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Posted on: July 11, 2021

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

How’s the heat where you are? NYC has been sizzling for a few weeks. Just brutal out there. But we also had torrential rains that flooded the subways. Meanwhile Canadian villages are literally burning to the ground these days from the heat. What I find interesting about these weather phenomenons is that they are becoming more extreme at an extremely fast pace. Just within a span of a couple of years unthinkable things have been happening (Texas freezes!) It’s not as if scientists didn’t warn us about climate change… And they even warned us about how rapidly these things would start happening. And we are watching it in real time…

This is an open thread!

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Indiana guy:

@1: It’s an upbeat kinda song, easy to dance to!

D – thanks! I was just logging on to write this weekend’s post. Coincidentally, it was also going to be about climate change. GMTA! I will definitely write next week’s.

As one of those scientists whose hair has been on fire about global warming for decades, I’m surprised at how surprised I am to see it getting real. Really, it feels idiotic (but, but ,but, I knew this!). It’s still shocking how bad and scary it feels.

The other funny, as in not-funny, thing is that way back when (1980s, 1990s?) I and most everybody envisioned it as pretty much latitudinal: the equator would get too hot, San Francisco would be like Mexico, and we’d be growing peaches in the Yukon. Failure of the imagination. When you add energy to a system it gets more extreme *everywhere*. Texas freezes, Siberia burns, and all the shellfish on the British Columbia – Washington coast cook to death right on the beach.

And this is just the beginning. Really bad and scary.

PJ, re Carter in the previous post. I have to strenuously disagree with you. The only thing Carter was completely on the wrong side of was nuclear energy. He thought that would be a great thing and was even trying to turn breeder reactors into a thing. But other than that, he was excellent. One eg: it was his energy policies whose downstream consequences were the cheap energy economic boom Ronzo rode for his whole time in office.

The real reason for we got Raygun was Anderson. He siphoned 8% of the votes away from Carter, and here we are.

You’re right that the tendency was to roll one’s eyes about Carter. I did too. But the majority (incl me) wasn’t rolling them hard enough to vote for Ronzo.

I admired Jimmy Carter for emphasizing the importance of human rights in his administration’s foreign policy. He was (still is) an extremely compassionate and intelligent man. I agree with Q that it was Anderson who gave us Reagan.

Beata @ 1+2> Secretly I like to dance!

I guess the big news today is England lost the World Cup (is it the world cup?) to Italy.

I voted for Jimmy, and I agree with Q and Beata that he has and had some very good policies and morals. He also kept us out of a freakin’ war.

I loved it when he and the Clinton’s worked together. Together, not like the Rethugs that try and rip everything good about this country apart.

Good post DYB, one of my favorite songs by Madonna.

Great global warming song, but not the toe tapper I was hoping 😉

Great to see you coming back to the blog and congratulations on learning how to post links and music!

No, Peter Oren’s song is not a toe tapper. I was just funnin’ you all when I said it was easy to dance to. It’s actually really bleak.

Sometimes I can post music, sometimes not. I think it depends on the cycle of the moon or something like that.

The scenery in this is beautiful and it is perfect if the woman he is singing to is Mother Earth.

I was teasing you on the not a toe tapper, Beata.

Another Indiana guy:

One more song by Kaleo.

This group is from Iceland and they like to use the landscape in their county as a background to some of their songs, like the one I posted above.

Here is another song, you may or may not like, but the scenery is spectacular, especially what global warming has done…where’s the ice?

Sorry, the live volcano is from the real eruption in Iceland, but that isn’t what I tried to post. I will try it one more time, hope it works.

@7: I like to dance secretly!

Athens, Ohio band:

@21, that is so sad. I have such a brain-shattering time, trying to understand how *health professionals* can come up with such nonsense.

And then I think back to some of the pre-med, pre-nursing students I taught in bio classes and give myself a dope slap. Most of the gumballs flunked. But not all of them. Us teachers should have been more careful.

Quixote, don’t blame yourself (or teachers) for the dumbassery of these so called health professionals. You are all doing the best you can. Sometimes people start out well but lose their way.

I also agree about Jimmy Carter. He was fat ahead of his time when it came to climate change. A very special, intelligent and kind man. He saved the ozone layer from aerosol spray and banned DDT, which was killing off bird species left and right.

LOL – FAR ahead of his time!

I have traveled to Dallas for five days of work training. It was so strange to get back on a plane again, and yet, apart from the masks it wasn’t that different.

Dallas is a balmy 95 at 8:30 pm.

quixote, you can disagree with me all day long and I’m still going to love you. Like Beata. She thinks Bernie is the cat’s meow and I think he’s a piece of shit. It doesn’t make me love her any less.

Who the f is Anderson? Like no one knows who the f Anderson is.

(Holy shit I’m getting upset and striking out at people that I truly don’t want to strike out at).

Here’s the thing. Like my virtual lover boy Bill Clinton said. Jimmy sucked. Really good people can suck. Like at their jobs.

I love peanuts. Georgia is like way better than Mississippi, Alabama (that’s not saying much). And Bill came from Arkansas (so not much room to talk).

Again I have to hide behind Uppity. SophieCT. They know Jimmy.

MB, I don’t know what part of Texas you are in but be very careful. Parts of Texas have lots of people that have caught the Delta variant.
Mask up.

I’m still laughing at MB calling Jimmy Carter “fat ahead of his time”! LOL!

27 Beata, I see the humor in ‘before his time’. I also think that some people don’t like him because he was a gentle kind of guy, who had brains and helped our country in a lot of ways.

Then the opposite is da Dump with a big mouth and no cattle. No brains, no morals, no plans and no heart. May he go to jail, demolish his ‘business’ and pay for all his sins.

@27: That is so funny!!! I am so fat ahead of you guys.

I am rolling. MB is able to laugh at herself. Which is the greatest gift you can possibly have.

But fat is no laughing matter. I’m not fat. But I can so relate to the pain. (Life is a roller coaster. We were up, and now I’m bringing everyone down).

“I do the stuff she wants me to do every day.”

I do hope to kiss and make up with quixote some day.

Hey, no need, PJ! I’m disagreeing, not fighting 😀

Being overweight is no laughing matter. I was amused by MB’s typo, which she herself pointed out. If I didn’t have auto correct, I’d be making typos galore.

Have a good week, everyone!

An interesting thread on the hearing right now with the “Kraken” lawyers Linn Wood, Sidney Powell and their crackpot lawyers. It’s both hilarious and depressing. The judge is not amused.

We are doomed…

DYB, you crack me up so bad. 🙂

On the dancing… “Yes, There will be dancing” (My Best Friend’s Wedding).

And this:

DYB, guard pigeons…how cute is that!

@ 35 PJ> I haven’t seen “JoJo Rabbit.” I do like the director, but I’ve heard very mixed things about it. Some people think it’s pro-Hitler. What’s your take on it PJ? Is it or are people exaggerating? For example, the German film “Das Untergang” (the one with all those “Hitler Reacts To…” video clips people make) is criticized by some for normalizing/humanizing Hitler, but I disagree with that interpretation. I find it to be a very insightful look at him and his final pathetic days, but I don’t consider the intent to be to make him sympathetic. I don’t know if this is the same deal with “JoJo Rabbit.”

On dancing, one of my favorite operatic moments is the finale of Richard Strauss’ “Elektra” (with text by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.) After Orest has avenged the death of Agamemnon, even as furies already have taken him, Elektra cries out

“Can I not hear it? Not hear
the music? It comes from within myself.

I bear the burden of joy, and I lead you in the dance.
There is only one thing fitting for those as happy
as we are:
to be silent and dance!”

This dingbat. (Yes I mean both Tomi and Frank.)

DYB, I truly love Jojo Rabbit. I think it’s just incredible.

The human mind is not built to cope with such horrors as Hitler. So someone made a movie called Jojo Rabbit and it’s just… It was an attempt to deal with a very ugly reality so that your mind doesn’t just snap in two.

The acting was so over the top good. From the little guys on up. I was totally riveted. You should watch it.

I am revolted by the insistence on *not* humanizing Hitler. Or any other heinous villains. All I hear is “Oh, I’m different. I would never do that.”

Fine. But we have simply got to start understanding that heinous villains really are humans. The capacity to commit horrors is everywhere. If that wasn’t true, there would be no child abuse.

Until we (humans) really start taking on board that lots of us, people who drink tea and play with dogs and probably love somebody, can also be monsters, we’re never going to be able to prevent atrocities.

(Come to think of it, there’s only one utter waste of space I can think of who’s never shown evidence of caring about any other living thing and that’s The Donald. It says something for the US system that he couldn’t lay waste to more people than he did.)

I saw the clips of the subways flooding in NYC. I hope they have cleared up by now. I can’t imagine slogging through that sludge to get on a train. When the doors open on the subway cars, does the water go in there too? Never saw an answer that question.

quixote @ 41> I completely agree with you. We have to recognize that these people – the Hitlers and Stalins – were not aberrations. There are many like them. They were not special. They were not extraordinary. They can happen again because they were so banal. (Banality of evil.) That’s what I find so good about “Das Untergang” (The Downfall.) It makes Hitler seem so human…some people mistake things like that for “elevating” or whatever terms they would use. “The Silence of the Lambs” elevates a cannibal far more than “Das Untergang” elevates Hitler.

@ 42> Ga6thDem > I can’t imagine a train can actually pull into a station with that kind of flooding, so opening of the doors wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know specifically to the examples we saw on TV, if the flooded hallways to get to the platform were the only things flooded. If the train tracks were not flooded then theoretically people would just have to crawl through the toxic sludge of “water” to reach the platform. It’s possible the tracks did not have that level of water.

@43. Exactly. About what elevates and what actually understands.

Train tracks are lower than the platforms. Hard to imagine that if the hallways were flooded, the tracks wouldn’t be. ??

Hurting someone else will never ever make me feel good. I will never ever get how that works.

But, there are many people who do. Feel great when they hurt someone else. WTF is up with that?

I will not miss this planet when I leave.

quixote, I think what we saw in the news was not all flooded platforms, but walkways to get to the platforms. Many stations have these multi-level set-ups: you go down the stairs, then a walkway, then up the stairs to the platform.

Also as far as elevators, I’d say most stations in NYC do not have elevators.

@47 PJ> Yes, a lot of people do. I don’t really understand it either. Or maybe I do – people like to feel powerful and in control? I don’t know…. but a lot of people really do take pleasure in seeing others in pain.

I’m glad my typo was a hit! Woot woot 😀

I am masking up in some areas but not others. From what I see Moderna is effective against the Delta variant.

Just to ramble on some more about @43, @45, humanizing villains: make people feel the full horror of their crimes (to the extent possible without living them) and show them being human beings doing them.

Totally agree with the perspective that humanizing villains is good. No evil person ever thinks they’re evil…they have reasons for what they do, and they feel justified. That is, unless they are actually non compos mentis. Even then, they have their reasons – just ones that might include words like “Xenu” and “lizard people.”

Great stuff, y’all. DYB, quixote, MB (and all others who come here). Your comments often blow me away.

I’ll keep on trying to understand. I really will. But this thing. Called life. (shaking head).

I wrote a super long post about evil people and ended up comparing Hitler and Dump in certain ways using fear, paranoia, hatred, etc…and freakin’ WP said I couldn’t post that comment. What nerve for a non human to make, and I used no cuss words…only when I talked to my computer afterward.

They win, we all know the similarities in how their hatred is used to manipulate others, and they both ended up killing millions to 560,000+ people.

These evil people are not like us, they are damaged inside and their need to control others is part of their fucked-up-ness.

Let’s see if WP will post this one, cuss word and all.
Tongue sticking out…

That was great, Shadow. And it posted! I totally agree.

Evil (Repuke) people will never fight fair. They can’t win fighting fair.

Here’s just one disgusting example on how they play…

That’s just how they are. They’re just shitty rotten people who have no morals whatsoever or any concept of what it means to play fair. It’s on display day after day. Like one Republican guy said, if you only like democracy when you win, you don’t like democracy.

@ 10 Shadowfax> Yes I love “Frozen.” Did you know the video was inspired by “The English Patient??” Everybody’s favorite movie here!

Also, when Madge sang it at her Madame X tour (which I saw at Brooklyn Academy of Music), that was one of the most memorable moments. She sang it simply sitting on stage behind a scrim, and on the scrim was slow-motion video of her daughter Lourdes dancing. Such a beautiful moment. (The video of the concert is set to premiere on Paramount+ in October. I’m sure it’ll be out on video after that.)

@ 54 Shadow, WP literally refused to post something?? That’s crazy!!

What the…

I wonder how Annie is? I hope she’s fine and will check in to say hello soon.

Fredster, too. We miss you.

The FDA is warning that the J&J Covid vaccine may cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome in rare cases. I developed GBS symptoms following my J&J shot. It’s been a very bad experience. It was while I was in the hospital for GBS that they discovered my brain tumor has worsened. Hence, the palliative care.

The symptoms Annie had after her J&J shot sounded like they might be GBS. That’s why I’m concerned about her. She hasn’t commented lately.

You know that scene in “The English Patient” where he’s moving the bottles of morphine over, like just kill me now.

That’s me, watching “The English Patient”.

(Just kidding!! I’m totally just messing with you, DYB.)

Dance number:

PJ, oh yes I know that scene! It’s one of my favorite movies! And I know exactly what you’re saying! I have those days too.

Love that Ottoman ceiling photo. Architecture and decorative art –especially the tilework — from that culture are complexly beautiful.

Someone in healthcare refusing to understand biology including vaccines boggles my mind. We need to do whacknut testing prior to licensure.

Omigod. Blaire Erskine strikes again. Roll on the floor funny.

Statement from Communications Director for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

“It’s not complicated. We’re just trying to limit voting after hours, while drinking water,” [goes on for a while]. “That’s all. We’re just trying to limit voting. It’s simple. Y’all come back.”

56 | DYB

Shadowfax> Yes I love “Frozen.” Did you know the video was inspired by “The English Patient??” Everybody’s favorite movie here!

—– Pause—-

Sorry, I didn’t like the English Patient. I will have to watch it again to remember why I didn’t like it.

To me, a movie that came out a little later was called The Constant Gardener. It has to be one of the worst names for a movie, and probably turned many away with the word, ‘gardener’. It is only of my favorite movies, here is a trailer for anyone that didn’t watch it.

Shadowfax, a lot of people don’t like “The English Patient.” They are all wrong. That movie (and the novel is extraordinary as well) speaks to me on so many levels.

And I have seen “The Constant Gardener” and it’s great. Very upsetting. The title is John Le Carre’s fault and I agree, it’s a bad title.

If I remember correctly, it’s been a long time…I never finished watching the Eng. Patient. I will give it another try soon, and let you know if I still don’t like it. 🙂

Shadowfax, I think “Seinfeld” never finished The English Patient either. (Thought hey also laughed during “Schindler’s List?”)

DYB, I’m not sure why I didn’t watch TEP, but I think I found it boring. I would never laugh at Schindler’s List.

So this is not great!

@77. That’s awful. And if it’s happening in California, what chance it’s not the same in Oregon and Washington and British Columbia which have had the same furnace parked on top of them?

Some of this is WaPo’s “Dems in Disarray!!!” but but the Bernie-style candidates really should focus against the Republicans instead of challenging Dems in safe districts.

Democratic tensions surface as House incumbents plan defense against far-left primary challengers

Smoldering tensions between far-left activists and Washington’s Democratic House leaders are flaring again ahead of the midterm elections, prompting Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) and others to raise money to defend incumbents against primary challengers in congressional races.
The decision by Jeffries, 50, one of his party’s top fundraisers and currently fourth in line behind Pelosi, is an early sign of continued frustration among many House Democrats at activist efforts by groups like the Justice Democrats to challenge liberal incumbents in big-city primaries.
“If you are spending all of your resources and time fighting with each other instead of fighting the other team, that is a huge distraction.”
“The extreme left’s multiyear obsession with Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, a Black progressive leader, is unhealthy. Perhaps their time would be better spent targeting Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.”
The two primary fights at issue appear more generational than ideological. The two primary fights at issue appear more generational than ideological. Maloney, 75, and Davis, 79, were early backers of the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all, and Davis was previously been endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, to which Jeffries belongs, has endorsed Maloney.

@69, awww, that doggie!

@79 Luna, isn’t it normal for Congressional groups to back the incumbents?

One thing that always bugs me is the Alt-Left demands that everyone be primaried and then gets really mad when non-Alt-Left endorse the Democrat. They really want to have the cake and eat it too. You want to primary? Ok, it’s your right. Don’t get mad when the other side fights back. It’s absurd, the sense of entitlement they have. (Also they never object to someone like AOC endorsing someone.)

Beata, you asked about Annie earlier in the thread. She just popped up on twitter and mentioned she was away visiting a relative. So she’s ok and hopefully drops in here soon!

For Annie’s son who likes goats!

82 NW Luna

Maybe this big bear is trying to poop and keep the big rock clean. Hehe…

I want that goat!!!

So darn cute until they chew up your shoes, cell phone and the arm of your sofa before the sun sets.

Anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary is part of the problem. A big part of the problem. Brogressives make me sick…

I’m happy if they woke up and voted for Biden. I hope it’s just not too little too late.

I saw a clip of McConnell yuck, huck, huckity huck huck hucking it up over our current (huge) crisis. Of losing our democracy. What he says? Y’all are hysterical. We would *never* do that. What makes you think we would do something like that?

Geezuschrist, that guy is such a sociopath.

White people want to be judged *only* by the color of their skin. Not the content of their character. Because they don’t do so well when they are judged by the content of their character.

That’s the all out war they are fighting right now.

@81, yep, it’s usual to back the incumbent. They’ve already won 1 election, so they’ve shown they have what it takes to get a majority of voters. They also have some results (or should) from their term in office, while challengers don’t have this advantage.

Interesting that the article points out the difference seems to be not one of ideology, but of age. If they really cared about the issues more than about their own wins, they’d be fine with incumbents who are similar on the issues. It makes them look ageist and conceited.

Do you know who will go down as the person most responsible for killing our democracy? Not Alito. Not the Bushes. Not McConnell. Not the monsters you can see coming from a mile away.

It’s the guy hiding behind the greatest “nice guy” mask of all time. John Roberts.

I didn’t even mention Rump! That was a total accident.

I have already flushed that turd down the toilet. Evidently. I guess I just don’t have any respect for him anymore. Not even as a monster. He’s just a washed up Reality TV star… I didn’t even realize that until now.

I love the Texas Democrats. How could you not love them? Beautiful gems that escaped the sewer that is the state of Texas. Toxic waste. I don’t know how anyone breaths there. But they’re all willing to go back there because they’re Texans and they know how to fight. Yikes. Way, way better people than me.

But I can cheer them on.

Today we find in the Trump book by two WaPo reporters (you know, the stories they saved for their books) is that chief of Joint Chiefs Milley thought Trump was about to have his Reichstag moment and military leaders prepared for Trump to stage a coup. Anyone who mocked (soooo many in the media) the rest of us as hysterical, all the Joint Chiefs believed Trump was about to stage a coup and were trying to devise a way to deal with it.

Trump had all of Satan’s power behind him. He still has a lot of that power. But it’s like watching a big toxic balloon farting out its gas now.

But I do not doubt. He coulda been a contender for being one of the world’s greatest monsters. I knew that the night he got elected. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out. For Satan, I mean. Trump has to be an extreme disappointment. Like compared to Satan’s other boys…

Megyn Kelly doesn’t want her kids to feel bad about what white people have done to people of color. Or to gay people, or honestly lots of people – too many to name. Willie Geist doesn’t want his son to feel bad about the horrors of what men have done to women and still do.

Well GD, it. Maybe they need to feel a little bad. Maybe we’ll have fewer rapes if we teach them the truth. Face the ugliness head on. Maybe a little boy won’t grow up to put his knee on the neck of a black man and end his life and think he’s a stud for doing it.

Just a thought… Let them know what has come before and that you think they can do better.

Ok, this is no surprise… Rump hated Merkel and May. Women with any kind of power makes him seethe. Hillary is the one that *really* makes him lose his mind. She outdoes him in every way possible and he just can’t stand it. He likes his women bought and paid for. That he owns and can use and abuse at will. The beauty pageants make total sense…

But I do sometimes have a hard time feeling sorry for right wing women. Sometimes it looks like they’ve made a bargain with the devil and are kind of ok with it? Like Ivanka and Melania? And all the proud red hat wearing women? I don’t get it.

There’s such a thing as a nice Jew though, isn’t there?

The similarities are stunning.

And now this, which we already knew, btw.

Yes, this is a big story, it should have come out earlier instead of being saved for a book publication.

The top US military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley, was so shaken that then-President Donald Trump and his allies might attempt a coup or take other dangerous or illegal measures after the November election that Milley and other top officials informally planned for different ways to stop Trump, according to excerpts of an upcoming book obtained by CNN.

@101, Shadowfax, we came so close to disaster. All the details coming out now and people expressing horror, yet there were plenty of signs earlier for those who were watching.

There’s a state dinner for Angela Merkel tonight, and Hillary Clinton is among the attendees.

Re the I-saved-the-info-for-my-book stuff about Dump: Duh (at least in my universe). The difference: I had no proof. But the pattern was so clear, my only reaction to this stuff is “You scumbag. Waiting till you could make money off it.”

As for Biden, there’s some seriously good stuff in the Dem-only infrastructure bill and apparently Schumer is serious about getting that and the +Repubs bill passed (or rolled into the Dem one) before August recess. I’ve been impressed with Biden. I don’t remember any signs foreshadowing this in his decades-long Good Ole Boy career, but I’m really glad he’s changed to this track.

@105 quixote, I agree on Biden. Maybe his 8 years as Obama’s VP had an affect. He saw up close the GOP/McConnell obstruction. So maybe he gets it. He won’t say it explicitly, I think to appear “bipartisan” he can’t say it. I suppose he must appear through it all to be very regretful. But so far he has done some very good things and has handled the GOP smartly. Without obstructionists like Manchin and Sinema (and those are not the only two, but they are the most visible), we’d be further ahead. But hopefully he can continue to navigate things.

There’s a state dinner for Angela Merkel tonight, and Hillary Clinton is among the attendees.

Hillary continues to make me proud.

I think about the unbelievable courage of Ruby Bridges. Of Rosa Parks. Of Harriet Tubman. And how that legacy keeps on keeping on in Joyce Beatty, LaTosha Brown, and all those beautiful black women I saw on the TV today. It does blow my mind. They never fail to “Stand Up”.

It will always be the same ones…

Hey Shinners! I have finally lifted my head from my training in Dallas. I’m at DFW about to go into a meeting before my flight, but wanted to quickly say hi and I’ll post something tomorrow morning! Hugs to all!

Hugs to you MB, have a safe flight and welcome home to the Golden State.

Better safe than sorry.

Many of the Bay Area cities, were I live, are going back to wearing masks again inside, even those of us that have been vaccinated, because of the Delta Variant.

I am so angry at Dump supporters that are making this living Hell last longer by being selfish and stupid.

My sister is still very sick from a bad heart and a ruptured appendix. She was in the hospital for 9 days and had to share an effing room with a woman that was not vaccinated and wasn’t forced to wear a mask. The doctors talked her into a vaccination, that was great, but she wasn’t safe while she was with my sister.

I asked my sister why she had to share a room and she said everyone at that hospital in Tacoma had to share because of Covid.

My sister was sick as a dog and mustered enough strength to raise a ruckus.

Ack, “…where* I live…”

That you need to fight for your rights, when you’re sick, in a HOSPITAL

gawd. /endless screaming/

I’ve been taking long weekends for hiking and backpacking. Was going to type out all the flowers I saw for quixote, but then saw a trip report that (although for another area) lists nearly everything I’ve seen in similar areas.

@114, Shadowfax, that is seriously wrong! No mask mandate in a hospital? That could allow harm and even death to other patients. A ruptured appendix is a very serious condition and any additional physiological insult is dangerous.

Tacoma — what hospital was it, if you don’t mind saying? Multicare? St. Joseph? Your sister should contact a reporter with her story.

I have to wear a mask at the medical center I work at, even in the hallways and offices. Patients must be masked to enter. For any direct patient contact we wear masks and face shields.

So sorry about your sister, Shadowfax. I am so with quixote and what she said. And Luna too. That is so not right!

DYB, I forgot to thank you for the update on Socal. Really good to hear she’s ok.

MB, hugs back to you. Hope you’re up to posting soon – but like only if you feel up to it. I’m guessing you may be feeling a bit tired…

I know there are so many monumental things on Biden’s plate right now (that might be the understatement of the year…). And I’m totally with quixote @105. He’s doing a phenom job.

But couldn’t he like snap his fingers and get Harriet Tubman on the $20 dollar bill? The only reason we are lucky enough to have him as president right now is because of black women. They did their best to deliver Hillary, but Biden was the best we were going to get in this white patriarchal /shithole/ country (and I know I need to be grateful for that). But let’s show them some love for christsake.

The importance of symbols is like… important. It’s why the jackasses carry the Confederate flag and worship Confederate statues. Symbols are powerful (for good or for ill). If the Nazis did nothing else, they taught us that.

Thanks for the hugs, all! My plane was a bit delayed but otherwise the flight was smooth. I’m up and starting to write today’s post!

Shadow, that is super scary about your sister. I’m with the rest of the Shinners, your sister has an expose on her hands.

PJ, I have said several times to my husband, “Why don’t black women just run everything?” I honestly trust black women more than any white person, male or female. (Biologically speaking 😉 )

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