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Lazy Weekend: A Bit of Fun?

Posted on: June 13, 2021

I don’t know about you, Shinners, but things are starting to feel a bit less scary from the COVID-19 perspective. I’ve started to relax a bit, not wearing my mask outside unless I’m about to go inside (in other words, I bring my mask on walks/hikes but don’t wear it by default). I had three social weekends in a row, where I saw vaccinated friends and family inside, without masks, and last night, I went to a movie! It was the first time since the world, as we knew it, ended in March of 2020.

Going to a movie in this day and age is different. There is hand sanitizer everywhere and social distancing is baked in. Theaters are at 50% capacity, seating is reserved, and there is a requirement for empty seats around each group of ticket holders. We wore masks inside except when we were eating popcorn, and it was a bit eerie and quiet. No one’s phone rang during the movie, and there were no commercials in the preview reel – just “thank you” messages from first the theater chain for coming back, and then from the stars of the movie.


The movie was “In the Heights,” a musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hubby and I, having lived in Manhattan for decades prior to moving out West, enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, I cried during most of it because I was so happy to be there, watching a show! The singing and dancing were outstanding, the storyline was compelling and the music (even the hip-hop/rap bits) was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the group numbers, which were bursting with color and life – just what so many of us have been missing in this awful, lonely time.

If this dreadful year and half has taught me anything, it’s that we never know what’s going to happen, so it’s even more important to treasure the “bit of fun” you can have in this life. What have you been enjoying lately?

Here’s a clip from the film. Open thread, of course.

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Loved your post MB and letting some of us know what going to the movies will be like.

Yesterday was the second time I have eaten in a restaurant, this time to celebrate my son getting a new job and career that actually pays well and has great benefits.

I drove and parked the car while he ran in to find us a table. He later told me he asked for the table with the least amount of people near by, “…or my mom is going to freak out, she has been housebound from the pandemic”.

It was perfect and I started to relax a little bit, and it felt really good.

I might wander in an art supply store in the next few days…baby steps. 😉

I really appreciate living in California, it’s been about a year since I have seen any Trump flags…the roaches have either moved to Texas or crawled back into the woodwork.

That’s great, Shadow! Congratulations on your son’s new job.

I love living in California too. We do have a few Trumpers around here but I haven’t seen a flag or sign in my area for months. When we drove to LA, on the 5 we saw a couple of “Recall Newsom” signs, though, and some crazy assertions about how we let 78% of our water run into the ocean. Those were pure Trumpian stupidity at its purest.

Thanks MB, and yes, there are Dumpsters in CA, but whatever power they felt during the reign from Hell, they have hidden their hatred lately.

CA is mostly blue-blue in the coastal areas, except around Orange County and further south. Most of them live in the areas away from the ocean, but they are easy to find.

Congratulation to your son, Shadow! And to you. I bet I don’t need to tell you he couldn’t have done it without you 😆 !

Q Thanks so much.

Bibi is out! Now he has time to golf with Big Dump.

Bibi is out and going out like Trump, kicking and screaming “rigged!” He also said he needs 6 weeks to clear out of the PM mansion.

Breaking News!

Yay Bibi is out! I sure hope they don’t give him that 6 weeks. He’ll use it to do something nefarious, no doubt. He is Putin’s mini-me.

As for MJT, I guess cancer doesn’t exist either. That means my mom is still alive and my Dad is a bigamist twice over.

Greene is one of the reasons they have to put warning labels on hairdryers.

How long will it take for Bibi to call and cry on Big Dump’s fat shoulder?
I bet they are supporting each other’s wish to become dictators.

It’s amazing, at least to wide-eyed me, that there always seems to be a woman around who did the actual nefarious deed while Dump, Sessions, Barr, Rosenstein, everybody knew nothing. Nothing!

Shadow @12. I doubt it. Neither of them strikes me as someone who’d support anyone but himself.

I agree with Quixote. If this woman led the charge to spy on Democrats, she surely did it under orders from the big boys at the top.

I’m also glad to see Bibi go. Man, I thought that was never going to happen.

I recently watched the movie “Oslo”. It is fiction, but I thought it got at a lot of truth. The situation is so complicated and the emotions are so intense.

So there is this character “Mona” who kind of steers things and gets things back on track when the men – all men of course – lose their minds over their tiny egos. Which happens frequently.

She’s very good at never forgetting her place. As a woman. Very good at reassuring the volatile men in power that she knows her place. She’s just nudging a little.

Well of course the whole thing was absolutely disgusting to me. Gawd. Let’s redo the movie with two women on each side working things out and having a really nice accommodating male helping them with the discussion. And knowing his place. It could be resolved in a few months.

There is no hope until that happens. And of course, it will never happen.

Reality Winner is free!

I still don’t understand why Biden didn’t pardon Winner as soon as he signed his first day’s executive orders. Disgraceful. But whatever. At least she’s out. It’s been so long.

Bernie Sanders Sucks. Ad Infinitum.

So just trying to get the MSNBC talking points right….after about a month in charge of Justice, Merrick Garland has failed already because he has not fixed every single bit of corruption perpetrated by Drumpf.

Am I getting that right?

So Burnout is showing his true colors. When he runs for Prez, he runs as a Dem and trashes Hillary. Then when Dems need his vote, he blows up another vote and makes sure that the GOP will not help pass the infrastructure bill.

Burnout and Manchin can go and change their party to GOP so they can finally take credit for helping the Dems get nothing done.

F both of them. All they give is false hope, which is worse than nothing.

@22: Yes, MB. I think you have that right. Unbelievable. The invisible bar gets dipped way down for the GOP. It keeps getting lower and lower over the years. Bill Barr (coincidence, on the name?) sinking the bar to its lowest point yet. But whup! Now the bar shoots back up. It’s a new day.

The difference between Bernoid and Manchin is that VT can do better. WV cannot.

Missouri went from Claire McCaskill to Josh Hawley. Claire had her (big) problems, but the dude who replaced her was instrumental in the attack on the United States. I’m just saying… I can only imagine who WV would replace Manchin with. There’s a condition (that I just made up) called blueblindness. It’s an inability to see/accept just how bad/ugly things are in red states.

Wisconsin is the state that intrigues me the most. Here is a place that sends to us – as their representative – a truly rotten soul. Ron Johnson has the creepiest eyes I’ve ever seen (which is saying something, because… Scott Walker). A traitor to our country. And yet, they also send us Tammy Baldwin. An angel of light. Wisconsin is not purple. It’s schizophrenic.

@25 – exactly how I feel about Manchin. I saw an MSNBC segment about him and he is honestly representing his constituents. There isn’t a big push for S1 in West Virginia. Their elections went super well. Manchin does support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and I need to educate myself more on the difference.

The scariest thing about the QOP election legislation in the red states is that even if you get to vote, your vote doesn’t count because the legislature gets to overturn it. I don’t know which of the Dem bills fixes that but maybe we should start with that focus.

MB, thank you for responding. So often I feel like I’m in a huge empty chamber shouting to no one.

But then you or DYB chime in and I know I’m not alone.

You’re right about what the red states are doing.

PJ, you’re definitely not alone!

Here’s a very good story about the latest war conservatives are fighting to keep white supremacy ingrained in our society.

My opinion: The fight over what they allege to be Critical Race Theory is not about that at all. They don’t know what CRT is and don’t care. It’s brute force bullying to silence the majority of people who disagree with their hateful ideology.

It’s a Joe Manchin lovefest! Who’s bringing the beans ‘n weenies?

Re @29, this is from the article I linked. Believe them, they are telling you who they are.

…a coalition of attorneys focused on [CRT], organized by Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank.

Rufo, who said he was in touch with then-President Donald Trump’s staff before he issued an executive order last September banning critical race theory’s use by federal agencies, promised in a March tweet to make critical race theory “toxic” in the public imagination. Rufo declined an interview request.

“The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory,’” he wrote. “We have decodified the term and will recodify it to annex the entire range of cultural constructions that are unpopular with Americans.” [bolding mine]

@30 – LOL! I think it’s more fear of what we’d get instead of him, if he wasn’t there.

Exactly, MB. This country elected an empty-headed toxic evil gas bag. No, not this country. Individual shitty red states did that. This country rejected that POS by 4 million votes.

Anyway, yes. We all have a justified right to be afraid of what red states will produce next.

MB @34

Yup, the cost of living here is high but so are the benefits of living in CA. Higher wages, beautiful oceans, redwoods, mountains and weather. Great living in a very blue effin’ state. I choose to live here because I would hate living with red state Trump supporting people. Am I blind to red state problems, Hell no, I just don’t want to deal with that shit on a daily basis.

I’ve lived in Florida, Oklahoma and even Texas for short periods and reasons, just couldn’t deal with it.

I do feel sorry for those of you that do live in red states, I am sure there are beautiful parts too, but the Republicans and whack-a-doodles are more than I can stand.

Fascinating thread:

Wow, less than 1% of the people in India have been vaccinated. How very sad.

@16: DYB, that is so freaking hilarious. I hurt myself laughing. I can’t believe I missed that earlier.

MTG scares the crap out of me. Honest. I am normally not afraid of women so I do kind of think she has a dick. Swinging it around like a weapon. She terrifies me.

I definitely grew up with blue blindness. It was Cambridge, Mass. I could hardly have been anything else. So it was what you might gently call a shock to bump into the Trump-adjacent types when I moved further out. (Aliens! The aliens are living among us! Nobody told me!)

One of those areas I’ve called the Dreadful Flat Place ever since I was condemned to live there for a while. And yet, it did indeed have beautiful parts. The Flint Hills are amazing. A green ocean. Wichita National Wildlife Refuge, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (forget what its exact name was). Magic, and unique, like natural areas always are.

Fredster??? Hope you are doing okay. You are missed.

I love my home state. My French ancestors first settled here before the American Revolution. I’ve spent time nearly everywhere in the country, from Maine to California. But I wouldn’t live anywhere but here.

California may be great for people who have money. Not so great for the poor. The California poverty rate, adjusted for cost of living, is extremely high, as is the rate of homelessness. California really needs to work on fixing those problems.

Yes, quixote, there are beautiful places in hell. The scenery isn’t the problem. It’s the people. Thank you for acknowledging the condition of blue blindness. 🙂

I lived in California for a year. It sucked. Too many people (sorry). The one guy I met that I really liked was a guitar instructor for my nephew. Our eyes met for a second and we totally understood each other. He said, “welcome to the land of fruits and nuts.” I instantly loved that guy. He knew I was a fish out of water.

@45: I love that DYB! I hate Bernie’s guts. I really do.

I have a sister-in-law who loved Bernie. She thought that made her a good person, not an obviously evil Trump person, She was protected from the rampant misogyny here. Being a spook Bernoid, but not a godforbid Hillary person, she was ok. She dutifully hated Hillary. And it did protect her. They all just thought she was nutzo.

Beata @ 43
RE: The Homeless
Yes, especially since the pandemic and so many not having a job then, CA does have a big homeless problem. Newsome is pouring tons of money into the homeless situation, but it’s going to take a lot to get some of those people back to work and have affordable housing.

@47 – Agree Shadow and Quixote. The homeless problem has gotten worse since the pandemic, as has the crime, in San Francisco.

London Breed (mayor of SF) has recently announced an multi-million dollar initiative to address homelessness in the city. I honestly think Biden’s bill has opened up more $$$ for cities and states to address that issue, as well as poverty due to the pandemic, because the money wasn’t allocated till the American Rescue Plan passed.

My bit of fun now that I am vaccinated: I went to a yarn shop with one of my best friends and bought some yarn. Every year I knit infinity scarves to give to shelters for the homeless or survivors of domestic violence. I usually make 40-50 scarves per year. The ones I knit for children are especially enjoyable to make because I use bright colors and fun patterns.

I agree, MB. There is an increase in money for affordable housing here, too, and more housing is being built. It is much needed.

50 Beata,
That’s a wonderful thing to do, and those of us that also have the knitting bug, can enjoy the entire process and help others.

PS, I also had blueblindness for a long time. I have only ever lived in blue states, in blue areas. My uncle who’s in Maryland (in one of the red suburbs) recently told me that I am in a bubble, because I’ve surrounded myself with white people who vote Democratic.

It’s true and I don’t think I could handle it any other way after living my entire life like that. I salute all of you who have the hardiness and bravery to deal with the QOP on a regular basis.

@50 – that’s awesome Beata!

@54 – MEEP! Those big big eyes…[swoon]

I miss Fredster. I miss his voice so much. But you know? Sometimes you just get sick of talking. And if you say one thing, you’re kind of obligated to say the next thing, etc.

I get sick of talking too. But I love that MB has kept this blog going so long. I adore MB and DYB and Quixote. Those with high IQs who keep talking. Giving the rest of us hope. I’m not wanting to guilt trip anyone. I’m guilty myself. I get sick of talking. I miss Luna (another high IQ person). And her cute animals. When you put yourself out there, it costs you. It really costs you. Thank God for blue people in their blue bubbles.

LOL I mean…

PJ, I don’t think I have a high IQ! But I do talk, at least virtually. I actually am not a big talker in person.

Great post MB; also, loved the Borowitz report from the last thread.

Shadow, that’s great about your son’s new job. Congrats to him!

I also love California, we sometimes talk about moving to a cheaper state, but never do. I sometimes think about moving to a cooler state. The weather is getting warmer and warmer and I’m getting older and older.

Also have been thinking, that if we move to a red state, I’d want to live in a blue hub. My husband works in school construction and Calif spends billions on schools, upgrading them and making them safe, healthy, nice to look at, state-of-the-art technology, gyms and theaters and energy efficient. My husbands job was one of the many created by Bill Clinton who had plans to upgrade the schools, and we are so grateful to him, it’s a great job with great benefits. I’m writing about this because hubs came home tonight with another story about the rethug jerks at his work that are stupid and brainwashed and parrot the latest rethug talking point. I told him he should remind them they wouldn’t have their cushy jobs and benefits if it wasn’t for Democrats.

I hope the homeless can be taken care of. I think they’ll probably have to build a lot of shelters or dorms and then administer them. It will be a herculean task.

Oh, we liked the Bloomberg piece about Gavin on last thread. Thanks to whomever posted it.

PJ, also miss Fredster. He and I go way back, to 2008 or 09. I sent him one of those Jacquie Lawson cards that he likes to his email some weeks ago, but he never picked it up/opened it. I hope he’s okay. He and I kept company until the early hours in the morning many times in the late aughts and teens.

D, that baby seal is adorable!

Beata, that’s so sweet about the scarves. I haven’t knitted in a long time but think I can remember how. I got out my crochet hooks and some cool yarn (wool spun by a friend and some silk) and started on some scarves, but then we had to move and I haven’t gotten back into it.

Socal, I love your comments. I hope you too, keep talking.

DYB, you’re a smart cat. And funny as hell. The two don’t always go hand in hand. Like you, I say next to nothing in person. Just a lot of ohs and hmmms. And my how I think you’re such an idiot spouting those fox news talking points but I’m not about to say anything about it… I can avoid fox news, but I can’t avoid the people who repeat that garbage.

@54: I’m in love. Completely and totally. Thank you for that. It’s a reminder to me that God is. She’s here – even in this wasteland. Popping up to say hello unexpectedly. It’s like in the movie, The Pianist. Even in the midst of pure evil, there is beauty. Even a Nazi is awestruck.

Annie, if you decide to move to a blue hub, think about a university town. They tend to be more progressive politically. Have you considered Missoula, MT? I have heard good things about it from friends.

D, love the baby seal! Keep posting the cute animal stuff!

Fort Collins, CO is another good university town. I know several people who have lived there.

PJ, thanks for the kind words. I so appreciate you and all the other faithful posters and visitors to the blog.

Posting some good news this morning:

@57 – that was great!

A couple of good news items on the Manchin front…1) he has stated he’d be open to making the minority responsible for filibustering and lowering the vote requirement to 55, and 2) Stacey Abrams has backed his compromise.

Still not a fan of ol’ Joe’s but this makes me even more certain that critical voting rights protections will be passed into law by September.

That’s great news!! See? I knew he had a heart. Thank you, Stacey! You rule. You just absolutely freaking rule. You do.

Just want you to know,MB etc., I read your blog almost daily and I hope you continue with it. I feel kind of shell shocked after the last 4 years and this seems a period of decompression.

Thank you for piping up, MsMass. It really is freaking hard to say anything after eating toxic waste for four years. Gawd. Most days I can’t do it. It’s amazing we’re all still here. Breathing. Holy shit that was bad.

Four+ years of the former guy and Covid!!! It has been so traumatic.

Most days, I can only look at cute animal videos and write about yarn.

And that’s okay.

Thank you MsMass! I so appreciate your saying that.

I totally agree with everyone that it has been so darn traumatic. I think it’s hard to believe anything will ever get better sometimes.

But they have already! I feel like acknowledging that is important.

I agree, MB. It is important to acknowledge that life is improving because of the vaccines and because Biden is President.

I’m having a few friends over for a knitting party next week. My first get together with friends inside my house in over a year! I am so excited! We are all fully vaccinated.

MsMass, I hope you will feel comfortable to comment any time. It’s a nice, safe place here and you are among friends.

PJ @64, you’re a sweetie! Love the Chopin piece. That movie was so sad.

Beata, agree about university towns! That’s the ticket!

McMass, well said about feeling shell shocked after dump’s miserable years. I’m so relieved we all survived it (think of the 100’s of thousands who haven’t, thanks to him), and still hesitant to do much after being homebound for over a year.

You’re a sweetie, socal! This *is* a safe place where us Hillary lovers can come to visit and not be so afraid of being… Hillary lovers. Great to hear your voice again.

That movie did cut me deep. Like all Nazi movies do. The Book Thief, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Jojo Rabbit. OMG. How are children such gifted actors? They blew me away. Totally blew me away. Cut me to the core. I hope it didn’t cost them – expressing the ugly side of humanity so beautifully like that.

So enough of this darkness. I do try to see the light. Things are better like MB said. Dump is in the dumpster. That’s a great thing. And Kamala is our VP! I could never have imagined it.

I’m amazed at how quickly I’m blanking out the feel of the Dump Time. People can’t seem to talk about him without publishing his revolting mug, so all of a sudden I’ll be faced with that atrocity and that brings the feeling back in a wave. That hideous sense of maybe there would be no escape from the corruption and rot and cruelty and utter bland imbecility.

And then I can pinch myself and remember it’s over, for now.

You say things so well, quixote. My feelings exactly. Revolting mug… so true. He nauseates me so bad. His eyes get blacker by the day. And to think that’s the face/character that so many people thought *that* was “making America great again”? A narcissistic sociopath? Unreal. Those same people were willing to kill/die for him. He made us shit and everyone saw it. That’s what we think is “great” here in America. A POS like that. I’ll never be able to look at this country the same after him.

Well I guess I should have never thought of this country as great… considering what we’ve done to black people and still do to this day. OMG. Plus there’s the people we stole this country from. Hard to think about that.

I just watched the video of Rodney King. MF – how they just whaled on him. Like animals. Where do white men get that kind of rage? The scales are so bent in their favor but I guess it’s not enough. It is so ugly. (present company excluded!) Is it nature or nurture? I don’t know. I was flipping through channels and it popped out at me. Look at this, it said. I’ve seen it, I say. I don’t want to look at that again. How do people do that? And think it is ok? I think he mooned them or something. Hurt their tiny white male egos so they freaking lost their freaking minds and went to town on him. Jeezus. It was clear they wanted him dead. WTF is wrong with them? It’s barbaric. How do you feel good about yourself after that? I have no idea. But they do… feel great about themselves. MAGATs…

The moment Stacy Abrams endorsed Manchin’s plan, Republicans have said they oppose it. They are now calling it the Stacy Abrams Plan.

Also, on the GOP in general:

It’s black girl magic. Stacey has it and MAGATs hate that she has it. It’s a powerful thing and they don’t know how to defeat her. Even when she loses, she wins. They want to destroy her so bad. I can feel how much they hate her for rocking their world order.

What a disgusting group of liars and cheaters Republicans are. We have pictures of them cowering in fear for christsake. But still… they insist on trying to gaslight us. It was just a normal day, they say. Friendly, happy tourists visiting the Capitol. They were a great group of people. Just the kind of religious type folks you’d love to have over to your house. (if you like having your head bashed in…)

That’s how fucking sick/pathological they are.

The Repub mythmaking? As far as I’m concerned, a contributing factor is the Dem leadership desperate to look forward not backward (or whatever today’s buzzphrase is). That tells people that the folks at the top don’t think it’s bad enough to do anything about. People take their tone from the top, and then run with it. So when the Repubs start with their, “What’s a little bit of tourism between friends?” people nod along and some of them buy AR-15s.

I keep shouting about this but it’s true. You can’t always be practical. Sometimes you have to do what’s right.

(That goes for Repub congresscritters too, of course. But most of them are so far from right they’re not even wrong.)

All I can say is, thankfully we have so much video evidence to combat the gaslighting. If TFG were still *President, we’d be suffering through a tsunami of lies across all media platforms, that would be guaranteed to convince a lot more people that 1/6 was a peaceful example of political disagreement, rather than the violent coup attempt it actually was.

Re Stacey Abrams, let’s get real – Republicans were never actually going to vote for any voting rights proposal, no matter who put it forward. In fact, Schumer is moving forward next Tuesday with the bigger infrastructure and Jobs Plan bills to push for passing them through reconciliation, since they’re not willing to wait on alleged Republican compromise any longer. Meanwhile, Manchin will continue to soften towards filibuster reform because of what the Republicans did. So it’s all good.

About the instant Repub branding of “the Stacey Abrams” bill.

a) I bet she’s having a quiet chuckle about that. Excellent free branding. For her.

b) Being born white male is the only ticket to automatic status remaining. (White women are allowed to hang on at the edges, hoping to escape total handmaidness.) And elites everywhere defending their status commit every crime there is. Think French Revolution. The US ain’t seen nothing yet.

Schumer planning to get on with it is the best news I’ve heard in days.

“alleged Repub compromise” 😆 exactly.

Looks like Kamala is on point with her border brief. Already making progress. A couple of weeks later, the press is starting to notice….

If you’re not born a rattlesnake, it’s really hard to be a rattlesnake. I was born into a den of snakes. Except for my Mom who was my saving grace. And they loved it. They truly enjoyed it and still to this day. Biting the shit out of me and saying you’re such a baby and gawd how you need to get a thicker skin. Snort. I’m still here because I learned how to bite back. Shocked the crap out of them the first time I did it. But I hate doing that. It’s just a survival thing.

It comes naturally to them and they like it. They’re all Republicans, of course.

Long story, short. It’s hard for Democrats to be viciously mean. It’s needed, but it doesn’t come easy.

I hope Stacey is laughing. And I’m laughing with her.

One time, when I was a little girl, my Mom put her arms around me and said to my grandma, “I don’t know where this girl came from. I don’t think she’s one of ours. But I’m just delighted she’s here.” Isn’t that a nice thing to say? My grandma said yes, she’s different from the rest. Her brown eyes give her away. That’s how I know. That’s a little bit spooky right?… But kind of nice?

PJ – she knew you were special. That’s beautiful.

MB, you are so kind. It is much appreciated.

Quixote, you are so right @87. I think it’s that sense of entitlement that trips people up (white men specifically and white women by extension). But the truth is, “we’re born, we live, we die.” (Agnes of God). That’s it. We’re not really entitled to anything. If white men got that, maybe they wouldn’t be so full of rage.

I know not everyone here are Harry Potter fans, but this much is true: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

I didn’t mean to disparage white women like that. But that’s kind of how white men see them – as just extensions of themselves. It’s pretty sick. And I watch Trump rallies and see them all rabid like that? For that POS? Yikes.

Well damn… this is starting to sound like a nonapology apology…

I know the only reason I have the right to vote is because of white women. I owe them and I know it.

“And I watch Trump rallies and see them all rabid like that? For that POS? Yikes.”


/*endless screaming*/

Nothing anyone can do but just get through it. And you’re doing it under much harder circumstances than some of us here. (Me, for sure.) You have a lot to be proud of. Your mum and grandma saw that way back when.

(*Love* the earlier Harry Potter books. And JKR has a genius way with words.)

Thank you, quixote! I take in every word you say. I really do. 🙂

Kindness is a rare commodity in these parts. It’s just not of much value to folks here (obviously). They’re just bent. Psychologically. And religiously. Super religious. Holy rollers to the max. Singing to an ugly tune and they really like that ugly tune. Satan’s little helpers. I’ll call them that until the day I die. I try to understand it, but how can you understand that? It’s just freaking sick. Attacking the United States is totally ok with them. WTF? Mother of God. Sick freaking puppies (my apologies to puppies).

Sorry, maybe this one will work.


I can’t stop watching this. 😂😍 #animals #cute

♬ I Believe I Can Fly – James Ingram

Yikes, it came out the same. Please someone delete 98-99, my bad.

It’s a short tic tok of a cute flying animal that leaps into a woman’s hand and hangs on for dear life. It is really sweet.

Hiya, all. Due to feeling disgruntled at the media and current events, plus work overload, I’ve stayed off social media (except for Twitter at times). Hope all of you are well. Now I have lots of posts & comments to catch up on!

MB, love the kitty and it’s success! 🙂

Its not it’s. I’m not an illiterate MAGAt.

Who said it’s and not its? Probably me… I get that wrong all the time. Is it Capitol or Capital? I don’t get that one right either. But I never mean to insult anyone’s intelligence…

So people all carry guns around here. Ready to kill someone at the drop of the hat. Looking for someone to say the least bit thing wrong and boom. You’re dead. I’ll never own a gun.

I told my brother once, “why aren’t guns allowed at Trump rallies?” Y’all think guns are the answer to everything, so why not there? (The perfect place for it I would think).

Oh no, he says. That would be crazy.

Oh Luna, I am glad you are alright, I was worried. Pup on the noodles looks so zen, but he looks like he ready for action if the noodles fail him.

Welcome back…

PJ — It was me.

Luna, glad to see you! Love the pup on the noodles. Dogs really are so smart.

Shadow, I’ll delete the 2nd TikTok today. I just tried to do it with my phone and I keep messing it up, haha!

Hope folks had a great Juneteenth!

Not *you* Luna! Not you, please. But copping to that criminal crime gives you halos. I’m sorry I misunderstood.

I’m going to get shot and killed one day. That’s a given. Over something really stupid.

But like avoiding marriage, I try to make it a (secret) game. Wow, I just got away with it another year! Snicker. And here it is another year… The pressure is building, but I’m not breaking yet.

But now I’m getting old and gray. Starting to not care. Go ahead and shoot me I say. I’ve already won. I passed the finish line at 50 so the joke’s on you.

And I’m sure it’s not going to feel as great as you imagined.

New post all!

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