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Lazy Weekends: Happy 4th!

Posted on: July 3, 2021

Happy 4th of July Weekend, Widdershins! Or did we replace 4th of July with Juneteenth, as the Republicans claim? I don’t know, I kind of like having two holidays.

What’s everybody’s plans for the 4th? Friends and BBQ? Or just staying in? I’m staying in pretty much. Will meet one friend for lunch tomorrow and then just Netflix and chill with my dog.

This is an open thread!

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Saw in the last thread that PJ got vaxxed! Yay! How are you feeling? Which one did you get?

My parents also finally got vaxxed, the second dose last Friday. They got Maderna. Their side-effects were very temporary – sore and feverish for 1 day. They were the vaccine skeptics. They believed in Covid, but the also watch nothing but Russian TV. And Russian news is where Fox News gets its news. So my parents are a) convinced Covid was a CIA operation and B) the vaccine is probably more dangerous than Covid. But they did finally get it done. Strangely they do not think the Russian vaccine is a good one.

OMG, DYB. If I didn’t live around such craziness myself, I wouldn’t believe it! Thinking about brainwashing is just so… hard.

Thank you for the new thread! And thanks to MB and Luna from the last thread!

I’m feeling great. And here’s why… I received the shot from a beautiful *Asian* woman. I felt extremely bad for her – being in this racist shithole town (that’s what I was kind of thinking in the back of my mind). But she was totally fine. You could tell. Water off a duck’s back. Totally on top of things. She’s winning and also saving lives. She was wonderful. (God… smiling at me).

Isn’t that fucking great? It put me on cloud 9, swear to God. Trumpers are losing. The racist shit that comes out of their mouths: Kung flu and all that garbage. LOSING. Even in shitzville, America.

Thanks for the new thread DYB, Happy 4th of July and am happy for you that your parents finally had their first Modern shot.

Thank God some people are overcoming their fears and saving their own lives and getting it closer to herd immunity for the rest of us. This new variant Delta, the one making Hell in India, is over 25% of the new cases in the US…so far. It is much more deadly and fingers crossed it doesn’t take down thousands in the red states and kill our younger people that think they are invincible.

No one can sign the National Anthem as well as Whitney.

Woody’s son, Arlo.

I went to a concert a few years ago and sang this song with Arlo and the whole audience, it was uplifting. Happy Independence America.

Happy 4th everyone!

I was just thinking about this yesterday. Remember the debate where Hillary said she doubted if Stump paid any taxes and he said “That makes me smart”? Heh.

fI am always happy to see Hillary on this blog.

Good to see you GAgal, Happy 4th to you.

@8 –

Like I’ve said before, Hillary always gets the last laugh because she’s the smartest. Look at smug dumbass in the background! OMG, that is so funny.

That’s just a beautiful pic. Says it all.

I guess tonight Trump and Junior were confessing on the air to being tax cheats.

The bozos should just keep talking, they think they are above the law. Spill more beans trumpets.

Those orange jumpsuits need to get sewn up soon, tent size for Big Dumpster.

@15, That’s a fabulous idea!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Love the post, the music and PJ, that’s great that you got your shot from an Asian-American woman.

D, I am so happy your parents got the vaccine! You must have been so worried about them. In my family, all the older people ran out and got it ASAP, which made us all feel a little less anxious. Of course then we had to move heaven and earth to get ours. Ah, the bad old days.

It’s interesting that Drumpf’s comment from the debate is being brought up now. I mentioned that to hubby on Friday as well! I guess Hillary voters ARE the smartest. 💖

That idea of the permanent plaque for the officers from 1/6 is brilliant. Not only is it well-deserved recognition, but it will also piss the Rethugs off to no end.

How long is it going to take to erase that shit stain? 100 years? 200? Because that shit stain will always be pictured alongside Abe Lincoln, FDR. We did that. I hate that I was alive to see it. But…

@18 PJ> It really is amazing. I’m still kind of in disbelief that that thing became POTUS. Just…breathtaking. And the hell he unleashed. It was, obviously, always there. But I think of Trump as “The Lord of the Flies.” The darkness is always there, but humanity (tends to, often failing) suppresses the id. Something has to unleash it and he did.

Perfectly said, DYB. Right on the money.

The darkness is always there, but humanity (tends to, often failing) suppresses the id. Something has to unleash it and he did.


I would like to live long enough to see the day that Mitch McConnell is de-rattled and de-fanged. John McCain’s thumbs down was the first major crack in Mitch’s evil power structure. Oops! That was big. That was awesome. A “fuck you” right to his face.

I want to see him slithering around. Blind, toothless, and no rattle (it’s the rattle that scares the shit out of people). I want him to end up like Joe McCarthy. With tourists “accidentally” stepping on him.

I think I’m going to have to stop calling them red states and start calling them Trump states. It is definitely a cult of personality. It’s *still* all about tRump. I guess it makes sense. Where would Nazism be without Hitler?

I know I have no room to talk, but… Mississippi is the lowest on vaccinations. Rock bottom. No surprise there. I think Louisiana is next (sorry, Fredster). Of course, WV is in the mix in the race to the bottom. Trump states. All the Trump states are well below the 70% goal.

@17: Hillary voters are definitely the smartest!

Palate cleanser.

… Because there’s more bad news about Covid-19. Also applies to other diseases with airborne spread.

Luna @ 25> That is stunning.

Yipes, isn’t just as likely that the person that had Covid probably touched the door knob, Lever flusher, possible edge of a sink and toilet seat and it wasn’t disinfected 40 minutes later?

That Milky Way time lapse!

(My first emoji pun! 😆 😆 )

Not really Shadow because if it spread after lapses of time like that via surfaces lots of UPS delivery people should have caught it that way, but they don’t.

It’s lingering aerosols. 😦

@28, read the other tweets in that thread and there is more explanation.

Just the idea of a toilet plume, (ick) filling the room and going to another vent, pretty far away, that contains active virus is so darn creepy it makes me want to puke.

@29, LOL!

@32 Shadowfax, I think it was when I was in high school that our physics teacher explained toilet plumes and suggested that the toilet bowl lid exists for a reason! I never ever flush a toilet without the lid closed.

@36: That is so sweet.

I wonder if puppy is trying to cool off in hot weather by lying in the dirt?

Songbirds are dying here and in a number of nearby states. They seem to have some kind of neurological disease. The DNR has asked people to take down their bird feeders. We have taken ours down. Cat misses them and is depressed. My SO asked me this morning where Cat was and I said “She is abed”. I seem to have reverted to speaking Old English. The world has gone totally crazy. I wonder what next???

OMG Beata, I laughed out loud at “she is abed.”

But any idea why the birds have this neurological disease on a large scale?

@40: D, the DNR in several states are investigating the widespread deaths of birds but no answers yet. Besides taking down bird feeders, people are being told to stay away from sick or dead birds and to keep their pets away from them, too. (Duh, but some people have to be told these things!) There is a fear that the disease, whatever it is, may spread. It’s the Apocalypse!

Beata tries to do a link:

That sweet little digging pup is so cute. The ground looks a little damp and it is instinctual for dogs to dig a hole to get to the cooler earth. Many dogs will actually dig an underground den for protection, or a safe place for a mama to birth her pups.

Never the less, digging is hard work for a little beginner, right next to a tree…so if 30 seconds is enough, he’ll take it.

On the stupidity of race wars…

Beata, in WA and OR there was an outbreak of IIRC salmonella among songbirds, especially pine siskins. We were told to take our feeders down too, and even hummingbird feeders. It lasted maybe a couple of months before the Audubon Society and local wildlife organizations thought the epidemic was over. Perhaps that or something similar is what’s in your area?

Another link. Outbreaks mostly on the West Coast but some seen in North Carolina too.

Beata – we had to take our feeder down too, just for the larger finches (house finches) who are getting sick. We do scatter seed on the back patio and under the deck. From what we understand, this stops birds from getting sick and passing the illness on.

As for the COVID-19 being passed through the toilet plume, I’m not surprised. I have only been unmasked in a public restroom twice since Covid hit, and that was only because I am fully vaxxed. Both times the restroom was well-ventilated.

Luna, tests on the dead birds have ruled out avian flu, West Nile virus, salmonella and several other viruses. The state’s DNR is working with federal agencies to find out the cause. Some people report dead birds falling from the sky. It is truly bizarre.

That’s so sad when birds, animals die off in mass from a disease. Just like all the millions of humans that are perishing from Covid 19.

Maybe it’s nature’s way of trying to deal with overpopulation, pollution and human stupidity?

Beata, that is puzzling and alarming. I hope the cause is discovered soon and the birds recover.

@35, DYB, yep! We keep lids down anyway. Started doing that so when we had kittens they wouldn’t fall in when they were jumping on everything, but it makes sense to try to keep those aerosals separate from room air.

Great. Now the MAGAts who survive Covid will be even stupider afterwards.

Profound Brain Changes Found in Patients Who Died of COVID-19

“The signature the virus leaves in the brain speaks of strong inflammation and disrupted brain circuits and resembles signatures the field has observed in Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative diseases”

Now that the Delta variant is responsible for 50% of the current US cases of Covid, our chances of having a 95-94% effectiveness of Pfizer or Moderna have been decreasing as the Delta variant is now 10x stronger than the original Covid 19 was. The unvaxxed are driving the vaccines to become less effective. They are not sure at how much more venerable we are now, they are still crunching the numbers.

Boosters please.

53 Was all discussed on CNN earlier today.

Republicans have gone so, so dark. The unthinkable – not counting votes. Just declare victory and move on. I think about how hard women fought to get me the vote – and now that vote might not count.

Lawrence did a good segment on the Electoral College. A vestige of the white male power structure. Put in place to stubbornly hang on to power. I don’t know if we’ll ever get rid of it.

Right now, it feels like it could go either way… democracy or autocracy. Republicans seem hell bent to me… I don’t underestimate them. And as with all dark endeavors, there’s the self-righteousness that goes along with it. They do not see themselves as evil.

“You never meet anybody who thinks they’re a bad person.”

CNN may be emphasizing the sensational. So far the 2-step Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are holding up well against Delta.

@56 – I agree, Luna. Although I am wearing my mask in Dallas next week for sure!

On MSNBC, Rachel in particular has been disasterizing about everything. It’s been getting on my nerves. She’s been implying that Biden is breaking his promises about the Afghanistan withdrawal (he hasn’t), and last night she said that Democrats are “powerlessly” waiting while the Rethugs take over everything. That is a gross exaggeration of what’s happening. Democrats are working through options on how to move forward on the voting rights front, and I am sure they will do it in more than enough time to make it happen. It is a matter of preservation of the Republic, not to mention their own careers!

In my opinion, fauxgressive pundits, especially Bernoid ones, do not need to teach Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi a flipping thing. Their preferred candidate has gotten next to nothing done in his decades-long Senate career, unless you count enabling Drumpf’s rise to power and the current horrorshow the Rethug party has turned into.

MB, I agree with you on Burnout having his part in Dump’s rising to the top of the heap in the dung pile that was once known as the GOP.

If what I mentioned in @53 seemed over sensationalized, one person that was part of that discussion was Dr. Fauci…and I trust that man. He was the one that said they will know more when they crunch the numbers.

Jeeze, the county I live in, in the Bay Area just put out this notice:

xxxxx xxx, CA — As the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant spreads in the Bay Area, Contra Costa County has issued a new health order requiring some xxxxx xxx workers to prove that they are vaccinated, or wear masks and get weekly COVID tests.

The order impacts people who work at hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities for the elderly, residential substance abuse treatment facilities, residential mental health treatment facilities, homeless shelters and detention facilities in Contra Costa County.

The new health order takes effect July 27. It is stricter than state requirements.

The new county order also requires operators to retain proof of vaccination for employees who say they are vaccinated, such as copies of official vaccination records or documentation from healthcare providers.

According to the health order, “Patients and residents are at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19 infection in these facilities, where a high number of documented outbreaks and COVID-related deaths have occurred in Contra Costa throughout the pandemic.”

@59, if it’s Dr. Fauci, then I defer to him!

@60, That makes sense. Some hospitals now require staff to be vaccinated. The largest university system in the state, U of W, now requires all staff and students to be vaccinated by fall quarter. Where I work we are required to be vaccinated against influenza but oddly they don’t require us to be vaccinated against covid, though most of us are.

@58, I totally agree, MB! Yes! So well said. I *really* loved your last paragraph. Those evening hosts owe us an apology for push, push, pushing that worthless (yet dangerous) old kook on us from 2016 on.

That is strange that the requirement is not for the Covid vaccine but for the regular flu shot.

I do see that WA is the beacon on the west coast for Covid vaccines received, by percentage of their population.

Rudy Giuliani’s law license has been suspended in DC (this shortly after NY suspended his law license.)

Nicolle Wallace knows what she’s talking about. She has seen the view from inside the belly of the beast. She said, Rethugs are desperate. They are frantic. They are *malevolent*. And they are moving at the speed of light to end voting rights. To end democracy.

Voting rights has always been the issue. I know the Confederates hated losing the right to enslave people, but what made them completely lose their minds and assassinate Lincoln was voting rights.

From Wikipedia: Booth attended Lincoln’s last speech, in which Lincoln promoted voting rights for blacks. Booth said “That means n***er citizenship… That is the last speech he will ever give.”

“They” (the dark souls of our country) do not want people of color to vote. They don’t want women to vote. Because having a vote is power. In a democracy, having a vote is power and they don’t want us to have any.

So the logical next step is to kill democracy. Once that’s done, they can say, “Vote away”. Vote your asses off. Hardy har har. (snickering – like Putin does).

64 That is totally awesome!

@64, amazing.

@65 – poor Rudy.

@64. *love* that view!

I have deleted the word “unbeliveable” from my vocabulary when it comes to assholes like this. But My God… Erik Prince. He will do anything for anybody, without regard for this country or any other if it will make him (more) millions and billions in the military industrial complex. He needs to be stopped.

@71, GAgal, Erik Prince has been nasty for decades. He was up to profit-gouging, torturing shit in the 2nd Gulf War and I’m sure before that.

Hitler recognized the Achilles heal of Germans. The Anti-semitism was there (obviously), but it was their worship of obedience – obedience of authority – that’s how he really caught them and kept them.

With Republicans, it’s loyalty. Republicans simply will not vote against their party. Yes, it’s a big tent that welcomes misogynists, racists, white supremacists, every low-life cockroach that roams the earth. But there are also somewhat decent Republicans. The ones who lead otherwise decent lives but will vote for SATAN if he has an “R” beside the “S”. Trump capitalized on that. He knew he could attract the cockroaches and still keep the others. And he’s still doing it.

But I could be wrong. Maybe they’re all cockroaches.

@73 PJ, yes the tribalism of Republicans is fascinating. I don’t really get it. They may not like Trump, but they would never ever ever vote for a (D). Which, of course, makes them just as guilty as those that support Trump openly. There’s that line: Do you know what you call those who objected to the Nazis in private? They’re called Nazis.

@75: OMG, DYB. I love that.

Speaking of complicit Nazis… John Kelly. Now here’s a guy who put more effort into the elaborations of creating a mask than I’ve ever seen. He should get an award for that. The lengths he was willing to go to hide his rotten egg soul. I hate to admit it, but it’s impressive.

But the stink… of a rotten soul… always gets out.

He can’t even be loyal to Rump – even though he completely agrees with him. Kelly is always concerned with how things might “look”. Yes, we like Hitler, he tells Trump, but how will that look? Kelly is totally in sync with Trump. I’m sure of that.

I agree with Joy Reid – Kelly showed his character way before this current news cycle. (With Frederica Wilson. Yep, true colors came out there. He’s a racist, LYING motherfucker). A good Nazi.

@74, LOL! Speaker of the House knows how to use her words!

@78 PJ> Oh yes, Kelly is a real scumbag piece of shit. They all were, all of Trump’s Generals. Today H.R. McMaster wrote an op-ed criticizing the media (!) and Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan. The man who has said nothing against Trump is finally speaking and it’s not about Trump. Ruben Gallego, a Representative and a former marine, tweeted out that the reason Afghanistan was such a disaster is because generals like McMaster lied to everyone about what was happening there. And he’s right.

@80 – Wow, DYB. Fucking Wow. I had not seen that. That is so fucking depressing!

I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am.

So many great comments and discussions…sorry I haven’t been around to participate! I’m going to take on a lot more work while my boss goes on sabbatical, so I’ll be more heads-down than I have been of late.

I could not agree more about Afghanistan. There was never any actual plan to get us out of there, so now all Biden and team can do is damage control and get our allies TF out.

The place is a backwards, horrible mess that no one would give a rat’s patootie about if there weren’t so many minerals in the hills.

The people there need to kick the Taliban out themselves. We can’t do it for them. Once we killed OBL we should have extricated ourselves immediately. But of course, George W. and Rummy had other plans.

Yes and no, mb @82.

There was what should have been a landmark social anthropology study done decades ago about three different troops of monkeys (forget which species) in the Amazon. It was about the persistence of cultural habits. One group had a very stratified, bullying power structure, one was surprisingly egalitarian, and I forget how the 3rd one distinguished itself. But the fascinating part was that no matter what happened to the three troops, no matter how monkeys moved between them, the groups maintained their “regime.” Individual monkeys who moved from one to another took on the attitudes of their new troop.

And that’s the situation in Afghanistan. They’ve been in the grip of an awful power structure forever. There’s not much evidence whole groups can *ever* get themselves out of that.

The US, because of its money and power, was in a unique position to actually provide enough disturbance to the status quo to change it. It would have meant “nation building.” It would have meant getting existentially serious about women’s rights and opportunities, instead of pretending that was a “pet rock.”

If the US had done that from the outset, they could have done something besides dodge IEDs the whole time and Afghanistan now would be more like Pakistan socially instead of some throwback to the Dark Ages. I’ve visited there a couple of times for longish periods, and the part people don’t see is how desperate so many Afghanis are for a more rational system, and how there are none of the social structures that would help them get there.

Like the monkey societies, in those cases only outside help (not war…) can perturb the system enough.

Beautiful critter:

I defend Joe Manchin to the nth degree (as y’all know). But I really do think it is do or die time. What shall it profit a man, if he gain the filibuster, and lose the democracy?

I’m with Nicolle and Charlie Sykes. It is hair on fire time. All other issues need to take a back seat to saving our democracy.

I was a glass half full kinda gal up until 2008 and 2016 when I believed a brilliant woman, Hillary could become our first female President.

I still have the designer t-shirt hanging in my closet that is navy blue with gold letters that said, ‘Madam President’ on the front, and ‘I believe in her’, on the back.

I still tried to muster up some hope with the Muller Report…and some with Joe Biden finally winning to get Big Dump out of our house.

Do I have hope that our Democracy will be saved and it will go back to the way it was before Fat Man ‘Bloomed’ all over our country…?

My hope is all I have left, but my serious concern is that another person like Dump will come along, maybe a little smarter, a little better at selling himself…and this country will be kissing his ring and just as easily hoodwinked into believing idiotic ideas like bleach injections, fake freakin news and much worse. Playing off of people’s racism, poverty, shooting rights and lack of critical thinking.

I know how you feel, Shadow. I’ve had the same process. Plus people’s reaction to the pandemic (what? be slightly inconvenienced to avoid dying? No way!) has destroyed my assumption that steps would be taken about climate change when people finally grasped what they were doing. So, yeah, all rather depressing.

Which makes me really really really wish Congress would bloody HURRY UP and do something for voting rights so I can stop hanging by that particular set of fingernails!

Y’know… half the country thinks gun rights are more important than voting rights. Kind of says it all.

But anyway…

I am presenting this to the Supreme Court. Not the Supreme Court of the U.S.(calling them supreme… now *there’s* an oxymoron. Thanks to Rump, Hissing Turtle, Pretty (ugly) Boy, McGahn, they are anything, *but* “supreme”). I hope no one ever looks to them for justice of any kind or to protect voting rights (democracy).

I’m talking about the one in the sky.

So we have a tale of two martyrs. I present to You (head bow): One Ashli Babbitt. And one Heather Heyer.

What say you?

Babbitt’s a bit of a manufactured martyr. Nobody was talking about her in that context until they wanted a figurehead.

Heyer isn’t talked about as a martyr either. (As far as I’ve seen, which may not be very far.) People are/were shocked and horrified and sad, but normal people in a rule of law country don’t write their wills before heading off to a protest. She was murdered, but wouldn’t she had to have expected to die to be a martyr?

On Thursday, July 8th, civil rights leaders, including members of the NAACP and the National Urban League, met with Biden and Harris to discuss voting rights. April Ryan reports that sources close to the meeting say Biden appears “closer to supporting elimination of the filibuster”. Also, civil rights organizations are planning a nonviolent “summer of action” to demand voting rights.

Newsweek reports polling shows 79% of West Virginians support the For The People Act. Joe Manchin, are you listening to the voices of the people? What about you, Sen. Sinema? And other Democratic senators who continue to support the filibuster but will not speak publicly about it, will you stop hiding behind Manchin and Sinema? Come out and defend your positions. Tell us why a Senate mechanism that for many long decades has been used to deny people their civil rights should be preserved. Tell us why it is more important than preserving our democracy.

On Thursday, July 8th, civil rights leaders, including members of the NAACP and the National Urban League, met with Biden and Harris to discuss voting rights. April Ryan reports that sources close to the meeting say Biden appears “closer to supporting elimination of the filibuster”. Also, civil rights organizations are planning a nonviolent “summer of action” to demand voting rights.

Newsweek reports polling shows 79% of West Virginians support the For The People Act. Joe Manchin, are you listening to the voices of the people? What about you, Sen. Sinema? And other Democratic senators who continue to support the filibuster but will not speak publicly about it, will you stop hiding behind Manchin and Sinema? Come out and defend your positions. Tell us why a Senate mechanism that for many long decades has been used to deny people their civil rights should be preserved. Tell us why it is more important than preserving our democracy.

Well, I have no idea why that posted twice.

Beata, I think it was worth saying twice.

Good points, quixote @91! I guess you could say that both women died tragically fighting for what they believed in?

I just think wow… on like the difference between what the two women thought was worth dying for.

Quixote – sure, if Obama had listened to Hillary, we may have had some positive impacts to the culture in Afghanistan. But that wasn’t what happened, and by the time he inherited that war it was already next to impossible to shift to a peace footing.

I get what you’re saying about people getting habituated to a terrible environment. But ultimately, the US switched over from spycraft and influence to change hearts and minds, to regime change through war, a long time ago. We don’t influence/help other countries to see the benefits of democracy any more. Maybe with Biden saying and showing how much better we are at dealing with crises than non-democratic nations (see: Japan and the Olympics, North Korea, China, etc.), some of that comes back a bit.

RE voting rights, I continue to believe that in September we will be moving forward on voting rights in the Senate. The voting rights activists are saying it’s a summer of action…I believe this is what will provide the political air cover for people like Manchin and Sinema (and as Beata says, the other conservative Dems who are hiding behind them) to move forward with a solution to the filibuster.

I don’t think there’s anything comparable between Heather Heyer and Babbitt except they died. One was run over by a car while marching in the street. The other was storming the Capitol where she came to execute Democrats, was breaking into a Speaker’s lobby where she saw lawmakers hiding, and was shot by a cop.

@98 – In addition, Babbitt was told to stop and warned that if she didn’t, they would fire, IIRC from the awful video.

The wingnuts will literally believe anything Drumpf and his goons tell them. Facts be d*mned!

I don’t think there’s anything comparable between them except that they died either. Plus, one should not have. At all. The other was doing something an awful lot like suicide by cop.

Beata @92. Word!

Totally off topic, but cooking question: have any of you made a Boston Butt Roast in a slow cooker? I have a pressure cooker too, but kind of though to of making the roasting a slow cooker. One reason I usually avoid slow cookers is I feel like all the times recipes ask for are the same: 8 hrs on low. And I find most meats actually dry out and become brittle. Does anyone else find this to be true? I wonder how long to cook this in the slow cooker. Or maybe just go with the pressure cooker. Or slow cook wrapped in foil in the oven on low?

slow cooking in *dry* heat, like roasting, would dry meat out unless you gave it some help. That’s why they baste roasting turkeys every 20 minutes or so. You could do the same with meat in a slow cooker? You’d need to do the same in a slow oven with a foil cover.

Those of us more knowledgeable than me can give you better information, but I *think* you’re supposed to start at high heat for 10-15 min to form a bit of a barrier on the surface of the meat (stops it from drying out quite so enthusiastically), and then at the end provide high heat again for 15-20 min to give it that nice Maillard reaction roasted surface which is kind of the whole point 😆

I have no idea what a Boston butt roast is compared to other pot roasts, but…when I cook a roast in a slow cooker, or in the oven, there needs to be some sort of juice to keep it from drying out. I normally use either a can of watered down mushroom soup, with real mushrooms added in, or I use a beef broth. I also check the roast often to see if needs some help to keep moist, but the cover of my baking dish or the slow cooker keeps it moist. This normally works and gives me some meat juice when it’s though.
I normally add in veggies to the pot for about the last 2 hours.

Personally, I would never cook a roast in an over for 8 hours with aluminum foil…that would not keep the moisture in well enough without a lid.

Happy cooking DYB!

102 Yes Q is right, the roast should be placed in a big fry pan and sear all sides of the meat, so the outside is a little dark to keep in the juices, then place the roast in a slow cooker or covered dish/pan with a lid into your oven.

The picture on this site is how I like to see my pot roast, hope it gives you some info.

@98, 99, 100, Agree!

To make up for that unappetizing image, here’s this cute museum critter:

I knew a Boston butt roast once. His name was Charles. Graduated from Harvard. Man, was he an ass.

Yeah, DYB. You’re going to have to tell us what exactly that cut of meat is 😀 . I’m kind of envisioning it like Beata says….

(Seriously: same part as a ham, except from cattle and roasted?)

Looove the hedgehog!

Lol, I guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t know what a butt roast is, so I found out it’s pork. Sorry DYB, my directions are for a beef roast.

Here is a recipe on how to cook a pork butt. They even use foil.

Darn copy paste. The 111 post still wanted to post the beef roast.

Let me try that again for the pork butt:

I didn’t realize a Boston Butt Roast was not universally known! It’s actually not even the butt! It’s from the shoulder! I don’t know why they call it a Butt. Or Boston.

CNN Our Hillary is speaking out, loud and clear.

(CNN)Hillary Clinton called out the Republican-led crackdown on voting rights and urged Americans to fight for access to the ballot box in an op-ed published Wednesday.

“We are witnessing a concerted attempt to destabilize the democratic process and delegitimize our multi-racial democracy, carried out in full view of the American people. As Democrats, it’s not enough to push back one law, one court case or even one election at a time. We need to fundamentally change the way we think about and fight back against this blatant, sweeping effort,” Clinton wrote in the op-ed, which published on Democracy Docket, the progressive platform founded by former Clinton campaign counsel Marc Elias.
Republicans — who control both chambers of 30 state legislatures — have enacted 28 state laws since the 2020 election that restrict ballot access, according to a tally as of June 21 by the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law. The laws in 17 states mark a new record for restrictive voting laws since 2011, when the Brennan Center recorded 19 laws enacted in 14 state legislatures.
More than half of these new laws make it harder to vote absentee and by mail, after a record number of Americans voted by mail in November.
Clinton addressed the blitz of new voting restrictions, referencing efforts to remove names from voter registration rolls, limitations on drop boxes, early and absentee voting and restrictions on giving voters food and water in polling lines.
“Each of these proposals disproportionately prevents people of color from casting their ballots, and each is egregious in its own right,” Clinton wrote, adding the recent crackdown on voting access is the product of years of GOP-backed efforts such as gerrymandering and court packing paired with disinformation.
Clinton also chastised the Supreme Court, which last week ruled that two provisions of an Arizona voting law that restrict how ballots can be cast do not violate the historic Voting Rights Act that bars regulations that result in racial discrimination.
The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee invoked former President Donald Trump, his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election and his baseless claims of election fraud, and said that the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6 “showed that these fanatical ideas can lead to real, even deadly harm.”
“The emboldening of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists during Trump’s campaign and time in the White House along with the international movement against liberal democracy have exacerbated this perfect storm,” Clinton wrote.
Clinton said that while she supports efforts in Congress to pass voting rights legislation, it will take more from American citizens to protect the right to vote.
“We need to call these attacks on voting what they are: part of a clear attempt to move away from a pluralistic, multi-racial democracy and toward white supremacist authoritarianism,” she wrote.
“When the people make their voices heard in an election, we should respect the results. These aren’t partisan statements; they’re attributes of a functioning democracy. Now is the time for anyone who cares about ours to stand up and fight for it using absolutely every tool in our toolbox,” she said.

Go Hillary, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

113 Hehehe, that’s pretty funny.

The hedgehog toy is great.

@117, DYB, sounds like he more than deserved it. From the WaPo:

Saul, 74, a wealthy, former women’s apparel executive and prominent Republican donor — who served on the board of a conservative think tank that has called for cuts to Social Security benefits — had overseen one of the biggest operations in the federal government since his 2019 Senate confirmation. The Social Security Administration pays out more than $1 trillion a year to about 64 million beneficiaries, which include seniors, the disabled and low-income Americans.

In the interview, Saul described himself as “very upset” about his sudden dismissal and cited two years of progress modernizing the agency’s day-to-day operations on his watch, including digitizing online payments, replacing old information technology systems and reining in a workforce that had abused telework before the pandemic force him to send employees home to work. “There was terrible abuse,” he said.
“I consider myself the term-protected Commissioner of Social Security,” he said, adding that he plans to be back at work on Monday morning, signing in remotely from his New York home.

Remote working for me, but not for thee, he says, like so many bosses.

Here’s the link:

@118-19 Luna, he was fired Friday at 5pm. Obviously his log-in info is going to be locked. So he’s not going to be going back to work on Monday.

There was a hilarious comment from McConnell about this, saying Biden firing of this bunghole is an “unprecedented” politicization of Social Security. It’s just amazing how McConnell can say all this with a straight face.

We haven’t heard from Socal in a while… Maybe she’s active on other sites that I’m not aware of.

But anyway… Socal. If you’re listening. I hope you’re doing ok. Big hugs to you.

@120: McConnell is pure evil. Like we all know that, right? (bunghole… OMG, so funny!!!). I love that.

@108 – Beata, you made me laugh so hard I lost a nut. (I mean, like if I had nuts to lose).

“It’s just amazing how McConnell can say all this with a straight face.”

This. For just about every single thing he says. It just flattens me all the time. How does he do it?

Q @ 123

Mitch only cares about keeping his current job and position in the Senate. He is not led by a moral compass. In a way, he is similar to the Big Dump.

Haha, Jim Acosta has some good one liners.

I am so grateful that Mitch lacks any kind of charisma. Seriously. Grateful. Ee gads! Can you imagine? (oh right…we don’t have to imagine… we have history).

Mitch has a face/heart/soul only other reptiles can appreciate. (unfortunately, there’s quite a few of them (reptiles). Enough to keep him in the power he has.

@125 – Luna, that’s great! funny! (even given my fear/loathing of clowns).

Unlike Hitler, who was responsible for the holocaust but never allowed his name to be associated with it…

These are *Proud Boys*. They say, “This is what we’re going to do” and then they do it. “This is what we *say* we’re going to do” and then they do it. Jan 6 was a dry run. They never hid what they were going to do.

They will end democracy in America if we let them. That’s what they’ve told us. And I think we can trust them on that.

“America is under attack” 9/11. 1/6. Now.

I agree with Shadow… that is sweet. It really is. I love the Clintons.

But I was never a fan of Jimmy. I’m pretty sure Uppity Woman and SophieCT feel the same way.

Gawd… I’m such a coward hiding behind those two women. But Jimmy did kind of bring the whole country down. We can’t all be good presidents (hands up guilty – I would totally suck – in no position to judge). But he did kind of suck. Which set up RR and HELLO Mississippi! Let’s go down that shitty road (again). Horrible.

Put us on a dark path that was only arrested momentarily by the Clintons.

I seriously do live in a nice neighborhood. On the surface I mean. But it’s Trumpland so the odor is inescapable.

But even I get a break sometimes. (I get that break from kids, puppies, kittens, all beings that make like worth living). Every once in a while I catch a break. And it makes my heart sing.

When I was 7 years old, I had three gallons of hot coffee poured on me. I walked right into it. I saw my Mom’s shirt get caught on one of the legs and it was going over. I ran up to catch it because I didn’t want her to get in trouble.

Off came my shirt with a whole layer of skin. My skin was balling up all over the place. Layer after layer. I was watching myself get cooked alive.

I should have ended up looking like Ralph Fiennes from The English Patient. But I only have a tiny scar on my arm. That’s fucking crazy.

I seriously wish I could turn my mind off sometimes…

PJ That’s terrifying about the burns!!!


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