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Holdover Thread

Posted on: June 1, 2021

Hi All! This is just a quick holdover post until Madamab can post another. What’s going on with everyone?

Open thread.

16 Responses to "Holdover Thread"

Hopefully, Madamab will have up a new post Wednesday.

Yes I will! Thank you, GAGal, for the open thread.

And apologies for being absent…had that friend of mine pass away, and then spent the long weekend with family (no masks!) which was a great balm for the soul.

Here’s a cute animal video. Just kidding, No it’s not. (might want to check your volume)

Thanks for the new thread GAgal.
MB, glad to hear your spent time with your family, helping to heal your broken heart.

What have I been doing in my spare time, art, walks, gardening and enjoying most of my family and friends from a distance, and binge watching all seasons of Lucifer again. Season 5 was new to me and here is one of the songs that came out of season 4 that I really love.

Gaaaa. That hippo. Didn’t look merely territorial. distinct air of “I’m gonna get you!”

That would be terrifying. They kill more people than any other wild animal in Africa. (And now probably Colombia, too 😦 )

The hippo, my opinion.
I don’t think it is a real hippo, it is too mechanical to be a real animal. It comes up out of the water exactly the same way each time, and swims in the boat wake without going off center.

I betcha it is something hanging from the boat on a rope or chain, under the water, made by a human.

Some of the most beautiful photos taken of raptors in the Bay Area, mainly in flight, including the Peregrine Falcons in Berkeley.

That hippo was tres scary!

Want to say, happy Pride to all here at TW.

@8 – great photos Shadow! Those falcons are just gorgeous.

The hippo is real, Shadow. I’ve seen that and similar videos before. It’s what they do when they get annoyed, and being hippos, they’re easily annoyed.

They walk along shallow riverbeds underwater. But when they’re in a hurry they do those periodic leaps. They’re said to be *very* fast when they want to be, in spite of looking like utter lard (hippo?) buckets.

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

We had grilled cicada burgers for Memorial Day. Yummy!

BTW, the worm-eating childhood boyfriend from the last thread grew up to be an anthropologist. His dad was a biology professor.

I’ve been thinking about who and what we are going to become as individuals and a society as we emerge from the pandemic.

Will people wildly party like it’s the Roaring ’20’s again? Or will they become less materialistic and more appreciative of life’s simple pleasures? Any ideas?

I feel that I have changed somehow over the last year but can’t quite put in it into words yet. No doubt it’s going to take considerable time to see the whole experience in perspective.

Can I kill a thread or what?

Yes, I can!

Nonsense, Beata. Although mentioning us weirdo biologists does have a way of making people change topics …. Hmmm.

As for how we’ve changed, I see us appreciatively eating cicada burgers 😆

New post! Come upstairs!

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