that brought up!

@49, Brava! Madame Speakers has no more fcks to give.

@50, DYB, I want one! Errrr, maybe not. Apparently they have a ferocious metabolism and need to eat about a dozen squirrels or the equivalent every day.

@50: Must have that cat!!! Even if it is a killer, it’s adorable.

Right now, my cat and I are watching “Nature” on PBS. It’s about “Super Cats”. My cat is transfixed and getting some dangerous ideas.

About the palliative care, I’m looking into other options. I have my SO to help me, along with some very good female friends. We will find a better way.

I really admire your clear-eyed attitude, Beata.

Beata, I agree with quixote. That doctor sounds absolutely appalling.

I agree about that cat!! Super cute! I could keep him as a guard cat.

Enormously powerful earthquake at the Alaskan portion of the Ring of Fire. Tsunami warning issued.

I think what Repub politicians have always loved about their base is their black and white (no pun intended), rigid way of thinking. Once they get their feet set in the cement, there is no moving them. No amount of truth or reality or that they are obviously working against their own self-interest will move them.

Now it turns out, even death – like a *bad* death too – will not move them. I just heard that Mitch is going to spend a lot of money trying to convince people to get vaccinated. He might as well put that money in a trash can and light it on fire for all the good it’s going to do. I am shocked that Mitch and Kay Ivey (suddenly) don’t seem to know their own base.

I just don’t buy the idea that if Trump came out and did PSAs about getting the vaccine or if we all started calling it the “Trump Vaccine” that it would help. It would not help. At all. The MAGAts would only feel betrayed and Trump knows it.

Trump has always possessed a lot of power to harm. He’s very good at it. He has zero power to help. He has never had an ounce of that kind of power. It’s delusional to think otherwise.

I’m not even going to try to explain why I’m posting this.

@65 PJ, That brings back memories! It was popular right around the time my family and I came to the US. My cousin, whose family we stayed with for a month, was obsessed with that song!

That’s great, DYB! LOL! Hey… maybe you would consider a Q & A post sometime. Like we all get to ask you questions about your life story. Of course you would get to pass on any questions… I think it would be interesting. Of course I would never subject myself to such a thing so could be a dumb idea. But my story is boring! Born in KS, live in KS, went a few places inside the US and lived there a short while, came back.

64 DYB
Parrots swearing at visitors and then laughing at each other.

How do parrots laugh? Do they imitate the sound of human’s laughter?

I love these birds, the humans they are imitating should be removed instead, humans make fun of their paying customers.

Beata, I am so glad you and your support team are helping you find alternatives.

I agree that this doctor should be removed, he is playing a different roll than helping and being kind. You should ask him if he gets a bonus for talking patients into taking their own lives?

‘Do no harm!’

Give those parrots extra treats!

God, I can just see those African greys. Parrots really do have a sense of humor, very Three Stooges, very unkind. (Let’s be fair. They are dinosaurs.)

The greys probably imitated human laughs, or people wouldn’t have noticed. I had cockatiels (much smaller brains than greys). One of them deliberately bumped another bird off a perch and then sat there, slightly puffed up with its eyes not-staring. A very subtle effect. Sort of “relaxed” eyes, which is a parrot version of a smile. A gloating smile in that case!

So today is the 96th birthday of the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. His most famous composition is the theme from Zorba, but he wrote a lot of classical music, film scores, and even pop songs. Here is one of my favorite pop songs with his music, sung by the great Egyptian/French chanteuse Dalida.

That was beautiful, DYB.

Little pubes have voted against their own self-interest for many years. I just don’t think it’s that far of a stretch for them to make health choices against their own self-interest if it’s political. Once Trump made it political, that was it. They will die (and kill) for him. He was the one they’ve been waiting for – the third of America that has always been against the American experiment (plus… the others – it took the others for him to win). Like Covid, we could kill it off. We could starve it to death. Democrats shut the door on this vile. They said, “No more”. Get the fuck out. But then Ronnie and the Republicans opened the door to them. If, in our two party system, Republicans would shut them out. Shut off their oxygen and tell them to get the fuck out. They would die off.

But we’re 240 plus years and counting. They were there at the beginning and they’re still here. Cockroaches. Covid and friends.

I surprised no one is commenting on the details that are coming out about the Delta mutation.

Seems as though when a fully vaccinated person comes down with Covid, no one has died, the symptoms are mild and yet, that person has as much viral load that can infect others, as much as an unvaxed person.

The vaxed person protects themselves, and the mask wearing protects others.

Everyone now has to wear masks indoors again.

I am really pist that the unvaxed prance around infecting others and feel no sense of responsibility towards the rest of us.

To be honest, I have only taken off my mask 3 times in a restaurant with vaxed family members and friends, now I have to worry this will not get better this summer, fall, winter and maybe next spring.

The unvaxed need to be fined or something. They will be paid by the government, who will pay their employees $100 to get fully vaxed.

I will be among the majority that are getting more angry by the day that these nitwits are all allowed to openly kill others. No, this does not include those that are allergic to the vaccines and children that don’t have the vaccine approved for them yet.

Love the swan video, so beautiful and soothing.

Beata @40, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. What a terrible thing to say. But I love your response to him. You are a strong woman and I am proud to know you. Sending you hugs and love.

Love the funny African Greys! I think its a shame they were moved. Let them be themselves.

DYB @72, That was really nice. I thought it sounded like it had a slight Bossa Nova vibe to it.

D, did you see this? I don’t know who “daBaby” is.

To be honest, it was the Delta mutation that finally got me off my ass to go and get vaccinated (which makes me just like Steve Scalise. Shit, vomit, puke, GAG! Fuck! I NEVER want to be like him). I have always been careful. Worn a mask, social distancing, etc. (still do). I sincerely thought that others should be in line ahead of me (back when vaccines were hard to get and you had to have a special appt to get one). Older people, people who work in hospitals, nursing homes, cops, grocery store workers!, other essential workers – I knew they should all be ahead of me. I told my brother, “I’m waiting until they’re handing them out like candy. That’s when it will be my turn.”

But then I kind of got in the rut of not doing it. Entertaining the thought that maybe I could just skip it. But then came Delta and holy shit. I’m thinking, damn. This tiny little mask is not going to do it. I’m going to have to start wearing a hazmat suit if I don’t get vaccinated.

It’s interesting to me that all my siblings are Trumpers (actually, they are Repukes more than Trumpers, but in the end, there’s no real difference), and they are all fully vaccinated. I guess the true believers would call them “squishies”?

They voted for Trump. They themselves have the sense to not kill themselves or others, but they put into motion a killing machine. A machine that threatens to kill not only our democracy, but our actual physical existence. They are culpable and they feel absolutely no guilt/shame about that. For them, it’s GO RED! (they do not wear MAGAt hats – but their spirit is with them). Bloody hell.

I have never underestimated the role that Joseph Goebbels played in the Nazi nightmare. The propaganda. The mindfucking.

So our modern day version is Rupert Murdoch. When I think of Rupert, a scene from Men In Black comes to mind. You know, of the bug. Geraldo said that if Rupert would have been around when poor Dick Nixon was being held accountable for being YES. A CROOK. Dick would not have resigned. Because cheating… well… it’s just the Republican way. Ford said “pfft” on that. Bush Jr. succeeded doing the same thing. Cheating. I’m thinking… what Republicans are doing now… putting their people in charge of counting the votes… how is that different from what Jeb! did for Jr? They’ve been doing this shit for a long time. And it always helps to own the refs… Which they absolutely do – 6 to 3.

Sidenote… Geraldo was perfectly impersonated by Robert Downey Jr. in “Natural Born Killers.”

So anyway, I present to you… Mr. Murdoch:

Glad to hear the tunneling through ancient sites project got stopped!

Campaigners have won a court battle to prevent the “scandalous” construction of a road tunnel near Stonehenge. The £1.7bn Highways England project aimed to reduce A303 congestion but campaigners said it would detrimentally affect the world heritage site.

@78 Annie> Thanks for posting that! DaBaby is a rapper who went on a homophobic/AIDS tirade at a live show a few days ago.There’s been a huge blowback. He even sort of (not really) apologized. Whatever one may think about Madonna, she’s been a true ally for the LGBTQ community since the very beginning of her career. She was defending us and speaking out about AIDS in the mid 1980s, as she was on the rise and when doing so was not politically easy. It was, actually, dangerous to one’s career. She did it anyway. In the 1980s the people with the biggest platform speaking about AIDS were basically just Madonna and Liz Taylor. Sooo many of the younger generations of gay people do not know this history and have no appreciation for what Madonna did for us, and how she stood with our community when very few people did. And not just on the subject of AIDS, she defended gay rights generally, always elevating the gay community with her music and performances. Now they all just think she’s some old woman having too much fun with fillers and plastic surgery. But she’s been through the wringer and she’s still standing, doing whatever she wants. As she herself put recently: Desperately not seeking anyone’s approval.

PJ, well I’m glad your family got vaccinated at least. But yes, as you say, what’s the difference between Trumpers and Rethugs? If one votes for Trump, one votes for all of Trump. One just can’t separate “Oh I like lower taxes” from everything else. Just can’t. Not possible. It’s not about lower taxes. It’s about morality. If you vote for Trump, you have no moral.

@83: AWESOME!!!

@86: Amen, Brother Ben.

That was great stuff about Madonna, DYB. A lot I didn’t know.

Very cool choice:

@88 PJ, yes, for the gay community Madonna has been an invaluable ally. In the 1980s, before Reagan even said the word “AIDS,” she was doing AIDS fundraisers and talking about it. In the booklet of her 1989 “Like a Prayer” album there was a page discussing HIV/AIDS and safe sex. Some first editions of that album even came with a condom inside! I remember on her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour she was chanting to stadiums full of gay men “Hey you, don’t be silly, put a rubber on your willy!” Two of her dancers on that tour were two of the most important Vogue dancers in the world: Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza and Luis Xtravaganza. They always speak about how much Madonna did with the song and video for “Vogue” for the gay community, by bringing this underground club dance, created by Black and Latin gay men in Harlem, to the world at large, by putting it on TV and turning it into a world-famous routine. Young gay kids growing up in small towns suddenly could see this thing and realize there was so much more to the world than their immediate surroundings suggested. They argued so much of gay culture could be labeled pre-Madonna-Vogue and post-Madonna-Vogue.

(The video was directed by the not yet famous David Fincher.)


@89, Biden is making some very good appointments.

@90: Okay, now I’m totally in love with her too. 🙂 Great, great story (and great song/video). Thank you for telling it, DYB.

@89: OMG!!!! That makes me so happy. I love him!!

LMAO at Hunter Biden! Good for him!

Shadow, re Delta variant and the new CDC info.

Chickenpox: R0 around 11, Smallpox: around 5, Ebola: around 2 or 3, Delta up till now was said to be around 6. So Delta was as infective as, say, smallpox, and about half as infective as chickenpox.

I don’t know what new info they have that has doubled the expected transmission rate for Delta. They’re also talking about higher viral loads (= more severe disease as well as higher infectivity).

I’m gathering that the new info is based (entirely?) on in-progress data from Provincetown, MA.

There are several possibilities about what’s going on. 1) This is raw data and once they do rigorous statistics on the complete data set, it’ll be less spectacular. 2)If it’s real, and it’s all based on Provincetown, it’s possible there’s a higher proportion of people living with HIV than in the general population, and hence with weaker immune systems. (P-town was the gay capital of the US for a while there.) 3) And the scariest (and likeliest?) one: the Delta strain has already evolved more ability to escape the vaccine and be more infective.

Take home message: protect yourself like it’s Option 3, because if it isn’t nothing worse has happened than taking precautions you don’t need. If it is, it may be essential.

Yes, all I’ve seen so far on the contagiousness of Delta is from unpublished data. Apparently the CDC wanted to get the word out early. Wonder if they liked the idea of comparing it to chickenpox rather than smallpox since most people may be familiar with chickenpox but unlikely to know anything about smallpox contagion.

96 Luna, I was thinking the same thing. I just wonder how long it will be before someone that is fully vaxed, tests positive, asymptomatic goes to a well populated GOP or redneck bar, and doesn’t wear a mask?

They are now more venerable than we are.

@97: Wow… I hadn’t thought about it like that. It would be like walking in with a loaded gun only this gun is silent and invisible and the yokels wouldn’t see it coming. That’s very sci-fi-ish…

D @85, I’ve been a Madonna fan since “Borderline” and paid attention to what she said about gay rights and HIV. She educated a lot of us straight people and gave us courage to speak out also for Gay and Lesbian rights. She is brave and has a good heart. Thank God for her.

D @89, that is cool! I hadn’t heard that yet, thanks for posting.

Shadow @97, good point.


This is what Dump supporters have been doing to the majority of people in our country for over a year and a half, and have killed over 600k of our elderly, middle aged and young children so they can pretend to have their freedom while thousands die.

If I can think of this, think of all the loved ones of those that have died because of the stupidity of Dump supporters.

I can’t wait until the deplorables finally realize it’s just a matter of time.

@102: Well said. Like their god, Dumpster Fire, they have done a lot of harm and haven’t really had any consequences for it. Yet. But I agree – I think it is coming.

And man do they have it coming (I agree with you there, too). Filling up hospitals with their sorry asses. Decent, responsible, *moral* people can’t get in. Thinking about it is very upsetting.

On a better note…

Beto O’Rourke and Bishop William J. Barber make a great team. I am so impressed. “Look a tiger in the eye” (Jojo Rabbit) kind of thinking. Going right into the mouth of the lion. Texas… it’s a scary place. I’ve been there twice – drove all the way down to Houston. Had to go through Oklahoma (shiver). I’m with Thelma and Louise – best if you can avoid Texas. But I’m cheering them on for sure! Thank God for them.

I probably shouldn’t have said that about Oklahoma. But honestly, if someone said they had to drive through Kansas to get somewhere and they shivered I’d be like, “yeah, you should try living here.”

Hello Widdershins! I’m having a great time on vacation. I’ll write the weekend post in a couple of hours!! ❤️❤️❤️

This idiot.

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