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Weekend Post: Some News

Posted on: June 27, 2021

Hello Widdershins! Thanks for bearing with me and DYB while we worked out our schedules so we can have fresh content every week. We both tend to get busy and it’s tough for either one of us to post during the week; so we are now going to alternate every weekend. This means we aren’t necessarily going to have a lazy weekend any more – we’ll just post what we feel. My guess is, we’ll still probably have Madge whether it’s a musical post or not!

I also wanted to share that Fredster is still working through his health challenges. I hope he will be back soon.

This was not a great week if you’re in MAGA World. Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is suing the state of Georgia for their restrictive voter laws meant to deprive (mostly Democratic) Americans of access to their franchise. Murdering racist psychopath and MAGA hero Derek Chauvin got at least 22.5 years in prison (more charges are pending). Rudy Giuliani’s law license has been suspended, with disbarment nearly a certainty. Bill Barr and others are spilling lots of dirt on how desperately Drumpf tried to make the former Justice Department overturn the election. Nancy Pelosi announced that she will create a select committee to investigate the insurrection of January 6th. And now, New York prosecutors are thisclose to pressing criminal charges against the Mango Moron’s eponymous organization.

New York prosecutors have given former President Trump‘s attorneys until Monday afternoon to provide an argument as to why the Trump Organization should not face criminal charges, The Washington Post reported.

Last week, it was reported that the Manhattan district attorney’s office was considering bringing criminal charges against the Trump Organization as a whole and against executive Allen WeisselbergThe New York Times reported that Trump’s attorneys had made an appeal to prosecutors from the district attorney’s office to not file charges against the company.

Two sources close to the matter told the Post that Trump Organization attorneys now have until Monday to make a case as to why the charges shouldn’t be filed.

Monday?! That’s tomorrow! But hey, I’m sure that uber-professional organization with its desirable clientele has great attorneys, right? Welllll…it turns out that one of them, Marc Mukasey, defended Eddie Gallagher, the Navy Seal who was accused of war crimes and court-martialed (another MAGA hero of course). Marc is the son of GWB’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey. And to top it off, attorney Mukasey was a protege of one Rudolph Giuliani. You can’t make up how incestuous this world is.

Meanwhile, Drumpf’s other attorney, Alan Futerfas, was a defense attorney for the Colombo family in Noo Yawk, and was one of the first lawyers to jump on the Treason Train when the Muller probe began.

Without Bill Barr to aid and abet those attorneys, I’m guessing this latest development is the worst part of Drumpf’s Very Bad Week.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

Open thread, bien sur.

82 Responses to "Weekend Post: Some News"

New post part deux!

Great post MB, summing up all the kicks in the pants that are catching up with Diaper Baby and his band of thugs. I can’t wait to see who else lands in the clink.

Thanks Shadow! Quiet day so far….

I hope this is the start of Garland becoming more assertive in going after Trumpists.

MB, quiet day for sure, we have had so many days of death and bad news, everyone is trying to find moments or days of peace for a change.

Luna, I hope so too. Lawlessness has gone on too long with these f’ers.

As we can see from the latest news about the Justice Department, the Drumpf corruption ran deep. My guess is Garland has had to do quite a bit of cleanup on aisle J before starting these lawsuits.

BTW, is anyone buying Bill Barr’s rehabilitation tour? I sure hope not.

Great post, MB, as always. Thanks for the update on Fredster, I was wondering about him today.

Shadow, thanks for the reminder about CA & ranked choice. Agree with you.

Luna @4, Please God let it be so!

Seems as though the GreeneUnglued called AOC a little communist and other stupid ass remarks. I wish someone would punch Greenie in the chops every time she degrades Americans.

AOC gave a great reply, “I’m taller.”

Gotta hand it to AOC. She’s *very* good at comebacks 😆

Bill Barr is a living “when do you believe a liar?” problem.

You know the old joke about X always lies so how can you figure out if he’s telling the truth.

Those kinds of puzzles always snooker me, so my solution is to believe them when they say something I already think is true….

Yeah. Not so good. But, honestly. Everybody already knew it was all BS from one end to the other.

The only surprise for me was that when Gen. Milley was yelling at the Dump that he was trying to give him, Milley, an illegal order, it took him actually calling out the lawyers in the room before one of them (Barr…) confirmed that it was illegal.

Milley has some basic courage. The rest, a bunch of there-is-no-bottom poltroons.

@10 – you know, people don’t use the word “poltroon” enough. Thanks for brightening my day! 😂😂😁

‘poltroon’ – utter coward.

Good to learn a new word, and here I has day dreaming that it was some exotic French poultry dish. 😉

Yeah, I know it doesn’t quite fit in the sentence, but heck, my dinner plate slipped out of my hands and most of my pot roast ended on a kitchen rug and I’ve been cleaning the rug for the past 45 minutes and am hungry.

Shadow, so sorry that happened to you! That’s just awful. I hope you got something else to eat!

@11 😆

Another word that does that for me, for some reason, is “pinhead.” It just makes me giggle. Plus it also applies. Pinheaded poltroons!

MB, I was in no mood to cook another meal so I just made a sandwich. You can only eat so much while cussing ast the wasted meal and scrubbing your rug. 😉

I love the word pinhead. I imagine the word literally and laugh myself silly.

‘ast’ ha, I just made up a good typo word, it almost worked. 😉

@15, Shadow that’s exactly my mental process too! I’m grinning as I type this because I’m saying “Pinhead” to myself. Pinhead, pinhead, pinhead 😆 😆 😆

I saw that about the younger and even more moronic Giuliani. Will he now have the sense to fade quietly into the background never to be hear from again? We can hope, but what are the chances of that?

Guiliani, fade into the background? Naw.

Giuliani’s son is a perfect example of a pinheaded poltroon who only succeeds via privilege and the Peter Principle. 😎

21 haha, the ‘Peter Principle’.

Gouliani is not going to disappear until his cheap Dollar Store brand of hair dye runs out.

He and the diaper baby have gone past their Golden Years into full on delusional mode.

I don’t think I want to know…but I kind of do.

@12 Shadowfax, that’s awful about the food falling!!! Were you able to salvage any of it??

Great photo, Luna!!

Happy indictment week! We’ll see if Weisselberg flips. This is the kiss of death for Drumpf’s business, btw.

Hospitals are horrible places to be if you are sick! Just got released. Glad to be alive. If I am going to die, I will do it at home, thank you very much.

I have no idea what is going on in the news. Have not been able to follow anything. Been hooked up to lots of machines that beep and hurt.

Hope everyone here is okay and keeping cool and safe!

@27: That is good news!

@28 – Beata! What happened?!

@30: Brain tumor has worsened. Nothing can be done.

You never want to be a neurologist or neurosurgeon’s “interesting case”. That is a bad sign.

@31 – I’m so, so sorry. Consider yourself hugged.

Whenever I hear/see the word “pinhead”, I think of George Balanchine. He preferred his female dancers to have long legs and small heads. Critics took to calling them “pinheads”.

Oh Beata *hugs!*

Beata, hugs, hugs, and hugs!

Beata! Gentle hugs for you.

23 & 24 Luna
Darling ducks and Mama is either trying to teach them to dive under water or she needs a couple seconds of ‘alone time’ 😉

That photo of the suffragette’s is fantastic. I wish I could have thanked them for all they did and showing us such courage.

DYB, good seeing you. I was only able to save a piece about 2×1″ that didn’t slide off my plate. I was so pist at myself for trying to carry too much from the kitchen to my table.

Beata, I am so very sorry. Sending hugs and good thoughts to you.

The first hammer has fallen!

Ooooh! (gets out popcorn)

Beata, you’re so right about hospitals. Noisy, no privacy, procedures involving sharp instruments, having to ask questions because they don’t always explain things or explain them in an understandable way. Some don’t even introduce themselves by name to you so you have to prod them “And you are … who?” And I also agree, one doesn’t want to be an “interesting” patient.

I’m in remission from a cancer. If it returns, which means metastasizes, I’m almost certainly going to opt for palliative care rather than other interventions. I’ve seen the statistics on progression-free survival vs. overall survival, and although the disease-free survival is usually hyped as improved, the overall survival time rarely increase. Plus you have to look at the adverse effects. I couldn’t take the “chemo lite” I had and stopped after a couple of months. They found out a couple of years later that for women with my characteristics the chemo made no difference, but did have about a 1% chance of causing a type of blood cancer.

Beata, I hope you have a good palliative care specialist.

Long thread discussion on variants.

Pfizer and Moderna continue to give good protection against Delta variant in the medical reports I’ve seen so far.

Luna @42, I hope you stay in remission dear heart…prayers for you and Beata…and positive thoughts.

Luna thanks for the links on the Delta Variant. Off to read it now.

Also for the link on our Hillary’s strong place in the world for women. God, I love her.

Cosby getting out is a sick joke.

Luna, I agree about palliative care. It is the way to go.

I’m very tired these days so I probably won’t be posting much. I’ll become a lurker!

Take care, everyone.

My mom recently spent a week in a hospital and then 3 weeks in rehab for foot surgery. She was so miserable, just wanted to get back home. The whole experience just crushed her. The liked the staff (for the most part) in both, but her roommates where horrific people and just the whole atmosphere was so oppressive. She couldn’t wait to finally get home.

Beata, take care of yourself first and foremost. Just check in and say hi when you can!!

Luna, thanks for posting about Our Girl and her latest endeavors to bring about equality for women. She is truly the most dedicated and effective activist of our time. I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer and I’m glad you have chosen the path you have.

Beata – sending you love and light. As D said, take care of yourself and stop by whenever you feel able!!

Well, the New York State indictment against the Trump Org and Allen Weisselberg did not disappoint. Serious charges are alleged and the phrase “unindicted co-conspirator #1” appears three times, I understand.

Beata, I agree with many here that we hope you just drop by and say hello so we can give you virtual hugs and support, Fredster you too.

Beata, my thoughts are with you and of course do whatever you have energy for without overextending yourself. Discussion on politics isn’t exactly easeful to say the least! Much love and gentle hugs for you.

For Fredster:

@56, DYB, ooooh, this could be delicious to watch!

…That is every every corporate defendant, every entity that could have a loan covenant in its name. Every Trump Org bank lender in the world, right now, is looking at this indictment, looking at their covenants, and calling the Trump Org demanding … they turn over every relevant book and record pertaining to these issues. If they refuse…BOOM. Loans pulled. If they do and the banks don’t like what they see…BOOM. Loans pulled. If the loans come due (which 100s of millions do next year) no way they get refinanced.

Andrew McCabe seems to think Weaselberg is in a heap of shit, and doing the perp walk, handcuffed into court is done on purpose to make the criminal know the Gov. means business, and spill on Diaper Baby.

@62 Luna, was vegan prison food not to his liking??

@61 – that was chilling. Wow.

I hope Fredster sees this – he was always pointing out the importance of overturning Hyde.

Jobs report looking phenomenal for Biden-Harris. Shocker, investing in workers improves the economy for everyone.

@65, no wonder McConnell is fighting in the last ditch to stop everything. An infrastructure bill or two would be more of that. What could be worse??

@66 – indeed. Biden-Harris’ economic investments are lifting up and empowering workers in a way we haven’t seen since union-busting Raygun stopped progress in its tracks.

Regressives who don’t like him can suck a duck.

WOW. Jesu Christe.

Circle of flames erupts in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak causes an underwater pipeline to catch fire before ships rush to extinguish the blaze.

Jeeze Louise…

Erm… if the pipeline gases managed to ignite UNDERWATER, depriving the fire of oxygen (CO2 foam?) or, um, dousing it with water, may not work too well?

As Shadow so eloquently put it, Jeez Louise!

Meanwhile all I can think is that a burning ocean is in the Book of Revelations or Nostradamus or something, isn’t it? 😯

There is an expression used around here called “gone fishing”. Here it is used (and I think maybe it’s used differently in other places) as a free pass if you’re caught not paying attention to what someone else is saying. You just put up your hands and say, “Sorry! I was gone fishing.” And you’re forgiven. Usually I can hide that I’m not paying attention – it’s a magic trick. To go somewhere else and still appear to be listening. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane in my real life. But I do sometimes get caught.

It’s really hard to do that with family because of the emotional component. They are saying the same right wing shit I hear everyday but my blood is boiling. No hiding that. Holidays are about family. So holidays suck for me.

It’s a wicked game… Game of Thrones only with worse actors.

“It’s always something” Roseanne Roseannadanna

I got my first Pfizer shot today. I’ve been (figuratively) wearing a MAGAt hat until today. I should be rightfully condemned for waiting so long but inside my house… Skip to my lou.

Congratulations on your first shot.

@76 – Thank you!

Congratulations PJ! Hope you’re feeling all right. With that Delta variant out there you can’t be too careful.

Congrats, PJ! I’m sure you’ve heard us talk here about our differing reactions to our shots, but it was all temporary. It’s just your immune system going thru boot camp to get ready.

new post! come upstairs!

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