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Lazy Weekends: Drumpf = Veep?

Posted on: July 17, 2021

This week was a revelatory one, wasn’t it? As the January 6th Select Committee sets its first hearing with law enforcement on July 27th, more and more scary-but-not-shocking details are coming out about the depth and comprehensiveness of Drumpf’s attempts to establish himself as the Dick-tator of the United States.

Here’s a story I read this morning quoting Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-MD, the extraordinary leader of Drumpf’s 2nd impeachment effort. Mr. Raskin is also a member of the Select Committee. The story contains some key nuggets about how Mike Pence’s refusal to do the Mango Moron’s bidding on 1/6 likely prevented the overturning of the election and imposition of martial law. And the way the Thugs would have done it, could have been inspired directly by “Veep.”

“All they wanted Pence to do was to rebuff the electors coming in from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, lowering Biden’s total below 270, kicking the presidential contest into a contingent election,” Raskin said.

“In the event that no presidential candidate can reach 270 Electoral College votes, the next president is selected by the House of Representatives. This rare situation has not arisen since the 19th century [well…except on “Veep,” when an electoral college tie sent the election back to the House!].

“And there they wanted it because we vote not one member, one vote, but one state, one vote,” Raskin went on.

“And if they’d been able to do that, which would not have been really that much if you look at the different things Mike Pence did over the prior four years for Trump, they would have won it with 27 states to 22 for the Democrats and one tied.”

“And at that point, he probably would’ve followed the advice of Michael Flynn and imposed martial law and a state of siege, and this would’ve been the Reichstag moment,” he said.

Barring the martial law part, which is more speculative, it looks like Drumpf’s coup d’etat plan included elements that were similar to what happened on a TeeVee show about a corrupt politician doing anything and everything to claw her way to the White House and stay there. So on brand for TFG! And only Mike Pence stopped it from working.

I never thought I’d say this, but thank Goddess for Mike Pence. (Sorry, Beata!) Unlike in “Veep,” where the peaceful transfer of power was observed no matter how evil the candidate was, the US as we know it wouldn’t have survived the overturning of the election and the reinstatement of der Drumpfenfuhrer.

Brace yourselves for more of these revelations over the next several months, Shinners!

Open thread, as always.

114 Responses to "Lazy Weekends: Drumpf = Veep?"

This whole article…wow. So many ways things could have gone wrong if not for Pelosi, Schumer and Pence.

From previous post: I’m with PJ re Tubman on $20 bill. Get ON with it!

Sort of agree with mb re black women, but, let’s face it, even that isn’t a ticket to enlightenment (/trying to be funny tag). Nina Turner, Briahna whatever-her-name-is, and so on. 😦

Dump has a simple mind. The fallback was for enough violence to declare martial law. Killing any of the top people, Pelosi, Pence, Schumer, or probably any Congressperson, was supposed to be the excuse. I’m convinced that’s why he was watching TV of the thing. So that as soon as it happened, he’d be on the twittermachine delivering edicts. The training and quick thinking of the Capitol police / Goodman specifically, played a huge role, as well as the top people who refused to be rattled.

MB, agree, never thought I’d say Mike Pence did something right.

quixote, yes, for example that Diamond & Silk pair of acting-against-their-own-interests idiots. I suppose it pays well for them.

Yep, yep on Nina Turner, D & S, etc. I guess you could say every village has its idiots… It’s worse than that though I think. They sold their soul to the devil. I hope they got a decent price for it…

Of course none of these women will ever outdo their male counterpart, Clarence Thomas and the damage *he* has done to black people. He has the power plus the lack of character to out-white white people. He’s all for silencing the voices of black people (voting rights). Anita Hill warned us about him… Another Bush appointment…

Great Veep clips, MB. I was laughing so hard! Totally hit my funny bone.

Plus… “Dick-tator”. Funny stuff!

Mike Pence did the right thing. No wonder the MAGAts wanted to hang him. I guess Pence was afraid to get into the secret service vehicle on Jan 6? He was probably right not to trust anyone at that point.

I appreciate what my former governor Mike Pence did to preserve our democracy as I wrote over at SD yesterday. It was the right thing to do.

Mike Pence, Brad Raffensperger (sp?), the Repub guy who said people were going to get killed if they didn’t stop this shit, the gov. of AZ who refused to take Trump’s call.

But it makes me think of “The Hunt for Red October”.

They won’t make the same mistake twice. Right now, they are removing the safety measures (for democracy) on all of their weapons.

@8: I can’t imagine why anyone would consider that I might think otherwise regarding Pence in this situation. Upholding the Constitution is paramount and that is what Pence did.

@10, Beata, agree!

Loved the new post and comments. I never get enough of MB’s nick name, “der Drumpfenfuhrer” and that great Randy Rainbow parody, ‘Sedition’. His multiple images, standing in a line, and when they all wave their hands around, I can’t stop laughing.

I agree, that I appreciate Pence for doing what the Constitution called for and not what the GOPee criminals wanted him to do.

Thanks to all for the outrage of support for my very sick sister that had to share a room with an unvaxxed woman.

Luna, the hospital is St. Joseph’s. They do have a mask mandate, but if a woman that is 360 lbs in the next bed has trouble breathing with a mask on….then to Hell with the rules. Why couldn’t they have moved her into a room with another unvaxxed person?

It seems my other sister, the unvaxxed Dump supporter didn’t try to see my sick sister, but a week later her male friend was in the same hospital and she went to see him and was pist she was told to wear a mask. That same male friend was offered a Covid Vaccination and he told the nurse to get the Hell out of his room, he wasn’t interested.

If this is the way of hospitals these days, all the patient beds should be separated, vaxxed on one part of the hospital, crackpots on their own wing. They want the freedom to be exposed, let them worry about it.

Unfortunately, my sick sister is too sick to deal with telling the news reporters, she may have to go in to the hospital soon for more possible heart surgery.

Shadow, I am very sorry about your sister’s experience in the hospital. It sounds awful.

In my recent hospital stays, I was in a private room in the oncology ward, a ward that has never had any Covid patients. Staff and visitors were required to wear masks at all times, as were patients outside their own rooms. Once I was in my room, I was told I didn’t need to wear a mask, although I sometimes did (my choice). Everyone who came into my room had to wear a mask. I was allowed only two visitors a day (one at a time) and they had to be masked. If a visitor left, they could not come back the same day to visit me. My SO stayed a long time each day because if he left we couldn’t see each other until the next day. I think these hospital procedures regarding masks were done well.

Beata, so glad you were able to have your own room, but you sure had to pay a heavy price for it. So sorry for what you are going though and so glad you think enough of us to spend some of your time here.

The hospital my sister goes to only lets one person in a day, they can stay as long as they want and can come in several times that day.

@10 – Beata, I know how you feel about Pence, so I just wrote that I’m sorry I had to say something nice about him. I was positive you’d agree with the statement, though!

The story about Pence and the car: he had been evacuated to an area below the Capitol and the Secret Service told him a car was waiting to take him to a safe location. He refused to go because he knew that the “safe location” was likely to be somewhere so far away, he couldn’t get back in time to oversee the certification of the vote. He didn’t trust the Secret Service.

At 2:26, after a team of agents scouted a safe path to ensure the Pences would not encounter trouble, Giebels and the rest of Pence’s detail guided them down a staircase to a secure subterranean area that rioters couldn’t reach, where the vice president’s armored limousine awaited. Giebels asked Pence to get in one of the vehicles. “We can hold here,” he said.

“I’m not getting in the car, Tim,” Pence replied. “I trust you, Tim, but you’re not driving the car. If I get in that vehicle, you guys are taking off. I’m not getting in the car.”

The Pences then made their way to a secure underground area to wait out the riot.

PJ, I think the story about Pence refusing to get into a car with the Secret Service was not because he was afraid of being kidnapped by them. My interpretation of the story was that he knew if he was taken to safety (presuming nothing sinister in their actions, just taken out of the Capitol and removed to safety), then the certification process would not have been able to resume, thus giving Trump the opening to null the whole thing. He wanted to remain there so they could go back to the certification. It’s the one thing in his entire damned life Pence did right. Of course, after all that he *still* says being Trump’s VP was the biggest honor of his life, so… there’s that. It’s remarkable that in retrospect, history will probably treat Mike Pence as a hero.

@18 – see the quote above. Also this one:

Around this time, Kellogg ran into Tony Ornato in the West Wing. Ornato, who oversaw Secret Service movements, told him that Pence’s detail was planning to move the vice president to Joint Base Andrews.

“You can’t do that, Tony,” Kellogg said. “Leave him where he’s at. He’s got a job to do. I know you guys too well. You’ll fly him to Alaska if you have a chance. Don’t do it.”

Pence had made clear to Giebels the level of his determination and Kellogg said there was no changing it.

“He’s going to stay there,” Kellogg told Ornato. “If he has to wait there all night, he’s going to do it.”

Ornato, through a spokesman, denied having this conversation.

He clearly didn’t trust the Secret Service to bring him back.

It’s worth noting that Joe hired his own Secret Service members because he didn’t trust the ones hired by Drumpf. This article from the Guardian also mentions Ornato as a clear Mango Moron loyalist who was taken from the Secret Service and served as Deputy Chief of Staff, an unprecedented move.

Thank you DYB and MB for explaining and for the information!

“It’s remarkable that in retrospect, history will probably treat Mike Pence as a hero.” Ugh, DYB! I think you’re right.

Pence has always been a freaking creepster when it comes to his views on women. I love it when Beata talks about him and Mother. Totally cracks me up even though it’s really sick. And Pence sucking Trump’s dick for four years is nothing to be proud of and disgusting to watch (I think we can all agree on that).

But yeah, I know we’re all on the same page that he did this one thing right. “the one thing in his entire damned life Pence did right”, as DYB said. But it *was* a big one… (hurts to say).

As much as history might see Pence as a 12 hour hero on that day, with the noose outside on the Capital grounds, I see it as Pence taking revenge, giving the Dumpster a big middle finger salute.

He wanted to be the person that finalized sending him out of office and was willing to stay close by so Dump couldn’t up-end our democracy.

I’ll give him 12 hours out of more than 4.5 years of being a degraded ass kisser.

LOL – love the commentary on Pence’s “heroism.” Honestly the bar was so low for the Republicans…all they had to do was not challenge the results of a fair election. Just do what has been done in almost every election for over 200 years. Not try to take over the country by coup d’etat. Admit you lost fair and square.

They couldn’t even do that, for the most part. Pence stands out amongst the Thugs because he was not lawless on that ONE day. He was one of the few who weren’t. SAD!

Go Amy! Call out Facebook for making this COVID nightmare endless and endangering so many people.

MB, I don’t get the sense that the Secret Service were not going to bring him back because they wanted to stop the certification. I think he was concerned they wouldn’t bring him back for safety reasons.

Shadow–so sorry about your sister. I hope she gets well soon and sorry about your Trumper sister. Trumper family members have a knack for making things worse.

Now To Pence. I do think he did not trust the secret service. Just my 2 cents but when you see a noose put there by Trump supporters, I would think the secret service might be in on that too. He may have stayed simply because once he got in the car he completely lost control of his life. Staying at the capitol let him have some control. Also don’t question the fear of going to jail if Pence did actually do what Trump wanted him to do. IMO here in GA the jail factor was the only thing that kept Kemp and Raffensperger on the up and up w/r/t election.

Just from the scuttlebutt, I’d interpreted it as meaning the Secret Service would off him. But with the fuller picture, yes, it sounds to me that he was just worried they’d be so safety-mad, they’d overlook the need to get certification done.

I have a magma-layer-low opinion of him, so I find it hard to imagine he was terribly worried about the Constitution. Trying to steer clear of looking complicit and stay out of jail, I suspect.

Well, looks like opinions vary on Pence and the Secret Service, but I think the fact that Biden didn’t trust them to protect him, and that Pence wouldn’t get in the car for fear of being whisked to Alaska, doesn’t lend itself to a benign interpretation. I can see your point though, D..

My mother taught me years ago that you never get into the car. You get into the car, you’re a dead person. If they want to kill you, let them do it right there in the open. Chances are they won’t and you will survive.

Haha, it’s not like any of us really understand what is going on in that white haired, fly infested head.

None of us would have degraded ourselves like that working for a nasty looser, and being publicly humiliated like that.

I’m back. Had two male relatives hospitalized (not with Covid) and went on the road to go visit them. They are both doing better. You will not believe this but our Koi fish were excited to have us home! We thought they’d be all sulky but when we went to say Hello to them, they raced up to us and were waggling their little fins and bobbing their heads. They were fed while we were gone of course.

MB, your post is astounding. I did not know these details. I’m going to read your links now.

PJ @9, good illustration. The next three years will be scary.

Wild about Pence and the SS. I missed a lot of this. Appreciate catching up with all of your comments.

Beata, hope you’re feeling better. ❤

Good to see you back, Annie!

@33: I second that emotion. Great to see you Socal!!

Wow… my eye just caught the 1984 George Orwell quote in the sidebar… I have read the book many times, but whoa. How did I miss that?

That is so freakishly prophetic of Trump’s Republican Party. On pretty much everything, but especially about Jan 6.

If you have some free time, read this. This is absolutely horrific. (I know that’s not exactly a recommendation, but read it anyway.)

Annie, welcome back! So sorry to hear about your relatives being sick.

D, that link looks fascinating and scary. Looking forward (?) to reading it.

Annie, I’m glad you are back and doing well.

OMG, DYB, what a story. You had the right words – “absolutely horrific.” It was overwhelming for me. My God! But it was a story that needed to be told. Thank you for the link.

I’m knitting infinity scarves to give to shelters in the fall. It’s something I intend to keep doing for as long as I can. I find it very satisfying.

I’m not reading that link D put up. Just can’t do it.

@40 Beata, I knitted when I was a kid in Soviet Ukraine. But it’s been decades since I’ve tried. So many find it to be a soothing activity.

I enjoy knitting, between other projects I like to do. I love making my own yarn out of wool fleece, card it and even dye it and add a little bling. My hands have to be busy when I am watching movies or tv shows.

Hey DYB, how did you cook your Boston roast?

@40, I’m with you on the not-reading, Beata. Can’t deal with it.

I gather the +Repubs infrastructure thingy is falling through. I wish the Dems would just throw them overboard — all they’re trying to do is stall, they’ll back out at the last second no matter what they’re given (see Jan 6 investigation — and pass the whole damn thing through reconciliation. Get on with it!

@41: Puppy break! Adorable.

I totally agree, quixote. Get on with it.

@44 Shadowfax, I ended up cooking it submerged in beef stock (with onions, garlic, bay leaf, coriander, salt, pepper). I essentially made a pulled pork (although I could have kept it intact and sliced it too); pulled it apart and drowned it in broth before refrigerating. It came out quite well and being a very fatty piece it’s super juicy.

Sounds delicious, D!

DYB, I agree with Beata, it sounds yummy.

D @47, That sounds amazing. I have to make blah low sodium chicken rice soup for my father-in-law tomorrow.

@50 annie> Just add yourself some extra salt later!

@28, Beata, absolutely right.

Annie, I used to make a chicken soup with rice and pumpkin that was low sodium but not blah for my mother. It was tasty, healthful and easy to digest.

Speaking of soups I had one of the best veggie soups at Back 40 BBQ restaurant the other day. I was socked it was so good. It would have been good with beef, pork or chicken too.

Anyone have a good family recipe?

Haha, I just told a little lie.

Called up Back 40 and said I had some food allergies with certain vegetables, and could she please find out what veggies were in their vegetable soup. That some of my friends told me how good it was.

They told me, now I can experiment with the ingredients. I think there was butter in it too from the way it looked.

I want to change my online name. “Beata”, my nickname since childhood, does not help me to be taken seriously. I need something better. I used to be “Chuck” on a sports website. Maybe I should become “Barry”, as in Barry Levin, the Jewish man’s name that Annie used to get her letter to the editor published in the LA Times. I like it. What do you all think?

Maybe go whole hog and be “BarryJD”, big-time Jewish attorney-at-law.

My mother would be so proud.

Beata, my Starbucks name is Bob.

Pelosi has rejected Jim (Gym) Jordan and that Banks person form the 1/6 Commission. (Banks was the one who released that insane statement when McCarthy appointed him, stating his intentions to turn it into a circus.) So in protest McCarthy has pulled all his Republicans off the Commission. Now Liz Cheney is again the only Republican. Pelosi should appoint Kinzinger and Justin Amash.

Jim Jordan is off, the tiny clown on the big stilts, shouting to stand out in the crowd.

Yeah, way to go Nancy!

Then Mc Buttlicker pulls off the other Jr. lickers….Perfect!

I agree with DYB, Nancy should choose some GOPeers that voted against Dump.

I am so happy that Nancy did what she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hadn’t seen this from Cheney before. Interesting. So if GOP does retake the House, how many Republicans would not vote for McCarthy and what happens then? The split could be razor thin.

Oof, Liz Cheney throws McCarthy, Gym Jordan and Jim Banks under the bus.

Not Barry, Beata. I have an old miser of a neighbor, who’s a skinflint about *any*thing, not just money, who I’ve come to dislike, who’s name is Barry. Don’t do it.

My suggestion: stay with Beata (which is true!).

If you have to change it, there’s always Cholmondeley or Phipps or Majoribanks-Euthorpe 😀 .

I like Phipps!

I like Majoribanks-Euthorpe! It just screams class.

Or maybe Toby Esterhase, my favorite member of The Circus. I have always had a fondness for Hungarians.

The problem with “Beata” is that it makes me sound like I’m either extremely “sweet” or I’m a Polish hooker.

Marjoribanks-Euthrope reminds me of Vera Galupe-Borszkh, seen here as “Tosca” in the final minutes of Act 2 of Puccini’s opera.


Catholic karma!

Yeah that Catholic priest being part of a group that thinks Biden being pro-choice is a sin…

@71 – hahahaha! So, so predictable…

Beata, have you considered “Anastasia Beaverhausen?” Asking for a friend.

Beata, I don’t think your name is a push over at all, or that you should have a man’s name to get respect. You can always add on something to Beata, if it makes you feel better.

@74: Love it!!!

When I was in college, I knew a girl in Jewish Studies who came back from summer break with a legally changed new name: “Tiffany Rockefeller”. We all had a hard time keeping a straight face when she announced the change.

@75: Thank you, Shadow. I guess I’ve been feeling down and rather worthless lately. I’m not able to do much anymore.

I will probably keep my current online name. It is my real nickname after all. I’ve had it since I was a baby. It means “blessed” in Latin.

Beata, your name is lovely, and I knew it means blessed. You have integral self-worth and that’s not defined by what you can or can’t do at the moment.

As far as a different name, isn’t it interesting how a man’s name gets the speaker taken more seriously and given more leeway?

“Liz Cheney is making sense” is a sentence I’d never thought I’d ever write.

Ivermectin, the latest hydroxycloroquine-style miracle covid-19 cure promulgated by MAGAts, turns out to have more problems with the data.

Large Ivermectin Study Retracted
Preprint publisher finds evidence of plagiarism, problems with raw data
… the study was withdrawn on July 14 “because we were presented with evidence of both plagiarism and anomalies in the dataset associated with the study, neither of which could reasonably be addressed by the author issuing a revised version of the paper.”

Beata @58, I can’t believe you remembered that!

GAgal @71, God, that’s funny! @72, Good one, Beata.

Luna @79, Yes, I’ve been struggling with that. I’m amazed at the stand she has taken, and want to be impressed and take her at her word, but she is Darth Cheney’s daughter after all.



I have to laugh when looking at the faces of these GOPees, some look rabid…they all look like they have IQs under 50.

I’m going to be away from the blog for a few days, but had to share more Pelosi awesomeness before I go!

@82> What could go wrong?!

BTW, Beata, I agree with above that we love your name and you!!! Never change!

It looks like Kinzinger is considering joining the 1/6 Commission. Pelosi and he were both asked about it and neither denied it. She said “We’ll see” and he said he’s not commenting at this time.

@89, Magnificent!

Kavanaugh is trending on twitter today. It’s come out that Chris Wray (head of FBI) ignored thousands of tips about Kavanaugh. I think Wray should be fired and an investigation opened in Kavanaugh.

This makes me furious:

annie, I literally just came in to post this about Kavanaugh/FBI/Wray. Absolutely outrageous. Of course we knew as it was all happening that the FBI did not do any investigating. But this confirmation from Wray – who waited years to admit it – is just a kick in the face. He should absolutely be fired. I doubt Biden will.

@94, We need to keep bugging Biden about this every day. There should be an investigation of Wray and Kavanaugh. Wray is a rethug and in that creepy Federalist Society, like Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas, & Roberts. Apparently, they all look after their own. Why is it so difficult to have our country run by leaders that don’t make decisions based on their religions, fraternities, or right-wing cults?

Annie @ 95, I agree. Wray was also one of the people leaking anti-Hillary info to the press in 2016. I think he admitted this in one of the hearings.

These corrupt loyalists of Dump need to get fired and I agree that Congress needs to investigate.
If there is proof that Wray hid this from Congress and the American people, he needs to be fired immediately and Kabinaw needs to be suspended from the Supremes while an investigation goes on and either cleared or fired. No job in government should ever be above the law and not pushed for criminal behavior.

This has to be the best impersonation of Kavanaugh:

Shadow, love “kabinaw!”

Damon was so funny in that skit.

Shadowfax, I agree. Wray clearly was trying this would go away because he spent two years not answering Congress’ questions about it. And Kavanaugh… I don’t know what the remedy is. There will never be the numbers needed in Congress to remove him.

Also this new hilarious video. What’s interesting is CBS are the ones who posted it because they clearly thought they would embarrass Biden with it. “Biden changes subject is their headline…” But that’s not what any regular person sees here.

99 DYB
I love Biden’s response. If more people would do this to stupid ass questions, maybe, just maybe reporters would stop asking them.

I don’t think most reporters we see on tv are reporters, they should work for TMZ instead.

Even some reporters that used to be decent before, are asking leading, stupid questions – making the person interviewed refute the stupid question and go on to give the answer that needs to be said. Anderson Cooper is one that drives me nuts with his stupid, lead in questions.

Look at this trashy mess on the walls outside Marjorie Three Names office. Just like the woman herself. Wish this guy could beat her, but really doubtful in that district.

Marj 3 Names shows on her outside office wall, exactly the out-of-control state her mind is in.

I finally listened to that Biden clip.

OMG! Laughing myself silly here. Why have we never seen this side of him in all those long decades in Congress? Why did he push Clarence Thomas into the Supremes instead? Better late than never. At least he’s shutting idiots down now!

@101, Rep. Greene, Don’t you mean there are only 2 *sexes* not genders? At least if you mean science, not stereotypes. Binary sex is a biological fact. Gender = cultural stereotype behaviors, so someone can claim any self-identified gender s/he wants and that’s fine; it’s just not a biological reality.

Even the Victorians weren’t prudish about using the word ‘sex’ to mean biological sex. For example, “the fair sex,” “a credit to her sex,” etc., from writings of that time. It’s only in the mid to late 20th Century that some people got prudish and used the word ‘sex’ as a shorthand for reproductive sexual activity.

@99, 104, agree, Biden is doing well. I have to admit he’s better than I thought he’d be.


A scandal-scarred Senate candidate wants a Trump endorsement. Some GOP advisers worry he’ll get it.

Greitens, a devoted cheerleader…is trying to use Trump’s grass-roots strength to emerge from disastrous allegations of bound hands and coercive sex that forced his resignation as governor in 2018.

But his rise was upset in 2018, when his former hairdresser accused him of coercing her into a sexual encounter three years earlier.
She testified under oath to a special investigative committee of the Missouri House that he led her to his basement, bound her hands, blindfolded and undressed her and later coerced her into performing oral sex.

Greitens has admitted to the affair [sic] but denied the specific behavior described by the woman, pointing to her testimony that she felt as if she was “remembering it through a dream.”

Bastard. Of course an assault would feel like a nightmare in the victim’s memory — it’s a classic post-trauma symptom.

I thought the Brits had better sense than to allow this. Hope it’s blocked.

…one of the world’s leading Stonehenge experts, Mike Parker Pearson, a professor of British later prehistory, said more than 10 hectares of the world heritage site would be “completely destroyed”.

He said at the western end of the tunnel the road would cut through a “dense scatter” of prehistoric artefacts and buried features likely to be the remains of a copper age to early bronze age settlement (c 2,450-1,800BC) – potentially a campsite for the builders of Stonehenge.

The best way to get rid of Marjorie Taylor Greene is for the GOP to do it by having someone primary her but honestly I think they are afraid to do it simply because the primary challenger will lose and it will prove that Republican voters are just as bad as Greene. Unfortunately I think we here in GA are stuck with Greene for a while. The good news is she is going to be the running mate of every Republican here in GA. Now that might not make a lot of difference in some districts but it certainly could be enough to take down every Republican elected statewide.

I’ve mentioned this before… one of the greatest rants I’ve ever heard regarding Catholic priests and how they totally lost any moral authority because of what they did. If you still buy in to the Catholic Church – you’re culpable too.

But it can just as easily be applied to other groups. Say Republicans. And what happened on Jan 6. The terrorist attack on the United States. If you’re still a member of the Republican Party (gang), you’re culpable.

That plan about Stonehenge 😯

Are they CRAZY?

Aside from tearing up prehistoric archaeology, can you imagine visiting there to soak up the atmosphere … and hearing trucks lumbering by?

God. People are compleat eejits.

So I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday. I did not receive it from the beautiful Asian-American woman. This poor white guy – late 20s, early 30s was having a very bad day. It was obvious. He was one of those really nice guys that just didn’t want to fuck and be there on this particular day. Come back tomorrow, and things could be completely different.

So he was still trying his best. He said, “you know this is Pfizer, right?”. I’m like, um… yeah…??? He grinned a little and said, “we have to ask.” I’m like, “oh, ok, right. I’m really glad it’s not J & J because I’ve heard it’s not so good for old ladies like myself.” He smiled and said, yes. There have been some issues.

My arm hurt and I have never been so tired in my life. Like I could get up to go to the bathroom and drink some water and then it was back to bed.

But I’m doing good now! One day later. And among the fully vaccinated.

Yay, PJ, for getting your 2nd shot! I sympathize and understand about the fatigue, and glad it only lasted 1 day for you. Medically, ‘fully vaccinated’ is 2 wks after the 2nd shot, since your body needs time to train up your immune system troops with the new blueprint so they recognize covid-19. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still looking good for protection against the Delta variant.

Another one for the “What Liberal Media?” file. ((eyeroll))

Surge of covid delta variant poses new political threat to Biden and his agenda


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