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Lazy Weekend: Open Thread

Posted on: June 20, 2021

I’m suffering from both too much and not enough to say today, plus tons of life stuff to get to. So, Happy Father’s Day, happy Juneteenth and happy weekend!

Open thread.

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Happy weekend all!

Happy weekend!

I celebrated by getting banned from twitter again. LOL. Some Republican National Review writer mocked the death of Champ Biden and then Beau Biden. A reporter wrote that he needs to get out of the house more. I responded that yes, because that guy’s chances of being run over by a truck increase outside. Someone seems to have objected to that and I was suspended for violating twitter’s rules. I appealed the decision by cursing out twitter, calling them degenerate Nazi sympathizers. I think there’s a chance my appeal will not be greeted well? I dunno.

Happy, happy to all.

“… I appealed the decision by cursing out twitter.”
That’s a new tactic for an appeal, let me know how that worked out. 😉

Yes, I find calling people “degenerate Nazi sympathizers” always causes them to thoughtfully reevaluate their behavior and decide to become better individuals. LOL.

DYB, you crack me up to no end. I just want you to keep talking and talking because it’s magic to me. How many stripes have you earned thus far? You have to be like a general or corporal? (I don’t know how that works). You definitely rank high in the social media wars and that’s where the war is now.

But jump back in there, dog (easy for me to say… fuck no I would never go there). But it’s really good you do it, because .. fucking rotten red state MAGAt trumpers… loud fucking morons. And you’re pushing/biting back.

Hang in there, baby. I think there’s even a cat poster for that. 🙂 There’s still a little part of me that’s a cheerleader and I’m so rooting for you.

This is a shitty day for me. Father’s day. Michael Jackson’s day I call it. But I only have like three hours to go before it’s over.

Thank you for the new thread, MB!

Good for you, DYB!

I’ve never been big on — don’t know how to group them, relationship holidays? — mother’s day, father’s day, children’s day (Japan, maybe the only worthwhile one of the lot), valentine’s day, anniversaries, all that stuff. Presumably if you want to celebrate something like that you know how to call the people concerned and do something. Like the folks here. But having a public apotheosis of soul-searching and maudlin thoughtfulness just makes me take time off to return to my hermit roots.

(Why, yes, I do tell people to get off my lawn. Why do you ask?)

Sorry, this song was just racing through my mind…It’s from “Cheap Trick”. That’s probably not good…

I agree with you, quixote. Everything you said. But especially about the lawn. You just don’t fuck with someone’s lawn. 🙂 I sometimes let my lawn get a little high and I can feel my neighbor wanting to kill me. And I don’t blame him. He’s a great guy, but we all have our limits… The lawns here are kept perfectly and you have to keep up.

There’s a children’s day? I’d love to celebrate that one.

I do draw pink hearts around Mother’s Day though…

Y’all know that song wasn’t related to anyone here, right? My laundry. My own personal baggage.

DYB, that is so funny – and sad. How long did it take to ban people who were plotting to overthrow the U.S. government from social media?! You do one snarky post and you’re in Twitter jail.

I spent Father’s Day with my dad and brother, in person, no masks. It was a great excuse to get gifts and hang out. 💖

omg, PJ, about the lawns in the Flat Place! Takes me right back. We had a really nice neighbor who was part of the Lawn Cult. His son got a homework assignment to find ten different plants in the yard. He couldn’t find more than three. (Lawn grass, rose bush, and whatever tree they had.)

My partner and I are the botanical kind of biologists, so he asked us for help. We came over with hand lenses. We got it up to seven! (We’ve been kind of chuckling about it ever since.)

We “loaned” his son a few plants from our garden.

People kill over that shit, for real, quixote. (my apologies to my grass. You’re not shit. I love you without a doubt and you know it). But I’m not ever going to do the hand lenses thing ever. Not ever. So you can forget about that…

That’s awesome, quixote. 🙂 That’s a great story.

Have you ever seen “Fear Thy Neighbor”? People seriously kill other people because of lawns. I understand getting mad but gawd.

We interrupt this lawn conversation for some Jen Psaki love.

We don’t have lawns in my place upstate, but there are a few neighbors who are EXTREMELY interested in what other people are doing. It’s a condo association. We’re not allowed to have gas grills on our decks. Must be 10 feet away. I think I probably had mine 6 feet away. Someone (and I know who) complained about it to the board. I was reminded to have ti 10 feet away. Stuff like that. Very nosy neighbors.

UPDATE on my twitter wars: It seems Twitter agreed that they were degenerate Nazi sympathizers because a few hours ago they restored my access and told me their original suspension was a mistake. Score 1 for the Resistance!

BTW, my redemption naturally calls for a celebration. Never fear to…

Way to go DYB!! YES!

LOL on the nosy neighbors. Yeah, Gladys Kravitz…

@14: Jen’s not the only one getting some love. 🙂

Three cheers, DYB!

And, yikes, that’s some neighbors’ association. I’d probably spend my time thinking up ways to annoy them!

I’m still not vaccinated… I just like wearing a mask I think. I liked driving the streets with no one else there. I thought I was in wonderland. (That’s a bad thing… and not true anymore). And probably offends medical people here.

Way to go DYB, here’s a little song for you to celebrate, You Earned It.

D, your twitter story is hilarious!

Congratulations D! I love that story. I guess the Twitter moderators have heard worse!

BTW – it’s the New York City mayoral Democratic primary today. I was rooting hard for Maya Wiley but since she was endorsed by AOC, I’ll bet she’ll lose. Unfortunate.

Thanks all! I still can’t believe they didn’t ban me for cursing them out. LOL

On the NYC mayoral race – it’s a mess. I don’t understand how NYC ends up with such horrible mayors. Always. Every darned time. You got the front runner Eric Adams, a former cop who leans hard on that side. So we got a Blue Lives Matter mayor, great. He also recently said zoom teaching is fine, even if you have 400 students for one teacher. Then you have Andrew Yang, who I compare to Trump in the sense that he’s a blank slate. He has no convictions. He jumps from one thing to another, a total sociopath. But he’s incompetent. Like Trump was. Eric Adam is also a sociopath, but he’s competent.

Wiley really squandered her chance. Gardia is in the running too, but who knows. NYC always makes the wrong choice. I’ve lived in NYC since Feb 1989 and we have not had one good mayor.

Oh and I just learned today that Andrew Yang during his presidential run was advised by Tad Devine!!!

@ 22, DYB, thank you for saying that!

@21: I love Maya Wiley. She just freaking awesome.

@22 – could not agree more about NYC mayors! I always wondered what happened in those races. The two leading men are awful. Don’t know about any other woman but Maya. Sigh.

@23 – that is hilarious. True to form for Rethugs…all hat and no cattle. And Kristofferson showed himself to be a true patriot!

Joe “The Man” Manchin just told Chuck “Call Me Chuck” Schumer that he will vote “YES” to advance debate on the For The People Act when the Senate begins voting today at 5:30pm ET. It takes 60 votes to advance debate but this seems like a move in the right direction. Maybe.

@27: It shows that Senate Democrats are (kinda) unified but that’s about all it does.

I’ll have sausage on my pizza, please.

27 & 28

Yes, some folks on CNN broke it down to about the same conclusion with Manchin. He has to see that taking all this time to try and pull in some GOQuackers into voting with D’s by putting in stuff the righties have wanted in the past, that McTurtle says, “Hell no, we won’t comply with Dems under any circumstances”.

So now we will see what the next step is when the 60 votes needed to pass, crashes and burns. How many weeks have been wasted for this false hope that I talked about recently?

@27, 28: Thank you Beata. That’s great to hear.

Shadow gave a better answer! I didn’t see it before I posted.

@25: She’s not she. Fuck! It’s those fucking apostrophes. I’m trying to calm down after this… Because I kneel at the alter of Maya. Damn it.

Beata, I’m not even going to ask what you mean by sausage on a pizza. Like that’s between you and the sausage. And the pizza. 🙂

LOL. The “sausage” refers to the messy business of getting legislation passed. The pizza refers to pizza.

VP Harris will preside over this evening’s vote to advance debate on the For The People Act. That is a rare move, to have the VP presiding during a procedural vote.

Oh right, the sausage making…

Same thing with hot dogs by the way. (Boss Baby).

@34 – that’s good. It shows the importance of this vote. Given that voting rights protection is extremely popular across political parties, the Rethugs are going to have egg on their faces by voting no on even discussing the matter.

This is one vote the Democrats are going to be able to hang around Rethugs’ necks come 2022. That, and the vote against the ARP.

Not that I really have any say in the NY Mayoral primary election, besides what I have learned recently, bad choices, a herd of people running, but the idea of ranking your first five choices on the ballot, along with the massive about of time it takes to count the votes…why does anyone there think that voting for the most popular 5 people is a good idea?

To me that means that the final vote is going to put many in very close total vote scores and the possibility of runoff elections seems more probable unless NY has a very clear winner.

I only bring this up as having concern that other states may use this as good model. Not that CA hasn’t done crazy stuff too, just keeping it simple and clear cut seems good to me.

I think Republicans successfully filibustered the debate on For The People Act.

NY Times really is hot garbage:

A 50-50 vote failed to advance debate on the For The People Act in the Senate. No surprise.

I don’t know how Democrats are going to get any legislation passed without abolishing the filibuster. But according to PBS, only 24 Democratic senators have openly expressed support for eliminating it! I find that depressing.

Do Senate Democrats who
continue to support the filibuster really believe that bipartisanship exists? What planet do they live on?

@40, Why can’t someone who comes from a football family, stood out at Penn State, and taught teammates about personal finances be gay? The guy’s sexually oriented to men, not stupid. ((eyeroll))

I don’t know how Democrats are going to get any legislation passed without abolishing the filibuster.


Another yup here on abolishing the filibuster. I can’t imagine any election in the future that can carry the 60 vote criteria for Senate to pass anything.
Sure, the fear is that when the GOQuacks win with 51% they will screw things up x2. They do it anyway with putting in a majority of Retugs in as Supremes, judges, governors and rigging elections.

There is a possibility that filibuster “reform” ( I hope that means abolishment ) will happen after the July 4th holiday. Some insider types think today’s vote and its failure will cause Manchin and Sinema to change their previous stands on the filibuster. It will be a road to Damascus experience!

We shall see.

If they were on the road to Damascus, they might have an experience. But they’re just jumping around with their VR headsets on, playing their programmed script. Why do the Repubs hardly ever have these problems???

It might be the road to Damascus or it could be an enduring Sisyphustic task.

Re earlier about what a dumb idea ranked choice voting is. It’s not, actually. It’s a runoff, except you save time and money by having it on one ballot.

The usual method of voting in the US is sometimes called first-past-the-post. So if there are 9 candidates, one of whom gets 20% of the votes, while the rest get less, then that one wins the election. With 20%. Not so good.

Ranked choice voting creates a sort-of runoff system which applies if nobody gets more than 50%. Then your 2nd choice (and 3rd and 4th, etc) are counted. Let’s say you have five candidates, each with 20% of the vote. None of them can win. But 80% vote for the same #2. It’s a shoo-in for #2. Imagine if that had applied during Dump’s elections. He was very few people’s first choice, and a lot of people’s last choice. He got through the Repub primary because he had the largest minority. If people had been able to name a #2, the Dump would have been dumped.

The issue with ranked choice voting is it tends to select for consensus candidates, who can be bland, inoffensive, and useless. There’s actually a better method, sometimes called cumulative voting, but since anything except FPTPost takes a bit of explaining, there’s probably not much hope.

I don’t even care anymore. I’m taking a break. Like poor Mike Pence (who, after four years of sucking Trump’s dick – GROSS) stopped for a second to take a breath and the magats wanted him dead for that! Fucking hung for that. Not just lock him up (for not baking cookies). Dead. In public. Swinging from a rope.

I’m just jumpy. Not understanding what people are saying.

I can’t stand Mike Pence, but please.

I know they hate women (with a white hot passion) but they hate themselves even more. Because how could you not?

This is not about lamb, lamb.

Finally someone is framing what’s happening with low wage workers correctly. Why go back to a system that treats them like doodoo?

I would like to point out that workers who stopped their education at high school are the ones who got left behind by both Democratic and Republican presidents since 2000. A high school only education was one of the key dividers between people who voted for Drumpf and people who voted for Our Girl. Being left behind fuels a lot of rage and desire for outsiders to shake things up.

Now I’m not saying every Rethug will rethink their party affiliation because of the American Rescue Plan. But those who are still reachable will know exactly who gave them the breathing room that allowed them to increase their wages, benefits and standard of living.

Genius move by the Democrats.

@54. Good article. I love how it says “Congress” did these things. Not “Democrats without a single Republican vote.” “Congress.”

Gaaa. Just gaaaaa.

Yes, quixote. Most definitely.

People who have a gazillion dollars just look like 800 lb people to me. And those actual people hate it. They say it over and over. “I hate this”. I fucking hate this. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. And the people who stare at them and make fun of the them are just the ugliest motherfuckers.

(So snap back). Really well said, MB. But a lot of people are just off their nuts. How else to say it? Way too many people. Stadiums full of them. They think it’s about money (monopoly money like Trump or Bernie offer). It’s not real, dupes. But I know that’s not what they’re really after. It’s power and control. (and you can get that through evil).

It doesn’t mean Democrats should stop trying. You’re right about that, MB.

Agree with both of you!

Talk about poor framing…Drumpf is in massive trouble so this is a problem for Biden. [facepalm]

Sorry, I am still on the lawn discussion! I have lived in the country for 35 years, where there is no lawn and when the grass does grow, you wait until it dries up and then either get goats or à Weedeater (I have the heavy duty push behind one that we nickname the High Plains Drifter) and smack it down before the wildfires take hold. Around 10 years ago, I moved part time to suburbia USA to take a city job. I was shocked to find that people really do still “edge” a lawn and hire gardeners and actually have discussions about fertilizer and such. I had been living in a time warp, I guess. In some parts, things never change. It is a bit scary and sometimes a bit oppressive.

Ranked-choice voting is a good system for all those reasons that quixote pointed out. I think it could help voters feel more involved, and it could reduce the my-way-or-the-highway votes. Even a bland candidate is better than a Trump-style candidate.

In WA state we have a top-two system for state offices. The top two vote-getters in the primary go on to the general election, even if they’re both in the same party. We’ve had races where we end up with two Democrats and no Republicans who make it to the general election. The parties officially don’t like this system but most of the voters do.

I think ranked choice voting is great. Because of it, the New York Mayoral race didn’t pick a clear winner and Maya still has a chance! And even better news, Yang conceded. I knew he had no shot.

I have a deer/dear blanket. That I hug (every day). It’s the opposite of hanging a head on a wall (like who fucking does that and think it’s cool?) You’re jacked if you do that.

Today is a very good day.
Matt G got his ass kicked by a general.

Matt has had a very evil face lately and the General schooled him in a way that made Faux Elvis intellectually seem like a high school drop out.

I’m glad Yang dropped out.

Shadow, I can’t believe Matt G. Is still on the Judiciary Committee while being investigated by the Justice Department! What the AF. I’m glad he got schooled though. More humiliation is surely in his future, if not jail time!

PJ, that’s nice that you have a cuddly blanket.

Some people even call their kids “blanket”… and that is not freaking okay. At all.

But it’s a good thing! MB, you’re a wonderful person. For saying that, but in general.

There was this girl. Beautiful girl. Victim of domestic violence… We all hate talking about that, I know. But the last thing her mom said to her was, “put your nightgown in the dryer and then wear it and that’s my warm hug to you.” I’ll come and get you, she said. I want to help you so bad. (but there’s not really anything you can do about domestic violence).

Her brother wanted to help too! Damn I wish I had a brother like that.

But she was dropped. Off a high story building. By the person who loved her.

That’s terrible, PJ.

Here’s a cute doggie – it’s been a while since we had one.

Thank you, MB!!

It’s the middle of the night. And I go out on my porch because, hoot, hoot. hoot… Haunting hoot, hoot, hoots. And I know when birds talk to me like that, one of them is going to kill themselves on my windows. It happened all the time during the trump years. Birds killing themselves. It’s true. My windows cry now when God cries.

But now I’m (sort of) brave. I’m going out there to say please don’t do that anymore. And there’s a bunny. Who only looks at me sideways and who can blame her?


Hahaha Luna, you beat me to it!

The next step is to lock him up!

Magats are still so butthurt. Posting flowers everyday like it’s a constant funeral. And I guess it is for them (that’s so sad)… Snort. Mitch is the best poster child for them. Better even than Dump. He is one evil dude. But they also love Rudy… I think it’s the brown stuff running off his face that touches their heart so much.

Biden is right. It’s not even about food and water anymore. That’s *extremely* shitty, but they’re worse than that.

They are heading towards not counting the votes that are cast. That’s where they’re headed. And Biden gets it.

But I really want to go back to @65.

I was going through my bookmarks and there was the Widdershins!!! LOL. I have no been by here in forever but I see all my old friends here—waving. I will have to stop by more often as it seems you all have witty continuing conversations–something that is lacking in a lot of blogs these days.

I hope the NYC mayor’s race turns out well for everybody concerned and YAY for Rudy getting his law license suspended! I have a feeling he will be disbarred. He is so old now that he will never practice law again and now Trump has another excuse to not pay him. Can y’all believe GA went blue? I live here and I still can’t believe it!

Welcome Ga6thDem! Y’all did great that’s for sure!

(I’m acting like this is my house, and it isn’t…) But MB is really nice and smart and witty so I bet she’d welcome you.

I’m so j of you… a red stater getting to feel that. I’ll never have that. But I’m honestly happy for you. True.

And also extremely happy for the country… You really gifted us.

Welcome back Ga6thDem!

I couldn’t have kept my sanity though the past term without my PUMA friends. There has been a lot of cute animal postings and music to get us though the darkest days and some humor too..

Thanks PJ & Shadow. Yeah, the last 4 years were nothing short of waking up everyday wondering what horrors Trump was going to impose on the nation or hearing about some tweet and then all the pundits talking about it. I almost hated to crank up the computer every morning but felt like I needed to at least keep up.

PJ-I don’t know what state you are in but remember D’s were losing statewide races here in GA by 20 points 15 years ago. So there’s always the chance that things will change.

Ga6thDem, I’m from Kansas. We actually were great here once. On the right side of slavery. But then we caught the misogyny bug which has never let go (and all the other hateisms that came with it).

Thank God there aren’t a lot of us. Hitler would have a heyday if we were only bigger. Snort.

Rudy is what Matt Gaetz is going to look like in 80 years.

GA6thDem!! Wow! So great to see you. And yes, your state did so beautifully in 2020. Ossoff and Warnock are superstars!

I was watching James Carville and I just can’t get enough of him.

Anyway, he said this was Joe Biden’s one shining moment week.

KU basketball is the best on the planet and that will never change (we invented the fucking game for christsake!). And we have the papers to prove it – fuck you Duke who tried to cheat and steal it. Gawd I hate them. And Bilas knows the magic is in Allen Fieldhouse (sp?), not Duke (place, toilet).

One shining moment for y’all. I couldn’t find one with women…so we have to make do.

This one’s for you, Joe.

Katniss: Nobody decent ever wins the games.

Haymitch: Nobody ever wins the games period. There are survivors. There’s no winners.

What did Carville mean about the one shining moment? The only week he’ll have one? The only one this week?

(I don’t see it myself. I can appreciate the artistry of Joe outmaneuvering McConnell. IF it gets passed with Repub buy-in — I’m expecting them to yank any support at the last second, like the Jan 6 commission, since my guess is the only purpose is to stall — he’s forced McConnell to hand him a win. Which is def gloatworthy. And then if they pass all the other good stuff with reconciliation, Joe has stuck it to him again. But none of this is a win yet, so what’s Carville talking about?)

Yeah, not really a win… 😦 All white people puffed up.

But what did you think about Nancy Pelosi? dressing impeccably. And smacking people around. “yes I’m saying “ain’t” now she says. “I have a high IQ but I’m getting fucking tired of you trumptards.”

I love her.

When you see someone like General Milley speak from the gut like that it’s just jarring. That takes GUTS.

I want to see Tucker get in a room with him and we’ll see how that works out for Tucker. We all saw Jon Stewart chew him up like the little bitch he is. So don’t think he’d fair well with General Milley.

I don’t even like Jon Stewart… he’s a Hillary hater. So that makes him also. A little bitch.

@84: I don’t get what Carville is saying either. The infrastructure deal hasn’t passed yet (I also expect the Repubs to yank their support) and neither has reconciliation. So where is the shining moment?

It’s like a MLB team hitting a single during the first game of the regular season and then celebrating like they won the World Series. They ain’t there yet.

Sinema continues to dress like a total weirdo (which she is). Her fashion statement yesterday gave me a headache (which she is).

@90: I agree. That was really bad.

Only Bob (the drag queen) could make *that* look good. And only because he comes with a whip. But he would never wear that.

@90 – totally agree. She seems like she’s trying to prove something, and not sure what it is or why.

Re Carville, I do think the win for Biden was standing there for a photo op with five Repub Senators whom he has forced to act like a responsible opposition party. That is really something considering where they have been and for the most part, continue to be on bi-partisanship.

To all of your points, it’s more of an optical win than an actual one. I do believe that the five Rethugs have five more solid votes that will not pull out at this point – if they did, it would be even more divisive to a caucus that is already a huge mess. It would show that the “moderate” GOPers have zero power and are useless to negotiate with, even when they give their word that they have the votes.

So if they do pull out, the Dems have every excuse to ignore them from now on and do whatever they want to the filibuster. It wouldn’t be a smart move.

MB that’s make sense!

Dakinkat (our neighbor) posted a music video and it got to me.

Beata, hugs to you.

Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 22.5 years for the murder of George Floyd.

DYB, please come back out to play someday. Even though I I don’t really like The English Patient. Or Madge. YIKES! Probably went too far on that one.

I’m glad Floyd’s murderer got slammed with two decades, two years and 6 months of prison. Not enough, but so many other cops have gotten away with slaps on the wrist. I hope this is a move to holding cops accountable.

Oh right… you’re off fighting the social media wars!

Weaselberg is a pimple that needs to be squeezed until he pops. And then we’ll all feel better.

DYB is traveling this weekend – hopefully he will stop by and say hi!

Meanwhile, I saw this on Twitter and had to share.

@102: I am laughing so hard. “that time of the month” has nothing on menopause.

Is John Roberts above the law? Seems to be. He lied (sp?) his ass off in order to suppress the vote.

And so far… he’s gotten away with it.

MB, thank your for the update on DYB! 🙂

John Roberts is no different than Derrick Chauvin. He’s just doing it to a whole lot more people.

Love the frogfish. Especially that deceptively innocent-looking fluttery little lure 😆

I agree with Q, that little white flag is great.

Yes, I liked that white flag. That lure is a little critter in distress, obviously an easy meal for something to swoop in and snatch it … only to turn into the frogfish’s easy meal!

Another fascinating critter fact, just because.

What states are doing… voter suppression…is putting their knee on George Floyd’s neck all over again. Snuffing him out. Doubling down on a larger scale.. In broad daylight.

I know I’m not the only one who sees it. It’s just upsetting.

That giraffe is super cute. I’d keep him but he wouldn’t fit in my house. Yes, he has lovely eyes and lashes.

@106, Ha! A scum bag begging for another scam bag.

I find rank choice voting interesting. I can’t remember what happened with it in CA, I think had something to do with Gavin. Shadow, do you remember?

Hey all – new post coming this afternoon. D and I are changing the schedule up so we can make sure to have a fresh post every week.

113 Social
We have rank voting for the Primary. The top two go to the general race. In CA, most that went forward were Dems because, HELL YES, we are a deep blue state.

I like it, but wouldn’t enjoy the top five or four…too unsettled for me.

@115, I think that’s called a top-two system rather than ranked voting. WA state has a top-two system so we have a lot of two Dem candidates in the general elections. At least in western WA which is where the majority of the population is.

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